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2018, volume 336, issue C

Numerical solution of integro-differential equations arising from singular boundary value problems pp. 1-15 Downloads
Pedro M. Lima, Azzeddine Bellour and Mikhail V. Bulatov
Multiscale numerical algorithms for elastic wave equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients pp. 16-35 Downloads
Qiao-li Dong, Li-qun Cao, Xin Wang and Ji-zu Huang
Stochastic fractional evolution equations with fractional brownian motion and infinite delay pp. 36-46 Downloads
Liping Xu and Zhi Li
Distributed containment control for asynchronous discrete-time second-order multi-agent systems with switching topologies pp. 47-59 Downloads
Jinliang Shao, Lei Shi, Mengtao Cao and Hong Xia
The g-extra connectivity and diagnosability of crossed cubes pp. 60-66 Downloads
Shiying Wang and Xiaolei Ma
Interval computing periodic orbits of maps using a piecewise approach pp. 67-75 Downloads
Erivelton G. Nepomuceno, Heitor M. Rodrigues Junior, Samir A.M. Martins, Matjaž Perc and Mitja Slavinec
An efficient technique to find semi-analytical solutions for higher order multi-point boundary value problems pp. 76-93 Downloads
S. Kheybari and M.T. Darvishi
On the edge-Szeged index of unicyclic graphs with given diameter pp. 94-106 Downloads
Guangfu Wang, Shuchao Li, Dongchao Qi and Huihui Zhang
Nonlinear problems with blow-up solutions: Numerical integration based on differential and nonlocal transformations, and differential constraints pp. 107-137 Downloads
Andrei D. Polyanin and Inna K. Shingareva
Analog realization of fractional variable-type and -order iterative operator pp. 138-147 Downloads
Dominik Sierociuk, Michal Macias and Wiktor Malesza
Exploring diffusion strategies for mHealth promotion using evolutionary game model pp. 148-161 Downloads
Yi Chen, Shuai Ding, Handong Zheng, Youtao Zhang and Shanlin Yang
Strongly maximal intersection-complete neural codes on grids are convex pp. 162-175 Downloads
Robert Williams
Optimal perturbation bounds for the core inverse pp. 176-181 Downloads
Haifeng Ma
Positivity preserving finite volume scheme for the Nagumo-type equations on distorted meshes pp. 182-192 Downloads
Huifang Zhou, Zhiqiang Sheng and Guangwei Yuan
An oligopoly model with best response and imitation rules pp. 193-205 Downloads
Lorenzo Cerboni Baiardi and Ahmad K. Naimzada
Global approximation theorems for the generalized Szàsz–Mirakjan type operators in exponential weight spaces pp. 206-214 Downloads
Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Ankita R. Devdhara and R.B. Gandhi
A new approach for space-time fractional partial differential equations by residual power series method pp. 215-230 Downloads
Mine Aylin Bayrak and Ali Demir
A fast second-order implicit scheme for non-linear time-space fractional diffusion equation with time delay and drift term pp. 231-248 Downloads
Yong-Liang Zhao, Pei-Yong Zhu and Wei-Hua Luo
Conditional diagnosability of the SPn graphs under the comparison diagnosis model pp. 249-256 Downloads
Jia Guo and Mei Lu
An inverse time-dependent source problem for a time–space fractional diffusion equation pp. 257-271 Downloads
Y. S. Li and T. Wei
High precision solution for thermo-elastic equations using stable node-based smoothed finite element method pp. 272-287 Downloads
Yanchun Tong
Wreath product of a complete graph with a cyclic graph: Topological indices and spectrum pp. 288-300 Downloads
Francesco Belardo, Matteo Cavaleri and Alfredo Donno
How much cost should reciprocators pay in order to distinguish the opponent's cooperation from the opponent's defection? pp. 301-314 Downloads
Masao Fukutomi and Shun Kurokawa
On the pointwise iteration-complexity of a dynamic regularized ADMM with over-relaxation stepsize pp. 315-325 Downloads
M.L.N. Gonçalves
On majorization of closed walk vectors of trees with given degree sequences pp. 326-337 Downloads
Ya-Hong Chen, Daniel Gray, Ya-Lei Jin and Xiao-Dong Zhang
Further results on dissipativity and stability analysis of Markov jump generalized neural networks with time-varying interval delays pp. 338-350 Downloads
Shiyu Jiao, Hao Shen, Yunliang Wei, Xia Huang and Zhen Wang
Analysis and numerical solution of coupled volume-surface reaction-diffusion systems with application to cell biology pp. 351-367 Downloads
H. Egger, K. Fellner, J.-F. Pietschmann and B.Q. Tang
Low-Mach number treatment for Finite-Volume schemes on unstructured meshes pp. 368-393 Downloads
Nicholas Simmonds, Panagiotis Tsoutsanis, Antonis F. Antoniadis, Karl W. Jenkins and Adrian Gaylard
Oscillation of third-order differential equations with noncanonical operators pp. 394-402 Downloads
Jozef Džurina and Irena Jadlovská
Multilevel preconditioning technique for Schwarz waveform relaxation domain decomposition method for real- and imaginary-time nonlinear Schrödinger equation pp. 403-417 Downloads
X. Antoine and E. Lorin
A new finite-difference predictor-corrector method for fractional differential equations pp. 418-432 Downloads
Aman Jhinga and Varsha Daftardar-Gejji
Fractional-order Legendre–Laguerre functions and their applications in fractional partial differential equations pp. 433-453 Downloads
H. Dehestani, Y. Ordokhani and M. Razzaghi
Numerical solutions of nonlinear fractional differential equations by alternative Legendre polynomials pp. 454-464 Downloads
Zhijun Meng, Mingxu Yi, Jun Huang and Lei Song
Numerical solution of space fractional diffusion equation by the method of lines and splines pp. 465-480 Downloads
Younes Salehi, Mohammad T. Darvishi and William E. Schiesser
Numerical analysis for Navier–Stokes equations with time fractional derivatives pp. 481-489 Downloads
Jun Zhang and JinRong Wang
Cramer’s rule for a system of quaternion matrix equations with applications pp. 490-499 Downloads
Guang-Jing Song, Qing-Wen Wang and Shao-Wen Yu

2018, volume 335, issue C

Robust H∞ control of uncertain linear system with interval time-varying delays by using Wirtinger inequality pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yonghui Sun, Ning Li, Mouquan Shen, Zhinong Wei and Guoqiang Sun
An efficient numerical algorithm for the fractional Drinfeld–Sokolov–Wilson equation pp. 12-24 Downloads
Jagdev Singh, Devendra Kumar, Dumitru Baleanu and Sushila Rathore
Mimetic discretization of the Eikonal equation with Soner boundary conditions pp. 25-37 Downloads
Miguel A. Dumett and Jorge E. Ospino
Output synchronization control for a class of complex dynamical networks with non-identical dynamics pp. 38-49 Downloads
Xiang Xiao, Xiao-Jian Li, Xiao-Zheng Jin and Yan Cui
Motion of the vitreous humour in a deforming eye–fluid-structure interaction between a nonlinear elastic solid and viscoleastic fluid pp. 50-64 Downloads
Karel Tůma, Judith Stein, Vít Průša and Elfriede Friedmann
Approximate conditions admitted by classes of the Lagrangian L=12(−u′2+u2)+ϵiGi(u,u′,u″) pp. 65-74 Downloads
Sameerah Jamal and Nkosingiphile Mnguni
Augmented Zagreb index of trees and unicyclic graphs with perfect matchings pp. 75-81 Downloads
Xiaoling Sun, Yubin Gao, Jianwei Du and Lan Xu
Extended dissipative estimator design for uncertain switched delayed neural networks via a novel triple integral inequality pp. 82-102 Downloads
Wenqian Xie, Hong Zhu, Shouming Zhong, Dian Zhang, Kaibo Shi and Jun Cheng
On certain new nonlinear retarded integral inequalities in two independent variables and applications pp. 103-111 Downloads
Ammar Boudeliou
An improved EMD method with modified envelope algorithm based on C2 piecewise rational cubic spline interpolation for EMI signal decomposition pp. 112-123 Downloads
Hongyi Li, Ling Li and Di Zhao
Noise robust and rotation invariant framework for texture analysis and classification pp. 124-132 Downloads
Álvar-Ginés Legaz-Aparicio, Rafael Verdú-Monedero and Kjersti Engan
Compression and decompression based on discrete weighted transform pp. 133-145 Downloads
S. Jahedi, F. Javadi and M.J. Mehdipour
Multiphase segmentation for simultaneously homogeneous and textural images pp. 146-181 Downloads
Duy Hoang Thai and Lucas Mentch
Taylor’s formula involving generalized fractional derivatives pp. 182-195 Downloads
Mondher Benjemaa
Implicit-explicit one-leg methods for nonlinear stiff neutral equations pp. 196-210 Downloads
Zengqiang Tan and Chengjian Zhang
Stochastic switched sampled-data control for synchronization of delayed chaotic neural networks with packet dropout pp. 211-230 Downloads
Jun Wang, Kaibo Shi, Qinzhen Huang, Shouming Zhong and Dian Zhang
A note on chemical trees with minimum Wiener polarity index pp. 231-236 Downloads
Akbar Ali, Zhibin Du and Muhammad Ali
A boundary value problem arising from nonlinear viscoelasticity: Mathematical analysis and numerical simulations pp. 237-247 Downloads
R. Cipolatti, I.-S. Liu, L.A. Palermo, M.A. Rincon and R.M.S. Rosa
Selection of shape parameter in radial basis functions for solution of time-fractional Black–Scholes models pp. 248-263 Downloads
Sirajul Haq and Manzoor Hussain
A sequential ensemble clusterings generation algorithm for mixed data pp. 264-277 Downloads
Xingwang Zhao, Fuyuan Cao and Jiye Liang
Heterogeneity and chaos in congestion games pp. 278-291 Downloads
A.K. Naimzada and Roberto Raimondo
Dead-core rate for the fast diffusion equation with strong absorption in higher dimensional cases pp. 292-304 Downloads
Pan Zheng, Chunlai Mu and Xuegang Hu
An approximation scheme for the time fractional convection–diffusion equation pp. 305-312 Downloads
Juan Zhang, Xindong Zhang and Bohui Yang
Meshless and multi-resolution collocation techniques for parabolic interface models pp. 313-332 Downloads
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