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1973 - 2017

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Volume 51, issue C, 2017

Heart rate, serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) genotype, and violence in an incarcerated sample pp. 1-8 Downloads
Todd A. Armstrong, Danielle Boisvert, Shahida Flores, Mary Symonds and David Gangitano
Negative emotionality and aggression in violent offenders: The moderating role of emotion dysregulation pp. 9-16 Downloads
Carlo Garofalo and Patrizia Velotti
Latent profile analysis of psychopathic traits among homicide, general violent, property, and white-collar offenders pp. 17-23 Downloads
Daniel Boduszek, Agata Debowska and Dominic Willmott
Third-person perceptions, hostile media effects, and policing: Developing a theoretical framework for assessing the Ferguson effect pp. 24-33 Downloads
Justin Nix and Justin T. Pickett
Race/ethnicity and criminal behavior: Neurohormonal influences pp. 34-58 Downloads
Lee Ellis
Community-based and family-focused alternatives to incarceration: A quasi-experimental evaluation of interventions for delinquent youth pp. 59-66 Downloads
Stephanie Bontrager Ryon, Kristin Winokur Early and Anna E. Kosloski
Computer criminal behavior is related to psychopathy and other antisocial behavior pp. 67-73 Downloads
Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar, Nicolás Villacís-Vukadinović and Donald R. Lynam
New windows into a broken construct: A multilevel factor analysis and DIF assessment of perceived incivilities pp. 74-88 Downloads
Jeffrey T. Ward, Nathan W. Link and Ralph B. Taylor
Comparison of murderers with recidivists and first time incarcerated offenders from U.S. prisons on psychopathy and identity as a criminal: An exploratory analysis pp. 89-92 Downloads
Nicole Sherretts, Daniel Boduszek, Agata Debowska and Dominic Willmott

Volume 50, issue C, 2017

Myopic decision making: An examination of crime decisions and their outcomes in sexual crimes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Amelie Pedneault, Eric Beauregard, Danielle A. Harris and Raymond A. Knight
Analyzing the offending activity of inmates: Trajectories of offense seriousness, escalation, and de-escalation pp. 12-18 Downloads
Abdullah Cihan, Jonathan Sorensen and Kimberly A. Chism
Using offender crime scene behavior to link stranger sexual assaults: A comparison of three statistical approaches pp. 19-28 Downloads
M. Tonkin, T. Pakkanen, J. Sirén, C. Bennell, J. Woodhams, A. Burrell, H. Imre, J.M. Winter, E. Lam, G. ten Brinke, M. Webb, G.N. Labuschagne, L. Ashmore-Hills, J.J. van der Kemp, S. Lipponen, L. Rainbow, C.G. Salfati and P. Santtila
Crime is not the only problem: Examining why violence & adverse health outcomes co-vary across large U.S. counties pp. 29-41 Downloads
Graham C. Ousey
De-policing and crime in the wake of Ferguson: Racialized changes in the quantity and quality of policing among Missouri police departments pp. 42-52 Downloads
John A. Shjarback, David C. Pyrooz, Scott E. Wolfe and Scott H. Decker
When is a murder a sexual murder? Understanding the sexual element in the classification of sexual killings pp. 53-61 Downloads
Ewa B. Stefanska, Tamsin Higgs, Adam J. Carter and Anthony R. Beech
Close only counts in alcohol and violence: Controlling violence near late-night alcohol establishments using a routine activities approach pp. 62-68 Downloads
Kyle A. Burgason, Grant Drawve, Timothy C. Brown and John Eassey
Age differences in the severity, impact and relative importance of dynamic risk factors for recidivism pp. 69-77 Downloads
Anouk Spruit, Claudia van der Put, Jeanne Gubbels and Anner Bindels
Does choice of measure matter? Assessing the similarities and differences among self-control scales pp. 78-85 Downloads
Shayne Jones

Volume 49, issue C, 2017

The impact of victim-perpetrator relationship, reputation and initial point of resistance on officers' responsibility and authenticity ratings towards hypothetical rape cases pp. 1-13 Downloads
Benjamin Hine and Anthony Murphy
Trends in rates and characteristics of intimate partner homicides between 1990 and 2013 pp. 14-21 Downloads
Shilan Caman, Marianne Kristiansson, Sven Granath and Joakim Sturup
It's nature and nurture: Integrating biology and genetics into the social learning theory of criminal behavior pp. 22-31 Downloads
Bryanna Fox
Cities and the larger context: What explains changing levels of crime? pp. 32-44 Downloads
John R. Hipp and Kevin Kane
Engaging the CSI effect: The influences of experience-taking, type of evidence, and viewing frequency on juror decision-making pp. 45-52 Downloads
Ian Hawkins and Kyle Scherr
Testing criminological theory through causal mediation analysis: Current status and future directions pp. 53-64 Downloads
Glenn D. Walters and Jon T. Mandracchia

Volume 48, issue C, 2017

Unemployment and the specialization of criminal activity: A neighborhood analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Olivia K. Ha and Martin A. Andresen
Procedurally just cooperation: Explaining support for due process reforms in policing pp. 9-20 Downloads
Justin T. Pickett and Stephanie Bontrager Ryon
Does the strength of the victim-offender overlap depend on the relationship between the victim and perpetrator? pp. 21-29 Downloads
Gregory M. Zimmerman, Chelsea Farrell and Chad Posick
Impulsivity as an etiological factor in sexual homicide pp. 30-36 Downloads
Jay Healey and Eric Beauregard
Can self-control theory explain offending in late adulthood? Evidence from Germany pp. 37-47 Downloads
Helmut Hirtenlehner and Franziska Kunz
It's time: A meta-analysis on the self-control-deviance link pp. 48-63 Downloads
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Jakub Mikuška and Erin L. Kelley

Volume 47, issue C, 2016

Temporal changes in racial violence, 1980 to 2006: A latent trajectory approach pp. 1-11 Downloads
Karen F. Parker, Richard Stansfield and Patricia L. McCall
Sensitivity to the Ferguson Effect: The role of managerial organizational justice pp. 12-20 Downloads
Justin Nix and Scott E. Wolfe
Addressing the inconsistencies in fear of crime research: A meta-analytic review pp. 21-31 Downloads
Rachael E. Collins
The link between infant neuropsychological risk and childhood antisocial behavior among males: The moderating role of neonatal health risk pp. 32-40 Downloads
Dylan B. Jackson and Jamie Newsome
Escape from violence: What reduces the enduring consequences of adolescent gang affiliation? pp. 41-50 Downloads
Beidi Dong and Marvin D. Krohn
Prevalence and severity of trauma- and stressor-related symptoms among jurors: A review pp. 51-61 Downloads
Michelle Lonergan, Marie-Ève Leclerc, Mélanie Descamps, Sereena Pigeon and Alain Brunet
Sex offending and low self-control: An extension and test of the general theory of crime pp. 62-73 Downloads
Olivia Katherine Ha and Eric Beauregard
The effect of prison visitation on reentry success: A meta-analysis pp. 74-83 Downloads
Meghan M. Mitchell, Kallee Spooner, Di Jia and Yan Zhang
The effect of the maturity gap on delinquency and drug use over the life course: A genetically sensitive longitudinal design pp. 84-99 Downloads
Joseph L. Nedelec, Insun Park and Ian A. Silver
Reflected appraisals and self-view in delinquency development: An analysis of retrospective accounts from members of the Racine birth cohorts pp. 100-107 Downloads
Glenn D. Walters
The role of peer delinquency and unstructured socializing in explaining delinquency and substance use: A state-of-the-art review pp. 108-122 Downloads
Evelien M. Hoeben, Ryan C. Meldrum, Walker, D'Andre and Jacob T.N. Young
High-risk sexual offenders: Towards a new typology pp. 123-132 Downloads
Kimberley Kaseweter, Michael Woodworth, Matt Logan and Tabatha Freimuth
The prevalence, predictors, and criminogenic effect of joining a gang among urban, suburban, and rural youth pp. 133-142 Downloads
Adam M. Watkins and Terrance J. Taylor
Development and validation of the super-short form of the Elemental Psychopathy Assessment pp. 143-150 Downloads
Katherine L. Collison, Joshua D. Miller, Eric T. Gaughan, Thomas A. Widiger and Donald R. Lynam
The association between multilingualism and psychopathic personality traits pp. 151-158 Downloads
Cashen M. Boccio and Kevin M. Beaver

Volume 46, issue C, 2016

Was there a Ferguson Effect on crime rates in large U.S. cities? pp. 1-8 Downloads
David C. Pyrooz, Scott H. Decker, Scott E. Wolfe and John A. Shjarback
Introduction and validation of Psychopathic Personality Traits Scale (PPTS) in a large prison sample pp. 9-17 Downloads
Daniel Boduszek, Agata Debowska, Katie Dhingra and Matt DeLisi
Reoffending among serious juvenile offenders: A developmental perspective pp. 18-31 Downloads
Turgut Ozkan
Collective efficacy: How is it conceptualized, how is it measured, and does it really matter for understanding perceived neighborhood crime and disorder? pp. 32-44 Downloads
John R. Hipp
Proactive and reactive criminal thinking, psychological inertia, and the crime continuity conundrum pp. 45-51 Downloads
Glenn D. Walters
Exploring the impact of ambient population measures on London crime hotspots pp. 52-63 Downloads
Nick Malleson and Martin A. Andresen
Adult-onset offenders: Is a tailored theory warranted? pp. 64-81 Downloads
Amber L. Beckley, Avshalom Caspi, Honalee Harrington, Renate M. Houts, Tara Renae Mcgee, Nick Morgan, Felix Schroeder, Sandhya Ramrakha, Richie Poulton and Terrie E. Moffitt
Advancing restrictive deterrence: A qualitative meta-synthesis pp. 82-93 Downloads
Kim Moeller, Heith Copes and Andy Hochstetler
Examining gendered pathways in the causal chain linking neighborhood navigational strategies and unstructured socializing to adolescent violent offending pp. 94-105 Downloads
Gregory M. Zimmerman
Assessing the impact of race on the juvenile waiver decision: A systematic review and meta-analysis pp. 106-117 Downloads
Steven N. Zane, Brandon C. Welsh and Kevin M. Drakulich
Variation in the incarceration length-recidivism dose–response relationship pp. 118-128 Downloads
Jason Rydberg and Kyleigh Clark
Reentry programming for opioid and opiate involved female offenders: Findings from a mixed methods evaluation pp. 129-136 Downloads
Holly Ventura Miller, J. Mitchell Miller and J.C. Barnes
The significance of race/ethnicity in adolescent violence: A decade of review, 2005–2015 pp. 137-147 Downloads
Carlos E. Rojas-Gaona, Jun Sung Hong and Anthony A. Peguero
Neighborhood disorder and generalized trust: A multilevel mediation examination of social mechanisms pp. 148-158 Downloads
Jonathan Intravia, Eric A. Stewart, Patricia Y. Warren and Kevin T. Wolff
Low self-control and the Dark Triad: Disentangling the predictive power of personality traits on young adult substance use, offending and victimization pp. 159-169 Downloads
Jamie L. Flexon, Ryan C. Meldrum, Jacob T.N. Young and Peter S. Lehmann
Psychopathy and perceptions of procedural justice pp. 170-183 Downloads
Megan Bears Augustyn and James V. Ray
The concordance of self-reported and officially recorded lifetime offending histories: Results from a sample of Australian prisoners pp. 184-195 Downloads
Jason L. Payne and Alex R. Piquero
Unpacking gender and racial/ethnic biases in the federal sentencing of drug offenders: A causal mediation approach pp. 196-206 Downloads
Jeffrey T. Ward, Richard D. Hartley and Rob Tillyer
Debunking the psychometric properties of the LS\CMI: An application of item response theory with a risk assessment instrument pp. 207-218 Downloads
Guy Giguère and Patrick Lussier
The hazards of premature release: Recidivism outcomes of blended-sentenced juvenile homicide offenders pp. 219-227 Downloads
Jonathan W. Caudill and Chad R. Trulson
Changes in inmates' substance use and dependence from pre-incarceration to one year post-release pp. 228-238 Downloads
June P. Tangney, Johanna B. Folk, David M. Graham, Jeffrey B. Stuewig, Daniel V. Blalock, Andrew Salatino, Brandy L. Blasko and Kelly E. Moore
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