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Volume 12, issue 4, 1961

Economic Planning in a Market Economy ‐Back-Ground Concepts of the Japan's Doubling National income Plan (1961-70) pp. 289-295
Saburo Okita
The Problem of the Rouble pp. 296-302
Kazuo Nonomura
Law of Value under Socialism pp. 303-309
Minoru Oka
On the American Revolution pp. 310-318
Sozo Honda
Statistische Untersuchungen zur Abh?ngigkeit des Bedarfs an Lebensmitteln und Konsumg?tern von der Lohn- und Preisentwicklung pp. 319-332
Carl Otto
National Income Accounting and Government Accounts pp. 333-353
Chotaro Takahashi and Yoshimasa Kurabayashi
A Study of Wage and Income Structure in Japan pp. 354-357
Junichiro Tazawa
Input Coefficients Variation in Interindustry Analysis pp. 358-362
Kenichi Imai
Cyclical Aspects of the Increasing Composition of Capital pp. 363-366
Yoshihiro Takasuka
On the Value of Gold ‐A Reply to Mr. T. Okahashi pp. 367-368
Shinichiro Amanuma
Balanced Growth and the Problem of Agriculture pp. 369-372
Kazushi Ohkawa
Mr. V.S. Afanasiev's Study in Petty pp. 373-376
Shichiro Matsuhawa
Hiroya Ueno, Econometric Analysis of Japanese Economy (In Japanese) pp. 377-378
Masao Baba
Showadojinkai, ed., Historical Studies of the Japanese Wage Structure(In Japanese) pp. 378-380
Mataji Umemura
Применение математики в экономических исследованиях, под редакцией В.С. Немчинова (Translation in Japanese) pp. 380-382
Nobuo Okishio
T. Haavelmo, A Study in the Theory of Investment pp. 382-383
Shozaburo Fujino

Volume 12, issue 3, 1961

Adam Ferguson and the Classical Political Economy pp. 193-200
Seizaburo Ohno
Some Aspects of Japan's Postwar Industrial Structure pp. 201-208
Miyohei Shinohara
A Long-Range Model of the Japanese Economy, 1920-1958 pp. 209-215
Hiroya Ueno
An Analysis on the Post-War Business Cycles pp. 216-222
Tetsu Furukawa
The Role of the National Budget in Economic Policy pp. 223-228
Yoshimasa Kurabayashi
Long-Term Changes in the Industrial Distribution of National Product and Labor Force pp. 229-242
Kazushi Ohkawa
Structure of Labor Market and Inter-Industrial Migration of Working Force pp. 243-248
Mataji Umemura
An Observation on Balance of the National Economy pp. 249-252
Tadashi Okamoto
A Note on the Export Function in Post-War Japan pp. 253-257
Hidekazu Eguchi
A Study of Iron-Steel Firm Behavior by means of Principal Component Analysis ‐A New Method for Estimating Reduced Forms pp. 258-263
Gyoichi Iwata
On the Short-Term Economic Prediction pp. 264-266 Downloads
Isamu Yamada
On Mr. Dobb's ""Chinese Method"" pp. 267-271
Shigeru Ishikawa
On the Polemics on Differential Rent in U.S.S.R pp. 272-275
Noboru Miyanabe
Association for Research on Small-and Medium-Scale Enterprises, ed., Studies in Small-and Medium-Scale Enterprises (In Japanese) pp. 276-281
Kikutaro Takizawa, Koichi Isobe and Masaharu Toike
The Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, ed., Annotated Economic Statistics of Japan for Postwar Years up to 1958 (In Japanese) pp. 281-283
Takafusa Nakamura and Kunio Ishikawa
N. Kaldor, Essays on Economic Stability and Growth pp. 283-284
Kenjiro Ara
P. Sraffa, Production of Commodities by means of Commodities, Prelude to a Critique of Economic Theory pp. 285-286
Shozaburo Fujino

Volume 12, issue 2, 1961

Changes in Relative Shares pp. 97-105
Chotaro Takahashi
Consumer's Habit Formation pp. 106-110
Kotaro Tsujimura
Competition and the Law of Average Rate of Profit pp. 111-118
Yoichiro Homma
The Price in the U.S. since 1955 pp. 119-125
Sadayuki Sato
On the Industrial Distribution of National Product and Labor Force during Economic Growth pp. 126-132
Kazushi Ohkawa and Henry Rosovsky
Five Periods of Study in the History of Statistics ‐An Analysis Focused on the Interpretation of Political Arithmetic and Staatenkunde pp. 133-153
Shichiro Matsukawa
A Note on J. Robinson's ""The Accumulation of Capital"" pp. 154-157
Komao Tanaka
Some Problems on the Theory of Reproduction and Crisis pp. 158-162
Naomichi Hayashi
To Controversy about the Fundamental Economic Law of Socialism pp. 163-166
Minoru Nagasuna
The American Capitalism in the so-called ""Otsuka's Theory of History"" pp. 167-171
Keiji Ohara
Builder's Real Wage, 1726-1958 pp. 172-176
Mataji Umemura
The Cash Balance Effect and the Availability of Credit pp. 177-180
Shozaburo Fujino
Sigeru Ishikawa, Mechanism of Capital Accumulation in Mainland China(In Japanese) pp. 181-182
Tadao Miyashita
Masao Fukushima, Studies in People's Commune(In Japanese) pp. 183-185
Shigeru Ishikawa
Fukukane Nikaido, Mathematical Method of Contemporary Economics(In Japanese) pp. 185-186
Tsuneyoshi Seki
Leif Johansen, A Multi-sectoral Study of Economic Growth pp. 187-189
Yoshimasa Kurabayashi
A.C. Harberger, ed., The Demand for Durable Goods pp. 189-190 Downloads
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi

Volume 12, issue 1, 1961

For Appreciation of Political Arithmetic pp. 1-8
Shichiro Matsukawa
Economic Growth and Agriculture pp. 9-16
Mitsuharu Inage
Some Problems on the Approximation of Two Forms of Socialist Property pp. 17-23
Noboru Miyanabe
Convariance Analysis of Family Expenditure pp. 24-30 Downloads
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi
An Estimate of Food Expenditure in Japan, 1909-40 pp. 31-41
Miyohei Shinohara
Behavior of Banks and the Supply of Money pp. 42-53
Shozaburo Fujino
The Autographic Letters from F. Lassalle Preserved in the Ohara Institute for Social Research pp. 54-57
Chikara Rachi
The Theory of ""Seniority System"" in the Labor Relations in Japan pp. 58-62
Masumi Tsuda
Rational Behavior and the Means-Ends Relation pp. 63-66
Ryuzo Sato
Notes on British Foreign Investment since the World War II pp. 67-71
Hideo Yamada
H.H. Jogland's New Contribution in the Study of Adam Ferguson pp. 72-75
Seizaburo Ohno
A Note on the Slaveownership in Louisiana, 1850-1860 pp. 76-79
Sozo Honda
A Simple Application of Flow of Funds Accounts to the Monetary Analysis pp. 80-83
Yoshimasa Kurabayashi
Japan Institute of Statistical Research, ed., History of Statistical Surveys in Japan(In Japanese) pp. 84-85
Ryotaro Iochi
Shinichiro Amanuma, Study in Gold-Critical Introduction of the Theory of Money(In Japanese) pp. 85-87
Tamotsu Okahashi
Mineo Toyokura, The Theory of Economic Fluctuations(In Japanese) pp. 87-89
Yoshihiro Takasuka
Georges Weulersse, La Physiocratie ? la fin du r?gne de Louis XV, 1770-1774 pp. 89-91
Takumi Tsuda
Oskar Lange, Introduction to Econometrics pp. 91-93 Downloads
Toshiyuki Mizoguchi
Gregory Grossman, ed., Value and Plan. Economic Calculation and Organization in Eastern Europe pp. 93-95
Kazuo Nonomura
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