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Workplace:Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, (more information at EDIRC)
Agricultural and Resource Economics, UWA School of Agriculture and Environment, University of Western Australia, (more information at EDIRC)

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Working Papers


  1. Price and income elasticities for urban residential water demand: A publication bias corrected meta-analysis
    Working Papers, University of Western Australia, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Downloads


  1. Cost of uniform “cut”: Management of declining groundwater in the presence of environmental damages
    Working Papers, University of Western Australia, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Downloads


  1. Learning in repeated multiple unit combinatorial auctions: An experimental study
    Working Papers, University of Western Australia, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Downloads


  1. Equitable and Efficient systems of water utility charges in the face of a changing water supply mix
    Working Papers, University of Western Australia, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Downloads


  1. Comparisons of Linear Item Pricing Methods for Iterative Multi-Unit Reverse Combinatorial Auctions
    EcoMod2009, EcoMod Downloads

Journal Articles


  1. An economic assessment of options for operating within plantation forestry water entitlements and tightening cap and trade policy
    Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2023, 67, (2), 303-322 Downloads
  2. Capitalised nonmarket benefits of multifunctional water‐sensitive urban infrastructure: A case of living streams
    Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2023, 67, (4), 524-540 Downloads
  3. Does FDI in agriculture in developing countries promote food security? Evidence from meta-regression analysis
    Economic Analysis and Policy, 2023, 80, (C), 1255-1272 Downloads
  4. Energy consumption, agriculture, forestation and CO2 emission nexus: an application to OECD countries
    Applied Economics, 2023, 55, (37), 4359-4376 Downloads
  5. Optimizing contract allocation for risky conservation tenders
    Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 2023, 25, (1), 63-85 Downloads


  1. Benefits of a groundwater allocation trading arrangement in a water-stressed environment
    Agricultural Water Management, 2022, 269, (C) Downloads
  2. Renewal of waterways in a dense city creates value for residents
    Ecological Economics, 2022, 199, (C) Downloads View citations (1)
  3. Social preferences for water sensitive housing features in Australia
    Ecological Economics, 2022, 195, (C) Downloads


  1. Auctions for buying back groundwater for environmental purposes: Which design performs better?
    Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2021, 72, (3), 931-948 Downloads View citations (2)
  2. Heterogeneity in Preferences for Nonfinancial Incentives to Engage Landholders in Native Vegetation Management
    Land Economics, 2021, 97, (2), 388-406 Downloads View citations (1)
  3. Role of the Land-Based Private Sector in Low-Emission Development: An Indonesian Case
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (24), 1-22 Downloads


  1. Costs of Conservation Offset Activities: The State of Publicly Available Information in Australia
    Sustainability, 2019, 11, (19), 1-13 Downloads
  2. Web-based experimental economics software: How do they compare to desirable features?
    Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2019, 23, (C), 138-160 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Authorship, Collaboration, Topics, and Research Gaps in Environmental and Resource Economics 1991–2015
    Environmental & Resource Economics, 2018, 71, (1), 217-239 Downloads View citations (3)


  1. Does academic collaboration equally benefit impact of research across topics? The case of agricultural, resource, environmental and ecological economics
    Scientometrics, 2017, 113, (3), 1385-1405 Downloads View citations (9)
  2. How well do conservation auctions perform in achieving landscape-level outcomes? A comparison of auction formats and bid selection criteria
    Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2017, 61, (4) Downloads View citations (3)
    Also in Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2017, 61, (4), 557-575 (2017) Downloads View citations (4)


  1. An Agent Based Analysis of Combinatorial Bidding for Spatially Targeted Multi-Objective Environmental Programs
    Environmental & Resource Economics, 2016, 64, (4), 537-558 Downloads View citations (10)


  1. Bidding and performance in multiple unit combinatorial fishery quota auctions: Role of information feedbacks
    Marine Policy, 2015, 62, (C), 233-243 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Does It Pay to Increase Competition in Combinatorial Conservation Auctions?
    Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics/Revue canadienne d'agroeconomie, 2014, 62, (3), 411-433 Downloads View citations (2)
  2. Wildlife corridor market design: An experimental analysis of the impact of project selection criteria and bidding flexibility
    Ecological Economics, 2014, 104, (C), 50-60 Downloads View citations (5)


  1. Choice of item pricing feedback schemes for multiple unit reverse combinatorial auctions
    Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2013, 64, (11), 1571-1582 Downloads View citations (3)
  2. Effects of competition on environmental water buyback auctions
    Agricultural Water Management, 2013, 127, (C), 59-73 Downloads View citations (11)
  3. Fisheries quota allocation: Laboratory experiments on simultaneous and combinatorial auctions
    Marine Policy, 2013, 38, (C), 228-234 Downloads View citations (6)


  1. Comparison of simultaneous and combinatorial auction designs in fisheries quota market
    Marine Policy, 2012, 36, (2), 446-453 Downloads View citations (8)
  2. The Effect of Bidder Heterogeneity on Combinatorial Conservation Auction Designs
    Environmental & Resource Economics, 2012, 53, (1), 137-157 Downloads View citations (6)


  1. How can revenues from natural resources extraction be more efficiently utilized for local sustainable development?
    Natural Resources Forum, 2009, 33, (3), 245-249 Downloads View citations (1)


  1. Conservation and management of the Bangladesh coastal ecosystem: Overview of an integrated approach
    Natural Resources Forum, 2006, 30, (3), 230-237 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. From timber management to forest management: an initial discussion on forest management evolution
    Journal of Forest Science, 2005, 51, (9), 412-429 Downloads
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