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Volume 21, issue 4, 2007

The Case for Forecast Targeting as a Monetary Policy Strategy pp. 3-24 Downloads
Michael Woodford
Macroeconomic Modeling for Monetary Policy Evaluation pp. 25-46 Downloads
Jordi Galí and Mark Gertler
How the World Achieved Consensus on Monetary Policy pp. 47-68 Downloads
Marvin Goodfriend
The Evolution of Central Bank Governance around the World pp. 69-90 Downloads
Christopher Crowe and Ellen Meade
Personnel Economics: The Economist's View of Human Resources pp. 91-114 Downloads
Edward Lazear and Kathryn Shaw
Human Resources from an Organizational Behavior Perspective: Some Paradoxes Explained pp. 115-134 Downloads
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Paying Respect pp. 135-150 Downloads
Tore Ellingsen and Magnus Johannesson
The Economics of Dowry and Brideprice pp. 151-174 Downloads
Siwan Anderson
Bankruptcy Reform and Credit Cards pp. 175-200 Downloads
Michelle J. White
Markets: Preserving Funeral Markets with Ready-to-Embalm Laws pp. 201-216 Downloads
David E. Harrington
Retrospectives: Léon Walras and the Nobel Peace Prize pp. 217-228 Downloads
Agnar Sandmo
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 229-236 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 21, issue 3, 2007

Introducing Incentives in the Market for Live and Cadaveric Organ Donations pp. 3-24 Downloads
Gary Becker and Julio Elias
Producing Organ Donors pp. 25-36 Downloads
David H. Howard
Repugnance as a Constraint on Markets pp. 37-58 Downloads
Alvin Roth
Are You Sure You're Saving Enough for Retirement? pp. 59-80 Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
Heuristics and Biases in Retirement Savings Behavior pp. 81-104 Downloads
Shlomo Benartzi and Richard Thaler
Firms in International Trade pp. 105-130 Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen, Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization pp. 131-154 Downloads
David Hummels
Does Antitrust Need to be Modernized? pp. 155-176 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
The Causes and Consequences of Wal-Mart's Growth pp. 177-198 Downloads
Emek Basker
Natural Disasters, Economic Development, and Humanitarian Aid pp. 199-222 Downloads
David Strömberg
Human Capital and the Productivity of Suicide Bombers pp. 223-238 Downloads
Efraim Benmelech and Claude Berrebi
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 239-246 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 21, issue 2, 2007

The American Family and Family Economics pp. 3-26 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg and Robert Pollak
Marriage and Divorce: Changes and their Driving Forces pp. 27-52 Downloads
Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers
The Economics of Lesbian and Gay Families pp. 53-70 Downloads
Dan Black, Seth G. Sanders and Lowell J. Taylor
Guess Who's Been Coming to Dinner? Trends in Interracial Marriage over the 20th Century pp. 71-90 Downloads
Roland G. Fryer
Biological Basics and the Economics of the Family pp. 91-108 Downloads
Donald Cox
Disagreement and the Stock Market pp. 109-128 Downloads
Harrison Hong and Jeremy Stein
Investor Sentiment in the Stock Market pp. 129-152 Downloads
Malcolm Baker and Jeffrey Wurgler
What Do Laboratory Experiments Measuring Social Preferences Reveal About the Real World? pp. 153-174 Downloads
Steven Levitt and John List
Hedge Funds: Past, Present, and Future pp. 175-194 Downloads
René Stulz
How Wages Change: Micro Evidence from the International Wage Flexibility Project pp. 195-214 Downloads
William T. Dickens, Lorenz Goette, Erica Groshen, Steinar Holden, Julian Messina, Mark Schweitzer, Jarkko Turunen and Melanie E. Ward
Retrospectives: Edgeworth's Hedonimeter and the Quest to Measure Utility pp. 215-226 Downloads
David Colander
Markets: Gift Cards pp. 227-238 Downloads
Jennifer Pate
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 239-246 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 21, issue 1, 2007

How Progressive is the U.S. Federal Tax System? A Historical and International Perspective pp. 3-24 Downloads
Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez
Cheating Ourselves: The Economics of Tax Evasion pp. 25-48 Downloads
Joel Slemrod
Taxing Consumption and Other Sins pp. 49-68 Downloads
James Hines
Tax Reform Unraveling pp. 69-90 Downloads
Michael J. Graetz
The Goals and Promise of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act pp. 91-116 Downloads
John C. Coates Iv
Corporate Governance Reforms in Continental Europe pp. 117-140 Downloads
Luca Enriques and Paolo Volpin
The Economic Lives of the Poor pp. 141-168 Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
Payday Lending pp. 169-190 Downloads
Michael A. Stegman
Daron Acemoglu: 2005 John Bates Clark Medalist pp. 191-208 Downloads
Robert Shimer
Markets: Cartel Behavior and Amateurism in College Sports pp. 209-226 Downloads
Lawrence Kahn
Retrospectives: From Usury to Interest pp. 227-236 Downloads
Joseph Persky
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 237-244 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 20, issue 4, 2006

Modern Macroeconomics in Practice: How Theory Is Shaping Policy pp. 3-28 Downloads
Varadarajan Chari and Patrick Kehoe
The Macroeconomist as Scientist and Engineer pp. 29-46 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
The Real Effects of European Monetary Union pp. 47-66 Downloads
Philip Lane
The European Central Bank, the Euro, and Global Financial Markets pp. 67-88 Downloads
Kathryn Dominguez
Interview with Robert A. Mundell pp. 89-110 Downloads
Howard R. Vane and Chris Mulhearn
Avoiding Invalid Instruments and Coping with Weak Instruments pp. 111-132 Downloads
Michael Murray
The Homecoming of American College Women: The Reversal of the College Gender Gap pp. 133-156 Downloads
Claudia Goldin, Lawrence Katz and Ilyana Kuziemko
The London Congestion Charge pp. 157-176 Downloads
Jonathan Leape
How Richard Nixon Pressured Arthur Burns: Evidence from the Nixon Tapes pp. 177-188 Downloads
Burton Abrams
What Has Mattered to Economics Since 1970 pp. 189-202 Downloads
E. Han Kim, Adair Morse and Luigi Zingales
Markets: The U.S. Lodging Industry pp. 203-218 Downloads
Arturs Kalnins
Policy Watch: Examining the Justification for Residential Recycling pp. 219-232 Downloads
Thomas Kinnaman
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 233-240 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 20, issue 3, 2006

The Flow Approach to Labor Markets: New Data Sources and Micro-Macro Links pp. 3-26 Downloads
Steven Davis, Jason Faberman and John Haltiwanger
Changes in Labor Force Participation in the United States pp. 27-46 Downloads
Chinhui Juhn and Simon Potter
Unemployment Insurance: Strengthening the Relationship between Theory and Policy pp. 47-70 Downloads
Walter Nicholson and Karen Needels
The Growth in the Social Security Disability Rolls: A Fiscal Crisis Unfolding pp. 71-96 Downloads
David Autor and Mark Duggan
The Determinants of Mortality pp. 97-120 Downloads
David Cutler, Angus Deaton and Adriana Lleras-Muney
The Economics of HIV/AIDS in Low-Income Countries: The Case for Prevention pp. 121-142 Downloads
David Canning
Initial Labor Market Conditions and Long-Term Outcomes for Economists pp. 143-160 Downloads
Paul Oyer
Does the Academic Labor Market Initially Allocate New Graduates Efficiently? pp. 161-172 Downloads
Valerie Smeets, Frédéric Warzynski and Tom Coupé
An Economic Evaluation of the Moneyball Hypothesis pp. 173-186 Downloads
Jahn K. Hakes and Raymond Sauer
Retrospectives: The Coining of "Privatization" and Germany's National Socialist Party pp. 187-194 Downloads
Germà Bel
Markets: Continuity and Change in the International Diamond Market pp. 195-208 Downloads
Debora L. Spar
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 209-216 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 20, issue 2, 2006

Why Europe and the West? Why Not China? pp. 3-22 Downloads
David S. Landes
Does Culture Affect Economic Outcomes? pp. 23-48 Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
Religion and Economy pp. 49-72 Downloads
Rachel M. McCleary and Robert Barro
The Role of Family in Family Firms pp. 73-96 Downloads
Marianne Bertrand and Antoinette Schoar
Purple America pp. 97-118 Downloads
Stephen Ansolabehere, Jonathan Rodden and James Snyder
Myths and Realities of American Political Geography pp. 119-144 Downloads
Edward L. Glaeser and Bryce Ward
People Flows in Globalization pp. 145-170 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Price Changes in the Euro Area and the United States: Some Facts from Individual Consumer Price Data pp. 171-192 Downloads
Emmanuel Dhyne, Luis Alvarez, Hervé Le Bihan, Giovanni Veronese, Daniel Dias, Johannes Hoffmann, Nicole Jonker, Patrick Lunnemann, Fabio Rumler and Jouko Vilmunen
Assassinations: Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Israeli Counterterrorism Policy Using Stock Market Data pp. 193-206 Downloads
Asaf Zussman and Noam Zussman
Markets: The Fulton Fish Market pp. 207-220 Downloads
Kathryn Graddy
History Lessons: The Birth of Impersonal Exchange: The Community Responsibility System and Impartial Justice pp. 221-236 Downloads
Avner Greif
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 237-244 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 20, issue 1, 2006

Developments in the Measurement of Subjective Well-Being pp. 3-24 Downloads
Daniel Kahneman and Alan Krueger
Some Uses of Happiness Data in Economics pp. 25-46 Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch
Poverty in America: Trends and Explanations pp. 47-68 Downloads
Hilary Hoynes, Marianne Page and Ann Stevens
Poor People in Rich Nations: The United States in Comparative Perspective pp. 69-90 Downloads
Timothy Smeeding
Missing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker Absence in Developing Countries pp. 91-116 Downloads
Nazmul Chaudhury, Jeffrey Hammer, Michael Kremer, Karthik Muralidharan and F. Rogers
Addressing Absence pp. 117-132 Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
The Economy of the Early Roman Empire pp. 133-151 Downloads
Peter Temin
Electronic Trading in Stock Markets pp. 153-174 Downloads
Hans Stoll
What's in a Surname? The Effects of Surname Initials on Academic Success pp. 175-187 Downloads
Liran Einav and Leeat Yariv
Markets: Beer in Germany and the United States pp. 189-205 Downloads
William Adams
Policy Watch: Debt Relief pp. 207-220 Downloads
Serkan Arslanalp and Peter Henry
Anomalies: Utility Maximization and Experienced Utility pp. 221-234 Downloads
Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 235-242 Downloads
Timothy Taylor
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