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Volume 20, issue 3, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility and Wage Inequality pp. 16 Downloads
Pi Jiancai and Zhao Runzhi
The Optimal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Schedule: A Trapezoid or a Triangle? pp. 16 Downloads
Regev Eitan and Strawczynski Michel
Gender and Educational Variations in the Earnings Premiums of Occupational Credentials pp. 21 Downloads
Kim Jeounghee and Chatterji Sangeeta
The Gender-bias Effect of Test Scoring and Framing: A Concern for Personnel Selection and College Admission pp. 23 Downloads
Espinosa Maria Paz and Gardeazabal Javier
Movie Variety and the City pp. 26 Downloads
Kim In Kyung
Microfinance and Moneylenders: Long-run Effects of MFIs on Informal Credit Market in Bangladesh pp. 35 Downloads
Berg Claudia, Emran Shahe and Shilpi Forhad
Microfinance and Vulnerability to Seasonal Famine in a Rural Economy: Evidence from Monga in Bangladesh pp. 36 Downloads
Berg Claudia and Emran M. Shahe
Complementarities between Labour Market Institutions and their Causal Impact on Youth Labour Market Outcomes pp. 37 Downloads
O’Higgins Niall and Pica Giovanni
Immigration Relief and Insurance Coverage: Evidence from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals pp. 37 Downloads
Bae Jung
Hi-tech Sexism? Evidence from Bangladesh pp. 39 Downloads
Hoque Nazmul and Boulier Bryan L.

Volume 20, issue 2, 2020

Search and Bidding Costs pp. 7 Downloads
Miao Chun-Hui
Conflict Intensity and Birth Outcomes – Evidence from the West Bank pp. 8 Downloads
Jürges Hendrik and Franz Westermaier
Sharing Competition: An Agent-Based Model for the Short-Term Accommodations Market pp. 13 Downloads
Bruna Bruno and Faggini Marisa
Acquisitions for Sleep pp. 13 Downloads
Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson and Olofsson Charlotta
Analyzing the Effect of Mandatory Water Restrictions on Water Usage pp. 13 Downloads
Trey Dronyk-Trosper and Brandli Stitzel
Employee Choice and the Demand for Health Insurance Coverage: Evidence from Random Coefficients Models pp. 13 Downloads
Kattih Nour and Mixon Franklin G.
The Crucial Role of Social Welfare Criteria and Individual Heterogeneity for Optimal Inheritance Taxation pp. 16 Downloads
García-Miralles Esteban
Accounting for Differences in Female Labor Force Participation between China and India pp. 17 Downloads
Azam Mehtabul and Han Luyi
Timing of Adopting a Flexible Manufacturing System and Product Differentiation pp. 17 Downloads
Sun Chia-Hung
Investment in Green Technology and Entry Deterrence pp. 18 Downloads
Strandholm John C. and Espínola-Arredondo Ana
The Wage Response to a Reduction in Income Tax Rates: The Israeli Tax Reform pp. 22 Downloads
Frish Roni, Zussman Noam and Igdalov Sophia
The Economics of Enlightenment: Time Value of Knowledge and the Net Present Value (NPV) of Knowledge Machines, A Proposed Approach Adapted from Finance pp. 23 Downloads
Kashyap Ravi
The Consequences of the 1959–1961 Chinese Famine for Educational Attainment pp. 23 Downloads
Lay Margaret J. and Norling Johannes
Gender Differences in Performance and Risk-taking among Children, Teenagers, and College Students: Evidence from Jeopardy! pp. 24 Downloads
Michael Jetter and Walker Jay K.
Childcare Allowances and Public Pensions: Welfare and Demographic Effects in an Aging Japan pp. 25 Downloads
Okamoto Akira
Marathon, Hurdling, or Sprint? The Effects of Exam Scheduling on Academic Performance pp. 36 Downloads
Sofoklis Goulas and Megalokonomou Rigissa

Volume 20, issue 1, 2020

Executive Compensation and Labor Expenses pp. 6 Downloads
Stefano Colonnello
The Role of Optimism and Pessimism in the Substitution Between Primary and Secondary Health Prevention Efforts pp. 6 Downloads
Pauline Chauvin, Tabo Augustin and Bertrand Chopard
A Note on Productive and Dynamic Inefficiencies of Intermediate Regulatory Sanctions pp. 8 Downloads
Tim Friehe and Mungan Murat C.
Knowledge Obsolescence and Women’s Occupational Sorting: New Evidence from Citation Data pp. 14 Downloads
McFarland Amanda and Pearlman Sarah
Social Status Perception and Individual Social Capital: Evidence from the US pp. 14 Downloads
Alessandro Bucciol, Luca Zarri and Simona Cicognani
The Challenge of Organizing Elderly Care Programmes: Optimal Policy Design under Complete and Asymmetric Information pp. 15 Downloads
Leporatti Lucia and Marcello Montefiori
Minimum Wages and Nascent Entrepreneurship in the US pp. 15 Downloads
Kwapisz Agnieszka
Assessing Higher Education Policy in Brazil: A Mixed Oligopoly Approach pp. 16 Downloads
Elena Del Rey and Fernanda Estevan
Personal or Partisan Incumbency Advantage? Evidence from an Electoral Reform at the Local Level in Italy pp. 18 Downloads
Alberto De Benedetto Marco
Habits Do Not Die Easily: The Economics of Table Soccer pp. 19 Downloads
Alfano Vincenzo and Salvatore Capasso
Inheritance Taxation in a Model with Intergenerational Time Transfers pp. 19 Downloads
Pascal Belan and Erwan Moussault
Endogenous Equity Shares in Cournot Competition: Welfare Analysis and Policy pp. 21 Downloads
Kanjilal Kiriti and Muñoz-García Félix
Effects of Alcohol Taxation on Prices: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Pass-Through Rates pp. 21 Downloads
Jon Nelson and Moran John R.
Too Much Stick for the Carrot? Job Search Requirements and Search Behaviour of Unemployment Benefit Claimants pp. 21 Downloads
Andrea Morescalchi and Paruolo Paolo
The Effect of the Second Child on the Anthropometric Outcomes and Nutrition Intake of the First Child: Evidence from the Relaxation of the One-Child Policy in Rural China pp. 28 Downloads
Chen Cheng, Chou Shin-Yi, Wang Cheng and Zhao Wangyang

Volume 19, issue 4, 2019

Myopic Mergers across Borders with Incomplete Information in GOLE pp. 4 Downloads
Hamid Beladi, Hollas Daniel and Chakrabarti Avik
Believe It or Not: Strategic Licensing Makes R&D Alliance Profitable pp. 6 Downloads
Tannista Banerjee and Sengupta Aditi
China’s Only Children and Their Spillover Effects on Academic Performance in the Classroom pp. 10 Downloads
Wang Haining and Rong Zhu
University Program Characteristics and Education-Job Mismatch pp. 12 Downloads
Kucel Aleksander and Montserrat Vilalta-Bufi
How Do Intermediaries Affect the Effectiveness of the Four-Eyes-Principle? An Experimental Investigation pp. 13 Downloads
Fan Liangcong, Ying Zechun, Yuemei Yuan, Zhang Xinchao and Xu Bin
Efficiency Wages in Cournot-Oligopoly pp. 13 Downloads
Marco de Pinto and Laszlo Goerke
Horizontal Mergers in a Dynamic Cournot Market: Solving the Free Riding Issue Without Efficiency Gains pp. 14 Downloads
Marc Escrihuela-Villar and Ferrarese Walter
Internal Migration and Public Policy pp. 16 Downloads
Michele Giuranno and Biswas Rongili
Public Good Provision Financed by Nonlinear Income Tax Under Reduction of Envy pp. 16 Downloads
Obara Takuya and Tsugawa Shuichi
Does Television Kill Your Sex Life? Microeconometric Evidence from 80 Countries pp. 16 Downloads
Adrienne Lucas and Nicholas Wilson
To Be a Blood Donor or Not to Be? Investigating Institutional and Student Characteristics at a Military College pp. 17 Downloads
Bing Jiang and Allen Samuel K.
Do School Counselors Exhibit Bias in Recommending Students for Advanced Coursework? pp. 17 Downloads
Francis Dania V., Angela de Oliveira and Dimmitt Carey

Volume 19, issue 3, 2019

Fiscal Imbalances and Fiscal Effort of Local Governments pp. 7 Downloads
Giuseppe Di Liddo, Ernesto Longobardi and Francesco Porcelli
Risk Taking and Aggression On and Off the Field: Evidence from the National Football League pp. 9 Downloads
Ge Qi
Health Care Home: Early Evidence from Linked Administrative Data in New Zealand pp. 11 Downloads
Kabir Dasgupta and Gail Pacheco
Do Labor Market Regulations Affect the Link between Innovation and Employment? Evidence from Latin America pp. 13 Downloads
Baensch Laura, Lanzalot Maria Laura, Rodolfo Stucchi and Giulia Lotti
Risk and Discrimination pp. 14 Downloads
Josh Ederington, Jenny Minier and C. Stowe
Transaction Costs as a Source of Consumer Stockpiling pp. 15 Downloads
Garrod Luke, Li Ruochen and Wilson Chris M.
Intrinsic Religiosity, Personality Traits, and Adolescent Risky Behaviors pp. 16 Downloads
Mendolia Silvia, Alfredo Paloyo and Walker Ian
The Effects of Copayments on Healthcare Utilization in Korea’s Medical Aid Program pp. 17 Downloads
Yong-Woo Lee and Lee Yong-Ju
Anatomy of Non-Employment Risk pp. 19 Downloads
Fugazza Carolina
The Role of Multiple Pollutants and Pollution Intensities in the Policy Reform of Taxes and Standards pp. 20 Downloads
Gautier Luis
A Psychometric Investigation of the Personality Traits Underlying Individual Tax Morale pp. 25 Downloads
Nicolas Jacquemet, Luchini Stéphane, Antoine Malézieux and Jason Shogren
A Structural Approach to Assessing Retention Policies in Public Schools pp. 26 Downloads
Celia Vera

Volume 19, issue 2, 2019

Do Minimum Wage Increases Affect SNAP Benefits? pp. 6 Downloads
Snyder Thomas, Rinkevich Senayt and Yuan Weici
On Lawyer Compensation When Appeals Are Possible pp. 11 Downloads
At Christian, Tim Friehe and Gabuthy Yannick
Elevated Uncertainty during the Financial Crisis: Do Effects on Subjective Well-Being Differ across European Countries? pp. 15 Downloads
Lena Tonzer
The Impact of Secondary Environmental Variables on OECD Healthcare Efficiency: A Robust Conditional Approach pp. 16 Downloads
Gearhart Richard
Refunding Emissions Taxes: The Case For A Three-Part Policy pp. 16 Downloads
Bontems Philippe
Do Local Institutions Affect Labour Market Participation? The Italian Case pp. 21 Downloads
Massimiliano Agovino, Garofalo Antonio and Cerciello Massimiliano
Dynamics of Individual Income Rank Volatility: Evidence from West Germany and the US pp. 22 Downloads
Chauvel Louis, Hartung Anne and Flaviana Palmisano
Gender Discrimination in Exam Grading? Double Evidence from a Natural Experiment and a Field Experiment pp. 23 Downloads
Rangvid Beatrice Schindler
Voluntary Mobility of Employees for Better Job Opportunities Given a Temporary Contract: Insights Regarding an Age-Varying Association Between the Two Events pp. 27 Downloads
Chiara Mussida and Luca Zanin
Housing Wealth Effects in Japan: Evidence Based on Household Micro Data pp. 28 Downloads
Masahiro Hori and Niizeki Takeshi
Do Immigrants Compete with Natives in the Greek Labour Market? Evidence from the Skill-Cell Approach before and during the Great Recession pp. 30 Downloads
Michael Chletsos and Stelios Roupakias
Optimal Disability Insurance with Informal Child Care pp. 42 Downloads
Christine Ho

Volume 19, issue 1, 2019

She-E-Os and the Cost of Debt: Do Female CEOs Pay Less for Credit? pp. 7 Downloads
Usman Muhammad, Farooq Muhammad Umar, Zhang Junrui, Sun Junqin and Makki Muhammad Abdul Majid
Population Policy, Demographic Change, and Firm Returns: Evidence from China pp. 11 Downloads
Zhiyong An and Hou Yilin
The Curious Case of Farmer Credit Cards: Evidence from an Indian Policy Reform pp. 14 Downloads
Somdeep Chatterjee
Sorting into Contests: Evidence from Production Contracts pp. 15 Downloads
Wang Zhen and Vukina Tomislav
Inter-Ethnic Friendship and Hostility between Roma and non-Roma Students in Hungary: The Role of Exposure and Academic Achievement pp. 17 Downloads
Tamás Hajdu, Gabor Kertesi and Gabor Kezdi
Terrorism and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan pp. 17 Downloads
Ummad Mazhar
Parental Transfers, Intra-household Bargaining and Fertility Decision pp. 17 Downloads
Emin Gahramanov, Khusrav Gaibulloev and Younas Javed
Announced or Surprise Inspections and Oligopoly Competition pp. 20 Downloads
Emmanuel Dechenaux and Samuel Andrew
Do Firms Supported by Credit Guarantee Schemes Report Better Financial Results 2 Years After the End of Intervention? pp. 20 Downloads
Dvouletý Ondřej, Jan Cadil and Mirošník Karel
Estimating the Impact of Ride-Hailing App Company Entry on Public Transportation Use in Major US Urban Areas pp. 21 Downloads
Erik Nelson and Sadowsky Nicole
The Costs of Firm Exit and Labour Market Policies: New Evidence from Europe pp. 24 Downloads
Dan Andrews, Irene Ferrari and Alessandro Saia
Public Health Insurance and Prescription Medications for Mental Illness pp. 25 Downloads
Johanna Maclean, Cook Benjamin, Carson Nicholas and Michael Pesko
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