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Volume 18, issue 6, 2022

Like principal, like agent? Managerial preferences in employee-owned firms pp. 877-899 Downloads
Guillermo Alves, Pablo Blanchard, Gabriel Burdin, Mariana Chávez and Andrés Dean
Liberal egalitarian justice in the distribution of a common output. Experimental evidence and implications for effective institution design pp. 901-918 Downloads
Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo, Pedro Francés-Gómez and Lorenzo Sacconi
Analyzing institutional changes in community-based management: a case study of a participatory guarantee system for organic labeling in Brazil pp. 919-935 Downloads
Sylvaine Lemeilleur, Claire Dorville, Paulo Niederle and Hélène Ilbert
Debt restrictions and municipal indebtedness in American cities: evidence from the Roaring Twenties pp. 937-952 Downloads
Samara Gunter and James Siodla
Crafting of cognitive institutions for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic pp. 953-959 Downloads
Daniil Frolov
Coproduction and the crafting of cognitive institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic pp. 961-967 Downloads
Veeshan Rayamajhee and Pablo Paniagua
Donald T. Campbell on the institutions of scientific knowledge and the limits to interdisciplinarity pp. 969-980 Downloads
Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Editorial report 2022 pp. 981-991 Downloads
Geoffrey M. Hodgson

Volume 18, issue 5, 2022

Blockchain networks as constitutional and competitive polycentric orders pp. 707-723 Downloads
Eric Alston, Wilson Law, Ilia Murtazashvili and Martin Weiss
The old boy network: are the professional networks of female executives less effective than men's for advancing their careers? pp. 725-744 Downloads
Marie Lalanne and Paul Seabright
Individual trust and quality of regional government pp. 745-766 Downloads
Rosetta Lombardo and Fernanda Ricotta
Garnering sympathy: moral appeals and land bargaining under autocracy pp. 767-784 Downloads
Wanlin Lin
The value of political connections: evidence from China's anti-corruption campaign pp. 785-805 Downloads
Marta Alonso, Nuno Palma and Beatriz Simon-Yarza
Economic freedom improves income mobility: evidence from Canadian provinces, 1982–2018 pp. 807-826 Downloads
James Dean and Vincent Geloso
Making ideas actionable in institutionalism: the case of trade liberalization in Kennedy's foreign economic policy pp. 827-841 Downloads
Mark McAdam
Community policing on American Indian reservations: a preliminary investigation pp. 843-860 Downloads
Adam Crepelle, Tate Fegley, Ilia Murtazashvili and Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili
Making reform and stability compatible with each other: elite redeployment in Meiji Japan pp. 861-875 Downloads
Makio Yamada

Volume 18, issue 4, 2022

Resolving Douglass C. North's ‘puzzle’ concerning China's household responsibility system pp. 521-535 Downloads
Simon Deakin and Gaofeng Meng
A polycentric approach for pandemic governance: nested externalities and co-production challenges pp. 537-552 Downloads
Pablo Paniagua and Veeshan Rayamajhee
Liability for robots II: an economic analysis pp. 553-568 Downloads
Alice Guerra, Francesco Parisi and Daniel Pi
Late colonial antecedents of modern democracy pp. 569-586 Downloads
Christian Bjørnskov and Martin Rode
On legal bubbles: some thoughts on legal shockwaves at the core of the digital economy pp. 587-604 Downloads
Marco Giraudo
Innovation, on-the-job learning, and labor contracts: an organizational equilibria approach pp. 605-620 Downloads
Stefano Dughera, Francesco Quatraro and Claudia Vittori
On inequality, growth and trust: some evidence from the lab pp. 621-636 Downloads
Marcello D'Amato, Shane O'Higgins and Marco Stimolo
Sorting out the aid–corruption nexus pp. 637-653 Downloads
Jamie Bologna Pavlik and Andrew T. Young
Specific investments, cognitive resources, and specialized nature of research production in academic institutions: why shared governance matters for performance pp. 655-676 Downloads
Giacomo Degli Antoni, Magali Fia and Lorenzo Sacconi
Religion without doctrine or clergy: the case of Ancient Greece pp. 677-691 Downloads
George Tridimas
Firms versus corporations: a rebuttal of Simon Deakin, David Gindis, and Geoffrey M. Hodgson pp. 693-701 Downloads
Jean-Philippe Robé
A further reply to Jean-Philippe Robé on the firm pp. 703-706 Downloads
Simon Deakin, David Gindis and Geoffrey M. Hodgson

Volume 18, issue 1, 2022

Introduction to the special issue on institutions and culture in economic contexts pp. 1-14 Downloads
Luca Andriani and Randolph Bruno
Commemorating Geert Hofstede, a pioneer in the study of culture and institutions pp. 15-27 Downloads
Esther-Mirjam Sent and Annelie L. J. Kroese
The origins of the state: technology, cooperation and institutions pp. 29-43 Downloads
Giacomo Benati and Carmine Guerriero
Determinants of institutional trust: the role of cultural context pp. 45-65 Downloads
Anneli Kaasa and Luca Andriani
Is tax morale culturally driven? pp. 67-84 Downloads
Luca Andriani, Randolph Bruno, Elodie Douarin and Paulina Stepien-Baig
Individualism and attitudes towards reporting corruption: evidence from post-communist economies pp. 85-100 Downloads
Chiara Amini, Elodie Douarin and Timothy Hinks
Testing Todd: family types and development pp. 101-118 Downloads
Jerg Gutmann and Stefan Voigt
Creativity and security as a cultural recipe for entrepreneurship pp. 119-137 Downloads
Tomasz Mickiewicz and Anneli Kaasa
Economic freedom reform: does culture matter? pp. 139-157 Downloads
Nicholas Moellman and Danko Tarabar
Culture and institutions: a review of Joel Mokyr's A Culture of Growth pp. 159-168 Downloads
Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Institutions, ideas and economic change: some reflections on Geoffrey Hodgson's ‘Culture and Institutions’ pp. 169-174 Downloads
Joel Mokyr

Volume 17, issue 6, 2021

Introduction to the special issue on the Centenary of Frank H. Knight's Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit pp. 877-881 Downloads
Per Bylund
Uncertainty and the social organization of economic activity pp. 883-895 Downloads
Ross Emmett
Knightian uncertainty in non-market institutional settings: the case of democracy and nonprofit civil society pp. 897-911 Downloads
Scott Burns, G. P. Manish and Malavika Nair
Institutions, uncertainty, and entrepreneurial judgment pp. 913-923 Downloads
Claus Wiemann Frølund
Frank Knight and the cognitive diversity of entrepreneurship pp. 925-942 Downloads
Malte Dold and Mario J. Rizzo
Let's do it Frank's way: general principles and historical specificity in the study of entrepreneurship pp. 943-958 Downloads
Marek Hudik and Per Bylund
Bet against yourself: integrating insurance and entrepreneurship pp. 959-972 Downloads
Marian Eabrasu
The legacy of Frank H. Knight for the politics of financial governance pp. 973-987 Downloads
Chris Clarke
Knight, financial institutions, and entrepreneurship in developing economies pp. 989-1003 Downloads
Joyce K. Nabisaalu and Per Bylund
Frank Knight, uncertainty and knowledge spillover entrepreneurship pp. 1005-1031 Downloads
David B. Audretsch and Maksim Belitski
The common sense of economics and divergent approaches in economic thought: a view from Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit pp. 1033-1047 Downloads
Peter J. Boettke and Rosolino A. Candela
Monopoly as a ‘culture-history fact’: Knight, Menger, and the role of institutions pp. 1049-1064 Downloads
Joseph T. Salerno, Carmen Elena Dorobat and Matthew McCaffrey

Volume 17, issue 5, 2021

Beyond behaviorism, positivism, and neo-institutionalism in economics: a conversation with Deirdre Nansen McCloskey pp. 717-728 Downloads
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey and Paolo Silvestri
Response to governmental COVID-19 restrictions: the role of informal institutions pp. 729-745 Downloads
Katarzyna Bentkowska
The business model as a generative replicator pp. 746-763 Downloads
Olivier Brette and Virgile Chassagnon
De jure property rights and state capacity: evidence from land specification in the Boer Republics pp. 764-780 Downloads
Kara Dimitruk, Sophia Du Plessis and Stan Du Plessis
Theory in closer contact with industrial life: American institutional economists on competition theory and policy pp. 781-798 Downloads
Matthew T. Panhans and Reinhard Schumacher
Are polarized courts dangerous for litigation? Evidence from French labor courts pp. 799-820 Downloads
Umberto Nizza
The evolution of the football jersey – an institutional perspective pp. 821-835 Downloads
David Butler and Robert Butler
Regional financial disparity in India: can it be measured? pp. 836-860 Downloads
Rashmi U. Arora and P. B. Anand
What is a firm? A reply to Jean-Philippe Robé pp. 861-871 Downloads
Simon Deakin, David Gindis and Geoffrey M. Hodgson

Volume 17, issue 4, 2021

Employment preservation and textile regulation in early modern England, 1550–1640 pp. 529-543 Downloads
John H. Gendron
Uncertainty and dispute resolution for blockchain and smart contract institutions pp. 545-559 Downloads
Bronwyn E. Howell and Petrus H. Potgieter
Differences in African banking systems: causes and consequences pp. 561-581 Downloads
Samuel Mutarindwa, Dorothea Schäfer and Andreas Stephan
Financial constraint, trust, and export performances: firm-level evidence from Africa pp. 583-605 Downloads
Maty Konte and Gideon Ndubuisi
Corruption and SME growth: the roles of institutional networking and financial slack pp. 607-624 Downloads
Samuel Adomako, Mujtaba Ahsan, Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Albert Danso, Kwabena Kesse and Kwabena Frimpong
Habraken, Jacobs, and Ostrom on governing the built environment: the case of common interest developments pp. 625-640 Downloads
John B. Horowitz
Institutional quality and the capital structure of microfinance institutions: the moderating role of board gender diversity pp. 641-661 Downloads
Michael Adusei and Beatrice Sarpong-Danquah
Laissez les bons temps rouler? The persistent effect French civil law has on corruption, institutions, and incomes in Louisiana pp. 663-680 Downloads
Justin T. Callais
A case study of bureaucratic discretion: heterogeneous application of market entry regulation in Germany pp. 681-700 Downloads
Petrik Runst
Institutional incentives and community policing pp. 701-715 Downloads
Tate Fegley

Volume 17, issue 3, 2021

Coevolving institutions and the paradox of informal constraints pp. 359-378 Downloads
Daniel Seligson and Anne E. C. McCants
Contractarian ideology and the legitimacy of government pp. 379-391 Downloads
Randall Holcombe
Accidental socialism: a natural experiment in Haiti 1796–1820 pp. 393-409 Downloads
Mario Ferrero
Who are the champions? Inequality, economic freedom and the Olympics pp. 411-427 Downloads
Vadim Kufenko and Vincent Geloso
Financial institutions and the British Industrial Revolution: did financial underdevelopment hold back growth? pp. 429-448 Downloads
Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Collective action, opportunism, and class agency under ineffective state enforcement: Marx on English Factory Laws pp. 449-458 Downloads
Korkut Alp Ertürk
On money as a conventional sign: revisiting Aristotle's conception of money pp. 459-471 Downloads
Ricardo Crespo
The chronic uncertainty of American Indian property rights pp. 473-488 Downloads
Eric Alston, Adam Crepelle, Wilson Law and Ilia Murtazashvili
Fertile soil for intrapreneurship: impartial institutions and human capital pp. 489-508 Downloads
Martin Ljunge and Mikael Stenkula
Resilience to economic shrinking in an emerging economy: the role of social capabilities in Indonesia, 1950–2015 pp. 509-526 Downloads
Martin Andersson, Tobias Axelsson and Andrés Palacio
Resilience to economic shrinking in an emerging economy: the role of social capabilities in Indonesia, 1950–2015 – ADDENDUM pp. 527-527 Downloads
Martin Andersson, T. Axelsson and A. Palacio

Volume 17, issue 2, 2021

Thinking carefully about inclusiveness: evidence from European guilds pp. 185-200 Downloads
Sheilagh Ogilvie
A machine-learning history of English caselaw and legal ideas prior to the Industrial Revolution II: applications pp. 201-216 Downloads
Peter Grajzl and Peter Murrell
Legal origins, religion and health outcomes: a cross-country comparison of organ donation laws pp. 217-226 Downloads
Guillem Riambau, Clin Lai, Boyu Lu Zhao and Jean Liu
The change in social norms in the Mafia's territories: the anti-racket movement of Addiopizzo pp. 227-242 Downloads
Francesca Lipari and Giulia Andrighetto
The corruption–growth relationship: does the political regime matter? pp. 243-266 Downloads
Shrabani Saha and Kunal Sen
Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law: possession, property, and coordination in a Hawk–Dove Experiment pp. 267-288 Downloads
Marco Fabbri, Matteo Rizzolli and Antonello Maruotti
Economic freedom and antisemitism pp. 289-304 Downloads
Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson
A novel institution: the Zollverein and the origins of the customs union pp. 305-319 Downloads
Florian Ploeckl
The last guardian of the throne: the regional army in the late Qing dynasty pp. 321-337 Downloads
Linan Peng
Beyond state capacity: bureaucratic performance, policy implementation and reform pp. 339-357 Downloads
Martin J. Williams

Volume 17, issue 1, 2021

A machine-learning history of English caselaw and legal ideas prior to the Industrial Revolution I: generating and interpreting the estimates pp. 1-19 Downloads
Peter Grajzl and Peter Murrell
Blockchain and institutional complexity: an extended institutional approach pp. 21-36 Downloads
Daniil Frolov
The fundamental Coase of development: property rights foundations of the effective state pp. 37-52 Downloads
Ennio E. Piano and Alexander W. Salter
Institutions, the social capital structure, and multilevel marketing companies pp. 53-70 Downloads
Jordan K. Lofthouse and Virgil Henry Storr
The Ostroms and the contestable nature of goods: beyond taxonomies and toward institutional polycentricity pp. 71-89 Downloads
Veeshan Rayamajhee and Pablo Paniagua
Institutions, social order and wealth in ancient India pp. 91-104 Downloads
Jim Rooney and Vijaya Murthy
Burning the Rechtsstaat: legal institutions and protection of the rule of law pp. 105-131 Downloads
Christopher Hartwell and Mateusz Urban
Multinational enterprises, political institutions, and violence: a case study from Mozambique pp. 133-151 Downloads
Carlos Mairoce, Magdalene Silberberger and Joachim Zweynert
On the limits of markets pp. 153-170 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
If you can do it for free, there's some way to do it for money pp. 171-175 Downloads
Jason Brennan and Peter Jaworski
Market dominance and endogenous decline: the contribution of historical analysis pp. 177-183 Downloads
Bas J.P. Van Bavel
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