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Volume 99, issue 5, 2018

On the Gender Gap in Financial Knowledge: Decomposing the Effects of Don't Know and Incorrect Responses pp. 1551-1571 Downloads
Zibei Chen and James C. Garand
Go Fix It: Comedy as an Agent of Political Activation pp. 1572-1584 Downloads
Leticia Bode and Amy B. Becker
Understanding Changes in Attitudes Toward Suicide Between 1980s and 2010s in the United States pp. 1585-1598 Downloads
Yi Tong and Julie A. Phillips
Does Fathers’ Involvement in Childcare and Housework Affect Couples’ Relationship Stability? pp. 1599-1613 Downloads
Helen Norman, Mark Elliot and Colette Fagan
Are the Sanctified Becoming the Pornified? Religious Conservatism, Commitment, and Pornography Use, 1984–2016 pp. 1614-1626 Downloads
Samuel L. Perry and Cyrus Schleifer
It Takes Three: How Mass Media Coverage Conditions Public Responsiveness to Policy Outputs in the United States pp. 1627-1636 Downloads
Christopher J. Williams and Martijn Schoonvelde
Joining the Great Majority: An Analysis of Senate Deaths, 1919–2015 pp. 1637-1648 Downloads
Hanna K. Brant, Theodore J. Masthay and L. Marvin Overby
The Impact of Protest on Elections in the United States pp. 1649-1664 Downloads
Daniel Q. Gillion and Sarah A. Soule
Topic Modeling: Latent Semantic Analysis for the Social Sciences pp. 1665-1679 Downloads
Danny Valdez, Andrew C. Pickett and Patricia Goodson
What Race Is Lacey? Intersecting Perceptions of Racial Minority Status and Social Class pp. 1680-1698 Downloads
M. Rose Barlow and Joanna N. Lahey
Can Economists Beat Sport Experts? Analysis of Medal Predictions for Sochi 2014 pp. 1699-1732 Downloads
F. Javier Otamendi and Luis Miguel Doncel
Emerging Research Communities of Practice Versus the Popular Vision of Interdisciplinarity? Insights From Digital Research in the United Kingdom pp. 1733-1749 Downloads
Yupei Zhao and Panayiota Tsatsou
Minimum Income and Flat Tax Revisited: A Combined CGE‐Microsimulation Analysis for Germany pp. 1750-1764 Downloads
Stefanie Schubert
How Increasing Party Diversity May Lead to Worsening Reported Racial Attitudes pp. 1765-1775 Downloads
Christopher T. Stout and Keith Baker
The Hispanic Extracurricular Participation Gap pp. 1776-1790 Downloads
Karin E. Kitchens and William Gormley
Bad Samaritans: Religion and Anti‐Immigrant and Anti‐Muslim Sentiment in the United States pp. 1791-1804 Downloads
Darren E. Sherkat and Derek Lehman
Gender Wage Gap Trends Among Information Science Workers pp. 1805-1820 Downloads
Gabriel Courey and John S. Heywood
The Trump Transition: Beginning a Distinctive Presidency pp. 1821-1836 Downloads
James D. King and James W. Riddlesperger

Volume 99, issue 4, 2018

Assessing the Influence of Amicus Curiae Briefs on the Roberts Court pp. 1253-1266 Downloads
Richard L. Pacelle, John M. Scheb, Hemant K. Sharma and David H. Scott
On the Preferences for Strong Leadership pp. 1267-1282 Downloads
Alberto Chong and Mark Gradstein
Challenging the Dominant Frame: The Moderating Impact of Exposure and Knowledge on Perceptions of Sex Trafficking Victimization pp. 1283-1302 Downloads
Vanessa Bouché, Amy Farrell and Dana E. Wittmer‐Wolfe
Different Alternatives of Subjective Well‐Being: A Gender Analysis pp. 1303-1323 Downloads
Fernando Lera‐López, Andrea Ollo‐López and José Manuel Sánchez‐Santos
Courts and Issue Attention in Canada pp. 1324-1348 Downloads
Nicholas D. Conway, Soren Jordan and Joseph Daniel Ura
The Interplay of Peer, Parent, and Adolescent Drinking pp. 1349-1362 Downloads
Julie Skalamera Olson and Robert Crosnoe
The Exceptionalism of the Open Space Issue in American Politics pp. 1363-1376 Downloads
William R. Lowry
Cultural Worldviews and Political Process Preferences pp. 1377-1389 Downloads
Chad M. Zanocco and Michael D. Jones
Red Lights and Handcuffs: The Effect of Arrests on the Fear of Crime pp. 1390-1408 Downloads
April Fernandes
A Multivariate Study of Internet Use and the Digital Divide pp. 1409-1425 Downloads
C. Serrano‐Cinca, J. F. Muñoz‐Soro and I. Brusca
How Radical Is Too Radical? Public Perception of Taiwanese Environmental Nonprofit Organizations’ Activism pp. 1426-1445 Downloads
Li‐Yin Liu
Religion and Partisan‐Ideological Sorting, 1984–2016 pp. 1446-1466 Downloads
Nicholas T. Davis
U.S. Citizens’ Current Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration: A Study From the General Social Survey pp. 1467-1483 Downloads
Daniel K. Pryce
A Contingent Effect of Trust? Interpersonal Trust and Social Movement Participation in Political Context pp. 1484-1495 Downloads
Hyungjun Suh and Heidi Reynolds‐Stenson
Mitigation of Relative Age Effects Through Targeted Policy Intervention: A Natural Experiment From Professional Tennis pp. 1496-1509 Downloads
Elodie Wendling and Brian Mills
How Does Immigration Affect Suicide? An Analysis of U.S. Metropolitan Areas pp. 1510-1521 Downloads
Lauren J. Krivo and Julie A. Phillips
Voting Turnout and Referendum Outcomes on Same‐Sex Marriage, 1998–2015 pp. 1522-1534 Downloads
Christopher A. Simon, Richard E. Matland, Dane G. Wendell and Raymond Tatalovich
A Protocol for Identifying and Sampling From Proxy Populations pp. 1535-1546 Downloads
Tao Lu and Aimee L. Franklin

Volume 99, issue 3, 2018

Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Preferences for Income Redistribution pp. 851-871 Downloads
David Chavanne
Do “Resource‐Cursed States” Have Lower Levels of Social and Institutional Trust? Evidence from Africa and Latin America pp. 872-894 Downloads
John Ishiyama, Melissa Martinez and Melda Ozsut
The Effect of Political Parties on the Distribution of Income in the American States: 1917–2011 pp. 895-914 Downloads
Amy Widestrom, Thomas J. Hayes and Christopher Dennis
Risks and Rewards of College Football: Who Would Accept a Scholarship Knowing the Chances of Physical Harm?* pp. 915-932 Downloads
Molly Ott, Barry Bozeman and Gabel Taggart
Does Racial Discrimination Exist Within the NBA? An Analysis Based on Salary‐per‐Contribution pp. 933-944 Downloads
Riguang Wen
When the Going Gets Tough: Issue Environments and Gendered Negativity Strategies pp. 945-961 Downloads
Kjersten Nelson
Cognitive Deliberation, Electoral Decision Making, and Democratic Health pp. 962-976 Downloads
David C. Barker
Gun Talk Online: Canadian Tools, American Values pp. 977-992 Downloads
Dylan S. McLean
Legislators Off Their Leash: Cognitive Shirking and Impending Retirement in the U.S. House pp. 993-1005 Downloads
Michael K. Romano
How Trust Attitudes Promote Grassroots Lobbying in the American States pp. 1006-1020 Downloads
John Cluverius and Kevin K. Banda
Is the Tea Party Libertarian, Authoritarian, or Something Else? pp. 1021-1037 Downloads
Jonathan Havercroft and Justin Murphy
New Americans and the Quest for Political Office pp. 1038-1059 Downloads
Tyler Reny and Paru Shah
Maybe it Is More Than a Joke: Satire, Mobilization, and Political Participation pp. 1060-1074 Downloads
Jody C Baumgartner and Brad Lockerbie
More on Plagiarism in the Social Sciences pp. 1075-1088 Downloads
Brandli Stitzel, Gary A. Hoover and William Clark
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Open Enrollment Decisions and Student Achievement Trajectories pp. 1089-1104 Downloads
Deven Carlson, Lesley Lavery and Tyler Hughes
Child Development Accounts and Saving for College: Mediated by Parental Educational Expectations? pp. 1105-1118 Downloads
Youngmi Kim, Jin Huang, Michael Sherraden and Margaret Clancy
The Long Road to Equality: A Meta‐Regression Analysis of Changes in the Black Test Score Gap Over Time pp. 1119-1133 Downloads
Nick Huntington‐Klein and Elizabeth Ackert
Gender, High School Romantic Involvement, and College Enrollment pp. 1134-1157 Downloads
Stephanie W. Burge and Ann M. Beutel
Race/Ethnic Differences in Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement After a Nonmarital Birth pp. 1158-1182 Downloads
Calvina Z. Ellerbe, Jerrett B. Jones and Marcia J. Carlson
Racial Resentment Attitudes Among White Millennial Youth: The Influence of Parents and Media pp. 1183-1199 Downloads
Angie Maxwell and Stephanie R. Schulte
Attitudes Toward Mass Arrivals: Variations by Racial, Spatial, and Temporal Distances to Incoming Disaster Evacuees pp. 1200-1213 Downloads
Ethan J. Raker and James R. Elliott
U.S. Return Migration and the Decline in Southern Black Disadvantage, 1970–2000 pp. 1214-1232 Downloads
Katherine J. Curtis
Skin Tone and Assimilation pp. 1233-1247 Downloads
Sean Richey and Ryan E. Carlin

Volume 99, issue 2, 2018

The Racial Structure of Inequality: Consequences for Welfare Policy in the United States pp. 459-472 Downloads
Rodney E. Hero and Morris E. Levy
Burying the Hatchet? Elite Influence and White Opinion on the Washington Redskins Controversy pp. 473-489 Downloads
Tatishe M. Nteta, Elizabeth A. Sharrow and Melinda R. Tarsi
How Republicans Won on Voter Identification Laws: The Roles of Strategic Reasoning and Moral Conviction pp. 490-511 Downloads
Pamela Johnston Conover and Patrick R. Miller
Differential Influence of the Great Recession on Political Participation Among Race and Ethnic Groups pp. 512-523 Downloads
Kimberly R. Huyser, Jillian Medeiros Pérez, Vickie D. Ybarra, Julia Marin Hellwege and Lisa Sanchez
Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Justice in Safe Drinking Water Compliance pp. 524-535 Downloads
David Switzer and Manuel P. Teodoro
From Legal Theory to Practical Application: A How†To for Performing Vote Dilution Analyses pp. 536-552 Downloads
M. V. Hood, Peter A. Morrison and Thomas M. Bryan
Relative Deprivation and Perceived Inefficacy of the Civil Rights Movement and of Black Elected Officials pp. 553-562 Downloads
Tony N. Brown, Heather Hensman Kettrey and Ebony M. Duncan†Shippy
Achieving Efficiency Without Losing Accuracy: Strategies for Scale Reduction with an Application to Risk Attitudes and Racial Resentment pp. 563-582 Downloads
Krista Loose, Yue Hou and Adam J. Berinsky
Changing Patterns of Uncontested Seats in Southern State Legislative Elections, 1984–2012 pp. 583-598 Downloads
Adam S. Myers
Early Trouble, Long†Term Consequences: Does Family Instability Keep People from Doctors? pp. 599-615 Downloads
Ethan J. Evans, Bill McCarthy, Cecilia Benoit and Mikael Jansson
State Medicaid Expansion and Citizens’ Quality of Life pp. 616-625 Downloads
Patrick Flavin
Does Marriage Protect Health? A Birth Cohort Comparison pp. 626-643 Downloads
Dmitry Tumin
Explaining Attitudes Toward U.S. Energy Extraction: Offshore Drilling, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and Hydraulic Fracturing pp. 644-664 Downloads
Stephen Ceccoli
Moralizing to the Choir: The Moral Foundations of American Clergy pp. 665-682 Downloads
Paul A. Djupe and Amanda Friesen
Sports Participation and Social Capital Formation During Adolescence pp. 683-698 Downloads
Ute Schüttoff, Tim Pawlowski, Paul Downward and Michael Lechner
Heterogeneity, Income Inequality, and Social Capital: A New Perspective pp. 699-710 Downloads
Laurie E. Paarlberg, Michele Hoyman and Jamie McCall
From Categories to Context: Identity Meaning and Political Engagement pp. 711-727 Downloads
Vanessa Bouché
Cooperative Federalism and Fair Housing Enforcement* pp. 728-743 Downloads
Charles S. Bullock, Charles M. Lamb and Eric M. Wilk
Third†Party State Domestic Politics and Conflict Management During Interventions into Civil Conflicts pp. 744-761 Downloads
Christopher Linebarger, Andrew J. Enterline and Steven R. Liebel
The End of the Dichotomy: The Effect of Social Proximity to Prototype and Periphery Group Members on Political Attitudes pp. 762-773 Downloads
James S. Krueger and Francisco I. Pedraza
New Social Program Participation During the Great Recession: The Case of SNAP pp. 774-790 Downloads
Lloyd Grieger
Media Narratives Versus Evidence in Economic Policy Making: The 2008–2009 Financial Crisis pp. 791-806 Downloads
Mark K. McBeth, Robert J. Tokle and Susan Schaefer
Economic Openness and Institutional Embeddedness: Global Capital and Firm Performance in China's Stock Market pp. 807-828 Downloads
Junmin Wang, Yanlong Zhang and Doug Guthrie
Using Internet Search Data to Measure Changes in Social Perceptions: A Methodology and an Application pp. 829-845 Downloads
Tomas Reyes, Nicolás Majluf and Ricardo Ibáñez

Volume 99, issue 1, 2018

Tax Evasion in Europe: An Analysis Based on Spatial Dependence pp. 7-23 Downloads
Gloria Alarcón García, José Daniel Buendía Azorín and María del Mar Sánchez de la Vega
Beyond Thin Credit Files pp. 24-42 Downloads
Marvin M. Smith and Christopher Henderson
Housework Allocation in Germany: The Role of Income and Gender Identity pp. 43-61 Downloads
Vivien Procher, Nolan Ritter and Colin Vance
Has the Suburbanization of Ethnic Economies Created New Opportunities for Income Attainment? pp. 62-79 Downloads
Mahesh Somashekhar
Locating the External Source of Enforceability: Alliances, Bilateral Investment Treaties, and Foreign Direct Investment pp. 80-96 Downloads
Zhiyuan Wang and Hyunjin Youn
Forms of Wealth Associated with Attaining Peer Group Net Worth Following Bankruptcy pp. 97-117 Downloads
Lance Palmer and Vibha Bhargava
Financing Public Education Facilities: The Role of Elderly Populations and Geographic Mobility pp. 118-135 Downloads
James S. Schlaffer
Sources of Bias in Teenagers' College Expectations pp. 136-153 Downloads
Benjamin W. Cowan
School Architecture: An Analysis of the Role of the State in the (Re)Configuration of the Profession pp. 154-168 Downloads
Luísa Veloso and Joana S. Marques
Child Abuse Scandal Publicity and Catholic School Enrollment: Does the Boston Globe Coverage Matter? pp. 169-184 Downloads
Ali Moghtaderi
Social Media Campaigning: Mobilization and Fundraising on Facebook pp. 185-200 Downloads
Zachary J. Auter and Jeffrey A. Fine
Political Places: Neighborhood Social Organization and the Ecology of Political Behaviors pp. 201-215 Downloads
Jeremy R. Levine, Theodore S. Leenman, Carl Gershenson and David M. Hureau
Public Support for Campaign Finance Reform: The Role of Policy Narratives, Cultural Predispositions, and Political Knowledge in Collective Policy Preference Formation pp. 216-230 Downloads
Paul D. Jorgensen, Geoboo Song and Michael D. Jones
Voting “Ford†or Against: Understanding Strategic Voting in the 2014 Toronto Municipal Election pp. 231-245 Downloads
Nicholas J. Caruana, R. Michael McGregor, Aaron A. Moore and Laura B. Stephenson
From Pressure Group to Political Party: The Case of the American Anti†Slavery Society and the Liberty Party* pp. 246-261 Downloads
Adam Chamberlain
The Elective Affinities of Anti†Semitic and Anti†American Resentments in Germany pp. 262-282 Downloads
Heiko Beyer and Ulf Liebe
Cheap Talk or Proper Signaling? Styles of Campaigning and Engagement in Constituency Service pp. 283-295 Downloads
Mihail Chiru
Disasters and Social Capital: Exploring the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Gulf Coast Counties pp. 296-312 Downloads
Lili Wang and Nazife Emel Ganapati
Do Airports Boost Economic Development by Attracting Talent? An Empirical Investigation at the Subcounty Level pp. 313-329 Downloads
Xinxiang Chen, Guanghua Chi and Guangqing Chi
African Americans and American Values: Does South Matter? pp. 330-340 Downloads
Jas M. Sullivan, Michael Henderson, T. Wayne Parent and Jonathan Winburn
Hispanics’ Behavioral Intentions Toward Energy Conservation: The Role of Sociodemographic, Informational, and Attitudinal Variables pp. 341-361 Downloads
Bruno Takahashi, Ran Duan and Anthony Van Witsen
Women's Rights Organizations and Human Trafficking pp. 362-376 Downloads
Sam R. Bell and Victoria Banks
A Double†Edged Sword: The Countervailing Effects of Religion on Cross†National Violent Crime pp. 377-389 Downloads
Katie E. Corcoran, David Pettinicchio and Blaine Robbins
Relations Between Socioeconomic Status, Subjective Social Status, and Health in Shanghai, China pp. 390-405 Downloads
Jason R. D. Rarick, Carly Tubbs Dolan, Wen†Jui Han and Jun Wen
Subjective Social Status in Transitioning China: Trends and Determinants pp. 406-422 Downloads
Yunsong Chen and Mark Williams
International Organizations and Democracy Development: The Indirect Link pp. 423-438 Downloads
Hayam Kim and Uk Heo
Are “Stand Your Ground†Laws Racist and Sexist? A Statistical Analysis of Cases in Florida, 2005–2013 pp. 439-452 Downloads
Justin Murphy
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