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1997 - 2020

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Volume 24, issue 6, 2020

What Makes an Article be More Cited? pp. 507-513 Downloads
Wesley Mendes-da-Silva
Executives Compensation and Performance in Family and Non-Family Brazilian Companies pp. 514-531 Downloads
Ilse Maria Beuren, Edgar Pamplona and Maurício Leite
Effects of Budgetary Participation on Managerial Attitudes, Satisfaction, and Managerial Performance pp. 532-549 Downloads
Vinícius Costa da Silva Zonatto, Juliana Constâncio Nascimento, Micheli Aparecida Lunardi and Larissa Degenhart
Processes in Interorganizational Relationships to Develop Absorptive Capacity in Startups pp. 550-566 Downloads
Alexandre Rodrigues Cajuela and Simone Vasconcelos Ribeiro Galina
Cooperative Cooperation: Being, Doing, and Becoming pp. 567-581 Downloads
Susana Iglesias Webering
The Facets of Women Commodification: Violence in the University Context in Administration pp. 582-599 Downloads
Aline dos Santos Barbosa, Marcello Romani-Dias and Tânia Modesto Veludo- de-Oliveira
Vale S.A.: Cobalt Streaming pp. 600-617 Downloads
Flavia D'Albergaria Freitas, Carlos Heitor Campani, Viktor Nigri Moszkowicz, Raphael Moses Roquete and Flavia Schwartz Maranho
Cheap Freight and Delayed Delivery: The Dilemma of Service Level Versus Costs pp. 618-631 Downloads
Alexandre Luis Prim and Kenyth Alves de Freitas

Volume 24, issue 5, 2020

Reflections on Memorable Teaching Cases pp. 376-379 Downloads
Paula Castro Pires de Souza Chimenti
Concentration and Competition in the Domestic Credit Market pp. 380-399 Downloads
Monique de Abreu Azevedo and Ivan Ricardo Gartner
Anthropocene and “Development”: Intertwined Trajectories Since the Beginning of The Great Acceleration pp. 400-413 Downloads
Marina Dantas de Figueiredo, Fábio Freitas Schilling Marquesan and José Miguel Imas
Corporate Governance: A Major Factor in Shareholder Activism in Brazil pp. 414-431 Downloads
Marta Leite Collares
Good Management Practices and Absorptive Capacity: Impacts on Firms’ Productivity pp. 432-447 Downloads
Rafael Ricardo Jacomossi and Paulo Roberto Feldmann
Genesis, Impact, and Identity of the Journal of Contemporary Administration pp. 448-473 Downloads
Luciano Rossoni and Rodrigo Assunção Rosa
Brazilian Secrets Hair Case pp. 474-486 Downloads
Lucyana Felicia, Clarice Secches Kogut and Renato Dourado Cotta de Mello
Palmas to E-Dinheiro! Clapping the Digital Evolution of a Local Social Currency pp. 487-506 Downloads
Adrian Kemmer Cernev and Eduardo Henrique Diniz

Volume 24, issue 4, 2020

Psychosocial and Organizational Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing in the Workplace pp. 283-299 Downloads
Valter Moreno, Flávia Cavazotte and Janicélio Dutra
Portfolio Management under Multiple Regimes: Strategies that Outperform the Market pp. 300-316 Downloads
Marcelo Lewin and Carlos Heitor Campani
The Power of Psychological Capital: The Strength of Beliefs in Entrepreneurial Behavior pp. 317-334 Downloads
Luciano Lima, Vânia Nassif and Marcia Maria Garçon
Main Hypermarket Meat Purchasing Drivers pp. 335-348 Downloads
Lierk Sousa, Vânia Roque-Specht and Eduardo Gomes
Analysis of Prescribing Variables of Entrepreneurial Intention of Brazilian Immigrants in Portugal pp. 349-368 Downloads
Eduardo Picanço Cruz, Roberto Falcão, Yan Barbosa and Fábio Paula
Lessons that can be Learned from the Rejection of an Article pp. 369-375 Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 24, issue 3, 2020

Relationship Capability and Strategic Alliances for Research and Development pp. 201-217 Downloads
Taísa Preusler, Priscila Costa, Tatiane Crespi and Geciane Porto
Managers, Engagement and Political Behaviors: A Nonlinear Relationship pp. 218-231 Downloads
Romulo Moraes and Aridelmo José Teixeira
“The Problem of Embeddedness” in Entrepreneurship Studies: A Theoretical Proposition pp. 232-244 Downloads
Victor Corrêa, Glaucia Vale, Pedro Lucas Melo and Marina Cruz
The Organisational Ties in the Perception of the Management: Commitment, Entrenchment and Consent pp. 245-258 Downloads
Gean Carlos Tomazzoni, Vânia Costa, Claudia Simone Antonello and Maria Beatriz Rodrigues
Blockchain and a Technological Perspective for Public Administration: A Systematic Review pp. 259-274 Downloads
Luzia Moura, Daniela Francisco Brauner and Raquel Janissek-Muniz
The New Section of the Journal of Contemporary Administration: Tutorial Articles pp. 275-282 Downloads
Henrique Martins and Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva
List of Reviewers 2019 for the Journal of Contemporary Administration Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 24, issue 2, 2020

Institutional Pressures, Institutional Work and the Development of Universities’ Entrepreneurial Turn pp. 119-133 Downloads
Juliana Amarante and João Marcelo Crubellate
Sales-based Brand Equity as a Performance Driver in ‘The Country of Soccer pp. 134-150 Downloads
Marcos Almeida, Ricardo Coelho, Denise Oliveira, Altair Camargo and Pedro Savioli
Group Intercultural Competence: Adjusting and Validating Its Concept and Development Process pp. 151-166 Downloads
Janete Schmidmeier, Adriana Roseli Takahashi and Janaina Maria Bueno
Political Cycles and Fiscal Management in Brazilian Municipalities pp. 167-180 Downloads
Alann Inaldo Bartoluzzio and Luiz Carlos Anjos
Building Spaces of Social Interaction from Coworking Relationships and Practices pp. 181-196 Downloads
Luiza Mesquita, Marlei Pozzebon and Maira Petrini
My Data, My Life: Individual Goals and Role of the Business Research Community Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 24, issue 1, 2020

Expansion of Brazilian Federal Universities: Is It Possible to Raise Economic Impacts? pp. 1-24 Downloads
Marcelo Barbosa, Francis Carlo Petterini and Roberto Ferreira
Gift-giving, Love Styles, and Sacrifice: An Analysis Among Romantic Partners pp. 25-48 Downloads
Marianny Silva, Salomão de Farias, Jairo Gomes and Francisco Melo
Work Engagement in the Public Service: A Multicultural Model pp. 49-76 Downloads
Diego Andrade
Opacity, Risk, Performance and Inflows in Hedge Funds pp. 77-99 Downloads
Flávia Januzzi, Aureliano Bressan and Fernando Moreira
Innovation Capabilities in an Inter-Organizational Network in Brazilian Amazon pp. 100-118 Downloads
Diana Rodrigues, Mário Sobrinho and Ana Maria Vasconcellos
The importance of Open Science in Business research Downloads
Henrique Martins

Volume 23, issue 6, 2019

Research Perspectives in Corporate Governance of Brazilian Family Firms pp. 696-702 Downloads
Aureliano Bressan, Eduardo Schiehll, Jairo Procianoy and Luiz Ricardo Castro
Conflicts in Boards of Family Firms: A Theoretical Framework for Strategic Decision-Making pp. 703-720 Downloads
Pedro Karam, Claudio Antonio Machado Filho and Gustavo Abib
Gender Diversity in Board of Directors and the Relationship between Performance and Financial Risk in Family Firms pp. 721-738 Downloads
Lilian Costa, Joelson Sampaio and Eduardo Flores
The Employee Is Always Right: Employee Satisfaction and Corporate Performance in Brazil pp. 739-764 Downloads
Alexandre Silveira
Capital Structure and Governance Mechanisms External to the Firm: A Cross-Country Analysis pp. 765-785 Downloads
Flávia Mendonça, Henrique Martins and Paulo Terra
Business Model and Strategy: In Search of Dialog through Value Perspective pp. 786-806 Downloads
Dimária Meirelles
Unlimited Corporate Governance for Limited Companies pp. 807-811 Downloads
Vinícius Kleinert, Jeferson Lana and Dinorá Floriani
Nominata de Revisores que atuaram em 2018 na Revista de Administração Contemporânea Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva
Relatório de Gestão da Revista de Administração Contemporânea 2018-2019 Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 23, issue 5, 2019

Technology Perspectives and Innovative Scenarios Applied in the Amazon Region pp. 607-618 Downloads
Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho, Cristiana Fernandes De Muylder, Airton Cardoso Cançado, Ruby Roy Dholakia and Angela Paladino
Innovation and the Diffusion of Technology in Agriculture in Floodplains in the State of Amazonas pp. 619-635 Downloads
Jonas Fernando Petry, Sabrina Arcanjo Sebastião, Erik Garcia Martins and Paulo Berti de Azevedo Barros
Coproduction Between Government and Civil Society to Establish Smart Cities in the State of Pará pp. 636-653 Downloads
Mauro Margalho Coutinho, Mário Vasconcellos Sobrinho, Sue Anne Collares Maestri de Oliveira and Ana Margarida Santiago
Go Global or Stay Local? Understanding How Fiscal Incentives Reshape Supply Networks pp. 654-671 Downloads
Ricardo Silveira Martins, Janaina Siegler, Armando Souza-Junior, Barbara Flynn and Guilherme Silveira Martins
Interorganizational Relationships in the Amazon Biotech Industry Based on Entrepreneurs´ Perceptions pp. 672-695 Downloads
Rosana Zau Mafra, Dimas José Lasmar and Dalton Chaves Vilela Júnior
Have We Been Transparent Enough? Challenges in Replicability and Credibility in Business Research Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 23, issue 4, 2019

Sociomateriality, Power and Connections in the Action Nets in the Handcraft Organization pp. 454-475 Downloads
Christianne Lobato Silva and Alfredo Rodrigues Silva
Agency Costs and Ownership Structure in Oil Industry pp. 476-498 Downloads
Rafael Pessoa Delgado and Claudio Henrique Barbedo
Keep Innovating: Absorptive Capacity and the Performance of Brazilian Information Technology Companies pp. 499-519 Downloads
Claudio Testoni Cardozo, Oscar Rudy Kronmeyer Filho and Guilherme Luis Vaccaro
Are Incentives for Internationalization Appropriate? Perception of Researchers in Information Systems pp. 520-542 Downloads
Eduardo H. Diniz, Henrique Oliveira, José Eduardo Favaretto and Débora Brólio
Fair Value of Biological Assets: An Interdisciplinary Methodological Proposal pp. 543-563 Downloads
Rafael Todescato Cavalheiro, Régio Marcio Gimenes, Erlaine Binotto and Carlos Ricardo Fietz
Teaching-learning Practical Wisdom (Phronesis) in Administration: A Systematic Review pp. 564-586 Downloads
Maria Clara Ames and Maurício Custódio Serafim
Change of Course? The Case of Junckes Distribuidora pp. 587-606 Downloads
Ana Paula Passos, Grasiele Cabral Pereira, Renan Junckes and Helena Wollinger
Revisão pelos Pares Aberta e Ciência Aberta na Comunidade de Pesquisa em Negócios Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 23, issue 3, 2019

Academic Motivation Scale: Validity in Portuguese Public Higher Education pp. 288-310 Downloads
Marco Ribeiro, Vasco Saraiva, Paulo Pereira and Célia Ribeiro
Legitimacy Accounts in the Debate about the Reform of Brazilian Courts of Accounts pp. 311-330 Downloads
Bruno Luz, Marcos Sousa and Edson Guarido Filho
Anchoring Heuristic in Experts Decision: Results Under the Manipulation Test pp. 331-350 Downloads
Paula Tronco, Mauri Löbler, Leticia Santos and Juliana Nishi
The Impacts of Health Care Evaluations on the Well-Being of Low-incomers pp. 351-372 Downloads
Lilian Tellini, Andre Urdan, Sonia Monken, Flavio Bizarrias and Marcelo Brandão
Effects of Qualitative Data Analysis Softwares in the Quality of Researches pp. 373-394 Downloads
Rômulo Souza Neto, Gabriela Dias, Rafael Silva and Anatália Ramos
Formal and Informal Interpersonal Relationships: Interaction of Networks in the Academic Environment pp. 395-415 Downloads
Sandra Leonardo, Milton Carlos Farina, Taís Andreoli and Ana Paula Lima
The Smart Grid in Latin America: Ampla as an Example of Innovation in the Electricity Sector pp. 416-435 Downloads
Ney Cavalcante, Camila Franco, Victor Almeida, Flavia Freitas and Elaine Tavares
A Drop in the Ocean and Several Challenges for the Ocean Drop pp. 436-453 Downloads
Gustavo Behling, Diulnéia Pereira and Sidnei Marinho
The Relevance of Title, Abstract and Keywords for Scientific Paper Writing Downloads
Débora Cristina Garcia, Cristiane Gattaz and Nilce Gattaz

Volume 23, issue 2, 2019

Effects of the Fleuriet model and liquidity ratios on tax aggressiveness pp. 160-181 Downloads
Viviane Chiachio and Antonio Lopo Martinez
Sustainable Management at a University in Light of Tensions of Sustainability Theory pp. 182-206 Downloads
Simone Sehnem, Graciella Martignago, Susana Carla Pereira and Charbel Jabour
Efficiency Losses in Healthcare Organizations Caused by Lack of Interpersonal Relationships pp. 207-227 Downloads
Sérgio Migowski, Iuri Gavronski, Cláudia Libânio, Eliana Migowski and Francisco Duarte
Business Models and Blockchain: What Can Change? pp. 228-248 Downloads
Fernanda Momo, Giovana Schiavi, Ariel Behr and Percival Lucena
Organizations Others: Practice Theory and Dussel’s Decolonial Approach Dialogues pp. 249-267 Downloads
Felipe Couto, Bruno Eduardo Honorato and Everton Silva
Are More Financial Sophisticated Executives Overconfidents and Optimists? pp. 268-287 Downloads
Cassiana Bortoli and Rodrigo Soares
Contribuições e Limitações de Revisões Narrativas e Revisões Sistemáticas na Área de Negócios Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva

Volume 23, issue 1, 2019

Incongruent Humour, Advertising Effectiveness and Women: An Experiment On Facebook pp. 1-22 Downloads
Luciana Ribeiro, Martin de La Martinière Petroll, Fernanda Scussel and Claudio Damacena
Newspaper Consumption in Print and Online: Printed Newspapers is Status and Online is Easiness pp. 23-42 Downloads
Marilia Assumpção, Solange Alfinito and Breno Giovanni Adaid Castro
Where are We Heading? An Analysis of the Corporate Governance Literature pp. 43-66 Downloads
Fernanda Kreuzberg and Ernesto Fernando Rodrigues Vicente
Effects of Budgetary Participation on Asymmetry of Information, Occupational Stress and Managerial Performance pp. 67-91 Downloads
Vinicius Costa da Silva Zonatto, Aline Weber and Juliana Constâncio Nascimento
Climate Strength: Its Role as a Moderator in the Relationship Between Climate and Turnover pp. 92-110 Downloads
Tatiana Iwai, Adriana Bruscato Bortoluzzo, Lina Eiko Nakata and José Eduardo Teixeira Costa
The Effects of Exploration, Exploitation, and Ambidexterity on Software Firm Performance pp. 111-134 Downloads
Elizandra Severgnini, Edwin Vladimir Cardoza Galdamez and Valter Afonso Vieira
I Started a Venture, Now What? Opportunities in the Health Food Sector pp. 135-159 Downloads
Beatriz Saggioro Massolino, Simone Galina and Erasmo José Gomes
The Convergence, Communication, and Impact of Business Research Downloads
Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva
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