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Volume 10, issue 6, 2018

A Generalized Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations Using Distributions pp. 1-14 Downloads
Houssam Houssein
Traits of a RSA Modulus on T3 Tree pp. 15-29 Downloads
Xingbo Wang and Zhen Shen
Strict Positivity of Operators and Inflated Schur Products pp. 30-42 Downloads
Ching-Yun Suen
Existence, Uniqueness and C −Differentiability of Solutions in a Non-linear Model of Cancerous Tumor pp. 43-62 Downloads
Gossan D. Pascal Gershom, Yoro Gozo and Bailly Bal´e
Optimal Control and Necessary Optimality Conditions for Nonlinear and Perturbed Dynamic Problems pp. 63-79 Downloads
Gossan D. Pascal Gershom, Bailly Bal´e and Yoro Gozo
Riemannian Lie Subalgebroid pp. 80-90 Downloads
Mahamane Saminou Ali and Mouhamadou Hassirou
Visualising Complex Polynomials: A Parabola Is but a Drop in the Ocean of Quadratics pp. 91-97 Downloads
Harry Wiggins, Ansie Harding and Johann Engelbrecht
Application of the SBA Method for Solving the Partial Differential Equation pp. 98-107 Downloads
Gires Dimitri Nkaya, Francis Bassono, Rasman´e Yaro, Joseph BONAZEBI Yindoula and Gabriel Bissanga
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for Estimating Implied Volatility in Option Pricing pp. 108-116 Downloads
Yao Elikem Ayekple, Charles Kofi Tetteh and Prince Kwaku Fefemwole

Volume 10, issue 5, 2018

Distribution of the Largest Strong Goldbach Numbers Generated by Primes pp. 1-8 Downloads
Pingyuan Zhou and Rong Ao
Multi-factor Stock Selection Model Based on Kernel Support Vector Machine pp. 9-18 Downloads
Ru Zhang, Zi-ang Lin, Shaozhen Chen, Zhixuan Lin and Xingwei Liang
Simulation of the Effect of Oil Volume Fractions in an Oil-Water Flows Along a Circular Pipe: A Finite Element Approach pp. 19-27 Downloads
Ferdusee Akter, Md. Bhuyan and Ujjwal Deb
Developable or Not Related to Information Loss pp. 28-36 Downloads
William Chen
An Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations Using Distributions pp. 37-44 Downloads
Houssam Houssein
Analytic Formulas to Calculate Symmetric Brothers of a Node in a Perfect Binary Tree pp. 45-48 Downloads
Xingbo Wang and Zhen Shen
The Exponential Attractor for a Class of Nonlinear Coupled Kirchhoff Equations with Strong Linear Damping pp. 49-59 Downloads
Guoguang Lin and Lingjuan Hu
A New Method for Optimal Solutions of Transportation Problems in LPP pp. 60-75 Downloads
Muhammad Hanif and Farzana Sultana Rafi
Solutions to Four-Letter Words in Mathematics pp. 76-103 Downloads
Humberto Gonz´alez-Corona
Numerical Blow-up for A Heat Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions pp. 119-128 Downloads
Kouame Beranger Edja, Kidjegbo Augustin Toure and Brou Jean-Claude Koua
Study of Samuelson’s General Model of National Economy and Definition of Asymptotic-Stability Conditions pp. 129-136 Downloads
Athanasios D. Karageorgos and Grigoris I Kalogeropoulos
Modeling Optimal Control of Cholera Disease Under the Interventions of Vaccination, Treatment and Education Awareness pp. 137-152 Downloads
Hellen Namawejje, Emmanuel Obuya and Livingstone S. Luboobi
Iteration of Holomorphic Function Systems on the Riemann Sphere pp. 153-156 Downloads
Rufin EYELANGOLI Okandze, Vital Delmas Mabonzo and Dieudonne Ampini

Volume 10, issue 4, 2018

Convergence Properties of Extended Newton-type Iteration Method for Generalized Equations pp. 1-18 Downloads
M. Khaton, M. Rashid and Md Saddam Hossain
Optimization of the Containers Train Loading Operations at Abidjan Terminal pp. 19-23 Downloads
Bakary Kone, Ibrahima Diedhiou, Coumba Diallo, Salimata GUEYE Diagne and Gabriel Ndiaye
On the Trapped Surface Characterization of the Black Hole Region in Kerr Spacetime pp. 24-31 Downloads
Mohammed Kumah and Francis Oduro
Handwriting Detection Model Based on Four-Dimensional Vector Space Model pp. 32-38 Downloads
Lin Li, Xiuteng Duan and Yutong Li
Optimization of Time Slots for the Air-Traffic Management pp. 39-48 Downloads
Ahamada Youssouf, Salimata G. Diagne, Bakary Kone, Amadou Koulibaly and Youssou Gningue
Reproduction of Fuchs Relation for the Group $S_4^{SL_2}$ by Using Groebner Bases pp. 49-53 Downloads
Noura Okko
Influence of Divisor-ratio to Distribution of Semiprime's Divisor pp. 54-61 Downloads
Xingbo Wang
Irreducible Unitary Representations Concerning Homogeneous Holomorphic Line Bundles Over Elliptic Orbits pp. 65-88 Downloads
Nobutaka Boumuki and Tomonori Noda
Abstract Contraflow Models and Solution Procedures for Evacuation Planning pp. 89-100 Downloads
Tanka Nath Dhamala, Urmila Pyakurel and Ram Chandra Dhungana
Generalization of $\mathcal{U}$-Generator and $M$-Subgenerator Related to Category $\sigma[M]$ pp. 101-106 Downloads
Fitriani Fitriani, Indah Wijayanti and Budi Surodjo
Optimization of Sampling of Small Pelagic Fishes in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Senegal under the Climate Impact pp. 107-115 Downloads
Ibrahima Diedhiou, Salimata Diagne, Ndiaga Thiam, Coumba Diop, Gabriel Ndiaye, Fambaye Sow and Aissatou Ndoye
Double Hopf Bifurcation of a Hematopoietic System with State Feedback Control pp. 116-127 Downloads
Suqi Ma
Navier-Stokes Three Dimensional Equations Solutions Volume Three pp. 128-135 Downloads
Biruk Petros
A Petrov-Galerkin Finite Element Method for Solving the Time-fractional Diffusion Equation with Interface pp. 136-150 Downloads
Liwei Shi
Existence and Uniqueness Fourth-order Differential Equations in Banach Space Having Fourier Type pp. 151-155 Downloads
El Maroufi Abdelouahed and Bahloul Rachid
Estimates Related to the Extended Spectral Control of the Wave Equation pp. 156-164 Downloads
Mary Niane, Abdoulaye S¨¨ne and Cheikh Seck
Results on Existence and Uniqueness of Solution Of Impulsive Neutral Integro-Differential System pp. 165-174 Downloads
Jackson E Ante and Dodi K Igobi

Volume 10, issue 3, 2018

Operations Research, Economic Development, and Social Mobility pp. 1-6 Downloads
Aniekan A. Ebiefung and Michael M. Kostreva
Subjective Probability and Geometry: Three Metric Theorems Concerning Random Quantities pp. 7-14 Downloads
Pierpaolo Angelini and Angela De Sanctis
Some New Inequalities With Proofs and Comments on Applications pp. 15-19 Downloads
Xingbo Wang, Zhikui Duan and Wen Wan
Dialectical Logic K-model: On Multidimensional Discrete Dynamical Sampling System and Further Properties of Kirchhoff Matrices pp. 20-34 Downloads
Yaozhi Jiang
Applications of Pell Polynomials in Rings pp. 35-41 Downloads
Yasemin Tasyurdu, Devran ?iF?i and ?m¨¹r DEVECi
A Classroom Note on Twice Continuously Differentiable Strictly Convex and Strongly Quasiconvex Functions pp. 42-52 Downloads
Giorgi Giorgio
Brief Summary on Frequently-used Properties about Divisibility of Two's Power Plus-minus One pp. 53-58 Downloads
Jian Hui Li
Gravity, Mass and the Cosmological Constant: All Can Have the Same Origin pp. 59-62 Downloads
Hubert J. Veringa
Application of Extended Geometrical Criterion to Population Model with Two Time Delays pp. 63-76 Downloads
Suqi Ma
Return Levels Approach and Periods of Currency Crises pp. 77-96 Downloads
Mouridi M. Hamidou, Joseph K. Mung'atu and George O. Orwa
A Modified Characteristics-mixed Finite Element for Semiconductor Device of Heat Conduction and Numerical Analysis pp. 97-110 Downloads
Yirang Yuan
Modules Whose Nonzero Endomorphisms Have E-small Kernels pp. 111-117 Downloads
Abdoul Djibril Diallo, Papa Cheikhou Diop and Mamadou Barry

Volume 10, issue 2, 2018

A Deeper Analysis on a Generalization of Fermat¡äs Last Theorem pp. 1-23 Downloads
Leandro Torres Di Gregorio
Regularity and Green's Relations for Generalized Semigroups of Transformations with Invariant Set pp. 24-28 Downloads
Lei Sun
Periodic Properties of Solutions of Certain Second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations pp. 29-35 Downloads
Akinwale Olutimo
Algorithms for Asymptotically Exact Minimizations in Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Methods pp. 36-54 Downloads
Koudi Jean, Guy Degla, Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye and Mamadou Kaba Traor¨¦
Stability and Oscillation for a Coupled Hamiltonian Duffing Oscillator Model with Delays pp. 55-65 Downloads
Chunhua Feng
Convergence Theorems of Modified Proximal Algorithms for Asymptotical Quasi-nonexpansive Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces pp. 66-76 Downloads
Shengquan Weng and Dingping Wu
Efficiency of MOMA-plus Method to Solve Some Fully Fuzzy L-R Triangular Multiobjective Linear Programs pp. 77-87 Downloads
Abdoulaye Compaor¨¦, Kounhinir Som¨¦, Joseph Poda and Blaise Som¨¦
Dialectical Logic K-Model: the Discrete Time Dynamical Sampling System, Multidimensional Logic Variable and Associate Database(ADB) pp. 88-99 Downloads
Yaozhi Jiang
Characterization of Orlicz Sobolev Spaces pp. 100-103 Downloads
Tiziano Granucci
Characterization of Orlicz Sobolev Spaces pp. 104-121 Downloads
Tiziano Granucci
Route Planning Based on Genetic Algorithm pp. 122-128 Downloads
Lin Li and Yuhua Zhang
The Analysis for the Scale and Efficiency of China¡¯s Major Automotive Enterprises Based on DEA Model pp. 129-139 Downloads
Zheng Fei and Li L. Z
An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Urbanization and Fiscal Policy --- Taking Jiangxi Province of China As an Example pp. 140-150 Downloads
Xiao-Ying Wan
Mathematical Model for the Dynamics of Neisseria Gonorrhea Disease with Natural Immunity and Treatment Effects pp. 151-161 Downloads
Ibrahim Isa Adamu and Sulaiman Usman
An Approached Solution of Wave Equation with Cubic Damping by Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM), Regular Pertubation Method (RPM) and Adomian Decomposition Method (ADM) pp. 166-181 Downloads
Moussa Bagayogo, Youssouf Pare and Youssouf Minoungou

Volume 10, issue 1, 2018

Probability to Compute Divisor of a Hidden Integer pp. 1-5 Downloads
Xingbo Wang, Jianhui Li, Zhikui Duan and Wen Wan
Remarks on Convolutions and Fractional Derivative of Distributions pp. 6-19 Downloads
Chenkuan Li and Kyle Clarkson
Korovkin Approximation Theorem with ? Striped pp. 20-24 Downloads
Malik Saad Al-Muhja, Mohammad Mursaleen, Masnita Misiran, Zurni B. Omar and Sui Yang Khoo
Reverse Definite Integral of Algebraic Functions pp. 25-31 Downloads
Yogesh Mahat
Numerical Solution for Solving System of Fuzzy Nonlinear Integral Equation by Using Modified Decomposition Method pp. 32-43 Downloads
Alan Jalal Abdulqader
Numerical Solution of System of Three Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations Using Implicit Trapezoidal pp. 44-58 Downloads
Dalal Adnan Maturi and Honaida Mohammed Malaikah
On the Trapped Surface Characterization of Black Hole Region in Vaidya Spacetime pp. 59-66 Downloads
Mohammed Kumah and Francis T. Oduro
The Origin of Gravity An Attempt to Answer this Question with the Help of Existing Concepts pp. 67-89 Downloads
Hubert J. Veringa
High-order Filtered Schemes for the Hamilton-Jacobi Continuum Limit of Nondominated Sorting pp. 90-109 Downloads
Warut Thawinrak and Jeff Calder
Edge-Maximal Graphs Containing No $r$ Vertex-Disjoint Triangles pp. 110-114 Downloads
Mohammad Hailat
Asymptotic Analysis of a Deterministic Control System via Euler's Equation Approach pp. 115-123 Downloads
Gladys Denisse Salgado Su¨¢rez, Hugo Cruz-Su¨¢rez and Jos¨¦ Dionicio Zacar¨ªas Flores
Existence and Uniqueness of Solution for Caginalp Hyperbolic Phase- Field System with a Polynomial Potential pp. 124-131 Downloads
Franck Davhys Reval Langa, Daniel Moukoko, Dieudonn Ampini and Fidle Moukamba
On the Concept of Representations of Prime Numbers and Prime Products pp. 132-143 Downloads
Peter Bissonnet
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