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2010 - 2017

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Volume 8, issue 2, 2017

An Integrated Fuzzy-Based System for Cluster-Head Selection and Sensor Speed Control in Wireless Sensor Networks pp. 1-14 Downloads
Miralda Cuka, Donald Elmazi, Takaaki Inaba, Tetsuya Oda, Makoto Ikeda and Leonard Barolli
Application of HY-2 Satellite SST Data in 4D Variational Assimilation Ocean Forecast Model pp. 15-26 Downloads
Zhenchang Zhang, Libin Gao, Minquan Guo and Riqing Chen
Telecom Big Data Based User Offloading Self-Optimisation in Heterogeneous Relay Cellular Systems pp. 27-46 Downloads
Lexi Xu, Yuting Luan, Xinzhou Cheng, Yifeng Fan, Haijun Zhang, Weidong Wang and Anqi He
Aras: A Method with Uniform Distributed Dataset to Solve Data Warehouse Problems for Big Data pp. 47-60 Downloads
Mohammadhossein Barkhordari and Mahdi Niamanesh

Volume 8, issue 1, 2017

A Comparative Study of Range-Free and Range-Based Localization Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network: Using COOJA Simulator pp. 1-16 Downloads
Essa Qasem Shahra, Tarek Rahil Sheltami and Elhadi M. Shakshuki
Algorithms for Maintaining Consistency of Cached Data for Mobile Clients in Distributed File System pp. 17-33 Downloads
Pavel Bžoch and Jiří Šafařík
Performance Evaluation of Topology based Routing Protocols in a VANET Highway Scenario pp. 34-45 Downloads
Barakat Pravin Maratha, Tarek R. Sheltami and Elhadi M. Shakshuki
Towards a Mobile Augmented Reality System for Emergency Management: The Case of SAFE pp. 46-58 Downloads
Angelo Croatti, Alessandro Ricci and Mirko Viroli

Volume 7, issue 4, 2016

Modelling and Monitoring Environmental Risks through a Semantic Framework pp. 1-21 Downloads
Domenico Calcaterra, Marco Cavallo, Giuseppe Di Modica and Orazio Tomarchio
Designing Information Systems to Facilitate Civil-Military Cooperation in Disaster Management pp. 22-40 Downloads
Wolfgang Vorraber, Gerald Lichtenegger, Julia Brugger, Ivan Gojmerac, Maria Egly, Katrin Panzenböck, Erik Exner, Helmut Aschbacher, Markus Christian and Siegfried Voessner
Security in Transnational Interoperable PPDR Communications: Threats, Requirements and Architecture Solution pp. 41-60 Downloads
Ramon Ferrús, Oriol Sallent, Cor Verkoelen, Frank Fransen, Keld Andersen, Christian Bjerrum-Niese, Jaakko Saijonmaa, Claudia Olivieri, Michel Duits, Anita Galin, Franco Pangallo and Debora Proietti Modi
Proximity-Based Alert Forwarding Under Varying Mobility Levels in Adhoc Networks pp. 61-76 Downloads
Konstandinos Koumidis, Panayiotis Kolios, Christos Panayiotou and Georgios Ellinas
An Open Source Approach for Watershed's Delimitation to Support Flood Monitoring pp. 77-88 Downloads
Tiago Carvalho, Leonardo B. L. Santos, Eduardo F. P. Luz, Rogério Ishibashi, Aurelienne A. S. Jorge and Luciana R. Londe

Volume 7, issue 3, 2016

Timing Structure Mechanism of Wireless Sensor Network MAC layer for Monitoring Applications pp. 1-20 Downloads
Basma M. Mohammad El-Basioni, Abdellatif I. Moustafa, Sherine M. Abd El-Kader and Hussein A. Konber
Towards an Optimal Generation of Zones Graph Relating Timed Bisimulation Relation and Distribution pp. 21-41 Downloads
Matmat Riadh, Kitouni Ilham and Saidouni Djamel Eddine
Modeling and Analyzing of Research Topic Evolution Associated with Social Networks of Researchers pp. 42-62 Downloads
Wei Liang, Zixian Lu, Qun Jin, Yonghua Xiong and Min Wu
A Fast Reroute Algorithm for Infotainment Service in Internet of Vehicles pp. 63-77 Downloads
Zhiyuan Li, Panpan Wu and Yue Song

Volume 7, issue 2, 2016

Application of a New Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Paradigm on the Design of a Crisis Management Distributed System pp. 1-17 Downloads
Konstantinos Domdouzis, Simon Andrews and Babak Akhgar
Energy Aware Grid Scheduling for Dependent Task Using Genetic Algorithm pp. 18-36 Downloads
Shiv Prakash and Deo Prakash Vidyarthi
Blogracy: A Peer-to-Peer Social Network pp. 37-56 Downloads
Enrico Franchi, Agostino Poggi and Michele Tomaiuolo
Failure Detector of Perfect P Class for Synchronous Hierarchical Distributed Systems pp. 57-74 Downloads
Anshul Verma and K. K. Pattanaik

Volume 7, issue 1, 2016

Streaming Remote Sensing Data Processing for the Future Smart Cities: State of the Art and Future Challenges pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xihuang Sun, Peng Liu, Yan Ma, Dingsheng Liu and Yechao Sun
City Data Fusion: Sensor Data Fusion in the Internet of Things pp. 15-36 Downloads
Meisong Wang, Charith Perera, Prem Prakash Jayaraman, Miranda Zhang, Peter Strazdins, R.K. Shyamsundar and Rajiv Ranjan
Applying Security to a Big Stream Cloud Architecture for the Internet of Things pp. 37-58 Downloads
Laura Belli, Simone Cirani, Luca Davoli, Gianluigi Ferrari, Lorenzo Melegari and Marco Picone
SONATA: Social Network Assisted Trustworthiness Assurance in Smart City Crowdsensing pp. 59-78 Downloads
Burak Kantarci, Kevin G. Carr and Connor D. Pearsall
User Interaction with Linked Data: An Exploratory Search Approach pp. 79-91 Downloads
Dhavalkumar Thakker, Fan Yang-Turner and Dimoklis Despotakis

Volume 6, issue 4, 2015

An Architecture to Implement the Internet-of-Things using the Prometheus Methodology pp. 1-20 Downloads
Bogdan Manațe, Florin Fortiş and Philip Moore
Towards Transparent Throughput Elasticity for IaaS Cloud Storage: Exploring the Benefits of Adaptive Block-Level Caching pp. 21-44 Downloads
Bogdan Nicolae, Pierre Riteau and Kate Keahey
A Two-Dimensional SLA for Services Scheduling in Multiple IaaS Cloud Providers pp. 45-64 Downloads
Cristiano Costa Argemon Vieira, Luiz Fernando Bittencourt and Edmundo Roberto Mauro Madeira
The Impact of Virtualization on High Performance Computing Clustering in the Cloud pp. 65-81 Downloads
Ouidad Achahbar and Mohamed Riduan Abid

Volume 6, issue 3, 2015

Implementation of a RFID-based System for Library Management pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kiyotaka Fujisaki
Design and Implementation of a Visualization System for Wireless Mesh Networks pp. 11-28 Downloads
Yuki Kumata, Shuji Shoji and Akio Koyama
Delay Tolerant Navigation Method for Fast Evacuation in Poor Communication Environment at the Time of Disaster pp. 29-50 Downloads
Yuki Takayama and Hiroyoshi Miwa
Gpop: A Global File Popularity Measurement for Unstructured P2P Networks pp. 51-64 Downloads
Manel Seddiki and Mahfoud Benchaïba
Qualitative Evaluation of Multimedia Contents for Different Media Types and Media Quality pp. 65-76 Downloads
Kaoru Sugita, Ken Nishimura and Tomoyuki Ishida

Volume 6, issue 2, 2015

A Waste Management Robot System: Its Implementation and Experimental Results pp. 1-12 Downloads
Keita Matsuo, Yi Liu, Donald Elmazi and Leonard Barolli
Reduced Topologically Real-World Networks: A Big-Data Approach pp. 13-27 Downloads
Marcello Trovati
F3N: An Intelligent Fuzzy-Based Cluster Head Selection System for WSNs and Its Performance Evaluation pp. 28-44 Downloads
Donald Elmazi, Evjola Spaho, Keita Matsuo, Tetsuya Oda, Makoto Ikeda and Leonard Barolli
Improvement of JXTA-Overlay P2P Platform: Evaluation for Medical Application and Reliability pp. 45-62 Downloads
Yi Liu, Shinji Sakamoto, Keita Matsuo, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli and Fatos Xhafa

Volume 6, issue 1, 2015

Drivers of Cloud Computing Adoption for E-Government Services Implementation pp. 1-14 Downloads
Fathey Mohammed and Othman Bin Ibrahim
Fast Paxos Made Easy: Theory and Implementation pp. 15-33 Downloads
Wenbing Zhao
An Analytical Model for Resource Characterization and Parameter Estimation for DAG-Based Jobs for Homogeneous Systems pp. 34-52 Downloads
Mohammad Sajid and Zahid Raza
The Effect of Real Workloads and Synthetic Workloads on the Performance of Job Scheduling for Non-Contiguous Allocation in 2D Mesh Multicomputers pp. 53-68 Downloads
Saad Bani-Mohammad

Volume 5, issue 4, 2014

Time Domain Replica Signal Based Interference Compensation for SP-MIMO/OFDM with Large Delay Spread Channel pp. 1-17 Downloads
Taichi Sakaue, Chang-Jun Ahn, Tatsuya Omori and Ken-Ya Hashimoto
Multiuser Diversity OFDMA using Power Priority Selection and Adaptive Clipping pp. 18-30 Downloads
Akihiro Kuroha, Chang-Jun Ahn, Tatsuya Omori and Ken-ya Hashimoto
Exploring Video Sharing Websites Content with Machine Learning pp. 31-50 Downloads
Nan Zhao, Löic Baud and Patrick Bellot
Robust and Efficient Custom Routing for Interconnection Networks with Distributed Shortcuts pp. 51-74 Downloads
T. X. Le Nhat, T. Truong Nguyen and Khanh- Van Nguyen

Volume 5, issue 3, 2014

A Hybrid Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Distributed Systems Using Genetic Algorithms pp. 1-23 Downloads
Mayuri A. Mehta and Devesh C. Jinwala
Adaptive Self-Organization in Distributed Tree Topologies pp. 24-57 Downloads
Evangelos Pournaras, Martijn Warnier and Frances M.T. Brazier
Analysis and Evaluation of Novel Privacy Preserving Techniques for Collaborative Temporal Association Rule Mining Using Secret Sharing pp. 58-76 Downloads
Nirali R. Nanavati, Neeraj Sen and Devesh C. Jinwala
Integrity and Privacy Preserving Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks pp. 77-99 Downloads
Vivaksha Jariwala, Himanshu Patel, Parth Patel and Devesh C. Jinwala

Volume 5, issue 2, 2014

Supporting Collaboration between Customers and Developers: A Framework for Distributed, Agile Software Development pp. 1-16 Downloads
Francesco Bergadano, Gianni Bosio and Stefano Spagnolo
The Digital Factory: A Reference Process Based Software Market Analysis pp. 17-30 Downloads
Florian Himmler
A Context-Aware Framework for Collaborative Activities in Pervasive Communities pp. 31-43 Downloads
Christopher Lima, Mário Antunes, Diogo Gomes, Rui Aguiar and Telma Mota
Privacy Preserving Distributed K-Means Clustering in Malicious Model Using Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme pp. 44-70 Downloads
Sankita Patel, Mitali Sonar and Devesh C. Jinwala

Volume 5, issue 1, 2014

Collaborative Services for Fault Tolerance in Hierarchical Data Grid pp. 1-21 Downloads
B. Meroufel and G. Belalem
Discovering Complex Relationships of Drugs over Distributed Knowledgebases pp. 22-39 Downloads
Juan Li, Ranjana Sharma and Yan Bai
Service-Oriented Development of Workflow-Based Semantic Reasoning Applications pp. 40-53 Downloads
Alexey Cheptsov, Stefan Wesner and Bastian Koller
A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy with Adaptive Thresholds (DLBAT) for Parallel Computing System pp. 54-69 Downloads
Taj Alam and Zahid Raza
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