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Volume 87, issue S1, 2019

Contemporary Theory and Practice of Survey Sampling: A Celebration of Research Contributions of J. N. K. Rao pp. S1-S2 Downloads
Jiahua Chen, Changbao Wu, Song Cai and Mahmoud Torabi
My Chancy Life as a Statistician pp. S3-S9 Downloads
J. N. K. Rao
Developments in Survey Research over the Past 60 Years: A Personal Perspective pp. S10-S30 Downloads
Graham Kalton
Estimation of Randomisation Mean Square Error in Small Area Estimation pp. S31-S49 Downloads
Danny Pfeffermann and Dano Ben‐Hur
Modelling Group Heterogeneity for Small Area Estimation Using M‐Quantiles pp. S50-S63 Downloads
James Dawber and Raymond Chambers
Analysis of Categorical Data for Complex Surveys pp. S64-S78 Downloads
Chris Skinner
Combining Data from New and Traditional Sources in Population Surveys pp. S79-S89 Downloads
Mary E. Thompson
Some Variants of Constrained Estimation in Finite Population Sampling pp. S90-S103 Downloads
Malay Ghosh and Rebecca C. Steorts
Bayesian Analysis of a Sensitive Proportion for a Small Area pp. S104-S120 Downloads
Balgobin Nandram and Yuan Yu
Model‐Assisted Regression Estimators for Longitudinal Data with Nonignorable Dropout pp. S121-S138 Downloads
Lei Wang, Cuicui Qi and Jun Shao
Statistical Analysis with Linked Data pp. S139-S157 Downloads
Ying Han and Partha Lahiri
Robust Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Estimation for the Nested Error Linear Regression Model pp. S158-S176 Downloads
Adrijo Chakraborty, Gauri Sankar Datta and Abhyuday Mandal
Sampling Techniques for Big Data Analysis pp. S177-S191 Downloads
Jae Kwang Kim and Zhonglei Wang
Recent Developments in Dealing with Item Non‐response in Surveys: A Critical Review pp. S192-S218 Downloads
Sixia Chen and David Haziza
Small Area Quantile Estimation pp. S219-S238 Downloads
Jiahua Chen and Yukun Liu
Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Empirical Likelihood Methods for Complex Surveys pp. S239-S256 Downloads
Puying Zhao and Changbao Wu

Volume 87, issue 2, 2019

Interpoint Distance Classification of High Dimensional Discrete Observations pp. 191-206 Downloads
Lingzhe Guo and Reza Modarres
Cumulative and CUB Models for Rating Data: A Comparative Analysis pp. 207-236 Downloads
Domenico Piccolo, Rosaria Simone and Maria Iannario
An Updated Literature Review of Distance Correlation and Its Applications to Time Series pp. 237-262 Downloads
Dominic Edelmann, Konstantinos Fokianos and Maria Pitsillou
Projection‐Based Inference in Randomised Clinical Trials pp. 263-284 Downloads
Biao Zhang
Bayesian Calibration of p‐Values from Fisher's Exact Test pp. 285-305 Downloads
Manuela Ott and Leonhard Held
Cox Point Processes: Why One Realisation Is Not Enough pp. 306-325 Downloads
Athanasios C. Micheas
What are the Characteristics of Respondents using Different Devices in Mixed‐device Online Surveys? Evidence from Six UK Surveys pp. 326-346 Downloads
Olga Maslovskaya, Gabriele B. Durrant, Peter W.F. Smith, Tim Hanson and Ana Villar
Linearisation for Variance Estimation by Means of Sampling Indicators: Application to Non‐response pp. 347-367 Downloads
Audrey‐Anne Vallée and Yves Tillé
A Comparison of Methods for Poverty Estimation in Developing Countries pp. 368-392 Downloads
Sumonkanti Das and Stephen Haslett
Review and Comparison of Computational Approaches for Joint Longitudinal and Time‐to‐Event Models pp. 393-418 Downloads
Allison K.C. Furgal, Ananda Sen and Jeremy M.G. Taylor
Prior‐free Bayes Factors Based on Data Splitting pp. 419-442 Downloads
Jeffrey D. Hart and Matthew Malloure
Foundations of Info‐Metrics, Amos Golan, Oxford University Press, 2018, xx + 465 pages, $99.00, hardcover, ISBN: 978‐0‐199‐34953‐1 pp. 443-443 Downloads
D. R. Cox
Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers, Second Edition, William Q. Meeker, Gerald J. Hahn and Luis A. Escobar, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2017, 592 + xxxv pages, £83.50, hardcover, ISBN: 978‐0‐471‐68717‐7 pp. 443-445 Downloads
Stephen B. Vardeman
Data Science with Julia, Paul D. McNicholas and Peter A. Tait, CRC Press, 2019, 220 pages, £37.59, paperback, ISBN: 978‐1‐138‐49998‐0 pp. 445-446 Downloads
Daniel Fischer
Design of Experiments for Generalized Linear Models, Kenneth Russell, CRC Press, 2019, xiv + 225 pages, $154.40, hardcover, ISBN: 978‐1‐498‐71917‐9 pp. 447-448 Downloads
John H. Maindonald
Statistical Inference for Engineers and Data Scientists, Pierre Moulin and Venugopal V. Veeravalli, Cambridge University Press, 2018, 418 pages, £54.99, hardcover, ISBN: 978‐1‐107‐18592‐0 pp. 448-449 Downloads
Shuangzhe Liu
SAS for Mixed Models: Introduction and Basic Applications, Walter W. Stroup, George A. Milliken, Elizabeth A. Claassen and Russell D. Wolfinger, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2018, 446 pages, e‐book, ISBN: 978‐1‐63526‐152‐3 pp. 449-450 Downloads
Lili Zhao

Volume 87, issue 1, 2019

Localised Estimates of Dynamics of Multi‐dimensional Disadvantage: An Application of the Small Area Estimation Technique Using Australian Survey and Census Data pp. 1-23 Downloads
Bernard Baffour, Hukum Chandra and Arturo Martinez
Semiparametric Regression Analysis of Panel Count Data: A Practical Review pp. 24-43 Downloads
Sy Han Chiou, Chiung‐Yu Huang, Gongjun Xu and Jun Yan
Analysing Multivariate Spatial Point Processes with Continuous Marks: A Graphical Modelling Approach pp. 44-67 Downloads
Matthias Eckardt and Jorge Mateu
A Statistical Model to Investigate the Reproducibility Rate Based on Replication Experiments pp. 68-79 Downloads
Francesco Pauli
Distance Metrics and Clustering Methods for Mixed‐type Data pp. 80-109 Downloads
Alexander H. Foss, Marianthi Markatou and Bonnie Ray
Why Distinguish Between Statistics and Mathematical Statistics–The Case of Swedish Academia pp. 110-126 Downloads
Peter Guttorp and Georg Lindgren
Extrapolation‐based Bandwidth Selectors: A Review and Comparative Study with Discussion on Bivariate Applications pp. 127-151 Downloads
Qing Wang
Confidence Intervals for the Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve in the Presence of Ignorable Missing Data pp. 152-177 Downloads
Hunyong Cho, Gregory J. Matthews and Ofer Harel
Mathematical Statistics: An Introduction to Likelihood Based Inference Richard J. Rossi John Wiley & Sons, 2018, xv + 422 pages, £85.99, ebook ISBN: 978‐1‐118‐77104‐4, LCCN 2018010628 (ebook) pp. 178-179 Downloads
G. Alastair Young
The Bayesian Way: Introductory Statistics for Economists and Engineers Svein Olav Nyberg John Wiley & Sons, 2018, ix + 512 pages, £87.50, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐119‐24687‐9 pp. 179-181 Downloads
Jim Albert
Data Science and Predictive Analytics: Biomedical and Health Applications Using R Ivo D. Dinov Springer, 2018, xxxiv + 832 pages, £89.99, hardcover ISBN: 978‐3‐319‐72346‐4 pp. 181-182 Downloads
Mindy Capaldi
Practical Bayesian Inference: A Primer for Physical Scientists Coryn A. L. Bailer‐Jones Cambridge University Press, 2017, x + 295 pages, £69.99, hardcover ISBN 978‐1‐316‐64221‐4 pp. 182-184 Downloads
Christian P. Robert
International Handbook of Research in Statistics Education Dani Ben‐Zvi, Katie Makar & Joan Garfield (Eds.) Springer, 2018, xix + 512 pages, £437.50/$229.00, hardcover ISBN: 978‐3‐319‐66193‐3 pp. 184-186 Downloads
Andreas Rosenblad
Computer Age Statistical Inference: Algorithms, Evidence, and Data Science Bradley Efron and Trevor Hastie Institute of Mathematical Statistics Monographs Cambridge University Press, 2016, (8th printing 2018), xix + 475 pages, $74.99, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐107‐14989‐2 pp. 186-188 Downloads
Reijo Sund
Measuring Agreement–Models, Methods, and Applications P. K. Choudhary and H. N. Nagaraja John Wiley & Sons, 2018, xv + 360 pages, £78.99, ebook ISBN: 978‐1‐118‐07858‐7 pp. 188-189 Downloads
Tapio Numni

Volume 86, issue 3, 2018

Statistical Medical Fraud Assessment: Exposition to an Emerging Field pp. 379-402 Downloads
Tahir Ekin, Francesca Ieva, Fabrizio Ruggeri and Refik Soyer
A Tutorial on the Practical Use and Implication of Complete Sufficient Statistics pp. 403-414 Downloads
Lisa Hermans, Geert Molenberghs, Marc Aerts, Michael G. Kenward and Geert Verbeke
A Brief Review of Approaches to Non‐ignorable Non‐response pp. 415-441 Downloads
Anna Sikov
Ranking Forecasts by Stochastic Error Distance, Information and Reliability Measures pp. 442-468 Downloads
Omid M. Ardakani, Nader Ebrahimi and Ehsan S. Soofi
A Method for Testing Additivity in Unreplicated Two‐Way Layouts Based on Combining Multiple Interaction Tests pp. 469-487 Downloads
Zahra Shenavari and Mahmood Kharrati‐Kopaei
Vine Copulas for Imputation of Monotone Non‐response pp. 488-511 Downloads
Caren Hasler, Radu V. Craiu and Louis‐Paul Rivest
On Properties of the MixedTS Distribution and Its Multivariate Extension pp. 512-540 Downloads
Asmerilda Hitaj, Friedrich Hubalek, Lorenzo Mercuri and Edit Rroji
Estimation and Testing in M‐quantile Regression with Applications to Small Area Estimation pp. 541-570 Downloads
Annamaria Bianchi, Enrico Fabrizi, Nicola Salvati and Nikos Tzavidis
Geostatistical Methods for Disease Mapping and Visualisation Using Data from Spatio‐temporally Referenced Prevalence Surveys pp. 571-597 Downloads
Emanuele Giorgi, Peter J. Diggle, Robert W. Snow and Abdisalan M. Noor
Probability: The Classical Limit Theorems Henry McKean Cambridge University Press 2014, xxi + 464 pages, £62.00, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐107‐05321‐2 pp. 598-599 Downloads
Jorma K. Merikoski
Handbook for Applied Modeling: Non‐Gaussian and Correlated Data Jamie D. Riggs and Trent L. Lalonde Lalonde Cambridge University Press, 2017, 228 pages, £29.99, softcover ISBN: 9‐781‐31660‐105‐1 pp. 599-600 Downloads
Fabrizio Durante
Analysis of Biomarker Data S.W. Looney and J.L. Hagan John Wiley & Sons, 2015, 405 pages, $129.00, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐118‐02755‐4 pp. 600-601 Downloads
Alice Richardson
Probabilistic Design for Optimisation and Robustness for Engineers Bryan Dodson, Patrick C. Hammett and Rene Klerx John Wiley & Sons, 2014, 272 pages, £65.50, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐118‐79619‐1 pp. 601-602 Downloads
E.A. Elsayed
Reliability Assessments: Concepts, Models, and Case Studies Franklin Richard Nash Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2016, 784 pages, £65.60, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐498‐71917‐9 pp. 602-603 Downloads
John H. Maindonald
Correspondence Analysis–Theory, Practice and New Strategies Eric J. Beh and Rosaria Lombardo Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics, 2014, 592 pages, 82.20EUR, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐119‐95324‐1 pp. 603-604 Downloads
Daniel Fischer
Statistical Methods for Evaluating Safety in Medical Product Development A. Lawrence Gould John Wiley & Sons, 2015, 400 pages, $99.95, hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐119‐97966‐1 pp. 604-605 Downloads
Ling Lan

Volume 86, issue 2, 2018

Optimal Adaptive Designs with Inverse Ordinary Differential Equations pp. 169-188 Downloads
Eugene Demidenko
Missing Data: A Unified Taxonomy Guided by Conditional Independence pp. 189-204 Downloads
Marco Doretti, Sara Geneletti and Elena Stanghellini
The Use of Prior Information in Very Robust Regression for Fraud Detection pp. 205-218 Downloads
Marco Riani, Aldo Corbellini and Anthony C. Atkinson
Estimating Precision and Recall for Deterministic and Probabilistic Record Linkage pp. 219-236 Downloads
James Chipperfield, Noel Hansen and Peter Rossiter
Methods and Tools for Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Averaging in Normal Linear Regression pp. 237-258 Downloads
Anabel Forte, Gonzalo Garcia‐Donato and Mark Steel
Towards a Routine External Evaluation Protocol for Small Area Estimation pp. 259-274 Downloads
Alan H. Dorfman
A History of the GLIM Statistical Package pp. 275-299 Downloads
Murray Aitkin
Measuring Identification Risk in Microdata Release and Its Control by Post‐randomisation pp. 300-321 Downloads
Tapan K. Nayak, Cheng Zhang and Jiashen You
Comparing Inference Methods for Non‐probability Samples pp. 322-343 Downloads
Bart Buelens, Joep Burger and Jan A. van den Brakel
Modeling Temporally Evolving and Spatially Globally Dependent Data pp. 344-377 Downloads
Emilio Porcu, Alfredo Alegria and Reinhard Furrer

Volume 86, issue 1, 2018

Bayesian Model Averaging: A Systematic Review and Conceptual Classification pp. 1-28 Downloads
Tiago M. Fragoso, Wesley Bertoli and Francisco Louzada
Online Principal Component Analysis in High Dimension: Which Algorithm to Choose? pp. 29-50 Downloads
Hervé Cardot and David Degras
Estimation Techniques for Ordinal Data in Multiple Frame Surveys with Complex Sampling Designs pp. 51-67 Downloads
Maria del Mar Rueda, Antonio Arcos, David Molina and Maria Giovanna Ranalli
Simplified Jackknife Variance Estimates for Fuzzy Measures of Multidimensional Poverty pp. 68-86 Downloads
Gianni Betti, Francesca Gagliardi and Vijay Verma
Stratification of Skewed Populations: A Comparison of Optimisation†based versus Approximate Methods pp. 87-105 Downloads
Michael A. Hidiroglou and Marcin Kozak
What Does Objective Mean in a Dirichlet†multinomial Process? pp. 106-118 Downloads
Danilo Alvares, Carmen Armero and Anabel Forte
Ecological Fallacy and Covariates: New Insights based on Multilevel Modelling of Individual Data pp. 119-135 Downloads
Michela Gnaldi, Venera Tomaselli and Antonio Forcina
Robust Small Area Estimation under Spatial Non†stationarity pp. 136-159 Downloads
Claudia Baldermann, Nicola Salvati and Timo Schmid
Monte Carlo Methods and Stochastic Processes Emmanuel Gobet Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2016, 310 pages, £44.99, hardcover ISBN: 978†1†498†74622†9 pp. 160-160 Downloads
Alexander Tsodikov
Nonlinear Modeling of Solar Radiation and Wind Speed Time Series Luigi Fortuna, Giuseppe Nunnari and Silvia Nunnari Springer, 2016, xv + 98 pages, $54.99, softcover ISBN: 978†3†319†38764†2 pp. 161-161 Downloads
Sue Ellen Haupt
Modern Data Science with R Benjamin S. Baumer, Daniel T. Kaplan and Nicholas J. Horton Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2017, 556 pages, $99.95, hardcover ISBN: 978†1†498†72448†7 pp. 162-162 Downloads
Shuangzhe Liu
Noninferiority Testing in Clinical Trials: Issues and Challenges Tie†Hua Ng Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2014, 208 pages, £56.99, hardcover ISBN: 978†1†466†56149†6 pp. 163-163 Downloads
Lili Zhao
Financial Analytics with R Mark J. Bennet and Dirk L. Hugen Cambridge University Press, 2016, 377 pages, €55.99, hardcover ISBN: 978†1†107†15075†1 pp. 163-165 Downloads
Krzysztof Podgorski
Observation & Experiment: An Introduction to Causal Inference Paul R. Rosenbaum Harvard University Press, 2017, 374 pages, £25.95, hardcover ISBN: 978†0†674†97557†6 pp. 165-166 Downloads
Carol Joyce Blumberg
Errors, Blunders, and Lies: How to Tell the Difference David S. Salsburg ASA†CRC Series on Statistical Reasoning in Science and Society. Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2017, 154 pages, £77.00, hardcover ISBN: 978†1†138†72698†7 pp. 166-167 Downloads
Reijo Sund
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