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Volume 93, issue PB, 2024

Forecasting the effect of extreme sea-level rise on financial market risk pp. 1-27 Downloads
Laura Garcia-Jorcano and Lidia Sanchis-Marco
The Government's fiscal and taxation policy effect on enterprise productivity: Policy choice and optimal allocation pp. 28-41 Downloads
Xiekui Zhang, Dayong Gong, Yihan Huang and Yiting Li
Digital transformation and rural labour force occupational mobility pp. 42-50 Downloads
Yuxuan Qiao and Xugao Ao
Bail-ins and market discipline: Evidence from China pp. 51-68 Downloads
Shanshan Li, Di Gong and Liping Lu
Political connections and carbon footprint: A cross-country evidence pp. 69-85 Downloads
Chwee-Ming Tee, Wai-Yan Wong and Chee-Wooi Hooy
Short selling and de-zombification: Evidence from China pp. 86-102 Downloads
Ruipeng Tan, Wenjun Zhu, Lulu Pan and Huaqing Wu
Listening to the noise: On price efficiency with dynamic trading pp. 103-120 Downloads
Lutz G. Arnold and David Russ
Sectoral uncertainty spillovers in emerging markets: A quantile time–frequency connectedness approach pp. 121-139 Downloads
Tam Hoang Nhat Dang, Faruk Balli, Hatice Balli, David Gabauer and Thi Thu Ha Nguyen
An empirical study of executive research backgrounds on enterprise innovation - the moderator of internal and external institutional environments on physics -reason - human methodology pp. 140-151 Downloads
Huifang Wang and Ning Chen
Global REIT regulations and valuation pp. 152-166 Downloads
Sridhar Gogineni, Pawan Jain and Arun Upadhyay
Do European fintech benefit from bank-affiliated VCs? pp. 167-188 Downloads
Aymen Turki and Narmin Nahidi
Climate change, technological innovation, and firm performance pp. 189-203 Downloads
Le Zhao and A.M. Parhizgari
From green-washing to innovation-washing: Environmental information intangibility and corporate green innovation in China pp. 204-226 Downloads
Chao Xing, Xinyue Zhang, Yuming Zhang and Luxiu Zhang
Skilled analysts and earnings management in Chinese listed companies pp. 227-243 Downloads
Yifan Meng, Mo Yang and Weiping Li
The asymmetric response of sovereign credit default swaps spreads to risk aversion, investor sentiment and monetary policy shocks pp. 244-272 Downloads
Abdallahi M'beirick and Samira Haddou
The impact of capital Inflow's features on the effectiveness of capital controls - Evidence from multinational data pp. 273-284 Downloads
Jia Liao, Jie Meng, Junfan Ren and Lin Zhang
Role of potential power: The effect of part-time board secretary on merger decisions pp. 285-298 Downloads
Shihu Zhong, Fanyong Guo, Gexing Zhang and Youqing Fan
The impact of local government debt expansion on exports: A study based on Chinese enterprise-level data pp. 299-315 Downloads
Pengcheng Li and Yilun Qin
Time-variant safe haven currencies pp. 316-328 Downloads
Ayano Sato, Hayato Nakata and Jay Percy
Who dominate the information flowing between innovative and traditional financial assets? A multiscale entropy-based approach pp. 329-358 Downloads
Yang Zhou, Chi Xie, Gang-Jin Wang, Jue Gong, Zhao-Chen Li and You Zhu
How does digital finance influence corporate greenwashing behavior? pp. 359-373 Downloads
Lei Yin and Yuanyuan Yang
The disciplinarity of finance journals pp. 374-388 Downloads
Gabriele Sampagnaro
Do loosened trading rules restore the stock index futures price discovery ability in China? pp. 389-397 Downloads
Xiaotao Zhang, Yuepeng Zhao and Ziqiao Wang
Transforming capital: The role of human capital structure in modulating environmental outcomes across economic transitions pp. 398-412 Downloads
Qiuyun Zhao, Fan Liu, Zhenhai Liu and Jie Zheng
Global evidence on the Russia–Ukraine conflict and energy stock returns pp. 413-435 Downloads
Jakhongir Kakhkharov, Ilke Onur, Erkan Yalcin and Rong Zhu
Are metaverse coins more prone to geopolitical risk than traditional crypto assets? pp. 436-447 Downloads
Rabin K. Jana
Return seasonality in commodity futures pp. 448-462 Downloads
Yan Li, Qingfu Liu, Deyu Miao and Yiuman Tse
Impact of green technology innovation on the quality of regional economic development pp. 463-476 Downloads
Huidi Li, Jiali Liu and Huiru Wang
Measuring the productivity of urban commercial banks in China pp. 477-489 Downloads
Bingquan Zhao, Yuan Tian, Karligash Kenjegalieva and Justine Wood
Credit easing, income gap, and housing price fluctuation pp. 490-502 Downloads
Jinzhi Chen, Lu Song, Xingchun Wen and Huan Wu
Pricing derivatives on foreign assets using Markov-modulated cojump-diffusion dynamics pp. 503-519 Downloads
Yu-Min Lian, Jun-Home Chen and Szu-Lang Liao
Attention of women's liberation and investor herding behavior pp. 520-544 Downloads
Qi Wang, Xiong Xiong, Zhuoyi Yang, Yahui An and Xu Feng
Environmental legal institutions and management earnings forecasts: Evidence from the establishment of environmental courts in China pp. 545-573 Downloads
Xiaofeng Liu, Hua Feng, Gaoliang Tian and Ting Zhang
Dynamic connectedness between FinTech and energy markets: Evidence from fat tails, serial dependence, and Bayesian approach pp. 574-586 Downloads
Le Thanh Ha, Ahmed Bouteska and Murad Harasheh
“Cooperation” or “competition”: Digital finance enables green technology innovation—a new assessment from dynamic spatial spillover perspectives pp. 587-601 Downloads
Qichang Xie, Dong Wang and Qianwen Bai
The Mist of corporate innovation pp. 602-624 Downloads
Ya-Ling Chiu, Jinbo Luo and Brian L. Boscaljon
Measurement of daily climate physical risks and climate transition risks faced by China's energy sector stocks pp. 625-640 Downloads
Xin Xu, Haizhong An, Shupei Huang, Nanfei Jia and Yajie Qi
Does high-speed rail boost local bank performance? Evidence from China pp. 641-658 Downloads
Huiyu Wen, Hui Wang, Danni Zhao and Haoyu Gao
Adjustments in VAT rates and business innovation: Empirical insights from China pp. 659-672 Downloads
Xiufen Liu, Weizhen Yu and Zixuan Chen
Forecasting global stock market volatilities: A shrinkage heterogeneous autoregressive (HAR) model with a large cross-market predictor set pp. 673-711 Downloads
Zhao-Chen Li, Chi Xie, Gang-Jin Wang, You Zhu, Zhi-Jian Zeng and Jue Gong
Spillover effects of multidimensional information in Fed statements on China's bond market pp. 712-741 Downloads
Chunzi Liu and Xiaoli Chen
Big data development and enterprise ESG performance: Empirical evidence from China pp. 742-755 Downloads
Yiping Li, Lanxing Zheng, Chang Xie and Jiming Fang
Aid and developing regional integration pp. 756-776 Downloads
King Yoong Lim and Chunping Liu
Internal trade and environmental policy effectiveness in developing countries: A binary endogenous growth model with regional Heterogeneity pp. 777-796 Downloads
Zejia Zhou and Desheng Wu
Can green credit policy increase corporate pollution abatement efforts? Evidence from China pp. 797-813 Downloads
Jinming Lai, Xin Liu and Lu Yuan
How does the green credit policy affect corporate ESG performance? pp. 814-826 Downloads
Shan Jiang and Zhibo Ma
Economic policy uncertainty and volatility of corporate bond credit spread: Evidence from China and the United States pp. 827-841 Downloads
Maojun Zhang, Rongjia Zhang and Yang Zhao
The impact of macroeconomic announcements on risk, preference, and risk premium pp. 842-857 Downloads
Takuya Kiriu and Norio Hibiki
Are simple technical trading rules profitable in bitcoin markets? pp. 858-874 Downloads
Niek Deprez and Michael Frömmel
Retail investors’ escaping from the bottom and clustering at the top of the trend in China pp. 875-904 Downloads
Xiang Wu and Bing Zhang
Impact of budget performance management reform on local fiscal relief pp. 905-918 Downloads
Shujun Jiang and Yan Chi
Do China and USA differ in the interrelationship between green bond and ESG markets? pp. 919-934 Downloads
Jing Deng, Yejiao Liu, Zhitao Zhuang, Xuesong Gu and Xiaoyun Xing
The impact of penalty interest provisions on the issuance costs of perpetual bonds pp. 935-943 Downloads
Qianlong Yu, Dandan Chen, Xiaoping Wang and Weilai Peng
Bank affiliation and lottery-like characteristics of mutual funds pp. 944-963 Downloads
Xiaoxiao Wang
Does digital economy affect corporate ESG performance? New insights from China pp. 964-980 Downloads
Lichuan Tian, Kai Sun, Jie Yang and Yang Zhao
Deep reinforcement learning for pairs trading: Evidence from China black series futures pp. 981-993 Downloads
Minjia Guo, Jianhe Liu, Ziping Luo and Xiao Han
Institutional investor heterogeneity and green innovation in China: Does digital transformation matter? pp. 994-1014 Downloads
Xuanyi Shi, Yongjia Lin and Yizhi Wang
Does common institutional ownership constrain related party transactions? Evidence from China pp. 1015-1042 Downloads
Han Zhang, Minghui Li and Yujie Yang
Sustainable investment conditions and corporate cash holdings in the MENA region: Market preparedness and Shari'ah-compliant funds pp. 1043-1063 Downloads
Charilaos Mertzanis, Philip A. Hamill, Athanasios Pavlopoulos and Asma Houcine
Climate risks and the realized higher-order moments of financial markets: Evidence from China pp. 1064-1087 Downloads
Yihan Wang, Stephane Goutte, Elie Bouri and Amin Sokhanvar
Corporate loan duration, macroeconomic environments, and COVID-19 pp. 1088-1103 Downloads
Dongwoo Kim
Economic environment uncertainty and financialization of real estate firms pp. 1104-1114 Downloads
Yueyan Chen, Jianxin Xu, Shuyu Wang and Sisi Xu
The impact of ESG responsibility performance on corporate resilience pp. 1115-1129 Downloads
Haijun Wang, Shuaipeng Jiao and Chao Ma
Effects of M&A Type on Top Management Turnover: Moderating Role of Industry Similarity & Target Experience pp. 1130-1144 Downloads
Yiran Zhao and Jianfeng Cai
Green investment policy and maturity mismatch of investment and financing in China's heavily polluting enterprises pp. 1145-1158 Downloads
Yang Liu, Ha Pham and Yong Mai
The impact of urbanization on food security in China pp. 1159-1175 Downloads
Chien-Chiang Lee, Mingli Zeng and Kang Luo
Extreme time-frequency connectedness across U.S. sector stock and commodity futures markets pp. 1176-1197 Downloads
Purba Bhattacherjee, Sibanjan Mishra and Sang Hoon Kang
The effect of privatization on corporate innovation: New evidence from China’s ownership-transfer-privatization pp. 1198-1211 Downloads
Yaya Shi and Ningru Zhao
Substantive digital innovation or symbolic digital innovation: Which type of digital innovation is more conducive to corporate ESG performance? pp. 1212-1228 Downloads
Zhen Wang and Pei Tang
The influence of managerial ability on corporate financialization pp. 1229-1245 Downloads
Kai Tang
An inquiry into the effect of trade facilitation on China's digital product exports to countries along the "Belt and Road" pp. 1246-1259 Downloads
Shubai Wang and Yaqing Zhu

Volume 93, issue PA, 2024

Heterogeneous beliefs with preference interdependence and asset pricing pp. 1-37 Downloads
Duni Hu and Hailong Wang
Peer-to-peer lending for individual and MSME finance: Evidence from an original survey in China pp. 38-51 Downloads
Yajing Liu, Kenya Fujiwara and Toshiki Jinushi
Corporate green innovation and stock price non-synchronicity: Evidence from China pp. 52-64 Downloads
Wenhui Huang and Zhihan Shen
Pollution and green innovation: Evidence from CEOs’ early-life experience pp. 65-79 Downloads
Na He, Junjie Yang and Jiahui Ren
Blockholder exit threats and excess executive perks pp. 80-97 Downloads
Kejing Chen, Lin Jiang, Yanling Kang, Mo Yang and Jiahua Zhen
Does internet use promote agricultural green development?Evidence from China pp. 98-111 Downloads
Jierong Wang, Gang Yang and Chaojun Zhou
Friend with benefits: Evidence from director's corruption culture on mergers and acquisitions pp. 112-127 Downloads
Robin Chen, Shenru Li, Wen Li and Yayu Mu
The incentive effects of the macro tax burden on economic growth: A negative or positive incentive effect? Analysis based on panel data pp. 128-147 Downloads
Xiekui Zhang, Yihan Huang and Fenglan Wei,
Feeling bored, seeking more? The assimilation and contrast effect of environmental monotony on variety seeking behavior pp. 148-161 Downloads
Ziniu Jin
Financial technology research: Past and future trajectories pp. 162-181 Downloads
Mingting Kou, Yuanqi Yang and Kaihua Chen
Quaking the stock market: Event study evidence on the Turkey-Syria earthquake pp. 182-194 Downloads
Dharen Kumar Pandey, Satish Kumar, Vineeta Kumari and Waleed M. Alahdal
Do ESG ratings improve capital market trading activities? pp. 195-210 Downloads
Chunqiang Zhang, Dayu Hao, Lu Gao, Fan Xia and Linlang Zhang
Corporate governance matters: How do reduced state-owned shares lower firms’ market power in a developing country? pp. 211-224 Downloads
Xiancheng Xiong, Ming Chen, and Chen Chen
Green finance under stress: Unraveling the spillover effects of tail risk pp. 225-236 Downloads
Muhammad Abubakr Naeem, Sania Ashraf, Sitara Karim and Faten Moussa
The choice of monetary regimes in emerging market economies: Inflation targeting versus its alternatives pp. 237-260 Downloads
Martin Stojanovikj and Goran Petrevski
Performance ranking, regulatory penalty, and improper risk adjustment behavior of fund managers pp. 261-279 Downloads
Qin Yang
Does the credibility of open market share repurchase matter? pp. 280-297 Downloads
Han Hou
How does climate vulnerability affect the just allocation of climate aid funds? pp. 298-317 Downloads
Yang Liu, Kangyin Dong and Rabindra Nepal
The effect of ESG on enterprise value under the dual carbon goals: From the perspectives of financing constraints and green innovation pp. 318-331 Downloads
Simeng Qian
Shadow banking and SME investment: Evidence from China's new asset management regulations pp. 332-349 Downloads
Yongfan Ma and Xingcun Hu
Exploring the dynamic links, implications for hedging and investment strategies between Sukuk and commodity market volatility: Evidence from country level analysis pp. 350-371 Downloads
Mabruk Billah, Sinda Hadhri, Faruk Balli and Mohammad Sahabuddin
Does the opening of high-speed rail inhibit corporate zombification? pp. 372-389 Downloads
Ruoyu Zhu, Kehu Tan and Xiaohui Xin
COVID-19 uncertainty index in Japan: Newspaper-based measures and economic activities pp. 390-403 Downloads
Hiroshi Morita and Taiki Ono
Corporate culture, staggered boards, and managerial entrenchment: Evidence from textual analysis pp. 404-418 Downloads
Pattanaporn Chatjuthamard, Kua Wongboonsin, Viput Ongsakul and Pornsit Jiraporn
How does competition influence liquidity creation? Exploring credit risk, foreign banks, and crisis pp. 419-441 Downloads
Meng-Fen Hsieh, Chien-Chiang Lee and Yi-Ching Lin
How does the time-varying dynamics of spillover between clean and brown energy ETFs change with the intervention of climate risk and climate policy uncertainty? pp. 442-468 Downloads
Ameet Kumar Banerjee, Zeynep Sueda Özer, Molla Ramizur Rahman and Ahmet Sensoy
Contagion between investor sentiment and green bonds in China during the global uncertainties pp. 469-484 Downloads
Ahmed Bouteska, Le Thanh Ha, Faruk Bhuiyan, Taimur Sharif and Mohammad Zoynul Abedin
The risk-adjusted performance of convertible venture contracts pp. 485-500 Downloads
Gurupdesh Pandher, Yosef Bonaparte and Frank J. Fabozzi
The impact of local government debt on entrepreneurship: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment of local debt governance reform pp. 501-519 Downloads
Jiacai Xiong, Ling Huang, Zelin Yang and Xin Wang
Does corporate social sustainability influence on business environment? Impact of corporate governance on distance to default of Sukuk issuers in Islamic banks pp. 520-528 Downloads
Xintong Li, Awais Ur Rehman, Smaranda Toma, Mohammad Jaradat, Xinyu Lv, Daniela Melania Mihai, Adina Eleonora Spinu and Malik Shahzad Shabbir
Stock-oil comovements through fear, uncertainty, and expectations: Evidence from conditional comoments pp. 529-551 Downloads
Mohammad Noori
Pandemics and FDI inflows: The role of infrastructures pp. 552-566 Downloads
Kai Zhao, Minjie Mo and Jun Shen
On the superior performance of SRI funds pp. 567-581 Downloads
Ali Fatemi, Iraj Fooladi, Yonggan Zhao and Zongming Ma
Risk synchronization in Australia stock market: A sector analysis pp. 582-610 Downloads
Emmanuel Asafo-Adjei, Aviral Kumar Tiwari, Emmanuel Joel Aikins Abakah and Chi-Chuan Lee
Do market conditions affect interconnectedness pattern of socially responsible equities? pp. 611-630 Downloads
Muhammad Abubakr Naeem, Zaheer Anwer, Ashraf Khan and Andrea Paltrinieri
Marketing executives and corporate performance: From the perspective of marketing digitalization pp. 631-644 Downloads
Kunhai Du, Qicheng Zhao, Yugang Yin and Tiancheng Zhang
Corporate environmental information disclosure, managerial ownership and the cost of debt pp. 645-659 Downloads
Xinyuan Zheng and Jianfei Shen
Green innovation and IPO return: Evidence from China pp. 660-677 Downloads
Qingbin Meng, Tong Peng, Xuan Song and Song Wang
Banking on resilience: EU macroprudential policy and systemic risk pp. 678-699 Downloads
Ashleigh Neill
Insight into the nexus between intellectual property pledge financing and enterprise innovation: A systematic analysis with multidimensional perspectives pp. 700-719 Downloads
Yan Li, Yiren Zhang, Jian Hu and Zeyu Wang
Does financial literacy contribute to facilitating residents in safeguarding their rights as financial consumers?A three-stage study based on the perspective of “fraud” phenomenon pp. 720-735 Downloads
Hairong Zheng, Qinghai Li and Chuanxin Xia
Selecting finance ministers: Key characteristics shaping government Debt in Africa pp. 736-757 Downloads
Christine Olivia Strong
Global value chain embeddedness, technology spillover and enterprise innovation pp. 758-771 Downloads
Riming Cui, Huanhuan Song and Dan Li
Does governmental venture capital (GVC) advance green innovation? Big data evidence from China pp. 772-788 Downloads
Yuchen Li, Jiayin Meng, Ruifan Zhou and Ying Wang
Inflation returns. Revisiting the role of external and domestic shocks with Bayesian structural VAR pp. 789-810 Downloads
Karol Szafranek, Grzegorz Szafrański and Agnieszka Leszczyńska-Paczesna
Entrepreneur-investor gender match effects in startup funding: Evidence from an entrepreneurial-themed reality TV show in China pp. 811-832 Downloads
Xuejing Hao, Feng Hu and Zhu Li
Green finance and the relationship with goodwill: A study based on the perspectives of accounting information quality and financing constraints pp. 833-846 Downloads
Jingyi Wang
Pricing VIX futures with mixed frequency macroeconomic information pp. 847-857 Downloads
Xinglin Yang and Yuhuang Shang
The role of macroprudential policies under carbon pricing pp. 858-875 Downloads
Maria Teresa Punzi
Study on the spatiotemporal evolution of coupled and coordinated digital economic resilience and efficiency pp. 876-888 Downloads
Juntao Liu and Haitao Liu
Corporate social responsibility and investment efficiency: The roles of national stakeholder orientation and legal origins pp. 889-911 Downloads
Ehsan Poursoleyman, Gholamreza Mansourfar, Zabihollah Rezaee and Saeid Homayoun
The role of institutions on public debt: A quantile regression approach pp. 912-928 Downloads
Arusha Cooray and Ibrahim Özmen
CEO foreign experience and corporate financial investment pp. 929-946 Downloads
Shangkun Liang, Yuhao Niu, Fu Xin and Lixian Jiang
A multi-dimensional assessment of the accuracy of analyst target prices pp. 947-969 Downloads
Ying-I Lee, Wen-Liang Hsieh and Daniel Wei-Chung Miao
Does annual report readability influence the design of SEOs? pp. 970-984 Downloads
Premkanth Puwanenthiren, Md Saiful Azam, Muhammad Jahangir Ali and Sivathaasan Nadarajah
Local government debt and corporate tax avoidance: Evidence from China pp. 985-1000 Downloads
Zhihan Shen, Ruipeng Zhang and Peigong Li
Are women greener? Board gender diversity and corporate green technology innovation in China pp. 1001-1020 Downloads
Shaner Chu
The internationalization of capital market and corporate innovation capabilities: A quasi-natural experiment on the inclusion of China's A-shares in the MSCI index pp. 1021-1038 Downloads
Yafei Tan and Zhaohui Zhu
Liquidity pressure and the sovereign-bank diabolic loop pp. 1039-1057 Downloads
M. Janbaz, M.K. Hassan, J. Floreani and A. Dreassi
Social media coverage and perk consumption: Agency view or efficiency view? pp. 1058-1073 Downloads
Wenzhuo Zhao, Luohan Qin, Yali Zhao and Jingjing Zuo
Can the green finance pilot policy promote the low-carbon transformation of the economy? pp. 1074-1086 Downloads
Yingying Zhang, Nianqiao Feng and Xinpeng Wang
Competition, regulation, and systemic risk in dual banking systems pp. 1087-1103 Downloads
Indria Ernaningsih, Houcem Smaoui and Ines Ben Salah
Exploring the drivers of local government budget coordination: A random forest regression analysis pp. 1104-1113 Downloads
Yinan He, Chao Wu and Yuanyuan Fan
How does business environment affect firm digital transformation: A fsQCA study based on Chinese manufacturing firms pp. 1114-1124 Downloads
Xuanyu Chen and Na Yang
Spatial difference analysis of water and sanitation in China's counties based on a spatial econometric model pp. 1125-1137 Downloads
Liange Zhao, Yijia Huo, Xueyuan Wang and Jiawei Huang
Optimal investment and exit decision of venture capitals with multiple heterogeneous Beliefs pp. 1138-1153 Downloads
Zhuming Chen and Xue Luo
Walk well and talk well: Impact of the consistency of ESG performance and disclosure on firms’ stock price crash risk pp. 1154-1174 Downloads
Jun Huang, Yun Li and Feifei Han
Correlation and spillover effects between the carbon market and China's stock market: Evidence from wavelet and quantile coherency network analysis pp. 1175-1196 Downloads
Luxi Sun, Zhili Wang, Shuning Kong and Xiaohua Xia
Does digital finance increase household risk-taking? Evidence from China pp. 1197-1210 Downloads
Debao Hu, Fang Guo, Jianing Shang and Xinyue Zhang
Unveiling the timeless potential: A comprehensive analysis of ESG integration in Chinese listed firms pp. 1211-1225 Downloads
Ting Wang and Huaxi Zhang
Performance of negatively screened sustainable investments during crisis pp. 1226-1247 Downloads
Xiang Lin and Ranjula Bali Swain
Environmental regulations and charitable donations made by polluting companies: Evidence from China pp. 1248-1267 Downloads
Kaixia Zhang and Weibing Li
Are high-income and innovative nations resilient to the Russia-Ukraine war? pp. 1268-1287 Downloads
Vineeta Kumari, Majdi Hassan and Dharen Kumar Pandey
Gold in household portfolios during a pandemic: Evidence from India pp. 1288-1306 Downloads
Oindrila Chatterjee, Balagopal Gopalakrishnan and Sanket Mohapatra
Uncertainty and credit conditions: Non-linear evidence from firm-level data pp. 1307-1323 Downloads
Christian Grimme and Steffen R. Henzel
Does a coin have only two sides? -The inverted U-shaped relationship between corporate digital transformation and carbon information disclosure and its flip-flopping pp. 1324-1339 Downloads
Hong Chen, Xuying Wu and Mengyun Zhang
Identification of the contagion effect in China's financial market uncertainties: A multiscale and dynamic perspective pp. 1340-1362 Downloads
Xinya Wang, Xin Xu, Xueyun Rong and Siyuan Xuan
Do corporate carbon emissions affect risk and capital costs? pp. 1363-1377 Downloads
Adam G. Arian and John Sands
How do government R&D subsidies affect corporate green innovation choices? Perspectives from strategic and substantive innovation pp. 1378-1396 Downloads
Shikuan Zhao, Wajih Abbassi, Ahmed Hunjra and Han Zhang
Dynamic risk spillover and hedging efficacy of China’s carbon-energy-finance markets: Economic policy uncertainty and investor sentiment non-linear causal effects pp. 1397-1416 Downloads
Yuanyuan Man, Sunpei Zhang and Yongda He
China's biased technological progress, labor market allocation and the change of trade division structure pp. 1417-1430 Downloads
Yixin Dai, Yuanhong Hu, Chuanpeng Tian and Min Jiang
Are ESG scores affected by the quality of non-financial disclosures? pp. 1431-1458 Downloads
Chuan Zhang and Yueyun Wang
Media attention and corporate risk-taking: Evidence from China pp. 1459-1482 Downloads
Chengyong Yu, Anyue Song and Fangzhou Yu
The effect of political influence on corporate social donations: Evidence from party-building reform in China pp. 1483-1493 Downloads
Zhixiong Huang, Lan Lv and Ming Yang
Industrial intelligence and industrial structure change: Effect and mechanism pp. 1494-1506 Downloads
Lei Xia, Qingjiang Han and Shui Yu
Do hedge funds bet against beta? pp. 1507-1525 Downloads
Alexey Malakhov, Timothy B. Riley and Qing Yan
ARE sustainable funds doing the talk and the walk? An ESG score analysis of fund portfolio holdings pp. 1526-1541 Downloads
Susana Martinez Meyers, Idoya Ferrero-Ferrero and María Jesus Muñoz-Torres
Assessment of the effectiveness of the macroprudential measures implemented in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic pp. 1542-1555 Downloads
Lucas Avezum, Vítor Oliveira and Diogo Serra
Asymmetric and frequency-domain spillover effects among industrial metals, precious metals, and energy futures markets pp. 1556-1592 Downloads
Samia Nasreen, Aviral Kumar Tiwari, John W. Goodell and Marco Tedeschi
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