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2018, volume 334, issue C

Numerical differentiation by a Fourier extension method with super-order regularization pp. 1-10 Downloads
Baoqin Chen, Zhenyu Zhao, Zhi Li and Zehong Meng
Regularity of uniform attractor for 3D non-autonomous Navier–Stokes–Voigt equation pp. 11-29 Downloads
Xin-Guang Yang, Lu Li and Yongjin Lu
A new iterative technique for a fractional model of nonlinear Zakharov–Kuznetsov equations via Sumudu transform pp. 30-40 Downloads
Amit Prakash, Manoj Kumar and Dumitru Baleanu
Fast elliptic curve point multiplication based on window Non-Adjacent Form method pp. 41-59 Downloads
Denis Khleborodov
On determining the unknown band-parameter and truncated sinc series coefficients from a time sampled band-limited function pp. 60-79 Downloads
Roy Danchick
Some higher-order iteration functions for solving nonlinear models pp. 80-93 Downloads
Abdullah Khamis Hassan Alzahrani, Ramandeep Behl and Ali Saleh Alshomrani
Least-squares finite impulse response fixed-lag smoother and filter in linear discrete-time stochastic systems pp. 94-106 Downloads
Seiichi Nakamori
Optimal system, invariant solutions and evolution of weak discontinuity for isentropic drift flux model pp. 107-116 Downloads
Purnima Satapathy and T. Raja Sekhar
oFEM: An object oriented finite element package for Matlab pp. 117-140 Downloads
Michael Dudzinski, Marco Rozgic̀ and Marcus Stiemer
A priori error estimates of a combined mixed finite element and local discontinuous Galerkin method for an incompressible miscible displacement problem pp. 141-151 Downloads
Jiming Yang, Yanping Chen and Yunqing Huang
The preconditioned iterative methods with variable parameters for saddle point problem pp. 152-167 Downloads
Na Huang and Chang-Feng Ma
General decay result for thermoelastic beam equation system with time-varying delay pp. 168-173 Downloads
Jianghao Hao and Peipei Wang
Conjugate gradient least squares algorithm for solving the generalized coupled Sylvester-conjugate matrix equations pp. 174-191 Downloads
Jingjing Hu and Changfeng Ma
Shortcut sets for the locus of plane Euclidean networks pp. 192-205 Downloads
José Cáceres, Delia Garijo, Antonio González, Alberto Márquez, María Luz Puertas and Paula Ribeiro
Remark on spectral study of the geometric–arithmetic index and some generalizations pp. 206-213 Downloads
E.I. Milovanović, I.Ž. Milovanović and M.M. Matejić
A modified online sequential extreme learning machine for building circulation fluidized bed boiler's NOx emission model pp. 214-226 Downloads
Yunpeng Ma, Peifeng Niu, Shanshan Yan and Guoqiang Li
Partial-approximate controllability of nonlocal fractional evolution equations via approximating method pp. 227-238 Downloads
N.I. Mahmudov
Fast and stable algorithms for high-order Pseudo Zernike moments and image reconstruction pp. 239-253 Downloads
An-Wen Deng and Chih-Ying Gwo
A random-keys genetic algorithm for scheduling unrelated parallel batch processing machines with different capacities and arbitrary job sizes pp. 254-268 Downloads
Shengchao Zhou, Jianhui Xie, Ni Du and Yan Pang
An efficient iterative method for computing deflections of Bernoulli–Euler–von Karman beams on a nonlinear elastic foundation pp. 269-287 Downloads
Fayyaz Ahmad, T.S. Jang, Juan A. Carrasco, Shafiq Ur Rehman, Zulfiqar Ali and Nukhaze Ali
Identities involving trigonometric functions and Bernoulli numbers pp. 288-294 Downloads
Wenpeng Zhang and Xin Lin
The 1, 2-good-neighbor conditional diagnosabilities of regular graphs pp. 295-310 Downloads
Yulong Wei and Min Xu
A split step Fourier/discontinuous Galerkin scheme for the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation pp. 311-325 Downloads
Lukas Einkemmer and Alexander Ostermann
Non-linear boundary value problems involving Caputo derivatives of complex fractional order pp. 326-342 Downloads
Teodor M. Atanacković, Marko Janev and Stevan Pilipović
Fresnelet approach for image encryption in the algebraic frame pp. 343-355 Downloads
Shabieh Farwa, Nazeer Muhammad, Nargis Bibi, Sajjad A. Haider, Syed R. Naqvi and Sheraz Anjum
A characterization theorem for semi-classical orthogonal polynomials on non-uniform lattices pp. 356-366 Downloads
A. Branquinho, Y. Chen, G. Filipuk and M.N. Rebocho
Newton–Padé approximations for multivariate functions pp. 367-374 Downloads
C. Akal and A. Lukashov
The smallest eigenvalue of large Hankel matrices pp. 375-387 Downloads
Mengkun Zhu, Yang Chen, Niall Emmart and Charles Weems
Improved centrality indicators to characterize the nodal spreading capability in complex networks pp. 388-400 Downloads
Juan Wang, Chao Li and Chengyi Xia
Fault tolerance of locally twisted cubes pp. 401-406 Downloads
Litao Guo, Guifu Su, Wenshui Lin and Jinsong Chen
Iterative techniques for the initial value problem for Caputo fractional differential equations with non-instantaneous impulses pp. 407-421 Downloads
Ravi Agarwal, S. Hristova and O’Regan, D.

2018, volume 333, issue C

Remarks on global regularity for the 3D MHD system with damping pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zujin Zhang, Chupeng Wu and Zheng-an Yao
Accelerating the convergence speed of iterative methods for solving nonlinear systems pp. 8-19 Downloads
Xiao-Yong Xiao and Hong-Wei Yin
Fault tolerant synchronization of chaotic systems with time delay based on the double event-triggered sampled control pp. 20-31 Downloads
Dazhong Ma, Xiaoyu Li, Qiuye Sun and Xiangpeng Xie
Optimal error estimate for energy-preserving splitting schemes for Maxwell’s equations pp. 32-41 Downloads
Yujie Zhou, Fanfan Chen, Jiaxiang Cai and Hua Liang
Maximal classes of matrices determining generalized inverses pp. 42-52 Downloads
D.E. Ferreyra, F.E. Levis and N. Thome
Asymptotic representation of solutions for second-order impulsive differential equations pp. 53-60 Downloads
S. Doğru Akgöl and A. Zafer
Efficient algorithm for optimizing spectral partitions pp. 61-75 Downloads
Beniamin Bogosel
A modified primal-dual method with applications to some sparse recovery problems pp. 76-94 Downloads
Yongchao Yu and Jigen Peng
HLLC-type and path-conservative schemes for a single-velocity six-equation two-phase flow model: A comparative study pp. 95-117 Downloads
M. De Lorenzo, M. Pelanti and Ph. Lafon
Dynamical analysis of a two prey-one predator system with quadratic self interaction pp. 118-132 Downloads
I. Kusbeyzi Aybar, O.O. Aybar, M. Dukarić and B. Ferčec
Induced-charge electro-osmosis in dielectric annuli pp. 133-144 Downloads
Huicheng Feng and Teck Neng Wong
Exponential stability and extended dissipativity criteria for generalized discrete-time neural networks with additive time-varying delays pp. 145-168 Downloads
Yaonan Shan, Kun She, Shouming Zhong, Qishui Zhong, Kaibo Shi and Can Zhao
Dominant and subdominant positive solutions to generalized Dickman equation pp. 169-186 Downloads
Josef Diblík and Rigoberto Medina
Integral representations of two generalized core inverses pp. 187-193 Downloads
Mengmeng Zhou and Jianlong Chen
Impact of network structure on synchronization of Hindmarsh–Rose neurons coupled in structured network pp. 194-212 Downloads
Abhirup Bandyopadhyay and Samarjit Kar
Fully discrete spectral methods for solving time fractional nonlinear Sine–Gordon equation with smooth and non-smooth solutions pp. 213-224 Downloads
Zeting Liu, Shujuan Lü and Fawang Liu
Some properties of comaximal right ideal graph of a ring pp. 225-230 Downloads
Shouqiang Shen, Weijun Liu and Lihua Feng
Third derivative modification of k-step block Falkner methods for the numerical solution of second order initial-value problems pp. 231-245 Downloads
Higinio Ramos and M.A. Rufai
Iterative methods for finding commuting solutions of the Yang–Baxter-like matrix equation pp. 246-253 Downloads
Ashim Kumar and João R. Cardoso
Richardson extrapolation technique for singularly perturbed system of parabolic partial differential equations with exponential boundary layers pp. 254-275 Downloads
Maneesh Kumar Singh and Srinivasan Natesan
A study of a covering dimension of finite lattices pp. 276-285 Downloads
D. Boyadzhiev, D.N. Georgiou, A.C. Megaritis and F. Sereti
Semi-analytical solution of multilayer diffusion problems with time-varying boundary conditions and general interface conditions pp. 286-303 Downloads
Elliot J. Carr and Nathan G. March
A local projection stabilization/continuous Galerkin–Petrov method for incompressible flow problems pp. 304-324 Downloads
Naveed Ahmed, Volker John, Gunar Matthies and Julia Novo
Pulsatile MHD flow of a Casson fluid through a porous bifurcated arterial stenosis under periodic body acceleration pp. 325-343 Downloads
R. Ponalagusamy and S. Priyadharshini
Event-triggered control of discrete-time switched linear systems with packet losses pp. 344-352 Downloads
Xiaoqing Xiao, Ju H. Park and Lei Zhou
On k-rainbow independent domination in graphs pp. 353-361 Downloads
Tadeja Kraner Šumenjak, Douglas F. Rall and Aleksandra Tepeh
Sufficient conditions for hypergraphs to be maximally edge-connected pp. 362-368 Downloads
Shuang Zhao and Jixiang Meng
Meromorphic exact solutions of two extended (3+1)-dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equations pp. 369-375 Downloads
Hui Li and Ye-Zhou Li
Implicit finite element methodology for the numerical modeling of incompressible two-fluid flows with moving hyperelastic interface pp. 376-400 Downloads
Aymen Laadhari
Strong behavioral similarities in timed-arc Petri nets pp. 401-415 Downloads
Valentín Valero
A fast and robust sub-optimal control approach using reduced order model adaptation techniques pp. 416-434 Downloads
M. Oulghelou and C. Allery
On distances in vertex-weighted trees pp. 435-442 Downloads
Qingqiong Cai, Fuyuan Cao, Tao Li and Hua Wang
Nonlinear bending of elastoplastic functionally graded ceramic-metal beams subjected to nonuniform distributed loads pp. 443-459 Downloads
Dinh Kien Nguyen, Khoa Viet Nguyen, Van Manh Dinh, Buntara S. Gan and Sergei Alexandrov
New candidates for arbitrage-free stock price models via generalized conditional symmetry method pp. 460-466 Downloads
Rodica Cimpoiasu
Still wrong use of pairings in cryptography pp. 467-479 Downloads
Osmanbey Uzunkol and Mehmet Sabır Kiraz
Edge-partition and star chromatic index pp. 480-489 Downloads
Yiqiao Wang, Weifan Wang and Ying Wang
Equations with infinite delay: Numerical bifurcation analysis via pseudospectral discretization pp. 490-505 Downloads
Mats Gyllenberg, Francesca Scarabel and Rossana Vermiglio
Sustainable multi-depot emergency facilities location-routing problem with uncertain information pp. 506-520 Downloads
Bo Zhang, Hui Li, Shengguo Li and Jin Peng
Combination event-triggered adaptive networked synchronization communication for nonlinear uncertain fractional-order chaotic systems pp. 521-535 Downloads
Qiaoping Li, Sanyang Liu and Yonggang Chen
The computation of conformal map by harmonic diffeomorphisms between surfaces pp. 536-546 Downloads
Jialing Zhang and Kun Qian
Graph operations based on using distance-based graph entropies pp. 547-555 Downloads
Modjtaba Ghorbani, Matthias Dehmer and Samaneh Zangi
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