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2011, volume 20, issue suppl_3

Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa: Introduction and Overview pp. -iii13 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye and Mwangi Kimenyi
Estimating Returns to Higher Education: A Survey of Models, Methods and Empirical Evidence pp. -iii132 Downloads
Abdoulaye Diagne and Bity Diene
Making Higher Education Finance Work for Africa -super-† pp. -iii154 Downloads
Shantayanan Devarajan, Célestin Monga and Tertius Zongo
Preface pp. -iii2 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye
Contribution of Higher Education to Economic Development: A Survey of International Evidence pp. -iii49 Downloads
Mwangi Kimenyi
Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa: A Review of Channels and Interactions -super-† pp. -iii79 Downloads
Francis Teal

2011, volume 20, issue suppl_2

Is There a Case for Formal Inflation Targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa?-super- 1 pp. -ii103 Downloads
James Heintz and Leonce Ndikumana
Central Banking in Sub-Saharan Africa: Introduction and Overview pp. -ii15 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye and Stephen A. O'Connell
Should African Monetary Unions Be Expanded? An Empirical Investigation of the Scope for Monetary Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa-super- † pp. -ii150 Downloads
Xavier Debrun, Paul Masson and Catherine Pattillo
Preface pp. -ii2 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye
The Design and Effects of Monetary Policy in Sub-Saharan African Countries-super- † pp. -ii35 Downloads
Mohsin Khan
Towards a Rule-based Approach to Monetary Policy Evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa-super- † pp. -ii66 Downloads
Stephen A. O'Connell

2011, volume 20, issue suppl_1

Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications of Global Food Price Shocks: Introduction and Overview pp. -i11 Downloads
Christopher Adam and Olu Ajakaiye
Managing Food Security Implications of Food Price Shocks in Africa pp. -i141 Downloads
Chris Ackello-Ogutu
Preface pp. -i2 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye
Political Economy of Recent Global Food Price Shocks: Gainers, Losers and Compensatory Mechanism-super- † pp. -i210 Downloads
Bernadette Dia Kamgnia
Recent Global Food Price Shocks: Causes, Consequences and Lessons for African Governments and Donors-super- † pp. -i62 Downloads
Philip Abbott and Adeline Borot de Battisti
On the Macroeconomic Management of Food Price Shocks in Low-income Countries-super- † pp. -i99 Downloads
Christopher Adam

2011, volume 20, issue 5

Nutritional Gains from Extended Exposure to a Large-scale Nutrition Programme pp. 673-703 Downloads
Emanuela Galasso, Nithin Umapathi and Jeffrey Yau
The Effects of the Coffee Trademarking Initiative and Starbucks Publicity on Export Prices of Ethiopian Coffee pp. 704-736 Downloads
Aslihan Arslan and Claire Reicher
Have Returns to Education Changed in Nigeria? Uncovering the Role of Democratic Reforms pp. 737-780 Downloads
Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere
Smallholder Diversification and Income Growth in Zambia pp. 781-822 Downloads
Arne Bigsten and Sven Tengstam
A Tale of Cyclicality, Aid Flows and Debt: Government Spending in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 823-849 Downloads
Victor D. Lledó, Irene Yackovlev and Lucie Gadenne

2011, volume 20, issue 4

Capital Accumulation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Income-group and Sector Differences-super- † pp. 531-561 Downloads
Nihal Bayraktar and Hippolyte Fofack
Is Agricultural Extension Helping the Poor? Evidence from Rural Mozambique pp. 562-595 Downloads
Benedito Cunguara and Karl Moder
Randomised Controlled Trials or Structural Models (or Both, or Neither)? pp. 596-599 Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps
How Can We Learn Whether Firm Policies Are Working in Africa? Challenges (and Solutions?) For Experiments and Structural Models -super-† pp. 600-625 Downloads
David McKenzie
Randomisation and Its Discontents pp. 626-652 Downloads
Glenn Harrison
Methodology Update: Randomised Controlled Trials, Structural Models and the Study of Politics-super- † pp. 653-672 Downloads
Leonard Wantchekon and Jenny Guardado R.

2011, volume 20, issue 3

Growth, Stagnation or Retrogression? On the Accuracy of Economic Observations, Tanzania, 1961–2001 pp. 377-394 Downloads
Morten Jerven
Income Shocks and Corruption in Africa: Does a Virtuous Cycle Exist? pp. 395-418 Downloads
Maarten Voors, Erwin Bulte and Richard Damania
Fiscal and Monetary Determinants of Inflation in Low-Income Countries: Theory and Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa-super- † pp. 419-462 Downloads
Alfredo Baldini and Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro
Poor, Multidimensionally Speaking: Evidence from South Africa pp. 463-504 Downloads
Hasan Basarir
Economic Status and Coping Mechanisms of Individuals Seeking HIV Care in Uganda pp. 505-529 Downloads
Sebastian Linnemayr, Brooke Stearns Lawson, Peter Glick and Glenn Wagner

2011, volume 20, issue 2

An Impact Study of the Economic Partnership Agreements in the Six ACP Regions pp. 179-216 Downloads
Lionel Fontagné, David Laborde Debucquet and Cristina Mitaritonna
Sub-Saharan Growth Surprises: Being Heterogeneous, Inland and Close to the Equator Does not Slow Growth Within Africa-super- † pp. 217-262 Downloads
Matthias M. Cinyabuguma and Louis Putterman
The Impact of European Settlement within French West Africa: Did Pre-colonial Prosperous Areas Fall Behind? pp. 263-311 Downloads
Elise Huillery
Determinants and Macroeconomic Impact of Remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 312-340 Downloads
Raju Singh, Markus Haacker, Kyung-woo Lee and Maëlan Le Goff
Differential Nutritional Responses across Various Income Sources Among East African Pastoralists: Intrahousehold Effects, Missing Markets and Mental Accounting pp. 341-375 Downloads
Kira M. Villa, Christopher Barrett and David Just

2011, volume 20, issue 1

Educational Achievement and Socio-economic Background: Causality and Mechanisms in Senegal pp. 1-26 Downloads
Christelle Dumas and Sylvie Lambert
Unions and the Gender Wage Gap in South Africa pp. 27-59 Downloads
Daniela Casale and Dorrit Posel
The Virgin HIV Puzzle: Can Misreporting Account for the High Proportion of HIV Cases in Self-reported Virgins? pp. 60-89 Downloads
Eva Deuchert
Parental Attitudes and Demand for Schooling in Ethiopia pp. 90-110 Downloads
Sharada Weir
Budget Institutions and Fiscal Performance in Africa pp. 111-152 Downloads
Sophia Gollwitzer
Ethiopian Agricultural Cooperatives in an Era of Global Commodity Exchange: Does Organisational Form Matter? pp. 153-177 Downloads
Gian Nicola Francesconi and Nico Heerink

2010, volume 19, issue suppl_3

Preface pp. 1-2 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye
Endemic Diseases and Development: Introduction and Overview pp. 3-11 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye and Martine Audibert
Health Human Capital and Economic Development pp. 12-80 Downloads
T. Schultz
Endemic Diseases and African Economic Growth: Challenges and Policy Responses-super- † pp. 81-109 Downloads
David Weil
Endemic Diseases and Agricultural Productivity: Challenges and Policy Response-super- † pp. 110-165 Downloads
Martine Audibert
Markets and Policy Challenges in Access to Essential Medicines for Endemic Disease pp. 166-200 Downloads
Maureen Mackintosh and Phares G.M. Mujinja

2010, volume 19, issue suppl_2

Preface pp. 1-2 Downloads
Olusanya Ajakaiye
Agricultural Sector Performance and a Green Revolution in Africa: An Overview pp. 3-6 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye and Alain de Janvry
Agriculture for Development in Africa: Business-as-Usual or New Departures?-super- † pp. 7-39 Downloads
Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet
World Trade Order and Agricultural Transformation in Africa-super- † pp. 40-59 Downloads
T. Ademola Oyejide
Technology Policies for a Green Revolution and Agricultural Transformation in Africa pp. 60-76 Downloads
Keijiro Otsuka and Yoko Kijima
Implications of Climate Change for Agricultural Sector Performance in Africa: Policy Challenges and Research Agenda-super- † pp. 77-105 Downloads
Rashid M. Hassan

2010, volume 19, issue suppl_1

Preface pp. 1-2 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye
Infrastructure and Economic Development in Africa: An Overview pp. 3-12 Downloads
Olu Ajakaiye and Mthuli Ncube
Infrastructure and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa-super- † pp. 13-87 Downloads
Cesar Calderon and Luis Servén
Infrastructure, Trade Expansion and Regional Integration: Global Experience and Lessons for Africa-super- † pp. 88-113 Downloads
Kennedy K. Mbekeani
Financing and Managing Infrastructure in Africa pp. 114-164 Downloads
Mthuli Ncube

2010, volume 19, issue 5

The Remitting Patterns of African Migrants in the OECD-super- † pp. 605-634 Downloads
Albert Bollard, David McKenzie and Melanie Morten
Geographical Influences on Long-Run Development pp. 635-656 Downloads
Michael Bleaney and Arcangelo Dimico
Asymmetric Terms-of-Trade Shocks in a Monetary Union: An Application to West Africa pp. 657-690 Downloads
Benjamin Carton, Agnès Benassy-Quere, Gilles Dufrénot and Loïc Batté
Analysing the Radius of Trust in Rural Cameroon pp. 691-717 Downloads
Alvin Etang
Addressing the Gender Pay Gap in Ethiopia: How Crucial is the Quest for Education Parity? pp. 718-767 Downloads
Alexandre Kolev and Pablo Suárez Robles
The Enforcement of Traditional Vegetable Marketing Contracts in the Eastern and Central Parts of Ethiopia pp. 768-792 Downloads
Jema Haji

2010, volume 19, issue 4

Liberalisation and Producer Price Risk: Examining Subjective Expectations in the Ugandan Coffee Market pp. 433-458 Downloads
Ruth Hill
Birth Order and Schooling: Theory and Evidence from Twelve Sub-Saharan Countries pp. 459-495 Downloads
Michel Tenikue and Bertrand Verheyden
Would More Skills Raise Demand for Those Who Do Not Get Them? Evidence from South African Manufacturing pp. 496-535 Downloads
Alberto Behar
The Value of a Nutritionally Enhanced Staple Crop: Results from a Choice Experiment Conducted with Orange-fleshed Sweet Potatoes in Mozambique pp. 536-558 Downloads
Abdul T. A. Naico and Jayson Lusk
The Evolution of Groupwise Poverty in Madagascar, 1999--2005-super- † pp. 559-604 Downloads
David Stifel, Felix Forster and Christopher Barrett

2010, volume 19, issue 3

Do the Poor Adapt to Low Income, Minimal Education and Ill-health? pp. 257-293 Downloads
Abigail Barr and David Clark
Christian Missionaries and Education in Former African Colonies: How Competition Mattered pp. 294-329 Downloads
Francisco Gallego and Robert Woodberry
The Determinants of Migration from Sub-Saharan African Countries-super- † pp. 330-356 Downloads
Wim Naudé
Poverty and Inequality: A Micro Framework pp. 357-398 Downloads
Abdelkrim Araar and Jean-Yves Duclos
Road Network Upgrading and Overland Trade Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa-super- † pp. 399-432 Downloads
Piet Buys, Uwe Deichmann and David Wheeler

2010, volume 19, issue 2

The Demographic and Socio-economic Distribution of Excess Mortality during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda pp. 141-162 Downloads
Damien de Walque and Philip Verwimp
Do Unions Matter? Trade Reform and Manufacturing Wages in South Africa-super- † pp. 163-204 Downloads
Riham Shendy
The Distributional Effects of Oil Price Changes on Household Income: Evidence from Mali pp. 205-236 Downloads
Kangni Kpodar and Calvin Djiofack
Job Satisfaction and Employment Equity in South Africa pp. 237-255 Downloads
Timothy Hinks

2010, volume 19, issue 1

How Fragile Is Africa's Recent Growth? pp. 1-24 Downloads
Jorge Arbache and John Page
Endogenous Optimal Currency Areas: the Case of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community pp. 25-51 Downloads
Fabrizio Carmignani
Migration, Self-selection and Returns to Education in the WAEMU pp. 52-87 Downloads
Philippe De Vreyer, Flore Gubert and François Roubaud
Emerging Markets in the Post-Liberalisation Period: Evidence from the Raw Milk Market in Rural Kenya pp. 88-110 Downloads
Yoko Kijima, Takashi Yamano and Isabelle Baltenweck
Non-monetary Determinants of Inflation Volatility: Evidence from Nigeria pp. 111-139 Downloads
David Fielding
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