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Volume 10, issue 4, 1996

Symposium on Primary and Secondary Education pp. 3-8 Downloads
Francine Blau
Measuring Investment in Education pp. 9-30 Downloads
Eric Hanushek
School Resources and Student Outcomes: An Overview of the Literature and New Evidence from North and South Carolina pp. 31-50 Downloads
David Card and Alan Krueger
Are Efficiency and Equity in School Finance Substitutes or Complements? pp. 51-72 Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
Assessing the Effectiveness of Saving Incentives pp. 73-90 Downloads
Robert Hubbard and Jonathan Skinner
How Retirement Saving Programs Increase Saving pp. 91-112 Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise
The Illusory Effects of Saving Incentives on Saving pp. 113-138 Downloads
Eric M. Engen, William Gale and John Scholz
Bargaining and Distribution in Marriage pp. 139-158 Downloads
Shelly Lundberg and Robert Pollak
Bias in the Consumer Price Index: What Is the Evidence? pp. 159-177 Downloads
Brent Moulton
The American Economic Association Dues Structure pp. 179-186 Downloads
Richard Beil and David Laband
Classroom Games: Information Cascades pp. 187-193 Downloads
Lisa Anderson and Charles Holt

Volume 10, issue 3, 1996

A Successful Accident: Recollections and Speculations about the CEA pp. 3-21 Downloads
Herbert Stein
The CEA: An Inside Voice for Mainstream Economics pp. 23-39 Downloads
Charles L. Schultze
Keynesianism, Pennsylvania Avenue Style: Some Economic Consequences of the Employment Act of 1946 pp. 41-53 Downloads
J. Bradford De Long
Different Approaches for Dealing with Social Security pp. 55-66 Downloads
Edward Gramlich
Proposals to Restructure Social Security pp. 67-88 Downloads
Peter Diamond
Econometrics and Presidential Elections pp. 89-102 Downloads
Ray Fair
Cheap Talk pp. 103-118 Downloads
Joseph Farrell and Matthew Rabin
Economic Foundations of the Current Regulatory Reform Efforts pp. 119-134 Downloads
W Viscusi
Market Microstructure and Intermediation pp. 135-152 Downloads
Daniel Spulber
Trends in Multi-authored Papers in Economics pp. 153-158 Downloads
John Hudson
Policy Watch: Medicare pp. 159-167 Downloads
Joseph Newhouse
Data Watch: The Redesigned Current Population Survey pp. 169-180 Downloads
Anne E. Polivka

Volume 10, issue 2, 1996

Distinguished Lecture on Economics in Government: Big Bills Left on the Sidewalk: Why Some Nations Are Rich, and Others Poor pp. 3-24 Downloads
Mancur Olson
How Far Has the Transition Progressed? pp. 25-44 Downloads
Peter Murrell
Stabilization and Growth in Transition Economies: The Early Experience pp. 45-66 Downloads
Stanley Fischer, Ratna Sahay and Carlos Vegh
Privatization Is Transition--Or Is It? pp. 67-86 Downloads
Josef Brada
The Roles of the State and the Market in Establishing Property Rights pp. 87-103 Downloads
Andrzej Rapaczynski
The Economics of Convention pp. 105-122 Downloads
H. Young
Inflows of Capital to Developing Countries in the 1990s pp. 123-139 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo, Leonardo Leiderman and Carmen Reinhart
Discovering Diversity in Introductory Economics pp. 141-153 Downloads
Robin L. Bartlett
Data Watch: The Panel Study of Income Dynamics pp. 155-168 Downloads
Charles Brown, Greg Duncan and Frank Stafford
Retrospectives: The Origins of the Representative Agent pp. 169-177 Downloads
James E. Hartley
Classroom Games: Understanding Bayes' Rule pp. 179-187 Downloads
Charles Holt and Lisa Anderson
Policy Watch: The Food Stamp Program and Welfare Reform pp. 189-198 Downloads
Betsey A. Kuhn

Volume 10, issue 1, 1996

Help Wanted: Economists, Crime and Public Policy pp. 3-24 Downloads
John J. DiIulio
Why Do So Many Young American Men Commit Crimes and What Might We Do about It? pp. 25-42 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Crime, Punishment, and the Market for Offenses pp. 43-67 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich
The Computational Experiment: An Econometric Tool pp. 69-85 Downloads
Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott
The Empirical Foundations of Calibration pp. 87-104 Downloads
Lars Hansen and James Heckman
Macroeconomics and Methodology pp. 105-120 Downloads
Christopher Sims
Social Psychology, Unemployment and Macroeconomics pp. 121-140 Downloads
William Darity and Arthur H. Goldsmith
Dynamic Revenue Estimation pp. 141-157 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Analyzing the Airwaves Auction pp. 159-175 Downloads
Randolph McAfee and John McMillan
Does Studying Economics Discourage Cooperation? Watch What We Do, Not What We Say or How We Play pp. 177-186 Downloads
Anthony Yezer, Robert Goldfarb and Paul J. Poppen
Do Economists Make Bad Citizens? pp. 187-192 Downloads
Robert Frank, Thomas D. Gilovich and Dennis T. Regan
Classroom Games: Trading in a Pit Market pp. 193-203 Downloads
Charles Holt

Volume 9, issue 4, 1995

Symposium on the Monetary Transmission Mechanism pp. 3-10 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
The Monetary Transmission Mechanism: An Empirical Framework pp. 11-26 Downloads
John Taylor
Inside the Black Box: The Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission pp. 27-48 Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Mark Gertler
Monetary, Credit and (Other) Transmission Processes: A Monetarist Perspective pp. 49-72 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
The Mirage of Fixed Exchange Rates pp. 73-96 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff
Toward a New Conception of the Environment-Competitiveness Relationship pp. 97-118 Downloads
Michael E. Porter and Claas van der Linde
Tightening Environmental Standards: The Benefit-Cost or the No-Cost Paradigm? pp. 119-132 Downloads
Karen Palmer, Wallace Oates and Paul R. Portney
Human Capital vs. Signalling Explanations of Wages pp. 133-154 Downloads
Andrew Weiss
Islamic Economics and the Islamic Subeconomy pp. 155-173 Downloads
Timur Kuran
The Economic Case against Drug Prohibition pp. 175-192 Downloads
Jeffrey Miron and Jeffrey Zwiebel
Women in the Economics Profession pp. 193-206 Downloads
Shulamit Kahn
Retrospective: The Convergence Debate between David Hume and Josiah Tucker pp. 207-216 Downloads
Bruce Truitt Elmslie
The Flypaper Effect pp. 217-226 Downloads
James Hines and Richard Thaler

Volume 9, issue 3, 1995

Distinguished Lecture on Economics in Government: The Economist vs. Madmen in Authority pp. 3-13 Downloads
Isabel V. Sawhill
Are Your Wages Set in Beijing? pp. 15-32 Downloads
Richard Freeman
Income Inequality and Trade: How to Think, What to Conclude pp. 33-55 Downloads
J. David Richardson
How Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers pp. 57-80 Downloads
Adrian Wood
Symposium on Consumption Smoothing in Developing Countries pp. 81-82 Downloads
Anne Case
Consumption Insurance: An Evaluation of Risk-Bearing Systems in Low-Income Economies pp. 83-102 Downloads
Robert Townsend
Income Smoothing and Consumption Smoothing pp. 103-114 Downloads
Jonathan Morduch
Nonmarket Institutions for Credit and Risk Sharing in Low-Income Countries pp. 115-127 Downloads
Timothy Besley
Some Lessons from the Yield Curve pp. 129-152 Downloads
John Campbell
An Introduction to the Wage Curve pp. 153-167 Downloads
David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
The Stories We Tell: A Reconsideration of AS/AD Analysis pp. 169-188 Downloads
David Colander
Retrospectives: Schumpeter, David Wells, and Creative Destruction pp. 189-197 Downloads
Michael Perelman
Policy Watch: Did Nasdaq Market Makers Implicitly Collude? pp. 199-208 Downloads
William Christie and Paul H. Schultz

Volume 9, issue 2, 1995

The Economic Benefits from Immigration pp. 3-22 Downloads
George Borjas
The Impact of Immigrants on Host Country Wages, Employment and Growth pp. 23-44 Downloads
Rachel Friedberg and Jennifer Hunt
Tackling the European Migration Problems pp. 45-62 Downloads
Klaus Zimmermann
The Case for Randomized Field Trials in Economic and Policy Research pp. 63-84 Downloads
Gary Burtless
Assessing the Case for Social Experiments pp. 85-110 Downloads
James Heckman and Jeffrey Smith
Forty Years of Public Economics: A Personal Perspective pp. 111-130 Downloads
Jacques Dreze
Feminism and Economics pp. 131-148 Downloads
Julie Nelson
The Promise of Public Sector-Sponsored Training Programs pp. 149-168 Downloads
Robert LaLonde
The Boundaries of Multinational Enterprises and the Theory of International Trade pp. 169-189 Downloads
James Markusen
Cliometrics and the Nobel pp. 191-208 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
Anomalies: Ultimatums, Dictators and Manners pp. 209-219 Downloads
Colin F. Camerer and Richard Thaler
The Ethology of Homo Economicus pp. 221-231 Downloads
Joseph Persky
Unhooking Household Saving and Business Investment pp. 243-44 Downloads
Frederick Guy
Declining Population Growth as a Cause of the Depression pp. 245-46
Clarence L Barber

Volume 9, issue 1, 1995

An Introduction to Vote-Counting Schemes pp. 3-26 Downloads
Jonathan Levin and Barry Nalebuff
The Single Transferable Vote pp. 27-38 Downloads
Nicolaus Tideman
Approval Voting pp. 39-49 Downloads
Robert Weber
Optimal Voting Rules pp. 51-64 Downloads
H. Young
Using District Magnitude to Regulate Political Party Competition pp. 65-75 Downloads
Douglas W. Rae
Analysis of Democratic Institutions: Structure, Conduct and Performance pp. 77-89 Downloads
Roger Myerson
How to Judge Voting Schemes pp. 91-98 Downloads
Amartya Sen
Time for Revisionism on Rent Control? pp. 99-120 Downloads
Richard Arnott
Value-Added Taxation: A Tax Whose Time Has Come? pp. 121-140 Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
Distributed Computation as an Economic System pp. 141-152 Downloads
Bernardo A. Huberman and Tad Hogg
Who Gets on the AEA Program? pp. 153-163 Downloads
C. Elton Hinshaw and John Siegfried
In Honor of Lawrence H. Summers, Winner of the John Bates Clark Medal pp. 165-182 Downloads
James Poterba
Policy Watch: Congressional Campaign Finance Reform pp. 183-193 Downloads
Steven Levitt
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 195-202 Downloads
Bernard Saffran
American and European Economists: Correspondence pp. 203-05 Downloads
Xavier Vives
American and European Economists: Correspondence pp. 205-06
Jens Barmbold, Ulrich Bindseil and Justus Haucap
American and European Economists: Response pp. 207 Downloads
Reiner Eichenberger and Bruno Frey
The Economic Case against Higher Alcohol Taxes pp. 207-09
Dale Heien
The Economic Case against Higher Alcohol Taxes: Response pp. 210-12
Michael Grossman
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