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Volume 18, issue 4, 2018

A Sibling-Pair Analysis for Causal Effect of Education on Health pp. 10 Downloads
Bai Yu and Li Yanjun
Employment in Long-Term Care: The Role of Macroeconomic Conditions pp. 12 Downloads
Baughman Reagan
Schooling and Cohort Size: Evidence from Vietnam, Thailand, Iran and Cambodia pp. 13 Downloads
Falaris Evangelos M. and Thai Thuan Q.
Marginal Cost of Public Funds: From the Theory to the Empirical Application for the Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Tax-Benefit Systems pp. 16 Downloads
Figari Francesco, Luca Gandullia and Lezzi Emanuela
Modeling Completion of Vocational Education: The Role of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills by Program Type pp. 17 Downloads
Stratton Leslie S., Datta Gupta Nabanita, Reimer David and Holm Anders
U.S. Income Comparisons with Regional Price Parity Adjustments pp. 17 Downloads
Bishop John A., Lee Jonathan M. and Zeager Lester A.
The Motherhood Penalty: Is It a Wage-Dependent Family Decision? pp. 18 Downloads
Gafni Dalit and Siniver Erez
Health Insurance Coverage and Firm Performance: Evidence Using Firm Level Data from Vietnam pp. 18 Downloads
Yamada Hiroyuki and Tien Vu
The Impact of Language Skills on Immigrants’ Labor Market Integration: A Brief Revision With a New Approach pp. 19 Downloads
Schuss Eric
Food Stamps, Income Shocks, and Crime: Evidence from California pp. 19 Downloads
Lovett Nicholas
Timing of Emissions and Effects of Emission Taxes in Durable-Goods Oligopolies pp. 21 Downloads
Sagasta Amagoia and Usategui José M.

Volume 18, issue 3, 2018

Number of Bidders and the Winner’s Curse pp. 4 Downloads
Ronald Peeters and Tenev Anastas P.
Social Network Structure and Risk Sharing in Villages pp. 7 Downloads
Yang Ou, Jiang Bin, Sung Kim Jun and Li Chuhui
Tele-Communications 2.0: The Age of the Internet pp. 8 Downloads
Vahagn Jerbashian and Kochanova Anna
Do State Sales Taxes Crowd Out Local Option Sales Taxes? pp. 9 Downloads
Burge Gregory S. and Rogers Cynthia L.
Guaranteed Nonlabor Income and Labor Supply: The Effect of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend pp. 13 Downloads
Feinberg Robert M. and Kuehn Daniel
Leadership in Tax Competition with Fiscal Equalization Transfers pp. 15 Downloads
Haraguchi Junichi and Hikaru Ogawa
Local Information, Income Segregation, and Geographic Mobility pp. 17 Downloads
Timothy Bond and Laura Salisbury
Widowhood and Retirement Timing: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study pp. 21 Downloads
Schreiber Philipp
Measuring the Deterrent Effect of European Cartel Law Enforcement pp. 27 Downloads
Moritz Birgit, Becker Martin and Schmidtchen Dieter
Teacher Turnover, Composition and Qualifications in the Year-Round School Setting pp. 27 Downloads
Graves Jennifer, McMullen Steven and Rouse Kathryn
Self–Employment, Wealth and Start–up Costs: Evidence from a Financial Crisis pp. 28 Downloads
Elitcha Koffi and Fonseca Raquel

Volume 18, issue 2, 2018

Are Busy Directors Harmful or Helpful? Evidence from the Great Recession pp. 11 Downloads
Withisuphakorn Pradit and Jiraporn Pornsit
Corruption and Medicine Quality in Latin America: A Pilot Study pp. 12 Downloads
Bate Roger and Mathur Aparna
The Heterogeneous Cyclicality of Income and Wages Among the Distribution in the UK pp. 13 Downloads
María Cervini-Plá, López-Villavicencio Antonia and José Silva
Public–Private Monopoly pp. 15 Downloads
Marian Moszoro
The Role of Adolescent Health in Adult SES Outcomes pp. 16 Downloads
Dana Andersen and Pinar Gunes
Going Along or Going Independent? A Dynamic Analysis of Nonprofit Alliances pp. 20 Downloads
Chen Jiawei and Michael Sacks
Potential Parenthood and Career Progression of Men and Women – A Simultaneous Hazards Approach pp. 22 Downloads
Biewen Martin and Seifert Stefanie

Volume 18, issue 1, 2018

Pay for Performance with Motivated Employees pp. 8 Downloads
Claudia Cerrone and Ester Manna
Public Health Insurance with Monopolistically Competitive Providers and Optional Spot Sales pp. 10 Downloads
Gilad Sorek and Randolph Beard T.
Do Firms with Low Disability Risks Opt Out from Public to Private Insurance? pp. 11 Downloads
Hassink Wolter H.J., Pierre Koning and Zwinkels Wim
Is There Really a Trade-Off? Family Size and Investment in Child Quality in India pp. 12 Downloads
Mehtabul Azam and Hang Saing Chan
Performance, Luck and Equality: An Experimental Analysis of Subjects’ Preferences for Different Allocation Criteria pp. 14 Downloads
Leonardo Becchetti, Solferino Nazaria, Antoni Giacomo Degli and Ottone Stefania
Optimal Reimbursement Policy in Health Care: Competition, Ownership Structure and Quality Provision pp. 19 Downloads
Stenbacka Rune and Tombak Mihkel
Editor Reputation and Journal Quality: The Case of Regional Economic Association Journals pp. 20 Downloads
Faria João R, Mixon Franklin G and Kamal Upadhyaya
Warrantless Arrest Laws for Domestic Violence: How Are Youth Affected? pp. 20 Downloads
Kabir Dasgupta and Gail Pacheco
A Theory of Inefficient College Entry and Excessive Student Debt pp. 21 Downloads
Fedaseyeu Viktar and Strohush Vitaliy
Effects of Minimum Wages on Absence from Work Due to Illness pp. 23 Downloads
Juan Du and Leigh J. Paul

Volume 17, issue 4, 2017

The Impact of Public Smoking Bans on Smoking Behaviour: Evidence from an Australian Experiment pp. 6 Downloads
Rong Zhu
Unilateral Technology Sharing among Competitors in Markets with Heterogeneous Consumers pp. 6 Downloads
Shohei Yoshida and Pan Cong
The Impact of Innovation on Financial and Insurance Services Exports pp. 10 Downloads
Briggs Kristie
Does the National Flood Insurance Program Have Redistributional Effects? pp. 11 Downloads
Bin Okmyung, Bishop John and Kousky Carolyn
Structuring Subsidies in a Long-Term Credit Relationship pp. 12 Downloads
Eric Van Tassel
The Effect of Neighborhood Fast Food on Children’s BMI: Evidence from a Sample of Movers pp. 15 Downloads
Qian Yiwei, Thomsen Michael R., Rodolfo Nayga and Rouse Heather L.
The Impact of Fiscal Transparency on Corruption: An Empirical Analysis Based on Longitudinal Data pp. 17 Downloads
Elina De Simone, Gaeta Giuseppe Lucio and Paulo Mourão
Crime and Establishment Size: Evidence from South America pp. 17 Downloads
Umut Oguzoglu and Ashantha Ranasinghe
Understanding the Unequal Post-Great Recession Wealth Recovery for American Families pp. 18 Downloads
Zhang Sisi and Shuaizhang Feng
The Great Depression of Income: Historical Estimates of the Longer-Run Impact of Entering the Labor Market during a Recession pp. 20 Downloads
Jeremy Moulton
Effective Policies for Transportation and Pollution Reduction on North America’s International Borders pp. 21 Downloads
Fernandez Linda and Das Monica
The Effectiveness of Public Subsidies for Private Innovations. An Experimental Approach pp. 21 Downloads
Brüggemann Julia and Proeger Till
Household Production and the Elasticity of Marginal Utility of Consumption pp. 25 Downloads
Asplund Disa
Financial Constraints: Do They Matter to Allocate R&D Subsidies? pp. 26 Downloads
Silva Filipe and Carlos Carreira
School Bond Referendum, Capital Expenditure, and Student Achievement pp. 26 Downloads
Kai Hong

Volume 17, issue 3, 2017

Does Previous Marijuana Use Increase the Use of Other Drugs: An Almost Ideal Demand System Approach pp. 6 Downloads
Thompson Alexi and Koichi Yamaura
A Model about the Impact of Ability Grouping on Student Achievement pp. 10 Downloads
David Kiss
Is Population Growth Bad for the Environment? pp. 14 Downloads
Liu Xiangbo, Levy Ting, Chao Chi-Chur and Zhang Mengbo
Does Job Satisfaction Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction? Evidence from Retail Banking in South Korea pp. 18 Downloads
Ricard Gil, Kim Myongjin and Koo Inhyouk
“Leaving No Child Behind:” Preferences for Social Inclusion and Altruism pp. 19 Downloads
Martina Menon, Perali Federico and Marcella Veronesi
Is it the Way You Live or the Job You Have? Health Effects of Lifestyles and Working Conditions pp. 20 Downloads
Cottini Elena and Ghinetti Paolo
Health Insurance Coverage and Risky Health Behaviors among Young Adults pp. 21 Downloads
Barış Yörük
Vertical Integration Smooths Innovation Diffusion pp. 22 Downloads
Luigi Filippini and Cecilia Vergari
Increasing Block Tariffs in the Water Sector – An Interpretation in Terms of Social Preferences pp. 24 Downloads
Meran Georg and Christian von Hirschhausen

Volume 17, issue 2, 2017

Fiscal Decentralization and Public Spending: Evidence from Heteroscedasticity-Based Identification pp. 8 Downloads
Herwartz Helmut and Bernd Theilen
Information Acquisition and Disclosure of Environmental Risk pp. 9 Downloads
Aditi Sengupta
The Legal Grounds of Irregular Migration: A Global Game Approach pp. 10 Downloads
Claire Naiditch and Radu Vranceanu
Monopolistic Competition and Exclusive Quality pp. 14 Downloads
Ortiz-Ospina Esteban
Technology Diffusion and Trade Liberalization pp. 15 Downloads
Hamid Beladi and Reza Oladi
Retirement Decisions in Recessionary Times: Evidence from Spain pp. 21 Downloads
Amuedo-Dorantes Catalina and Cristina Borra
Origins of Adulthood Personality: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences pp. 22 Downloads
Jason Fletcher and Schurer Stefanie
Banks Restructuring Sonata: How Capital Injection Triggered Labor Force Rejuvenation in Japanese Banks pp. 25 Downloads
Osada Takeshi, Onji Kazuki and David Vera
Economic Conditions at School Leaving and Sleep Patterns Across the Life Course pp. 37 Downloads
Maclean Johanna Catherine and Hill Terrence D.

Volume 17, issue 1, 2017

Can Catastrophic Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Increase Private Insurance Coverage and Reduce Medicaid Expenditure? pp. 6 Downloads
Ma Guoxuan and Sun Wei
Getting Girls to Schools! – Assessing the Impacts of a Targeted Program on Enrollment and Academic Performance pp. 6 Downloads
Chatterjee Somdeep
Endogenous Leadership in Tax Competition: A Combination of the Effects of Market Power and Strategic Interaction pp. 8 Downloads
Pi Jiancai and Chen Xuyang
Information Acquisition in Vertical Relations pp. 13 Downloads
Baake Pio, Harasser Andreas and Heiny Friederike
Competition, Product Innovation and Licensing pp. 14 Downloads
Chang Ray-Yun, Hwang Hong and Cheng-Hau Peng
The Impacts of Rural Property Rights on Urban Unemployment, Wage Inequality, and Welfare in Developing Countries pp. 15 Downloads
Pi Jiancai, Ge Yang and Yin Jun
Are Immigrants in Favour of Immigration? Evidence from England and Wales pp. 16 Downloads
Nils Braakmann, John Wildman and Waqas Muhammad
Lobbying as a Guard against Extremism pp. 17 Downloads
Zudenkova Galina
What Extent of Welfare Loss is Caused by the Disparity between Perceived and Scientific Risks? A Case Study of Food Irradiation pp. 17 Downloads
Masahide Watanabe and Yukichika Kawata
Characteristics and Employment of Applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance over the Business Cycle pp. 17 Downloads
Lindner Stephan, Burdick Clark and Meseguer Javier
Preferences Toward Leniency under Mandatory Criminal Sentencing Guidelines: Role-in-the-Offense Adjustments for Federal Drug Trafficking Defendants pp. 18 Downloads
Nutting Andrew W.
The Impact of Educational Mismatches on Wages: The Influence of Measurement Error and Unobserved Heterogeneity pp. 20 Downloads
Sellami Sana, Dieter Verhaest, Nonneman Walter and Walter Van Trier
Education Outcomes of Children of Asian Intermarriages: Does Gender of the Immigrant Parent Matter? pp. 21 Downloads
Sukanya Basu and Michael Insler
The Market Value of R&D in Emerging Economies: Evidence from India pp. 22 Downloads
Kanwar Sunil and Bronwyn Hall
The Effect of Kinship Placement Laws on Foster Children’s Well-Being pp. 23 Downloads
Hayduk Iryna
Are You What You Eat? Healthy Behaviour and Risk Preferences pp. 25 Downloads
Matteo Galizzi and Marisa Miraldo
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