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Volume 10, issue 2, 1986

Introduction pp. 169-172 Downloads
Arie Melnik, Yair E. Orgler and Steven E. Plaut
In memory of Daniel Recanati pp. 173-174 Downloads
Meir Heth
Appearance and reality in deposit insurance: The case for reform pp. 175-188 Downloads
Edward Kane
Capital regulation and deposit insurance pp. 189-201 Downloads
David H. Pyle
Variable-rate deposit insurance: A re-examination pp. 203-218 Downloads
Laurie S. Goodman and Anthony M. Santomero
The large-small bank dichotomy in the federal funds market pp. 219-230 Downloads
Linda Allen and Anthony Saunders
An economic assessment of capital requirements in the banking industry pp. 231-241 Downloads
Michel Crouhy and Dan Galai
Information reusability, competition and bank asset quality pp. 243-253 Downloads
Yuk-Shee Chan, Stuart I. Greenbaum and Anjan Thakor
Optimal borrowing and bank lending policies: An interactive approach pp. 255-265 Downloads
Zvi Lieber and Yair E. Orgler
The economics of loan commitment contracts: Credit pricing and utilization pp. 267-280 Downloads
Arie Melnik and Steven E. Plaut
Lending with costly enforcement of repayment and potential fraud pp. 281-293 Downloads
Jonathan Eaton
Bank asset management and financial insurance pp. 295-307 Downloads
Giorgio P. Szego
Term structure intermediation by depository institutions pp. 309-325 Downloads
Dwight M. Jaffee

Volume 10, issue 1, 1986

Swaps, expectations, and exchange rates pp. 7-20 Downloads
Arvind Mahajan and Dileep Mehta
Market structure: The specialist as dealer and broker pp. 21-36 Downloads
Robert M. Conroy and Robert L. Winkler
A model of the financial firm with imperfect asset and deposit elasticities pp. 37-54 Downloads
Diana Hancock
The reaction of bank stock prices to the international debt crisis pp. 55-73 Downloads
Bradford Cornell and Alan C. Shapiro
Disclosure policy and international banking pp. 75-97 Downloads
Jack Guttentag and Richard Herring
Deposit rates, credit rates and bank capital: The Klein-Monti Model Revisited pp. 99-114 Downloads
Jean Dermine
Systematic risk, total risk and size as determinants of stock market returns pp. 115-132 Downloads
Josef Lakonishok and Alan C. Shapiro
Another look at implied tax rates pp. 133-141 Downloads
Lee Dymits and Michael L. Murray
A multiple discriminant analysis of BHC commercial paper ratings pp. 143-144 Downloads
James M. Murphy and Allen Rappaport
A multiple discriminant analysis of BHC commercial paper ratings: A reply pp. 145-146 Downloads
John Peavy and S. Michael Edgar
A note on interest on required reserves as an instrument of monetary control pp. 147-156 Downloads
David D. Van Hoose
Option pricing: Robert Jarrow and Andrew Rudd, (Irwin, Homewood, IL, 1983) pp. xxii + 235, $25.00 pp. 157-161 Downloads
Richard Lord
Thrifts in crisis: Structural transformation of the savings and loan industry: Fredriick E. Balderston, (Bellinger, Cambridge, MA, 1985) pp. 191, $29.95 pp. 161-163 Downloads
Edwin H. Duett
Trade policy issues and developments: Shailendra J. Anjaria, Naheed Kirmani and Arne B. Petersen, IMF Occasional Paper No. 38 (International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC, 1985) pp. 161 pp. 164-164 Downloads
Euronotes: Lloyd Bankson and Michael Lee, eds., (Euromoney Publications, London, 1985) pp. 183 pp. 164-165 Downloads
German bond markets: Uta Kempf, (Euromoney Publications, London, 1985) pp. 178 pp. 165-166 Downloads

Volume 9, issue 4, 1985

Portfolio separation for stockholder owned depository financial intermediaries pp. 477-490 Downloads
C. Sealey
Expected inflation and the real rate of interest: A Note pp. 491-498 Downloads
Theodore E. Day
On the precautionary demand for assets pp. 499-515 Downloads
Case M. Sprenkle
On syndicate sharing rules for unanimous project rankings pp. 517-534 Downloads
Devinder K. Gandhi, Robert Hausmann and Anthony Saunders
Commercial bank refinancing and economic stability: An analysis of european features pp. 535-552 Downloads
Herwig Langohr and Anthony M. Santomero
New evidence on beta stationarity and forecast for belgian common stocks pp. 553-560 Downloads
Gabriel Hawawini, Pierre A. Michel and Albert Corhay
The behavior of stock prices on LDC markets pp. 561-575 Downloads
Vihang R. Errunza and Etienne Losq
The dynamic behavior of business loans and the prime rate: A comment pp. 577-580 Downloads
Ignazio Angeloni
The dynamic behavior of business loans and the prime rate: Reply pp. 581-584 Downloads
John Kling
A note on deposit rate deregulation, Super NOWs, and bank security returns pp. 585-595 Downloads
Donald R. Fraser, R. Malcolm Richards and Richard H. Fosberg
The Saudi financial system/in the context of Western and Islamic finance: Adnan M. Abdeen and Dale N. Shook, (John Wiley & Sons, 1984) pp. 287, $34.95 pp. 597-600 Downloads
Mohammad Hosein Abghari
Bond portfolio immunization: Michael R. Granito, (Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 1984) pp. 245, $25.00 pp. 600-603 Downloads
R. M. Robinson
Banking and electronic fund transfers: J.R.S. Revell, (OECD, Paris, 1983) pp. 190 pp. 603-605 Downloads

Volume 9, issue 3, 1985

The characteristics of takeover targets and other measures pp. 351-362 Downloads
Joel Hasbrouck
Differential taxation and the equilibrium structure of interest rates pp. 363-385 Downloads
Walter N. Torous
Ex post stockholder unanimity: A Complete and Simplified Treatment pp. 387-399 Downloads
James Ohlson
The theory of collateral pp. 401-419 Downloads
Steven E. Plaut
The dynamic behavior of business loans and the prime rate pp. 421-442 Downloads
John Kling
Adjusting for the intervalling effect bias in beta: A Test using Paris Bourse Data pp. 443-460 Downloads
William K. H. Fung, Robert A. Schwartz and David K. Whitcomb
Financial market trends, no. 27, special feature on `The obstacles to international exchanges of banking services': Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, (OECD, Paris, 1984) pp. 201 pp. 461-461 Downloads
Financial market trends, no. 28, special feature on `The impact of the new financial instruments and intermediation techniques on financial market': Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, (OECD, Paris, 1984) pp. 148 pp. 461-461 Downloads
Costs and margins in banking, statistical 1, Supplement978-1982: J.R.S. Revell, (OECD, Paris, 1985) pp. 111 pp. 463-464 Downloads
Financial market trends no. 29, special feature on `Banking and monetary policy': Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, (OECD, Paris, 1984) pp. 251 pp. 463-463 Downloads
Financial market trends no. 30, special feature on `Recent trends in the international financial situation of eastern Europe': Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, (OECD, Paris, 1985) pp. 176 pp. 463-463 Downloads
Emerging securities market: Investment banking opportunities in the developing world: Antoine W. van Agtamael, (Euromoney Publications, London, 1984) pp. 308 pp. 464-465 Downloads
The wardley guide to world money and securities markets: Lynette J. Kemp, (Euromoney Publications, London, 1984) pp. 472 pp. 465-466 Downloads
Sovereign lending: Managing legal risk: Michael Gruson and R. Reisner, eds., (Euromoney Publications, London, 1984) pp. 257 pp. 466-468 Downloads
Banking on the act of state: International lending and the act of state doctrine: Carsten-Thomas Ebenroth, (Universitatsverlag Konstanz, Konstanz, 1985) pp. 116 pp. 468-469 Downloads
Portfolio theory with application to bank asset management: Giorgio P. Szego, (Academic Press, New York, 1980) pp. 215 pp. 469-472 Downloads
John Jahera
Italian credit structures: Efficiency, competition and controls: Banca d'Italia, (Euromoney Publications, London, 1984) pp. 280 pp. 469-469 Downloads
Giorgio Szego
Costs and margins in banking: J.R.S. Revell, (OECD, Paris, 1980) pp. 307 pp. 472-472 Downloads

Volume 9, issue 2, 1985

Branching, scale economies, and banking costs pp. 177-191 Downloads
Richard W. Nelson
Asymmetric information and a theory of compensating balances pp. 193-205 Downloads
C. Sealey and Robert Heinkel
The early exercise of American puts pp. 207-219 Downloads
Robert Geske and Kuldeep Shastri
Optimal hedging of uncertain and long-term foreign exchange exposure pp. 221-231 Downloads
Mark R. Eaker and Dwight Grant
The effect of stock-for-debt swaps on bank holding companies pp. 233-251 Downloads
Jonathan A. Scott, George H. Hempel and John Peavy
A factor-analytic approach to bank condition pp. 253-266 Downloads
Robert Craig West
Performance measurement of early warning models: Comments on west and other weakness/failure prediction models pp. 267-273 Downloads
Leon Korobow and David Stuhr
Direct price controls as a source of instability in the interest rate/inflation rate relationship pp. 275-288 Downloads
Markus J. Granziol
A Clower constraint model of unbacked money pp. 289-295 Downloads
John Bryant
Bank branch operating efficiency: Evaluation with Data Envelopment Analysis pp. 297-315 Downloads
H. David Sherman and Franklin Gold
A note on factor analysis and arbitrage pricing theory pp. 317-321 Downloads
Adi Raveh
A note on managing deposit flows with cash and futures market decisions pp. 323-331 Downloads
G. D. Koppenhaver
International capital markets: Developments and prospects 1984: Maxwell Watson, Peter Keller and Donald Mathieson, occasional paper no. 31 (IMF, Washington, DC, 1984) pp. 112 pp. 333-333 Downloads
The exchange rate system: John Williamson, study no. 4, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1983) pp. 85 pp. 333-333 Downloads
Issues in the assessment of the exchange rates of industrial countries: International Monetary Fund, occasional paper no. 29 (IMF, Washington, DC, 1984) pp. 30 pp. 336-336 Downloads
Exchange rate volatility and world trade: International Monetary Fund, occasional paper no. 28 (IMF, Washington, DC, 1984) pp. 62 pp. 336-337 Downloads
The exchange rate system: Lessons of the past and options for the future: International Monetary Fund, occasional paper no. 30 (IMF, Washington, DC, 1984) pp. 64 pp. 338-338 Downloads
International debt and the stability of the world economy: William R. Cline, study no. 5, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1983) pp. 134 pp. 339-340 Downloads
International debt banks and the LDCs: American Express International Banking Corporation, The Amex Bank review special paper no. 10 (AEIBC, London, 1984) pp. 222 pp. 341-342 Downloads
International financial law: Lending, capital transfers and institutions: Robert S. Rendell, ed., second ed. (Euromoney Publications, London, 1983) vol. 1, pp. 200; vol. 2, pp. 287 pp. 342-343 Downloads
Country risk: Pancras J. Nagy, (Euromoney Publications, London, 1984) pp. 195 pp. 343-344 Downloads
Default and rescheduling: Corporate and sovereign borrowers: David Suratgar, ed., (Euromoney Publications, London, 1984) pp. 163 pp. 343-343 Downloads
The Mexican rescue: Joseph Kraft, (Group of Thirty, New York, 1984) pp. 66 pp. 344-345 Downloads

Volume 9, issue 1, 1985

Equilibrium traits of durable commodity money pp. 5-34 Downloads
Bart Taub
Using linear and goal programming to immunize bond portfolios pp. 35-54 Downloads
Gordon Alexander and Bruce G. Resnick
The behavior of intra-daily exchange rates pp. 55-72 Downloads
Walter Wasserfallen and Heinz Zimmermann
An empirical examination of the implications of arbitrage pricing theory pp. 73-99 Downloads
Phoebus J. Dhrymes, Irwin Friend, N. Bulent Gultekin and Mustafa N. Gultekin
An empirical investigation of the EOE gold options market pp. 101-113 Downloads
Clifford A. Ball, Walter N. Torous and Adrian Tschoegl
A time series/cross section analysis of the determinants of Australian trading bank loan/deposit interest margins: 1962-1981 pp. 115-136 Downloads
R. W. McShane and I. G. Sharpe
Interest-risk sensitive deposit insurance premia: Stable ACH estimates pp. 137-156 Downloads
J. Huston McCulloch
Cyclical variability of bond risk premia: A note pp. 157-165 Downloads
William V. Gehrlein and Thomas McInish
Guide to computer-assisted investment analysis: W.B. Riley, Jr. and A.H. Montgomery, Jr., [McGraw-Hill, New York, 1982 (Finance Guide Series)] pp. 170-170 Downloads
Option pricing: Theory and applications: M. Brenner, ed., (Lexington Books, Lexington, MA, 1983) pp. 171-171 Downloads
The political economy of monetary policy: National and international aspects: Donald R. Hodgman, ed., Proceedings of a conference held in Perugia, Italy in July 1983 (Conference series, no. 26, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston, MA, 1983) pp. 358 pp. 171-172 Downloads
The fund, commercial banks, and member countries: Paul Mentre, (Occasional paper, no. 26, IMF, Washington, DC, 1984) pp. 172-173 Downloads
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