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Volume 14, issue 5, 2022

A Monte Carlo Simulation Comparison of Some Nonparametric Survival Functions for Incomplete Data pp. 1 Downloads
Ganesh B. Malla
Cubic and Quadratic Equations and Zeta Function Zeros pp. 8 Downloads
Shaimaa said Soltan
Extended Angle Sum and Difference Identity Rules for Scalene Triangles pp. 21 Downloads
Luis Teia
Extended Sine and Cosine Functions for Scalene Triangles pp. 36 Downloads
Luis Teia
An Equivalent Form in Fermat's Last Theorem pp. 46 Downloads
Youn-Sha Chan and Linda Becerra

Volume 14, issue 4, 2022

Accurate Eigenvalues for the Sturm-Liouville Problems, Involving Generalized and Periodic Ones pp. 1 Downloads
Chein-Shan Liu
Analytical Solutions of Classical and Fractional Navier-Stokes Equations by the SBA Method pp. 20 Downloads
Kamate Adama, Bationo Jeremie Yiyureboula, Djibet Mbaiguesse and Youssouf Pare
Optimal Investment, Consumption and Life Insurance Problem with Stochastic Environments pp. 33 Downloads
Stanley Jere, Elias R. Offen and Othusitse Basmanebothe
Data Envelopment Analysis and Bootstrap Approaches for Efficiency Measure of the Autonomous Port of Dakar pp. 51 Downloads
Karamoko Sita Diallo, Pierre Mendy, Guy Degla and Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye
Optimal Control for a Degenerate Population Model in Divergence Form With Incomplete Data pp. 65 Downloads
Mohamed A. Sana, Somdouda Sawadogo and Sadou Tao
Controllability and Hyers-Ulam Stability of Impulsive Integro-differential Equations in Banach Spaces via Iterative Methods pp. 85 Downloads
Adisorn Doodee and Anusorn Chonwerayuth
Correlation Functions of Quantum Toroidal gln Algebra pp. 94 Downloads
Hao Cui

Volume 14, issue 3, 2022

Identification of Maximum Safe Dose Based on Ratio of Normally Distributed Data under Heteroscedasticity pp. 1 Downloads
Emmanuel D. Kpeglo, Michael J. Adjabui and Jakperik Dioggban
A Finite Difference Method for Positive Definite Fractional Damped String Vibration Equations pp. 10 Downloads
Congcong Wei, Zhe Yin and Ailing Zhu
An Exact Connection between π and the Golden Ratio φ pp. 20 Downloads
Luis Teia
Creation and Study of a Suitable Functions That Connects the Failure Rate of Exams With the Capacity of the Teaching Rooms Offered for Teaching of a Specific Course in a Greek University pp. 37 Downloads
Karageorgos D Athanasios
A Hybrid Non-Local Model of Ontogenetic Growth Revealed a Phase Transition and Two Bifurcations pp. 44 Downloads
V. L. Stass
On Kostant-Kirillov Symplectic Structure and Quasi-Poisson Structures of the Euler-Arnold Systems pp. 56 Downloads
Bruno Iskamlé and Joseph Dongho

Volume 14, issue 2, 2022

A Proof of the Sylvester Criterion for Quadratic Forms via Optimality Conditions for Quadratic Functions pp. 1 Downloads
Giorgio Giorgi
A Mixed Volume Element Modified With Characteristic Fractional Step Difference Method for the Compressible Multicomponent Displacement and Its Numerical Analysis pp. 6 Downloads
Yirang Yuan and Changfeng Li
Relativity of π as a Function of the Rotation of N-Sided Unit Polygons pp. 19 Downloads
Luis Teia
Modified Extended Inverted Weibull Distribution with Application to Neck Cancer Data pp. 39 Downloads
Ogunde Adebisi Ade, Oseghale Osezuwa Innocent, Olayode Fatoki and Laoye Victoria Eshomomoh
Generalized Bur X Lomax Distribution: Properties, Inference and Application to Aircraft Data pp. 52 Downloads
Ogunde Adebisi Ade, Oseghale Innocent Osezuwa, Oyebimpe Emmanuel Adeniji and Olalude Gbenga Adelekan

Volume 14, issue 1, 2022

Killing Tensor Fields of Third Rank on a Two-Dimensional Riemannian Torus pp. 1 Downloads
Vladimir A. Sharafutdinov
An Advanced Galerkin Approach to Solve the Nonlinear \\[6pt]Reaction-Diffusion Equations With Different Boundary Conditions pp. 30 Downloads
Hazrat Ali, Md. Kamrujjaman and Md. Shafiqul Islam
Relationship between Event Prevalence Rate and Gini Coefficient of Predictive Model pp. 46 Downloads
Fei Han and Ian Stockwell
The Infimum Norm of Completely Positive Maps pp. 51 Downloads
Ching Yun Suen
Step Pyramid Distribution for Prime Numbers pp. 55 Downloads
Shaimaa said Soltan
Weighted Spectral Gap and a Unique Continuation Result for the Magnetic Differential Elliptic Operator pp. 62 Downloads
Duni Y. F. Zongo, Bila A. Kyelem and Arouna Ouedraogo
Determination of the Exact Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of a Class of Quantum Anharmonic Oscillators with Polynomial Potential Functions pp. 72 Downloads
Amos Odoom, Francis T. Oduro, Kwaku Darkwah and Ishmael Takyi

Volume 13, issue 6, 2021

Novel Modeling of Parameters Related to Intra-Firm Diffusion Innovation pp. 1 Downloads
Bosson-Amedenu Senyefia, Acquah Joseph, Eric Justice Eduboah and Noureddine Ouerfelli
Linearized Homotopy Perturbation Method for Two Nonlinear Problems of Duffing Equations pp. 10 Downloads
Chein-Shan Liu
A New Framework for the Determination of the Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator pp. 20 Downloads
Francis T. Oduro and Amos Odoom
N(2,2,0) Algebras and Related Topic pp. 27 Downloads
Fang-an Deng, ShengZhang Re and Peng Zheng
Determinants of Capital Adequacy Ratio of Banks in Botswana pp. 38 Downloads
Hassan Kablay and Victor Gumbo
Extended Pythagoras Theorem Using Hexagons pp. 46 Downloads
Luis Teia
Analysis of Social-Economic Factors on Population Change in Heilongjiang Province pp. 52 Downloads
Ying Zhou and Haiyan Gu

Volume 13, issue 5, 2021

Lower Bounds of the Smallest Singular Value of Matrices pp. 1 Downloads
Liao Ping
Applying Differential Forms and the Generalized Sundman Transformations in Linearizing the Equation of Motion of a Free Particle in a Space of Constant Curvature pp. 5 Downloads
Joel M. Orverem, Y. Haruna, Bala M. Abdulhamid and Magaji Y. Adamu
A Comprehensive Comparison of Label Setting Algorithm and Dynamic Programming Algorithm in Solving Shortest Path Problems pp. 14 Downloads
Douglas Yenwon Kparib, John Awuah Addor and Anthony Joe Turkson
Order-Independent Algorithm for the Asymptotic Stability of Complex Polynomials pp. 24 Downloads
Ziad Zahreddine
Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas Hybrinomials pp. 32 Downloads
Yasemin TaÅŸyurdu and Yunis Emre Polat

Volume 13, issue 4, 2021

Periodic Solutions for Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by General Counting Processes: Application to Malaria pp. 1 Downloads
Yao Simplice Kouame and Modeste Nzi
The Probabilities of Obtaining Solitary Wave and Other Solutions in the Modified Noguchi Power Line pp. 19 Downloads
Jean R. Bogning, Cédric Jeatsa Dongmo and Clément Tchawoua
Theory and Application of the Numerical Simulation in the Frozen Soil Problems pp. 30 Downloads
Liye Song and Yirang Yuan
Volatility Analysis and Visualization of Climate Data Based on Wavelets pp. 50 Downloads
Meili Liu, Liwei Wang, Chun-Te Lee and Jeng-Eng Lin
Functions Preserving Orthogonality of Hermitian Matrices pp. 77 Downloads
Zongyang Jiang and Yang Zhang
The Rank of U_V-Generated Modules pp. 81 Downloads
Fitriani -, Indah Emilia Wijayanti, Budi Surodjo and Ahmad Faisol
Jacobi Manifolds, Contact Manifolds and Contactomorphism pp. 85 Downloads
Servais Cyr Gatse

Volume 13, issue 3, 2021

Some Miscellaneous Properties of Valuated Binary Tree pp. 1 Downloads
Xingbo Wang, Shuai Zheng and Li Ma
On Notations for Conic Hulls and Related Considerations on Tangent Cones pp. 13 Downloads
Giorgio Giorgi
Comparative Numerical Study of SBA (Somé Blaise-Abbo) Method and Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) on Biomathematical Models Type Lotka-Volterra pp. 22 Downloads
Bakari Abbo, Moussa Bagayogo, Youssouf Minoungou and Youssouf Pare
Numerical Simulation for a Fractal MIM Model for Solute Transport in Porous Media pp. 31 Downloads
Wenyi Liu, Gongsheng Li and Xianzheng Jia
Analysis of the Competition for the Location of the Optimal Hub in the WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union) Zone pp. 45 Downloads
Abdoulaye Ali Ibrahima, Saley Bisso, Salimata Gueye Diagne and C. Diallo
Systems Simplicity pp. 54 Downloads
Alanod M. Sibih
A Study About One Generation of Finite Simple Groups and Finite Groups pp. 59 Downloads
Nader Taffach
Pythagorean Triples Generator pp. 63 Downloads
Pranay Padavala

Volume 13, issue 2, 2021

The Damped Harmonic Oscillator at the Classical Limit of the Snyder-de Sitter Space pp. 1 Downloads
Lat´evi M. Lawson, Ibrahim Nonkan´e and Komi Sodoga
Correlation Functions of Quantum Toroidal $\mathfrak{gl}_1$ Algebra pp. 7 Downloads
Hao Cui
Some New Identities for the Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials by the Q(x) Matrix pp. 21 Downloads
Chung-Chuan Chen and Lin-Ling Huang
Another Proof of Existence of Global Weak Solutions to 1D Pollutant Transport Model pp. 31 Downloads
Brahima Roamba
Star Players in the NBA - Decoys or Game-Changers? pp. 40 Downloads
Yangmufeng Liu
On the Geometric Algebra and Homotopy pp. 52 Downloads
Yousuf Alkhezi
Finite Difference Solution to a Nonlinear Time-Fractional Logistic Model pp. 60 Downloads
Yuanyuan Yang and Gongsheng Li
Hom Leibniz Superalgebras With Supersymmetric Invariant Nondegenerate Bilinear Forms pp. 73 Downloads
Mamadou Pouye
Superlinear Convergence of a Modified Newton's Method for Convex Optimization Problems With Constraints pp. 90 Downloads
Bouchta Rhanizar
Solving Some Derivative Equations Fractional Order Nonlinear Partials Using the Some Blaise Abbo Method pp. 101 Downloads
Abdoul wassiha Nebie, Frederic Bere, Bakari Abbo and Youssouf Pare

Volume 13, issue 1, 2021

A Feasible Approach to Determine the Optimal Relaxation Parameters in Each Iteration for the SOR Method pp. 1 Downloads
Chein-Shan Liu
Characterizations of the Discrete Lindley and Discrete Poisson-Lindley Distributions pp. 10 Downloads
G.G. Hamedani and Mahrokh Najaf
Total Edge Irregularity Strength of q Tuple Book Graphs pp. 16 Downloads
Lucia Ratnasari, Sri Wahyuni, Yeni Susanti and Diah Junia Eksi Palupi
Graceful Labeling of Hypertrees pp. 28 Downloads
H. El-Zohny, S. Radwan, S.I. Abo El-Fotooh and Z. Mohammed
Motivic Hypercohomology Solutions in Field Theory and Applications in H-States pp. 31 Downloads
Francisco Bulnes
Some Remarks on the Relative Cohen-Macaulay Property pp. 41 Downloads
Ibrahim Nonkan´e
Growth Pattern of Animals Is a Model for the Growth of Humans pp. 47 Downloads
V. L. Stass
Consistency of an Estimator for Change Point in Volatility of Financial Returns pp. 56 Downloads
Josephine Njeri Ngure and Anthony Gichuhi Waititu
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