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Volume 68, issue 1, 2024

Choosing Where to Fight: Do Social Networks Distinguish American ISIS Foreign Fighters from ISIS-Inspired Terrorists? pp. 3-29 Downloads
Michael A. Jensen, Neil Ferguson, Sheehan Kane and Gary LaFree
Beyond Ransom and Political Concessions? Explaining Changes in Insurgents’ Kidnapping Involvement Versus Event-frequency pp. 30-52 Downloads
Lu Liu and Manuel Eisner
The Determinants of Terrorist Listing pp. 53-79 Downloads
Chia-yi Lee and Yasutaka Tominaga
Fighting in Cyberspace: Internet Access and the Substitutability of Cyber and Military Operations pp. 80-107 Downloads
Nadiya Kostyuk and Erik Gartzke
The Long-run Impact of Childhood Wartime Violence on Preferences for Nuclear Proliferation pp. 108-137 Downloads
James D. Kim
Electoral Integrity, the Concession of Power, and the Disciplining Role of Protests pp. 138-165 Downloads
Chanelle Duley and Prasanna Gai
What is in a Mandate? Introducing the UN Peace Mission Mandates Dataset pp. 166-192 Downloads
Sara Hellmüller, Xiang-Yun Rosalind Tan and Corinne Bara

Volume 67, issue 10, 2023

Bruce Russett Award for Article of the Year in JCR for 2022 pp. 1843-1844 Downloads
Arctic Shock: Utilizing Climate Change to Test a Theory of Resource Competition pp. 1845-1872 Downloads
Jonathan N. Markowitz
Responding to Uncertainty: The Importance of Covertness in Support for Retaliation to Cyber and Kinetic Attacks pp. 1873-1903 Downloads
Kathryn Hedgecock and Lauren Sukin
Sanctions-Busting, Material Power, and Institutional Support for Economic Sanctions pp. 1904-1929 Downloads
Jin Mun Jeong
Global Governance From Below: Regional Sanctions as Drivers of UN Sanctions pp. 1930-1958 Downloads
Inken von Borzyskowski and Clara Portela
UN Security Council Elections as an Incentive for Compliance pp. 1959-1992 Downloads
Johann Caro-Burnett and Eric Weese
Contributing to Peace pp. 1993-2027 Downloads
Gautam Bose
Symbolic Conflict Resolution and Ingroup Favoritism pp. 2028-2057 Downloads
Sergi Martínez, Vicente Valentim and Elias Dinas
Excessive Force or Armored Restraint? Government Mechanization and Civilian Casualties in Civil Conflict pp. 2058-2084 Downloads
Ryan Van Wie and Jacob Walden

Volume 67, issue 9, 2023

The Double-Edged Sword of Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Terrorism pp. 1647-1674 Downloads
Glen Biglaiser, Lance Y Hunter and Ronald J McGauvran
Organized Crime and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence From Criminal Groups in Mexico pp. 1675-1703 Downloads
Ana Carolina Garriga and Brian J. Phillips
Social Embeddedness and Protest Avoidance: Evidence from China pp. 1704-1730 Downloads
Meixi Zhuang, Zhengxu Wang and Xiaoyuan Li
Tolerant Solidarity With Violent Protesters: Evidence From a Survey Experiment pp. 1731-1756 Downloads
Samson Yuen
Dis-Embedded Identity of Majority Members: The Case of Catholics in Poland pp. 1757-1782 Downloads
Julian Paffrath and Bernd Simon
Inclusion, Recognition, and Inter-Group Comparisons: The Effects of Power-Sharing Institutions on Grievances pp. 1783-1810 Downloads
Andreas Juon
Recruiting Rebels: Introducing the Rebel Appeals and Incentives Dataset pp. 1811-1837 Downloads
Michael J. Soules

Volume 67, issue 7-8, 2023

Ceasefires in Civil Conflict: A Research Agenda pp. 1279-1295 Downloads
Govinda Clayton, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Siri Aas Rustad and Håvard Strand
Costs and Cover: Explaining the Onset of Ceasefires in Civil Conflict pp. 1296-1324 Downloads
Govinda Clayton, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Siri A. Rustad and Håvard Strand
Your Reputation Precedes You: Ceasefires and Cooperative Credibility During Civil Conflict pp. 1325-1349 Downloads
Corinne Bara and Govinda Clayton
Local Ceasefires and De-escalation: Evidence From the Syrian Civil War pp. 1350-1375 Downloads
Magnus Lundgren, Isak Svensson and Dogukan Cansin Karakus
Muddying the Waters: The Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns and the Failure of Ceasefires in Civil Wars pp. 1376-1404 Downloads
Jessica Maves Braithwaite and Charles Butcher
Peacekeeping, Mediation, and the Conclusion of Local Ceasefires in Non-State Conflicts pp. 1405-1429 Downloads
Allard Duursma
Introducing the ETH/PRIO Civil Conflict Ceasefire Dataset pp. 1430-1451 Downloads
Govinda Clayton, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Håvard Strand, Siri A. Rustad, Claudia Wiehler, Tora Sagård, Peder Landsverk, Reidun Ryland, Valerie Sticher, Emma Wink and Corinne Bara
International Negotiations in the Shadow of Elections pp. 1452-1481 Downloads
Justin Melnick and Alastair Smith
When Do Imposed Sanctions Work? The Role of Target Regime Type pp. 1482-1509 Downloads
Omer Zarpli
Modelling Chinese Youth Support for Military Intervention in the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands: Beyond Nationalism and Militarism pp. 1510-1536 Downloads
Graeme AM Davies, Kingsley Edney and Bo Wang
Elite Cues and Public Attitudes Towards Military Alliances pp. 1537-1563 Downloads
Joshua Alley
Political Imprisonment and Protest Mobilization: Evidence From the GDR pp. 1564-1591 Downloads
Christoph V. Steinert and Christoph Dworschak
When Deterrence Backfires: House Demolitions, Palestinian Radicalization, and Israeli Fatalities pp. 1592-1617 Downloads
Michael Freedman and Esteban F. Klor
Democracy’s Ambivalent Effect on Terrorism pp. 1618-1643 Downloads
Ashlyn W. Hand and Nilay Saiya

Volume 67, issue 6, 2023

Does the Bomb Really Embolden? Revisiting the Statistical Evidence for the Nuclear Emboldenment Thesis pp. 1067-1094 Downloads
Kyungwon Suh
Nonproliferation Information and Attitude Change: Evidence From South Korea pp. 1095-1127 Downloads
Sangyong Son and Jong Hee Park
Triangles, Major Powers, and Rivalry Duration pp. 1128-1154 Downloads
Bomi K. Lee
Rebel Recruitment and Migration: Theory and Evidence From Southern Senegal pp. 1155-1182 Downloads
Max Schaub and Daniel Auer
Can Western Donors Constrain Repressive Governments? Evidence from Debt Relief Negotiations in Africa pp. 1183-1217 Downloads
Brett L Carter
Does Violence Against Journalists Deter Detailed Reporting? Evidence From Mexico pp. 1218-1247 Downloads
Cassy Dorff, Colin Henry and Sandra Ley
The New Terrain of Global Governance: Mapping Membership in Informal International Organizations pp. 1248-1269 Downloads
Charles Roger and Sam Rowan
Correction Notice pp. 1270-1270 Downloads
Expression of Concern pp. 1271-1273 Downloads

Volume 67, issue 5, 2023

Looking Like a Winner: Leader Narcissism and War Duration pp. 783-808 Downloads
John P. Harden
Biophysiological Risk-Factors for Political Violence pp. 809-827 Downloads
Katherine Sawyer
The Meddling American Voter? How Norms, Interests, and Great Power Rivalries Affect U.S. Public Support for Partisan Electoral Interventions Abroad pp. 828-857 Downloads
Dov H. Levin and Paul Musgrave
Stealing an Election: Violence or Fraud? pp. 858-892 Downloads
Dawn Brancati and Elizabeth M Penn
Do Citizens’ Preferences Matter? Shaping Legislator Attitudes Towards Peace Agreements pp. 893-922 Downloads
Miguel García-Sánchez, Aila M Matanock and Natalia Garbiras-Díaz
The Impact of Personal Security Dispositions on Citizen Support for the Pursuit of Gender Equality in US Foreign Policy pp. 923-950 Downloads
Richard J. Stoll, Richard C. Eichenberg and Mary-Kate Lizotte
Targeting and Public Opinion: An Experimental Analysis in Ukraine pp. 951-978 Downloads
Yonatan Lupu and Geoffrey P. R. Wallace
Lingua Franca as a Hidden Barrier to Conflict Resolution pp. 979-1006 Downloads
Leigh H. Grant, Ifat Maoz and Boaz Keysar
Targeting Quality or Quantity? The Divergent Effects of Targeting Upper Verses Lower-Tier Leaders of Militant Organizations pp. 1007-1031 Downloads
Amira Jadoon, Andrew Mines and Daniel Milton
Institutional Change as a Response to Unrealized Threats: An Empirical Analysis pp. 1032-1062 Downloads
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith
Publisher’s note pp. 1063-1063 Downloads

Volume 67, issue 4, 2023

Who Punishes Leaders for Lying About the Use of Force? Evaluating The Microfoundations of Domestic Deception Costs pp. 559-586 Downloads
Keren Yarhi-Milo and David T. Ribar
Inconstant Care: Public Attitudes Towards Force Protection and Civilian Casualties in the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel pp. 587-616 Downloads
Janina Dill, Scott D. Sagan and Benjamin Valentino
Alliance Reliability and Dispute Escalation pp. 617-641 Downloads
Jesse C Johnson and Scott Wolford
Is Terrorism Really a Weapon of the Weak? Debunking the Conventional Wisdom pp. 642-671 Downloads
Virginia Page Fortna
Incumbent-Aligned Terrorism and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Argentina’s 1973 Elections pp. 672-700 Downloads
Pearce Edwards and Patrick Pierson
Land and State Capacity During Civil Wars: How Land-Based Coalitions Undermine Property Taxation in Colombia pp. 701-727 Downloads
Camilo Nieto-Matiz
Can Rebels Bolster Trust in the Government? Evidence from the Philippines pp. 728-751 Downloads
Jori Breslawski
Introducing the Military Intervention Project: A New Dataset on US Military Interventions, 1776–2019 pp. 752-779 Downloads
Sidita Kushi and Monica Duffy Toft

Volume 67, issue 2-3, 2023

From Moscow With a Mushroom Cloud? Russian Public Attitudes to the Use of Nuclear Weapons in a Conflict With NATO pp. 183-209 Downloads
Michal Smetana and Michal Onderco
Titans that Clash and a State that Buffers pp. 210-234 Downloads
Serhat Doğan, Emin Karagözoğlu, Kerim Keskin and Çağrı Sağlam
Democratic Peace and Covert Military Force: An Experimental Test pp. 235-265 Downloads
Allison Carnegie, Joshua D. Kertzer and Keren Yarhi-Milo
The Effects of Economic Sanctions on Foreign Asset Expropriation pp. 266-296 Downloads
Hoon Lee, David Lektzian and Glen Biglaiser
Pressures From Home and Abroad: Economic Sanctions and Target Government Response to Domestic Campaigns pp. 297-325 Downloads
Ryan Yu-Lin Liou, Amanda Murdie and Dursun Peksen
Interstate Conflict Can Reduce Support for Incumbents: Evidence from the Israeli Electorate and the Yom Kippur War pp. 326-348 Downloads
Anna Getmansky and Chagai M. Weiss
Examining UN PKO contributions at multiple levels pp. 349-374 Downloads
Min Ye and Quan Li
Explaining Physical Violence in Parliaments pp. 375-401 Downloads
Moritz Schmoll and Wang Leung Ting
I’ll Be Back? Exiled Leaders and Political Instability pp. 402-427 Downloads
Daniel Krcmaric and Abel Escribà -Folch
Can Religious Reinterpretations Bridge the Secular-Religious Divide? Experimental Evidence from Tunisia pp. 428-456 Downloads
Sharan Grewal and Matthew D. Cebul
Losing Hearts & Minds: Aid and Ideology pp. 457-493 Downloads
Travers B Child
International Third Parties and the Implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreements After Civil War pp. 494-521 Downloads
Johannes Karreth, Jason Quinn, Madhav Joshi and Jaroslav Tir
Conflict Events Worldwide Since 1468BC: Introducing the Historical Conflict Event Dataset pp. 522-554 Downloads
Charles Miller and K. Shuvo Bakar

Volume 67, issue 1, 2023

Who Gets Smart? Explaining How Precision Bombs Proliferate pp. 3-37 Downloads
Lauren Kahn and Michael C. Horowitz
The Impact of Domestic Surveillance on Political Imprisonment: Evidence from the German Democratic Republic pp. 38-65 Downloads
Christoph Valentin Steinert
State breakdown and Army-Splinter Rebellions pp. 66-93 Downloads
Theodore McLauchlin
The Effect of Curfews on Political Preferences pp. 94-121 Downloads
Deniz Aksoy, Andrew Menger and Margit Tavits
Wielding the Gavel or Balancing the Scales? Domestic Legal Systems and Post-Conflict Justice pp. 122-149 Downloads
Joseph M. Cox and Rachel D. Van Nostrand
Peace Negotiations in Civil Conflicts: A New Dataset pp. 150-177 Downloads
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