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1997 - 2022

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Volume 26, issue 6, 2022

Analysis of Scales and Measures of Moral Virtues: A Systematic Review pp. e190379 Downloads
Maria Clara Figueiredo Dalla Costa Ames, Mauricio C. Serafim and Felipe Flôres Martins
Do Organizational Virtues Enhance Work Well-being? The Mediator Role of HRM Practices pp. e200144 Downloads
Gisela Demo, Elaine Rabelo Neiva, Karla Veloso Coura, Sinésio Gomide Júnior and Ana Carolina Rezende Costa
Financial Management in Practice: Analysis of Brazilian Survey Data pp. e200419 Downloads
Cristiane Benetti, Paulo Renato Soares Terra and Roberto Frota Decourt
Application of a Multi-method to Identify a Research Problem pp. e210020 Downloads
Gustavo Guimarães Marchisotti and José Rodrigues Farias Filho
Best Practices for Your Exploratory Factor Analysis: A Factor Tutorial pp. e210085 Downloads
Pablo Rogers
Dynamic Ambidexterity: Proposal of a Theoretical and Hypothetical Model pp. e210088 Downloads
Rodrigo Franklin Frogeri, Pedro dos Santos Portugal Júnior, Fabrício Pelloso Piurcosky, Victor Sanacato, Julia López de Calle, Stefano Barra Gazzola and Felipe Flausino de Oliveira
Natura Goes Shopping: The Case of an Emerging Market Multinational pp. e210103 Downloads
Clarice Secches Kogut, Paula Erthal Hermano Boldrini, Renato Cotta de Mello and Luiza Fonseca
A Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic TOPSIS Model to Support Supplier Segmentation pp. e210133 Downloads
William Viana Borges, Francisco Rodrigues Lima Junior, Jurandir Peinado and Luiz Cesar Ribeiro Carpinetti
Pull Production Implementation: An Action Research Study pp. e210151 Downloads
Luis Henrique Rigato Vasconcellos, Mauro Sampaio and Henrique Fonseca
In Defense of Theory and Original Theoretical Contributions in Administration pp. e220158 Downloads
Marcelo de Souza Bispo

Volume 26, issue 5, 2022

Behavioral Economics and Auto Insurance: The Role of Biases and Heuristics pp. e200421 Downloads
Pedro Brandão Graminha and Luís Eduardo Afonso
Expectations, Economic Uncertainty, and Sentiment pp. e210029 Downloads
Douglas de Medeiros Franco
Nudge Policies in COVID-19 Context: A Necessary Action or Ethical Dilemma? pp. e210033 Downloads
Ana Luize Correa, Maria Clara Figueiredo Dalla Costa Ames and Marcello Beckert Zappellini
Nudging is the Architecture of Choice in the World of Banking pp. e220073 Downloads
Paulo Monteiro Rosa
Nudging and Choice Architecture: Perspectives and Challenges pp. e220098 Downloads
Cristiana Cerqueira Leal, Ines Branco-Illodo, Benilde Maria do Nascimento Oliveira and Luisa Esteban-Salvador

Volume 26, issue 4, 2022

Upcoming Issues, New Methods: Using Interactive Qualitative Analysis (IQA) in Management Research pp. e200417 Downloads
Gustavo Behling, Fernando César Lenzi and Carlos Ricardo Rossetto
Memes as Shortcut to Consumer Culture: A Methodological Approach to Covert Collective Ideologies pp. e210005 Downloads
Elisa Priori de Deus, Roberta Dias Campos and Ana Raquel Rocha
The Qualitative Approach Interview in Administration: A Guide for Researchers pp. e210011 Downloads
Cibele Cheron, Julice Salvagni and Renato Koch Colomby
Decolonial Studies, Non-Extractive Methods, and Participatory Action Research in Accounting pp. e210014 Downloads
Cleia Maria da Silva, Fernanda Filgueiras Sauerbronn and Michel Thiollent
Clues for the Paradigmatic Development of Online Qualitative Methods pp. e210015 Downloads
Newton Claizoni Moreno de Melo and Débora Coutinho Paschoal Dourado
Introduction to the Special Issue Call for Qualitative Research Tutorials in Contemporary Administration Studies: An Editorial pp. e210333 Downloads
Evelyn Lanka, Ali Rostron, Pallavi Singh and Sanjay Lanka

Volume 26, issue 3, 2022

An Application of Geographically Weighted Quantile Lasso to Weather Index Insurance Design pp. e200387 Downloads
Daniel Lima Miquelluti, Vitor Augusto Ozaki and David José Miquelluti
MAC: A Proposal for Consistent Actuarial Interest Rates in Pension Funds pp. e200390 Downloads
Sandro de Azambuja and Carlos Heitor Campani
Uncertainty of Claims Provisions from the Analysis of Financial Statements pp. e200400 Downloads
Roberto Bomgiovani Cazzari and Guilherme Rodovalho Fernandes Moreira
Surety Bond in Infrastructure in Brazil: Transaction Costs and Agency Theory Perspectives pp. e200401 Downloads
Tulio Henrique Moreira Marques, Mario Henrique Ogasavara and Frederico Araujo Turolla
Earnings Persistence and Market Reaction to Earnings in the International Insurance Industry pp. e200404 Downloads
Renê Coppe Pimentel
The Relevance and Challenges of the Insurance Industry in Contemporary Administration: A Call for Researchers pp. e210313 Downloads
João Vinícius de França Carvalho, Eduardo Flores and Emiliano A. Valdez

Volume 26, issue 2, 2022

Antecedents of Commitment to Budgetary Goals pp. e200018 Downloads
Daniele Cristina Bernd, Ilse Maria Beuren, Celliane Ferraz Pazetto and Carlos Eduardo Facin Lavarda
Standard Jones and Modified Jones: An Earnings Management Tutorial pp. e200305 Downloads
Cristiano Machado Costa and José Mauro Madeiros Velôso Soares
Integrated Information Circle: The Challenge of Integrating the Civil and Military Police pp. e200375 Downloads
Leonardo Mazzurana and Victor Almeida
Marketing Investment Information: Differentiation Resource or Secret? pp. e200386 Downloads
Evelini Lauri Morri Garcia, Valter Afonso Vieira and Caroline Pereira Borges
Drivers for Teleconsultation Acceptance in Brazil: Patients’ Perspective during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e210063 Downloads
Marcus Rodrigues Peixoto, Jorge Brantes Ferreira and Laís Oliveira
Long-term Financing: Exploring the Recent Advances in the Brazilian Bond Market pp. e210076 Downloads
Lucas Boareto da Aparecida, Sergio Giovanetti Lazzarini and Adriana Bruscato Bortoluzzo
The Impossibility of Open Science without Otherness and Epistemic Plurality pp. e210246 Downloads
Marcelo de Souza Bispo

Volume 26, issue 1, 2022

Design Thinking as Meaning Creation: The Case of Descomplica pp. e190166 Downloads
Raphael Lobo and Claudio Pitassi
How can Strategy-as-Practice Enable Innovation under the Influence of Environmental Dynamism? pp. e200131 Downloads
Adilson Carlos Yoshikuni, José Eduardo Ricciardi Favaretto, Alberto Luiz Albertin and Fernando de Souza Meirelles
Resseguro e Capital de Solvência: Atenuantes da Probabilidade de Ruína de SeguradorasReinsurance and Solvency Capital: Mitigating Insurance Companies’ Ruin Probability pp. e200191 Downloads
Jorge Wilson Euphasio Junior and João Vinícius França Carvalho
The Efficiency of Railways Specialized in Transporting Iron Ore and Pellets pp. e200284 Downloads
Renata Guimarães de Oliveira Fontan, Rodrigo Alvarenga Rosa and Adonai José Lacruz
Relacional: Easing the Crisis Effects in the Education Sector pp. e200377 Downloads
Adrian Kemmer Cernev, Letícia Fantinato Menegon and Marta de Campos Maia
The Effects of Dependence on Brazilian Third-Party Logistics Satisfaction pp. e200380 Downloads
Antonio Carlos Rodrigues and Ricardo Silveira Martins
Reflecting on Contemporary Administration pp. e210203 Downloads
Marcelo de Souza Bispo

Volume 25, issue Spe, 2021

Rethinking Offshoring and International Marketing Strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e200216 Downloads
Luíza Fonseca and Angela da Rocha
Facile/LigFerv: Hot Water in Three Seconds, Thirty Years of Entrepreneurial Process pp. e200221 Downloads
João Paulo Moreira Silva, Liliane de Oliveira Guimarães and José Márcio de Castro
Moeda Seeds: E-Commerce and Crypto Solutions for Development pp. e200224 Downloads
Letícia Cristina Kanegae, Adrian Kemmer Cernev and Eduardo Diniz
Pandemic, Samba, and Diogo Nogueira’s Livestreams: Platform Management Challenges pp. e200225 Downloads
Marco Aurelio de Souza Rodrigues, Daniel Kamlot and Anita Vasconcelos de Carvalho
The Sea is Getting Rough: Analysis of Incremental Costs during the Pandemic pp. e200227 Downloads
Joyce Mariella Medeiros Cavalcanti, Ewerton Alex Avelar, Fernando Roberto Cavalcante Bandeira do Amaral and Kenyth Alves de Freitas
“Magalu Has It”: Social, Political, and Market Strategies during COVID-19 pp. e200233 Downloads
Ana Paula Pereira dos Passos, Eleandra Maria Prigol Meneghini, Marina Amado Bahia Gama and Jeferson Lana
“Not one less”! Adaptation to the Home Office in Times of COVID-19 pp. e200234 Downloads
Thaís Lopes de Lucena Alves, Amanda Florense Alves Amorim and Maria Clara Cunha Bezerra
Chocolates and ‘Legrias’: Dilemma of the Best Sales Channel pp. e200235 Downloads
Andre Luiz Barbosa da Silva, Ricardo Limongi, Alessandra Cristina Gomes and Daiana Pimenta
From Conexa to Docpass: The Competitive Environment of Telemedicine Platforms pp. e200238 Downloads
Catia Silva da Costa Moreira, Flavia D’Albergaria Freitas, Carolina Brandão and Cláudia Affonso Silva Araujo
Wanderlust without Wandering: Managing a Travel Blog during the COVID-19 pp. e200243 Downloads
Valéria Moreira de Pinho, Júlia Monteiro and Juliana Binhote
HCFMUSP: Resilience in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e200245 Downloads
Marcelo Caldeira Pedroso, João Teixeira Pires, Ana Maria Malik and Antonio José Rodrigues Pereira
Our Calendar Stopped! The Organizational Change at UFPB due to COVID-19 pp. e200249 Downloads
Diana Lucia Teixeira- de-Carvalho, Jose Jorge Lima Dias Junior and Ana Carolina Kruta-Bispo
Rafael and the Sorela Vehicles Case: The Pandemic as an Enhancer of Job Crafting pp. e200252 Downloads
Alice Erthal and Isabella Sacramento
Stay at Home, Casa Porto Delivers: Humanized Entrepreneurship during Pandemic pp. e200253 Downloads
Valéria Quiroga Vinhas and Ana Luiza Szuchmacher Verissimo Lopes
Pandemic Fights in a Network! COVID-19 Challenges in Northeast Brazil pp. e200256 Downloads
Raphael Jesus Campos de Andrade, José Milton de Sousa-Filho, Fátima Evaneide Barbosa de Almeida and Samuel Façanha Câmara
Challenges for the Future of Education brought by the Pandemic: The Coppead Case pp. e210062 Downloads
Roberta Dias Campos, Elaine Tavares, Paula Castro Pires de Souza Chimenti and Leonardo Marques
Teaching COVID-19’s Impact on Businesses pp. e210064 Downloads
Leonardo Marques, Paula Castro Pires de Souza Chimenti and Wesley Mendes-da-Silva

Volume 25, issue 6, 2021

Influence of Family Culture on Enterprise Risk Management in Brazilian Companies pp. e190082 Downloads
Elisane Brandt, Márcia Zanievicz da Silva and Franciele Beck
Barriers, Adaptability, Employability, and Satisfaction: Career Perceptions of Business Students pp. e190124 Downloads
Mariana Ramos de Melo, Priscilla de Oliveira Martins-Silva, Alexsandro Luiz de Andrade and Ralf Luis de Moura
Anti-Corruption Enforcement and Organizations: A Narrative Review pp. e190149 Downloads
Robson Fernandes Soares and Edson Ronaldo Guarido Filho
The Relationship between Earnings Management and Equity Market Timing pp. e200289 Downloads
Matheus da Costa Gomes, João Paulo Augusto Eça, Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes and Maurício Ribeiro do Valle
Response Surface Analysis: A Tutorial for Examining Linear and Curvilinear Effects pp. e200293 Downloads
Antonio Carlos Rodrigues
Financial Democratization in Pandemic Times pp. e210084 Downloads
José Vicente and Valdir Martins
The Journal of Contemporary Administration (RAC)’s 2018 - 2021 Managerial Report and a Farewell pp. e210100 Downloads
Wesley Mendes-da-Silva
Accounting Research: The False Choice between Methodological Consistency and Practical Relevance pp. e210119 Downloads
Alexsandro Broedel and Eduardo da Silva Flores

Volume 25, issue 5, 2021

Going the Extra Mile: Impact of Individuals’ Behavior on Information Technology Governance pp. e190237 Downloads
Guilherme Costa Wiedenhöft and Edimara Mezzomo Luciano
Effectiveness by Design: Overcoming Orientation and Transaction Related Barriers in Research-Industry Linkages pp. e190346 Downloads
Sergio Salles-Filho, Adriana Bin, Kleinsy Bonilla and Fernando Antonio Basile Colugnati
Fan Affirmation: Alethurgy on an Indie Music Fandom pp. e190395 Downloads
Rodrigo César Tavares Cavalcanti, André Luiz Maranhão de Souza-Leão and Bruno Melo Moura
Boundary-Crossing Strategies: Managing Macro Policies in a Federal Government pp. e200012 Downloads
Pedro Cavalcante and Gabriela Spanghero Lotta
Effect of Trust between the Time Pressure and Complexity in Judging and Decision-Making in Auditing pp. e200037 Downloads
Cleston Alexandre dos Santos and Paulo Roberto da Cunha

Volume 25, issue 4, 2021

Professional Socialization from the Perspective of Female Surgeons: Challenges and Career Achievements pp. e180303 Downloads
Isabelle Christine Oliveira dos Santos, Tereza Cristina Batista de Lima, Luis Eduardo Brandão Paiva, Davi Sampaio Marques and Elidihara Trigueiro Guimarães
An Essay on Corporate Crimes in the Post-Colonial Perspective: Challenging Traditional Literature pp. e190144 Downloads
Cintia Rodrigues de Oliveira and Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira
Avon Brazil: Optimization of Logistics Processes in a Direct Selling Company pp. e190212 Downloads
Fabio Medeiros, Luiz Carlos Di Serio and Alessandro Moreira
Environmental Responsibility, Psychological Distance, and Environmental Consumption: Mediation in Accounting Students pp. e190223 Downloads
Alison Martins Meurer, Cristina Viana de Jesus and Luiz Panhoca
Succession in Family Business: An Analysis through the Concept of Conatus pp. e200021 Downloads
Carolina Lescura de Carvalho Castro Volta, Alex Fernando Borges and Mônica Carvalho Alves Cappelle
Increase in Leverage Driven by International Financial Reporting Standards Adoption pp. e200157 Downloads
Pâmela Amado Tristão and Igor Bernardi Sonza
The Challenges of Digital Leadership pp. e210043 Downloads
José Augusto Lopes Figueiredo

Volume 25, issue 3, 2021

Holy House or New Blood? Tink’s Succession Case pp. e190090 Downloads
Eleandra Maria Prigol Meneghini, Ana Paula Pereira dos Passos, Sidnei Vieira Marinho and Anete Alberton
Exploring Social Business Pathways: Green Map System as a Case in Point pp. e190351 Downloads
Balashankar Mulloth
Driving Business Models Toward Sustainability in Arctic Nature Tourism pp. e190384 Downloads
Samira Sahebalzamani
Triple Bottom Line toward a Holistic Framework for Sustainability: A Systematic Review pp. e200017 Downloads
Vittoria Loviscek
A Surge toward a Sustainable Future: Organizational Change and Transformational Vision by an Oil and Gas Company pp. e200031 Downloads
Tahrir Jaber
Large-Scale Projects in the Amazon: Engaging Social Actors to Promote Sustainable Development pp. e200053 Downloads
Thomaz Wood and Dafne Oliveira Carlos de Morais
Sustainable Business Models: A Systematic Review of Approaches and Challenges in Manufacturing pp. e200202 Downloads
Ukeje Jacob Agwu and John Bessant
Sustainable Business Models in a Challenging Context: The Amana Katu Case pp. e200205 Downloads
José Augusto Lacerda Fernandes, José Milton de Sousa-Filho and Fernando Luiz Emerenciano Viana
Perspectives of Sustainability pp. e200413 Downloads
Elin Merethe Oftedal, Giovanna Bertella, Sanjay Lanka, Małgorzata Grzegorczyk and Petra Molthan-Hill

Volume 25, issue 2, 2021

Decision-Making Quality of Public Managers: Contributions from Intelligence and Knowledge Management pp. e190044 Downloads
Claudia Melati, Raquel Janissek-Muniz and Carla Maria Marques Curado
Innovation in Micro and Small Enterprises: Resources and Capabilities pp. e190106 Downloads
Renata Braga Berenguer de Vasconcelos, Joséte Florencio dos Santos and Jackeline Amantino de Andrade
Optimal Tax Theory: Its Contributions to the Brazilian Reality pp. e190238 Downloads
Camilla Fagner de Carvalho e Costa and Jeferson de Castro Vieira
São Felipe Hospital: Capacity Management Challenge in a Hospital Emergency pp. e190326 Downloads
Claudia Affonso Silva Araujo and Kleber Fossatti Figueiredo
A Qualitative Method Proposal for the Study of Strategy as Practice pp. e190353 Downloads
Leonardo Lemos da Silveira Santos, César Tureta and Bruno Felix
Bia Brazil: Activewear Made in Brazil to the World pp. e190357 Downloads
Masaaki Kotabe, Moema Pereira Nunes and Fernanda Kalil Steinbruch
Operation Car Wash: Impacts on the Executives' Liability Insurance Market pp. e190386 Downloads
Rafael Tonet Rensi and João Vinícius França Carvalho
Why We Need Qualitative Research in Management Studies pp. e200297 Downloads
Evelyn Lanka, Sanjay Lanka, Ali Rostron and Pallavi Singh

Volume 25, issue 1, 2021

A Tutorial on the Use of Differences-in-Differences in Management, Finance, and Accounting pp. e200067 Downloads
Rafael Felipe Schiozer, Frederico Abou Mourad and Theo Cotrim Martins
Cluster Analysis in Practice: Dealing with Outliers in Managerial Research pp. e200081 Downloads
Humberto Elias Garcia Lopes and Marlusa de Sevilha Gosling
A GARCH Tutorial with R pp. e200088 Downloads
Marcelo Perlin, Mauro Mastella, Daniel Francisco Vancin and Henrique Pinto Ramos
A Tutorial for Modeling Real Options Lattices from Project Cash Flows pp. e200093 Downloads
Naielly Lopes Marques, Carlos de Lamare Bastian-Pinto and Luiz Eduardo Teixeira Brandão
Mapping Organizational Culture Schemas Based on Correlational Class Analysis: A Tutorial pp. e200096 Downloads
Luciano Rossoni, Clayton Pereira Gonçalves, Mônica Pereira da Silva and Alex Ferreira Gonçalves
Salami Science in the Age of Open Data: Déjà lu and Accountability in Management and Business Research pp. e200194 Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva and Cristiana Cerqueira Leal
Tutorial-Articles: The Importance of Data and Code Sharing pp. e200212 Downloads
Henrique Castro Martins
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