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2018, volume 27, issue 3

The Lion on the Move Towards the World Frontier: Catching Up or Remaining Stuck? pp. 251-273 Downloads
Tarek M Harchaoui and Murat Üngör
Convergence and Spillover Effects in Africa: A Spatial Panel Data Approach pp. 274-284 Downloads
Samba Diop
Does Mobile Money Affect Saving Behaviour? Evidence from a Developing Country pp. 285-320 Downloads
Serge Ky, Clovis Rugemintwari and Alain Sauviat
Funeral Insurance: An Inter-Generational Commitment Device? pp. 321-346 Downloads
Erlend Berg
Does Internal Migration Improve Overall Well-Being in Ethiopia?† pp. 347-365 Downloads
Alan de Brauw, Valerie Mueller and Tassew Woldehanna
The Lion on the Move Towards the World Frontier: Catching Up or Remaining Stuck? pp. 366-366 Downloads
Tarek M Harchaouia and Murat Üngörb
Does Internal Migration Improve Overall Well-Being in Ethiopia?† pp. 367-367 Downloads
Alan de Brauw, Valerie Mueller and Tassew Woldehanna

2018, volume 27, issue 2

Firm Survival and Change in Ghana, 2003–2013 pp. 149-171 Downloads
Elwyn Davies and Andrew Kerr
Poverty, Welfare and Income Distribution Implications of Reducing Trade Costs Through Deep Integration in Eastern and Southern Africa pp. 172-200 Downloads
Edward Balistreri, Maryla Maliszewska, Israel Osorio-Rodarte, David G Tarr and Hidemichi Yonezawa
Gender Bias and the Intrahousehold Distribution of Resources: Evidence from African Nuclear Households in South Africa† pp. 201-226 Downloads
Olivier Bargain, Prudence Kwenda and Miracle Ntuli
The Effect of Female Education on Adolescent Fertility and Early Marriage: Evidence from Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education in Ghana pp. 227-248 Downloads
Emmanuel Adu Boahen and Chikako Yamauchi
The Effect of Female Education on Adolescent Fertility and Early Marriage: Evidence from Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education in Ghana pp. 249-249 Downloads
Emmanuel Adu Boahen and Chikako Yamauchi

2018, volume 27, issue 1

Economic Structure, Growth, and Evolution of Inequality and Poverty in Africa: An Overview pp. 1-9 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
An African Growth Miracle?† pp. 10-27 Downloads
Dani Rodrik
Agricultural Labour Productivity and Industrialisation: Lessons for Africa pp. 28-65 Downloads
Xinshen Diao, Margaret McMillan and Samuel Wangwe
Is the Structure of Growth Different in Sub-Saharan Africa? pp. 66-91 Downloads
Erik Thorbecke and Yusi Ouyang
The Recent Growth Resurgence in Africa and Poverty Reduction: The Context and Evidence pp. 92-107 Downloads
Augustin Fosu
Why Is Inequality High in Africa?† pp. 108-126 Downloads
Abebe Abebe and Tiguéné Nabassaga
Determinants of the Evolution of Inequality in Africa pp. 127-148 Downloads
Arne Bigsten

2017, volume 26, issue suppl_2

Preface pp. ii1-ii2 Downloads
Lemma W Senbet Executive Director
Integrating Africa: Some Trade Policy Research Priorities and Challenges† pp. ii12-ii39 Downloads
Bernard Hoekman and Dominique Njinkeu
Integrating African Markets: The Way Forward pp. ii3-ii11 Downloads
Bernard Hoekman, Lemma W Senbet and Witness Simbanegavi
Regional Financial Integration and Economic Activity in Africa pp. ii40-ii75 Downloads
Akpan Ekpo and Chuku Chuku

2017, volume 26, issue suppl_1

Preface pp. i1-i2 Downloads
Lemma W. Senbet
Agriculture and Structural Transformation in Africa: An Overview pp. i3-i10 Downloads
Lemma W. Senbet and Witness Simbanegavi
On the Structural Transformation of Rural Africa pp. i11-i35 Downloads
Christopher Barrett, Luc Christiaensen, Megan Sheahan and Abebe Abebe
Pathways Less Explored—Locus of Control and Technology Adoption pp. i36-i72 Downloads
Alemayehu Taffesse and Fanaye Tadesse
A Green Revolution for Sub-Saharan Africa: Past Failures and Future Prospects pp. i73-i98 Downloads
Keijiro Otsuka and Rie Muraoka

2017, volume 26, issue 4

Learning About Labour Impacts of Cash Transfers in Zambia pp. 433-442 Downloads
Prifti Ervin, Estruch Elisenda, Daidone Silvio, Davis Benjamin, Paul Van Ufford, Michelo Stanfeld, Handa Sudhanshu, Seidenfeld David and Tembo Gelson
Malaria and Education: Evidence from Mali pp. 443-469 Downloads
Josselin Thuilliez, Hippolyte d'Albis, Hamidou Niangaly and Ogobara Doumbo
Learning from a Bitter Past? The Behavioral Effect of a Child's Death on Mothers pp. 470-491 Downloads
Ryoko Sato
Gender and Policing Norms: Evidence from Survey Experiments Among Police Officers in Uganda pp. 492-515 Downloads
Natascha Wagner, Matthias Rieger, Arjun Bedi and Wil Hout
Tariffs, Smuggling and Economic Welfare: A Spatial Analysis of Nigerian Rice Policy Options pp. 516-538 Downloads
Michael E. Johnson and Paul Dorosh

2017, volume 26, issue 3

Public Investment in a Developing Country Facing Natural Resource Depletion pp. 295-321 Downloads
Adrian Alter, Matteo Ghilardi and Dalia S. Hakura
Conflict and Coffee: Are Higher Coffee Prices Fuelling Rebellion in Uganda? pp. 322-341 Downloads
Erick Gong and Katherine A. Sullivan
Variable Returns to Fertiliser Use and the Geography of Poverty: Experimental and Simulation Evidence from Malawi pp. 342-371 Downloads
Aurélie P. Harou, Yanyan Liu, Christopher Barrett and Liangzhi You
Missionary Influence on Marriage Practices: Evidence from the Livingstonia Mission in Malawi† pp. 372-431 Downloads
Yuya Kudo

2017, volume 26, issue 2

Youth Unemployment and Earnings in Africa: Evidence from Tanzanian Retrospective Data pp. 119-139 Downloads
Sarah Bridges, Louise Fox, Alessio Gaggero and Trudy Owenstrudy
Non-tuition Costs, School Access and Student Performance: Evidence from the Gambia pp. 140-168 Downloads
Leanne Giordono and Todd Pugatchtodd
The Impact of Insurance Literacy and Marketing Treatments on the Demand for Health Microinsurance in Senegal: A Randomised Evaluation pp. 169-191 Downloads
Jacopo Bonanjacopo, Olivier Dagnelie, Philippe LeMay-Boucher and Michel Tenikue
South African Labour Market Transitions Since the Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Evidence from two Longitudinal Datasets pp. 192-222 Downloads
Dennis Essers
Mega-Deals: What Consequences for SSA? pp. 223-255 Downloads
Houssein Guimbard and Maëlan Le Goff
Harnessing Resource Wealth for Inclusive Growth in Fragile Western African States pp. 256-293.e14 Downloads
Corinne Deléchat, Shu-Chun S. Yang, Will Clark, Pranav Gupta, Malangu Kabedi-Mbuyi, Mesmin Koulet-Vickot, Carla Macario, Toomas Orav, Manuel Rosales, René Tapsoba and Dmitry Zhdankin

2017, volume 26, issue 1

Export Spillovers: Comparative Evidence From Kenya and Malaysia pp. 24-51 Downloads
Bethuel Kinyanjui Kinuthia
The Dynamics of Exporting and Innovation: Evidence from the Tunisian Manufacturing Sector pp. 52-66 Downloads
Wided Mattoussi and Mohamed Ayadi
Learning by Exporting: The Case of Mozambican Manufacturing pp. 93-118 Downloads
Antonio Cruz, Carol Newman, John Rand and Finn Tarp

2016, volume 25, issue suppl_2

Preface pp. ii1-ii2 Downloads
Lemma W. Senbet
Resource Funds: Stabilising, Parking, and Inter-generational Transfer pp. ii20-ii40 Downloads
Anthony Venables and Samuel Wills
Sovereign Wealth Funds and Natural Resource Management in Africa pp. ii3-ii19 Downloads
Samuel Wills, Lemma W. Senbet and Witness Simbanegavi
Should Countries Invest Resource Revenues Abroad When Demands for Public Infrastructure Are Pressing at Home? The Dilemma of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. ii41-ii58 Downloads
Joe Amoako-Tuffour
Financing Africa's Infrastructure Deficit: From Development Banking to Long-term Investing pp. ii59-ii73 Downloads
Rabah Arezki and Amadou Sy

2016, volume 25, issue suppl_1

Editor's choice Preface pp. i1-i2 Downloads
Lemma W. Senbet
Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges, Constraints and Opportunities pp. i3-i15 Downloads
Louise Fox, Lemma W. Senbet and Witness Simbanegavi
Africa's Got Work To Do: A Diagnostic of Youth Employment Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. i16-i36 Downloads
Louise Fox and Alun Thomas
What is in a Job? The Social Context of Youth Employment Issues in Africa pp. i37-i60 Downloads
Olawale Ismail
Minimum Wages and Youth: The Case of South Africa pp. i61-i102 Downloads
Haroon Bhorat, Aalia Cassim, Ravi Kanbur, Benjamin Stanwix and Derek Yu

2016, volume 25, issue 5

Agricultural Technology Adoption under Climate Change in the Sahel: Micro-evidence from Niger pp. 637-669 Downloads
Solomon Asfaw, Federica Di Battista and Leslie Lipper
Determinants of ‘Exit’ from High Aid-Dependence pp. 670-698 Downloads
Degol Hailu and Admasu Shiferaw
The Impact of Social Health Insurance on Household Fertility Decisions pp. 699-717 Downloads
Stephen O. Abrokwah, Christine M. Moser and Edward Norton

2016, volume 25, issue 4

Introduction to the Special Issue Africa's Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities pp. 499-501 Downloads
Michael Bleaney and Cesar Calderon
Citius, Altius, Fortius: Is Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa More Resilient? pp. 502-528 Downloads
Cesar Calderon and Sebastien Boreux
Inflation and Fiscal Deficits in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 529-547 Downloads
Michael Bleaney and Manuela Francisco
The Cyclical Nature of Fiscal Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 548-579 Downloads
Cesar Calderon and Ha Nguyen
International Financial Flows and Macro-Financial Risk in SSA pp. 580-613 Downloads
Philip R. Lane
Fiscal Policy and Civil Conflict in Africa pp. 614-636 Downloads
Alvaro Aguirre

2016, volume 25, issue 3

Revisiting the Link Between Political and Financial Crises in Africa pp. 323-366 Downloads
Sara Bertin, Steve Ohana and Vanessa Strauss-Kahn
Time Discounting and Credit Market Access in a Large-Scale Cash Transfer Programme pp. 367-387 Downloads
Sudhanshu Handa, Bruno Martorano, Carolyn T. Halpern, Audrey Pettifor and Harsha Thirumurthy
Destination or Distraction? Querying the Linkage Between Off-Farm Work and Food Crop Investments in Kenya pp. 388-417 Downloads
Melinda Smale, Yoko Kusunose, Mary K. Mathenge and Didier Alia
Formal Insurance and the Dynamics of Social Capital: Experimental Evidence from Uganda pp. 418-438 Downloads
Francesco Cecchi, Jan Duchoslav and Erwin Bulte
Who Benefits from Customary Justice? Rent-seeking, Bribery and Criminality in sub-Saharan Africa pp. 439-467 Downloads
Olivia D'Aoust and Olivier Sterck
Heterogeneous Aid Effects on Tax Revenues: Accounting for Government Stability in WAEMU Countries pp. 468-498 Downloads
Djedje Hermann Yohou, Michael Goujon and Wautabouna Ouattara

2016, volume 25, issue 2

Editor's choice FDI and Migration of Skilled Workers Towards Developing Countries: Firm-Level Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 201-232 Downloads
Rezart Hoxhaj, Léa Marchal and Adnan Seric
Economic Analysis of Land and Livestock Management Interventions to Improve Resilience of a Pastoral Community in Southern Ethiopia pp. 233-266 Downloads
Brigham W. Forrest, D. Layne Coppock, DeeVon Bailey and Ruby A. Ward
Quantifying the Process and Performance of River Basin Water Management Decentralisation in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 267-299 Downloads
Ariel Dinar, Javier Ortiz Correa, Stefano Farolfi and Joao Mutondo
Role of Access to Credit in Rice Production in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Kenya pp. 300-321 Downloads
Timothy Njeru, Yukichi Mano and Keijiro Otsuka

2016, volume 25, issue 1

Editor's choice The Impact of the Slave Trade on Literacy in West Africa: Evidence from the Colonial Era pp. 1-27 Downloads
Nonso Obikili
Dollarisation in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 28-54 Downloads
Juan-Sebastian Corrales, Patrick Imam, Sebastian Weber and Etienne Yehoue
Political Influence on Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 55-109 Downloads
Rebecca Neumann and John Ssozi
Contribution of Structural Change to Productivity Growth: Evidence from Tunisia pp. 110-132 Downloads
Mohamed Marouani and Rim Mouelhi
Interventions to Stop Female Genital Cutting and the Evolution of the Custom: Evidence on Age at Cutting in Senegal pp. 133-158 Downloads
Giulia Camilotti
Social Preferences and Environmental Quality: Evidence from School Children in Sierra Leone pp. 159-199 Downloads
Giovanna d'Adda and Ian Levely
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