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Volume 101, issue 7, 2020

Incentivizing Innovation in a Knowledge Society pp. 2389-2397 Downloads
William Bianco, Keith Gaddie, John Rice, Don Shin, Henrik Stahl, Ruth Winecoff and William Kindred Winecoff
Policy Innovations and Rationale for Sustainable Energy Transition in the UAE pp. 2398-2412 Downloads
Farkhod Aminjonov
Democratic Competition for Rank, Cooperation, and Deception in Small Groups pp. 2413-2436 Downloads
Stephen Benard and Pat Barclay
Derrida's Unconditional Hospitality as the Improbable: An Example of Innovation in Refugee Care pp. 2437-2449 Downloads
Melissa Kerr Chiovenda
Prosocial Motivation as a Driver of Social Innovation in the UAE pp. 2450-2464 Downloads
Sophia Soyoung Jeong and Dhia Waddah Talib Ali Alhanaee
Whither the State? The Oslo Peace Process and Neoliberal Configurations of Palestine pp. 2465-2484 Downloads
Suzanne Morrison
An Overview of Innovation in the Arab Gulf States: From Origins and Five‐Year Plans to New Cities and Indices pp. 2485-2506 Downloads
James C. A. Redman
“The Debt of Gratitude”: Mobilizing “Motherhood” in Times of Unrest in the United Arab Emirates pp. 2507-2521 Downloads
Rima Sabban
In Blockchain We Trust: Does Blockchain Itself Generate Trust? pp. 2522-2538 Downloads
Donghee Shin and William T. Bianco
Innovations in Early Maritime Technology in Mesopotamia and the Arabian Gulf pp. 2539-2554 Downloads
Eric Staples
Innovation in Financing Energy‐Efficient and Renewable Energy Upgrades: An Evaluation of Property Assessed Clean Energy for California Residences pp. 2555-2573 Downloads
Ruth Winecoff and Michelle Graff

Volume 101, issue 6, 2020

Does Deliberation Increase Public‐Spiritedness? pp. 2163-2182 Downloads
Rui Wang, James S. Fishkin and Robert C. Luskin
Are You Threatening Me? Asian‐American Panethnicity in the Trump Era pp. 2183-2192 Downloads
Danvy Le, Maneesh Arora and Christopher Stout
A Democratic Emergency After a Health Emergency? Exposure to COVID‐19, Perceived Economic Threat and Support for Anti‐Democratic Political Systems pp. 2193-2202 Downloads
Michele Roccato, Nicoletta Cavazza, Pasquale Colloca and Silvia Russo
Badge of Courage or Sign of Criminality? Experimental Evidence for How Voters Respond to Candidates Who Were Arrested at a Protest pp. 2203-2219 Downloads
Karen O. Caballero Armendariz, Ben Farrer and Monica Martinez
Racial Context and Political Support for California School Taxes pp. 2220-2237 Downloads
Jennifer M. Nations and Isaac W. Martin
Legal, Political Science, and Economics Approaches to Measuring Malapportionment: The U.S. House, Senate, and Electoral College 1790–2010 pp. 2238-2256 Downloads
Jonathan Cervas and Bernard Grofman
Extending a Hand in Perilous Times: Beneficial Immigration Policy in the Fifty States, 2005–2012 pp. 2257-2271 Downloads
Lisa M. Sanchez and Isabel Williams
When States Align Social Welfare Programs: Considering the Child Support Income Exclusion for SNAP pp. 2272-2288 Downloads
Colleen M. Heflin, Leonard M. Lopoo and Mattie Mackenzie‐Liu
The Effect of Classmates’ Maternal College Attainment on Volunteering in Young Adulthood pp. 2289-2311 Downloads
Jinho Kim
Unmet Promises: Diminishing Confidence in Education Among College‐Educated Adults from 1973 to 2018 pp. 2312-2331 Downloads
Michael A. Miner
Construct Validity of Cultural Theory Survey Measures pp. 2332-2383 Downloads
Brendon Swedlow, Joseph T. Ripberger, Li‐Yin Liu, Carol L. Silva, Hank Jenkins‐Smith and Branden B. Johnson

Volume 101, issue 5, 2020

Causation and Behavior: The Necessity and Benefits of Incorporating Evolutionary Thinking into Political Science pp. 1677-1698 Downloads
Jordan Mansell
How the Alt‐Right Label Informs Political Assessments pp. 1699-1711 Downloads
John Cluverius, Kevin K. Banda and Hannah R. Daly
The Bicameral Roots of Congressional Deadlock: Analyzing Divided Government Through the Lens of Majority Rule pp. 1712-1727 Downloads
William Bianco and Regina Smyth
Does Compulsory Schooling Affect Innovation? Evidence from the United States pp. 1728-1742 Downloads
Corey A. DeAngelis and Angela Dills
Judicial Performance and Trust in Legal Systems: Findings from a Decade of Surveys in over 20 European Countries pp. 1743-1760 Downloads
Pedro C. Magalhães and Nuno Garoupa
Generating Support for a Hypothetical War: Presidential Cues and Justifications pp. 1761-1772 Downloads
Andrew Gooch
Presidential Versus Parliamentary Systems: Where Do Female Entrepreneurs Thrive? pp. 1773-1788 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and Michael Nelson
Does Distance Matter? Evaluating the Impact of Drop Boxes on Voter Turnout pp. 1789-1809 Downloads
William McGuire, Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, Katherine Baird, Benjamin Corbett and Loren Collingwood
The Military in Politics and Democracy: Its Impact on Government Spending for Education and Health pp. 1810-1826 Downloads
David Shin
Essential Work Is Gender Segregated: This Shapes the Gendered Representation of Essential Workers in Political Office pp. 1827-1833 Downloads
Tiffany D. Barnes and Mirya R. Holman
Preferential Trade Agreements, Democracy, and the Risk of Coups d’état pp. 1834-1849 Downloads
Wen‐Chin Wu and Fangjin Ye
Nexus Between Governance and Socioeconomic Factors on Public Service Fragility in Asian Economies pp. 1850-1868 Downloads
Hafiz Syed Mohsin Abbas, Samreen Gillani, Saif Ullah, Muhammad Ahsan Ali Raza and Atta Ullah
The Dual Identity of Asian Americans pp. 1869-1884 Downloads
Fan Lu
Political Trust and Native American Electoral Participation: An Analysis of Survey Data from Nevada and South Dakota pp. 1885-1904 Downloads
Jean Schroedel, Aaron Berg, Joseph Dietrich and Javier M. Rodriguez
Arresting Confidence: Mass Incarceration and Black–White Differences in Perceptions of Legal Authorities pp. 1905-1919 Downloads
Timothy L. O'Brien
Ethnic Cues, Latino Skin Tone, and Voter Preferences: An Experimental Test pp. 1920-1935 Downloads
Ben Anderson, Garrett Bird, Richard Kornrumpf, Maria Macaluso, Natasha Mundkur, Madison Swingholm and Jason Gainous
Media Consumption and Racial Residential Preferences pp. 1936-1950 Downloads
Elizabeth Korver‐Glenn, Sylvia Emmanuel, Mary E. Campbell and Verna M. Keith
Southern Accents and Partisan Stereotypes: Evaluating Political Candidates pp. 1951-1968 Downloads
Kathleen Ash, Wesley Johnson, Gracie Lagadinos, Sarah Simon, Jared Thomas, Evan Wright and Jason Gainous
Analysis of Youths’ Perspective in India On and During the Pandemic of COVID‐19 pp. 1969-1978 Downloads
Aman Basu, Ajishnu Roy, Amit Kumar Hazra and Kousik Pramanick
Defying the Rally During COVID‐19 Pandemic: A Regression Discontinuity Approach pp. 1979-1994 Downloads
Enrijeta Shino and Michael Binder
Imperial Pandemicide pp. 1995-2000 Downloads
Douglas A. Van Belle and Thomas Jamieson
Work‐Limiting Disability and Intergenerational Economic Mobility pp. 2001-2016 Downloads
Katie M Jajtner
Trade‐Induced Job Loss and Support for Free Trade pp. 2017-2031 Downloads
Hannah Lukinovich, Dmitriy Nurullayev and James C. Garand
Ongoing Debate Between Foreign Aid and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Wavelet Analysis pp. 2032-2051 Downloads
Tomiwa Sunday Adebayo and Demet Beton Kalmaz
The Chinese Dream: Hukou, Social Mobility, and Trust in Government pp. 2052-2070 Downloads
Xian Huang
Who's an iAddict? A Sociodemographic Exploration of Device Addiction Among American Adults pp. 2071-2084 Downloads
Justin J. Nelson and Christopher M. Pieper
Climate Change Communication: Examining the Social and Cognitive Barriers to Productive Environmental Communication pp. 2085-2100 Downloads
Sonia Hélène Merkel, Angela M. Person, Randy A. Peppler and Sarah M. Melcher
Anxious About Social Violence: The Emotional Underpinnings of Support for Gun Control pp. 2101-2120 Downloads
Alexandra Filindra, Loren Collingwood and Noah J. Kaplan
Gun Ownership and Life Satisfaction in the United States pp. 2121-2136 Downloads
Terrence D. Hill, Benjamin Dowd‐Arrow, Amy M. Burdette and Tara D. Warner
Popularity and Visibility Appraisals for Computing Olympic Medal Rankings pp. 2137-2157 Downloads
Pedro Garcia‐del‐Barrio, Carlos Gomez‐Gonzalez and José Manuel Sánchez‐Santos

Volume 101, issue 4, 2020

Caleb Perry Patterson: Political Scientist and Civic Educator pp. 1207-1221 Downloads
James W. Riddlesperger
Three Roads to Populism? An Italian Field Study on the 2019 European Election pp. 1222-1235 Downloads
Michele Roccato, Nicoletta Cavazza, Pasquale Colloca and Silvia Russo
Violence, Trust, and Public Support for the Colombian Peace Agreement pp. 1236-1254 Downloads
Diego Esparza, Valerie Martinez, Regina Branton, Kimi King and James Meernik
Coveting Uniformity in a Diverse World: The Authoritarian Roots of Welfare Chauvinism in Postmigration Crisis Germany pp. 1255-1270 Downloads
Markus M. L. Crepaz
Survival of Formula One Drivers pp. 1271-1281 Downloads
Onur Celik
Underrepresenting Reality? Media Coverage of Women in Politics and Sport pp. 1282-1302 Downloads
Michael Courtney, Michael Breen, Claire McGing, Iain McMenamin, Eoin O'Malley and Kevin Rafter
The Electoral Choices of Voters with Coalition‐Straddling Consideration Sets pp. 1303-1313 Downloads
Jacob Sohlberg and Annika Fredén
(Re)Considering the Sources of Economic Perceptions pp. 1314-1325 Downloads
Cameron Anderson
Colonial Military Garrisons as Labor‐Market Shocks: Quebec City and Boston, 1760–1775 pp. 1326-1344 Downloads
Jeremy Land and Vincent Geloso
Economic Vulnerability and Anti‐Immigrant Attitudes: Isolated Anomaly or Emerging Trend pp. 1345-1358 Downloads
Flavio Hickel and Melissa Bredbenner
Horizontal Networks and Economic Performance: Evidence from City Leaders in China pp. 1359-1373 Downloads
Danglun Luo, Congcong Liu and Lifan Wu
Reconceptualizing the Enclave: Measuring Success Among Latino‐Owned Businesses pp. 1374-1396 Downloads
Marlene Orozco
Uncharitable Acts in Charity: Socioeconomic Drivers of Charity‐Related Fraud pp. 1397-1412 Downloads
Rajeev Goel
Combat Experience and the Foreign Policy Positions of Veterans pp. 1413-1429 Downloads
Travis W. Endicott
Public Views of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Aftermath of the Kavanaugh Confirmation pp. 1430-1441 Downloads
Christopher N. Krewson and Jean R. Schroedel
Criminal Threat, Immigrant/Minority Threat, and Political Ideology: An Examination of Handgun Permits Across Texas Counties pp. 1442-1460 Downloads
S. E. Costanza, Ronald Helms, John C. Kilburn and David A. Bowers
The Effect of Partisan Cues on Support for Solar and Wind Energy in the United States pp. 1461-1474 Downloads
Jessica A. Crowe
Local Officials as Partisan Operatives: The Effect of County Officials on Early Voting Administration pp. 1475-1488 Downloads
Markie McBrayer, R. Lucas Williams and Andrea Eckelman
“Distant Participation” and Youth Political Attitudes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment pp. 1489-1512 Downloads
Stan Hok‐Wui Wong and Mathew Y. H. Wong
Resistance and Response: Latinos and Conservative Radio Advertisements pp. 1513-1533 Downloads
Peter W. Wielhouwer
Unpacking the Suitcase: Premigratory Experiences with Ethnic Violence and Descriptive Representation Among Asian Americans pp. 1534-1551 Downloads
John Ishiyama and Andrea Silva
The Impact of Muslim Religious Accommodations on Subjective Well‐Being Among Christian Majorities and Nonattendees: Evidence from the European Social Survey, 2002–2008 pp. 1552-1571 Downloads
Ronald Kwon, Kevin McCaffree and Caroline Taylor
Polarization and American Jews: The Partisan Debate Over Attribution of Blame and Responsibility for Rising Anti‐Semitism in the United States pp. 1572-1583 Downloads
Amy B. Becker
The Politics of White Racial Identity and Vote Choice in the 2018 Midterm Elections pp. 1584-1599 Downloads
Jonathan Knuckey and Myunghee Kim
Welfare Chauvinism? Refugee Flows and Electoral Support for Populist‐Right Parties in Industrial Democracies pp. 1600-1626 Downloads
Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati
Types of White Identification and Attitudes About Black Lives Matter pp. 1627-1633 Downloads
Geneva Cole
Judgments of Capability and Conformity as Distinct Forms of Social Judgments, and the Way They Interact to Shape Evaluator Decisions pp. 1634-1641 Downloads
Başak Topaler and Eyüp Tolunay Küp
Social Network Analysis for Coronavirus (COVID‐19) in the United States pp. 1642-1647 Downloads
Seungil Yum
Dear Reviewer 2: Go F’ Yourself pp. 1648-1652 Downloads
David A. M. Peterson
Unpacking Gender, Age, and Education Knowledge Inequalities: A Systematic Comparison pp. 1653-1669 Downloads
Marta Fraile and Jessica Fortin‐Rittberger

Volume 101, issue 3, 2020

An Empirical Examination of the Occupational Attainment of American Veterans of World War I pp. 1009-1017 Downloads
Paul E. Gabriel
Do the Affluent Override Average Americans? Measuring Policy Disagreement and Unequal Influence pp. 1018-1037 Downloads
Jarron Bowman
The Gender Environmentalism Gap in Germany and the Netherlands pp. 1038-1055 Downloads
Athina Economou and George Halkos
Antecedents of Social Media Usage Status: Examination of Predictiveness of Digital Literacy, Academic Performance, and Fear of Missing Out Variables pp. 1056-1074 Downloads
Hatice Yildiz Durak and Süleyman Sadi Seferoğlu
Marvel, DC, and Sport: Investigating Rivalry in the Sport and Comic Settings pp. 1075-1089 Downloads
Cody T. Havard, Frederick G. Grieve and Megan E. Lomenick
Antisocial Behavior in Soccer Players: Using an Integrated Mediation Model of Personal Control and Social Learning Theory pp. 1090-1114 Downloads
Saeed Kabiri, Seyyedeh Masoomeh (Shamila) Shadmanfaat, Hayden Smith and Jaeyong Choi
Latinos por Trump? Latinos and the 2016 Presidential Election pp. 1115-1131 Downloads
Álvaro J. Corral and David L. Leal
Knowing What You Don't Know: The Role of Information and Sophistication in Ballot Completion pp. 1132-1149 Downloads
Matt Lamb and Steven Perry
Relationships of Horizontalism and Hierarchy: Exploring Divergent Forms of Sociopolitical Trust pp. 1150-1164 Downloads
Dana M. Williams
Presidential Communication During the Legislative Process pp. 1165-1182 Downloads
Ian Ostrander and Joel Sievert
Measuring Income Inequality Across Countries and Over Time: The Standardized World Income Inequality Database pp. 1183-1199 Downloads
Frederick Solt

Volume 101, issue 2, 2020

Assessing the State of Mandatory Fees in America's Public Colleges and Universities: Causes and Consequences pp. 427-438 Downloads
Tyler P. Reinagel and Christopher A. Cooper
“Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood”: The Complexity of Human Milk Donor Identity pp. 439-458 Downloads
Ayelet Oreg and Susan Appe
Diversifying Conspiracy Beliefs and Populist Ideologies in the Chinese Context pp. 459-472 Downloads
Tianru Guan and Yilu Yang
Are Women More Averse to Corruption than Men? The Case of South Korea pp. 473-489 Downloads
Aie‐Rie Lee and Kerry Chávez
Race Differences in Motivations for Joining Unions: The Role of Prosocial Beliefs pp. 490-502 Downloads
Clayton Gumber and Irene Padavic
Green Crime Havens: A Spatial Cluster Analysis of Environmental Crime pp. 503-513 Downloads
Ryan Thomson, Johanna Espin and Tameka Samuels‐Jones
“Racial Classification Is Meaningless”: Why Racial Classification in South Africa Is Unintelligible for Some Eritrean Refugees pp. 514-526 Downloads
Amanuel Isak Tewolde
Latino Political Participation by Citizenship Status and Immigrant Generation pp. 527-544 Downloads
Stephanie Potochnick and Mary Stegmaier
Attitudes Toward Immigration: Ethnicity Trumps Skills But Not Legality? pp. 545-557 Downloads
Annabella España‐Nájera and David Vera
Testing Broken Windows Theory in Mexico City pp. 558-572 Downloads
Carlos J. Vilalta, Pablo Lopez, Gustavo Fondevila and Oscar Siordia
The Effect of Race and Gender on Attributions of Stalking pp. 573-587 Downloads
Simon C. Duff, Jonathan Hay, Jessica Kerry and Alyssa Whittam
Informality and Latino‐Owned Businesses: A National Portrait of Unregistered Latino‐Owned Businesses pp. 588-603 Downloads
Michael Pisani and Alfonso Morales
Missing the Dictator? The Effect of the Image of Authoritarian Past on Support for Democracy in Latin America pp. 604-622 Downloads
Iván Durán and Francesc Trillas
Explaining the Cultural Retention–Delinquency Relationship Using Differential Support and Coercion Theory: A Study of Native‐Born and Immigrant Latino Youth pp. 623-640 Downloads
Egbert Zavala, Theodore R. Curry and Maria Cristina Morales
Stifling Workplace Activism: The Consequences of Anthem Protests for NFL Players pp. 641-655 Downloads
David Niven
Meeting Expectations at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games: Country Potential and Competitiveness pp. 656-677 Downloads
F. Javier Otamendi, Luis M. Doncel and Cecilia Martín‐Gutiérrez
Rent Sharing and Gender Discrimination: Causal Evidence from Collegiate Athletics pp. 678-696 Downloads
Mario Lackner and Christine Zulehner
Forecasting National Medal Totals at the Summer Olympic Games Reconsidered pp. 697-711 Downloads
Nicolas Scelles, Wladimir Andreff, Liliane Bonnal, Madeleine Andreff and Pascal Favard
Nonresponse Bias in Inequality Measurement: Cross‐Country Analysis Using Luxembourg Income Study Surveys pp. 712-731 Downloads
Vladimir Hlasny
Vernacular Landscapes Building and Protection of Meme in the Dong Ethnic Minority Regions pp. 732-743 Downloads
Wen Shuang Zhu and Xun Liu
Co‐Ethnic and Neighborhood Ties and Financial Social Capital Formation Among the Urban Poor in Kenya pp. 744-758 Downloads
Hye‐Sung Kim
Does Government Partisanship Influence Multinational Corporations’ Tax Payments in the United States? pp. 759-775 Downloads
Mi Jeong Shin
Civil War and Democratization: A Micro‐Level Analysis pp. 776-791 Downloads
Mehmet Gurses, Ayse Betul Celik and Evren Balta
How Poor Were Quebec and Canada During the 1840s? pp. 792-810 Downloads
Vincent Geloso and Gonzalo Macera
The Effect of Opinion Readability on the Impact of U.S. Supreme Court Precedents in State High Courts pp. 811-824 Downloads
Michael P. Fix and Bailey R. Fairbanks
Personalizing the U.S. Supreme Court Through Attention to Individual Justices pp. 825-841 Downloads
Brian J. Fogarty, S. Nasser Qadri and Patrick C. Wohlfarth
The Sum of its Parts: How Supreme Court Justices Disparately Shape Attention to Their Opinions pp. 842-860 Downloads
Ali S. Masood and Benjamin J. Kassow
Candidate Extremism and Electoral Design in U.S. State Legislative Elections pp. 861-877 Downloads
Isaac Hale
A Cultural Theory of Partisanship and Policy Attitudes pp. 878-892 Downloads
Matthew C. Nowlin and Thomas M. Rabovsky
Does “Politicizing” Gun Violence Increase Support for Gun Control? Experimental Evidence from the Las Vegas Shooting pp. 893-908 Downloads
Benjamin R. Kantack and Collin E. Paschall
Testing Mechanisms: Carceral Contact and Political Participation pp. 909-924 Downloads
Brandon R. Davis
Abstention, Protest, and Residual Votes in the 2016 Election pp. 925-939 Downloads
Charles Stewart, R. Michael Alvarez, Stephen S. Pettigrew and Cameron Wimpy
Explaining Gender Differences in Turnout Using Panel Data Across Elections pp. 940-959 Downloads
Hilde Coffé and Ignacio Lago
Class Attitudes, Political Knowledge, and Support for Redistribution in an Era of Inequality pp. 960-977 Downloads
David Macdonald
Who Voted in 2016? Using Fuzzy Forests to Understand Voter Turnout pp. 978-988 Downloads
Seo‐young Silvia Kim, R. Michael Alvarez and Christina M. Ramirez
Group Presence, Population, and Interest Group Theory: A Case Study of the American Anti‐Slavery Society pp. 989-1003 Downloads
Adam Chamberlain

Volume 101, issue 1, 2020

Editorial pp. 7-7 Downloads
Keith Gaddie, Kirby Goidel and Kim Gaddie
Introduction to the Mini Symposium on Partisan Gerrymandering pp. 8-9 Downloads
Richard L. Engstrom
The Meaning of “One Person, One Vote” or Let Us Split the Baby in Half: Evenwel v. Abbott pp. 10-22 Downloads
Henry Flores
Partisan Gerrymandering: Weeds in the Political Thicket pp. 23-36 Downloads
Richard L. Engstrom
Detecting Florida's Gerrymander: A Lesson in Putting First Things First pp. 37-52 Downloads
Robin E. Best, Jonathan S. Krasno, Daniel B. Magleby and Michael D. McDonald
The Efficiency Gap After Gill v. Whitford pp. 53-67 Downloads
Mark Rush
Making Partisan Gerrymandering Fair: One Old and Two New Methods pp. 68-72 Downloads
Steven Brams
A New Face to the Race Card? Campaigns, Racial Cues, and Candidate Credibility pp. 73-90 Downloads
Tasha S. Philpot and Kenneth M. Miller
Inequality and Bias in the Demand for and Supply of News pp. 91-106 Downloads
Ann Owen and Andrew Wei
Dehumanization of the Opposition in Political Campaigns pp. 107-120 Downloads
Erin C. Cassese
Negative Media Coverage of the Supreme Court: The Interactive Role of Opinion Language, Coalition Size, and Ideological Signals pp. 121-143 Downloads
Alexander Denison, Justin Wedeking and Michael A. Zilis
Public Service or Propaganda? How Americans Evaluate Political Advocacy by Executive Agencies pp. 144-160 Downloads
Michael Henderson and John Maxwell Hamilton
An Empirical Test of the Comey Effect on the 2016 Presidential Election pp. 161-171 Downloads
Dennis Halcoussis, Anton D. Lowenberg and G. Michael Phillips
Influence of Reputation on Cooperative Behavior in Crowd Innovation Network pp. 172-182 Downloads
Lei Wang, Jing Lin, Ting Yi and Wenqi Fan
Do Voluntary Associations Matter for the Spread of Civic Activism in Russia? Matching Technique Applied to Survey Data pp. 183-200 Downloads
Carol Leonard, Zafar Nazarov and Lev Jakobson
Is Community Attachment a Determinant of Actual Migration? An Estimate of the Social Capital, Linear‐Development, and Systemic Approaches pp. 201-217 Downloads
Yu‐Hui Kao and Stephen G. Sapp
The Effect of Neighborhood Limited English Proficiency on Third Graders' Reading Achievement in Public Elementary Schools in the U.S. State of Georgia pp. 218-239 Downloads
Ramesh Ghimire and Trasie A. Topple
Disparities in Modes and Content of Civic Engagement: An Analysis Using Data from the Current Population Survey pp. 240-255 Downloads
Kenneth Shores, Sigal Ben‐Porath and Michael Jefferson
Changes or Cross‐National Differences? Effects of Economic Inequality on Protest Participation pp. 256-268 Downloads
Marta Kołczyńska
The Type of Student You Were in High School Predicts Voter Turnout in Adulthood pp. 269-284 Downloads
Aaron C. Weinschenk and Christopher T. Dawes
A Matter of Degree? Fear, Anxiety, and Protective Gun Ownership in the United States pp. 285-308 Downloads
Tara D. Warner and Courtney R. Thrash
Economic Downturns and Hardline Public Opinion pp. 309-324 Downloads
Tetsuro Kobayashi, Dani Madrid‐Morales, Yuki Asaba and Atsushi Tago
Honor and Terrorism: Cultural Origins of the Severity of Terrorist Attacks pp. 325-345 Downloads
Joshua Tschantret
The Impact of Fact‐Based Instructions on Juror Application of the Law: Results from a Trans‐Tasman Field Study pp. 346-361 Downloads
Benjamin Spivak, James Ogloff, Jonathan Clough, Yvette Tinsley and Warren Young
From Statehouse to Courthouse: Legislative Professionalism and High Court Auditing Behavior pp. 362-375 Downloads
Miles T. Armaly
School Sector and Climate: An Analysis of K–12 Safety Policies and School Climates in Indiana pp. 376-405 Downloads
Corey A. DeAngelis and Martin F. Lueken
Failed Policy? The Effects of Kenya's Education Reform: Use of Natural Experiment and Regression Discontinuity Design pp. 406-419 Downloads
Hye‐Sung Kim
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