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1973 - 2018

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Volume 57, issue C, 2018

Advancing knowledge about residual criminal careers: A follow-up to age 56 from the Cambridge study in delinquent development pp. 1-10 Downloads
Lila Kazemian and David P. Farrington
Gangs, gender, and involvement in crime, victimization, and exposure to violence pp. 11-25 Downloads
Adam M. Watkins and Chris Melde
Introduction and validation of the Juror Decision Scale (JDS): An empirical investigation of the Story Model pp. 26-34 Downloads
Dominic Willmott, Daniel Boduszek, Agata Debowska and Russell Woodfield
Identifying the nature of risky places for sexual crime: The applicability of crime pattern and social disorganization theories in a Canadian context pp. 35-46 Downloads
Ashley N. Hewitt, Eric Beauregard, Martin A. Andresen and Patricia L. Brantingham
A comparison of latent profiles in antisocial male offenders pp. 47-55 Downloads
Josi M.A. Driessen, Kostas A. Fanti, Jeffrey C. Glennon, Craig S. Neumann, Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers and Inti A. Brazil
Routine activities and adolescent deviance across 28 cultures pp. 56-66 Downloads
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Magda Javakhishvili and Albert J. Ksinan
FFM facets and their relations with different forms of antisocial behavior: An expanded meta-analysis pp. 67-75 Downloads
Colin E. Vize, Joshua D. Miller and Donald R. Lynam
Examining the stability and predictors of deterrability across multiple offense types within a sample of convicted felons pp. 76-88 Downloads
Jeff A. Bouffard, M. Lyn Exum and Nicole Niebuhr
Examining interactive effects of characteristics of the social and physical environment on aggravated assault pp. 89-98 Downloads
Shaun A. Thomas and Grant Drawve
Institutional misconduct among juvenile offenders serving a blended sentence pp. 99-105 Downloads
Thomas J. Reidy, Jon R. Sorensen and Abdullah Cihan
Describing the process and quantifying the outcomes of the Cuyahoga County sexual assault kit initiative pp. 106-115 Downloads
Rachel Lovell, Misty Luminais, Daniel J. Flannery, Richard Bell and Brett Kyker
Difficulties in emotion regulation and psychopathic traits in violent offenders pp. 116-125 Downloads
Carlo Garofalo, Craig S. Neumann and Patrizia Velotti

Volume 56, issue C, 2018

Advances in the study of self-control: Introduction to the special issue pp. 1-1 Downloads
Ryan Charles Meldrum
Integrating criminological and mental health perspectives on low self-control: A multi-domain analysis pp. 2-10 Downloads
Noah C. Venables, Jens Foell, James R. Yancey, Kevin M. Beaver, William G. Iacono and Christopher J. Patrick
Self-control and the police code of silence: Examining the unwillingness to report fellow officers' misbehavior among a multi-agency sample of police recruits pp. 11-19 Downloads
Christopher M. Donner, Jon Maskaly and Kanani N. Thompson
Child abuse, self-control, and delinquency: A general strain perspective pp. 20-28 Downloads
Jackson M. Bunch, Amaia Iratzoqui and Stephen J. Watts
Exploring differences in self-control across sex, race, age, education, and language: Considering a bifactor MIMIC model pp. 29-42 Downloads
Jeffrey T. Ward, James V. Ray and Kathleen A. Fox
SNAP (Stop Now And Plan): Helping children improve their self-control and externalizing behavior problems pp. 43-49 Downloads
Leena K. Augimeri, Margaret Walsh, Adam Donato, Andrea Blackman and Alex R. Piquero
Self-control stability and change for incarcerated juvenile offenders pp. 50-59 Downloads
Carter Hay, Alex Widdowson and Brae Campion Young
On the development of self-control and deviance from preschool to middle adolescence pp. 60-69 Downloads
Alexander T. Vazsonyi and Gabriela Ksinan Jiskrova
An evaluation of the directional relationship between head injuries and subsequent changes in impulse control and delinquency in a sample of previously adjudicated males pp. 70-80 Downloads
Joseph A. Schwartz, Eric J. Connolly and Bradon A. Valgardson
Scaling-up self-control: A macro-level investigation of self-control at the county level pp. 81-85 Downloads
Brie Diamond, Wesley G. Jennings and Alex R. Piquero
The other side of the coin: Exploring the effects of adolescent delinquency on young adult self-control pp. 86-97 Downloads
Samantha S. Clinkinbeard, Timothy C. Barnum and Trisha N. Rhodes
Serotonin and self-control: A genetically moderated stress sensitization effect pp. 98-106 Downloads
Danielle Boisvert, Jessica Wells, Todd A. Armstrong and Richard H. Lewis
Brain activity, low self-control, and delinquency: An fMRI study of at-risk adolescents pp. 107-117 Downloads
Ryan Charles Meldrum, Elisa M. Trucco, Lora M. Cope, Robert A. Zucker and Mary M. Heitzeg
Low self-control and the adoption of street code values among young adults pp. 118-126 Downloads
Susan McNeeley, Ryan Charles Meldrum and Anthony W. Hoskin
Considering the role of food insecurity in low self-control and early delinquency pp. 127-139 Downloads
Dylan B. Jackson, Jamie Newsome, Michael G. Vaughn and Kecia R. Johnson

Volume 55, issue C, 2018

The Depravity Standard I: An introduction pp. 1-11 Downloads
Michael Welner, O'Malley, Kate Y., James Gonidakis and Ryan E. Tellalian
The Depravity Standard III: Validating an evidence-based guide pp. 12-24 Downloads
Michael Welner, O'Malley, Kate Y., James Gonidakis, Alisha Saxena and Jada Stewart-Willis
The Depravity Standard II: Developing a measure of the worst of crimes pp. 25-34 Downloads
Michael Welner, O'Malley, Kate Y., James Gonidakis, Alisha Saxena and James Burnes
The maltreatment-violence link: Exploring the role of maltreatment experiences and other individual and social risk factors among young people who offend pp. 35-45 Downloads
Catia G. Malvaso, Paul H. Delfabbro, Andrew Day and Gavin Nobes
The search for the holy grail: Criminogenic needs matching, intervention dosage, and subsequent recidivism among serious juvenile offenders in residential placement pp. 46-57 Downloads
Michael T. Baglivio, Kevin T. Wolff, James C. Howell, Katherine Jackowski and Mark A. Greenwald
Adulthood-limited offending: How much is there to explain? pp. 58-70 Downloads
Fredrik Sivertsson
An examination of developmental patterns of chronic offending from self-report records and official data: Evidence from the Pittsburgh Girls Study (PGS) pp. 71-79 Downloads
Wesley G. Jennings, Rolf Loeber, Lia Ahonen, Alex R. Piquero and David P. Farrington
Personality functioning and psychopathic traits in child molesters and violent offenders pp. 80-87 Downloads
Carlo Garofalo, Stefan Bogaerts and Jaap J.A. Denissen
The relationship between low resting heart rate, systolic blood pressure and antisocial behavior in incarcerated males pp. 88-95 Downloads
Christopher J. Koegl, David P. Farrington and Adrian Raine

Volume 54, issue C, 2018

Violence and beyond: Life-course features of handgun carrying in the urban United States and the associated long-term life consequences pp. 1-11 Downloads
Beidi Dong and Douglas J. Wiebe
Gender, race/ethnicity and prediction: Risk in behavioral assessment pp. 12-19 Downloads
Whitney Threadcraft-Walker, Melody Mitchell Threadcraft, Howard Henderson and David Rembert
Why does organizational justice matter? Uncertainty management among law enforcement officers pp. 20-29 Downloads
Scott E. Wolfe, Jeff Rojek, Victor M. Manjarrez and Allison Rojek
Same feathers, different flocks: Breaking down the meaning of ‘behavioral Homophily’ in the etiology of crime pp. 30-40 Downloads
John H. Boman and Thomas J. Mowen
Subcultures of violence and African American crime rates pp. 41-49 Downloads
Barry Latzer
How far does the apple fall from the tree? Maternal delinquency and sex-specific patterns of offspring delinquent behavior pp. 50-61 Downloads
Eric J. Connolly, Joseph A. Schwartz, Dylan B. Jackson and Kevin M. Beaver
The moderating effects of intelligence: An examination of how IQ influences the association between environmental factors and antisocial behavior pp. 62-75 Downloads
Ian A. Silver and Joseph L. Nedelec
Measuring the effect heterogeneity of police enforcement actions across spatial contexts pp. 76-87 Downloads
Eric L. Piza and Andrew M. Gilchrist
Using three-group propensity score method to estimate effects of relationship status and quality on men's antisocial behavior pp. 88-98 Downloads
Frances R. Chen and Sara R. Jaffee

Volume 53, issue C, 2017

Sentencing in light of collateral consequences: Does age matter? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Stephanie Bontrager Ryon, Ted Chiricos, Sonja E. Siennick, Kelle Barrick and William Bales
Thinking fast, not slow: How cognitive biases may contribute to racial disparities in the use of force in police-citizen encounters pp. 12-24 Downloads
Daniel P. Mears, Miltonette O. Craig, Eric A. Stewart and Patricia Y. Warren
Does offending intensify as exposure to violence aggregates? Reconsidering the effects of repeat victimization, types of exposure to violence, and poly-victimization on property crime, violent offending, and substance use pp. 25-33 Downloads
Chelsea Farrell and Gregory M. Zimmerman
A little early risk goes a long bad way: Adverse childhood experiences and life-course offending in the Cambridge study pp. 34-45 Downloads
Jessica M. Craig, Alex R. Piquero, David P. Farrington and Maria M. Ttofi
Foster care beyond placement: Offending outcomes in emerging adulthood pp. 46-54 Downloads
Jennifer Yang, Evan C. McCuish and Raymond R. Corrado
Childhood predictors of adult psychopathy scores among males followed from age 6 to 33 pp. 55-65 Downloads
Jean-Marie Bamvita, Peter Larm, Dave Checknita, Frank Vitaro, Richard E. Tremblay, Gilles Côté and Sheilagh Hodgins
Mediating the bullying victimization–delinquency relationship with anger and cognitive impulsivity: A test of general strain and criminal lifestyle theories pp. 66-73 Downloads
Glenn D. Walters and Dorothy L. Espelage
It's a War Out There: Contextualized Narratives of Violent Acts pp. 74-82 Downloads
Andy Hochstetler, Heith Copes and Michael Cherbonneau
Clarifying associations between psychopathy facets and personality disorders among offenders pp. 83-91 Downloads
Kristen M. Klipfel, Carlo Garofalo and David S. Kosson
The developmental and criminal histories of subgroups of sexual murderers engaging, or not engaging, in post mortem sexual interference, compared to rapists pp. 92-101 Downloads
Tamsin Higgs, Ewa B. Stefanska, Adam J. Carter and Kevin D. Browne
A field experiment of the impact of body-worn cameras (BWCs) on police officer behavior and perceptions pp. 102-109 Downloads
Andrea M. Headley, Rob T. Guerette and Auzeen Shariati
Post-experimental follow-ups—Fade-out versus persistence effects: The Rialto police body-worn camera experiment four years on pp. 110-116 Downloads
Alex Sutherland, Barak Ariel, William Farrar and Randy De Anda
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