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  1. Analysing the Effect of Energy Intensity on Carbon Emission Reduction in Beijing
    IJERPH, 2023, 20, (2), 1-19 Downloads View citations (2)
  2. Assessment of renewable energy, financial growth and in accomplishing targets of China's cities carbon neutrality
    Renewable Energy, 2023, 205, (C), 1082-1091 Downloads View citations (3)
  3. Demoethical Model of Sustainable Development of Society: A Roadmap towards Digital Transformation
    Sustainability, 2023, 15, (16), 1-25 Downloads
  4. Do renewable energy, urbanisation, and natural resources enhance environmental quality in China? Evidence from novel bootstrap Fourier Granger causality in quantiles
    Resources Policy, 2023, 81, (C) Downloads
  5. How agricultural technologies and climatic factors affect India's crop production? A roadmap towards sustainable agriculture
    Sustainable Development, 2023, 31, (4), 2908-2928 Downloads
  6. Identifying How E-Service Quality Affects Perceived Usefulness of Online Reviews in Post-COVID-19 Context: A Sustainable Food Consumption Behavior Paradigm
    Sustainability, 2023, 15, (2), 1-16 Downloads View citations (2)
  7. Macro-financial implications of central bank digital currencies
    Research in International Business and Finance, 2023, 64, (C) Downloads
  8. Nexuses among Green Supply Chain Management, Green Human Capital, Managerial Environmental Knowledge, and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Developing Country
    Sustainability, 2023, 15, (6), 1-22 Downloads View citations (1)
  9. Performance Analysis of Gold- and Fiat-Backed Cryptocurrencies: Risk-Based Choice for a Portfolio
    JRFM, 2023, 16, (2), 1-15 Downloads
  10. Revealing the Barriers of Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain Transparency and Sustainability in the Construction Industry: An Application of Pythagorean FAHP Methods
    Sustainability, 2023, 15, (13), 1-27 Downloads
  11. Role of renewable energy and fiscal policy on trade adjusted carbon emissions: Evaluating the role of environmental policy stringency
    Renewable Energy, 2023, 205, (C), 156-165 Downloads View citations (8)
  12. The Relationship between Energy Consumption, CO 2 Emissions, Economic Growth, and Health Indicators
    IJERPH, 2023, 20, (3), 1-20 Downloads
  13. Unleashing the impact of ecological civilization pilot policies on green technology innovation: Evidence from a novel SC-DID model
    Energy Economics, 2023, 125, (C) Downloads
  14. What derives renewable energy transition in G-7 and E-7 countries? The role of financial development and mineral markets
    Energy Economics, 2023, 121, (C) Downloads


  1. 360° Retail Business Analytics by Adopting Hybrid Machine Learning and a Business Intelligence Approach
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (19), 1-20 Downloads View citations (1)
  2. A novel Sustainable Development Goal 7 composite index as the paradigm for energy sustainability assessment: A case study from Europe
    Applied Energy, 2022, 307, (C) Downloads View citations (21)
  3. Abusive Supervision Impact on Employees’ Creativity: A Mediated-Moderated Perspective
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (14), 1-13 Downloads View citations (3)
  4. Ambidextrous Leadership and Service Recovery Performance Under B2B Selling Context: An Examination Through Service Innovation Capability
    SAGE Open, 2022, 12, (2), 21582440221096454 Downloads
  5. Analyze the environmental sustainability factors of China: The role of fossil fuel energy and renewable energy
    Renewable Energy, 2022, 187, (C), 390-402 Downloads View citations (49)
  6. Assessing Citizens’ Attitudes and Intentions to Adopt E-Government Services: A Roadmap toward Sustainable Development
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (22), 1-15 Downloads
  7. Does financial stress wreak havoc on banking, insurance, oil, and gold markets? New empirics from the extended joint connectedness of TVP-VAR model
    Resources Policy, 2022, 77, (C) Downloads View citations (8)
  8. Evaluating natural resources volatility in an emerging economy: The influence of solar energy development barriers
    Resources Policy, 2022, 78, (C) Downloads View citations (15)
  9. Forest and mineral volatility and economic performance: Evidence from frequency domain causality approach for global data
    Resources Policy, 2022, 76, (C) Downloads View citations (19)
  10. How do green financing and green logistics affect the circular economy in the pandemic situation: key mediating role of sustainable production
    Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 2022, 35, (1), 3836-3856 Downloads View citations (4)
  11. How does industrial transfer affect environmental quality? Evidence from China
    Journal of Asian Economics, 2022, 82, (C) Downloads View citations (3)
  12. How does telecommunications infrastructure affect eco-efficiency? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in China
    Technology in Society, 2022, 69, (C) Downloads View citations (8)
  13. How public expenditure in recreational and cultural industry and socioeconomic status caused environmental sustainability in OECD countries?
    Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 2022, 35, (1), 4625-4642 Downloads View citations (1)
  14. How technological innovation and institutional quality affect sectoral energy consumption in Pakistan? Fresh policy insights from novel econometric approach
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022, 183, (C) Downloads View citations (12)
  15. Industrial-Innovative Paradigm of Social Sustainability: Modeling the Assessment of Demoethical, Demographic, Democratic, and Demoeconomic Factors
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (12), 1-26 Downloads View citations (3)
  16. Influence mechanism between green finance and green innovation: Exploring regional policy intervention effects in China
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022, 182, (C) Downloads View citations (52)
  17. Interlinkages between mineral resources, financial markets, and sustainable energy sources: Evidence from minerals exporting countries
    Resources Policy, 2022, 79, (C) Downloads View citations (5)
    Climate Change Economics (CCE), 2022, 13, (03), 1-29 Downloads View citations (4)
  19. Modeling the Influence of Paternalistic Leadership and Personality Characteristics on Alienation and Organizational Culture in the Aviation Industry of Pakistan: The Mediating Role of Cohesiveness
    Sustainability, 2022, 14, (22), 1-19 Downloads View citations (1)
  20. Modeling the influence of critical factors on the adoption of green energy technologies
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2022, 168, (C) Downloads View citations (2)
  21. Natural resources and financial development: Role of business regulations in testing the resource-curse hypothesis in ASEAN countries
    Resources Policy, 2022, 76, (C) Downloads View citations (43)
  22. Prioritizing and overcoming biomass energy barriers: Application of AHP and G-TOPSIS approaches
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022, 177, (C) Downloads View citations (18)
  23. Race to environmental sustainability: Can renewable energy consumption and technological innovation sustain the strides for China?
    Renewable Energy, 2022, 197, (C), 320-330 Downloads View citations (5)
  24. Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption in Bangladesh: The relative influencing profiles of economic factors, urbanization, physical infrastructure and institutional quality
    Renewable Energy, 2022, 184, (C), 1130-1149 Downloads View citations (21)
  25. Revisiting economic and non-economic indicators of natural resources: Analysis of developed economies
    Resources Policy, 2022, 77, (C) Downloads View citations (9)
  26. Socio-economic and technological drivers of sustainability and resources management: Demonstrating the role of information and communications technology and financial development using advanced wavelet coherence approach
    Resources Policy, 2022, 79, (C) Downloads View citations (5)
  27. Spatial spillovers and threshold effects of internet development and entrepreneurship on green innovation efficiency in China
    Technology in Society, 2022, 68, (C) Downloads View citations (34)
  28. State-of-the-art sustainable approaches for deeper decarbonization in Europe – An endowment to climate neutral vision
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2022, 159, (C) Downloads View citations (11)
  29. Technological changes, financial development and ecological consequences: A comparative study of developed and developing economies
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022, 184, (C) Downloads View citations (16)
  30. The asymmetric influence of renewable energy and green innovation on carbon neutrality in China: Analysis from non-linear ARDL model
    Renewable Energy, 2022, 193, (C), 334-343 Downloads View citations (14)
  31. The impact of internet development on the health of Chinese residents: Transmission mechanisms and empirical tests
    Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 2022, 81, (C) Downloads View citations (3)


  1. Analysis on barriers to biogas dissemination in Rwanda: AHP approach
    Renewable Energy, 2021, 163, (C), 1127-1137 Downloads View citations (10)
  2. Assessing Public Willingness to Wear Face Masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Fresh Insights from the Theory of Planned Behavior
    IJERPH, 2021, 18, (9), 1-22 Downloads View citations (11)
  3. CSR Communication through Social Media: A Litmus Test for Banking Consumers’ Loyalty
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (4), 1-15 Downloads View citations (17)
  4. Do Financial Development and Economic Openness Matter for Economic Progress in an Emerging Country? Seeking a Sustainable Development Path
    JRFM, 2021, 14, (6), 1-18 Downloads View citations (8)
  5. Do Perceived Risk, Perception of Self-Efficacy, and Openness to Technology Matter for Solar PV Adoption? An Application of the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior
    Energies, 2021, 14, (16), 1-24 Downloads View citations (20)
  6. Do Tourism Development, Energy Consumption and Transportation Demolish Sustainable Environments? Evidence from Chinese Provinces
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (22), 1-23 Downloads View citations (11)
  7. Does energy trilemma a driver of economic growth? The roles of energy use, population growth, and financial development
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2021, 146, (C) Downloads View citations (28)
  8. Energy consumption structural adjustment and carbon neutrality in the post-COVID-19 era
    Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2021, 59, (C), 442-453 Downloads View citations (18)
  9. Evaluating Green Technology Strategies for the Sustainable Development of Solar Power Projects: Evidence from Pakistan
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (23), 1-29 Downloads View citations (12)
  10. Heterogeneous effects of energy efficiency and renewable energy on economic growth of BRICS countries: A fixed effect panel quantile regression analysis
    Energy, 2021, 215, (PB) Downloads View citations (33)
  11. Intention-Based Critical Factors Affecting Willingness to Adopt Novel Coronavirus Prevention in Pakistan: Implications for Future Pandemics
    IJERPH, 2021, 18, (11), 1-28 Downloads View citations (4)
  12. Investigating the asymmetric linkages between infrastructure development, green innovation, and consumption-based material footprint: Novel empirical estimations from highly resource-consuming economies
    Resources Policy, 2021, 74, (C) Downloads View citations (41)
  13. The Nexus between Team Culture, Innovative Work Behaviour and Tacit Knowledge Sharing: Theory and Evidence
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (8), 1-21 Downloads View citations (8)
  14. Understanding the Antecedents and Consequences of Service-Sales Ambidexterity: A Motivation-Opportunity-Ability (MOA) Framework
    Sustainability, 2021, 13, (17), 1-19 Downloads View citations (5)


  1. Investigating the Influence of International Tourism in Pakistan and Its Linkage to Economic Growth: Evidence From ARDL Approach
    SAGE Open, 2020, 10, (2), 2158244020932525 Downloads View citations (6)
  2. Modeling Causal Interactions Between Energy Investment, Pollutant Emissions, and Economic Growth: China Study
    Biophysical Economics and Resource Quality, 2020, 5, (1), 1-12 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Solar Energy Development in Pakistan: Barriers and Policy Recommendations
    Sustainability, 2019, 11, (4), 1-18 Downloads View citations (37)


  1. Unravelling the Fuzzy Effect of Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability on the Corporate Reputation of Public-Sector Organizations: A Case Study of Pakistan
    Sustainability, 2018, 10, (3), 1-16 Downloads View citations (5)



  1. Dynamic Causal Linkages Among Urbanization, Energy Consumption, Pollutant Emissions and Economic Growth in China
    Springer View citations (1)
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