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2024, issue 1

Italian Bailouts, 1861-2021, Appendix pp. 1-40 Downloads
Nicola Rossi
APPENDIX E. THE VA1 METHOD: ANALYSIS AND COMPARISON WITH VA2. Provincial estimates of the Italian value-added in the Liberal Age, 1871-1911 pp. 1-14 Downloads
Dario Chiaiese
APPENDIX F. TABLES. Provincial estimates of the Italian value-added in the Liberal Age, 1871-1911 pp. 1-75 Downloads
Dario Chiaiese
Provincial estimates of the Italian value-added in the Liberal Age, 1871-1911 pp. 3-42 Downloads
Dario Chiaiese
Intergenerational mobility in 19th-century Italy: A case study approach pp. 43-76 Downloads
Giuliana Freschi and Marco Martinez
Italian Bailouts, 1861-2021 pp. 77-102 Downloads
Nicola Rossi
Gianni Toniolo and the Bank of Italy pp. 103-114 Downloads
Ignazio Visco
Women, economic history, and the Nobel pp. 115-124 Downloads
Giulia Mancini
Referees 2022-2023 pp. 125-126 Downloads
Rivista di storia Economica

2023, issue 3

Gender discrimination and intra-household inequality in rural Italy, 1920s-1930s pp. 265-286 Downloads
Giulia Mancini
Innovation and business performance in Italy, 1913-1936 pp. 287-330 Downloads
Giacomo Domini
Early railways and industrial development: Local evidence from Sardinia in 1871–1911 pp. 331-368 Downloads
Ugo Gragnolati, Luigi Moretti and Roberto Ricciuti
Winners and losers in Italian agriculture of the 1930s. A contribution to the analysis of the interwar crisis pp. 369-397 Downloads
Francesco Chiapparino and Gabriele Morettini

2023, issue 2

A social elevator? Occupational mobility in Italy, 1950-1970 pp. 131-162 Downloads
Giuliana Freschi
Populism and the first wave of globalization: Evidence from the 1892 US presidential election pp. 163-202 Downloads
Alexander Klein, Karl Gunnar Persson and Paul Sharp
Governing conflict. Law and industrial relations in Italy, 1945-1980 pp. 203-232 Downloads
Roberto Ganau
Reconstructing the demographic evolution of Piedmont from 1612 to 1900 pp. 233-260 Downloads
Francesco Scalone

2023, issue 1

Patent law and economic performance pp. 3-26 Downloads
Jochen Streb
Understanding pre-industrial wages and incomes: A reassessment of the evidence and new interpretations based on France and Italy pp. 27-62 Downloads
Leonardo Ridolfi
Irregular citizens: Internal migrations and anti-urbanism in Italy (1955-1965) pp. 63-88 Downloads
Gaspare Tortorici
New directions in the history of Italian capitalism: A survey of business history on Italy, 1998-2021 pp. 89-114 Downloads
Paolo di Martino
The use of composite indices in economic history: A long-standing, not silly debate pp. 115-118 Downloads
Nicola Amendola, Giacomo Gabbuti and Giovanni Vecchi
On income, education and freedom: A few comments on Prados’ Augmented Human Development Index pp. 119-124 Downloads
Branko Milanovic
On well-being and freedom: A response to Branko Milanovic pp. 125-126 Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura

2022, issue 3

Gianni Toniolo and the Rivista di Storia Economica pp. 1-2 Downloads
Pierluigi Ciocca
Introduction pp. 265-269 Downloads
Brian A'Hearn and Giacomo Gabbuti
Italian industry under fascism. What we have learned from business history pp. 271-302 Downloads
Marianna Astore
Between Constraints and Opportunities: Big Italian Business and Autarky, 1934-1943 pp. 303-336 Downloads
Marco Bertilorenzi, Valerio Cerretano and Mario Perugini
The fascist housing regime: policies, market and social wellbeing pp. 337-365 Downloads
Fernando Salsano
Presentation of the new section Surveys and Debates (S&D) pp. 367-368 Downloads
Brian A'Hearn, Carlo Ciccarelli, Francesco Cinnirella, Anna Missiaia and Michelangelo Vasta
A silly debate? Review of Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Human Development and the Path to Freedom. 1870 to the Present, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK), 2022 pp. 369-376 Downloads
Jan Luiten van Zanden
A not-so-silly debate! Response to Jan Luiten van Zanden’s review pp. 377-381 Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura
From subjectivity to inter-subjective standards? pp. 383-384 Downloads
Jan Luiten van Zanden
From subjectivity to inter-subjectivity? Not quite so! pp. 385-386 Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura

2022, issue 2

Incentives, Institutions, and Industrialization: A Prelude to Modern Economic Growth pp. 127-146 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
Telling figures: a new dataset on the regional origins of Italian Central Banking and the rise of piedmontese finance before 1861 pp. 147-184 Downloads
Maria Stella Chiaruttini
Literacy and Land Inequality in Italy During Fascism. A Geographic- Historical Analysis pp. 185-210 Downloads
Giacomo Zanibelli and Vito Ricci
At the Heart of Fenoaltea’s Narrative: Italy and the International Financial Market (1880s-1913) pp. 213-232 Downloads
Paolo Di Martino
The «Baccarini Law» Railways (1880-1890): Their Long-Run Sectoral Economic Impact pp. 233-261 Downloads
Roberto Bonfatti, Giovanni Facchini, Alexander Tarasov, Gian Luca Tedeschi and Cecilia Testa

2022, issue 1

Editors’ Note pp. 3-6 Downloads
Brian A'Hearn, Carlo Ciccarelli, Francesco Cinnirella, Anna Missiaia and Michelangelo Vasta
Introduction pp. 7-10 Downloads
Francesco Cinnirella and Paul Sharp
Could Artisans Have Caused the Industrial Revolution? pp. 11-28 Downloads
Kelly Morgan, Joel Mokyr and Cormac Ó Gráda
Leaving Their Mark: Using Danish Student Grade Lists to Construct a More Detailed Measure of Historical Human Capital pp. 29-56 Downloads
Nicholas Ford, Kristin Ranestad and Paul Sharp
Elaboration and Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in the Long Run: The Case of European Practical Arithmetic (13th-16th Centuries) pp. 57-84 Downloads
Raffaele Danna
Music: A Growth Industry in Renaissance Italy pp. 85-106 Downloads
Richard A. Goldthwaite
Introduction: Economics, History and Economic History in Stefano Fenoaltea’s Cliometrics pp. 107-108 Downloads
Alberto Baffigi and Giovanni Vecchi
In Honour of Stefano Fenoaltea (1943-2020) pp. 109-114 Downloads
Ignazio Visco
The Fenoaltea Method: How Science Actually Advances pp. 115-124 Downloads
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

2021, issue 3

Italian Economic History: A New Dawn? pp. 201-237 Downloads
Martina Cioni, Giovanni Federico and Michelangelo Vasta
The provincial labour force in services in Italy: estimates from the population censuses, 1871-1911 pp. 239-295 Downloads
Emanuele Felice, Francesco M.S. Fiore Melacrinis and Anna Missiaia
Still glittering: a review of the literature on the classical gold standard, 1996-2020 pp. 297-318 Downloads
Paolo Di Martino
2021. What Path for the EMU of tomorrow? pp. 319-354 Downloads
Nicola Acocella

2021, issue 2

Economic Inequality in Early Modern Venice: Evidence from a New Archival Source pp. 95-113 Downloads
Mattia Viale, Edoardo Demo and Roberto Ricciuti
The days they worked, the incomes they earned: new perspectives on work patterns and annual earnings in the French construction sector (1320-1850) pp. 115-150 Downloads
Leonardo Ridolfi
The Statist Neo-Institutionalism of Acemoglu and Robinson pp. 151-189 Downloads
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey
Economic Philosophies: Do They Still Matter? pp. 191-196 Downloads
William Allen
Errata corrige pp. 197-197 Downloads
Rivista di storia Economica

2021, issue 1

Special Issue on Literacy and Development: Editors’ Notes pp. 3-5 Downloads
Gabriele Cappelli and Carlo Ciccarelli
Jesus Speaks Korean: Christianity and Literacy in Colonial Korea pp. 7-32 Downloads
Sascha Becker and Cheongyeon Won
The Policy and the Reality of Public Schooling in 19 th Century Imperial Austria pp. 33-61 Downloads
Tomas Cvrcek
Literacy in the Italian census of 1911: disaggregating the data pp. 63-90 Downloads
Brian A'Hearn and Carlo Ciccarelli
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