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Volume 8, issue 3, 2010

Professor James Tanner (1920-2010) pp. 295-296 Downloads
Roderick Floud
Obesity under affluence varies by welfare regimes: The effect of fast food, insecurity, and inequality pp. 297-308 Downloads
Avner Offer, Rachel Pechey and Stanley Ulijaszek
Assessing the impact of obesity on labor market outcomes pp. 309-319 Downloads
Maarten Lindeboom, Petter Lundborg and Bas van der Klaauw
Nature, nurture and socioeconomic policy--What can we learn from molecular genetics? pp. 320-330 Downloads
Petter Lundborg and Anders Stenberg
Child nutrition in Mozambique in 2003: The role of mother's schooling and nutrition knowledge pp. 331-345 Downloads
Francesco Burchi
Health and wealth in Uzbekistan and sub-Saharan Africa in comparative perspective pp. 346-360 Downloads
Sophie Hohmann and Michel Garenne
Anthropometry of love: Height and gender asymmetries in interethnic marriages pp. 361-372 Downloads
Michèle Belot and Jan Fidrmuc
Anthropometry and socioeconomics among couples: Evidence in the United States pp. 373-384 Downloads
Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque
The growth status of North Korean refugee children and adolescents from 6 to 19 years of age pp. 385-395 Downloads
Sunyoung Pak
Trends in the association between height and socioeconomic indicators in France, 1970-2003 pp. 396-404 Downloads
Archana Singh-Manoux, Julie Gourmelen, Jane Ferrie, Karri Silventoinen, Alice Guéguen, Silvia Stringhini, Hermann Nabi and Mika Kivimaki
Long run trends in the heights of European men, 19th-20th centuries pp. 405-413 Downloads
Timothy Hatton and Bernice E. Bray
The relationship between physical work and the height premium: Finnish evidence pp. 414-420 Downloads
Petri Böckerman, Edvard Johansson, Urpo Kiiskinen and Markku Heliövaara
Obesity among Poor Americans: Is Public Assistance the Problem? Patricia K. Smith. pp. 197. (Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 2009.), ISBN 978-0-8265-1636-7, paperback pp. 421-422 Downloads
Susan Averett

Volume 8, issue 2, 2010

Latin American anthropometrics, past and present--An overview pp. 141-144 Downloads
Joerg Baten and Scott Carson
The seed of abundance and misery: Peruvian living standards from the early republican period to the end of the guano era (1820-1880) pp. 145-152 Downloads
Linda Twrdek and Kerstin Scholler, born Manzel
Changes in stature, weight, and nutritional status with tourism-based economic development in the Yucatan pp. 153-158 Downloads
Thomas L. Leatherman, Alan H. Goodman and Tobias Stillman
Property rights and chronic diseases: Evidence from a natural experiment in Montevideo, Uruguay 1990-2006 pp. 159-167 Downloads
Nestor Gandelman
Height, education and later-life cognition in Latin America and the Caribbean pp. 168-176 Downloads
Jürgen Maurer
Community well-being and growth status of indigenous school children in rural Oaxaca, southern Mexico pp. 177-187 Downloads
Maria Eugenia Peña Reyes, Guillermo Bali Chavez, Bertis B. Little and Robert M. Malina
Disentangling nutritional factors and household characteristics related to child stunting and maternal overweight in Guatemala pp. 188-196 Downloads
Jounghee Lee, Robert F. Houser, Aviva Must, Patricia Palma de Fulladolsa and Odilia I. Bermudez
The impact of altitude on infant health in South America pp. 197-211 Downloads
George L. Wehby, Eduardo E. Castilla and Jorge Lopez-Camelo
Why are Mexican American boys so much taller now? pp. 212-222 Downloads
Marcelo Delajara and Melissa Rodríguez-Segura
Labour market outcomes for people with a spinal cord injury pp. 223-232 Downloads
David Rowell and Luke Connelly
Brainstorm: Occupational choice, bipolar illness and creativity pp. 233-241 Downloads
Carol Horton Tremblay, Shawna Grosskopf and Ke Yang
Body composition and wages pp. 242-254 Downloads
Roy Wada and Erdal Tekin
The negative health consequences of unemployment: The case of Poland pp. 255-260 Downloads
Slawomir Koziel, Monika Lopuszanska, Alicja Szklarska and Anna Lipowicz
The economics of race and eugenic sterilization in North Carolina: 1958-1968 pp. 261-272 Downloads
Gregory Price and William Darity
Health trends in Sub-Saharan Africa: Conflicting evidence from infant mortality rates and adult heights pp. 273-288 Downloads
Yoko Akachi and David Canning
Charlemagne was very tall, but not robust pp. 289-290 Downloads
Frank J. Rühli, Bernhard Blümich and Maciej Henneberg
Height, weight and body mass index values of mid-19th century New York legislative officers pp. 291-293 Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn

Volume 8, issue 1, 2010

Welcome John Cawley pp. 1-1 Downloads
John Komlos
Incentives, time use and BMI: The roles of eating, grazing and goods pp. 2-15 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
Nutritional status and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa, 1950-1980 pp. 16-29 Downloads
Alexander Moradi
Measures of the intergenerational transmission of body mass index between mothers and their children in the United States, 1981-2004 pp. 30-43 Downloads
Timothy J. Classen
Fat and out in Salerno and its province: Adolescent obesity and early school leaving in Southern Italy pp. 44-57 Downloads
Adriana Barone and Shane O'Higgins
The recent decline in the height of African-American women pp. 58-66 Downloads
John Komlos
Taller - Healthier - more equal? The biological standard of living in Switzerland in the second half of the 20th century pp. 67-79 Downloads
Arne Benjamin Kues
The economic and nutrition transition in Equatorial Guinea coincided with a double burden of over- and under nutrition pp. 80-87 Downloads
Estefanía Custodio, Miguel Ángel Descalzo, Jesús Roche, Laura Molina, Ignacio Sánchez, Magdalena Lwanga, Alberto Manuel Torres, Eduardo Fernández-Zincke, Cristina Bernis, Eduardo Villamor and Ana Baylin
Why no adult stunting penalty or height premium?: Estimates from native Amazonians in Bolivia pp. 88-99 Downloads
Ricardo Godoy, Oyunbileg Magvanjav, Colleen Nyberg, Dan T.A. Eisenberg, Thomas W. McDade, William R. Leonard, Victoria Reyes-García, Tomás Huanca, Susan Tanner and Clarence Gravlee
Nutritional status and socioeconomic change among Toba and Wichí populations of the Argentinean Chaco pp. 100-110 Downloads
Claudia R. Valeggia, Kevin M. Burke and Eduardo Fernandez-Duque
Secular trends in social class differences of height, weight and BMI of boys from two schools in Lisbon, Portugal (1910-2000) pp. 111-120 Downloads
Hugo F.V. Cardoso and Madalena Caninas
Height and body mass index values of nineteenth-century New York legislators pp. 121-126 Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn
The height and BMI values of West Point cadets after the Civil War pp. 127-133 Downloads
Martin Hiermeyer
Infant mortality decline in Armenia: Why with uneven rates? pp. 134-137 Downloads
Mihran Hakobyan and Levon Yepiskoposyan
Francis E. Johnston and Ira Harkavy, The Obesity Culture: Strategies for Change, Smith-Gordon (2009) $37.50, 164 pp.,ISBN 978-1-85463-225-8 pp. 138-139 Downloads
Lawrence M. Schell

Volume 7, issue 3, 2009

Sex differences in obesity rates in poor countries: Evidence from South Africa pp. 271-282 Downloads
Anne Case and Alicia Menendez
The growth of obesity and technological change pp. 283-293 Downloads
Darius Lakdawalla and Tomas Philipson
Genetics of human height pp. 294-306 Downloads
Brian P. McEvoy and Peter M. Visscher
The timing of the rise in U.S. obesity varies with measure of fatness pp. 307-318 Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, John Cawley and Maximilian Schmeiser
The anthropometric history of Argentina, Brazil and Peru during the 19th and early 20th century pp. 319-333 Downloads
Joerg Baten, Ines Pelger and Linda Twrdek
Does smoking affect body weight and obesity in China? pp. 334-350 Downloads
Hai Fang, Mir M. Ali and John Rizzo
Decomposing body mass index gaps between Mediterranean countries: A counterfactual quantile regression analysis pp. 351-365 Downloads
Joan Costa-Font, Daniele Fabbri and Joan Gil
Height and BMI values of German conscripts in 2000, 2001 and 1906 pp. 366-375 Downloads
Martin Hiermeyer
Socioeconomic status, height, and obesity in children pp. 376-386 Downloads
Jason Murasko
Childhood overweight in the United States: A quantile regression approach pp. 387-397 Downloads
David Stifel and Susan Averett
Evolution of obesity by social status in France, 1981-2003 pp. 398-404 Downloads
Thibaut de Saint Pol
Secular trend in height in Al Ain-United Arab Emirates pp. 405-406 Downloads
Latifa Mohammad Baynouna, Anthony D. Revel, Nico J.D. Nagelkerke, Tariq M. Jaber, Aziza O. Omar, Nader M. Ahmed, Mohammad K. Naziruldeen, Mamdouh F. Al Sayed, Fuad A. Nour and Sameh Abdouni
H. Schutkowski, Editor, Between Biology and Culture, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2008) pp. xi + 310 incl. index, ISBN: 978-0-521-85936-3 pp. 407-407 Downloads
A. Theodore Steegman

Volume 7, issue 2, 2009

Life at the top: The benefits of height pp. 133-136 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Raksha Arora
Height, wealth, and health: An overview with new data from three longitudinal studies pp. 137-152 Downloads
G. David Batty, Martin J. Shipley, David Gunnell, Rachel Huxley, Mika Kivimaki, Mark Woodward, Crystal Man Ying Lee and George Davey Smith
Obesity and labor market outcomes among legal immigrants to the United States from developing countries pp. 153-164 Downloads
John Cawley, Euna Han and Edward Norton
Protein supply and nutritional status in nineteenth century Bavaria, Prussia and France pp. 165-180 Downloads
Joerg Baten
Weight gain in adolescents and their peers pp. 181-190 Downloads
Timothy Halliday and Sally Kwak
The nonlinear link between height and wages in Germany, 1985-2004 pp. 191-199 Downloads
Olaf Hübler
Urbanization and the spread of diseases of affluence in China pp. 200-216 Downloads
Ellen Van de Poel, Owen O'Donnell and Eddy Van Doorslaer
A head above the rest: Height and adolescent psychological well-being pp. 217-228 Downloads
Daniel Rees, Joseph J. Sabia and Laura M. Argys
The social gradient in health: The effect of absolute income and subjective social status assessment on the individual's health in Europe pp. 229-237 Downloads
Ioannis Theodossiou and Alexandros Zangelidis
Growing up under generalized violence: An ecological study of homicide rates and secular trends in age at menarche in Colombia, 1940s-1980s pp. 238-245 Downloads
Eduardo Villamor, Jorge E. Chavarro and Luis E. Caro
Does the U.S. Food Stamp Program contribute to adult weight gain? pp. 246-258 Downloads
Jay Zagorsky and Patricia K. Smith
The biological standard of living in colonial Korea, 1910-1945 pp. 259-264 Downloads
Seong-Jin Choi and Daniel Schwekendiek
The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies and Products that are Fattening the Human Race, Barry Popkin, (229 pages) Price: USA $24.95, ISBN 978-1-58333-313-6 pp. 265-266 Downloads
Colleen M. Doak
Guy Soudjian Lavauzelle and Panazol, Editors, Anthropologie du conscrit parisien sous le second Empire (2008) ISBN: 978-2-7025-1086-5, price 29[euro], pp. 266 pp. 267-270 Downloads
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

Volume 7, issue 1, 2009

Investing in early human development: Timing and economic efficiency pp. 1-6 Downloads
Orla Doyle, Colm Harmon, James Heckman and Richard E. Tremblay
Early childhood length-for-age is associated with the work status of Filipino young adults pp. 7-17 Downloads
Delia B. Carba, Vivencia L. Tan and Linda S. Adair
Requiem for nutrition as the cause of IQ gains: Raven's gains in Britain 1938-2008 pp. 18-27 Downloads
James R. Flynn
Paradoxical malnutrition in mother-child pairs: Untangling the phenomenon of over- and under-nutrition in underdeveloped economies pp. 28-35 Downloads
Megan Jehn and Alexandra Brewis
Obesity and labour market success in Finland: The difference between having a high BMI and being fat pp. 36-45 Downloads
Edvard Johansson, Petri Böckerman, Urpo Kiiskinen and Markku Heliövaara
Socioeconomic status and physical stature in 19th-century Bavaria pp. 46-54 Downloads
Jana Lantzsch and Klaus Schuster
Overweight in adolescents: Implications for health expenditures pp. 55-63 Downloads
Alan C. Monheit, Jessica P. Vistnes and Jeannette A. Rogowski
Food prices, access to food outlets and child weight pp. 64-72 Downloads
Lisa M. Powell and Yanjun Bao
Income and body mass index in Europe pp. 73-83 Downloads
Jaume Garcia Villar and Climent Quintana-Domeque
Prenatal care demand and its effects on birth outcomes by birth defect status in Argentina pp. 84-95 Downloads
George L. Wehby, Jeffrey C. Murray, Eduardo E. Castilla, Jorge S. Lopez-Camelo and Robert L. Ohsfeldt
Body mass index, socio-economic status and socio-behavioral practices among Tz'utujil Maya women pp. 96-106 Downloads
Jason M. Nagata, Claudia R. Valeggia, Frances K. Barg and Kent D.W. Bream
The physical stature of Jewish men in the German Principality of Salm, 1802-1807 pp. 107-108 Downloads
Diethard Aschoff and Martin Hiermeyer
Recent growth of children in the two Koreas: A meta-analysis pp. 109-112 Downloads
Daniel Schwekendiek and Sunyoung Pak
Trends in U.S. food prices, 1950-2007 pp. 113-120 Downloads
Thomas Christian and Inas Rashad
Racial differences in body mass indices of men imprisoned in 19th Century Texas pp. 121-127 Downloads
Scott Alan Carson
A. Bhargava, Food, Economics and Health, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK (2008) 221 pp., ISBN 978-0-19-926914 pp. 128-129 Downloads
Steven Block
Anthropometric Standards. An Interactive Nutritional Reference of Body Size and Body Composition for Children and Adults. A. Roberto Frisancho, 2008, ISBN 13: 978-0-472-11591-4, ISBN 10: 0-472-11591-X, published in USA by The University of Michigan Press, price 85 USD, 335 pp., 143 growth references tables, 89 growth charts, complementary tables and figures, CD pp. 130-131 Downloads
Jana Vignerov
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