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Volume 33, issue 12, 2009

The capitalization of taxes in bond prices: Evidence from the market for Government of Canada bonds pp. 2175-2184 Downloads
Stuart Landon
Bank fragility, "money under the mattress", and long-run growth: US evidence from the "perfect" Panic of 1893 pp. 2185-2198 Downloads
Carlos Ramirez
Segmentation and time-of-day patterns in foreign exchange markets pp. 2199-2206 Downloads
Angelo Ranaldo
Firm performance and mutual fund voting pp. 2207-2217 Downloads
Lilian Ng, Qinghai Wang and Nataliya Zaiats
How loan portfolio diversification affects risk, efficiency and capitalization: A managerial behavior model for Austrian banks pp. 2218-2226 Downloads
Stefania P.S. Rossi, Markus S. Schwaiger and Gerhard Winkler
Aligning debt and equity claimant interests: Evidence from dual claim investors pp. 2227-2240 Downloads
Xijia Xu
Financial instruments with sports betting components: Marketing gimmick or a domain for behavioral finance? pp. 2241-2252 Downloads
Wolfgang Breuer, Guido Hauten and Claudia Kreuz
Announcements and the effectiveness of monetary policy: A view from the US prime rate pp. 2253-2266 Downloads
Teruyoshi Kobayashi
The effect of mergers on credit union performance pp. 2267-2274 Downloads
Keldon J. Bauer, Linda L. Miles and Takeshi Nishikawa
Intrinsic bubbles and Granger causality in the S&P 500: Evidence from long-term data pp. 2275-2281 Downloads
An-Sing Chen, Lee-Young Cheng and Kuang-Fu Cheng
Competition in banking: A disequilibrium approach pp. 2282-2292 Downloads
John Goddard and John Wilson
Consumption smoothing channels in open economies pp. 2293-2300 Downloads
Pierfederico Asdrubali and Soyoung Kim
Cash, investments and asset returns pp. 2301-2311 Downloads
Dayong Huang and Fang Wang
Do financial conglomerates create or destroy value? Evidence for the EU pp. 2312-2321 Downloads
Iman Lelyveld and Klaas Knot
A re-examination of China's share issue privatization pp. 2322-2332 Downloads
Guohua Jiang, Heng Yue and Longkai Zhao
Bond risk premia and realized jump risk pp. 2333-2345 Downloads
Jonathan H. Wright and Hao Zhou
Testing for strict stationarity in financial variables pp. 2346-2362 Downloads
George Kapetanios
Earnings management and initial public offerings: The case of the depository industry pp. 2363-2372 Downloads
Brian Adams, Kenneth A. Carow and Tod Perry
Competitive and value effects of bank privatization in developed countries pp. 2373-2385 Downloads
Isaac Otchere

Volume 33, issue 11, 2009

Global financial crisis, risk analysis and risk measurement pp. 1949-1952 Downloads
Stijn Claessens, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Fariborz Moshirian
Interpreting deviations from covered interest parity during the financial market turmoil of 2007-08 pp. 1953-1962 Downloads
Naohiko Baba and Frank Packer
The effect of exchange rate variability on US shareholder wealth pp. 1963-1972 Downloads
Aline Muller and Willem Verschoor
Does multinationality matter? Implications of operational hedging for the exchange risk exposure pp. 1973-1982 Downloads
Jongmoo Jay Choi and Cao Jiang
The ADR shadow exchange rate as an early warning indicator for currency crises pp. 1983-1995 Downloads
Stefan Eichler, Alexander Karmann and Dominik Maltritz
Contagion as a domino effect in global stock markets pp. 1996-2012 Downloads
Thijs Markwat, Erik Kole and Dick van Dijk
Credit spreads: An empirical analysis on the informational content of stocks, bonds, and CDS pp. 2013-2025 Downloads
Santiago Forte and Juan Ignacio Peña
Explaining international stock correlations with CPI fluctuations and market volatility pp. 2026-2035 Downloads
Yijie Cai, Ray Chou and Dan Li
A framework for assessing the systemic risk of major financial institutions pp. 2036-2049 Downloads
Xin Huang, Hao Zhou and Haibin Zhu
Performance and Merton-type default risk of listed banks in the EU: A panel VAR approach pp. 2050-2061 Downloads
Anastasia Koutsomanoli-Filippaki and Emmanuel Mamatzakis
The delegated portfolio management problem: Reputation and herding pp. 2062-2069 Downloads
Félix Villatoro
IPOs, clustering, indirect learning and filing independently pp. 2070-2079 Downloads
Hugh M.J. Colaco, Chinmoy Ghosh, John D. Knopf and John L. Teall
What explains the low profitability of Chinese banks? pp. 2080-2092 Downloads
García-Herrero, Alicia, Sergio Gavilá and Daniel Santabárbara
How corporate governance affects payout policy under agency problems and external financing constraints pp. 2093-2101 Downloads
Joon Chae, Sungmin Kim and Eun Jung Lee
The dynamics of short-term mutual fund flows and returns: A time-series and cross-sectional investigation pp. 2102-2109 Downloads
David Rakowski and Xiaoxin Wang
Efficient portfolios when housing needs change over the life cycle pp. 2110-2121 Downloads
Loriana Pelizzon and Guglielmo Weber
Trading activity, dealer concentration and foreign exchange market quality pp. 2122-2131 Downloads
Aditya Kaul and Stephen Sapp
Investment, internal funds and public banking in Germany pp. 2132-2139 Downloads
Dirk Engel and Torge Middendorf
Static hedging and pricing American options pp. 2140-2149 Downloads
San-Lin Chung and Pai-Ta Shih
Efficiency in housing markets: Which home buyers know how to discount? pp. 2150-2163 Downloads
Erik Hjalmarsson and Randi Hjalmarsson
Macroeconomic sources of foreign exchange risk in new EU members pp. 2164-2173 Downloads
Evžen Kočenda and Tigran Poghosyan

Volume 33, issue 10, 2009

International financial integration pp. 1739-1740 Downloads
Brian Lucey
Does the law of one price hold in international financial markets? Evidence from tick data pp. 1741-1754 Downloads
Qaisar Akram, Dagfinn Rime and Lucio Sarno
Financial reforms and time-varying microstructures in emerging equity markets pp. 1755-1769 Downloads
Thomas Lagoarde-Segot
Markets and institutions in financial intermediation: National characteristics as determinants pp. 1770-1780 Downloads
Raj Aggarwal and John Goodell
Entry mode choice of multinational banks pp. 1781-1792 Downloads
Maria Lehner
How much intraregional exchange rate variability could a currency union remove? The case of ASEAN+3 pp. 1793-1803 Downloads
Duo Qin and Tao Tan
Ownership changes and access to external financing pp. 1804-1816 Downloads
Anzhela Knyazeva, Diana Knyazeva and Joseph Stiglitz
Propping and tunneling: Empirical evidence from Japanese keiretsu pp. 1817-1828 Downloads
Sandra Dow and Jean McGuire
Operating performance changes associated with corporate mergers and the role of corporate governance pp. 1829-1841 Downloads
Nicholas F. Carline, Scott Linn and Pradeep K. Yadav
The joint estimation of bank-level market power and efficiency pp. 1842-1850 Downloads
Manthos Delis and Mike Tsionas
Measuring performance in a dynamic world: Conditional mean-variance fundamentals pp. 1851-1859 Downloads
Ranjini Jha, Bob Korkie and Harry J. Turtle
Financial dollarization: Short-run determinants in transition economies pp. 1860-1873 Downloads
Kyriakos Neanidis and Christos Savva
An evaluation of contingent immunization pp. 1874-1883 Downloads
Antonio Díaz, María de la O González, Eliseo Navarro and Frank S. Skinner
Does competition from new equity mitigate bank rent extraction? Insights from Japanese data pp. 1884-1897 Downloads
Xueping Wu, Piet Sercu and Jun Yao
The market reaction to cross-listings: Does the destination market matter? pp. 1898-1908 Downloads
Peter Roosenboom and Mathijs van Dijk
The pricing of deposit insurance considering bankruptcy costs and closure policies pp. 1909-1919 Downloads
Dar-Yeh Hwang, Fu-Shuen Shie, Kehluh Wang and Jung-Chu Lin
The determinants of net interest income in the Mexican banking system: An integrated model pp. 1920-1931 Downloads
Joaquin Maudos and Liliana Solís
Do financial factors affect the capital-labour ratio? Evidence from UK firm-level data pp. 1932-1947 Downloads
Marina-Eliza Spaliara

Volume 33, issue 9, 2009

On the integrability of money-demand functions by the Sidrauski and the shopping-time models pp. 1555-1562 Downloads
Rubens Cysne and David Turchick
Stock market crashes, firm characteristics, and stock returns pp. 1563-1574 Downloads
Jia Wang, Gulser Meric, Zugang Liu and Ilhan Meric
A momentum trading strategy based on the low frequency component of the exchange rate pp. 1575-1585 Downloads
Richard Harris and Fatih Yilmaz
Evaluation of linear asset pricing models by implied portfolio performance pp. 1586-1596 Downloads
Ronald Balvers and Dayong Huang
The bright and dark side of staging: Investment performance and the varying motivations of private equity firms pp. 1597-1609 Downloads
Philipp Krohmer, Rainer Lauterbach and Victor Calanog
Equity market valuation of human capital and stock returns pp. 1610-1623 Downloads
Christos Pantzalis and Jung Chul Park
Asymmetric effects of the business cycle on bank credit risk pp. 1624-1635 Downloads
Juri Marcucci and Mario Quagliariello
Information, sophistication, and foreign versus domestic investors' performance pp. 1636-1651 Downloads
Li-Wen Chen, Shane Johnson, Ji-Chai Lin and Yu-Jane Liu
Overvaluation and earnings management pp. 1652-1663 Downloads
Chi, Jianxin (Daniel) and Manu Gupta
The value of coskewness in mutual fund performance evaluation pp. 1664-1676 Downloads
David Moreno and Rosa Rodríguez
The impact of banking sector reform in a transition economy: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan pp. 1677-1687 Downloads
Martin Brown, Maria Rueda Maurer, Tamara Pak and Nurlanbek Tynaev
Asset allocation and location over the life cycle with investment-linked survival-contingent payouts pp. 1688-1699 Downloads
Wolfram J. Horneff, Raimond H. Maurer, Olivia Mitchell and Michael Z. Stamos
The effects of default and call risk on bond duration pp. 1700-1708 Downloads
Yan Alice Xie, Sheen Liu, Chunchi Wu and Bing Anderson
Crises, contagion and cross-listings pp. 1709-1729 Downloads
Nandini Chandar, Dilip K. Patro and Ari Yezegel
Catering effects in corporate dividend policy: The international evidence pp. 1730-1738 Downloads
Stephen P. Ferris, Narayanan Jayaraman and Sanjiv Sabherwal

Volume 33, issue 8, 2009

Varying risk premia in international bond markets pp. 1361-1375 Downloads
Stephan Kessler and Bernd Scherer
Are interest rate options important for the assessment of interest rate risk? pp. 1376-1387 Downloads
Caio Almeida and José Valentim Vicente
The wandering weekday effect in major stock markets pp. 1388-1399 Downloads
John R. Doyle and Catherine Huirong Chen
The long-term performance of acquiring firms: A re-examination of an anomaly pp. 1400-1412 Downloads
Shantanu Dutta and Vijay Jog
The identification of technology regimes in banking: Implications for the market power-fragility nexus pp. 1413-1422 Downloads
Michael Koetter and Tigran Poghosyan
Does concurrent management of mutual and hedge funds create conflicts of interest? pp. 1423-1433 Downloads
Li-Wen Chen and Fan Chen
The effects of regulation on industry structure and trade generation in the US securities industry pp. 1434-1445 Downloads
Hyung Suk Choi, Jonathan Clarke, Stephen P. Ferris and Narayanan Jayaraman
Regional growth and finance in Europe: Is there a quality effect of bank efficiency? pp. 1446-1453 Downloads
Iftekhar Hasan, Michael Koetter and Michael Wedow
Demutualization: Determinants and consequences of the mutual holding company choice pp. 1454-1463 Downloads
Kenneth A. Carow, Steven R. Cox and Dianne M. Roden
Did the repeated debt ceiling controversies embed default risk in US Treasury securities? pp. 1464-1471 Downloads
Pu Liu, Yingying Shao and Timothy J. Yeager
The announcement impact of seasoned equity offerings on bondholder wealth pp. 1472-1480 Downloads
William Elliott, Andrew K. Prevost and Ramesh Rao
Stock price reaction following large one-day price changes: UK evidence pp. 1481-1493 Downloads
Khelifa Mazouz, Nathan L. Joseph and Joulmer Joulmer
The safety first expected utility model: Experimental evidence and economic implications pp. 1494-1506 Downloads
Haim Levy and Moshe Levy
Compensation committee governance quality, chief executive officer stock option grants, and future firm performance pp. 1507-1519 Downloads
Jerry Sun, Steven F. Cahan and David Emanuel
Bank credit risk and structural credit models: Agency and information asymmetry perspectives pp. 1520-1530 Downloads
Hsien-Hsing Liao, Tsung-Kang Chen and Chia-Wu Lu
Dealer attention, the speed of quote adjustment to information, and net dealer revenue pp. 1531-1542 Downloads
Alexei Boulatov, Brian C. Hatch, Shane Johnson and Adam Y.C. Lei
Endless leverage certificates pp. 1543-1553 Downloads
Silvia Rossetto and Jos van Bommel

Volume 33, issue 7, 2009

The impact of FX central bank intervention in a noise trading framework pp. 1187-1195 Downloads
Michel Beine, Paul De Grauwe and Marianna Grimaldi
Market power in local banking monopolies pp. 1196-1210 Downloads
Paolo Coccorese
Private equity and regulatory capital pp. 1211-1220 Downloads
Dion Bongaerts and Erwin Charlier
Decision-making under uncertainty - A field study of cumulative prospect theory pp. 1221-1229 Downloads
Gregory Gurevich, Doron Kliger and Ori Levy
Modeling CO2 emission allowance prices and derivatives: Evidence from the European trading scheme pp. 1230-1241 Downloads
George Daskalakis, Dimitris Psychoyios and Raphael Markellos
Portfolio performance evaluation with generalized Sharpe ratios: Beyond the mean and variance pp. 1242-1254 Downloads
Valeri Zakamouline and Steen Koekebakker
Does the market dole out collective punishment? An empirical analysis of industry, geography, and Arthur Andersen's reputation pp. 1255-1265 Downloads
Roger D. Huang and Hang Li
Regulation of credit rating agencies pp. 1266-1273 Downloads
Anno Stolper
Monetary policy implementation and the federal funds rate pp. 1274-1284 Downloads
Dieter Nautz and Sandra Schmidt
Overreaction in the thrift IPO aftermarket pp. 1285-1298 Downloads
Geoffrey C. Friesen and Christopher Swift
Consolidation in banking and financial stability in Europe: Empirical evidence pp. 1299-1311 Downloads
Andre Uhde and Ulrich Heimeshoff
Foreign institutional ownership and stock market liquidity: Evidence from Indonesia pp. 1312-1324 Downloads
S. Ghon Rhee and Jianxin Wang
Market microstructure of the Pink Sheets pp. 1326-1339 Downloads
Nicolas P.B. Bollen and William G. Christie
Strong boards, CEO power and bank risk-taking pp. 1340-1350 Downloads
Shams Pathan
Causality in quantiles and dynamic stock return-volume relations pp. 1351-1360 Downloads
Chia-Chang Chuang, Chung-Ming Kuan and Hsin-Yi Lin

Volume 33, issue 6, 2009

Investor protection and convertible debt design pp. 985-995 Downloads
Cheng-Few Lee, Kin-Wai Lee and Gillian Hian-Heng Yeo
News and the cross-section of expected corporate bond returns pp. 996-1004 Downloads
Abhay Abhyankar and Angelica Gonzalez
From boom 'til bust: How loss aversion affects asset prices pp. 1005-1013 Downloads
Arjan Berkelaar and Roy Kouwenberg
Time-varying market integration and stock and bond return concordance in emerging markets pp. 1014-1021 Downloads
Valentyn Panchenko and Eliza Wu
Determinants of domestic and cross-border bank acquisitions in the European Union pp. 1022-1032 Downloads
Ignacio Hernando, Mara J. Nieto and Larry Wall
The jump component of S&P 500 volatility and the VIX index pp. 1033-1038 Downloads
Ralf Becker, Adam Clements and Andrew McClelland
Is the market valuation of banks' loan loss provision conditional on auditor reputation? pp. 1039-1047 Downloads
Kiridaran Kanagaretnam, Gopal V. Krishnan and Gerald J. Lobo
Extreme coexceedances in new EU member states' stock markets pp. 1048-1057 Downloads
Charlotte Christiansen and Angelo Ranaldo
Deposit guarantee evaluation and incentives analysis in a mutual guarantee system pp. 1058-1068 Downloads
Maria Elena De Giuli, Mario Alessandro Maggi and Francesco Maria Paris
The slicing approach to valuing tax shields pp. 1069-1078 Downloads
Yuan-Chi Liu
Health status and portfolio choice: Causality or heterogeneity? pp. 1079-1088 Downloads
Elliott Fan and Ruoyun (Lucy) Zhao
Price trends and patterns in technical analysis: A theoretical and empirical examination pp. 1089-1100 Downloads
Geoffrey C. Friesen, Paul A. Weller and Lee M. Dunham
Time diversification: Definitions and some closed-form solutions pp. 1101-1111 Downloads
Kee H. Chung, William T. Smith and Tao L. Wu
Political regimes, business cycles, seasonalities, and returns pp. 1112-1128 Downloads
John G. Powell, Jing Shi, Tom Smith and Robert E. Whaley
American GARCH employee stock option valuation pp. 1129-1143 Downloads
Angel Len and Vaello-Sebasti, Antoni
Inside the black box: Bank credit allocation in China's private sector pp. 1144-1155 Downloads
Michael Firth, Chen Lin, Ping Liu and Sonia M.L. Wong
The dynamics of the volatility skew: A Kalman filter approach pp. 1156-1165 Downloads
Mascia Bedendo and Stewart D. Hodges
New strategies and a new paradigm for Shariah-compliant portfolio optimization pp. 1166-1176 Downloads
Ulrich Derigs and Shehab Marzban
Extending the Basel II approach to estimate capital requirements for equity investments pp. 1177-1185 Downloads
Mark Johnston

Volume 33, issue 5, 2009

On the power of cross-sectional and multivariate tests of the CAPM pp. 775-787 Downloads
Robert R. Grauer and John Janmaat
Loss given default of high loan-to-value residential mortgages pp. 788-799 Downloads
Min Qi and Xiaolong Yang
Competitive inventory management in Treasury markets pp. 800-809 Downloads
Arjun Chatrath, Christie-David, Rohan A., Kiseop Lee and William T. Moore
Financial markets, financial dependence, and the allocation of capital pp. 810-818 Downloads
Jiaren Pang and Haibin Wu
Ineffective corporate governance: Director busyness and board committee memberships pp. 819-828 Downloads
Pornsit Jiraporn, Manohar Singh and Chun I. Lee
Family control and dilution in mergers pp. 829-841 Downloads
Nilanjan Basu, Lora Dimitrova and Imants Paeglis
A study on long-run inefficiency levels of a panel dynamic cost frontier under the framework of forward-looking rational expectations pp. 842-849 Downloads
Tai-Hsin Huang and Ying-Hsiu Chen
The determinants of household risky asset holdings: Australian evidence on background risk and other factors pp. 850-860 Downloads
Buly Cardak and Roger Wilkins
What makes a bank risky? Insights from the optimal capital structure of banks pp. 861-873 Downloads
Christian Koziol and Jochen Lawrenz
The price-setting behavior of banks: An analysis of open-end leverage certificates on the German market pp. 874-882 Downloads
Oliver Entrop, Hendrik Scholz and Marco Wilkens
Liquidity shocks, size and the relative performance of hedge fund strategies pp. 883-891 Downloads
Bill Ding, Hany A. Shawky and Jianbo Tian
Investor sentiment as conditioning information in asset pricing pp. 892-903 Downloads
Jerry Ho and Chi-Hsiou Hung
Intervention policy of the BoJ: A unified approach pp. 904-913 Downloads
Michel Beine, Oscar Bernal, Jean-Yves Gnabo and Christelle Lecourt
Buy high, sell low: How listed firms price asset transfers in related party transactions pp. 914-924 Downloads
Yan-Leung Cheung, Yuehua Qi, Raghavendra Rau and Aris Stouraitis
Derivative use, fund flows and investment manager performance pp. 925-933 Downloads
Alex Frino, Andrew Lepone and Brad Wong
Testing the expectations hypothesis when interest rates are near integrated pp. 934-943 Downloads
Meredith Beechey, Erik Hjalmarsson and Pr Sterholm
Leveraged carry trade portfolios pp. 944-957 Downloads
Zsolt Darvas
Economic linkages across commodity futures: Hedging and trading implications pp. 958-970 Downloads
Michael T. Chng
Why has the investment-cash flow sensitivity declined so sharply? Rising R&D and equity market developments pp. 971-984 Downloads
James Brown and Bruce Petersen

Volume 33, issue 4, 2009

Mutual fund volatility timing and management fees pp. 589-599 Downloads
Erasmo Giambona and Joseph Golec
Interest rate changes and the timing of debt issues pp. 600-608 Downloads
Christopher B. Barry, Steven Mann, Vassil Mihov and Mauricio Rodriguez
What do investment banks charge to underwrite American Depositary Receipts? pp. 609-618 Downloads
Hsuan-Chi Chen, Larry Fauver and Pei-Ching Yang
Agency costs, governance, and organizational forms: Evidence from the mutual fund industry pp. 619-626 Downloads
Stephen P. Ferris and Yan, Xuemin (Sterling)
Institutional ownership, volatility and dividends pp. 627-639 Downloads
Amir Rubin and Daniel Smith
Mitigating risks in cross-border acquisitions pp. 640-651 Downloads
Tomas Mantecon
Identifying volatility risk premia from fixed income Asian options pp. 652-661 Downloads
Caio Almeida and José Valentim Vicente
Performance and governance in microfinance institutions pp. 662-669 Downloads
Roy Mersland and R. Øystein Strøm
The stock-bond correlation and macroeconomic conditions: One and a half centuries of evidence pp. 670-680 Downloads
Jian Yang, Yinggang Zhou and Zijun Wang
What motivates a subprime borrower to default? pp. 681-693 Downloads
Toby Daglish
Debt, investment, and product market competition: A note on the limited liability effect pp. 694-700 Downloads
Matthew J. Clayton
A practical approach to validating a PD model pp. 701-708 Downloads
Lydian Medema, Ruud Koning and Robert Lensink
Irreversible investment, managerial discretion and optimal capital structure pp. 709-718 Downloads
Andreas Andrikopoulos
Accounting-based versus market-based cross-sectional models of CDS spreads pp. 719-730 Downloads
Sanjiv Das, Paul Hanouna and Atulya Sarin
Option trading and individual investor performance pp. 731-746 Downloads
Rob Bauer, Mathijs Cosemans and Piet Eichholtz
Interaction between housing prices and household borrowing: The Finnish case pp. 747-756 Downloads
Elias Oikarinen
Do informed option investors predict stock returns? Evidence from the Taiwan stock exchange pp. 757-764 Downloads
Chuang-Chang Chang, Pei-Fang Hsieh and Hung-Neng Lai
The impact of venture capital backing on the corporate governance of Australian initial public offerings pp. 765-774 Downloads
Jo-Ann Suchard

Volume 33, issue 3, 2009

Capital management in mutual financial institutions pp. 443-455 Downloads
Christine Brown and Kevin Davis
Two counters of jumps pp. 456-463 Downloads
António Câmara
Common risk factors in bank stocks pp. 464-472 Downloads
Ariel Viale, James W. Kolari and Donald R. Fraser
Linear-quadratic term structure models - Toward the understanding of jumps in interest rates pp. 473-485 Downloads
George Jiang and Shu Yan
Dividends and price momentum pp. 486-494 Downloads
Ebenezer Asem
Executive compensation and competition in the banking and financial sectors pp. 495-504 Downloads
Vicente Cuñat and Maria Guadalupe
Recovery rates of commercial lending: Empirical evidence for German companies pp. 505-513 Downloads
Jens Grunert and Martin Weber
Does collateral fuel moral hazard in banking? pp. 514-521 Downloads
J.-P. Niinimäki
CEO turnover and bondholder wealth pp. 522-533 Downloads
John C. Adams and Sattar A. Mansi
An analysis of the true notional bond system applied to the CBOT T-bond futures pp. 534-545 Downloads
Ben-Abdallah, Ramzi, Ben-Ameur, Hatem and Michèle Breton
Managers and efficiency in banking pp. 546-556 Downloads
Karlo Kauko
Efficiency and productivity growth in the banking industry of Central and Eastern Europe pp. 557-567 Downloads
Anastasia Koutsomanoli-Filippaki, Dimitris Margaritis and Christos Staikouras
Non-concavity problems in the dynamic macroeconomic models: A note pp. 568-572 Downloads
Ryoji Hiraguchi
A note on capital asset pricing and heterogeneous taxes pp. 573-577 Downloads
Hans Marius Eikseth and Snorre Lindset
Is it the weather? Comment pp. 578-582 Downloads
Mark Kamstra, Lisa Kramer and Maurice Levi
Is it the weather? Response pp. 583-587 Downloads
Ben Jacobsen and Wessel Marquering

Volume 33, issue 2, 2009

Information uncertainty and auditor reputation pp. 183-192 Downloads
Don M. Autore, Randall S. Billingsley and Meir I. Schneller
Do analyst recommendations reflect shareholder rights? pp. 193-202 Downloads
Don M. Autore, Tunde Kovacs and Vivek Sharma
Size matters: Economies of scale in European payments processing pp. 203-210 Downloads
Christine Beijnen and Wilko Bolt
Predicting the bear stock market: Macroeconomic variables as leading indicators pp. 211-223 Downloads
Shiu-Sheng Chen
Do artificial income smoothing and real income smoothing contribute to firm value equivalently? pp. 224-233 Downloads
Pinghsun Huang, Yan Zhang, Donald R. Deis and Jacquelyn S. Moffitt
Organizational distance and use of collateral for business loans pp. 234-243 Downloads
Gabriel Jimenez, Vicente Salas and Jesús Saurina
Explaining bank distress in Eastern European transition economies pp. 244-253 Downloads
Kadri Männasoo and David Mayes
Does better corporate governance result in higher valuations in emerging markets? Another examination using a new data set pp. 254-262 Downloads
Matthew Morey, Aron Gottesman, Edward Baker and Ben Godridge
The profitability of small single-market banks in an era of multi-market banking pp. 263-271 Downloads
Timothy Hannan and Robin A. Prager
Performance evaluation of portfolio insurance strategies using stochastic dominance criteria pp. 272-280 Downloads
Jan Annaert, Sofieke Van Osselaer and Bert Verstraete
Credit risk drivers: Evaluating the contribution of firm level information and of macroeconomic dynamics pp. 281-299 Downloads
Diana Bonfim
Corporate trade credit and inventories: New evidence of a trade-off from accounts payable and receivable pp. 300-307 Downloads
Spiros Bougheas, Simona Mateut and Paul Mizen
Block ownership and firm-specific information pp. 308-316 Downloads
Paul Brockman and Yan, Xuemin (Sterling)
Governance quality and privately negotiated stock repurchases: Evidence of agency conflict pp. 317-325 Downloads
Oneil Harris and Charmaine Glegg
Disappearing internal capital markets: Evidence from diversified business groups in Korea pp. 326-334 Downloads
Sangwoo Lee, Kwangwoo Park and Hyun-Han Shin
An analysis of the liquidity benefits provided by secondary markets pp. 335-346 Downloads
Tomas Mantecon and Percy Poon
Determinants of banks' risk exposure to new account fraud - Evidence from Germany pp. 347-357 Downloads
Hartmann-Wendels, Thomas, Thomas Mählmann and Tobias Versen
Debit or credit? pp. 358-366 Downloads
Jonathan Zinman
From state to private ownership: Issues from strategic industries pp. 367-379 Downloads
Narjess Boubakri, Jean-Claude Cosset and Omrane Guedhami
Great expectations: Banks as equity underwriters pp. 380-389 Downloads
Susan Chaplinsky and Gayle R. Erwin
Getting PPP right: Identifying mean-reverting real exchange rates in panels pp. 390-404 Downloads
Georgios Chortareas and George Kapetanios
Regime switching in the relationship between equity returns and short-term interest rates in the UK pp. 405-414 Downloads
Ólan Henry
Are good or bad borrowers discouraged from applying for loans? Evidence from US small business credit markets pp. 415-424 Downloads
Liang Han, Stuart Fraser and David J. Storey
The role of bank monitoring in corporate governance: Evidence from borrowers' earnings management behavior pp. 425-434 Downloads
Sungyoon Ahn and Wooseok Choi
The changing relationship between earnings expectations and earnings for value and growth stocks during Reg FD pp. 435-442 Downloads
Pieter de Jong and Vince P. Apilado

Volume 33, issue 1, 2009

Editorial pp. 1-1 Downloads
Fariborz Moshirian
Can an Asia Pacific Community, similar to the European Community, emerge? pp. 2-8 Downloads
Fariborz Moshirian
Stock returns, order imbalances, and commonality: Evidence on individual, institutional, and proprietary investors in China pp. 9-19 Downloads
Warren Bailey, Jun Cai, Yan Leung Cheung and Fenghua Wang
Bank ownership reform and bank performance in China pp. 20-29 Downloads
Xiaochi Lin and Yi Zhang
Corporate tax, capital structure, and the accessibility of bank loans: Evidence from China pp. 30-38 Downloads
Liansheng Wu and Heng Yue
The effects of reform on China's bank structure and performance pp. 39-52 Downloads
Fu, Xiaoqing (Maggie) and Shelagh Heffernan
Does the stock market affect firm investment in China? A price informativeness perspective pp. 53-62 Downloads
Yaping Wang, Liansheng Wu and Yunhong Yang
Regulations, earnings management, and post-IPO performance: The Chinese evidence pp. 63-76 Downloads
Jennifer L. Kao, Donghui Wu and Zhifeng Yang
The effect of ownership on the prudential behavior of banks - The case of China pp. 77-87 Downloads
Chunxin Jia
Marketability, control, and the pricing of block shares pp. 88-97 Downloads
Zhangkai Huang and Xingzhong Xu
Effects of the volatility smile on exchange settlement practices: The Hong Kong case pp. 98-112 Downloads
Eric C. Chang, Jinjuan Ren and Qi Shi
Bank ownership and efficiency in China: What will happen in the world's largest nation? pp. 113-130 Downloads
Allen N. Berger, Iftekhar Hasan and Mingming Zhou
Are New Tigers supplanting Old Mammoths in China's banking system? Evidence from a sample of city commercial banks pp. 131-140 Downloads
Giovanni Ferri
Expropriation through loan guarantees to related parties: Evidence from China pp. 141-156 Downloads
Henk Berkman, Rebel Cole and Lawrence J. Fu
Institutional development, financial deepening and economic growth: Evidence from China pp. 157-170 Downloads
Iftekhar Hasan, Paul Wachtel and Mingming Zhou
Does the type of ownership control matter? Evidence from China's listed companies pp. 171-181 Downloads
Gongmeng Chen, Michael Firth and Liping Xu
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