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2019, volume 343, issue C

A survey on the high convergence orders and computational convergence orders of sequences pp. 1-20 Downloads
Emil Cătinaş
Stability and Hopf bifurcation of controlled complex networks model with two delays pp. 21-29 Downloads
Jinde Cao, Luca Guerrini and Zunshui Cheng
Pseudospectral method for Fisher equation in a disk pp. 30-48 Downloads
Tianjun Wang, Yujian Jiao and Wenjie Liu
Stability in distribution for uncertain delay differential equation pp. 49-56 Downloads
Lifen Jia and Yuhong Sheng
Group analysis of variable coefficients heat and mass transfer equations with power nonlinearity of thermal diffusivity pp. 57-66 Downloads
Irina V. Stepanova
A two-phase-like proximal point algorithm in domains of positivity pp. 67-89 Downloads
R.M. Gregório, P.R. Oliveira and C.D.S. Alves
The extremal α-index of outerplanar and planar graphs pp. 90-99 Downloads
Zhangqing Yu, Liying Kang, Lele Liu and Erfang Shan
Error estimates of exponential wave integrator Fourier pseudospectral methods for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation pp. 100-113 Downloads
Bingquan Ji and Luming Zhang
Input-to-state stability for stochastic multi-group models with multi-dispersal and time-varying delay pp. 114-127 Downloads
Ying Guo, Wei Zhao and Xiaohua Ding
Deterministic constructions of compressed sensing matrices based on optimal codebooks and codes pp. 128-136 Downloads
Gang Wang, Min-Yao Niu and Fang-Wei Fu
Numerical approach for solution to an uncertain fractional differential equation pp. 137-148 Downloads
Ziqiang Lu and Yuanguo Zhu
Linear bounds on nowhere-zero group irregularity strength and nowhere-zero group sum chromatic number of graphs pp. 149-155 Downloads
Marcin Anholcer, Sylwia Cichacz and Jakub Przybyło
Self-organization with small range interactions: Equilibria and creation of bipolarity pp. 156-166 Downloads
Mirosław Lachowicz, Henryk Leszczyński and Krzysztof A. Topolski
A unified treatment of Hilbert–Pachpatte-type inequalities for a class of non-homogeneous kernels pp. 167-182 Downloads
Tserendorj Batbold, Laith E. Azar and Mario Krnić
Second-order consensus protocols based on transformed d-path Laplacians pp. 183-194 Downloads
Lucia Valentina Gambuzza, Mattia Frasca and Ernesto Estrada
A stable tensor-based method for controlled fluid simulations pp. 195-213 Downloads
Marcelo Caniato Renhe, Marcelo Bernardes Vieira and Claudio Esperança
Modeling cyber rumor spreading over mobile social networks: A compartment approach pp. 214-229 Downloads
Wanping Liu, Xiao Wu, Wu Yang, Xiaofei Zhu and Shouming Zhong
Distributed state estimation for stochastic discrete-time sensor networks with redundant channels pp. 230-246 Downloads
Qian Li, Xinzhi Liu, Qingxin Zhu, Shouming Zhong and Dian Zhang
Regular third-order boundary value problems pp. 247-257 Downloads
Ekin Uğurlu
The p-restricted edge-connectivity of Kneser graphs pp. 258-267 Downloads
C. Balbuena and X. Marcote
Nordhaus–Gaddum type results for graph irregularities pp. 268-272 Downloads
Yuede Ma, Shujuan Cao, Yongtang Shi, Matthias Dehmer and Chengyi Xia
The inverse interior transmission eigenvalue problem with mixed spectral data pp. 285-298 Downloads
Yu Ping Wang and Chung Tsun Shieh
Second-order controllability of two-time-scale multi-agent systems pp. 299-313 Downloads
Mingkang Long, Housheng Su and Bo Liu
Fractional pseudospectral integration/differentiation matrix and fractional differential equations pp. 314-327 Downloads
Saeid Gholami, Esmail Babolian and Mohammad Javidi
Pseudospectral method for non-isotropic heat transfer using mixed Hermite-Legendre interpolation pp. 328-341 Downloads
Chao Zhang and Tian-jun Wang
Stability analysis of quaternion-valued neural networks with both discrete and distributed delays pp. 342-353 Downloads
Zhengwen Tu, Yongxiang Zhao, Nan Ding, Yuming Feng and Wei Zhang
Adaptive fuzzy control for pure-feedback systems with full state constraints and unknown nonlinear dead zone pp. 354-371 Downloads
Wenbin Xiao, Liang Cao, Guowei Dong and Qi Zhou
Rational spline-nonstandard finite difference scheme for the solution of time-fractional Swift–Hohenberg equation pp. 372-387 Downloads
W.K. Zahra, S.M. Elkholy and M. Fahmy

2019, volume 340, issue C

Infinite family of 2-connected transmission irregular graphs pp. 1-4 Downloads
Andrey A. Dobrynin
Weighted trapezoidal inequalities related to the area balance of a function with applications pp. 5-14 Downloads
M. Rostamian Delavar and S.S. Dragomir
Stability analysis of a couple-stress fluid saturating a porous medium with temperature and pressure dependent viscosity using a thermal non-equilibrium model pp. 15-30 Downloads
Sunil,, Shalu Choudhary and Amit Mahajan
An algebraic perspective on integer sparse recovery pp. 31-42 Downloads
Lenny Fukshansky, Deanna Needell and Benny Sudakov
Modelling temporal decay of aftershocks by a solution of the fractional reactive equation pp. 43-49 Downloads
Ewin Sánchez C. and Vega-Jorquera, Pedro
Model reference tracking control for spatially interconnected discrete-time systems with interconnected chains pp. 50-62 Downloads
Hongyan Feng, Huiling Xu, Shengyuan Xu and Weimin Chen
On stability of linear neutral differential equations in the Hale form pp. 63-71 Downloads
Leonid Berezansky and Elena Braverman
Strong convergence of compensated split-step theta methods for SDEs with jumps under monotone condition pp. 72-83 Downloads
Chao Yue
Compact structure-preserving approach to solitary wave in shallow water modeled by the Rosenau-RLW equation pp. 84-100 Downloads
B. Wongsaijai, T. Mouktonglang, N. Sukantamala and K. Poochinapan
Zero-sum polymatrix games with link uncertainty: A Dempster-Shafer theory solution pp. 101-112 Downloads
Xinyang Deng, Wen Jiang and Zhen Wang
Review mechanism promotes knowledge transmission in complex networks pp. 113-125 Downloads
Haiying Wang, Jun Wang, Michael Small and Jack Murdoch Moore
Asymptotic properties of solutions to difference equations of Sturm–Liouville type pp. 126-137 Downloads
Janusz Migda and Nockowska-Rosiak, Magdalena
Evolutionary investor sharing game on networks pp. 138-145 Downloads
Hedong Xu, Suohai Fan, Cunzhi Tian and Xinrong Xiao
A new method for the approximation of integrals using the generalized Bernstein quadrature formula pp. 146-155 Downloads
Dan Miclăuş and Laurian Ioan Pişcoran
On the spectral radius and energy of the weighted adjacency matrix of a graph pp. 156-163 Downloads
Baogen Xu, Shuchao Li, Rong Yu and Qin Zhao
Level sets-based image segmentation approach using statistical shape priors pp. 164-179 Downloads
Ahmed Eltanboly, Mohammed Ghazal, Hassan Hajjdiab, Ahmed Shalaby, Andy Switala, Ali Mahmoud, Prasanna Sahoo, El-Azab, Magdi and El-Baz, Ayman
Mathematical modeling of tumor-immune competitive system, considering the role of time delay pp. 180-205 Downloads
Subhas Khajanchi and Juan J. Nieto
Boosting the computation of the matrix exponential pp. 206-220 Downloads
J. Sastre, J. Ibáñez and E. Defez
Non-fragile state estimation for delayed fractional-order memristive neural networks pp. 221-233 Downloads
Ruoxia Li, Xingbao Gao and Jinde Cao
Evolution of cooperation on independent networks: The influence of asymmetric information sharing updating mechanism pp. 234-241 Downloads
Jinzhuo Liu, Haoran Meng, Wei Wang, Zhongwen Xie and Qian Yu
Spectral analogues of Erdős’ theorem on Hamilton-connected graphs pp. 242-250 Downloads
Jia Wei, Zhifu You and Hong-Jian Lai
Clenshaw–Curtis-type quadrature rule for hypersingular integrals with highly oscillatory kernels pp. 251-267 Downloads
Guidong Liu and Shuhuang Xiang
Star edge-coloring of graphs with maximum degree four pp. 268-275 Downloads
Ying Wang, Yiqiao Wang and Weifan Wang
Displacement field potentials for deformation in elastic Media: Theory and application to pressure-loaded boreholes pp. 276-295 Downloads
Ruud Weijermars and Mahmood Ettehad
A family of Chaplygin-type solvers for Itô stochastic differential equations pp. 296-304 Downloads
Ali R. Soheili, Mohammad Amini and Fazlollah Soleymani
Public cooperation in two-layer networks with asymmetric interaction and learning environments pp. 305-313 Downloads
Changwei Huang, Wenchen Han, Haihong Li, Hongyan Cheng, Qionglin Dai and Junzhong Yang
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