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2000 - 2022

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Volume 20, issue 8, 2019

ESport Superstars pp. 987-1013 Downloads
Michael R. Ward and Alexander D. Harmon
The Role of Referees in Professional Sports Contests pp. 1014-1050 Downloads
Cedric Duvinage and Peter-J. Jost
Performance and Actual Pay in Norwegian Soccer pp. 1051-1065 Downloads
Christer Thrane
Quantile Insights on Market Structure and Worker Salaries: The Case of Major League Baseball pp. 1066-1087 Downloads
Rodney Fort, Young Hoon Lee and Taeyeon Oh
Collective Bargaining in a Basic North American Sports League Model With Broadcasting Revenue pp. 1088-1118 Downloads
Paul Madden

Volume 20, issue 7, 2019

Major League Baseball and Crime: Opportunity, Spatial Patterns, and Team Rivalry at St. Louis Cardinal Games pp. 875-902 Downloads
Dennis Mares and Emily Blackburn
Running With a Mask? The Effect of Air Pollution on Marathon Runners’ Performance pp. 903-928 Downloads
Mengmeng Guo and Shihe Fu
Athleticism in NCAA D-III: It Ain’t Only Football That Matters pp. 929-958 Downloads
Jerome Segura and Jonathan Willner
Quantifying NFL Players’ Value With the Help of Vegas Point Spreads Values pp. 959-974 Downloads
Adam Hoffer and Jared A. Pincin
UEFA Champions League Entry Has Not Satisfied Strategyproofness in Three Seasons pp. 975-981 Downloads
László Csató

Volume 20, issue 6, 2019

The Competitive Effects of Performance-Enhancing Drugs: MLB in the Posttesting Era pp. 747-781 Downloads
Scott Brave and Kevin A. Roberts
The Peculiar Preferences of Sports Fans: Toward a Preference-Based Motivation for the Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis pp. 782-796 Downloads
Brad R. Humphreys and Thomas J. Miceli
U.S. Demand for European Soccer Telecasts: A Between-Country Test of the Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis pp. 797-818 Downloads
Georgios Nalbantis and Tim Pawlowski
Uncovering Value Drivers of High Performance Soccer Players pp. 819-849 Downloads
Maribel Serna Rodríguez, Andrés Ramírez Hassan and Alex Coad
Monitoring and Employee Shirking: Evidence From MLB Umpires pp. 850-872 Downloads
John Bradbury

Volume 20, issue 5, 2019

Referenda on Hosting the Olympics: What Drives Voter Turnout? pp. 627-653 Downloads
Tobias Streicher, Sascha L. Schmidt and Dominik Schreyer
Does the NCAA’s Collegiate Model Promote Competitive Balance? Power-5 Conference Football Versus the NFL pp. 654-670 Downloads
E. Woodrow Eckard
Revisiting Romer: Digging Deeper Into Influences on NFL Managerial Decisions pp. 671-689 Downloads
Brian Goff and Stephen L. Locke
Estimated Costs of Contact in College and High School Male Sports pp. 690-717 Downloads
Ray C. Fair and Christopher Champa
On the Influence of Foreign Players on the Success of Football Clubs pp. 718-741 Downloads
Vicente Royuela and Roberto Gásquez

Volume 20, issue 4, 2019

A Bias-Corrected Estimator of Competitive Balance in Sports Leagues pp. 479-508 Downloads
Young Hoon Lee, Yongdai Kim and Sara Kim
Rank and Performance in Dynamic Tournaments: Evidence From the PGA Tour pp. 509-534 Downloads
Daniel C. Hickman, Craig Kerr and Neil Metz
Guilt Aversion and Reciprocity in the Performance-Enhancing Drug Game pp. 535-555 Downloads
Edward Cartwright
The Demand for English Premier League Soccer Betting pp. 556-579 Downloads
Christian Deutscher, Marius Ötting, Sandra Schneemann and Hendrik Scholten
Football Spectator No-Show Behavior pp. 580-602 Downloads
Dominik Schreyer, Sascha L. Schmidt and Benno Torgler
Has Competition in the Market for Subscription Sports Broadcasting Benefited Consumers? The Case of the English Premier League pp. 603-624 Downloads
Robert Butler and Patrick Massey

Volume 20, issue 3, 2019

Substitution in Sports: The Case of Lower Division Football Attendance pp. 319-343 Downloads
Tim Wallrafen, Tim Pawlowski and Christian Deutscher
Entertainment as Crime Prevention: Evidence From Chicago Sports Games pp. 344-370 Downloads
Ryan Copus and Hannah Laqueur
History-Dependent Mixed Strategies: Evidence From Major League Baseball pp. 371-398 Downloads
Michael William Gmeiner
Estimating the Determinants of NCAA Athletic Department Intellectual Property (Trademark) Rights pp. 399-410 Downloads
Stacey L. Brook
The Impact of Contest Dynamics on Ex Post Doping Audits pp. 411-427 Downloads
Andreas Goetsch and Christian Salzmann
Is Moneyball Relevant on the Racetrack? A New Approach to Evaluating Future Racehorses pp. 428-447 Downloads
Emily J. Plant and C. Jill Stowe
Optimal Team Contests to Induce More Efforts pp. 448-476 Downloads
Dongryul Lee and Joon Song

Volume 20, issue 2, 2019

Ex Ante and Ex Post Willingness to Pay for Hosting a Large International Sport Event pp. 159-176 Downloads
Willem I. J. de Boer, Ruud Koning and Jochen Mierau
Happiness as a Reward for Torture: Is Participation in a Long-Distance Triathlon a Rational Choice? pp. 177-197 Downloads
Joel Maxcy, Pamela Wicker and Joachim Prinz
Earning Like a Woman: Salaries versus Marginal Revenue Products in the AAGBPL and MLB: 1947-1952 pp. 198-217 Downloads
Lisa A. Giddings and Michael Haupert
Performance Efficiency in NCAA Basketball pp. 218-241 Downloads
J. Brandon Bolen, Jon Rezek and Joshua Pitts
Local Development Effect of Sports Facilities and Sports Teams: Case Studies Using Synthetic Control Method pp. 242-260 Downloads
Muhammad Q. Islam
Hidden Power of Trading Activity: The FLB in Tennis Betting Exchanges pp. 261-285 Downloads
Isabel Abinzano, Luis Muga and Rafael Santamaria
Does Distance Matter? Geographical Distance and Domestic Support for Mega Sports Events pp. 286-313 Downloads
Daniel Weimar and Claudio M. Rocha

Volume 20, issue 1, 2019

Of Bricks and Bats: New Stadiums, Talent Supply, and Team Performance in Major League Baseball pp. 3-24 Downloads
Duane Rockerbie and Stephen Easton
The Determinants of the TV Demand for Soccer: Empirical Evidence on Italian Serie A for the Period 2008-2015 pp. 25-49 Downloads
Raul Caruso, Francesco Addesa and Marco Di Domizio
The Effects of Physical Activity on Social Interactions: The Case of Trust and Trustworthiness pp. 50-71 Downloads
Giovanni Di Bartolomeo and Stefano Papa
The Consequences (and Nonconsequences) of Ownership Change: The Case of Major League Baseball pp. 72-90 Downloads
Philip L. Hersch and Jodi E. Pelkowski
Estimating the Effect of Sports Facilities on Local Area Commercial Rents: Evidence From Brooklyn’s Barclays Center pp. 91-114 Downloads
Geoffrey Propheter
Do Sports Crowd Out Books? The Impact of Intercollegiate Athletic Participation on Grades pp. 115-153 Downloads
Michael Insler and Jimmy Karam

Volume 19, issue 8, 2018

Shadow and Spillover Effects of Competition in NBA Playoffs pp. 1067-1092 Downloads
Brian Hill
Testing Labor Market Efficiency Across Position Groups in the NFL pp. 1093-1121 Downloads
Michael A. Roach
Winning by Losing pp. 1122-1146 Downloads
Dmitry Dagaev and Konstantin Sonin
Performance Evaluation and Favoritism pp. 1147-1173 Downloads
Paul Gift
The Influence of Team Composition on Attacking and Defending in Football pp. 1174-1190 Downloads
Garry A. Gelade
An Application of Contest Success Functions for Draws on European Soccer pp. 1191-1212 Downloads
Anil Yildizparlak

Volume 19, issue 7, 2018

Team-Level Time Series Analysis in MLB, the NBA, and the NHL pp. 911-933 Downloads
Brian Mills and Rodney Fort
The Broadcasting Demand for the Spanish National Soccer Team pp. 934-959 Downloads
Isabel Artero and Eduardo Bandrés
The Role of Ex Post Audits in Doping Enforcement pp. 960-976 Downloads
Andreas Goetsch and Christian Salzmann
Full Cost-of-Attendance Scholarships and College Choice pp. 977-989 Downloads
John Bradbury and Joshua Pitts
The Conversion of Money Lines Into Win Probabilities pp. 990-1015 Downloads
Jason P. Berkowitz, Craig Depken and John M. Gandar
Examining the Relationship Between Athletic Program Expenditure and Athletic Program Success Among NCAA Division I Institutions pp. 1016-1045 Downloads
Laura Beaudin
Beyond Moneyball pp. 1046-1061 Downloads
Joshua Congdon-Hohman and Jonathan A. Lanning

Volume 19, issue 6, 2018

Does the Threat of Suspension Curb Dangerous Behavior in Soccer? A Case Study From the Premier League pp. 759-785 Downloads
Douglas N. VanDerwerken, Jacek Rothert and Brice M. Nguelifack
The Contribution of Managers to Organizational Success pp. 786-819 Downloads
Gerd Muehlheusser, Sandra Schneemann, Dirk Sliwka and Niklas Wallmeier
Cross-Sport Recruiting Effects in NCAA D1 Football and Basketball pp. 820-842 Downloads
Brent Evans and Joshua Pitts
Sentiment and Stock Returns pp. 843-872 Downloads
Brian C. Payne, Jiri Tresl and Geoffrey C. Friesen
Career Duration in the NBA pp. 873-883 Downloads
Peter Groothuis and James Richard Hill
The Olympic Games as a News Shock pp. 884-906 Downloads
Viktoria C. E. Langer, Wolfgang Maennig and Felix Richter

Volume 19, issue 5, 2018

Insolvency in French Soccer pp. 603-624 Downloads
Nicolas Scelles, Stefan Szymanski and Nadine Dermit-Richard
Game Outcome Uncertainty in the English Premier League pp. 625-644 Downloads
Dominik Schreyer, Sascha Schmidt and Benno Torgler
The Game Is Good at the Top pp. 645-676 Downloads
Jerome Segura and Jonathan Willner
Empty Seats or Empty Threats? Examining the Effects of the 1994-1995 and 2004-2005 Lockouts on Attendance and Revenue in the National Hockey League pp. 677-695 Downloads
Jaret Treber, Lawrence Mulcahy and Manjul Bhusal Sharma
Examining the Relationship Between Scheduling and the Outcomes of Regular Season Games in the National Football League pp. 696-724 Downloads
Thomas J. Murray
Modeling the Effects of Psychological Pressure on First-Mover Advantage in Competitive Interactions pp. 725-754 Downloads
Tom P. Vandebroek, Brian T. McCann and Govert Vroom

Volume 19, issue 4, 2018

Sentiment Bias in National Basketball Association Betting pp. 455-472 Downloads
Arne Feddersen, Brad Humphreys and Brian Soebbing
The Demand for Football in Portugal pp. 473-497 Downloads
António Miguel Martins and Susana Cró
Can Sport Really Help to Meet the Millennium Development Goals? Evidence From Children in Peru pp. 498-521 Downloads
Tim Pawlowski, Ute Schüttoff, Paul Downward and Michael Lechner
Sellout, Blackout, or Get Out pp. 522-561 Downloads
Catherine C. Gropper and Benjamin Anderson
Does the Home Advantage Depend on Crowd Support? Evidence From Same-Stadium Derbies pp. 562-582 Downloads
Michela Ponzo and Vincenzo Scoppa
Common Factors in Major League Baseball Game Attendance pp. 583-598 Downloads
Young Hoon Lee

Volume 19, issue 3, 2018

Contract Extensions pp. 299-314 Downloads
Anthony C. Krautmann
What Technology Says About Decision-Making pp. 315-331 Downloads
Ram Shivakumar
Sellout, Blackout, or Get Out pp. 332-370 Downloads
Catherine C. Gropper and Benjamin Anderson
Further Field Evidence for Minimax Play pp. 371-388 Downloads
Thomas Dohmen and Hendrik Sonnabend
Who Sits in Australia’s Grandstands? pp. 389-397 Downloads
John K. Wilson and John Siegfried
Estimating the Value of Medal Success in the Olympic Games pp. 398-416 Downloads
Brad Humphreys, Bruce Johnson, Daniel S. Mason and John Whitehead
Race and Retention in a Competitive Labor Market pp. 417-451 Downloads
Daniel LaFave, Randy Nelson and Michael Doherty
Erratum pp. 452-452 Downloads

Volume 19, issue 2, 2018

An Empirical Examination of the Development and Impact of Star Power in Major League Baseball pp. 155-187 Downloads
Michael Lewis and Yeujun Yoon
Assessing the Economic Impact of Sports Facilities on Residential Property Values pp. 188-210 Downloads
Xia Feng and Brad Humphreys
On the Role of Race Outcome Uncertainty in the TV Demand for Formula 1 Grands Prix pp. 211-229 Downloads
Dominik Schreyer and Benno Torgler
The Impact of Expectations, Match Importance, and Results in the Stock Prices of European Football Teams pp. 230-278 Downloads
Pedro Godinho and Pedro Cerqueira
Willingness to Pay for Soccer Player Development in the United States pp. 279-296 Downloads
Ash Morgan and John Whitehead

Volume 19, issue 1, 2018

Spectator Demand, Uncertainty of Results, and Public Interest pp. 3-30 Downloads
Adam Cox
The Financial and Competitive Value of NCAA Basketball Recruits pp. 31-49 Downloads
Richard Borghesi
Identifying Confirmatory Bias in the Field pp. 50-81 Downloads
Rodney J. Andrews, Trevon D. Logan and Michael J. Sinkey
The Impact of the Soccer Schedule on TV Viewership and Stadium Attendance pp. 82-112 Downloads
Chang Wang, Dries Goossens and Martina Vandebroek
Refinements to the MLB-NPB Posting System pp. 113-152 Downloads
Lindsey D. Nagy, Donald J. Dale and William E. Gryc
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