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1989 - 2022

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Volume 34, issue 1, 2022

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Globalization, Corporate Finance, and the Cost of Capital pp. 8-23 Downloads
René M. Stulz
The Limits of Financial Globalization pp. 24-31 Downloads
René M. Stulz
Rethinking Risk Management pp. 32-46 Downloads
René M. Stulz
Risk Management Failures: What Are They and When Do They Happen? pp. 47-57 Downloads
René M. Stulz
How Companies Can Use Hedging to Create Shareholder Value pp. 58-66 Downloads
René M. Stulz
Real Options and Hidden Leverage pp. 67-80 Downloads
Stewart C. Myers and James A. Read
Enterprise Risk Management: Theory and Practice pp. 81-94 Downloads
Brian W. Nocco and René M. Stulz
Risk‐Taking and Risk Management by Banks pp. 95-105 Downloads
René M. Stulz
FinTech, BigTech, and the Future of Banks pp. 106-117 Downloads
René M. Stulz
Merton Miller's Contribution to Modern Finance pp. 118-128 Downloads
René M. Stulz

Volume 33, issue 4, 2021

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Interpreting Modern Monetary Reality pp. 8-23 Downloads
Peter Stella
Was Deng Xiaoping Right? A 40‐Year Assessment of China's Adoption of Western Capital Markets pp. 24-38 Downloads
Carl E. Walter
On Monetary Growth and Inflation in Leading Economies, 2021‐2022: Relative Prices and the Overall Price Level pp. 39-51 Downloads
John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke
American Enterprise Institute Roundtable: Government Policies Reshape the Banking System pp. 52-69 Downloads
Paul Kupiec, Richard Sylla, Alex J. Pollock, Charles W. Calomiris and Bert Ely
Will Fractional‐Reserve Stablecoin Banking Replace Bitcoin and Some Traditional Banking Payments? pp. 70-75 Downloads
Charles W. Calomiris
Looking for the Economy‐Wide Effects of Stock Market Short‐Termism pp. 76-86 Downloads
Mark Roe
The GameStop Episode: What Happened and What Does It Mean? pp. 87-97 Downloads
Allan M. Malz

Volume 33, issue 3, 2021

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
IPC Oxford Private Equity Research Symposium pp. 8-27 Downloads
Gregory Brown, Tim Jenkinson, Robert S. Harris, Petra Bukovec, Victoria Ivashina, Per Johan Strömberg, Fran Kinniry and Alex Rogers
Inequality and Progress pp. 28-41 Downloads
Steven Pinker
Capital Structure and Leverage in Private Equity Buyouts pp. 42-58 Downloads
Greg Brown, Robert Harris and Shawn Munday
MILLSTEIN CENTER‐ECGI CONFERENCE ON: Board 3.0: Bringing the Private Equity Model to Public Companies pp. 59-94 Downloads
Ronald Gilson, Jeffrey N. Gordon, Kathryn Judge, Wei Jiang, Ray Cameron, Victoria Ivashina, Edward Rock, Elisabeth de Fontenay, Les Brun, Yvonne Hao, Christina Maguire, Stephen Fraidin, Brian Murphy, Simon Witney, Sandra Wijnberg and Gabrielle Sulzberger
Texas Private Equity Conference pp. 95-113 Downloads
Jay Hartzell, Bill Gurley, Rich Hall, Ken Wiles, Farah Khan, Drew Sweeney, Brian Hegi, Loessberg Bj and Jim Nolen
Downsizing and Value Creation at General Dynamics: A PE‐Like Solution for Industries That Must Shrink pp. 114-124 Downloads
Jay Dial and Kevin J. Murphy
The Seven Deadly Sins of Start‐Up Valuation pp. 125-129 Downloads
Franck Bancel, Bruno Martinaud and Henri Philippe
Misreading Michael Jensen: The Case of Nicholas Lemann's Transaction Man: The Rise of the Deal and the Decline of the American Dream pp. 130-139 Downloads
Don Chew

Volume 33, issue 2, 2021

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Enlightenment Environmentalism: A Humanistic Response to Climate Change pp. 8-23 Downloads
Steven Pinker
Corporate Resilience and Response to COVID‐19 pp. 24-40 Downloads
Alex Cheema‐Fox, Bridget R. LaPerla, Hui (Stacie) Wang and George Serafeim
IESE ECGI CONFERENCE ON CORPORATE PURPOSE: Can Purpose Deliver Better Corporate Governance? pp. 41-94 Downloads
Colin Mayer, Luigi Zingales, Patrick Bolton, Sophie L'Helias, Bengt Holmström, Paul Polman, Claudine Gartenberg, Caroline Flammer, Rebecca Henderson, Jordi Gual, Baroness Denise Kingsmill, Juvencio Maeztu, José Viñals, Jordi Canals and Marco Becht
A Deeper Look at the Return on Purpose: Before and During a Crisis pp. 95-111 Downloads
Greg Milano, Riley Whately, Brian Tomlinson and Alexa Yiğit
ESG in Emerging Markets: The Value of Fundamental Research and Constructive Engagement in Looking beyond ESG Ratings pp. 112-120 Downloads
Mark Mobius and Usman Ali
Capital Allocation and Corporate Strategy: An Examination of the Oil & Gas Majors pp. 121-136 Downloads
Andrew Inkpen, Michael H. Moffett and Kannan Ramaswamy

Volume 33, issue 1, 2021

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Risk Capital: Theory and Applications pp. 8-21 Downloads
Isil Erel, Stewart C. Myers and James A. Read
Strategic Financial Management: Lessons from Seasoned Equity Offerings pp. 22-35 Downloads
Fangjian Fu and Clifford W. Smith
American Enterprise Institute Roundtable: Was Milton Friedman Right about Shareholder Capitalism? pp. 36-47 Downloads
Clifford Asness, Glenn Hubbard, Martin Lipton and Michael Strain
Should Shareholders Have a Say on Acquisitions? pp. 48-57 Downloads
Marco Becht, Andrea Polo and Stefano Rossi
Value‐Added Per Share (VAPS): A Value‐Relevant Corporate Performance Metric pp. 58-67 Downloads
Shivaram Rajgopal and Alfred Rappaport
The Relationship between Shareholder Return and CEO Pay over a CEO's Full Period of Service pp. 68-84 Downloads
Ron Schmidt
Implications of Short Selling for Corporate Finance pp. 85-97 Downloads
Sanjay Deshmukh, Keith M. Howe and Keith Jacks Gamble
The Pragmatic Theory of the Firm pp. 98-110 Downloads
Bartley J. Madden
A Practitioners’ Guide to Leverage through Downturns pp. 111-120 Downloads
Joshua Ruben
Making Economics More Useful: How Technological Eclecticism Could Help pp. 121-133 Downloads
Amar Bhidé

Volume 32, issue 4, 2020

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Rethinking Macro Measurement pp. 8-16 Downloads
James Sweeney
The First Modern Financial Crises: The South Sea and Mississippi Bubbles in Historical Perspective pp. 17-33 Downloads
Robert F. Bruner and Scott C. Miller
Convergence and Reversion: China's Banking System at 70 pp. 34-43 Downloads
Carl Walter
Apocalypse Averted: The COVID‐Caused Liquidity Trap, Dodd‐Frank, and the Fed pp. 44-48 Downloads
Craig Pirrong
The Poverty of Monetarism pp. 49-67 Downloads
Patrick Bolton
COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL ROUNDTABLE ON Broken Models of Public Finance pp. 68-81 Downloads
Jared Bernstein, Paul B. Kazarian and Shiva Rajgopal
COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL ROUNDTABLE ON: The Fed's Response to the Global Financial Crisis—and Now the Pandemic pp. 82-89 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin, Patricia Mosser, Kate Davidson and Pierre Yared
The Euro @ 20: How Economic and Financial “Asymmetries” Marred the Promise of the Single Currency pp. 90-104 Downloads
George Alogoskoufis and Laurent Jacque
The Benefits of Buying Distressed Assets pp. 105-116 Downloads
Jean-Marie Meier and Henri Servaes
Using ESG to Enhance Fixed‐Income Returns: The Case of Inherent Group pp. 117-126 Downloads
Nikhil Mirchandani and Chelsea Rossetti
The Economic (Not Literary) Offenses of Michael Lewis: The Case of The Big Short and the Global Financial Crisis pp. 127-130 Downloads
Don Chew

Volume 32, issue 3, 2020

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Private Equity: Accomplishments and Challenges pp. 8-20 Downloads
Greg Brown, Bob Harris, Tim Jenkinson, Steve Kaplan and David Robinson
Private Equity and Portfolio Companies: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis pp. 21-42 Downloads
Shai Bernstein, Josh Lerner and Filippo Mezzanotti
Board 3.0: What the Private‐Equity Governance Model Can Offer Public Companies pp. 43-51 Downloads
Ronald J. Gilson and Jeffrey N. Gordon
The Growing Blessing of Unicorns: The Changing Nature of the Market for Privately Funded Companies pp. 52-72 Downloads
Keith C. Brown and Kenneth W. Wiles
EQT: Private Equity with a Purpose pp. 73-86 Downloads
Robert G. Eccles, Therése Lennehag and Nina Nornholm
Private Equity and the COVID‐19 Economic Downturn: Opportunity for Expansion? pp. 87-91 Downloads
David Haarmeyer
University of Texas Roundtable on LP Perspectives on the State of Private Equity pp. 92-99 Downloads
Ken Wiles, Tom Tull, Chris Halaska, Shelby Wanstrath and Russell Valdez
Columbia Law School Roundtable on Public Aspects of Private Equity pp. 100-107 Downloads
Emily Mendell, Donna Hitscherich, Chris Cozzone and Aamir A. Rehman
A CEO's Playbook for Creating Long‐Term Value: Ten Essential Resource Allocation Practices pp. 108-117 Downloads
Harry M. Kraemer, Michael J. Mauboussin and Alfred Rappaport
A Tale of Leadership in Value Creation pp. 118-127 Downloads
Greg Milano
What Public Companies Can Learn from Private Equity Pay Plans pp. 128-136 Downloads
Stephen F. O'Byrne

Volume 32, issue 2, 2020

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
China's Economy Is Not Overtaking America's pp. 10-23 Downloads
Michael Beckley
An Honorable Harvest: Universal Owners Must Take Responsibility for Their Portfolios pp. 24-30 Downloads
Frederick Alexander
Global Public‐Private Investment Partnerships: A Financing Innovation with Positive Social Impact pp. 31-41 Downloads
Patrick Bolton, Xavier Musca and Frédéric Samama
Columbia Law School Roundtable on The Future Of Capitalism pp. 42-63 Downloads
Paul Collier, Colin Mayer, Alan Schwartz, Kristin Bresnahan and Steve Pearlstein
Sustainability at Walmart: Success over the Long Haul pp. 64-71 Downloads
Katherine Neebe
How One Company Drives Ownership Behavior to Innovate and Create Shareholder Value: The Case of Varian Medical Systems pp. 72-77 Downloads
J. Michael Bruff and Marwaan Karame
Attracting Long‐Term Shareholders pp. 78-84 Downloads
Sarah Keohane Williamson and Ariel Babcock
Embedding Sustainability Performance and Long‐Term Strategy in the Earnings Call pp. 85-99 Downloads
Kevin Eckerle, Tensie Whelan and Brian Tomlinson
Using the Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) Framework to Value Accelerated Decarbonization pp. 100-107 Downloads
Kevin Eckerle, Tensie Whelan, Bryan DeNeve, Sameer Bhojani, John Platko and Rebecca Wisniewski
“Non‐Financial” Is a Misnomer, but Doesn't Have to Be a Missed Opportunity pp. 108-116 Downloads
Gail Glazerman and Jeff Cohen
A Preliminary Analysis of SASB Reporting: Disclosure Topics, Financial Relevance, and the Financial Intensity of ESG Materiality pp. 117-125 Downloads
Cristiano Busco, Costanza Consolandi, Robert G. Eccles and Elena Sofra

Volume 32, issue 1, 2020

A Message from the Editor pp. 2-3 Downloads
Don Chew
Economics and Ethics: The Case of Salomon Brothers pp. 8-13 Downloads
Clifford Smith
UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ROUNDTABLE ON: Enterprise‐Wide Risk Management pp. 14-35 Downloads
James Verbrugge, Greg Niehaus, Walter Coleman, Keith Lawder, Cliff Smith, Christie Briscoe, Sailesh Ramamurtie and Don Chew
Risk and Regulation in Derivatives (or Why Derivatives Are a Blessing, Not a Curse) pp. 36-47 Downloads
Ludger Hentschel and Clifford Smith
Corporate Insurance Strategy: The Case of British Petroleum pp. 48-57 Downloads
Neil A. Doherty and Clifford Smith
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ROUNDTABLE ON Bankruptcy vs. Bailouts: The Case of General Motors and the U.S. Auto Industry pp. 58-79 Downloads
Thomas Jackson, James Brickley, Clifford Smith, Charlie Hughes, Joel Tabas and Mark Zupan
The Capital Structure Puzzle: Another Look at the Evidence pp. 80-91 Downloads
Michael J. Barclay and Clifford Smith
MORGAN STANLEY ROUNDTABLE ON Capital Structure and Payout Policy pp. 92-107 Downloads
Clifford Smith, David Ikenberry, Arun Nayar, Jon Anda, Henry McVey and Bennett Stewart
The Economics of Organizational Architecture pp. 108-119 Downloads
James Brickley, Clifford Smith and Jerold Zimmerman
Transfer Pricing and the Control of Internal Corporate Transactions pp. 120-127 Downloads
James Brickley, Clifford Smith and Jerold Zimmerman
Using Organizational Architecture to Lead Change pp. 128-137 Downloads
James Brickley, Clifford Smith, Jerold Zimmerman and Janice Willett
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