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Volume 17, issue 3, 2017

Does Previous Marijuana Use Increase the Use of Other Drugs: An Almost Ideal Demand System Approach pp. 6 Downloads
Thompson Alexi and Koichi Yamaura
A Model about the Impact of Ability Grouping on Student Achievement pp. 10 Downloads
David Kiss
Is Population Growth Bad for the Environment? pp. 14 Downloads
Liu Xiangbo, Levy Ting, Chao Chi-Chur and Zhang Mengbo
Does Job Satisfaction Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction? Evidence from Retail Banking in South Korea pp. 18 Downloads
Gil Ricard, Kim Myongjin and Koo Inhyouk
“Leaving No Child Behind:” Preferences for Social Inclusion and Altruism pp. 19 Downloads
Menon Martina, Perali Federico and Veronesi Marcella
Is it the Way You Live or the Job You Have? Health Effects of Lifestyles and Working Conditions pp. 20 Downloads
Cottini Elena and Ghinetti Paolo
Health Insurance Coverage and Risky Health Behaviors among Young Adults pp. 21 Downloads
Barış Yörük
Vertical Integration Smooths Innovation Diffusion pp. 22 Downloads
Filippini Luigi and Cecilia Vergari
Increasing Block Tariffs in the Water Sector – An Interpretation in Terms of Social Preferences pp. 24 Downloads
Meran Georg and Christian von Hirschhausen

Volume 17, issue 2, 2017

Fiscal Decentralization and Public Spending: Evidence from Heteroscedasticity-Based Identification pp. 8 Downloads
Herwartz Helmut and Bernd Theilen
Information Acquisition and Disclosure of Environmental Risk pp. 9 Downloads
Aditi Sengupta
The Legal Grounds of Irregular Migration: A Global Game Approach pp. 10 Downloads
Naiditch Claire and Radu Vranceanu
Monopolistic Competition and Exclusive Quality pp. 14 Downloads
Ortiz-Ospina Esteban
Technology Diffusion and Trade Liberalization pp. 15 Downloads
Hamid Beladi and Reza Oladi
Retirement Decisions in Recessionary Times: Evidence from Spain pp. 21 Downloads
Amuedo-Dorantes Catalina and Cristina Borra
Origins of Adulthood Personality: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences pp. 22 Downloads
Jason Fletcher and Schurer Stefanie
Banks Restructuring Sonata: How Capital Injection Triggered Labor Force Rejuvenation in Japanese Banks pp. 25 Downloads
Osada Takeshi, Onji Kazuki and David Vera
Economic Conditions at School Leaving and Sleep Patterns Across the Life Course pp. 37 Downloads
Maclean Johanna Catherine and Hill Terrence D.

Volume 17, issue 1, 2017

Can Catastrophic Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Increase Private Insurance Coverage and Reduce Medicaid Expenditure? pp. 6 Downloads
Ma Guoxuan and Sun Wei
Getting Girls to Schools! – Assessing the Impacts of a Targeted Program on Enrollment and Academic Performance pp. 6 Downloads
Chatterjee Somdeep
Endogenous Leadership in Tax Competition: A Combination of the Effects of Market Power and Strategic Interaction pp. 8 Downloads
Pi Jiancai and Chen Xuyang
Information Acquisition in Vertical Relations pp. 13 Downloads
Baake Pio, Harasser Andreas and Heiny Friederike
Competition, Product Innovation and Licensing pp. 14 Downloads
Chang Ray-Yun, Hwang Hong and Peng Cheng-Hau
The Impacts of Rural Property Rights on Urban Unemployment, Wage Inequality, and Welfare in Developing Countries pp. 15 Downloads
Pi Jiancai, Ge Yang and Yin Jun
Are Immigrants in Favour of Immigration? Evidence from England and Wales pp. 16 Downloads
Braakmann Nils, John Wildman and Waqas Muhammad
Lobbying as a Guard against Extremism pp. 17 Downloads
Zudenkova Galina
What Extent of Welfare Loss is Caused by the Disparity between Perceived and Scientific Risks? A Case Study of Food Irradiation pp. 17 Downloads
Masahide Watanabe and Yukichika Kawata
Characteristics and Employment of Applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance over the Business Cycle pp. 17 Downloads
Lindner Stephan, Burdick Clark and Meseguer Javier
Preferences Toward Leniency under Mandatory Criminal Sentencing Guidelines: Role-in-the-Offense Adjustments for Federal Drug Trafficking Defendants pp. 18 Downloads
Nutting Andrew W.
The Impact of Educational Mismatches on Wages: The Influence of Measurement Error and Unobserved Heterogeneity pp. 20 Downloads
Sellami Sana, Dieter Verhaest, Nonneman Walter and Walter Van Trier
Education Outcomes of Children of Asian Intermarriages: Does Gender of the Immigrant Parent Matter? pp. 21 Downloads
Sukanya Basu and Michael Insler
The Market Value of R&D in Emerging Economies: Evidence from India pp. 22 Downloads
Kanwar Sunil and Bronwyn Hall
The Effect of Kinship Placement Laws on Foster Children’s Well-Being pp. 23 Downloads
Hayduk Iryna
Are You What You Eat? Healthy Behaviour and Risk Preferences pp. 25 Downloads
Matteo Galizzi and Marisa Miraldo

Volume 16, issue 4, 2016

Process and Product Innovation and the Role of the Preference Function pp. 5 Downloads
Andreas Hoefele
Meet-the-competition clauses and the strategic disclosure of product quality pp. 5 Downloads
Cristián Troncoso-Valverde
Consumers’ Misevaluation and Public Promotion pp. 5 Downloads
Atsushi Yamagishi
Import Competition and Post-displacement Wages in Korea: Whom You Trade with Matters pp. 6 Downloads
Youngho Kang and Im Hyejoon
How Lobbying Affects Representation: Results for Majority-Elected Politicians pp. 7 Downloads
David Stadelmann, Portmann Marco and Eichenberger Reiner
Does Evasion Invalidate the Welfare Sufficiency of the ETI? pp. 10 Downloads
Gillitzer Christian and Joel Slemrod
What Do Regulators Value? pp. 10 Downloads
Weisman Dennis L.
Privatization, Unemployment, and Welfare in the Harris-Todaro Model with a Mixed Duopoly pp. 12 Downloads
Pi Jiancai and Yin Jun
Has Creative Destruction become more Destructive? pp. 12 Downloads
John Komlos
Coasean Quality of Regulated Goods pp. 13 Downloads
Marian Moszoro
Regulations to Supplement Weak Environmental Liability pp. 14 Downloads
Calcott Paul
Is There a Role for Higher Education Institutions in Improving the Quality of First Employment? pp. 15 Downloads
Seamus McGuinness, Whelan Adele and Adele Bergin
Intergenerational Educational Persistence among Daughters: Evidence from India pp. 16 Downloads
Mehtabul Azam
Does Eco-labeling of Services Matter? Evidence from Higher Education pp. 18 Downloads
Hickman Daniel C. and Andrew Meyer
Strategic CSR, Heterogeneous Firms and Credit Constraints pp. 19 Downloads
Giallonardo Luisa and Marcella Mulino
Can Polluting Firms Favor Regulation? pp. 23 Downloads
Felix Munoz-Garcia and Sherzod Akhundjanov
Can Low-Wage Employment Help People Escape from the No-Pay – Low-Income Trap? pp. 28 Downloads
Plum Alexander
Auctioning Emission Permits with Market Power pp. 28 Downloads
Alvarez Francisco and Francisco André
School Entry, Compulsory Schooling, and Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Michigan pp. 29 Downloads
Hemelt Steven W. and Rosen Rachel B.
Delinquency Reinforcement and Balance: Is Exposure to Delinquent Peers Always Risky? pp. 30 Downloads
James Charles Joni S. and Yao-Yu Chih
A Signal of Altruistic Motivation for Foreign Aid pp. 31 Downloads
Andrea Civelli, Horowitz Andrew W. and Arilton Teixeira
Overeducation, Overskilling and Mental Well-being pp. 33 Downloads
Rong Zhu and Chen Linfeng
Cannabis Control and Crime: Medicinal Use, Depenalization and the War on Drugs pp. 35 Downloads
Huber III Arthur, Newman Rebecca and Daniel LaFave
The Effects of School Closure Threats on Student Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment pp. 39 Downloads
Chiu Ming Ming, Joh Sung Wook and Lawrence Khoo
Voting in Central Banks: Theory versus Stylized Facts pp. 62 Downloads
Roman Horvath, Katerina Smidkova and Jan Zapal

Volume 16, issue 3, 2016

On the Economics of the “Meeting Competition Defense” Under the Robinson–Patman Act pp. 1213-1238 Downloads
Iñaki Aguirre
Incentives to Invest in Short-Term vs Long-Term Contracts: Theory and Evidence pp. 1239-1272 Downloads
Pierre Dubois and Tomislav Vukina
Number of Firms, Rationing, Matching, and Knowledge: A Comprehensive Study of Variations in Experimental Kreps–Scheinkman Markets pp. 1273-1319 Downloads
Jacobs Martin
Profit Improving via Strategic Technology Sharing pp. 1321-1336 Downloads
Kao Kuo-Feng and Cheng-Hau Peng
Nominal or Real? The Impact of Regional Price Levels on Satisfaction with Life pp. 1337-1358 Downloads
Deckers Thomas, Armin Falk and Schildberg-Hörisch Hannah
University Merging Process: A Guideline Proposal for Excellence-Enhancing pp. 1359-1386 Downloads
Marisa Hidalgo-Hidalgo and Valera Guadalupe
Affordable False Teeth: The Effects of Patient Cost Sharing on Denture Utilization and Subjective Chewing Ability pp. 1387-1438 Downloads
Michihito Ando and Takaku Reo
Family Instability and Locus of Control in Adolescence pp. 1439-1471 Downloads
Frauke Peter and Spiess C. Katharina
The Impact of Education Earmarking on State-Level Lottery Sales pp. 1473-1500 Downloads
Stivender Carol O., Paul Gaggl, Amato Louis H. and Farrow-Chestnut Tonya E.
Legislative Term Limits and Government Spending: Theory and Evidence from the United States pp. 1501-1538 Downloads
Yasushi Asako, Tetsuya Matsubayashi and Ueda Michiko
Gasoline and Diesel Tax Incidence: The 2003 Washington State Nickel Funding Package pp. 1539-1562 Downloads
Silvia Louis and Taylor Christopher T.
The Relationship from Friendship Links to Educational Achievement pp. 1563-1572 Downloads
Cheuk Yin Ho
Investment Secrecy and Competitive R&D pp. 1573-1583 Downloads
Aditi Sengupta
Why Don’t Prices Rise during Periods of Peak Demand? Synchronize Demand to Relax Competition pp. 1585-1597 Downloads
Chun-Hui Miao
Explaining the Equalising Effect of Panel-Income Changes pp. 1599-1609 Downloads
Nicolas Hérault
Input Prices and Product Differentiation pp. 1611-1619 Downloads
Lestage Romain

Volume 16, issue 2, 2016

Euroskepticism, Income Inequality and Financial Expectations pp. 539-576 Downloads
Ritzen Jo, Caroline Wehner and Klaus Zimmermann
The Impact of Education and Occupation on Temporary and Permanent Work Incapacity pp. 577-617 Downloads
Nabanita Datta Gupta, Lau Daniel and Dario Pozzoli
Public Outcry and Police Behavior pp. 619-645 Downloads
Gregory DeAngelo and Bryan McCannon
Competitive Pressure and Corporate Crime pp. 647-687 Downloads
Baumann Florian and Tim Friehe
Racial Group Affinity and Religious Giving: Evidence from Congregation-Level Panel Data pp. 689-725 Downloads
Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, Peter Grajzl, Guse A. Joseph and Smith J. Taylor
The Regulatory Choice of Noncompliance in the Lab: Effect on Quantities, Prices, and Implications for the Design of a Cost-Effective Policy pp. 727-753 Downloads
Marcelo Caffera and Chávez Carlos
Information and Inflation: An Analysis of Grading Behavior pp. 755-783 Downloads
Lehr Brandon
Competition and Product Choice in Option Demand Markets pp. 785-805 Downloads
Gilad Sorek
Differences between Subjective and Predicted Survival Probabilities and Their Relation to Preventive Care Use pp. 807-835 Downloads
Anikó Bíró
The Impact of Political Uncertainty: A Robust Control Approach pp. 837-863 Downloads
Robert Baumann and Justin Svec
Concessions and Repression in Conflict pp. 865-899 Downloads
Akifumi Ishihara and Prakarsh Singh
Love of Variety and Immigration pp. 901-930 Downloads
Dhimitri Qirjo
Social Security and Divorce pp. 931-971 Downloads
Marcus Dillender
The Strategic Use of Innovation to Influence Environmental Policy: Taxes versus Standards pp. 973-1000 Downloads
Rafael Moner-Colonques and Santiago Rubio
On the Demographics and the Severity of the Social Security Crisis pp. 1001-1028 Downloads
Emin Gahramanov
Estimating Sourcing Premia Using Italian Regional Data pp. 1029-1067 Downloads
Valeria Gattai and Trovato Valentina
EU Enlargement, Parallel Trade and Price Competition in Pharmaceuticals: Has the Price Competition increased? pp. 1069-1092 Downloads
Granlund David and Köksal-Ayhan Miyase Yesim
Price Discrimination with Varying Qualities of Information pp. 1093-1121 Downloads
Qihong Liu and Jie Shuai
The Effects of Unemployment on Fertility: Evidence from England pp. 1123-1146 Downloads
Cevat Giray Aksoy
Market Imperfections and Income Distribution pp. 1147-1167 Downloads
Yılmaz Ensar
The Role of Income Uncertainty in the Corruption–Growth Nexus pp. 1169-1201 Downloads
Ratbek Dzhumashev
On Merger Profitability and the Intensity of Rivalry pp. 1203-1212 Downloads
Marc Escrihuela-Villar

Volume 16, issue 1, 2016

Does Water Quality Improve When a Safe Drinking Water Act Violation Is Issued? A Study of the Effectiveness of the SDWA in California pp. 1-23 Downloads
Grooms Katherine K.
File Sharing and Film Revenues: Estimates of Sales Displacement at the Box Office pp. 25-57 Downloads
Jordi Mckenzie and W. Walls
Do Boys and Girls Use Computers Differently, and Does It Contribute to Why Boys do Worse in School Than Girls? pp. 59-96 Downloads
Robert Fairlie
Wages, Hours, and the School-to-Work Transition: The Consequences of Leaving School in a Recession for Less-Educated Men pp. 97-124 Downloads
Jamin Speer
Are We Architects of Our Own Happiness? The Importance of Family Background for Well-Being pp. 125-149 Downloads
Daniel Schnitzlein and Wunder Christoph
The Real Cost of Credit Constraints: Evidence from Micro-finance pp. 151-183 Downloads
Renuka Sane and Susan Thomas
Boycott or Buycott?: Internal Politics and Consumer Choices pp. 185-218 Downloads
Xavier Cuadras-Morató and Raya Josep Maria
On the Design of Educational Conditional Cash Transfer Programs and Their Impact on Non-Education Outcomes: The Case of Teenage Pregnancy pp. 219-258 Downloads
Darwin Cortés, Juan Gallego and Darío Maldonado
The Impact of Female Education on Teenage Fertility: Evidence from Turkey pp. 259-288 Downloads
Pinar Gunes
Ownership and Exit Behavior: Evidence from the Home Health Care Market pp. 289-320 Downloads
Orsini Chiara
The Impact of Maternity Leave Laws on Cesarean Delivery pp. 321-364 Downloads
Stoddard Christiana, Stock Wendy A. and Hogenson Elise
Optimal Product R&D Policies with Endogenous Quality Choices and Unilateral Spillover pp. 365-391 Downloads
Taba Yumiko
Shopping Hours and Price Competition with Loyal Consumers pp. 393-407 Downloads
Flores Miguel and Wenzel Tobias
Gender Differences in Competitiveness: Evidence from Educational Admission Reforms pp. 409-436 Downloads
Hopland Arnt O. and Ole Henning Nyhus
Moral Hazard in Monday Claim Filing: Evidence from Spanish Sick Leave Insurance pp. 437-476 Downloads
Ángel Martín-Román and Alfonso Moral
A Trade and Welfare Analysis of Tariff Changes Within the TPP pp. 477-511 Downloads
Juyoung Cheong and Shino Takayama
Do Economic Development Incentives Crowd Out Public Expenditures in U.S. States? pp. 513-538 Downloads
Wang Jia
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