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Volume 47, issue 5, 2015

Market Failure in Context: Introduction pp. 1-19 Downloads
Alain Marciano and Steven Medema
The British Tariff Reform Controversy and the Genesis of Pigou's Wealth and Welfare, 1903–12 pp. 23-48 Downloads
Nahid Aslanbeigui and Guy Oakes
Progressive Era Origins of the Regulatory State and the Economist as Expert pp. 49-76 Downloads
Thomas Leonard
Institutionalism and the Social Control of Business pp. 77-98 Downloads
Malcolm Rutherford
Economic Power and the Financial Machine: Competing Conceptions of Market Failure in the Great Depression pp. 99-126 Downloads
Roger Backhouse
Analyzing Market Failure: Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes pp. 127-144 Downloads
Bradley W. Bateman
Paul Samuelson on Public Goods: The Road to Nihilism pp. 147-173 Downloads
J. Daniel Hammond
Public Goods, Market Failure, and Voluntary Exchange pp. 174-198 Downloads
Marianne Johnson
Sorting Charles Tiebout pp. 199-226 Downloads
John Singleton
K. William Kapp's Social Theory of Social Costs pp. 227-252 Downloads
Sebastian Berger
Framing the Economic Policy Debate pp. 253-266 Downloads
David Colander

Volume 47, issue 4, 2015

Social Interdependencies in Consumption: An Early Economic Debate on Social Distinction, Emulation, and Fashion pp. 547-575 Downloads
Marina Bianchi and Eleonora Sanfilippo
Adam Smith's “Two Distinct Benefits” from Trade: The Dead End of “Vent-for-Surplus” Interpretations pp. 577-603 Downloads
Reinhard Schumacher
The Baffling New Inflation: How Cost-Push Inflation Theories Influenced Policy Debate in the Late-1950s United States pp. 605-629 Downloads
Norikazu Takami
Reconstructing Eclecticism: Bulgarian Economic Thought in the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century pp. 631-664 Downloads
Nikolay Nenovsky and Pencho Penchev
Geraldus Odonis, Franciscan Minister General and Scholar: The Life and Thought of a Controversial Friar pp. 665-675 Downloads
Odd Langholm

Volume 47, issue 3, 2015

Recent Engagements with Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment pp. 363-394 Downloads
Maria Pia Paganelli
Solow's Struggle with Medium-Run Macroeconomics, 1956-95 pp. 395-417 Downloads
Michaël Assous
Early English Mercantilists and the Support of Liberal Institutions pp. 419-448 Downloads
Bruce Elmslie
Creating Increasing Returns: The Genesis of Arrow's "Learning by Doing" Article pp. 449-479 Downloads
Matthieu Ballandonne
From the Firm to Economic Policy: The Problem of Coase's Cost pp. 481-510 Downloads
Elodie Bertrand
Quality Uncertainty in Early Economic Thought pp. 511-534 Downloads
Sylvie Lupton

Volume 47, issue 2, 2015

Textbooks on the Phillips Curve pp. 207-240 Downloads
James Forder
Indian Currency and Finance: John Maynard Keynes’s Prismatic View of the International Monetary System pp. 241-269 Downloads
Filippo Cesarano
Hans Mayer, Last Knight of the Austrian School, Vienna Branch pp. 271-305 Downloads
Hansjörg Klausinger
Keynes and the Psychology of Economic Behavior: From Stout and Sully to The General Theory pp. 307-333 Downloads
Vincent Barnett
Mises and Montaigne: A Note pp. 335-341 Downloads
Casto Montero Kuscevic and Marco Del Río Rivera

Volume 47, issue 1, 2015

A Book, the Application, and the Outcomes: How Right Was Alfred Kahn in The Economics of Regulation about the Effects of the Deregulation of the US Domestic Airline Market? pp. 1-39 Downloads
Kenneth Button
On Robinson, Robertson, and the Industrial Organization View pp. 41-89 Downloads
Lowell R. Jacobsen
Economics and Anti-Semitism: The Case of Maffeo Pantaleoni pp. 91-118 Downloads
Luca Michelini and Terenzio Maccabelli
The Legacy of Mathématique Sociale in Italy and Ricardian Economics: The Case of Francesco Fuoco pp. 119-150 Downloads
Rosario Patalano
Defense versus Opulence? An Appraisal of the Malthus-Ricardo 1815 Controversy on the Corn Laws pp. 151-184 Downloads
Neri Salvadori and Rodolfo Signorino
The First Translator in English of Turgot’s Réflexions sur la formation et la distribution des richesses: Benjamin Vaughan pp. 185-199 Downloads
Giancarlo de Vivo and Gabriel Sabbagh

Volume 46, issue 5, 2014

Introduction: Telling the Story of MIT Economics in the Postwar Period pp. 1-12 Downloads
E. Roy Weintraub
Toward a History of Economics at MIT, 1940-72 pp. 15-44 Downloads
Beatrice Cherrier
MIT’s Openness to Jewish Economists pp. 45-59 Downloads
E. Roy Weintraub
Paul A. Samuelson’s Move to MIT pp. 60-77 Downloads
Roger Backhouse
The Early Years of the MIT PhD Program in Industrial Economics pp. 81-108 Downloads
Pedro Duarte
MIT’s Rise to Prominence: Outline of a Collective Biography pp. 109-133 Downloads
Andrej Svorenčík
Negotiating the “Middle-of-the-Road” Position: Paul Samuelson, MIT, and the Politics of Textbook Writing, 1945-55 pp. 134-152 Downloads
Yann Giraud
Serving the Institute and the Discipline: The Changing Profile of Economics at MIT as Viewed from Textbooks pp. 153-174 Downloads
Pedro Teixeira
MIT and Money pp. 177-197 Downloads
Perry Mehrling
In the Kingdom of Solovia: The Rise of Growth Economics at MIT, 1956-70 pp. 198-228 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky and Kevin Hoover
From Exploratory Modeling to Technical Expertise: Solow’s Growth Model as a Multipurpose Design pp. 229-251 Downloads
Verena Halsmayer
Decisions and Dynamics: Postwar Theoretical Problems and the MIT Style of Economics pp. 295-314 Downloads
William Thomas
The Desegregation of an Elite Economics Department’s PhD Program: Black Americans at MIT pp. 317-336 Downloads
William Darity and Arden Kreeger
The Rise and Fall of Economic History at MIT pp. 337-350 Downloads
Peter Temin
On Kindleberger and Hegemony: From Berlin to MIT and Back pp. 351-374 Downloads
Stephen Meardon

Volume 46, issue 4, 2014

Truly Handmaidens to Policy? Evaluating Agricultural Economists’ Claim to a Distinct Tradition of Applied Economics pp. 545-571 Downloads
Jonathan S. Franklin
Blanco White, Spanish America, and Economic Affairs: The Slave Trade and Colonial Trade pp. 573-608 Downloads
Luis Perdices de Blas and Jose Luis Ramos-Gorostiza
Cantillon on Profit and Interest: New Insights from Other Versions of His Writings pp. 609-640 Downloads
Richard van den Berg
“Self-Interest Ennobled”: The Family in German Political Economy pp. 641-675 Downloads
Marynel Ryan Van Zee
Reference-Dependence and Marginal Utility: Alt, Samuelson, and Bernardelli pp. 677-693 Downloads
Marek Hudik

Volume 46, issue 3, 2014

The Sanguine Science: The Historical Contexts of A. C. Pigou's Welfare Economics pp. 357-386 Downloads
Norikazu Takami
On Aristotle's Natural Limit pp. 387-407 Downloads
C. Tyler DesRoches
Keynes, Lerner, and the Question of Public Debt pp. 408-433 Downloads
Tony Aspromourgos
General Equilibrium Theory behind the Iron Curtain: The Case of Victor Polterovich pp. 435-461 Downloads
Ivan Boldyrev and Olessia Kirtchik
The Second Jansenism and the Rise of French Eighteenth-Century Political Economy pp. 463-490 Downloads
Arnaud Orain
William Blake on the Effects of Government Fiscal Policy on Activity and Prices pp. 491-523 Downloads
Matthew Smith
Henry Simons's Death pp. 525-535 Downloads
Robert Van Horn

Volume 46, issue 2, 2014

The Puzzle of Metallism: Searching for the Nature of Money pp. 177-210 Downloads
Filippo Cesarano
Haavelmo’s Epistemology for an Inexact Science pp. 211-229 Downloads
Marcel Boumans
J. S. Mill and the Value of Utility pp. 231-246 Downloads
Shiri Cohen Kaminitz
Social Needs, Social Goods, and Human Associations in the Second Edition of Carl Menger’s Principles pp. 247-264 Downloads
Giandomenica Becchio
The Role of Intelligence, Institutions, and Place in Carlo Cattaneo's Economics pp. 265-280 Downloads
Tiziano Raffaelli
What Is a Just Society? The Answer according to the Socialistes Fraternitaires Louis Blanc, Constantin Pecqueur, and François Vidal pp. 281-306 Downloads
Ludovic Frobert
Guicciardini’s La Decima scalata: The First Treatise on Progressive Taxation pp. 307-331 Downloads
Nikola Regent
An Unpublished Letter from James Mill to Jean-Baptiste Say pp. 333-338 Downloads
Victor Bianchini and Nicolas Rieucau

Volume 46, issue 1, 2014

Progressivism and Academic Public Finance, 1880 to 1930 pp. 1-32 Downloads
Marianne Johnson
A Tale of Two Destinies: Georgescu-Roegen on Gossen pp. 33-54 Downloads
Paola Tubaro
Adam Smith’s “Optimistic Deism,” the Invisible Hand of Providence, and the Unhappiness of Nations pp. 55-83 Downloads
Terry Peach
Paul Samuelson and Revealed Preference Theory pp. 85-116 Downloads
D. Wade Hands
Are There Important Differences between Classical and Twenty-First-Century Monetary Theories? Did the Keynesian and Monetarist Revolutions Matter? pp. 117-148 Downloads
John H. Wood
Rigor versus Relevance in Economic Theory: A Plea for a Different Methodological Perspective pp. 149-166 Downloads
Andrea Salanti
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