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2019, volume 348, issue C

Superconvergence analysis of low order nonconforming finite element methods for variational inequality problem with displacement obstacle pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chao Xu and Dongyang Shi
A new sampling interval fragmentation approach to synchronization of chaotic Lur’e systems pp. 12-24 Downloads
Huilan Yang, Xin Wang, Lan Shu, Guozhu Zhao and Shouming Zhong
Stability analysis of body force action models used in the single-relaxation-time single-phase lattice Boltzmann method pp. 25-41 Downloads
Gerasim V. Krivovichev
Chemical and electrical synapse-modulated dynamical properties of coupled neurons under magnetic flow pp. 42-56 Downloads
Soudeh Mostaghimi, Fahimeh Nazarimehr, Sajad Jafari and Jun Ma
Numerical simulation for the space-fractional diffusion equations pp. 57-69 Downloads
Samad Kheybari, Mohammad Taghi Darvishi and Mir Sajjad Hashemi
Robust fault estimation observer design for switched systems with unknown input pp. 70-83 Downloads
Dongsheng Du, Vincent Cocquempot and Bin Jiang
Hybridizing simulated annealing with variable neighborhood search for bipartite graph crossing minimization pp. 84-101 Downloads
Gintaras Palubeckis, Arūnas Tomkevičius and Armantas Ostreika
An automatic node-adaptive scheme applied with a RBF-collocation meshless method pp. 102-125 Downloads
S. Kaennakham and N. Chuathong
Mean square stability and almost sure exponential stability of two step Maruyama methods of stochastic delay Hopfield neural networks pp. 126-152 Downloads
A. Rathinasamy and J. Narayanasamy
An analysis of implicit conservative difference solver for fractional Klein–Gordon–Zakharov system pp. 153-166 Downloads
Jianqiang Xie and Zhiyue Zhang
Two constructions of asymptotically optimal codebooks according to the welch bound pp. 167-174 Downloads
You Gao and Min-Yao Niu
Improved approximation and error estimations by King type (p, q)-Szász-Mirakjan Kantorovich operators pp. 175-185 Downloads
M. Mursaleen, Ambreen Naaz and Asif Khan
Restricted r-Stirling numbers and their combinatorial applications pp. 186-205 Downloads
Beáta Bényi, Miguel Méndez, José L. Ramírez and Tanay Wakhare
Restarted global FOM and GMRES algorithms for the Stein-like matrix equation X+M(X)=C pp. 206-214 Downloads
Sheng-Kun Li and Ting-Zhu Huang
An explicit meshless point collocation method for electrically driven magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) flow pp. 215-233 Downloads
G.C. Bourantas, V.C. Loukopoulos, G.R. Joldes, A. Wittek and K. Miller
A reduced order model to simulate compressible flows over an actuated riblet surface pp. 234-256 Downloads
G. Deolmi, S. Müller, M. Albers, P.S. Meysonnat and W. Schröder
The discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximation of the multi-order fractional initial problems pp. 257-269 Downloads
Yunying Zheng, Zhengang Zhao and Yanfen Cui
The Turán number of star forests pp. 270-274 Downloads
Yongxin Lan, Tao Li, Yongtang Shi and Jianhua Tu
Residual distribution schemes for Maxwell’s equations pp. 275-317 Downloads
S.S. Neoh and F. Ismail
An efficient time-splitting approximation of the Navier–Stokes equations with LPS modeling pp. 318-337 Downloads
Samuele Rubino
Stability of complex-valued impulsive stochastic functional differential equations on networks with Markovian switching pp. 338-354 Downloads
Pengfei Wang, Wenqing Zou and Huan Su
An improved social force model for pedestrian dynamics in shipwrecks pp. 355-362 Downloads
Zengxin Kang, Lei Zhang and Kun Li
Demography of sexually transmitted infections with vertical transmission pp. 363-370 Downloads
Hiromu Ito, Taro Yamamoto and Satoru Morita
C1 interpolating Bézier path on Riemannian manifolds, with applications to 3D shape space pp. 371-384 Downloads
Chafik Samir and Ines Adouani
Strong convergence of the semi-implicit Euler method for nonlinear stochastic Volterra integral equations with constant delay pp. 385-398 Downloads
Jianfang Gao, Hui Liang and Shufang Ma
A new approach to feedback feed-forward iterative learning control with random packet dropouts pp. 399-412 Downloads
Xuanxuan Shi and Mouquan Shen
Stability analysis of split-step θ-Milstein method for a class of n-dimensional stochastic differential equations pp. 413-424 Downloads
D. Ahmadian, O. Farkhondeh Rouz and L.V. Ballestra
Most probable dynamics of a genetic regulatory network under stable Lévy noise pp. 425-436 Downloads
Xiaoli Chen, Fengyan Wu, Jinqiao Duan, Jürgen Kurths and Xiaofan Li
Analysis of a stochastic HIV-1 infection model with degenerate diffusion pp. 437-455 Downloads
Tao Feng, Zhipeng Qiu, Xinzhu Meng and Libin Rong
The characteristic polynomial of a generalized join graph pp. 456-464 Downloads
Yu Chen and Haiyan Chen
Piecewise Picard iteration method for solving nonlinear fractional differential equation with proportional delays pp. 465-478 Downloads
Zhong Chen and QianQian Gou
Ruled invariants and associated ruled surfaces of a space curve pp. 479-486 Downloads
Huili Liu, Yixuan Liu and Seoung Dal Jung
Dominance-based rough sets in multi-scale intuitionistic fuzzy decision tables pp. 487-512 Downloads
Bing Huang, Huaxiong Li, Guofu Feng and Xianzhong Zhou
Enclosing all zeros of a system of analytic functions pp. 513-522 Downloads
J. Dahne, M.F. Ciappina and W. Tucker
Explicit solutions of the Yang–Baxter-like matrix equation for a diagonalizable matrix with spectrum contained in {1, α, 0} pp. 523-530 Downloads
Dongmei Chen, Zhibing Chen and Xuerong Yong
On the second largest normalized Laplacian eigenvalue of graphs pp. 531-541 Downloads
Shaowei Sun and Kinkar Ch. Das
A preconditioned two-step modulus-based matrix splitting iteration method for linear complementarity problem pp. 542-551 Downloads
Ping-Fan Dai, Jicheng Li, Jianchao Bai and Jinming Qiu
High accuracy asymptotic bounds for the complete elliptic integral of the second kind pp. 552-564 Downloads
Zhen-Hang Yang, Yu-Ming Chu and Wen Zhang
A high order scheme for unsteady heat conduction equations pp. 565-574 Downloads
Mingtian Xu
The stochastic Weibull diffusion process: Computational aspects and simulation pp. 575-587 Downloads
A. Nafidi, M. Bahij, B. Achchab and Gutiérrez-Sanchez, R.
An upper bound for the choice number of star edge coloring of graphs pp. 588-593 Downloads
Jiansheng Cai, Chunhua Yang and Jiguo Yu
One-leg methods for nonlinear stiff fractional differential equations with Caputo derivatives pp. 594-608 Downloads
Yongtao Zhou and Chengjian Zhang
An implicit Keller Box numerical scheme for the solution of fractional subdiffusion equations pp. 609-626 Downloads
S.A. Osman and T.A.M. Langlands
Improvement of modified ratio estimators using robust regression methods pp. 627-631 Downloads
Tolga Zaman
A generalized modified Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (GMHSS) method for solving complex Sylvester matrix equation pp. 632-651 Downloads
Mehdi Dehghan and Akbar Shirilord

2019, volume 347, issue C

Interpolatory subdivision schemes with the optimal approximation order pp. 1-14 Downloads
Baoxing Zhang, Hongchan Zheng, Weijie Song, Zengyao Lin and Jie Zhou
A novel method for numerical simulation of sand motion model in beach formation based on fractional Taylor–Jumarie series expansion and piecewise interpolation technique pp. 15-21 Downloads
Mingjing Du, Xiaohua Qiao, Biao Wang, Yulan Wang and Bo Gao
Solution to the predecessors and Gardens-of-Eden problems for synchronous systems over directed graphs pp. 22-28 Downloads
Juan A. Aledo, Luis G. Diaz, Silvia Martinez and Jose C. Valverde
The controllability of an impulsive integro-differential process with nonlocal feedback controls pp. 29-39 Downloads
T. Cardinali and P. Rubbioni
Approximation of damped quadratic eigenvalue problem by dimension reduction pp. 40-53 Downloads
Ninoslav Truhar, Zoran Tomljanović and Matea Puvača
Bifurcations in an Internet congestion control system with distributed delay pp. 54-63 Downloads
Yang Cao
Cross-diffusion induced Turing instability for a competition model with saturation effect pp. 64-77 Downloads
Qiang Li, Zhijun Liu and Sanling Yuan
Analysis of an age-structured multi-group heroin epidemic model pp. 78-100 Downloads
Jinliang Wang, Jing Wang and Toshikazu Kuniya
New formulae for the bipartite vertex frustration and decycling number of graphs pp. 101-112 Downloads
Fayun Cao, Han Ren and Hanlin Chen
Eigenvalue methods for calculating dominant poles of a transfer function and their applications in small-signal stability pp. 113-121 Downloads
Licio Hernanes Bezerra and Nelson Martins
A fully-coupled CFD/CSD computational approach for aeroelastic studies of helicopter blade-vortex interaction pp. 122-142 Downloads
Marcel Ilie
A cavity depth sensitized Rossiter mode formula pp. 143-148 Downloads
Lawrence DeChant
Bernstein series solutions of multidimensional linear and nonlinear Volterra integral equations with fractional order weakly singular kernels pp. 149-161 Downloads
Yubin Pan, Jin Huang and Yanying Ma
An improvement of Lichiardopol’s theorem on disjoint cycles in tournaments pp. 162-168 Downloads
Fuhong Ma and Jin Yan
New reliable nonuniform sampling control for uncertain chaotic neural networks under Markov switching topologies pp. 169-193 Downloads
Kaibo Shi, Jun Wang, Shouming Zhong, Xiaojun Zhang, Yajuan Liu and Jun Cheng
Structure preserving reduced order modeling for gradient systems pp. 194-209 Downloads
Tuğba Akman Yıldız, Murat Uzunca and Bülent Karasözen
Superconvergence analysis of nonconforming FEM for nonlinear time-dependent thermistor problem pp. 210-224 Downloads
Dongyang Shi and Huaijun Yang
On the propulsion of micropolar fluid inside a channel due to ciliary induced metachronal wave pp. 225-235 Downloads
A.A. Farooq, D. Tripathi and Thanaa Elnaqeeb
Estimation of the complexity of a digital image from the viewpoint of fixed point theory pp. 236-248 Downloads
Sang-Eon Han
Survival and ergodicity of a stochastic phytoplankton–zooplankton model with toxin-producing phytoplankton in an impulsive polluted environment pp. 249-264 Downloads
Xingwang Yu, Sanling Yuan and Tonghua Zhang
Bifurcation analysis of two disc dynamos with viscous friction and multiple time delays pp. 265-281 Downloads
Zhouchao Wei, Bin Zhu, Jing Yang, Matjaž Perc and Mitja Slavinec
Functional separable solutions of nonlinear reaction–diffusion equations with variable coefficients pp. 282-292 Downloads
Andrei D. Polyanin
Finite-time synchronization of memristor chaotic systems and its application in image encryption pp. 293-305 Downloads
Leimin Wang, Tiandu Dong and Ming-Feng Ge
Numerical schemes for ordinary delay differential equations with random noise pp. 306-318 Downloads
Y. Asai and P.E. Kloeden
Dynamics of predator–prey system with fading memory pp. 319-333 Downloads
Banshidhar Sahoo and Swarup Poria
Central governance based on monitoring and reporting solves the collective-risk social dilemma pp. 334-341 Downloads
Nanrong He, Xiaojie Chen and Attila Szolnoki
The generalized 4-connectivity of exchanged hypercubes pp. 342-353 Downloads
Shu-Li Zhao and Rong-Xia Hao
Factorization method on time scales pp. 354-359 Downloads
Tomasz Goliński
Stability and bifurcation of a delayed generalized fractional-order prey–predator model with interspecific competition pp. 360-369 Downloads
Zhen Wang, Yingkang Xie, Junwei Lu and Yuxia Li
Lie symmetry analysis and exact solutions of fractional ordinary differential equations with neutral delay pp. 370-380 Downloads
Aminu M. Nass
A spatial predator–prey system with non-renewable resources pp. 381-391 Downloads
Zeyan Wu, Jianjuan Li, Shuying Liu, Liuting Zhou and Yang Luo
Uniformly stable and attractive of fractional-order memristor-based neural networks with multiple delays pp. 392-403 Downloads
Xueqi Yao, Shouming Zhong, Taotao Hu, Hong Cheng and Dian Zhang
New oscillation criteria for second-order half-linear advanced differential equations pp. 404-416 Downloads
G.E. Chatzarakis, J. Džurina and I. Jadlovská
Uncertainty measurement with belief entropy on the interference effect in the quantum-like Bayesian Networks pp. 417-428 Downloads
Zhiming Huang, Lin Yang and Wen Jiang
Dynamics on S3 and the Hopf fibration pp. 429-441 Downloads
Osman Ateş, Marian Ioan Munteanu and Ana Irina Nistor
Modified alternately linearized implicit iteration method for M-matrix algebraic Riccati equations pp. 442-448 Downloads
Jinrui Guan
Hybrid-delay-dependent approach to synchronization in distributed delay neutral neural networks pp. 449-463 Downloads
Tao Li, Xiaoling Tang, Wei Qian and Shumin Fei
A class of parameter choice rules for stationary iterated weighted Tikhonov regularization scheme pp. 464-476 Downloads
G.D. Reddy
Optimal control of counter-terrorism tactics pp. 477-491 Downloads
L. Bayón, P. Fortuny Ayuso, García-Nieto, P.J., J.M. Grau and M.M. Ruiz
Towards pedestrian room evacuation with a spatial game pp. 492-501 Downloads
Junbiao Guan and Kaihua Wang
Chaos in a predator–prey-based mathematical model for illicit drug consumption pp. 502-513 Downloads
Jean-Marc Ginoux, Roomila Naeck, Yusra Bibi Ruhomally, Muhammad Zaid Dauhoo and Matjaž Perc
Local-in-space blow-up and symmetric waves for a generalized two-component Camassa–Holm system pp. 514-521 Downloads
Shaojie Yang and Tianzhou Xu
Topology optimization of frequency dependent viscoelastic structures via a level-set method pp. 522-541 Downloads
G. Delgado and M. Hamdaoui
Generalized relaxation techniques for robust H∞ filtering of nonhomogeneous Markovian jump systems pp. 542-556 Downloads
Sung Hyun Kim
Finite-time stability analysis of stochastic switched boolean networks with impulsive effect pp. 557-565 Downloads
Haitao Li, Xiaojing Xu and Xueying Ding
Analysis of transmission dynamics for Zika virus on networks pp. 566-577 Downloads
Li Li, Jie Zhang, Chen Liu, Hong-Tao Zhang, Yi Wang and Zhen Wang
Generalized Volterra functions, its integral representations and applications to the Mathieu-type series pp. 578-589 Downloads
Khaled Mehrez and Sergei M. Sitnik
A new neuron model under electromagnetic field pp. 590-599 Downloads
Fuqiang Wu, Jun Ma and Ge Zhang
A variant of the current flow betweenness centrality and its application in urban networks pp. 600-615 Downloads
Taras Agryzkov, Leandro Tortosa and Jose F. Vicent
Effects of climate change on Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission dynamics: A mathematical modeling approach pp. 616-630 Downloads
Jung Eun Kim, Yongin Choi and Chang Hyeong Lee
Bivariate Mittag-Leffler functions arising in the solutions of convolution integral equation with 2D-Laguerre–Konhauser polynomials in the kernel pp. 631-644 Downloads
Mehmet Ali Özarslan and Cemaliye Kürt
The generalized connectivity of the line graph and the total graph for the complete bipartite graph pp. 645-652 Downloads
Yinkui Li, Ruijuan Gu and Hui Lei
Automatic generation of hyperbolic drawings pp. 653-663 Downloads
Peichang Ouyang, Robert W. Fathauer, Kwok-wai Chung and Xinchang Wang
Implicit numerical methods for neutral stochastic differential equations with unbounded delay and Markovian switching pp. 664-687 Downloads
Maja Obradović
Robust H∞ filtering for polytopic uncertain stochastic systems under quantized sampled outputs pp. 688-701 Downloads
Te Yang, Guoliang Chen, Jianwei Xia, Zhen Wang and Qun Sun
Bicyclic signed digraphs with maximal energy pp. 702-711 Downloads
Sumaira Hafeez, Rashid Farooq and Mehtab Khan
Exact versus discretized stability regions for a linear delay differential equation pp. 712-722 Downloads
Jan Čermák, Jiří Jánský and Luděk Nechvátal
Approximation algorithms for minimum weight connected 3-path vertex cover pp. 723-733 Downloads
Yingli Ran, Zhao Zhang, Xiaohui Huang, Xiaosong Li and Ding-Zhu Du
Antimagic labelings of caterpillars pp. 734-740 Downloads
Antoni Lozano, Mercè Mora and Carlos Seara
Block minimum perturbation algorithm based on block Arnoldi process for nonsymmetric linear systems with multiple right-hand sides pp. 741-766 Downloads
Zhanshan Yang and Bing Zheng
A coupling of hybrid mixed and continuous Galerkin finite element methods for poroelasticity pp. 767-784 Downloads
Chunyan Niu, Hongxing Rui and Ming Sun
Numerical studies of the Steklov eigenvalue problem via conformal mappings pp. 785-802 Downloads
Weaam Alhejaili and Chiu-Yen Kao
Circular bargraphs pp. 803-807 Downloads
Nenad Cakić, Toufik Mansour and Armend Sh. Shabani
A novel strategy of bifurcation control for a delayed fractional predator–prey model pp. 808-838 Downloads
Chengdai Huang, Huan Li and Jinde Cao
Some nonlinear Gronwall–Bellman type retarded integral inequalities with power and their applications pp. 839-852 Downloads
Zizun Li and Wu-Sheng Wang
An explicit one-step multischeme sixth order method for systems of special structure pp. 853-864 Downloads
Alexey S. Eremin, Nikolai A. Kovrizhnykh and Igor V. Olemskoy
Novelty search for global optimization pp. 865-881 Downloads
Iztok Fister, Andres Iglesias, Akemi Galvez, Javier Del Ser, Eneko Osaba, Iztok Fister, Matjaž Perc and Mitja Slavinec
The generalized 3-connectivity of the Mycielskian of a graph pp. 882-890 Downloads
Shasha Li, Yan Zhao, Fengwei Li and Ruijuan Gu
Local convergence of iterative methods for solving equations and system of equations using weight function techniques pp. 891-902 Downloads
Ioannis K. Argyros, Ramandeep Behl, J.A. Tenreiro Machado and Ali Saleh Alshomrani
Co-dynamics of measles and dysentery diarrhea diseases with optimal control and cost-effectiveness analysis pp. 903-921 Downloads
Hailay Weldegiorgis Berhe, Oluwole Daniel Makinde and David Mwangi Theuri
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