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1957 - 2017

From Peace Science Society (International)
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Volume 61, issue 9, 2017

JCR 60th Anniversary Issue pp. 1839-1843 Downloads
Todd Sandler, Daniel Druckman and Paul K. Huth
A History of the Journal of Conflict Resolution pp. 1844-1852 Downloads
Bruce Russett
Social Scientific Analysis of Nuclear Weapons pp. 1853-1874 Downloads
Erik Gartzke and Matthew Kroenig
International Peacekeeping Operations pp. 1875-1897 Downloads
Todd Sandler
A Treasure Trove of Insights pp. 1898-1924 Downloads
Daniel Druckman and James A. Wall
Democracies in Conflict pp. 1925-1949 Downloads
Christopher Gelpi
State Repression and Nonviolent Resistance pp. 1950-1969 Downloads
Erica Chenoweth, Evan Perkoski and Sooyeon Kang
How Social Media Is Changing Conflict pp. 1970-1991 Downloads
Thomas Zeitzoff
Dynamics and Logics of Civil War pp. 1992-2016 Downloads
Lars-Erik Cederman and Manuel Vogt

Volume 61, issue 8, 2017

Violence and Civilian Loyalties pp. 1595-1625 Downloads
Sebastian Schutte
Popular Support, Violence, and Territorial Control in Civil War pp. 1626-1652 Downloads
Miguel R. Rueda
A House Divided pp. 1653-1681 Downloads
Cullen S. Hendrix and Idean Salehyan
Domestic Signaling of Commitment Credibility pp. 1682-1710 Downloads
Michael C. Horowitz, Paul Poast and Allan C. Stam
Sanctions and Preventive War pp. 1711-1739 Downloads
Daniel McCormack and Henry Pascoe
Export Diversity and Human Rights pp. 1740-1767 Downloads
Timothy M. Peterson
The Political Cost of War Mobilization in Democracies and Dictatorships pp. 1768-1794 Downloads
Jeff Carter
Surprising Events and Surprising Opinions pp. 1795-1815 Downloads
Philip Paolino
The Surprising Robustness of Surprising Events pp. 1816-1834 Downloads
Christopher Gelpi

Volume 61, issue 7, 2017

International Terrorism and the Political Survival of Leaders pp. 1343-1370 Downloads
Johann Park and Valentina Bali
Inter Arma Silent Leges? Democracy, Domestic Terrorism, and Diversion pp. 1371-1400 Downloads
Dennis M. Foster
Finding a Peace that Lasts pp. 1401-1431 Downloads
Lindsay Reid
The Causes and Outcomes of Coup during Civil War pp. 1432-1455 Downloads
Curtis Bell and Jun Koga Sudduth
I Want You! The Determinants of Military Conscription pp. 1456-1481 Downloads
Victor Asal, Justin Conrad and Nathan Toronto
Aiming at Doves pp. 1482-1509 Downloads
Jonathan D. Caverley and Yanna Krupnikov
From Economic Competition to Military Combat pp. 1510-1536 Downloads
J. Tyson Chatagnier and Kerim Can Kavaklı
Solving the Problem of Unattributed Political Violence pp. 1537-1564 Downloads
Vincent Bauer, Keven Ruby and Robert Pape
Mapping Interstate Territorial Conflict pp. 1565-1590 Downloads
Kenneth A. Schultz

Volume 61, issue 6, 2017

Firewall? or Wall on Fire? A Unified Framework of Conflict Contagion and the Role of Ethnic Exclusion pp. 1151-1173 Downloads
Nils W. Metternich, Shahryar Minhas and Michael D. Ward
The Role of External Support in Civil War Termination pp. 1174-1202 Downloads
Katherine Sawyer, Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham and William Reed
Negotiating with Rebels pp. 1203-1229 Downloads
Lindsay L. Heger and Danielle F. Jung
Where Rebels Dare to Tread pp. 1230-1260 Downloads
Clionadh Raleigh and Kars De Bruijne
Dirty Hands pp. 1261-1289 Downloads
Ursula Daxecker
Citizens’ Perceptions of Policy Objectives and Support for Military Action pp. 1290-1314 Downloads
Matthias Mader
Successful or Counterproductive Coercion? The Effect of International Sanctions on Conflict Intensity pp. 1315-1339 Downloads
Lisa Hultman and Dursun Peksen

Volume 61, issue 5, 2017

Tracking Underreported Financial Flows: China’s Development Finance and the Aid–Conflict Nexus Revisited pp. 935-963 Downloads
Austin M. Strange, Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Bradley Parks and Michael J. Tierney
IMF Programs and the Risk of a Coup d’état pp. 964-996 Downloads
Brett A. Casper
Borrowing Support for War: The Effect of War Finance on Public Attitudes toward Conflict pp. 997-1020 Downloads
Gustavo A. Flores-Macías and Sarah E. Kreps
Oil Wealth, Post-conflict Elections, and Postwar Peace Failure pp. 1021-1045 Downloads
Eric Keels
Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs), Military Effectiveness, and Conflict Severity in Weak States, 1990–2007 pp. 1046-1072 Downloads
Ulrich Petersohn
Economic Sanctions and Demand for Protection pp. 1073-1094 Downloads
Amy Pond
Informally Governing Information: How Criminal Rivalry Leads to Violence against the Press in Mexico pp. 1095-1119 Downloads
Bradley E. Holland and Viridiana Rios
The Diffusion of Nonviolent Campaigns pp. 1120-1145 Downloads
Kristian S. Gleditsch and Mauricio Rivera

Volume 61, issue 4, 2017

Political Succession pp. 707-743 Downloads
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith
Language, Religion, and Ethnic Civil War pp. 744-771 Downloads
Nils-Christian Bormann, Lars-Erik Cederman and Manuel Vogt
Gender Differences in Support for Torture pp. 772-787 Downloads
Mary-Kate Lizotte
The Acceptability of War and Support for Defense Spending pp. 788-813 Downloads
Richard C. Eichenberg and Richard J. Stoll
Democracy and War Effort pp. 814-838 Downloads
Andrew W. Bausch
Military Size and the Effectiveness of Democracy Assistance pp. 839-868 Downloads
Jesse Dillon Savage
Communal Religious Practice and Support for Armed Parties pp. 869-902 Downloads
Michael T. Hoffman and Elizabeth R. Nugent
Dependence Networks and the Diffusion of Domestic Political Institutions pp. 903-929 Downloads
Jay Goodliffe and Darren Hawkins

Volume 61, issue 3, 2017

Gender Imbalance and Terrorism in Developing Countries pp. 483-510 Downloads
Javed Younas and Todd Sandler
Presidential Risk Orientation and Force Employment Decisions pp. 511-536 Downloads
Julia Macdonald and Jacquelyn Schneider
Recognition Matters! pp. 537-563 Downloads
Nadav G. Shelef and Yael Zeira
When Security Dominates the Agenda pp. 564-589 Downloads
Theresa Schroeder
Trusting Publics pp. 590-614 Downloads
Florian Justwan
Third-party Intervention in Civil Wars and the Prospects for Postwar Development pp. 615-642 Downloads
Sang Ki Kim
Donor Fragmentation, Aid Shocks, and Violent Political Conflict pp. 643-670 Downloads
Raynee Gutting and Martin C. Steinwand
Who Democratizes? Western-educated Leaders and Regime Transitions pp. 671-701 Downloads
Thomas Gift and Daniel Krcmaric

Volume 61, issue 2, 2017

Why Do States Build Walls? Political Economy, Security, and Border Stability pp. 239-270 Downloads
David B. Carter and Paul Poast
Foreign Military Interventions and Suicide Attacks pp. 271-297 Downloads
Seung-Whan Choi and James A. Piazza
Can Structural Conditions Explain the Onset of Nonviolent Uprisings? pp. 298-324 Downloads
Erica Chenoweth and Jay Ulfelder
Threats and Assurances in Crisis Bargaining pp. 325-348 Downloads
Andrew H. Kydd and Roseanne W. McManus
Self-protection, Psychological Externalities, and the Social Dynamics of Fear pp. 349-371 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Alessandro Fiori Maccioni, Pier Luigi Sacco and Mauro Sodini
Predicting Jewish-Israeli Recognition of Palestinian Pain and Suffering pp. 372-397 Downloads
Rotem Nagar and Ifat Maoz
Cooperation in Hard Times pp. 398-429 Downloads
Christina L. Davis and Krzysztof J. Pelc
Estimating Dynamic State Preferences from United Nations Voting Data pp. 430-456 Downloads
Michael A. Bailey, Anton Strezhnev and Erik Voeten
The Economic Costs of Separatist Terrorism in Turkey pp. 457-479 Downloads
Fırat Bilgel and Burhan Karahasan

Volume 61, issue 1, 2017

Editor’s Note pp. 3-3 Downloads
Jori Breslawski
Sequencing the Peace pp. 4-28 Downloads
Madhav Joshi, Erik Melander and Jason Michael Quinn
Do Negotiation Interventions Matter? Resolving Conflicting Interests and Values pp. 29-55 Downloads
Fieke Harinck and Daniel Druckman
Beyond Zeroes and Ones pp. 56-83 Downloads
Stephen Chaudoin, Zachary Peskowitz and Christopher Stanton
Exposure to Violence, Ethos of Conflict, and Support for Compromise pp. 84-113 Downloads
Daphna Canetti, Julia Elad-Strenger, Iris Lavi, Dana Guy and Daniel Bar-Tal
The Distinctive Effects of Empathy and Hope in Intractable Conflicts pp. 114-139 Downloads
Nimrod Rosler, Smadar Cohen-Chen and Eran Halperin
Renewable Natural Resource Shocks and Conflict Intensity pp. 140-172 Downloads
Kishore Gawande, Devesh Kapur and Shanker Satyanath
Self-Containment pp. 173-203 Downloads
Antonis Adam and Petros Sekeris
Coordination, Learning, and Coups pp. 204-234 Downloads
Andrew T. Little
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