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Volume 54, issue 2, 2020

Introduction to the Symposium “Regional Multilateralism in a Disintegrating World Order” pp. 3-4 Downloads
Francesco Tuccari
Regionalism and Global Governance: The Alternative between Power Politics and New Multilateralism pp. 5-34 Downloads
Mario Telò
Conflict between Theory and Practice: The Organization of American States pp. 35-44 Downloads
Luigi R. Einaudi
Notes for a Presentation on the Caribbean Community and the Practice of Multilateralism pp. 45-52 Downloads
Sandra Honoré
Regional Multilateralism in Africa: A System in Search of Rationalization pp. 53-74 Downloads
Giovanni Finizio
ASEAN’s Position as the Driver’s Seat and Regional Integration/Cooperation in Asia-Pacific pp. 75-94 Downloads
Silvia Menegazzi
Self-Determination at All Costs: Explaining the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis pp. 95-118 Downloads
Marina Calculli
Introduction. Exile: An Acceleration Towards Modernity pp. 121-128 Downloads
Renato Camurri
Transatlantic Routes and Encounters. European Anti-Fascists in Mexico, 1939-1945 pp. 129-150 Downloads
Enrico Acciai
The Diaspora Effect: Cultural Hybridisation in Italian Jewish Philosopher Renato Treves and Spanish Republican Essayist Francisco Ayala in Argentina (1938-1944) pp. 151-178 Downloads
Giulia Quaggio
Trajectories of Political Exile in France and the United States. The Double Exile of Nicola Chiaromonte pp. 179-194 Downloads
Cesare Panizza
Between Great Britain and the Usa: A Transnational Approach to Gaetano Salvemini’s Exile pp. 195-214 Downloads
Alice Gussoni
A Political Exile ‘Relived’. Paolo Treves in Great Britain (1938-1945) pp. 215-230 Downloads
Francesca Fiorani
Democracy and State Capacity as Determinants of Life Expectancy: Evidence From Latin America pp. 233-258 Downloads
Davide Grassi and Vincenzo Memoli
Place-Making Processes in The Diasporic Network: A Sherpa Garden in Scotland pp. 259-286 Downloads
Rita Mancini
All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Case of Mainstream Pluralism pp. 287-310 Downloads
Andrea Salanti
Credit, Debt and Distribution in the Monetary Theories of Augusto Graziani And Michal Kalecki pp. 311-326 Downloads
Jan Toporowski
Hodgson: An Institution Across Disciplinary Barriers pp. 329-348 Downloads
Angela Ambrosino and Paolo Silvestri

Volume 54, issue 1, 2020

Introduction to the Symposium: New Geographies of the Atlantic, 19-20th Centuries pp. 3-8 Downloads
Marco Mariano and Federica Morelli
The Western Hemisphere/América, 1785-1826 pp. 9-34 Downloads
Monica Henry
The Anglo-American Conflict in the Far Side of the World: A Struggle for Influence over Revolutionary South America (1812-1814) pp. 35-56 Downloads
Deborah Besseghini
A City Transformed by the Army. Atlantic Networks in San Miguel de Tucumán, 1812- 1819 pp. 57-82 Downloads
Facundo Nanni and Alejandro Morea
'A Name Affixed to a Plot of the Globe'. Francis Lieber, American Identity, and Relational Nation-Building, 1827-1833 pp. 83-106 Downloads
Edoardo Frezet
Margaret Thatcher’s American Dream: Origins and Outcomes pp. 107-130 Downloads
David W. Ellwood
Degrowth and the Paradoxes of Happiness pp. 133-152 Downloads
Serge Latouche
Alternative Solutions to the Odious Debt Problem pp. 153-168 Downloads
Mitu Gulati and Ugo Panizza
The Global Compact on Refugees: International Development in the Service of Refugee Protection and National Self-interest pp. 169-196 Downloads
Augusta Nannerini
Why the EU Became 'Europe'. Towards a New History of European Union pp. 199-216 Downloads
Kiran Klaus Patel
How Cliometrics has Infiltrated Economics – and Helped to Improve the Discipline pp. 219-230 Downloads
Claude Diebolt and Michael Haupert
Choler: The Failure of the Cliometrics School pp. 231-242 Downloads
Stefano Fenoaltea
A Very Political Macro-financial Interpretation of the Crash of Neoliberalism: Review of Adam Tooze, 'On Crashed. How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World' pp. 245-256 Downloads
Riccardo Bellofiore and Francesco Garibaldo
The 2008 Financial Crash: Lessons Learned and Lessons Forgotten: Review of Adam Tooze, 'On Crashed. How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World' pp. 257-262 Downloads
David W. Ellwood
Review of 'Rethinking the European Union and its Global Role from the 20th to the 21st Century'. Liber Amicorum Mario Telò, edited by Jean-Michel De Waele, Giovanni Grevi, Frederik Ponjaert, Anne Weyembergh, Brussels: Éditions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2019 pp. 263-266 Downloads
Umberto Morelli
Review of 'Banks and Finance in Modern Macroeconomics', by Bruna Ingrao and Claudio Sardoni, Edward Elgar, 2019 pp. 267-274 Downloads
Paolo Paesani

Volume 53, issue 1, 2019

Globalization and International Conflict: An Introduction pp. 3-8 Downloads
Matthew Evangelista
The Individualisation of War: Defining a Research Programme pp. 9-28 Downloads
Jennifer M. Welsh
The Globalization of American War in the 21st Century: Militarism and Imperial Renaissance or Decline? pp. 29-54 Downloads
Neta C. Crawford
Globalisation, Individualisation and the Changing Politics of (In)security pp. 55-62 Downloads
Elisabetta Brighi
Militarism and Hegemonic (In)stability in the Age of Private Wars pp. 63-80 Downloads
Fabio Armao
Complex Norms and Technological Transition: Reflections on the Responsibility to Protect and Norms Governing Private Military and Security Companies pp. 81-90 Downloads
Marco Boggero
All but the Form is Serious'. Slavery, Racism and Democracy in Gustave de Beaumont’s 'Marie pp. 93-116 Downloads
Francesco Gallino
Science, Technology and Europeanization: An Introductory Note pp. 117-120 Downloads
Francesco Cassata and Sara Lorenzini
Europeanization of Space: The Ariane Project between Europeanization and Independence pp. 121-140 Downloads
Sara Venditti
'Made in Europe for the World': Making a Claim for a European Chemistry in Publication Programs. The Case of the Supramolecular Chemistry (1987-2005) pp. 141-180 Downloads
Marianne Noël
Welfare for the European Union in the Age of Globalisation pp. 183-190 Downloads
Alfonso Iozzo
Review of Joseph E. Stiglitz, 'Globalization and its Discontents Revisited: Anti-globalization in the Era of Trump', New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2018 pp. 193-196 Downloads
Lino Sau
Review of Yukihiro Ikeda, Annalisa Rosselli (Eds.), 'War in the History of Economic Thought. Economists and the Question of War', London and New York: Routledge, 2018 pp. 197-200 Downloads
Fabrizio Bientinesi

Volume 52, issue 2, 2018

Introduction to the Symposium on the Relationship between Economics and Other Social Science Disciplines pp. 3-6 Downloads
Mario Cedrini and John Davis
Economics and Other Social Sciences: A Historical Perspective pp. 7-44 Downloads
Roger Backhouse and Philippe Fontaine
On the Relationship between Economics and Ethics pp. 45-56 Downloads
Mark D. White
Comment on White On the Relationship between Economics and Ethics pp. 57-68 Downloads
John Davis
From the Social Sciences to One Social Science: Anti-utilitarian Foundations pp. 69-94 Downloads
Alain Caillé
Editors' Introduction to the Symposium on Cambridge Keynesians pp. 97-98 Downloads
Journal Editors
Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians pp. 99-112 Downloads
Luigi L. Pasinetti
Can We Return to Keynesian economics? pp. 113-118 Downloads
Bradley W. Bateman
Joan Robinson's Challenges on How to Construct a Post-Keynesian Economic Theory pp. 119-134 Downloads
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
Sraffa versus Keynes on the Method of Economics: Measurement, Homogeneity and Independence pp. 137-168 Downloads
Anna Carabelli
Keynes in the 'Prison Notebooks': A Contribution to the Reconstruction of Gramsci's Economic Thought pp. 169-192 Downloads
Giuliano Guzzone
From the 'Social Democratic Moment' to the 'Shock of the Global': The British Labour and the German Social Democracy during the 1960s-1970s pp. 193-218 Downloads
Jacopo Perazzoli
Germany and its Low Growth pp. 221-244 Downloads
Pierluigi Ciocca
On Luigi Einaudi's Advisory Collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation (1926-1931) pp. 247-300 Downloads
Alessia Pedio
Challenges of Contemporary Regionalism: The EU between Regional and Global Governance. A Review Essay pp. 303-322 Downloads
Furio Stamati
Three Comments on Emma Tieffenbach's Review pp. 323-326 Downloads
Francesco Guala
Review of A. Sæther, 'Natural Law and The Origin of Political Economy: Samuel Pufendorf and the History of Economics', New York: Routledge, 2017 pp. 327-332 Downloads
Francesca Iurlaro

Volume 52, issue 1, 2018

Introduction to the Symposium: Globalization in Historical Perspective. A Long-term View pp. 5-8 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Varieties of Backlash pp. 9-14 Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke
The Backlash to Globalization: Some Further Thoughts pp. 15-20 Downloads
Stefano Fenoaltea
The Real Effects of Financial Globalization: What Do the Data Say? pp. 21-30 Downloads
Ugo Panizza
Foreword to the Symposium on Global History pp. 33-34 Downloads
Francesco Tuccari
Global History: Structures, Strategies, Open Problems pp. 35-44 Downloads
Marco Meriggi
Geographies of Global History pp. 45-52 Downloads
Laura Di Fiore
The Great Divergence vingt ans après: Toward a Medium-term Synthesis? pp. 53-62 Downloads
Vittorio H. Beonio Brocchieri
Early Modern History in the Journal of Global History pp. 63-72 Downloads
Patrizia Delpiano
Great Depression, 2008 Great Contraction, and World History pp. 73-80 Downloads
Giovanni Gozzini
Introduction to the Symposium: Luther and Europe pp. 83-94 Downloads
Massimo Firpo
Legal Order in the Draft: Europe on the Eve of the 100th Anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles pp. 95-106 Downloads
Joseph Straus
Models in Economics: Fables, Fictions and Stories pp. 109-132 Downloads
Bruna Ingrao
Economics, Humanities and Values pp. 137-146 Downloads
Paolo Silvestri
Economics, Value Judgements and Interdisciplinarity pp. 147-156 Downloads
Francesco Forte
On Einaudi's 'Vision' of the Good Polity pp. 157-160 Downloads
Riccardo Faucci
On the Moral Foundations of the Science of "Buon Governo" pp. 161-168 Downloads
Raimondo Cubeddu
On Abstract and Historical Hypotheses and on Value Judgements in Economic Sciences: Conclusions pp. 169-174 Downloads
Luigi Einaudi
On the Relationship between Irving Fisher and Luigi Einaudi: Introductory Note pp. 177-180 Downloads
Francesco Cassata
Review of M. Ceretta and B. Curli (eds.), 'Discourses and Counter-discourses on Europe. From the Enlightenment to the EU', Milton Park, Routledge, 2017 pp. 191-194 Downloads
Peppino Ortoleva
Review of H. Zimmermann and A. Dür (eds.), 'Key Controversies in European Integration', Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan, 2nd ed., 2016 pp. 195-200 Downloads
Furio Stamati
Review of F. Guala, 'Understanding Institutions: The Science and Philosophy of Living Together', Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2016 pp. 201-206 Downloads
Emma Tieffenbach
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