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2019, volume 340, issue C

Infinite family of 2-connected transmission irregular graphs pp. 1-4 Downloads
Andrey A. Dobrynin
Weighted trapezoidal inequalities related to the area balance of a function with applications pp. 5-14 Downloads
M. Rostamian Delavar and S.S. Dragomir
Stability analysis of a couple-stress fluid saturating a porous medium with temperature and pressure dependent viscosity using a thermal non-equilibrium model pp. 15-30 Downloads
Sunil,, Shalu Choudhary and Amit Mahajan
An algebraic perspective on integer sparse recovery pp. 31-42 Downloads
Lenny Fukshansky, Deanna Needell and Benny Sudakov
Modelling temporal decay of aftershocks by a solution of the fractional reactive equation pp. 43-49 Downloads
Ewin Sánchez C. and Pedro Vega-Jorquera
Model reference tracking control for spatially interconnected discrete-time systems with interconnected chains pp. 50-62 Downloads
Hongyan Feng, Huiling Xu, Shengyuan Xu and Weimin Chen
On stability of linear neutral differential equations in the Hale form pp. 63-71 Downloads
Leonid Berezansky and Elena Braverman
Strong convergence of compensated split-step theta methods for SDEs with jumps under monotone condition pp. 72-83 Downloads
Chao Yue
Compact structure-preserving approach to solitary wave in shallow water modeled by the Rosenau-RLW equation pp. 84-100 Downloads
B. Wongsaijai, T. Mouktonglang, N. Sukantamala and K. Poochinapan
Zero-sum polymatrix games with link uncertainty: A Dempster-Shafer theory solution pp. 101-112 Downloads
Xinyang Deng, Wen Jiang and Zhen Wang
Review mechanism promotes knowledge transmission in complex networks pp. 113-125 Downloads
Haiying Wang, Jun Wang, Michael Small and Jack Murdoch Moore
Asymptotic properties of solutions to difference equations of Sturm–Liouville type pp. 126-137 Downloads
Janusz Migda and Magdalena Nockowska-Rosiak
Evolutionary investor sharing game on networks pp. 138-145 Downloads
Hedong Xu, Suohai Fan, Cunzhi Tian and Xinrong Xiao
A new method for the approximation of integrals using the generalized Bernstein quadrature formula pp. 146-155 Downloads
Dan Miclăuş and Laurian Ioan Pişcoran
On the spectral radius and energy of the weighted adjacency matrix of a graph pp. 156-163 Downloads
Baogen Xu, Shuchao Li, Rong Yu and Qin Zhao
Level sets-based image segmentation approach using statistical shape priors pp. 164-179 Downloads
Ahmed Eltanboly, Mohammed Ghazal, Hassan Hajjdiab, Ahmed Shalaby, Andy Switala, Ali Mahmoud, Prasanna Sahoo, Magdi El-Azab and Ayman El-Baz
Mathematical modeling of tumor-immune competitive system, considering the role of time delay pp. 180-205 Downloads
Subhas Khajanchi and Juan J. Nieto
Boosting the computation of the matrix exponential pp. 206-220 Downloads
J. Sastre, J. Ibáñez and E. Defez
Non-fragile state estimation for delayed fractional-order memristive neural networks pp. 221-233 Downloads
Ruoxia Li, Xingbao Gao and Jinde Cao
Evolution of cooperation on independent networks: The influence of asymmetric information sharing updating mechanism pp. 234-241 Downloads
Jinzhuo Liu, Haoran Meng, Wei Wang, Zhongwen Xie and Qian Yu
Spectral analogues of Erdős’ theorem on Hamilton-connected graphs pp. 242-250 Downloads
Jia Wei, Zhifu You and Hong-Jian Lai
Clenshaw–Curtis-type quadrature rule for hypersingular integrals with highly oscillatory kernels pp. 251-267 Downloads
Guidong Liu and Shuhuang Xiang
Star edge-coloring of graphs with maximum degree four pp. 268-275 Downloads
Ying Wang, Yiqiao Wang and Weifan Wang
Displacement field potentials for deformation in elastic Media: Theory and application to pressure-loaded boreholes pp. 276-295 Downloads
Ruud Weijermars and Mahmood Ettehad
A family of Chaplygin-type solvers for Itô stochastic differential equations pp. 296-304 Downloads
Ali R. Soheili, Mohammad Amini and Fazlollah Soleymani
Public cooperation in two-layer networks with asymmetric interaction and learning environments pp. 305-313 Downloads
Changwei Huang, Wenchen Han, Haihong Li, Hongyan Cheng, Qionglin Dai and Junzhong Yang

2018, volume 339, issue C

Quasi-synchronization for fractional-order delayed dynamical networks with heterogeneous nodes pp. 1-14 Downloads
Fei Wang and Yongqing Yang
Wave propagation in a nonlocal diffusion epidemic model with nonlocal delayed effects pp. 15-37 Downloads
Zaili Zhen, Jingdong Wei, Jiangbo Zhou and Lixin Tian
The coefficients of the immanantal polynomial pp. 38-44 Downloads
Guihai Yu and Hui Qu
D-convergence and conditional GDN-stability of exponential Runge–Kutta methods for semilinear delay differential equations pp. 45-58 Downloads
Jingjun Zhao, Rui Zhan and Yang Xu
Coincidence for morphisms based on compactness conditions on countable sets pp. 59-62 Downloads
O’Regan, Donal
Orness measurements for lattice m-dimensional interval-valued OWA operators pp. 63-80 Downloads
L. De Miguel, D. Paternain, I. Lizasoain, G. Ochoa and H. Bustince
Mean-square dissipative methods for stochastic age-dependent capital system with fractional Brownian motion and jumps pp. 81-92 Downloads
Qiang Li, Ting Kang and Qimin Zhang
The numerical solution of the semi-explicit IDAEs by discontinuous piecewise polynomial approximation pp. 93-104 Downloads
S. Pishbin
Empirical likelihood based inference for generalized additive partial linear models pp. 105-112 Downloads
Zhuoxi Yu, Kai Yang and Milan Parmar
Stability analysis for a class of neutral type singular systems with time-varying delay pp. 113-131 Downloads
Shaohua Long, Yunlong Wu, Shouming Zhong and Dian Zhang
Reproducing kernel method for the numerical solution of the 1D Swift–Hohenberg equation pp. 132-143 Downloads
P. Bakhtiari, S. Abbasbandy and R.A. Van Gorder
Local RBF-FD technique for solving the two-dimensional modified anomalous sub-diffusion equation pp. 144-152 Downloads
Hossein Pourbashash and Mahmood Khaksar-e Oshagh
Polychromatic colorings and cover decompositions of hypergraphs pp. 153-157 Downloads
Tingting Li and Xia Zhang
Idea of invariant subspace combined with elementary integral method for investigating exact solutions of time-fractional NPDEs pp. 158-171 Downloads
Weiguo Rui
On the fault-tolerant metric dimension of convex polytopes pp. 172-185 Downloads
Hassan Raza, Sakander Hayat and Xiang-Feng Pan
Fast numerical simulation of a new time-space fractional option pricing model governing European call option pp. 186-198 Downloads
H. Zhang, F. Liu, S. Chen, V. Anh and J. Chen
Sharp conditions for the existence of a stationary distribution in one classical stochastic chemostat pp. 199-205 Downloads
Dianli Zhao and Sanling Yuan
The adaptive Ciarlet–Raviart mixed method for biharmonic problems with simply supported boundary condition pp. 206-219 Downloads
Yidu Yang, Hai Bi and Yu Zhang
A note on Katugampola fractional calculus and fractal dimensions pp. 220-230 Downloads
S. Verma and P. Viswanathan
A note on continuous-stage Runge–Kutta methods pp. 231-241 Downloads
Wensheng Tang
Dynamical behaviors analysis of memristor-based fractional-order complex-valued neural networks with time delay pp. 242-258 Downloads
Yuting Zhang, Yongguang Yu and Xueli Cui
New multiplicative perturbation bounds for the generalized polar decomposition pp. 259-271 Downloads
Na Liu, Wei Luo and Qingxiang Xu
Numerical solution of three-dimensional Volterra–Fredholm integral equations of the first and second kinds based on Bernstein’s approximation pp. 272-285 Downloads
Khosrow Maleknejad, Jalil Rashidinia and Tahereh Eftekhari
On the lacunary sum of trinomial coefficients pp. 286-293 Downloads
He-Xia Ni and Hao Pan
Stability of the drift-implicit and double-implicit Milstein schemes for nonlinear SDEs pp. 294-301 Downloads
Jinran Yao and Siqing Gan
Erratum to “Numerical solution of linear Fredholm integral equation by using hybrid Taylor and Block-Pulse functions” [Appl. Math. Comput. 149 (2004) 799–806] pp. 302-307 Downloads
Mehdi Sabzevari
Efficient computations for generalized Zernike moments and image recovery pp. 308-322 Downloads
An-Wen Deng and Chih-Ying Gwo
Estimation distribution algorithms on constrained optimization problems pp. 323-345 Downloads
Shujun Gao and Clarence W. de Silva
Analysis on the method of fundamental solutions for biharmonic equations pp. 346-366 Downloads
Fangfang Dou, Zi-Cai Li, C.S. Chen and Zhaolu Tian
Normal solutions of a boundary-value problem arising in free convection boundary-layer flows in porous media pp. 367-373 Downloads
Zhongxin Zhang
A conforming locking-free approximation for a Koiter shell pp. 374-389 Downloads
Hanen Ferchichi and Saloua Mani Aouadi
On Markov’s theorem on zeros of orthogonal polynomials revisited pp. 390-397 Downloads
K. Castillo, M.S. Costa and F.R. Rafaeli
Simpson’s rule to approximate Hilbert integral and its application pp. 398-409 Downloads
Jin Li and Zhaoqing Wang
Two iterative algorithms for stochastic algebraic Riccati matrix equations pp. 410-421 Downloads
Ai-Guo Wu, Hui-Jie Sun and Ying Zhang
The convergence theory for the restricted version of the overlapping Schur complement preconditioner pp. 422-430 Downloads
Xin Lu, Xing-ping Liu and Tong-xiang Gu
New examples of rank one solvable real rigid Lie algebras possessing a nonvanishing Chevalley cohomology pp. 431-440 Downloads
J.M. Ancochea Bermúdez, R. Campoamor-Stursberg and F. Oviaño García
Synchronization analysis of fractional-order three-neuron BAM neural networks with multiple time delays pp. 441-450 Downloads
Jianmei Zhang, Jianwei Wu, Haibo Bao and Jinde Cao
Some identities of the generalized Fibonacci and Lucas sequences pp. 451-458 Downloads
Jizhen Yang and Zhizheng Zhang
A novel meshless method for fully nonlinear advection–diffusion-reaction problems to model transfer in anisotropic media pp. 459-476 Downloads
Ji Lin, S.Y. Reutskiy and Jun Lu
The least Q-eigenvalue with fixed domination number pp. 477-487 Downloads
Guanglong Yu, Mingqing Zhai, Chao Yan and Shu-guang Guo
Modeling the within-host co-infection of influenza A virus and pneumococcus pp. 488-506 Downloads
Fulgensia Kamugisha Mbabazi, J.Y.T. Mugisha and M. Kimathi
Non-vanishing Fourier coefficients of Δk pp. 507-515 Downloads
Peng Tian and Hourong Qin
Existence of solutions for sequential fractional integro-differential equations and inclusions with nonlocal boundary conditions pp. 516-534 Downloads
Bashir Ahmad and Rodica Luca
A reduced high-order compact finite difference scheme based on proper orthogonal decomposition technique for KdV equation pp. 535-545 Downloads
Xiaohua Zhang and Ping Zhang
On artificial neural networks approach with new cost functions pp. 546-555 Downloads
Ahmad Jafarian, Safa Measoomy Nia, Alireza Khalili Golmankhaneh and Dumitru Baleanu
A novel two-dimensional coupled lattice Boltzmann model for thermal incompressible flows pp. 556-567 Downloads
Yikun Wei, Hui Yang, Hua-Shu Dou, Zhe Lin, Zhengdao Wang and Yuehong Qian
Blood vessel segmentation in retinal fundus images using Gabor filters, fractional derivatives, and Expectation Maximization pp. 568-587 Downloads
Hugo Aguirre-Ramos, Juan Gabriel Avina-Cervantes, Ivan Cruz-Aceves, José Ruiz-Pinales and Sergio Ledesma
New energy-preserving algorithms for nonlinear Hamiltonian wave equation equipped with Neumann boundary conditions pp. 588-606 Downloads
Changying Liu, Xinyuan Wu and Wei Shi
To apprehend or not to apprehend: A mathematical model for ending student strikes in a university pp. 607-621 Downloads
Betty Nannyonga, Joseph Ssebuliba, Juliet Nakakawa, Betty Nabiyonga and J.Y.T. Mugisha
The onset of convection in a magnetic nanofluid layer with variable gravity effects pp. 622-635 Downloads
Amit Mahajan and Mahesh Kumar Sharma
Moving mesh method for direct numerical simulation of two-phase flow with phase change pp. 636-650 Downloads
E. Gros, G. Anjos and J. Thome
An empirical investigation of network polarization pp. 651-662 Downloads
Ruben Interian and Celso C. Ribeiro
Delay dependent stability of stochastic split-step θ methods for stochastic delay differential equations pp. 663-674 Downloads
Peng Hu and Chengming Huang
A nodal finite element approximation of a phase field model for shape and topology optimization pp. 675-684 Downloads
Xianliang Hu, Yixin Li and Hangjie Ji
C0 interior penalty methods for a dynamic nonlinear beam model pp. 685-700 Downloads
Jeongho Ahn, Seulip Lee and Eun-Jae Park
Global analysis and numerical simulations of a novel stochastic eco-epidemiological model with time delay pp. 701-726 Downloads
Xinzhu Meng, Fei Li and Shujing Gao
Exponential convergence for the linear homogeneous Boltzmann equation for hard potentials pp. 727-737 Downloads
Baoyan Sun
Solving PDEs of fractional order using the unified transform method pp. 738-749 Downloads
Arran Fernandez, Dumitru Baleanu and Athanassios S. Fokas
The λ3-connectivity and κ3-connectivity of recursive circulants pp. 750-757 Downloads
Hengzhe Li and Jiajia Wang
A method of directly defining the inverse mapping for solutions of non-linear coupled systems arising in convection heat transfer in a second grade fluid pp. 758-767 Downloads
Mangalagama Dewasurendra, Mathew Baxter and Kuppalapalle Vajravelu
On the ordering of bicyclic digraphs with respect to energy and iota energy pp. 768-778 Downloads
Xiuwen Yang and Ligong Wang
On the a posteriori error analysis for linear Fokker–Planck models in convection-dominated diffusion problems pp. 779-804 Downloads
Svetlana Matculevich and Monika Wolfmayr
Promote of cooperation in networked multiagent system based on fitness control pp. 805-811 Downloads
Wenfeng Deng, Keke Huang, Chunhua Yang, Hongqiu Zhu and Zhaofei Yu
Super Rk-vertex-connectedness pp. 812-819 Downloads
Xiaomin Hu, Yingzhi Tian and Jixiang Meng
Numerical simulation of couple stress nanofluid flow in magneto-porous medium with thermal radiation and a chemical reaction pp. 820-836 Downloads
Hloniphile Sithole, Hiranmoy Mondal, Sicelo Goqo, Precious Sibanda and Sandile Motsa
The asymptotic expansion of the swallowtail integral in the highly oscillatory region pp. 837-845 Downloads
Chelo Ferreira, José L. López and Ester Pérez Sinusía
Pricing of American options, using the Brennan–Schwartz algorithm based on finite elements pp. 846-852 Downloads
Sofiane Madi, Mohamed Cherif Bouras, Mohamed Haiour and Andreas Stahel
Invariant Borel probability measures for discrete long-wave-short-wave resonance equations pp. 853-865 Downloads
Chengzhi Wang, Gang Xue and Caidi Zhao
The epidemic spreading on the multi-relationships network pp. 866-873 Downloads
Fuzhong Nian and Shuanglong Yao
Synchronization of memristive neural networks with mixed delays via quantized intermittent control pp. 874-887 Downloads
Yuming Feng, Xinsong Yang, Qiang Song and Jinde Cao
On the integrability of Liénard I-type equations via λ-symmetries and solvable structures pp. 888-898 Downloads
A. Ruiz and C. Muriel
Highlighting numerical insights of an efficient SPH method pp. 899-915 Downloads
E. Francomano and M. Paliaga
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