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Volume 37, issue 4, 1986

The Decline of American Unionism in Comparative Perspective pp. 289-298 Downloads
Richard Edwards
Accelerating Inflation and the Capital Accumulation--Birth of Supply-side Economics and its Failure-- pp. 299-309 Downloads
Shinjiro Hagiwara
Deregulation and Competition in the U. S. Telecommunications Industry pp. 310-319 Downloads
Shinji Kawano
The Foreign Operations of U. S. Banks(1973-85) pp. 320-330
Satoru Nakamoto
TVA Power Project:A Great Experiment pp. 331-340
Noriyuki Hirai
Oligopolistic Competition in the World Auto Industry and the MNE pp. 341-360
Sadayuki Sato
Credit Rationing and Loan Markets Stability pp. 361-372
Kiyoshi Mitsui
Stephen A, Marglin, Growth, Distribution, and Prices pp. 373-374
Kiyoshi Shiozawa
Kimio Morimune, Statistical Inference in Econometrics pp. 375-377 Downloads
Takeaki Kariya
Yasuhiro Murota, The Economics of Energy pp. 377-379
Takeshi Murota
Hisashi Inoue, A Study on Developing Countries' Risk Assessment pp. 379-381
Toshihiko Kinoshita
Richard B. Freeman and James L. Medoff, What Do Unions Do? pp. 381-383
Yuichiro Hamada
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi and Noriyuki Takayama, Equity and Poverty under Rapid Economic Growth:The Japanese Experience pp. 383-384
Choo Hakchung

Volume 37, issue 3, 1986

Development and Diffusion of the Appropriate Technology in Agriculture--The Case of the Walking Tractor-- pp. 193-207 Downloads
Toshiyuki Kako
Power Revolution in the Lumbering Industry--Its Economic Analysis-- pp. 208-220
Ryoshin Minami and Fumio Makino
Metalworking Craftsmen--A Source of Skilled Manpower in Meiji Industrialization-- pp. 221-233 Downloads
Konosuke Odaka
Transplantation of the European Factory System and Adaptations in Japan--The Experience of the TOMIOKA Model Filature-- pp. 234-247 Downloads
Yukihiko Kiyokawa
Changing Structure of Urban Empolyment and its Demographic Consequence--Edo and Osaka in the Bakumatsu-Restoration Period-- pp. 248-257 Downloads
Osamu Saito
Japan as a “Capital Exporter” pp. 258-275 Downloads
Juro Teranishi
Yuichi Shionoya, The Structure of Values:Utility versus Rights pp. 276-278
Tsuneo Ishikawa
kunio Okina, Economic Analysis of Expectations and Speculations:Babbles and Exchange Rates pp. 278-280 Downloads
Katsuhito Iwai
Heizo Takenaka, Economics of Investment in R & D and Equipment pp. 280-282
Takashi Matsugi
Kazuhito Ikeo, Financial Markets and Organization in Japan pp. 282-284
Ryoichi Mikitani
Fumimasa Hamada, A Macroeconomic Analysis of the Japanese Economy pp. 284-286 Downloads
Yoshio Kurosaka
Takafusa Nakamura, The Economy in the Meiji-Taisho Period pp. 286-288
Yasukichi Yasuba

Volume 37, issue 2, 1986

U. S. Monetary Policy under Financial Innovation pp. 97-107
Masakichi Ito
The Defensive Supply of High-powered Money Due to the Inertia in Commercial Bank's Behavior pp. 108-116
Kazuhito Ikeo
Effectiveness of Monetary Policy under Alternative Behavioral Standards of Banks pp. 117-125 Downloads
Toshikatsu Noma
Bank Debits and Deposit Velocity in Postwar Japan pp. 126-132
Hidekazu Eguchi
The Market for Bank Loans and the Behavior of Banks pp. 133-151
Shozaburo Fujino
Long-term Change of Size Distribution of Income in Japan pp. 152-158 Downloads
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi
Optimal Asset Accumulation and the Terms of Trade pp. 159-168 Downloads
Kyoji Fukao
Money in Kaldorian Cycle Theory pp. 169-177 Downloads
Shigeo Akashi and Toichiro Asada
The Japanese Industrial Policy and the Theoretical Development of Industrial Organization pp. 178-182
Hiroshi Niida
Hiroshi Yoshikawa, A Study in Macroeconomics pp. 183-184
Yukio Noguchi
Masakichi Ito, Monetary Policy and Financial Reform in the United States pp. 184-186
Tsuyoshi Shigenari
Takeaki Kariya, Testing in the Multivariate General Linear Model pp. 186-188 Downloads
Yasunori Fujikoshi
Christian Bordes et Jean Morange, ?d., Turgot, ?conomiste et Administrateur pp. 188-192
Takumi Tsuda

Volume 37, issue 1, 1986

Emigration by Victorian Trade Unions pp. 1-12
Takao Matsumura
Multivariate Time Series Variance Component Model--An Approach to Uncertainty-- pp. 13-23 Downloads
Takeaki Kariya
Variations of Agricultural Protection Level in Developed Countries pp. 24-33 Downloads
Masayoshi Homma
Innovation and Evolution of Market Structure--A Study of the Postwar Japanese Textile Industry-- pp. 34-42 Downloads
Naoki Murakami
Inter-Regional Economic Relations of Japan in 1890's--Regional Input-Output Tables of Toyama Prefecture-- pp. 43-55 Downloads
Masahiro Sato
Workers' Co-operatives in Britain pp. 56-78 Downloads
Kenji Tomizawa and Makoto Sato
The Optimum Interest Rate under Uncertain Life Time pp. 79-83 Downloads
Yasuhito Tanaka
Wages of Cottage Weavers in the Late Meiji Period--The Case of Sennan, Osaka-- pp. 84-89 Downloads
Osamu Saito and Takeshi Abe
Mitsuru Ohsaka, A Theory of Reproduction and Competition pp. 90-93
Mitsuru Takayama
Yoichiro Homma, Basic Theory on Modern Capitalism pp. 93-95
Yasuhiko Yoneda
Yoshimasa Muroyama, Military Expansion and Fiscal Policies by Meiji Government in the Modern Japan pp. 95-96
Masaaki Kobayashi

Volume 36, issue 4, 1985

Changes in the Economic Mechanism in Hungary pp. 289-303
Ferenc Vissi
The Principle of Positive or Negative Reward according to Business Showings and Ownership Concepts in Hungary pp. 304-326
Yoshiaki Nishimura
Statistical Indicators in the Reproduction Scheme:A Review pp. 327-331
Yoshiki Nomura
Input-Output Structures of Soviet and East European Economies pp. 332-354 Downloads
Masaaki Kuboniwa
A Basic Model of Capital Accumulation in the Business Cycle pp. 355-363
Yoshihiro Takasuka
Equity and Fairness in an Economy with Public Goods pp. 364-373 Downloads
Toshihiro Sato
Thomas T. Sekine, The Dialectic of Capital:A Study of Inner Logic of Capitalism, I pp. 374-375
Kiyoshi Nagatani
Yoshihiro Takasuka, Marx's Views on Competition and Economic Crisis pp. 376-377
Shohken Mawatari
Sadayuki Sato, Political Economy of the Multinational Enterprise pp. 378-380
Kiriro Morita
Juroh Hashimoto, The Inter-War Economy:Japan pp. 380-382 Downloads
Masayoshi Tsurumi
Daniel I. Okimoto, Takuo Sugano, and Franklin B. Weinstein, eds., Competitive Edge:The Semiconductor Industry in the U. S. and Japan pp. 382-384 Downloads
Ryuhei Wakasugi

Volume 36, issue 3, 1985

The U. S. Merger Movement in '80s--Its Features and Problems-- pp. 193-203
Sadayuki Sato
Macro-economic Foundation of “Monetary Targetting”--Efficacy and Roles of Monetary Policy-- pp. 204-213
Hidekazu Eguchi
Choice of Technique in the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry--The Case of the Ring Frame-- pp. 214-227 Downloads
Yukihiko Kiyokawa
Wicksell's Model of Stationary State and his Banking System--Why the Equation was Missing-- pp. 228-238
Aiko Ikeo
Labor Supply of the Elderly--Their Desires and Realities about Full-time Jobs, Part-time Jobs, Self-employed Jobs or Retirement-- pp. 239-250
Toshiaki Tachibanaki and Keiko Shimono
Apprentices in Merchants' Houses and Men in Back-alley Tenements--The Evolution of Dualism in Urban Employment, c. 1700-1870-- pp. 251-267 Downloads
Osamu Saito
On Diffusion of Han-senbaisei pp. 268-273
Shunsaku Nishikawa and Shoko Ishibe
Technology and the Labor Market--Their Historical Relationships, with Special Reference to Konosuke Odaka's Dual Labor Markets in Japan-- pp. 274-277 Downloads
Atsushi Seike
Isamu Kitahara, Ownership and Control in Today's Capitalism pp. 278-281
Yoshikazu Miyazaki
Yoshihiro Maruyama, A Theory of Firm-Household Complex pp. 281-283 Downloads
Toshiyuki Kako
Katsuyoshi Takahashi, A Study on the British Trade Unionism pp. 283-284
Ken Kurita
Carl Mosk, Patriarchy and Fertility:Japan and Sweden, 1880-1960 pp. 285-286
Hiroshi Ohbuchi
Takumi Tsuda, éd., Traités sur le Commerce de Josiah Child avec les Remarques Inédites de Vincent de Gournay pp. 286-288
Teruo Watanabe

Volume 36, issue 2, 1985

An Economic Analysis of the So-called I/D Ratio--Efficiency vs. Equity-- pp. 97-109
Masaaki Homma, Fumio Ohtake, Naosumi Atoda and Yasushi Iwamoto
Impacts of Accelerated Depreciation and Government Loan Programs on Japanese Industrial Structure pp. 110-120 Downloads
Seiritsu Ogura and Naoyuki Yoshino
Anticipated Fiscal Expenditures and Private Consumption--An Examination of Optimal Fiscal Expenditures-- pp. 121-129 Downloads
Toshihiro Ihori
On the Financing Problem of the Government's Budget pp. 130-135
Yoshitaka Itsumi
Considering the Government Reform Plan of the National Pension System in Japan pp. 136-156 Downloads
Noriyuki Takayama
The New Deal, Keynes, and the Employment Act of 1946(Ⅱ) pp. 157-165
Noriyuki Hirai
Segmented Labor Markets:A Critical Appraisal of Edwards, Gordon, and Reich's Approach pp. 166-175
Tsuyoshi Tsuru
Some Remarks on two Recent Books on Economic Time Series Analysis pp. 176-179 Downloads
Takeaki Kariya
Mataji Umemura and Takafusa Nakamura, eds., The Matsukata Fiscal Reform and Industry Promotion Policies pp. 180-182
Hiroshi Shimbo
Koichi Emi, Structural Analysis of Social Security pp. 182-184
Shigeyoshi Jinushi
Takao Matsumura, The Labour Aristocracy Revisited:The Victorian Flint Glass Makers 1850-80 pp. 184-186
Etsuko Yasukawa
Herv? Moulin, The Strategy of Social Choice pp. 186-188
Mamoru Kaneko
Louis Phlips, Applied Consumption Analysis pp. 188-190
Mitsuo Saito
Kotaro Suzumura, Rational Choice, Collective Decisions, and Social welfare pp. 190-192 Downloads
Prasanta K. Pattanaik

Volume 36, issue 1, 1985

The Concept of Fairness in Regulation of Unfair Price Cutting--Theoretical Reconsideration from the Standpoint of Competition-Stimulating Policy-- pp. 1-14
Shin Kisugi and Hiroshi Niida
Effects of Land Taxes on Urban Land Uses pp. 15-22
Yukio Noguchi
Stepwise Aggregation for Optimal Planning pp. 23-33 Downloads
Masaaki Kuboniwa
On the Irrelevance of Changes in the Money Supply by Asset Exchanges pp. 34-43
Taro Akiyama
Foreign Exchange Speculation and Market Efficiency under Rational Expectations--Some Empirical Tests for Japan-- pp. 44-52
Takahiko Mutoh
Consumer's Surplus and Welfare Evaluation pp. 53-66 Downloads
Kotaro Suzumura
The Exchange Rate, International Capital Movements and Economic Policy under Floating Exchange Rates pp. 67-74
Yusuke Onitsuka
Economics of Sharecropping:Theory and Practice pp. 75-84 Downloads
Keijiro Otsuka
Yoshinori Shiozawa, Reconsideration of Modern Economics pp. 85-87 Downloads
Takeshi Nakatani
Ippei Yamazawa, Economic Development and International Trade;The Japanese Model pp. 87-89
Yoichi Shinkai
John E. Roemer, A General Theory of Exploitation and Class pp. 89-90
Takao Fujimoto
Paul Thompson, The Nature of Work;An Introduction to Debates on the Labour Process pp. 91-92 Downloads
Masao Watanabe
Frans van Winden, On the Interaction between State and Private Sector pp. 92-94
Takao Fukuchi
Hans-Werner Sinn, Economic Decisions under Uncertainty pp. 94-96
Yasuhiro Sakai
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