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Volume 33, issue C, 2014

Learning from the experiments that never happened: Lessons from trying to conduct randomized evaluations of matching grant programs in Africa pp. 4-24 Downloads
Francisco Campos, Aidan Coville, Ana Fernandes, Markus Goldstein and David McKenzie
Teaching KAIZEN to small business owners: An experiment in a metalworking cluster in Nairobi pp. 25-42 Downloads
Yukichi Mano, John Akoten, Yutaka Yoshino and Tetsushi Sonobe
Disseminating new farming practices among small scale farmers: An experimental intervention in Uganda pp. 43-74 Downloads
Tomoya Matsumoto
Do community-sanctioned social pressures constrain microenterprise growth? Evidence from a framed field experiment pp. 75-95 Downloads
Alex Oo and Russell Toth
Microcredit games with noisy signals: Contagion and free-riding pp. 96-113 Downloads
Hisaki Kono
Autonomy and efficiency. An experiment on household decisions in two regions of India pp. 114-133 Downloads
Alistair Munro, Bereket Kebede, Marcela Tarazona-Gomez and Arjan Verschoor

Volume 32, issue C, 2014

Impact of diagonal cumulation rule on FTA utilization: Evidence from bilateral and multilateral FTAs between Japan and Thailand pp. 1-16 Downloads
Kazunobu Hayakawa
The effect of instructional time reduction on educational attainment: Evidence from the Japanese curriculum standards revision pp. 17-41 Downloads
Nobuyoshi Kikuchi
Parental income and child health in Japan pp. 42-55 Downloads
Sayaka Nakamura
Glass ceiling in a stratified labor market: Evidence from Korea pp. 56-70 Downloads
Joonmo Cho, Tai Lee and Hanna Jung
Childcare availability, fertility and female labor force participation in Japan pp. 71-85 Downloads
Grace Lee and Sing Ping Lee
An estimated search and matching model of the Japanese labor market pp. 86-104 Downloads
Ching-Yang Lin and Hiroaki Miyamoto
Budget deficits, government debt, and long-term interest rates in Japan pp. 105-124 Downloads
Keigo Kameda

Volume 31, issue C, 2014

The contribution of the yen appreciation since 2007 to the Japanese economic debacle pp. 1-15 Downloads
Willem Thorbecke
International financial integration and risk sharing among countries: A production-based approach pp. 16-35 Downloads
H. Youn Kim
The market for corporate subsidiaries in Japan: An empirical study of trades among listed firms pp. 36-52 Downloads
Tatsuo Ushijima and Ulrike Schaede
Is body mass human capital in sumo? Outcome of globalization and formation of human capital in Japan pp. 53-71 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
Does an R&D tax credit affect R&D expenditure? The Japanese R&D tax credit reform in 2003 pp. 72-97 Downloads
Hiroyuki Kasahara, Katsumi Shimotsu and Michio Suzuki
The Harrod–Balassa–Samuelson effect and endogenous extensive margins pp. 98-113 Downloads
Masashige Hamano

Volume 30, issue C, 2013

How do leverage ratios affect bank share performance during financial crises: The Japanese experience of the late 1990s pp. 1-18 Downloads
Sichong Chen
Cluster-based industrial development in contemporary developing countries and modern Japanese economic history pp. 19-32 Downloads
Tomoko Hashino and Keijiro Otsuka
Fiscal stimulus and labor market dynamics in Japan pp. 33-58 Downloads
Ryuta Kato and Hiroaki Miyamoto
A numerical evaluation of the sustainable size of the primary deficit in Japan pp. 59-75 Downloads
Real Arai and Junji Ueda
Do contagion effects exist in capital flow volatility? pp. 76-95 Downloads
Hyun-Hoon Lee, Cyn-Young Park and Hyung-suk Byun
R&D, trade in intermediate inputs, and the comparative advantage of advanced countries pp. 96-110 Downloads
Shuichiro Nishioka

Volume 29, issue C, 2013

Measuring currency pressures: The cases of the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan, and the UK pound pp. 1-20 Downloads
Stephen Hall, Amangeldi Kenjegaliev, P.A.V.B. Swamy and George Tavlas
Evaluation of board reforms: An examination of the appointment of outside directors pp. 21-43 Downloads
Byung-Seong Min
Is longer unemployment rewarded with longer job tenure? pp. 44-56 Downloads
Miki Kohara, Masaru Sasaki and Tomohiro Machikita
Firms’ demand for work hours: Evidence from matched firm-worker data in Japan pp. 57-73 Downloads
Sachiko Kuroda and Isamu Yamamoto
Bank dependence and financial constraints on investment: Evidence from the corporate bond market paralysis in Japan pp. 74-97 Downloads
Taisuke Uchino
Free entry, market diffusion, and social inefficiency with endogenously growing demand pp. 98-116 Downloads
Hiroshi Kitamura, Akira Miyaoka and Misato Sato
Sources of time-varying trade balance and real exchange rate dynamics in East Asia pp. 117-141 Downloads
Sohrab Rafiq
A mixed blessing of lifespan heterogeneity pp. 142-153 Downloads
Emin Gahramanov and Xueli Tang
How does the first job matter for an individual’s career life in Japan? pp. 154-169 Downloads
Junya Hamaaki, Masahiro Hori, Saeko Maeda and Keiko Murata
Endogenous monetary policy shifts and the term structure: Evidence from Japanese government bond yields pp. 170-188 Downloads
Junko Koeda

Volume 28, issue C, 2013

Conditional forecast selection from many forecasts: An application to the Yen/Dollar exchange rate pp. 1-18 Downloads
Kei Kawakami
Declining long-term employment in Japan pp. 19-36 Downloads
Daiji Kawaguchi and Yuko Ueno
What does a temporary help service job offer? Empirical suggestions from a Japanese survey pp. 37-68 Downloads
Hiroko Okudaira, Fumio Ohtake, Koichi Kume and Kotaro Tsuru
Central banks and gold puzzles pp. 69-90 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Kenta Inoue
Enterprise unions and downsizing in Japan before and after 1997 pp. 91-118 Downloads
Tomohiko Noda and Daisuke Hirano

Volume 27, issue C, 2013

Organization adjustments, job training and productivity: Evidence from Japanese automobile makers pp. 1-34 Downloads
Kenn Ariga, Masako Kurosawa, Fumio Ohtake, Masaru Sasaki and Shoko Yamane
Effects of public investment on sectoral private investment: A factor augmented VAR approach pp. 35-47 Downloads
Takao Fujii, Kazuki Hiraga and Masafumi Kozuka
Does international knowledge spillover always lead to a positive trickle down? pp. 48-63 Downloads
Shiro Kuwahara
Global production sharing and the FDI–trade nexus: New evidence from the Japanese automobile industry pp. 64-80 Downloads
Shuhei Nishitateno
How serious is the omission of bilateral tariff rates in gravity? pp. 81-94 Downloads
Kazunobu Hayakawa

Volume 26, issue 4, 2012

A simple accounting framework for the effect of resource misallocation on aggregate productivity pp. 473-494 Downloads
Shuhei Aoki
Capital injection, restructuring targets and personnel management: The case of Japanese regional banks pp. 495-517 Downloads
Kazuki Onji, David Vera and Jenny Corbett
The current account as a dynamic portfolio choice problem pp. 518-541 Downloads
Tatiana Didier and Alexandre Lowenkron
Asymmetries and state dependence: The impact of macro surprises on intraday exchange rates pp. 542-560 Downloads
Rasmus Fatum, Michael Hutchison and Thomas Wu
Trade liberalization, wages, and specialization in China pp. 561-577 Downloads
Chang Hong
When did firms become more different? Time-varying firm-specific volatility in Japan pp. 578-601 Downloads
Emmanuel De Veirman and Andrew Levin

Volume 26, issue 3, 2012

The impact of business regulatory reforms on economic growth pp. 285-307 Downloads
Jamal Haidar
Trade liberalization and welfare: Differentiated-good versus homogeneous-good markets pp. 308-325 Downloads
Hajime Takatsuka and Dao-Zhi Zeng
Life-cycle search, match quality and Japan’s labor market pp. 326-350 Downloads
Julen Esteban-Pretel and Junichi Fujimoto
Retail power market competition with endogenous entry decision—An auction data analysis pp. 351-368 Downloads
Nobuhiro Hosoe and Shingo Takagi
The choice of organizational form under intrafirm bargaining rules pp. 369-392 Downloads
Fumi Kiyotaki and Toshiji Miyakawa
Testing the incentive effects in tournaments with a superstar pp. 393-404 Downloads
Ryuichi Tanaka and Kazutoshi Ishino
Do households smooth expenditure over anticipated income changes? Evidence from bonus payments to public employees in Japan pp. 405-433 Downloads
Masahiro Hori and Satoshi Shimizutani
Optimal borrowing structure: An explanation for the multiplicity of large-share creditors and the differentiation among them pp. 434-453 Downloads
Shinjiro Miyazawa
On the comparison of alternative specifications for money demand: The case of extremely low interest rate regimes in Japan pp. 454-471 Downloads
Kiyotaka Nakashima and Makoto Saito

Volume 26, issue 2, 2012

Business groups, foreign direct investment, and capital goods trade: The import behavior of Japanese affiliates pp. 187-200 Downloads
Rene Belderbos, Ryuhei Wakasugi and Jianglei Zou
Measuring economic localization: Evidence from Japanese firm-level data pp. 201-220 Downloads
Kentaro Nakajima, Yukiko Saito and Iichiro Uesugi
Yen-synchronization of floating East Asian currencies: A regime-switching regression model and micro-structural analysis pp. 221-232 Downloads
Bong-Han Kim, Hong-Ghi Min, Judy McDonald and Young-Soon Hwang
The impact of foreign investors on the risk-taking of Japanese firms pp. 233-248 Downloads
Pascal Nguyen
Impact of overtime regulations on wages and work hours pp. 249-262 Downloads
Sachiko Kuroda and Isamu Yamamoto
The effect of mergers on employment and wages: Evidence from Japan pp. 263-284 Downloads
Katsuyuki Kubo and Takuji Saito

Volume 26, issue 1, 2012

Long-term effects of labor market conditions on family formation for Japanese youth pp. 1-22 Downloads
Yuki Hashimoto and Ayako Kondo
A cohort analysis of male labor supply in Japan pp. 23-43 Downloads
Yukiko Abe
Gross worker flows and unemployment dynamics in Japan pp. 44-61 Downloads
Ching-Yang Lin and Hiroaki Miyamoto
The impact of retirement on household consumption in Japan pp. 62-83 Downloads
Melvin Stephens and Takashi Unayama
The effects of collateral on firm performance pp. 84-109 Downloads
Arito Ono, Koji Sakai and Iichiro Uesugi
Globalisation, multinationals and productivity in Japan’s lost decade pp. 110-128 Downloads
Richard Kneller, Danny McGowan, Tomohiko Inui and Toshiyuki Matsuura
Big push or big failure? On the effectiveness of industrialization policies for economic development pp. 129-141 Downloads
Kjetil Bjorvatn and Nicola Coniglio
Profit-enhancing competitive pressure in vertically related industries pp. 142-152 Downloads
Noriaki Matsushima and Tomomichi Mizuno
Using capabilities to project growth, 2010–2030 pp. 153-166 Downloads
Jesus Felipe, Utsav Kumar and Arnelyn Abdon
Carbon emissions, trade liberalization, and the Japan–ASEAN interaction: A group-wise examination pp. 167-178 Downloads
Cemal Atici
The effects of Bank of Japan’s liquidity provision on the year-end premium pp. 179-185 Downloads
Yasuo Hirose, Shinsuke Ohyama and Ken Taniguchi
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