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1957 - 2022

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Volume 66, issue 4-5, 2022

Painful Words: The Effect of Battlefield Activity on Conflict Negotiation Behavior pp. 595-622 Downloads
Eric Min
“Twice the Citizenâ€: How Military Attitudes of Superiority Undermine Civilian Control in the United States pp. 623-650 Downloads
Risa Brooks and Sharan Grewal
Causes of Foreign-Imposed Regime Change: The Signal of Economic Expropriation pp. 651-676 Downloads
Danielle Villa, Daniel Arnon and Dan Reiter
The Two Faces of Opposition to Chemical Weapons: Sincere Versus Insincere Norm-Holders pp. 677-703 Downloads
Christopher W. Blair, Jonathan A. Chu and Joshua A. Schwartz
Why Do Leaders Build Walls? Domestic Politics, Leader Survival, and The Fortification of Borders pp. 704-728 Downloads
Christopher Linebarger and Alex Braithwaite
State Security or Exploitation: A Theory of Military Involvement in the Economy pp. 729-754 Downloads
Roya Izadi
Inefficient Cooperation Under Stochastic and Strategic Uncertainty pp. 755-782 Downloads
Lisa Bruttel, Werner Güth, Juri Nithammer and Andreas Orland
Does Language Foster Reconciliation? Evidence From the Former Yugoslavia pp. 783-808 Downloads
Michael Kumove
Competition and Civilian Victimization pp. 809-835 Downloads
Michael Gibilisco, Brenton Kenkel and Miguel R. Rueda
The Impact of Ideological Ambiguity on Terrorist Organizations pp. 836-866 Downloads
Susan Olzak
The Effect of Migration on Political Support for Co-ethnics: Evidence From Turkey pp. 867-898 Downloads
Miceal Canavan and Oguzhan Turkoglu
The Commercial Military Actor Database pp. 899-923 Downloads
Ulrich Petersohn, Vanessa Gottwick, Charlotte Penel and Leila Kellgren-Parker
Introducing the Peacekeeping Mandates (PEMA) Dataset pp. 924-951 Downloads
Jessica Di Salvatore, Magnus Lundgren, Kseniya Oksamytna and Hannah M. Smidt

Volume 66, issue 3, 2022

Do Natural Resources Really Cause Civil Conflict? Evidence from the New Global Resources Dataset pp. 387-412 Downloads
Michael Denly, Michael G. Findley, Joelean Hall, Andrew Stravers and James Igoe Walsh
A Liberal Peace?: The Growth of Liberal Norms and the Decline of Interstate Violence pp. 413-442 Downloads
Patrick Gill-Tiney
Sanctioning the Homeland: Diasporas’ Influence on American Economic Sanctions Policy pp. 443-472 Downloads
Tyler Kustra
The Importance of UN Security Council Resolutions in Peacekeeping Operations* pp. 473-503 Downloads
Michelle Benson and Colin Tucker
Sticks and Stones? Connecting Insurgent Propaganda with Violent Outcomes pp. 504-528 Downloads
Maura R. Cremin and Bogdan G. Popescu
Televising Justice during War pp. 529-552 Downloads
Stephen Stapleton, Andres Uribe and Austin L. Wright
New Estimates of Over 500 Years of Historic GDP and Population Data pp. 553-591 Downloads
Christopher J. Fariss, Therese Anders, Jonathan N. Markowitz and Miriam Barnum
Erratum to ‘A liberal peace? The growth of liberal norms and the decline of interstate violence’ pp. 592-592 Downloads

Volume 66, issue 2, 2022

Putting Terror in Its Place: An Experiment on Mitigating Fears of Terrorism among the American Public pp. 191-216 Downloads
Daniel Silverman, Daniel Kent and Christopher Gelpi
What’s Fair in International Politics? Equity, Equality, and Foreign Policy Attitudes pp. 217-245 Downloads
Kathleen E. Powers, Joshua D. Kertzer, Deborah J. Brooks and Stephen G. Brooks
Quick on the Draw: American Negativity Bias and Costly Signals in International Relations pp. 246-271 Downloads
Seok Joon Kim
Atomic Ambiguity: Event Data Evidence on Nuclear Latency and International Cooperation pp. 272-296 Downloads
Eleonora Mattiacci, Rupal N. Mehta and Rachel Elizabeth Whitlark
Does Insurgent Selective Punishment Deter Collaboration? Evidence from the Drone War in Pakistan pp. 297-326 Downloads
Vincent Bauer, Michael Reese and Keven Ruby
Oil Price Shocks and Conflict Escalation: Onshore versus Offshore pp. 327-356 Downloads
Jørgen Juel Andersen, Frode Martin Nordvik and Andrea Tesei
Measuring Human Rights Abuse from Access to Information Requests pp. 357-384 Downloads
Sarah A. V. Ellington, Benjamin E. Bagozzi, Daniel Berliner, Brian Palmer-Rubin and Aaron Erlich

Volume 66, issue 1, 2022

Deterrence and Restraint: Do Joint Military Exercises Escalate Conflict? pp. 3-31 Downloads
Raymond Kuo and Brian Dylan Blankenship
Politics or Performance? Leadership Accountability in UN Peacekeeping pp. 32-60 Downloads
Magnus Lundgren, Kseniya Oksamytna and Vincenzo Bove
Collective Risk and Distributional Equity in Climate Change Bargaining pp. 61-90 Downloads
Aseem Mahajan, Reuben Kline and Dustin Tingley
Revisiting Opportunism in Civil Conflict: Natural Resource Extraction and Health Care Provision pp. 91-114 Downloads
Justin Conrad, Liana Eustacia Reyes and Megan A. Stewart
Indirect Governance at War: Delegation and Orchestration in Rebel Support pp. 115-143 Downloads
Tim Heinkelmann-Wild and Marius Mehrl
Mapping the International System, 1886-2019: The CShapes 2.0 Dataset pp. 144-161 Downloads
Guy Schvitz, Luc Girardin, Seraina Rüegger, Nils B. Weidmann, Lars-Erik Cederman and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
Introducing the Deadly Electoral Conflict Dataset (DECO) pp. 162-185 Downloads
Hanne Fjelde and Kristine Höglund

Volume 65, issue 10, 2021

Bruce Russett Award for Article of the Year in JCR for 2020 pp. 1639-1640 Downloads
Policing and Political Violence pp. 1641-1656 Downloads
Kristine Eck, Courtenay R. Conrad and Charles Crabtree
And the Heat Goes On: Police Repression and the Modalities of Power pp. 1657-1679 Downloads
Howard Liu and Christopher M. Sullivan
How Repression Affects Public Perceptions of Police: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Uganda pp. 1680-1708 Downloads
Travis Curtice
Policing and the Legacies of Wartime State Predation: Evidence from a Survey and Field Experiment in Liberia pp. 1709-1737 Downloads
Robert A. Blair and Benjamin S. Morse
Policing Institutions and Post-Conflict Peace pp. 1738-1763 Downloads
Leonardo R. Arriola, David A. Dow, Aila M. Matanock and Michaela Mattes
Anger, Anxiety, and Selective Exposure to Terrorist Violence pp. 1764-1790 Downloads
Leonie Huddy, Oleg Smirnov, Keren L. G. Snider and Arie Perliger
Violence, Displacement, and Support for Internally Displaced Persons: Evidence from Syria pp. 1791-1819 Downloads
Alexandra C. Hartman, Benjamin S. Morse and Sigrid Weber
Sanctions and Third-party Compliance with US Foreign Policy Preferences: An Analysis of Dual-use Trade pp. 1820-1846 Downloads
Timothy M. Peterson
Corrigendum to Sticks and Stones? Connecting Insurgent Propaganda with Violent Outcomes pp. 1847-1848 Downloads

Volume 65, issue 9, 2021

Security Consolidation in the Aftermath of Civil War: Explaining the Fates of Victorious Militias pp. 1459-1488 Downloads
Brandon Bolte, Minnie M. Joo and Bumba Mukherjee
Concessions for Concession’s Sake: Injustice, Indignation, and the Construction of Intractable Conflict in Israel–Palestine pp. 1489-1520 Downloads
Philippe Assouline and Robert Trager
Genocide, Politicide, and the Prospects of Democratization since 1900 pp. 1521-1550 Downloads
Gary Uzonyi, Nam Kyu Kim, Nakissa Jahanbani and Victor Asal
Spying from Space: Reconnaissance Satellites and Interstate Disputes pp. 1551-1575 Downloads
Bryan R. Early and Erik Gartzke
Human Trafficking-Terrorism Nexus: When Violent Non-State Actors Engage in the Modern-Day Slavery pp. 1576-1606 Downloads
Nazli Avdan and Mariya Omelicheva
Getting Religion Right in Civil Wars pp. 1607-1634 Downloads
Monica Duffy Toft

Volume 65, issue 7-8, 2021

The Tactical Use of Civil Resistance by Rebel Groups: Evidence from India’s Maoist Insurgency pp. 1251-1277 Downloads
Roman Krtsch
From Claims to Violence: Signaling, Outbidding, and Escalation in Ethnic Conflict pp. 1278-1307 Downloads
Manuel Vogt, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Lars-Erik Cederman
Determinants of Environmental Conflict: When Do Communities Mobilize against Fossil Fuel Production? pp. 1308-1336 Downloads
Andrew Cheon, Shi-Teng Kang and Swetha Ramachandran
The Effect of Civilian Casualties on Wartime Informing: Evidence from the Iraq War pp. 1337-1377 Downloads
Andrew Shaver and Jacob N. Shapiro
Reputations for Resolve and Higher-Order Beliefs in Crisis Bargaining pp. 1378-1404 Downloads
Allan Dafoe, Remco Zwetsloot and Matthew Cebul
Reassessing the Role of Theory and Machine Learning in Forecasting Civil Conflict pp. 1405-1426 Downloads
Andreas Beger, Richard K. Morgan and Michael D. Ward
Is Theory Useful for Conflict Prediction? A Response to Beger, Morgan, and Ward pp. 1427-1453 Downloads
Robert A. Blair and Nicholas Sambanis

Volume 65, issue 6, 2021

Flexibility and Firmness in Crisis Bargaining pp. 1039-1066 Downloads
Vesna Danilovic and Joe Clare
Private Eyes in the Sky: Emerging Technology and the Political Consequences of Eroding Government Secrecy pp. 1067-1097 Downloads
Erik Lin-Greenberg and Theo Milonopoulos
Trade Rage: Audience Costs and International Trade pp. 1098-1130 Downloads
Don Casler and Richard Clark
Walls and Strategic Innovation in Violent Conflict pp. 1131-1158 Downloads
Matthew Nanes and Trevor Bachus
Would You Fight? We Asked Aggrieved Artisanal Miners in Eastern Congo pp. 1159-1186 Downloads
Nik Stoop and Marijke Verpoorten
Foulweather Friends: Violence and Third Party Support in Self-Determination Conflicts pp. 1187-1214 Downloads
R. Joseph Huddleston
On the Stability of Social Preferences in Inter-Group Conflict: A Lab-in-the-Field Panel Study pp. 1215-1248 Downloads
Robert Böhm, Jürgen Fleiß and Robert Rybnicek

Volume 65, issue 5, 2021

Joint Military Exercises and Crisis Dynamics on the Korean Peninsula pp. 855-888 Downloads
Jordan Bernhardt and Lauren Sukin
Keeping Your Friends Close, but Acquaintances Closer: Why Weakly Allied States Make Committed Coalition Partners pp. 889-918 Downloads
J. Andrés Gannon and Daniel Kent
Propaganda and Protest in Autocracies pp. 919-949 Downloads
Erin Baggott Carter and Brett L. Carter
Winning the Game of Thrones: Leadership Succession in Modern Autocracies pp. 950-981 Downloads
Anne Meng
Civil War and Female Empowerment pp. 982-1009 Downloads
Ingrid Vik Bakken and Halvard Buhaug
Conceptualizing and Measuring Institutional Variation in National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) pp. 1010-1033 Downloads
Ryan M. Welch, Jacqueline H. R. DeMeritt and Courtenay R. Conrad
Corrigendum to Credible Nuclear Security Commitments Can Backfire: Explaining Domestic Support for Nuclear Weapons Acquisition in South Korea pp. 1034-1034 Downloads

Volume 65, issue 4, 2021

At War and at Home: The Consequences of US Women Combat Casualties pp. 647-671 Downloads
Dara Kay Cohen, Connor Huff and Robert Schub
Signaling under the Security Dilemma: An Experimental Analysis pp. 672-700 Downloads
Brandon K. Yoder and Kyle Haynes
Adverse Rainfall Shocks and Civil War: Myth or Reality? pp. 701-728 Downloads
Ricardo Maertens
Rebel Rivalry and the Strategic Nature of Rebel Group Ideology and Demands pp. 729-758 Downloads
Efe Tokdemir, Evgeny Sedashov, Sema Hande Ogutcu-Fu, Carlos E. Moreno Leon, Jeremy Berkowitz and Seden Akcinaroglu
Why No Justice for Past Repression? Militaries and Human Rights Organizations in Post-Authoritarian States pp. 759-787 Downloads
Pearce Edwards
Fueling Factionalism? The Impact of Peace Processes on Rebel Group Fragmentation in Civil Wars pp. 788-812 Downloads
Allard Duursma and Feike Fliervoet
The Gravity of Transnational Terrorism pp. 813-849 Downloads
David B. Carter and Luwei Ying
Corrigendum to Polygynous Neighbors, Excess Men, and Intergroup Conflict in Rural Africa pp. 850-850 Downloads

Volume 65, issue 2-3, 2021

The Political Costs of Abusing Human Rights: International Cooperation in Extraordinary Rendition pp. 255-282 Downloads
Rebecca Cordell
Limited Spin: When the Public Punishes Leaders Who Lie about Military Action pp. 283-312 Downloads
Sarah Maxey
Exporting Influence: U.S. Military Training as Soft Power pp. 313-341 Downloads
Carla Martinez Machain
Naval Power and Effects of Third-Party Trade on Conflict pp. 342-371 Downloads
Nizan Feldman, Ehud Eiran and Aviad Rubin
Coercion and Provocation pp. 372-402 Downloads
Allan Dafoe, Sophia Hatz and Baobao Zhang
Indirect Reciprocity for Mitigating Intergroup Hostility: A Vignette Experiment and an Agent-based Model on Intergroup Relations between Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese pp. 403-426 Downloads
Yen-Sheng Chiang
Who Punishes the Leader? Leader Culpability and Coups during Civil War pp. 427-452 Downloads
Jun Koga Sudduth
The Social Terrain of Rebel Held Territory pp. 453-479 Downloads
Jori Breslawski
Please Help Us (or Don’t): External Interventions and Negotiated Settlements in Civil Conflicts pp. 480-505 Downloads
Heather Elko McKibben and Amy Skoll
How State Presence Leads to Civil Conflict pp. 506-533 Downloads
Luwei Ying
Previous Military Rule and Democratic Survival pp. 534-562 Downloads
Nam Kyu Kim
Roads to Rule, Roads to Rebel: Relational State Capacity and Conflict in Africa pp. 563-590 Downloads
Carl Müller-Crepon, Philipp Hunziker and Lars-Erik Cederman
A Spatial Model of Internal Displacement and Forced Migration pp. 591-618 Downloads
Jon Echevarria-Coco and Javier Gardeazabal
Introducing Transnational Terrorist Hostage Event (TTHE) Data Set, 1978 to 2018 pp. 619-641 Downloads
Wukki Kim, Justin George and Todd Sandler

Volume 65, issue 1, 2021

Introduction to the Special Feature on Dynamic Processes of Rebel Governance pp. 3-14 Downloads
Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham and Cyanne E. Loyle
A Typology of Rebel Political Institutional Arrangements pp. 15-45 Downloads
Zachariah Mampilly and Megan A. Stewart
Competitive Governance and Displacement Decisions Under Rebel Rule: Evidence from the Islamic State in Iraq pp. 46-80 Downloads
Mara Redlich Revkin
Voting for Militants: Rebel Elections in Civil War pp. 81-107 Downloads
Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, Reyko Huang and Katherine M. Sawyer
Rebel Justice during Armed Conflict pp. 108-134 Downloads
Cyanne E. Loyle
Provoking Ordinary People: The Effects of Terrorism on Civilian Violence pp. 135-165 Downloads
Jürgen Brandsch and André Python
Street-level Repression: Protest, Policing, and Dissent in Uganda pp. 166-194 Downloads
Travis B. Curtice and Brandon Behlendorf
The Consequences of Defeat: The Quest for Status and Morale in the Aftermath of War pp. 195-222 Downloads
Joslyn Barnhart
The Effect of Imagined Social Contact on Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Japanese People pp. 223-251 Downloads
Dong Wang, Alastair Iain Johnston and Baoyu Wang
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