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2018, volume 319, issue C

Trajectories reconstruction of spinning baseball pitches by three-point-based algorithm pp. 2-12 Downloads
Mario A. Aguirre-López, Javier Morales-Castillo, O. Díaz-Hernández, Gerardo J. Escalera Santos and F-Javier Almaguer
On transient and stationary regimes for multi-channel networks with periodic inputs pp. 13-23 Downloads
Hanna Livinska and Eugene Lebedev
Adaptive techniques in SOLD methods pp. 24-30 Downloads
Petr Lukáš and Petr Knobloch
Efficient methods of initializing neuron weights in self-organizing networks implemented in hardware pp. 31-47 Downloads
Marta Kolasa, Rafał Długosz, Tomasz Talaśka and Witold Pedrycz
Optimization of energy distribution in solar panel array configurations by graphs and Minkowski’s paths pp. 48-58 Downloads
S. Merino, F.J. Sánchez, M. Sidrach de Cardona, F. Guzmán, R. Guzmán, J. Martínez and P.J. Sotorrío
Spectral simulation of light propagation in participating media by using a lattice Boltzmann method for photons pp. 59-70 Downloads
Christopher McHardy, Tobias Horneber and Cornelia Rauh
Improving shadows detection for solar radiation numerical models pp. 71-85 Downloads
F. Díaz, H. Montero, D. Santana, G. Montero, E. Rodríguez, L. Mazorra Aguiar and A. Oliver
Application of SubIval in solving initial value problems with fractional derivatives pp. 86-103 Downloads
Marcin Sowa
Calculations of power system electromechanical eigenvalues based on analysis of instantaneous power waveforms at different disturbances pp. 104-114 Downloads
Piotr Pruski and Stefan Paszek
Investigation of generalization ability of a trained stochastic kinetic model of neuron pp. 115-124 Downloads
Aleksandra Świetlicka, Krzysztof Kolanowski, Rafał Kapela, Mirosław Galicki and Andrzej Rybarczyk
Error estimates with explicit constants for the Sinc approximation over infinite intervals pp. 125-137 Downloads
Tomoaki Okayama
Convergence study of isogeometric analysis based on Bézier extraction in electronic structure calculations pp. 138-152 Downloads
Robert Cimrman, Matyáš Novák, Radek Kolman, Miroslav Tůma, Jiří Plešek and Jiří Vackář
A multi-criteria computer package for power transformer fault detection and diagnosis pp. 153-164 Downloads
Carlos Roncero-Clemente and Eugenio Roanes-Lozano
Multi-scale kernels for Nyström based extension schemes pp. 165-177 Downloads
N. Rabin and D. Fishelov
Finite element approximation of flow induced vibrations of human vocal folds model: Effects of inflow boundary conditions and the length of subglottal and supraglottal channel on phonation onset pp. 178-194 Downloads
Petr Sváček and Jaromír Horáček
Steady state simulation of a distributed power supplying system using a simple hybrid time-frequency model pp. 195-202 Downloads
D. Buła and M. Lewandowski
Time-invariant and time-varying filters versus neural approach applied to DC component estimation in control algorithms of active power filters pp. 203-217 Downloads
Dariusz Grabowski, Marcin Maciążek, Marian Pasko and Anna Piwowar
Analog, parallel, sorting circuit for the application in Neural Gas learning algorithm implemented in the CMOS technology pp. 218-235 Downloads
Tomasz Talaśka and Rafał Długosz
Multisensor data fusion using Elman neural networks pp. 236-244 Downloads
Krzysztof Kolanowski, Aleksandra Świetlicka, Rafał Kapela, Janusz Pochmara and Andrzej Rybarczyk
A Geo[X]/G[X]/1 retrial queueing system with removal work and total renewal discipline pp. 245-253 Downloads
Ivan Atencia-Mc.Killop, José L. Galán-García, Gabriel Aguilera-Venegas, Pedro Rodríguez-Cielos and MÁngeles Galán-García
Novel algorithm for modeling combined laser and induction welding respecting keyhole effect pp. 254-263 Downloads
David Pánek, Václav Kotlan, Roman Hamar and Ivo Doležel
Modeling of material damage using finite elements and time homogenization in case of finite strain pp. 264-273 Downloads
Jan Heczko and Radek Kottner
Dispersion analysis of triangle-based Whitney element methods for electromagnetic wave propagation pp. 274-286 Downloads
Marcella Bonazzoli, Francesca Rapetti and Chiara Venturini
Analysis of the transient state in a parallel circuit of the class RLβCα pp. 287-300 Downloads
A. Jakubowska-Ciszek and J. Walczak
A (non-)hydrostatic free-surface numerical model for two-layer flows pp. 301-317 Downloads
Jan Bohacek, Abdellah Kharicha, Andreas Ludwig, Menghuai Wu, Ebrahim Karimi-Sibaki, Armin Paar, Michael Brandner, Leonel Elizondo and Thomas Trickl
A study of shape non-uniformity and poly-dispersity in hopper discharge of spherical and polyhedral particle systems using the Blaze-DEM GPU code pp. 318-336 Downloads
Nicolin Govender, Daniel N. Wilke, Patrick Pizette and Nor-Edine Abriak
Assessment of grid adaptation criteria for steady, two-dimensional, inviscid flows in non-ideal compressible fluids pp. 337-354 Downloads
B. Re, C. Dobrzynski and A. Guardone
New linear and quadratic prismatic piezoelectric solid–shell finite elements pp. 355-368 Downloads
Fessal Kpeky, Farid Abed-Meraim and El Mostafa Daya
Approximating solutions to a bilevel capacitated facility location problem with customer's patronization toward a list of preferences pp. 369-386 Downloads
Martha-Selene Casas-Ramírez, José-Fernando Camacho-Vallejo and Iris-Abril Martínez-Salazar
Some splines produced by smooth interpolation pp. 387-394 Downloads
Karel Segeth
An implicit hybridized discontinuous Galerkin method for the 3D time-domain Maxwell equations pp. 395-408 Downloads
Alexandra Christophe, Stéphane Descombes and Stéphane Lanteri
An index-aware parametric model order reduction method for parameterized quadratic differential–algebraic equations pp. 409-424 Downloads
Nicodemus Banagaaya, Peter Benner, Lihong Feng, Peter Meuris and Wim Schoenmaker
Multiscale simulation of polymeric fluids using the sparse grid combination technique pp. 425-443 Downloads
A. Rüttgers and M. Griebel
Multi-time-step domain decomposition and coupling methods for nonlinear parabolic problems pp. 444-460 Downloads
Michal Beneš and Jaroslav Kruis
Subclass of m-quasiconformal harmonic functions in association with Janowski starlike functions pp. 461-468 Downloads
F.M. Sakar and M. Aydoğan
Difficulty in identification of Preisach hysteresis model weighting function using first order reversal curves method in soft magnetic materials pp. 469-485 Downloads
Miroslav Novak, Jakub Eichler and Miloslav Kosek
A recommender system for train routing: When concatenating two minimum length paths is not the minimum length path pp. 486-498 Downloads
Antonio Hernando, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano and Alberto Garcia-Álvarez
Numerical solution of transonic flow of steam with non-equilibrium phase change using typical and simplified method pp. 499-509 Downloads
Jan Halama, Vladimír Hric and Marek Pátý
Algebraic computation of genetic patterns related to three-dimensional evolution algebras pp. 510-517 Downloads
O.J. Falcón, R.M. Falcón and J. Núñez
Riemann and Weierstrass walks revisited pp. 518-526 Downloads
F-Javier Almaguer, Omar González Amezcua, Javier Morales-Castillo and Roberto Soto-Villalobos
Numerical modeling of Galfenol magnetostrictive response pp. 527-537 Downloads
Ielizaveta Kholmetska, Jan Chleboun and Pavel Krejčí
Determination of high power synchronous generator subtransient reactances based on the waveforms for a steady state two-phase short-circuit pp. 538-550 Downloads
Sebastian Berhausen and Andrzej Boboń
Optimal base frequency estimation of an electrical signal based on Prony’s estimator and a FIR filter pp. 551-561 Downloads
Michał Lewandowski and Janusz Walczak
An a posteriori estimator of eigenvalue/eigenvector error for penalty-type discontinuous Galerkin methods pp. 562-574 Downloads
Stefano Giani, Luka Grubišić, Harri Hakula and Jeffrey S. Ovall
Simulation of chloride migration in reinforced concrete pp. 575-585 Downloads
J. Němeček, J. Kruis, T. Koudelka and T. Krejčí
The impact of enabling multiple subdomains per MPI process in the TFETI domain decomposition method pp. 586-597 Downloads
Radim Sojka, David Horák, Václav Hapla and Martin Čermák
Noninvasive assessment of carotid artery stenoses by the principle of multiscale modelling of non-Newtonian blood flow in patient-specific models pp. 598-616 Downloads
Alena Jonášová and Jan Vimmr
On the numerical simulation of non-classical quasi-1D steady nozzle flows: Capturing sonic shocks pp. 617-632 Downloads
Davide Vimercati and Alberto Guardone
Numerical simulation of flow through cascade in wind tunnel test section and stand-alone configurations pp. 633-646 Downloads
J. Fořt, J. Fürst, J. Halama, V. Hric, P. Louda, M. Luxa and D. Šimurda
VirtuaSchlieren: A hybrid GPU/CPU-based schlieren simulator for ideal and non-ideal compressible-fluid flows pp. 647-661 Downloads
Giulio Gori and Alberto Guardone
Decoupling mixed finite elements on hierarchical triangular grids for parabolic problems pp. 662-680 Downloads
A. Arrarás and L. Portero
Bayes approach to solving T.E.A.M. benchmark problems 22 and 25 and its comparison with other optimization techniques pp. 681-692 Downloads
Pavel Karban, Petr Kropík, Václav Kotlan and Ivo Doležel
Explicit bound for quadratic Lagrange interpolation constant on triangular finite elements pp. 693-701 Downloads
Xuefeng Liu and You, Chun’guang
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