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Volume 39, issue 6, 2009

Housing subsidies and tax expenditures: The case of mortgage credit certificates pp. 647-657 Downloads
Erica Greulich and John Quigley
Earthquake risk and housing prices in Japan: Evidence before and after massive earthquakes pp. 658-669 Downloads
Michio Naoi, Miki Seko and Kazuto Sumita
Small sample properties of maximum likelihood versus generalized method of moments based tests for spatially autocorrelated errors pp. 670-678 Downloads
Peter Egger, Mario Larch, Michael Pfaffermayr and Janette Walde
Investment in public infrastructure with spillovers and tax competition between contiguous regions pp. 679-687 Downloads
Carole Dembour and Xavier Wauthy
Using survey data to study capitalization of local public services pp. 688-695 Downloads
Fredrik Carlsen, Bjørg Langset, Jorn Rattso and Lasse Stambøl
Agglomeration under forward-looking expectations: Potentials and global stability pp. 696-713 Downloads
Daisuke Oyama
Bifurcations in regional migration dynamics pp. 714-720 Downloads
Marcus Berliant and Fan-chin Kung
Local employment, poverty, and property value effects of geographically-targeted tax incentives: An instrumental variables approach pp. 721-731 Downloads
Andrew Hanson
The minimum circuity frontier and the journey to work pp. 732-738 Downloads
David Levinson and El-Geneidy, Ahmed
The impact of positive property tax differentials on the timing of development pp. 739-748 Downloads
Jeremy Groves
Housing tenure transitions of older households: Life cycle, demographic, and familial factors pp. 749-760 Downloads
Gary Painter and Kwan Ok Lee
Economic Geography: The Integration of Regions and Nations by P.-Ph. Combes; T. Mayer; J.-F. Thisse pp. 761-762 Downloads
Kristian Behrens
Review of: Urban economics and real estate: Theory and policy pp. 763-764 Downloads
Anthony Yezer

Volume 39, issue 5, 2009

Parents, peers, or school inputs: Which components of school outcomes are capitalized into house value? pp. 523-529 Downloads
David Brasington and Donald Haurin
Trade liberalisation and agglomeration with firm heterogeneity: Forward and backward linkages pp. 530-541 Downloads
Toshihiro Okubo
Alternative measures of homeownership gaps across segregated neighborhoods pp. 542-552 Downloads
Paul Carrillo and Anthony Yezer
The effects of higher education policy on the location decision of individuals: Evidence from Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship Program pp. 553-562 Downloads
Daniel C. Hickman
Macroeconomic effects of the regional allocation of public capital formation pp. 563-574 Downloads
Jaime Alonso-Carrera, María Jesús Freire-Seren and Baltasar Manzano
The dynamics of regional inequalities pp. 575-591 Downloads
Salvador Barrios and Eric Strobl
Mixed oligopoly and spatial price discrimination with foreign firms pp. 592-601 Downloads
John Heywood and Guangliang Ye
Inter-city wage differentials and intra-city workplace centralization pp. 602-609 Downloads
Jim Dewey and Gabriel Montes-Rojas
Corporate income taxation of multinationals and unemployment pp. 610-620 Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Marco Runkel
Public input competition and agglomeration pp. 621-631 Downloads
Robert Fenge, Maximilian von Ehrlich and Matthias Wrede
Wages and prices: Are workers fully compensated for cost of living differences? pp. 632-643 Downloads
John Winters
Matthew O. Jackson, Social and Economic Networks, Princeton University Press (2008) pp. 644-645 Downloads
Joan de Martí Beltran

Volume 39, issue 4, 2009

Migration costs, commuting costs and intercity population sorting pp. 377-385 Downloads
Gilad Sorek
Empowerment Zones, neighborhood change and owner-occupied housing pp. 386-396 Downloads
Douglas Krupka and Douglas Noonan
Schelling's model revisited: Residential sorting with competitive bidding for land pp. 397-408 Downloads
Arthur O'Sullivan
Local regulation and land-use change: The effects of wetlands bylaws in Massachusetts pp. 409-421 Downloads
Katharine R.E. Sims and Jenny Schuetz
Commodity tax competition and industry location under the destination and the origin principle pp. 422-433 Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Jonathan Hamilton, Gianmarco Ottaviano and Jacques Thisse
Commuting, congestion tolls and the structure of the labour market: Optimal congestion pricing in a wage bargaining model pp. 434-448 Downloads
Bruno De Borger
The rise of external economies in Beijing: Evidence from intra-urban wage variation pp. 449-459 Downloads
Siqi Zheng, Richard B. Peiser and Wenzhong Zhang
Changes in commuting to work times over the 1990 to 2000 period pp. 460-471 Downloads
Dustin K. Kirby and James LeSage
Local capital tax competition and coordinated tax reform in an overlapping generations economy pp. 472-478 Downloads
Raymond G. Batina
Government policy and industrial investment determinants in Spanish regions pp. 479-488 Downloads
F. Javier Escribá and Ma. José Murgui
Subsidy competition and the mode of FDI pp. 489-501 Downloads
Facundo Albornoz, Gregory Corcos and Toby Kendall
Optimization of floor area ratio regulation in a growing city pp. 502-511 Downloads
Kirti Joshi and Tatsuhito Kono
The employment effects of a central city's source-based wage tax or hybrid wage tax pp. 512-521 Downloads
Ralph M. Braid

Volume 39, issue 3, 2009

Search and the city pp. 251-265 Downloads
Pieter Gautier and C. N. Teulings
Unemployment duration, city size, and the tightness of the labor market pp. 266-276 Downloads
Cecile Detang-Dessendre and Carl Gaigne
Retail sprawl and multi-store firms: An analysis of location choice by retail chains pp. 277-286 Downloads
Vladimir Karamychev and Peran van Reeven
Watershed development restrictions and land prices: Empirical evidence from southern Appalachia pp. 287-296 Downloads
John F. Chamblee, Carolyn A. Dehring and Craig Depken
How informative are average effects? Hedonic regression and amenity capitalization in complex urban housing markets pp. 297-306 Downloads
Christian L. Redfearn
Does home ownership vary by sexual orientation? pp. 307-315 Downloads
Christopher Jepsen and Lisa Jepsen
The impact on rent from tenant and landlord characteristics and interaction pp. 316-322 Downloads
Erling Red Larsen and Dag Einar Sommervoll
Estimating the impact of England's area-based intervention 'New Deal for Communities' on employment pp. 323-331 Downloads
Roxana Gutirrez Romero
A meta-analysis of estimates of urban agglomeration economies pp. 332-342 Downloads
Patricia Melo, Daniel Graham and Robert Noland
Analytical solution of a multi-dimensional Hotelling model with quadratic transportation costs pp. 343-349 Downloads
Hernn Larralde, Juliette Stehl and Pablo Jensen
The price and quantity of land by legal form of organization in the United States pp. 350-359 Downloads
Morris Davis
Dartboard tests for the location quotient pp. 360-364 Downloads
Paulo Guimaraes, Octávio Figueiredo and Douglas Woodward
Taxes and the fundamental value of houses pp. 365-376 Downloads
Jakob Madsen

Volume 39, issue 2, 2009

New Economic Geography: An appraisal on the occasion of Paul Krugman's 2008 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences pp. 109-119 Downloads
Masahisa Fujita and Jacques Thisse
The impact of Integrated Tariff Systems on public transport demand: Evidence from Italy pp. 120-127 Downloads
Graziano Abrate, Massimiliano Piacenza and Davide Vannoni
Alternative pricing regimes in interurban passenger transport with externalities and modal competition pp. 128-137 Downloads
Pedro Cantos-Sánchez, Rafael Moner-Colonques, José Sempere-Monerris and Álvarez-SanJaime, Óscar
Scale economies, technology and technical change in the water industry: Evidence from the English water only sector pp. 138-147 Downloads
Anna Bottasso and Maurizio Conti
Tax competition for commuters pp. 148-154 Downloads
Ji Guo
Tariffs and manufacturing location in Argentina pp. 155-167 Downloads
Pablo Sanguinetti and Christian Volpe Martincus
Why and where do headquarters move? pp. 168-186 Downloads
Vanessa Strauss-Kahn and Xavier Vives
Determinants of long-run regional productivity with geographical spillovers: The role of R&D, human capital and public infrastructure pp. 187-199 Downloads
Raffaello Bronzini and Paolo Piselli
Model selection strategies in a spatial setting: Some additional results pp. 200-213 Downloads
Jesus Mur and Ana Angulo
Re-investment and the survival of foreign-owned plants pp. 214-223 Downloads
Colin Wren and Jonathan Jones
Persistence in urban form: The long-run durability of employment centers in metropolitan areas pp. 224-232 Downloads
Christian L. Redfearn
Interregional mixed duopoly pp. 233-242 Downloads
Tomohiro Inoue, Yoshio Kamijo and Yoshihiro Tomaru
Using entropy measures to disentangle regional from national localization patterns pp. 243-250 Downloads
Eleonora Cutrini

Volume 39, issue 1, 2009

Downtown parking in auto city pp. 1-14 Downloads
Richard Arnott and John Rowse
Regional growth and exposure to nearby coal fired power plant emissions pp. 15-22 Downloads
Matthew Kahn
Partial fiscal decentralization pp. 23-32 Downloads
Jan Brueckner
Do higher rents discourage fertility? Evidence from U.S. cities, 1940-2000 pp. 33-42 Downloads
Curtis Simon and Robert Tamura
Product differentiation when competing with the suppliers of bottleneck inputs pp. 43-53 Downloads
Duarte Brito and Pedro Pereira
Development impact fees and employment pp. 54-62 Downloads
Gregory Burge and Keith Ihlanfeldt
Conditional [beta]- and [sigma]-convergence in space: A maximum likelihood approach pp. 63-78 Downloads
Michael Pfaffermayr
Housing wealth, financial wealth, and consumption: New evidence from micro data pp. 79-89 Downloads
Raphael Bostic, Stuart Gabriel and Gary Painter
Calibration of a monocentric city model with mixed land use and congestion pp. 90-96 Downloads
John McDonald
Equilibrium in fiscal competition games from the point of view of the dual pp. 97-108 Downloads
Jeffrey Petchey and Perry Shapiro
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