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Volume 7, issue 1, 2019

Introduction to Communicating on/with Minorities pp. 1-3 Downloads
Leen d’Haenens and Willem Joris
Representation of Women in the News: Balancing between Career and Family Life pp. 4-12 Downloads
Hanne Vandenberghe
Managing Super-Diversity on Television: The Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Flemish Non-Fiction Programmes pp. 13-21 Downloads
Koen Panis, Steve Paulussen and Alexander Dhoest
ICT Use and Digital Inclusion among Roma/Gitano Adolescents pp. 22-31 Downloads
Maialen Garmendia and Inaki Karrera
Risk and Culture of Health Portrayal in a U.S. Cross-Cultural TV Adaptation, a Pilot Study pp. 32-42 Downloads
Darien Perez Ryan and Patrick E. Jamieson
Unpacking Attitudes on Immigrants and Refugees: A Focus on Household Composition and News Media Consumption pp. 43-55 Downloads
David De Coninck, Koen Matthijs, Marlies Debrael, Rozane De Cock and Leen d'Haenens
Immigrant Children and the Internet in Spain: Uses, Opportunities, and Risks pp. 56-65 Downloads
Miguel Angel Casado, Carmelo Garitaonandia, Gorka Moreno and Estefania Jimenez
Diversity in Western Countries: Journalism Culture, Migration Integration Policy and Public Opinion pp. 66-76 Downloads
Stefan Mertens, Olivier Standaert, Leen d'Haenens and Rozane De Cock
Immigrant, Nationalist and Proud: A Twitter Analysis of Indian Diaspora Supporters for Brexit and Trump pp. 77-89 Downloads
Eviane Cheng Leidig
We Live Here, and We Are Queer!: Young Gay Connected Migrants’ Transnational Ties and Integration in the Netherlands pp. 90-101 Downloads
Jeffrey Patterson and Koen Leurs
The Cancer’s Margins Project: Access to Knowledge and Its Mobilization by LGBQ/T Cancer Patients pp. 102-113 Downloads
Evan T. Taylor, Mary K. Bryson, Lorna Boschman, Tae Hart, Jacqueline Gahagan, Genevieve Rail and Janice Ristock
Advancing Engaged Scholarship in the Media Field pp. 114-116 Downloads
John V. Pavlik
Optimizing Content with A/B Headline Testing: Changing Newsroom Practices pp. 117-127 Downloads
Nick Hagar and Nicholas Diakopoulos
Does Fear of Isolation Disappear Online? Attention-Seeking Motivators in Online Political Engagement pp. 128-138 Downloads
KyuJin Shim and Klive (Soo-Kwang) Oh
Social Television Viewing with Second Screen Platforms: Antecedents and Consequences pp. 139-152 Downloads
Miao Guo
Audience-Centric Engagement, Collaboration Culture and Platform Counterbalancing: A Longitudinal Study of Ongoing Sensemaking of Emerging Technologies pp. 153-165 Downloads
Sherwin Chua and Oscar Westlund
Invisible Locative Media: Key Considerations at the Nexus of Place and Digital Journalism pp. 166-178 Downloads
Ivar John Erdal, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Brett Oppegaard and Oscar Westlund
Insularized Connectedness: Mobile Chat Applications and News Production pp. 179-188 Downloads
Colin Agur
Conducting Research on the World’s Changing Mediascape: Principles and Practices pp. 189-192 Downloads
John V. Pavlik, Everette E Dennis, Rachel Davis Mersey and Justin Gengler
Journalism and Social Media: Redistribution of Power? pp. 193-197 Downloads
Marcel Broersma and Scott A. Eldridge
Political Journalists and Their Social Media Audiences: New Power Relations pp. 198-212 Downloads
Axel Bruns and Christian Nuernbergk
Exploring Political Journalism Homophily on Twitter: A Comparative Analysis of US and UK Elections in 2016 and 2017 pp. 213-224 Downloads
Kelly Fincham
Mapping Political Discussions on Twitter: Where the Elites Remain Elites pp. 225-234 Downloads
Chrysi Dagoula
The Role of Journalism on YouTube: Audience Engagement with ‘Superbug’ Reporting pp. 235-247 Downloads
Monika Djerf-Pierre, Mia Lindgren and Mikayla Alexis Budinski
Crossing the Line between News and the Business of News: Exploring Journalists’ Use of Twitter pp. 248-258 Downloads
Stephen Jukes
The Dislocation of News Journalism: A Conceptual Framework for the Study of Epistemologies of Digital Journalism pp. 259-270 Downloads
Mats Ekström and Oscar Westlund
Disintermediation in Social Networks: Conceptualizing Political Actors’ Construction of Publics on Twitter pp. 271-285 Downloads
Scott A. Eldridge, Lucía García-Carretero and Marcel Broersma

Volume 6, issue 4, 2018

News and Participation through and beyond Proprietary Platforms in an Age of Social Media pp. 1-10 Downloads
Oscar Westlund and Mats Ekström
A Decade of Research on Social Media and Journalism: Assumptions, Blind Spots, and a Way Forward pp. 11-23 Downloads
Seth C. Lewis and Logan Molyneux
From Counter-Power to Counter-Pepe: The Vagaries of Participatory Epistemology in a Digital Age pp. 24-25 Downloads
C. W. Anderson and Matthias Revers
Dark Participation pp. 36-48 Downloads
Thorsten Quandt
Alternative Media and the Notion of Anti-Systemness: Towards an Analytical Framework pp. 49-57 Downloads
Kristoffer Holt
The Moral Gatekeeper? Moderation and Deletion of User-Generated Content in a Leading News Forum pp. 58-69 Downloads
Svenja Boberg, Tim Schatto-Eckrodt, Lena Frischlich and Thorsten Quandt
Strangers to the Game? Interlopers, Intralopers, and Shifting News Production pp. 70-78 Downloads
Avery E. Holton and Valerie Belair-Gagnon
Hybrid Engagement: Discourses and Scenarios of Entrepreneurial Journalism pp. 79-90 Downloads
Juho Ruotsalainen and Mikko Villi
Networked News Participation: Future Pathways pp. 91-102 Downloads
Sue Robinson and Yidong Wang
Commentary on News and Participation through and beyond Proprietary Platforms in an Age of Social Media pp. 103-106 Downloads
James E. Katz
The Midlife Crisis of the Network Society pp. 107-110 Downloads
Nikki Usher and Matt Carlson
Why We Should Keep Studying Good (and Everyday) Participation: An Analogy to Political Participation pp. 111-114 Downloads
Neta Kligler-Vilenchik
Designing a Renaissance for Digital News Media pp. 115-118 Downloads
Anette Novak
E-Government and Smart Cities: Theoretical Reflections and Case Studies pp. 119-122 Downloads
Peter Mechant and Nils Walravens
Forging Smarter Cities through CrowdLaw pp. 123-126 Downloads
Beth Simone Noveck
“Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model” as a Predictor for the Use Intention of Data Standards in Smart Cities pp. 127-139 Downloads
Raf Buyle, Mathias Van Compernolle, Eveline Vlassenroot, Ziggy Vanlishout, Peter Mechant and Erik Mannens
Channel Choice Determinants of (Digital) Government Communication: A Case Study of Spatial Planning in Flanders pp. 140-152 Downloads
Willemien Laenens, Wendy Van den Broeck and Ilse Mariën
In Waze We Trust: Algorithmic Governance of the Public Sphere pp. 153-162 Downloads
Shenja van der Graaf
Delivering Smart Governance in a Future City: The Case of Glasgow pp. 163-174 Downloads
Charles Leleux and C. William R. Webster
The Impact of User Participation Methods on E-Government Projects: The Case of La Louvière, Belgium pp. 175-186 Downloads
Anthony Simonofski, Benoît Vanderose, Antoine Clarinval and Monique Snoeck

Volume 6, issue 3, 2018

The Turn to Affect and Emotion in Media Studies pp. 1-4 Downloads
Margreth Lünenborg and Tanja Maier
Affect in Media and Communication Studies: Potentials and Assemblages pp. 5-14 Downloads
Brigitte Hipfl
Affect Disposition(ing): A Genealogical Approach to the Organization and Regulation of Emotions pp. 15-21 Downloads
Bernd Bösel
Towards a Psychoanalytic Concept of Affective-Digital Labour pp. 22-29 Downloads
Jacob Johanssen
Negotiating Belonging as Cultural Proximity in the Process of Adapting Global Reality TV Formats pp. 30-39 Downloads
Laura Suna
How Culture Influences Emotion Display in Transnational Television Formats: The Case of The Voice of China pp. 40-47 Downloads
Yuanchen Zhang
Leak Early, Leak (More Than) Often: Outlining the Affective Politics of Data Leaks in Network Ecologies pp. 48-59 Downloads
Alberto Micali
Personal Power and Agency When Dealing with Interactive Voice Response Systems and Alternative Modalities pp. 60-68 Downloads
Jill Walsh, Brittany Leigh Andersen, James E. Katz and Jacob Groshek
The Implications of the FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal pp. 69-72 Downloads
Florian Schaub
The New Frontier in Communication Research: Why We Should Study Social Robots pp. 73-76 Downloads
Jochen Peter and Rinaldo Kühne
News, Ads, Chats, and Property Rights over Algorithms pp. 77-82 Downloads
Jan Kleinnijenhuis
Psychopaths Online: The Linguistic Traces of Psychopathy in Email, Text Messaging and Facebook pp. 83-92 Downloads
Jeffrey T Hancock, Michael Woodworth and Rachel Boochever

Volume 6, issue 2, 2018

Media Studies for a Mediatized World: Rethinking Media and Social Space pp. 1-4 Downloads
André Jansson and Johan Lindell
Mobile Media and Social Space: How Anytime, Anyplace Connectivity Structures Everyday Life pp. 5-14 Downloads
Mariek Vanden Abeele, Ralf De Wolf and Rich Ling
A Discursive Approach to Mediatisation: Corporate Technology Discourse and the Trope of Media Indispensability pp. 15-28 Downloads
Karin Fast
Mediatization of Social Space and the Case of Uber Drivers pp. 29-38 Downloads
Ngai Keung Chan and Lee Humphreys
Sensorial Organization as an Ethics of Space: Digital Media in Everyday Life pp. 39-45 Downloads
Stina Bengtsson
‘It’s Something Posh People Do’: Digital Distinction in Young People’s Cross-Media News Engagement pp. 46-55 Downloads
Jannie Møller Hartley
Grow Up, Level Up, and Game On; Evolving Games Research pp. 56-59 Downloads
Julia Kneer and Ruud S. Jacobs
Running Head: Video Game Nostalgia and Retro Gaming pp. 60-68 Downloads
Tim Wulf, Nicholas D. Bowman, Diana Rieger, John A. Velez and Johannes Breuer
Do We Need Permission to Play in Public? The Design of Participation for Social Play Video Games at Play Parties and ‘Alternative’ Games Festivals pp. 69-79 Downloads
Lynn H. C. Love
Games without Frontiers: A Framework for Analyzing Digital Game Cultures Comparatively pp. 80-89 Downloads
Ahmed Elmezeny and Jeffrey Wimmer
Psychasthenia Studio and the Gamification of Contemporary Culture pp. 90-102 Downloads
Victoria Szabo
The Persuasive Roles of Digital Games: The Case of Cancer Games pp. 103-111 Downloads
Teresa de la Hera Conde-Pumpido
Challenges with Measuring Learning through Digital Gameplay in K-12 Classrooms pp. 112-125 Downloads
Cristyne Hebert, Jennifer Jenson and Katrina Fong
Model Matching Theory: A Framework for Examining the Alignment between Game Mechanics and Mental Models pp. 126-136 Downloads
Rory McGloin, Joe A. Wasserman and Andy Boyan
The Form of Game Formalism pp. 137-144 Downloads
Ea C. Willumsen
Media and Communication between the Local and the Global pp. 145-148 Downloads
Jessica Gustafsson and Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius
Media Practices and Forced Migration: Trust Online and Offline pp. 149-157 Downloads
Heike Graf
Female Bodies Adrift: Violation of the Female Bodies in Becoming a Subject in the Western Media pp. 158-167 Downloads
Tuija Parikka
Watchdogs, Advocates and Adversaries: Journalists’ Relational Role Conceptions in Asylum Reporting pp. 168-178 Downloads
Markus Ojala and Reeta Pöyhtäri
Iranian Diaspora, Reality Television and Connecting to Homeland pp. 179-187 Downloads
Elham Atashi
Domestic Connectivity: Media, Gender and the Domestic Sphere in Kenya pp. 188-198 Downloads
Jessica Gustafsson
The Dialectics of Care: Communicating Ethical Trade in Poland pp. 199-209 Downloads
Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius
The Meaning of the Feminist T-Shirt: Social Media, Postmodern Aesthetics, and the Potential for Sociopolitical Change pp. 210-219 Downloads
Trine Kvidal-Røvik

Volume 6, issue 1, 2018

Introduction to Media History and Democracy pp. 1-4 Downloads
David W. Park
Net Neutrality, the Fairness Doctrine, and the NRB: The Tension between United States Religious Expression and Media Regulation pp. 5-12 Downloads
Kathryn Montalbano
Private Broadcasting and the Path to Radio Broadcasting Policy in Canada pp. 13-20 Downloads
Anne Frances MacLennan
Methodological Perspectives on British Commercial Telegraphy and the Colonial Struggle over Democratic Connections in Gibraltar, 1914–1941 pp. 21-33 Downloads
Bryce Peake
From the Old New Republic to a Great Community: Insights and Contradictions in John Dewey’s Public Pedagogy pp. 34-42 Downloads
James Anderson
River Activism, “Levees-Only” and the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 pp. 43-51 Downloads
Ned Randolph
“Approaching an Abyss”: Liberalist Ideology in a Norwegian Cold War Business Paper pp. 52-61 Downloads
Birgitte Kjos Fonn
The Media Protest of Neighbouring Associations, Promoter of Citizen Democratic Culture during Transition in Southern Spain pp. 62-72 Downloads
Sandra Méndez-Muros
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