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Volume 56, issue 3, 2022

Editorial: Special issue of the Journal of Consumer Affairs from the 2021 conference on transformative consumer research pp. 1025-1027 Downloads
David Mick and Rick Netemeyer
Stronger together: Developing research partnerships with social impact organizations pp. 1028-1045 Downloads
Melissa G. Bublitz, Laura A. Peracchio, Brennan Davis, Jennifer Edson Escalas, Jonathan Hansen, Elizabeth G. Miller, Beth Vallen and Tiffany B. White
Effects of perceived scarcity on COVID‐19 consumer stimulus spending: The roles of ontological insecurity and mutability in predicting prosocial outcomes pp. 1046-1061 Downloads
R. Bret Leary, Rhiannon MacDonnell Mesler, Bonnie Simpson, Matthew D. Meng and William Montford
The platformed money ecosystem: Digital financial platforms, datafication, and reimagining financial well‐being pp. 1062-1078 Downloads
Akon E. Ekpo, Jenna Drenten, Pia A. Albinsson, Sophia Anong, Samuelson Appau, Lagnajita Chatterjee, Charlene A. Dadzie, Margaret Echelbarger, Adrienne Muldrow, Spencer M. Ross, Shelle Santana and Michelle F. Weinberger
The new world of philanthropy: How changing financial behavior, public policies, and COVID‐19 affect nonprofit fundraising and marketing pp. 1079-1105 Downloads
Eric Van Steenburg, Nwamaka A. Anaza, Ahmed Ashhar, Andres Barrios, Ashley R. Deutsch, Meryl P. Gardner, Preeti Priya, Abhijit Roy, Anu Sivaraman and Kimberly A. Taylor
Sharenting in an evolving digital world: Increasing online connection and consumer vulnerability pp. 1106-1126 Downloads
L. Lin Ong, Alexa K. Fox, Laurel Aynne Cook, Claire Bessant, Pingping Gan, Mariea Grubbs Hoy, Emma Nottingham, Beatriz Pereira and Stacey Barell Steinberg
The role of wisdom in navigating social media paradoxes: Implications for consumers, firms, and public policy pp. 1127-1147 Downloads
Abigail B. Schneider, Sunaina Chugani, Tavleen Kaur, Jason Stornelli, Michael G. Luchs, Marat Bakpayev, Tessa Garcia‐Collart, Bridget Leonard, Lydia Ottlewski and Laura Pricer
The role of social psychological factors in vulnerability to financial hardship pp. 1148-1177 Downloads
Dee Warmath, Genevieve Elizabeth O'Connor, Nancy Wong and Casey Newmeyer
Taming complex problems using the problem‐solution‐impact research process model pp. 1178-1219 Downloads
Jane Machin, Natalie Ross Adkins, Christina Chan‐Park, Elizabeth Crosby, Justine Rapp Farrell and Ann M. Mirabito
Digital exchange compromises: Teetering priorities of consumers and organizations at the iron triangle pp. 1220-1243 Downloads
Monica C. LaBarge, Kristen L. Walker, Courtney Nations Azzari, Maureen Bourassa, Jesse Catlin, Stacey Finkelstein, Alexei Gloukhovtsev, James Leonhardt, Kelly Martin, Maria Rejowicz‐Quaid and Mehrnoosh Reshadi
Vaping and dynamic risk construction: Toward a model of adolescent risk‐related schema development pp. 1244-1259 Downloads
Emily C. Tanner, John F. Tanner, Franklin Velasco Vizcaino and Zhiyong Yang
The paradoxes of smartphone use: Understanding the user experience in today's connected world pp. 1260-1283 Downloads
Aida Faber, Colleen Bee, Marina Girju, Naz Onel, Anne Marie Rossi, Marina Cozac, Richard J. Lutz, Gia Nardini and Camilla Eunyoung Song
Mindfully aware and open: Mitigating subjective and objective financial vulnerability via mindfulness practices pp. 1284-1311 Downloads
Julia Bayuk, Hyunjung Crystal Lee, Jooyoung Park, Serkan Saka, Debabrata Talukdar and Jayati Sinha
Social media and mindfulness: From the fear of missing out (FOMO) to the joy of missing out (JOMO) pp. 1312-1331 Downloads
Steven S. Chan, Michelle Van Solt, Ryan E. Cruz, Matthew Philp, Shalini Bahl, Nuket Serin, Nelson Borges Amaral, Robert Schindler, Abbey Bartosiak, Smriti Kumar and Murad Canbulut
Getting real about consumer poverty: Deep processes for transformative action pp. 1332-1355 Downloads
Martina Hutton, Canan Corus, Joshua Dorsey, Elizabeth Minton, Caroline Roux, Christopher P. Blocker and Jonathan Z. Zhang
From self‐quantification to self‐objectification? Framework and research agenda on consequences for well‐being pp. 1356-1374 Downloads
Lane Peterson Fronczek, Martin Mende and Maura L. Scott
Have you found what you are looking for? How values orientations affect pro‐social change after transformative service experiences pp. 1375-1391 Downloads
Anne Hamby and Justine Rapp Farrell
Deriving happiness through extraordinary or ordinary brand experiences in times of COVID‐19 threat pp. 1392-1419 Downloads
Jinfeng (Jenny) Jiao, Fang‐Chi Lu and Nuoya Chen

Volume 56, issue 2, 2022

Prosocial responses to global crises: Key influences of religiosity and perceived control pp. 491-511 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Minton, Cindy X. Wang and Carissa M. Anthony
Reducing information asymmetry and increasing health value co‐creation in a rural healthcare context pp. 512-535 Downloads
Andrew J. Dahl, James W. Peltier and George R. Milne
Does industry self‐regulation work to protect consumers? An evaluation of the children's food and beverage advertising initiative pp. 536-564 Downloads
Rosemary J. Avery, Aerin Brown and Alan Mathios
The healing effect of cute elements pp. 565-596 Downloads
Hsuan‐Yi Chou, Xing‐Yu (Marcos) Chu and Tzu‐Chun Chen
“Our fair trade coffee tastes better”: It might, but under what conditions? pp. 597-612 Downloads
Stuart C. Carr, Ines Meyer, Mahima Saxena, Christian Seubert, Lisa Hopfgartner, Bimal Arora, Divya Jyoti, Robert Rugimbana, Heather Kempton and Leo Marai
Unhealthy food preferences: A psychological consequence of poverty? pp. 613-639 Downloads
Dominic Thomas
Consumers' knowledge of cashless payments: Development, validation, and usability of a measurement scale pp. 640-665 Downloads
Andrzej Cwynar, Beata Świecka, Kamil Filipek and Robert Porzak
Does depletion have a bright side? Self‐regulation exertion heightens creative engagement pp. 666-684 Downloads
Cony M. Ho, Szu‐Han ( Joanna) Lin and Russell E. Johnson
Effects of art consumption on consumer well‐being pp. 685-702 Downloads
Donghwy An, Bo‐ram Jeong and Nara Youn
The ethics of nudging: Using moral foundations theory to understand consumers' approval of nudges pp. 703-742 Downloads
Rafi M. M. I. Chowdhury
Financial self‐efficacy, financial literacy, and gender: A review pp. 743-765 Downloads
Elise Frølich Furrebøe and Ellen Katrine Nyhus
Income and geographically constrained generosity pp. 766-787 Downloads
Yujie Zhao and Xinyue Zhou
Insurance literacy among older people in Japan: The role of socio‐economic status pp. 788-805 Downloads
Yoshihiko Kadoya, Naheed Rabbani and Mostafa Saidur Rahim Khan
Either you control social media or social media controls you: Understanding the impact of self‐control on excessive social media use from the dual‐system perspective pp. 806-848 Downloads
Kseniia Zahrai, Ekant Veer, Paul William Ballantine, Huibert Peter de Vries and Girish Prayag
Patient susceptibility to over‐trust: The case of off‐label prescribing pp. 849-875 Downloads
M. Paula Fitzgerald, Farnoush Reshadi and Matthew Sarkees
The effect of subjective well‐being on consumption behavior pp. 876-898 Downloads
Miha Dominko and Miroslav Verbič
Is music piracy over? Comparing music piracy attitudes and behaviors between young generations pp. 899-924 Downloads
Karla Borja and Suzanne Dieringer
Evaluation of the association between the flow of firearms and mass shooting deaths pp. 925-937 Downloads
Chip E. Miller and Andrew Bryant
Measurement error in research on financial literacy: How much error is there and how does it influence effect size estimates? pp. 938-956 Downloads
Gilles E. Gignac and Elizabeth Ooi
Market segmentation strategies can be used to overcome COVID‐19 vaccine hesitancy and other health crises pp. 957-968 Downloads
Matthew D. Meng and Mitchell C. Olsen
Mitigating the detrimental effect of skeuomorphism on gambling behavior pp. 969-981 Downloads
Matthew D. Meng and R. Bret Leary
Bank compliance with national transaction account standards: Evidence from a mid‐western metropolitan area pp. 982-1003 Downloads
Julie Birkenmaier, Jin Huang and Alana Balu
Financial capability and wellbeing of vulnerable consumers pp. 1004-1018 Downloads
Jing Jian Xiao and Nilton Porto

Volume 56, issue 1, 2022

Pandemics and consumers' mental well‐being pp. 5-14 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Minton
Pandemics and consumer well‐being from the Global South pp. 15-27 Downloads
Arindam Das and Himadri Roy Chaudhuri
Pandemics and consumer well‐being: Provenance and research priorities pp. 28-33 Downloads
Debasis Pradhan
Identifying consumer segments based on COVID‐19 pandemic perceptions and responses pp. 34-67 Downloads
Xiaojing Sheng, Seth C. Ketron and Yubing Wan
The coronavirus pandemic: A window of opportunity for sustainable consumption or a time of turning away? pp. 68-96 Downloads
Alexandra Hüttel and Ingo Balderjahn
From anxiety to control: Mask‐wearing, perceived marketplace influence, and emotional well‐being during the COVID‐19 pandemic pp. 97-119 Downloads
Abigail B. Schneider and Bridget Leonard
“You can't make me do it!” A model of consumer compliance pp. 120-140 Downloads
Vijay Payal Bharti, Elizabeth T. Gratz and M. Paula Fitzgerald
Perceived access, fear, and preventative behavior: Key relationships for positive outcomes during the COVID‐19 health crisis pp. 141-157 Downloads
Richard J. Vann, Emily C. Tanner and Elvira Kizilova
A model of consumer life‐satisfaction amidst the COVID‐19 pandemic: Evidence and policy implications pp. 158-179 Downloads
Ahmet Ekici and Forrest Watson
The impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on subsistence consumers' well‐being and coping strategies: Insights from India and Bangladesh pp. 180-210 Downloads
Shobod Deba Nath, Kazi Md. Jamshed and Javed M. Shaikh
Understanding consumer stockpiling: Insights provided during the COVID‐19 pandemic pp. 211-236 Downloads
Nelson Borges Amaral, Bin Chang and Rachel Burns
Serial coping to anxiety under a pandemic and subsequent regulation of vice food and beverage consumption among young adults pp. 237-256 Downloads
David A. Jaud and Renaud Lunardo
An analysis of the relationship between risk perceptions and willingness‐to‐pay for commodities during the COVID‐19 pandemic pp. 257-275 Downloads
Ou Li and Da Qian
Parents' employment, income, and finances before and during the COVID‐19 pandemic pp. 276-291 Downloads
Selena T. Garrison, Shelli D. Rampold, Katherine Vasquez, Martie Gillen and Lauri M. Baker
How thoughts of death and intrinsic/extrinsic goal orientation affect well‐being during the pandemic pp. 292-318 Downloads
Fatih Sonmez
Have I saved enough to social distance? The role of household financial preparedness in public health response pp. 319-338 Downloads
Dee Warmath, Genevieve E. O'Connor, Casey Newmeyer and Nancy Wong
Impacts of Covid‐19 pandemic on consumer behavior in Turkey: A qualitative study pp. 339-358 Downloads
Aybegüm Güngördü Belbağ
Covid‐19 pandemic and consumer‐employee‐organization wellbeing: A dynamic capability theory approach pp. 359-390 Downloads
Preeti Nayal, Neeraj Pandey and Justin Paul
Why did (some) consumers buy toilet papers? A cross‐cultural examination of panic buying as a maladaptive coping response to COVID‐19 pp. 391-413 Downloads
Hyunjoo Im, Naeun Lauren Kim and Ha Kyung Lee
“The greedy I that gives”—The paradox of egocentrism and altruism: Terror management and system justification perspectives on the interrelationship between mortality salience and charitable donations amid the COVID‐19 pandemic pp. 414-448 Downloads
S. Venus Jin and Ehri Ryu
Web workouts and consumer well‐being: The role of digital‐physical activity during the UK COVID‐19 lockdown pp. 449-464 Downloads
Sue Cronshaw
The effect of religiosity on customer's response to service failure: Belief‐in‐fate, forgiveness, and emotional wellbeing pp. 465-486 Downloads
Samer Sarofim, Ahmed Tolba and Morris Kalliny
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