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1957 - 2019

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Volume 63, issue 3, 2019

Rebel Natural Resource Exploitation and Conflict Duration pp. 591-616 Downloads
Justin M. Conrad, Kevin T. Greene, James Igoe Walsh and Beth Elise Whitaker
Killing for God? Factional Violence on the Transnational Stage pp. 617-643 Downloads
Jori Breslawski and Brandon Ives
Emergency Powers in Democracies and International Conflict pp. 644-671 Downloads
Bryan Rooney
External Supporters and Negotiated Settlement: Political Bargaining in Solving Governmental Incompatibility pp. 672-699 Downloads
Wakako Maekawa
Sticks, Stones, and Broken Bones: Protest Violence and the State pp. 700-726 Downloads
Heather Sullivan
The Fate of Former Authoritarian Elites Under Democracy pp. 727-759 Downloads
Michael Albertus
Postdisaster Reconstruction as a Cause of Intrastate Violence: An Instrumental Variable Analysis with Application to the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka pp. 760-785 Downloads
Kyosuke Kikuta
Rational Overreaction to Terrorism pp. 786-810 Downloads
William Spaniel
The Dyadic Militarized Interstate Disputes (MIDs) Dataset Version 3.0: Logic, Characteristics, and Comparisons to Alternative Datasets pp. 811-835 Downloads
Zeev Maoz, Paul L. Johnson, Jasper Kaplan, Fiona Ogunkoya and Aaron P. Shreve

Volume 63, issue 1, 2019

Educating Demonstrators: Education and Mass Protest in Africa pp. 3-30 Downloads
Sirianne Dahlum and Tore Wig
Social Inequality, State-centered Grievances, and Protest: Evidence from South Africa pp. 31-58 Downloads
Alexander De Juan and Eva Wegner
Ethnic Cleansing and the Politics of Restraint: Violence and Coexistence in the Lebanese Civil War pp. 59-84 Downloads
Nils Hägerdal
Social Mobility and Political Instability pp. 85-111 Downloads
Christian Houle
Taming the Gods: How Religious Conflict Shapes State Repression pp. 112-138 Downloads
Peter S. Henne and Jason Klocek
Democracy Aid and Electoral Accountability pp. 139-166 Downloads
Tobias Heinrich and Matt W. Loftis
Join the Chorus, Avoid the Spotlight: The Effect of Neighborhood and Social Dynamics on Human Rights Organization Shaming pp. 167-193 Downloads
Sam R. Bell, K. Chad Clay and Amanda Murdie
Domestic Institutional Constraints, Veto Players, and Sanction Effectiveness pp. 194-217 Downloads
Jin Mun Jeong and Dursun Peksen
The Unforeseen Consequences of Extended Deterrence: Moral Hazard in a Nuclear Client State pp. 218-250 Downloads
Neil Narang and Rupal N. Mehta
Civilian Casualties and Public Support for Military Action: Experimental Evidence pp. 251-281 Downloads
Robert Johns and Graeme A. M. Davies

Volume 62, issue 10, 2018

Bruce Russett Award for Article of the Year in JCR for 2017 pp. 2071-2071 Downloads
Studying Leaders and Military Conflict pp. 2072-2086 Downloads
Michael C. Horowitz and Matthew Fuhrmann
Leaders, States, and Reputations pp. 2087-2117 Downloads
Cathy Xuanxuan Wu and Scott Wolford
Leaders, Advisers, and the Political Origins of Elite Support for War pp. 2118-2149 Downloads
Elizabeth N. Saunders
Tying Hands, Sinking Costs, and Leader Attributes pp. 2150-2179 Downloads
Keren Yarhi-Milo, Joshua D. Kertzer and Jonathan Renshon
Sizing Up the Adversary pp. 2180-2204 Downloads
Michael C. Horowitz, Philip Potter, Todd S. Sechser and Allan Stam
Exploring the Threshold between Conflict Management and Joining in Biased Interventions pp. 2205-2231 Downloads
Renato Corbetta and Molly M. Melin
Colonial Origins of Maoist Insurgency in India pp. 2232-2274 Downloads
Shivaji Mukherjee

Volume 62, issue 9, 2018

Democracy and the Settlement of International Borders, 1919 to 2001 pp. 1847-1875 Downloads
Douglas M. Gibler and Andrew P. Owsiak
War and Default pp. 1876-1904 Downloads
Patrick E. Shea and Paul Poast
Power, Wealth, and Satisfaction pp. 1905-1931 Downloads
Susan G. Sample
Youth Bulges and Civil Conflict pp. 1932-1962 Downloads
Matthias Flückiger and Markus Ludwig
To Vote or Not to Vote pp. 1963-1990 Downloads
Sandra Ley
Legacies of Violence pp. 1991-2016 Downloads
Corinne Bara
Concession Bargaining pp. 2017-2039 Downloads
Federica Alberti, Sven Fischer, Werner Güth and Kei Tsutsui
Integration of Refugees and Support for the Ethos of Conflict pp. 2040-2067 Downloads
Jonathan Hall

Volume 62, issue 8, 2018

Foreign Aid as a Counterterrorism Tool pp. 1607-1635 Downloads
Burcu Savun and Daniel C. Tirone
Civil Conflicts Abroad, Foreign Fighters, and Terrorism at Home pp. 1636-1660 Downloads
Alex Braithwaite and Tiffany S. Chu
Enemies within pp. 1661-1685 Downloads
Casey Crisman-Cox
Promoting Political Participation in War-torn Countries pp. 1686-1726 Downloads
Eric Mvukiyehe
Gender-empathic Constructions, Empathy, and Support for Compromise in Intractable Conflict pp. 1727-1752 Downloads
Yossi David, Nimrod Rosler and Ifat Maoz
Revisiting the Effects of Societal Threat Perceptions on Conflict-related Positions pp. 1753-1783 Downloads
Julia Elad-Strenger and Golan Shahar
Even Constrained Governments Take pp. 1784-1813 Downloads
Benjamin A. T. Graham, Noel P. Johnston and Allison F. Kingsley
Mechanisms of Morality pp. 1814-1842 Downloads
Sarah Kreps and Sarah Maxey

Volume 62, issue 7, 2018

Civil-military Pathologies and Defeat in War pp. 1379-1405 Downloads
Vipin Narang and Caitlin Talmadge
Even Generals Need Friends pp. 1406-1432 Downloads
Clayton Thyne, Jonathan Powell, Sarah Parrott and Emily VanMeter
Preventing Coups d’état pp. 1433-1458 Downloads
Erica De Bruin
The Grass Is Always Greener? Armed Group Side Switching in Civil Wars pp. 1459-1488 Downloads
Sabine Otto
Asset Complementarity, Resource Shocks, and the Political Economy of Property Rights pp. 1489-1516 Downloads
Arthur Silve
The Geography of Repression in Africa pp. 1517-1543 Downloads
Darin Christensen
Drought, Local Institutional Contexts, and Support for Violence in Kenya pp. 1544-1578 Downloads
Andrew M. Linke, Frank D. W. Witmer, John O’Loughlin, J. Terrence McCabe and Jaroslav Tir
Transferring Violence? Mafia Killings in Nontraditional Areas pp. 1579-1601 Downloads
Francesco N. Moro and Salvatore Sberna

Volume 62, issue 6, 2018

Are Military Regimes Really Belligerent? pp. 1151-1178 Downloads
Nam Kyu Kim
Led Astray pp. 1179-1204 Downloads
Alyssa K. Prorok
Why Do People Join Backlash Protests? Lessons from Turkey pp. 1205-1228 Downloads
S. Erdem Aytaç, Luis Schiumerini and Susan Stokes
The Determinants of Religious Radicalization pp. 1229-1261 Downloads
Anselm Rink and Kunaal Sharma
Where the Insurgents Aren’t pp. 1262-1283 Downloads
Thomas M. Dolan, Clayton Besaw and Joseph Butler
Distributive Outcomes in Contested Maritime Areas pp. 1284-1313 Downloads
à slaug à sgeirsdóttir and Martin C. Steinwand
Identities in between pp. 1314-1339 Downloads
María José Hierro and Aina Gallego
The Religious Characteristics of States pp. 1340-1376 Downloads
Davis Brown and Patrick James

Volume 62, issue 5, 2018

Oil and Terrorism pp. 903-928 Downloads
Chia-yi Lee
Covert Operations, Wars, Detainee Destinations, and the Psychology of Democratic Peace pp. 929-956 Downloads
Christian Crandall, Owen Cox, Ryan Beasley and Mariya Omelicheva
Self-censorship of Conflict-related Information in the Context of Intractable Conflict pp. 957-982 Downloads
Eldad Shahar, Boaz Hameiri, Daniel Bar-Tal and Amiram Raviv
UNsatisfied? Public Support for Postconflict International Missions pp. 983-1011 Downloads
Pellumb Kelmendi and Andrew Radin
Ultimatum Concession Bargaining pp. 1012-1043 Downloads
Chiara Felli, Werner Güth, Esther Mata-Pérez and Giovanni Ponti
Managing Resource-related Conflict pp. 1044-1071 Downloads
Vita Roy
The Influence of Regional Power Distributions on Interdependence pp. 1072-1099 Downloads
Michael A. Allen
Political Development and the Fragmentation of Protection Markets pp. 1100-1126 Downloads
Yuhki Tajima
Disputes over the Divine pp. 1127-1148 Downloads
Isak Svensson and Desirée Nilsson

Volume 62, issue 4, 2018

Conflict-induced IDPs and the Spread of Conflict pp. 691-716 Downloads
Heidrun Bohnet, Fabien Cottier and Simon Hug
Civil War and the Formation of Social Trust in Kosovo pp. 717-742 Downloads
Sara Kijewski and Markus Freitag
Beyond Trade pp. 743-773 Downloads
Karolina Milewicz, James Hollway, Claire Peacock and Duncan Snidal
Slow to Learn pp. 774-796 Downloads
William Spaniel and Peter Bils
Political Ideology, Trust, and Cooperation pp. 797-818 Downloads
Daniel Balliet, Joshua M. Tybur, Junhui Wu, Christian Antonellis and Paul A. M. Van Lange
Evaluating Conflict Dynamics pp. 819-847 Downloads
Benjamin T. Jones and Shawna K. Metzger
Reevaluating Gender and IR Scholarship pp. 848-870 Downloads
Laura Sjoberg, Kelly Kadera and Cameron G. Thies
Exploring the Universe of UN Human Rights Agreements pp. 871-899 Downloads
Jana von Stein

Volume 62, issue 2, 2018

The Unintended Consequences of Political Mobilization on Trust pp. 231-253 Downloads
Henar Criado, Francisco Herreros, Luis Miller and Paloma Ubeda
Arab Responses to Western Hegemony pp. 254-288 Downloads
Elizabeth Nugent, Tarek Masoud and Amaney A. Jamal
Revolutionary Leaders and Mass Killing pp. 289-317 Downloads
Nam Kyu Kim
Reputations and Signaling in Coercive Bargaining pp. 318-345 Downloads
Todd S. Sechser
International Conventions and Nonstate Actors pp. 346-380 Downloads
Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Simon Hug, Livia Isabella Schubiger and Julian Wucherpfennig
When Do States Take the Bait? State Capacity and the Provocation Logic of Terrorism pp. 381-409 Downloads
Brian Blankenship
Are Coups Really Contagious? An Extreme Bounds Analysis of Political Diffusion pp. 410-441 Downloads
Michael K. Miller, Michael Joseph and Dorothy Ohl
Justice during Armed Conflict pp. 442-466 Downloads
Cyanne E. Loyle and Helga Malmin Binningsbø

Volume 62, issue 1, 2018

In the Shadow of the International Criminal Court pp. 3-28 Downloads
Benjamin J. Appel
Does Social Media Influence Conflict? Evidence from the 2012 Gaza Conflict pp. 29-63 Downloads
Thomas Zeitzoff
Explaining Recidivism of Ex-combatants in Colombia pp. 64-93 Downloads
Oliver Kaplan and Enzo Nussio
“Chipping Away at the Issues†pp. 94-118 Downloads
Michaela Mattes
War and Third-party Trade pp. 119-142 Downloads
Nizan Feldman and Tal Sadeh
When Is Collective Exposure to War Events Related to More Acceptance of Collective Guilt? pp. 143-173 Downloads
Sandra Penic, Guy Elcheroth and Dario Spini
Lessons on Political Violence from America’s Post–9/11 Wars pp. 174-202 Downloads
Christoph Mikulaschek and Jacob N. Shapiro
Introducing the AMAR (All Minorities at Risk) Data pp. 203-226 Downloads
Jóhanna K. Birnir, David D. Laitin, Jonathan Wilkenfeld, David M. Waguespack, Agatha S. Hultquist and Ted R. Gurr
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