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2019, volume 410, issue C

Research progress on ecological models in the field of water eutrophication: CiteSpace analysis based on data from the ISI web of science database pp. - Downloads
Wen Hu, Chun-hua Li, Chun Ye, Ji Wang, Wei-wei Wei and Yong Deng
Modelling annual grass weed seed dispersal in winter wheat, when influenced by hedges and directional wind pp. - Downloads
Gayle. J. Somerville, Bo Melander, Per Kudsk and Solvejg K Mathiassen
Development and implementation of an empirical habitat change model and decision support tool for estuarine ecosystems pp. - Downloads
Melanie J. Davis, Isa Woo and Susan E.W. De La Cruz
Emergence of negative trophic level-size relationships from a size-based, individual-based multispecies fish model pp. - Downloads
Travers-Trolet, Morgane, Franck Coppin, Pierre Cresson, Philippe Cugier, Oliveros-Ramos, Ricardo and Philippe Verley
A SD-MaxEnt-CA model for simulating the landscape dynamic of natural ecosystem by considering socio-economic and natural impacts pp. - Downloads
Jianbo Tan, Ainong Li, Guangbin Lei and Xinyao Xie
Evaluating management options for two fisheries that conflict through predator–prey interactions of target species pp. - Downloads
Colm J. Fitzgerald, Samuel Shephard, Paul McLoone, Fiona L. Kelly and Keith D. Farnsworth
A highly invasive chimeric ranavirus can decimate tadpole populations rapidly through multiple transmission pathways pp. - Downloads
Angela Peace, O’Regan, Suzanne M., Jennifer A. Spatz, Patrick N. Reilly, Rachel D. Hill, E. Davis Carter, Rebecca P. Wilkes, Thomas B. Waltzek, Debra L. Miller and Matthew J. Gray
Modelling matter and energy flows of local, refined grass-clover protein feed as alternative to imported soy meal pp. - Downloads
Andreas Kamp, Ambye-Jensen, Morten and Hanne Østergård
RITY – A phenology model of Ips typographus as a tool for optimization of its monitoring pp. - Downloads
Nikica Ogris, Mitja Ferlan, Tine Hauptman, Roman Pavlin, Andreja Kavčič, Maja Jurc and Maarten de Groot
Effect of non-additivity in mortality rates on predictions of potential yield of forage fishes pp. - Downloads
Carl Walters and Villy Christensen

2019, volume 409, issue C

Looking for an optimal hierarchical approach for ecologically meaningful niche modelling pp. - Downloads
Rubén G. Mateo, Aroca-Fernández, María José, Aitor Gastón, Gómez-Rubio, Virgilio, Santiago Saura and García-Viñas, Juan Ignacio
A spatial model of streaked horned lark breeding habitat in the Columbia River, USA pp. - Downloads
James R. Hatten, Gary L. Slater, Jerrmaine L. Treadwell and Matthew R. Stevenson
Spatial optimisation of urban ecosystem services through integrated participatory and multi-objective integer linear programming pp. - Downloads
Thomas Elliot, Alexandre Bertrand, Javier Babí Almenar, Claudio Petucco, Vânia Proença and Benedetto Rugani
Modelling of competitive interactions between native Eurasian (Castor fiber) and alien North American (Castor сanadensis) beavers based on long-term monitoring data (1934–2015) pp. - Downloads
Varos G. Petrosyan, Victor V. Golubkov, Nikolay A. Zavyalov, Lyudmila A. Khlyap, Natalia N. Dergunova and Fedor A. Osipov
Optimizing individual tree detection accuracy and measuring forest uniformity in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) plantations using airborne laser scanning pp. - Downloads
Midhun Mohan, Bruno Araujo Furtado de Mendonça, Carlos Alberto Silva, Carine Klauberg, Acauã Santos de Saboya Ribeiro, Emanuel José Gomes de Araújo, Marco Antonio Monte and Adrián Cardil
Development of a dynamic growth model for sweet chestnut coppice: A case study in Northwest Spain pp. - Downloads
Marta Prada, González-García, Marta, Juan Majada and Martínez-Alonso, Celia
Short-term responses of boreal carbon stocks to climate change: A simulation study of black spruce forests pp. - Downloads
Yosune Miquelajauregui, Steven G. Cumming and Sylvie Gauthier
Importance of tree- and species-level interactions with wildfire, climate, and soils in interior Alaska: Implications for forest change under a warming climate pp. - Downloads
Adrianna C. Foster, Amanda H. Armstrong, Jacquelyn K. Shuman, Herman H. Shugart, Brendan M. Rogers, Michelle C. Mack, Scott J. Goetz and K. Jon Ranson
Seasonal variation in energy gain explains patterns of resource use by avian herbivores in an agricultural landscape: Insights from a mechanistic model pp. - Downloads
Kevin A. Wood, Geoff M. Hilton, Julia L. Newth and Eileen C. Rees
A novel modelling approach to describe an insect life cycle vis-à-vis plant protection: description and application in the case study of Tuta absoluta pp. - Downloads
Luca Rossini, Maurizio Severini, Mario Contarini and Stefano Speranza
Simulating the distribution of Corbicula fluminea in Lake Taihu by benthic invertebrate biomass dynamic model (BIBDM) pp. - Downloads
Yong Han, Hongwei Fang, Lei Huang, Songheng Li and Guojian He
Modelling the multi-scaled nature of pest outbreaks pp. - Downloads
Matthias Wildemeersch, Oskar Franklin, Rupert Seidl, Joeri Rogelj, Inian Moorthy and Stefan Thurner
Ecological networks simulation by fuzzy ecotoxicological rules pp. - Downloads
G.C. Pereira, L.P. Andrade, R.P. Espíndola and N.F.F. Ebecken

2019, volume 408, issue C

Species distribution models can be highly sensitive to algorithm configuration pp. - Downloads
W. Hallgren, F. Santana, Low-Choy, S., Y. Zhao and B. Mackey
Landsat-derived environmental factors to describe habitat preferences and spatiotemporal distribution of phytoplankton pp. - Downloads
Matus-Hernández, Miguel Ángel, Martínez-Rincón, Raúl Octavio, Aviña-Hernández, Rosa Judith and Hernández-Saavedra, Norma Yolanda
Modeling the frugivory of a plant with inconstant productivity and solid interaction with relictual vertebrate biota pp. - Downloads
Juliano André Bogoni, Ana Beatriz Navarro, Maurício Eduardo Graipel and Nivaldo Peroni
Incorporating biotic relationships improves species distribution models: Modeling the temporal influence of competition in conspecific nesting birds pp. - Downloads
Rachel R. Fern, Michael L. Morrison, Hsiao-Hsuan Wang, William E. Grant and Tyler A. Campbell
Impacts and uncertainties of climate/CO2 change on net primary productivity in Xinjiang, China (2000–2014): A modelling approach pp. - Downloads
Xia Fang, Zhi Chen, Xulin Guo, Shihua Zhu, Tong Liu, Chaofan Li and Biao He
Stochastic effects contribute to population fitness differences pp. - Downloads
Raziel Davison, Marc Stadman and Eelke Jongejans
Modelling damage occurrence by snow and wind in forest ecosystems pp. - Downloads
Díaz-Yáñez, Olalla, Mola-Yudego, Blas and González-Olabarria, José Ramón
Site- scale ecological marginality: Evaluation model and application to a case study pp. - Downloads
Gómez-Sanz, Valentín
Modelling approach for crafting environmental regulations under deep uncertainty: Whale watching in Ojo de liebre, Mexico pp. - Downloads
Rodríguez-Izquierdo, Emilio, Yosune Miquelajauregui, Pablo Padilla and Bojórquez-Tapia, Luis A
Consequences of neglecting cryptic life stages from demographic models pp. - Downloads
Vuong Nguyen, Yvonne M. Buckley, Salguero-Gómez, Roberto and Glenda M. Wardle

2019, volume 407, issue C

Comparison of two maximum entropy models highlights the metabolic structure of metacommunities as a key determinant of local community assembly pp. - Downloads
Jason Bertram, Erica A. Newman and Roderick C. Dewar
Trait-based modelling in ecology: A review of two decades of research pp. - Downloads
L. Zakharova, K.M. Meyer and M. Seifan
Modeling vaccination strategies to control white-nose syndrome in little brown bat colonies pp. - Downloads
Eva Cornwell, David C. Elzinga, Shelby Stowe and Alex Capaldi
Modelling long-term fisheries data to resolve the attraction versus production dilemma of artificial reefs pp. - Downloads
Roa-Ureta, Ruben H., Miguel N. Santos and Francisco Leitão
CO2 fertilization plays a minor role in long-term carbon accumulation patterns in temperate pine forests in the southwestern Pyrenees pp. - Downloads
Yueh-Hsin Lo, Juan A. Blanco, Ester González de Andrés, J. Bosco Imbert and Federico J. Castillo
Re-evaluating the ‘plankton paradox’ using an interlinked empirical data and a food web model pp. - Downloads
Lin Wang, Ying Tang, Rui-Wu Wang and Xiao-Ya Shang
Howard Odum’s “Self-organization, transformity and information”: Three decades of empirical evidence pp. - Downloads
Biagio F. Giannetti, Maria De Fatima D.F.B. Marcilio, Luca Coscieme, Feni Agostinho, Gengyuan Liu and Cecilia M.V.B. Almeida
K-aggregated transformation of discrete distributions improves modeling count data with excess ones pp. - Downloads
Can Zhou, Yan Jiao and Joan Browder
Changes in streamflow and water temperature affect fish habitat in the Athabasca River basin in the context of climate change pp. - Downloads
Morales-Marín, L.A., P. Rokaya, P.R. Sanyal, J. Sereda and K.E. Lindenschmidt
Individual-based modelling of black bear (Ursus americanus) foraging in Whistler, BC: Reducing human-bear interactions pp. - Downloads
Jessa Marley, Joseph H. Salkeld, Tony Hamilton, Susan E. Senger, Rebecca C. Tyson and Lael Parrott
Quantifying source and sink habitats and pathways in spatially structured populations: A generalized modelling approach pp. - Downloads
Christine Sample, Joanna A. Bieri, Benjamin Allen, Yulia Dementieva, Alyssa Carson, Connor Higgins, Sadie Piatt, Shirley Qiu, Summer Stafford, Brady J. Mattsson, Darius J. Semmens, Wayne E. Thogmartin and Jay E. Diffendorfer

2019, volume 406, issue C

Species persistence in spatially regular networks pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yang Shen, Chenghui Zeng, Ivan Nijs and Jinbao Liao
A mathematical model of the interactions between Acropora cervicornis and its environment pp. 7-22 Downloads
Nieves-González, Aniel, Ruiz-Diaz, Claudia P., Toledo-Hernández, Carlos and Ramírez-Lugo, Juan S.
New insights on the behaviour of alternative types of individual-based tree models for natural forests pp. 23-32 Downloads
Henrike Häbel, Mari Myllymäki and Arne Pommerening
Persistent problems in the construction of matrix population models pp. 33-43 Downloads
Bruce E. Kendall, Masami Fujiwara, Diaz-Lopez, Jasmin, Sandra Schneider, Jakob Voigt and Sören Wiesner
Dealing with physical barriers in bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) distribution pp. 44-49 Downloads
Martínez-Minaya, Joaquín, David Conesa, Haakon Bakka and Maria Grazia Pennino
Effects of temperature and rainfall in plant–herbivore interactions at different altitude pp. 50-59 Downloads
Manalebish Debalike Asfaw,, Semu Mitiku Kassa,, Edward M. Lungu and Woldeamlak Bewket,
Ecological risk modelling in developing resources of ecosystems characterized by varying vulnerability levels pp. 60-72 Downloads
N.V. Solovjova
Linguistic variables as fuzzy sets to model uncertainty in the combined efficacy of multiple phytosanitary measures in pest risk analysis pp. 73-79 Downloads
Johnson Holt and Adrian W. Leach
Model-based predictive control for the regulation of the golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1857) pp. 84-97 Downloads
Sunshine de Ávila-Simas,, Marcelo M. Morato, Reynalte-Tataje, David A., Hector B. Silveira, Zaniboni-Filho, Evoy and E. Normey-Rico, Julio
Five sector sustainability model: A proposal for assessing sustainability of production systems pp. 98-108 Downloads
Biagio F. Giannetti, Fábio Sevegnani, Cecília M.V.B. Almeida, Feni Agostinho, Roberto R. Moreno García and Gengyuan Liu
Hyperparameter tuning and performance assessment of statistical and machine-learning algorithms using spatial data pp. 109-120 Downloads
Patrick Schratz, Jannes Muenchow, Eugenia Iturritxa, Jakob Richter and Alexander Brenning
Model exploration of interactions between algal functional diversity and productivity in chemostats to represent open ponds systems across climate gradients pp. 121-132 Downloads
Yiwei Cheng, Nicholas J. Bouskill and Eoin L. Brodie
Evaluating the use of Beer's law for estimating light interception in canopy architectures with varying heterogeneity and anisotropy pp. 133-143 Downloads
María A. Ponce de León and Brian N. Bailey
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