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2023, issue 1, vol 58

Democratic capital and economic growth in the countries of the third wave of democratization pp. 12-31 Downloads
Mikhail Pakhnin and R. Shapovalov
On the connection between cultural values and personal income taxation pp. 32-46 Downloads
L. Chargaziya
Long-term forecast of the replacement migration in Russia pp. 48-64 Downloads
V. Yumaguzin and M. Vinnik
Factors influencing transfer policy of football clubs pp. 66-88 Downloads
M. Bida and A. Mirzoyan
Evaluation of the effectiveness of administrative-territorial transformations in Russia pp. 89-108 Downloads
Yu. Dubrovskaya, Yu. Belonogov and E. Kozonogova
Neoclassical roots of behavioral economics pp. 110-140 Downloads
A. Upravitelev
Russian-Chinese economic links in the context of growing international tensions pp. 142-148 Downloads
L. Vardomsky
Russia-India trade relations in terms of increasing geopolitical uncertainty pp. 149-157 Downloads
M. Gubina and S. Sutyrin
Multilevel liberalization in Korea, or why the Korean market remains diffi cult to penetrate pp. 157-164 Downloads
I. Korgun
Russian-Vietnamese economic cooperation in new conditions pp. 165-172 Downloads
M. Turaeva and A. Yakovlev
The potential of Russia-DPRK cooperation: economic advantages and political disadvantages pp. 172-181 Downloads
G. Bulychev and A. Yakovlev

2022, issue 5, vol 57

On the algorithms of exact estimations of manipulability of social choice rules for the case of 3 alternatives pp. 14-23 Downloads
A. Ivanov
On the stability of results for aggregation procedures pp. 24-37 Downloads
Daniel Karabekyan
Global flows of technological knowledge: The position of Russia pp. 39-54 Downloads
E. Streltsova
Stay healthy - will the rest follow? The impact of health on wages in Russia pp. 55-70 Downloads
Marina Kartseva and P. Kuznetsova
Financial sector efficiency: Present concepts and the estimation problem pp. 72-92 Downloads
Yuri Danilov
Quantitative estimates of intergenerational mobility pp. 93-111 Downloads
N. Rozinskaya and T. Drobyshevskaya
A compromise between formalism and realism as a way to influence economic policy pp. 113-125 Downloads
M. Bakeev
Long cycles, the soviet authority and economists: From the history of discussions of the 1920s pp. 126-140 Downloads
A. Mustafin
A paternalistic state and civil society pp. 142-148 Downloads
A. Rubinstein, R. Greenberg and A. Gorodetsky
On state and society pp. 149-152 Downloads
A. Guseynov
Inertia of state paternalism and its consequences pp. 153-161 Downloads
L. Gudkov
The failures of society: How to understand them? pp. 161-167 Downloads
A. Zaostrovtsev

2022, issue 4, vol 56

Existence theorems for Nash equilibrium and equilibrium in secure strategies pp. 12-27 Downloads
M. Iskakov
Predicting the value of professional sport clubs. A study of European soccer, 2005-2018 pp. 28-46 Downloads
Yu. Zelenkov and I. Solntsev
The impact of global shocks on the Russian economy: FAVAR approach pp. 48-68 Downloads
Andrey Zubarev and K. Rybak
Russia's agri-food exports until 2030: Projection from a partial equilibrium model pp. 69-90 Downloads
Sergey Kiselev, R. Romashkin and A. Belugin
Typologization of industrial systems in the countries of Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe pp. 92-122 Downloads
M. Lobanov, J. Zvezdanovic Lobanova and M. Zvezdanovic
Decrease in differentiation of electric power supply in regions and sustainable development of the Russian economy pp. 123-140 Downloads
S. Nekrasov
Institutional factors affect sustainability of public procurement of construction works in Russia pp. 141-170 Downloads
D. Vinogradov, D. Kashin and E. Shadrina
Lessons from the NEP experience for solving contemporary economic problems (to the 100th anniversary of the transition to NEP) pp. 172-193 Downloads
Yu. Goland
The prospects for ecological modernization of Russian economy pp. 195-201 Downloads
G. Safonov, V. Potashnikov, M. Safonov, A. Stetsenko, M. Kozeltsev, A. Dorina, A. Semakina and A. Sizonov
Scenarios of greenhouse gases emissions for Russia pp. 201-206 Downloads
M. Dmitriev
Low-carbon development of Russia under the foreign economic restrictions pp. 206-212 Downloads
A. Shirov
Scenarios of transformation: Decarbonization of the Russian economy pp. 213-219 Downloads
M. Salikhov
The imperative of Russia - EU cooperation in climate policy is preserved pp. 219-223 Downloads
T. Romanova and A. Portanskiy
Russian electric power industry until 2035: On the way to full transition to renewable energy sources pp. 223-2294 Downloads
T. Lanshina, V. Slivyak and S. Strelkova
Ecological modernization of Russia: Public request pp. 229-233 Downloads
E. Gontmakher and A. Davydova

2022, issue 3, vol 55

New method of liquidation value estimation pp. 12-27 Downloads
S. Smolyak
The effects of additional non-stationary processes on the properties of DSGE-models pp. 28-43 Downloads
A. Votinov
Industry effects of monetary policy in Russia: Econometric analysis pp. 45-60 Downloads
E. Dobronravova
Phillips curve: Inflation and NAIRU in the Russian regions pp. 61-80 Downloads
D. Orlov and Evgeny Postnikov
The impact of the first demographic dividend on economic growth considering human capital pp. 81-100 Downloads
I. Kalabikhina and Z. Kazbekova
Regional disparities and fiscal federalism in Russia pp. 102-138 Downloads
O. Dynnikova, A. Kyobe and Slavi Slavov
Cost of achieving zero CO2 emissions by mid-century: Approach and estimation for the world largest economies pp. 139-154 Downloads
A. Kolpakov, A. Yantovskii and A. Galinger
Money supply in the history of macroeconomic thought: 50 shades of endogeneity pp. 156-176 Downloads
Vsevolod Ostapenko and E. Buglevsky
Proto-marginalist approach in Russia: Yuli Zhukovsky's interpretation of Ricardo pp. 177-191 Downloads
Anton Galeev
Political paradoxes of economic sanctions pp. 193-198 Downloads
S. Afontsev
Policy of sanctions against Russia: Newest stage pp. 198-206 Downloads
I. Timofeev
Financial sanctions and future of globalization pp. 207-212 Downloads
O. Buklemishev
From technological sanctions to Tech Wars: Impact of the U.S. - China confl ict on sanctioning policies and the high-tech markets pp. 212-217 Downloads
I. Danilin
Russia's foreign trade under sanctions pressure pp. 218-226 Downloads
D. Ushkalova
Regions of Russia in the new economic realities pp. 226-234 Downloads
N. Zubarevich
Russian human capital in times of sanctions and counter-sanctions: Some redistributive implications pp. 234-238 Downloads
V. Gimpelson
Once again about where to go: Toward a development strategy in isolation from the West pp. 238-244 Downloads
V. Polterovich

2022, issue 2, vol 54

Mathematical models of stable jurisdiction partitions: A survey of results and new directions pp. 12-38 Downloads
Daniil Musatov and A. Savvateev
Problems of accounting for foreign direct investment in international and Russian statistics pp. 39-55 Downloads
Yu. Zaitsev
Theoretical analysis of development traps: On the example of Russia pp. 56-74 Downloads
A. Golub and V. Potashnikov
Empirical analysis of the permanent income hypothesis based on the Post-Soviet Russian data pp. 76-93 Downloads
S. Churbanov and I. Rozmainsky
The impact of financial development on income inequality in the Russian regions pp. 94-110 Downloads
O. Klachkova and D. Solonina
Volatility spillover between the Russia-India-China triad and the United States: A multivariate generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity analysis pp. 111-128 Downloads
E. Vlasova and D. Luo
Bank of Russia regular communications and volatility short-term effects in financial markets pp. 130-155 Downloads
Oleg Telegin
Unemployment benefits and duration of registered unemployment in Russia: Regression kink design pp. 156-175 Downloads
V. Kopytok
The influence of external attractiveness on the transfer value of football players pp. 176-187 Downloads
N. Nikitina, V. Bolgova, M. Vinopal and T. Nikiforova
A brief overview of the evolution of computer simulations in economic research pp. 189-207 Downloads
T. Khamdamov
Creative economy of the paternalistic state: What does the coming day hold for us? pp. 209-212 Downloads
A. Rubinstein
Development of Russia's creative economy in the context of modern challenges pp. 213-220 Downloads
A. Auzan, A. Bakhtigaraeva and V. Bryzgalin
Creative economy in Russia: New trends pp. 221-228 Downloads
T. Abankina
Creative industries and the cultural identity: The instruments of mutual promotion (example of the Tatarstan Republic) pp. 229-234 Downloads
I. Ajupova
Creative industries: Economic growth and labor markets pp. 234-242 Downloads
N. Burakov and O. Slavinskaya
Creative industries: The limits of legal influence pp. 242-248 Downloads
E. Chukovskaya

2022, issue 1, vol 53

Analysis of macrostructural dynamics framed by the "input-output" methodology pp. 12-30 Downloads
E. Toroptsev and A. Marakhovskii
News and social networks of Russian companies: Degree of influence on the securities market pp. 32-52 Downloads
E. Fedorova, I. Pyltsin, Yu. Kovalchuk and P. Drogovoz
The sentiment of private investors in explaining the differences in the trade characteristics of the Russian market stocks pp. 53-84 Downloads
T. Teplova, T. Sokolova, Aleksandr Tomtosov, D. Buchko and D. Nikulin
Is there a natural rate of crime in Russia? pp. 85-98 Downloads
N. Myachin
Stablecoins: Classification, functional features and development prospects pp. 100-120 Downloads
D. Kochergin and A. Ivanova
Decision making on the technology transfer in regional innovation cluster under uncertainty and risk pp. 121-142 Downloads
V. Chaplygin and V. Moroz
On the impact of acquiring citizenship on some socio-economic characteristics of migrants and their position in the labor market pp. 143-162 Downloads
A. Litovchenko and O. Chudinovskikh
Value of statistical life in Russia based on microdata pp. 163-179 Downloads
E. Zubova
The nature of humanism and materialism of Marx's concept of man pp. 181-200 Downloads
M. Sushentsova and I. Chaplygina
Global advanced manufacturing markets - a new opportunity for Russia's technological upgrade pp. 202-212 Downloads
Yuri Simachev, Anna Fedyunina and N. Gorodny
Technological entrepreneurship as a development factor of Russia pp. 212-223 Downloads
Stepan Zemtsov
Russia's opportunities for entering Industry 4.0 markets by improving its position in distributed production pp. 223-231 Downloads
N. Smorodinskaya and D. Katukov
Technological entrepreneurs of the Russian origin: Education, geography, industries pp. 231-240 Downloads
D. Tolmachev, K. Chukavina and E. Igoshina
High-tech landscape of the cattle breeding industry in Russia pp. 240-248 Downloads
Irina Dezhina, A. Arutjunjan and A. Ponomarev
Pharmaceutical industry in Russia: Key trends and developments pp. 248-255 Downloads
N. Ivanova and Z. Mamedyarov
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