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Volume 48, issue 4, 1997

On Capital Flows to Emerging Markets―Lessons of the Mexican Peso Crisis, 1994-95― pp. 289-305 Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
Information Role of the Main Bank System―Reexamined― pp. 306-318 Downloads
Kaoru Hosono
Market Operation and Term Structure of Interest Rates in Japan―Interest Rate Smoothing and Debt Management Policy― pp. 319-328 Downloads
Yosuke Takeda
Distributional Conflicts in Prewar Japan pp. 329-338 Downloads
Juro Teranishi
Knowledge Formation and Economic Development under Capital Market Imperfections pp. 339-350 Downloads
Naohisa Goto and Masaya Sakuragawa
Objectives of Japanese Monetary Policy―Estimation by the Time‐Varying Logit Model― pp. 351-367
Kazumi Asako and Satoru Kanoh
Ryoshin Minami, Economic Development and Income Distirution in Japan pp. 368-370
Kazuo Sato
Hukukane Nikaido, Prices, Cycles, and Growth pp. 370-373 Downloads
Kiyoshi Kuga
Kiyoshi Yamamoto, A History of Technology and Labor on the Shop Floor in Japan―1854~1990― pp. 373-375 Downloads
Konosuke Odaka
Isao Hirota, The Formation of Modern France―Economy and Society between the Wars pp. 375-377
Jun Sakudo
Yonosuke Hara, Economic Development is Southeast Asia pp. 377-379 Downloads
Toru Yanagihara

Volume 48, issue 3, 1997

Testing the Validity of the Cox‐Ingersoll‐Ross Type Model for Japanese Interest Rates pp. 193-206 Downloads
Takeaki Kariya and Kenji Kamizono
The Risk of Disability and Precautionary Savings pp. 207-217 Downloads
Eiji Tajika and Fumiko Hayashi
Fluctuation in Land Prices and Capital Investment―Evidence from Panel Data of Japanese Manufacturing Firms― pp. 218-226 Downloads
Kazuyuki Suzuki and Kazuo Ogawa
Foreign Direct Investment and the Macroeconomics pp. 227-243 Downloads
Kyoji Fukao
A Game Theoretic Study of Transboundary Pollution Problems and International Cooperation pp. 244-251 Downloads
Toshiyuki Fujita
Labor Disputes and the Wage‐Price Spiral in Japan―1945-1954― pp. 252-261
Xinmei Wang
Analyzing the Structure of the Russian Economy Using Input‐Output Tables pp. 262-280 Downloads
Masaaki Kuboniwa
Yoshiaki Nishimura, From Socialism to Capitalism―Developments of Marketization Policies in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe― pp. 281-282
Tsuneaki Sato
John D. Hey(ed.), Experimental Economics pp. 283-284 Downloads
Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Volume 48, issue 2, 1997

Income Distribution and Sociopolitical Transformations in Japan pp. 97-112
Ryoshin Minami and Wenran Jiang
The Political Economy of Income Inequality in the United States pp. 113-127 Downloads
Kwan S. Kim
Income Inequality and Uncertain Democracy in Thailand―The Thai Case― pp. 128-142 Downloads
Malcolm Falkus
On Income Inequality and Democracy―Seeking a Viable Data Base― pp. 143-154
Francis G. Castles
Labor Relations in Japanese Nonunion Firms―Voice, Involvement, and Wage Determination― pp. 155-175 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Tsuru
Comparative Industrial Analysis as a Paradigm pp. 176-179 Downloads
Mitsuharu Miyamoto
Keimei Kaizuka and Kazuo Ueda (eds.), The Japanese Financial System in Transition pp. 180-183 Downloads
Yoshiro Tsutsui
Toru Iwami, Japan in the International Financial System pp. 183-185 Downloads
Seiichi Fujita
Hideyuki Adachi, Theories of Macrodynamics pp. 185-187
Tadahiko Tokita
Seiichiro Yonekura, The Japanese Iron and Steel Industry, 1850-1990 pp. 187-189 Downloads
Geoffrey Tweedale

Volume 48, issue 1, 1997

Economic Relationship Among the Countries in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe pp. 1-14
Yoshiaki Nishimura
The “New” Welfare Economics and Social Choice Theory pp. 15-24 Downloads
Kotaro Suzumura
An Analysis of Local Authorities by the Accountability Standard in England pp. 25-36
Hideo Nakai
Accuracy of the Population Census in Pre‐WWII Japan pp. 37-48 Downloads
Masahiro Satow
Female Labor Supply in Japan―Sample Stratified by Length of Work Week― pp. 49-58 Downloads
Nobuko Nagase
Asia's Population History―An Overview― pp. 59-79 Downloads
Osamu Saito
Tamotsu Nishizawa, The Economic Heretics―The Political Economy of the Birmingham School― pp. 80-82
Shigeyoshi Senga
Hiroyuki Okada, The Formation of Soviet Production System―A Politico‐economical Analysis of the Stalnist System― pp. 82-84
Yoshiaki Nishimura
Dannis L. McNamara, Textiles and Industrial Transition in Japan pp. 84-86
Toshihiro Horiuchi
Koichiro Fujita, The Honor of Croft Guilds and the Wandering Journeymen in Germany pp. 86-88 Downloads
Eizo Yarita
Koji Miyake, A Research of Osaka Artillery Arsenal pp. 88-90
Jun Suzuki
Susumu Hondai, Simultaneous Development of Large‐Enterprises and Small and Medium‐Enterprises pp. 90-92 Downloads
D. H. Whittaker

Volume 47, issue 4, 1996

Marshall and Keynes on the Decline of the Lancashire Cotton Industry pp. 289-300 Downloads
Tamotsu Nishizawa
Industry Complementarities and Investment Behavior pp. 301-312 Downloads
Tsutomu Miyagawa
Welfare and Competition under the Co‐Existence of Private Financial Institutions and Government Financial Institutions pp. 313-323 Downloads
Naoyuki Yoshino and Yasunori Fujita
Wage Cohesion among Occupations and Efficiency Wage Theory―Investigation of Interindustry Wage Differentials― pp. 324-339
Corinne Boyles, Takuji Funaba and Yasuhiro Ueshima
The Previsional Act to Promote Machinery Industry (Kishin ho) and Auto Parts Production in Postwar Japan―Economic Evaluation of an Industrial Policy― pp. 340-356 Downloads
Konosuke Odaka
Recent Studies on the Historical Formation of Political Economy: A Comment on S. Niimura, “The Formation of Political Economy: Adam Smith and Modern Natural Jurisprudence,” and H. Takemoto, “The Making of Political Economy: A Study on James Steuart.” pp. 357-361
Shigeshi Wada
Tsuneo Ishikawa ed., Distribution of Wealth and Income in Japan pp. 362-363 Downloads
Kuramitsu Muramatsu
Hideki Izawa, International Cooperation of Monetary Policy―Toward Reform of International Monetary and Financial System― pp. 363-365 Downloads
Hideaki Murase
Akira Yokoyama, A Public Choice Analysis of Public Finance pp. 366-367
Tetsuya Kishimoto
Keijiro Otsuka, Liu Deqiang and Naoki Murakami, Micro‐Economic Reform in China―A Quantitative Analysis of Enterprise and Market Behaviors― pp. 367-372
Shigeru Ishikawa
Shiro Sugihara and Kazunobu Okada(eds.), Taguchi Ukichi and “His Tokyo Economist” pp. 372-375 Downloads
Yoshio Yasumaru
Jiro Kumagai, The British Cotton Industry and Free Trade―The Manchester Chamber of Commerce,1820-1932― pp. 375-376 Downloads
Toru Yamamoto
Sachio Imakubo, The Factory in the German Electrical Industry 1873-1904 pp. 376-378 Downloads
Tadashi Otsuka
Yujiro Hayami & Keijiro Otsuka, The Economics of Contract Choice: An Agrarian Perspective pp. 378-379
Kaushik Basu

Volume 47, issue 3, 1996

The Job‐consciousness of the Workers Who Left or Remained―Panel Survey Data from Factories in India― pp. 193-203 Downloads
Yukihiko Kiyokawa
Asymmetric Information, Agency Problems, and Bank Loan Maturity in Japan pp. 204-216
Shin-ichi Fukuda and Ji Cong
Private Annuities Markets and Adverse Selection―The Case of National Pension Funds in Japan― pp. 217-228 Downloads
Eiji Tajika and Fumiko Hayashi
Moral Sciences and Early Economics of Alfred Marshall―A Study of The Marshall Papers― pp. 229-237 Downloads
Mikio Nishioka
Rational Expectations in the Rice Futures Market of Osaka, in the 18th Century pp. 238-247 Downloads
Shigeru Wakita
The Efficiency of Japan's Banking System during the High Growth Era pp. 248-269 Downloads
Tetsushi Homma, Yoshihisa Godo and Juro Teranishi
Shozaburo Fujino, The Money Supply in Japan pp. 270-272 Downloads
Masayoshi Tsurumi
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi, Reforms of Statistical System under Socio‐Economic Changes―Overview of Statistical Data in Japan― pp. 272-274 Downloads
Hiromi Mori
Keimei Kaizuka and Yoshitsugu Kanemoto eds., The Public Finance System in Japan―Designs for Institutional Reform― pp. 274-277 Downloads
Eiji Tajika
Tsutomu Hashimoto, Logic of Liberty―Popper, Mises and Hayek― pp. 277-279 Downloads
Itaru Shimazu
Gentaro Seki, Economic Thoughts on the Formations of Economic Society―A Study of the Proposals for Economic Improvement in Eighteenth‐Century Scotland― pp. 279-281 Downloads
Hideo Tanaka
Kazuo Sumi, World Bank―Development Financing and Environmental/Human Rights Problems― pp. 281-283 Downloads
Shinji Takagi
Tsutomu Miyagawa and Jyoji Tokui, The Yen Appreciation and the Japanese Economy pp. 283-285 Downloads
Ryuhei Okumura

Volume 47, issue 2, 1996

The Japanese Economy in the 1940's―A Study by Long‐term Series of National Accounts― pp. 97-108 Downloads
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi
The Employment Structure in War Time Japan pp. 109-120
Yoshiro Matsuda
A Macro‐Economic Analysis of the Economy of “Manchukuo”―A Preliminary Study Based on the Production Index of Manchukuo― pp. 121-129 Downloads
Yuzo Yamamoto
Continuity and Change of the Iron and Steel Industry in China―the Case of the Northeast District in the Late 1940s― pp. 130-143 Downloads
Toshiro Matsumoto
Economic Status of the Elderly in Extended Households in Japan pp. 144-157 Downloads
Noriyuki Takayama and Fumiko Arita
New Co‐operative Principles of the International Co‐operative Alliance pp. 158-175 Downloads
Kenji Tomizawa
Harry T. Oshima, Strategic Processes in Monsoon Asia's Economic Development pp. 176-178 Downloads
Christopher Howe
Yuzo Yamamoto, From Ryo to Yen―Currency Reforms in the Meiji Restoration― pp. 178-180
Masaru Iwahashi
Toyoaki Washida, Economic Theory in Ecology―Fundamental Theory of Material Cycle― pp. 180-182
Yoshifusa Kitabatake
Yoshio Higuchi, Economics of Professional Baseball pp. 182-184 Downloads
Fumio Ohtake
Nobuki Mochida, Public Finance of Japanese Cities pp. 185-187 Downloads
Naohiko Jinno
Katsuhito Imai, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Postwar Japan pp. 187-189
Kisaburo Nishimura

Volume 47, issue 1, 1996

Rationality in Abreu‐Matsushima Mechanisms pp. 1-15
Hitoshi Matsushima
Stagnation Steady States and the Output‐Inflation Tradeoff pp. 16-26 Downloads
Yoshiyasu Ono
A Study of Land Price Formation―Bubble and Option― pp. 27-38
Satoru Kanoh and Hideaki Murase
A Martingale Option Theory in a Discrete Time Model pp. 39-46 Downloads
Takeaki Kariya
Invest Abroad or Within Japan?―An Empirical Analysis of the Investment Location of Japan's Manufacturing Industries― pp. 47-63 Downloads
Kyoji Fukao
Welfare, Rights, and Social Choice pp. 64-79 Downloads
Kotaro Suzumura
Comments on “Stagnation Steady States and the Output‐Inflation Tradeoff” pp. 80-83 Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Stagnation Steady States and the Output‐Inflation Tradeoff―A Reply― pp. 84-86 Downloads
Yoshiyasu Ono
Shinichi Yonekawa: A Comparative Study of Cotton Spinning Management―U. K. India, U. S. A. Japan― pp. 87-90
Kozaburo Kato
Satoshi Baba: Proto‐Industrialization in Germany―Regional and International Perspectives― pp. 90-92 Downloads
Fusao Katoh
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