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Федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Национальный исследовательский университет «Высшая школа экономики»
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2016, issue 4 (38)

Expanding enterprise engineering paradigm pp. 7-18 Downloads
Zinder E.Z.
Infological models for smart commerce pp. 19-26 Downloads
Kniazev K.A. and Komarov M.M.
Application of the adaptive content concept for an e-learning resource pp. 27-34 Downloads
Aldunin D.A.
On business processes of computer-supported collaborative learning: a case of peer assessment system development pp. 35-46 Downloads
Kolomiets A.I., Maksimenkova O.V. and Neznanov A.A.
Assessment of service quality for complex technical devices based on the Jaynes’ information principle pp. 47-51 Downloads
Maron A.I.
Adaptive modification of the particle swarm method based on dynamic correction of the trajectory of movement of individuals in the population pp. 52-59 Downloads
Minaeva Yu.V.
Concept for a new approach to project management in the activities of public servants pp. 60-69 Downloads
Altukhova N.F., Vasileva E.V. and Slavin B.B.
Decision making using a combination of management accounting and an expert approach pp. 70-80 Downloads
Isaev D.V.

2016, issue 3 (37)

Spin-off design as an organizational practice: a methodological approach pp. 7-14 Downloads
Fici L., Malyzhenkov P.V., Piccarozzi M. and Meleshina E.S.
Application of the Eclipse EMF technology for multifaceted organization modelling pp. 15-29 Downloads
Babkin E.A. and Radzinskaya O.V.
Modelling the financial stability of an enterprise taking into account macroeconomic indicators pp. 30-37 Downloads
Bidzhoyan D.S. and Bogdanova T.K.
Mobile healthcare: perspectives in Russia pp. 38-44 Downloads
Avdoshin S.M. and Pesotskaya E.yu.
Budgeting automation in construction companies pp. 45-53 Downloads
Kuznetsova E.V.
Identification of the main problems of change management in software development companies: research in the CEE region pp. 54-61 Downloads
Pashchenko D.S.
Overcoming expressiveness deficit of business process modeling languages pp. 62-71 Downloads
Fiodorov I.G.
Applying extended DMAIC methodology to optimize weakly structured business processes pp. 72-80 Downloads
Gromov A.I., Bilinkis Yu.A., Kazantsev N.S. and Zueva A.G.

2016, issue 2 (36)

Improvement of a telecommunications company tariff policy taking into account subscribers’ preferences pp. 7-15 Downloads
Tatiana K. Bogdanova and Dmitry Yu. Neklyudov
Definition of the concepts of conventional and non-conventional projects pp. 16-23 Downloads
Anastasia N. Blaset Kastro and Nikolay Yu. Kulakov
The concept of reference models of automated planning and budgeting systems pp. 24-31 Downloads
Emil K. Kamalov
Estimated aggregate cost of ownership of a data processing center pp. 32-40 Downloads
Lyubov A. Pirogova, Vladimir I. Grekoul and Boris Е. Poklonov
Modeling a balanced scorecard of an enterprise: The scenario approach pp. 41-47 Downloads
Evgeniy N. Efimov
Construction of a set of harmonized data models in distributed databases based on semantics pp. 48-56 Downloads
Ainura T. Kasymalieva
The choice of control points of projects taking into account possible change of structure of works pp. 57-62 Downloads
Maxim A. Maron
Multicultural teaching environment: Problems and specifics of knowledge transfer pp. 63-70 Downloads
Valentine K. Zharov and Yulia V. Taratukhina
Control system for ecological modernization of enterprises (on the example of the Republic of Armenia) pp. 71-78 Downloads
Andranik S. Akopov, Armen L. Beklaryan, Armen K. Saghatelyan and Lilit V. Sahakyan

2016, issue 1 (35)

Lot safety and security as shared responsibility pp. 7-19 Downloads
Cerf Vinton G., Ryan Patrick S., Senges Max and Whitt Richard S.
Internet Governance: Trends and realities. Part 2 pp. 20-25 Downloads
Major Peter
An overlay network for distributed exact and range search in one-dimensional space pp. 26-36 Downloads
Ponomarenko Alexander A., Malkov A., Logvinov Andrey A. and Krylov V.
Solution of integration tasks in enterprise management information systems pp. 37-44 Downloads
Vahrushev Valerij Yu., Bogomolova Elena V., Lanskih Anna M., Lanskih Yurij V., Luppov Andrej V., Malysheva Anna V. and Shmakova Natalya A.
Designing executable business processes as a programming paradigm pp. 45-56 Downloads
Mikheev Andrey G. and Pyatetskiy Valeriy E.
Development of the information and communication sector as a factor in the evolution of fair vehicle insurance: from concept to determination of rates pp. 57-65 Downloads
Shcherbakov Vasiliy N. and Sidorov Anatoly A.
Синергетика и процессы развития в социально-экономических системах: поиск эффективных модельных конструкций pp. 66-79 Downloads
Лычкина Н.Н.

2015, issue 4 (34)

Internet governance: Trends and realities. Part 1 pp. 7-14 Downloads
Major P.
Specifics of projects in the area of Enterprise architecture development pp. 15-23 Downloads
Koznov D.V., Arzumanyan M.yu., Orlov Yu.V., Derevyanko M.A., Romanovsky K.yu. and Sidorina A.A.
Model of an optimal public-private partnership project in the telecommunications secto pp. 24-31 Downloads
Maltseva S.V. and Kotelnikova P.V.
Formation of individual infological models of performance management systems pp. 32-37 Downloads
Isaev D.V.
Resource characteristics of ways to organize a decision tree in the branch-and-bound method for the traveling salesmen problem pp. 38-46 Downloads
Ulyanov M.V. and Fomichev M.I.
Methods of configuring the decision-making system when choosing and supporting an entity development strategy pp. 47-54 Downloads
Marshirov V.V. and Marshirova L.E.
Mathematical model and algorithm of selecting software promotion options differentiated by functionality and business models pp. 55-62 Downloads
Yekhlakov Yu.P. and Baraksanov D.N.
Annotated suffix tree as a way of text representation for information retrieval in text collections pp. 63-70 Downloads
Frolov D.S.
Securing information resources using web application firewalls pp. 71-78 Downloads
Baranov P.A. and Beybutov E.R.

2015, issue 3 (33)

SQL query optimization for highly normalized Big data pp. 7-14 Downloads
Golov N.I. and Ronnback L.
Credit scoring based on social network data pp. 15-23 Downloads
Masyutin A.A.
Снижение размерности многомерных показателей с нелинейно зависимыми компонентами pp. 24-33 Downloads
Горяинова Е.Р. and Шалимова Ю.А.
Кластерный анализ визуального восприятия структуры данных pp. 34-43 Downloads
Лаптев B.В. and Орлов П.А.
Об эффективности распознавания лиц с помощью линейного дискриминантного анализа и метода главных компонент pp. 44-54 Downloads
Мокеев А.В. and Мокеев В.В.
Критериальная оценка возможности автоматизации бизнес-процессов предприятий малого бизнеса на платформе публичного облака pp. 55-64 Downloads
Аниканова М.А. and Моргунов А.Ф.
Управление стоимостью поставок запасных частей для послепродажного обслуживания сложных технических изделий pp. 65-73 Downloads
Ямпольский C.М., Шаламов А.С., Кирсанов А.П. and Огуречников Е.В.
Дата-центры и активы предприятия pp. 74-79 Downloads
Сухов Р.Р., Амзараков М.Б., Исаев Е.А. and Мальцева С.В.

2015, issue 2 (32)

S-bpm as a new impetus in Business process Management: a survey pp. 7-19 Downloads
Fleischmann Albert and Schmidt Werner
Development of a business model for Social Web of services pp. 20-29 Downloads
Komarov Mikhail M. and Khokhlova Anna D.
Xoql: object query Markup language pp. 30-38 Downloads
Oleynik Pavel P.
Развитие классификации клинических диагнозов в медицинских информационных системах pp. 39-47 Downloads
Незнанов А.А. and Старичкова Ю.В.
Система нечеткого моделирования рисков инвестиционно-строительных проектов pp. 48-58 Downloads
Глушенко С.А. and Долженко А.И.
Моделирование социально-экономического развития региона на основе когнитивного подхода (на примере республики Дагестан) pp. 59-68 Downloads
Исмиханов З.Н.
Адаптация методов семейства ELECTRE для включения в экспертную систему поддержки принятия решений pp. 69-78 Downloads
Кравченко Т.К. and Дружаев А.А.

2015, issue 1 (31)

Моделирование инновационной экосистемы на основе модели «Хищник-жертва» pp. 7-17 Downloads
Романов В. П. and Ахмадеев Б. А.
Подход к построению модели инновационного процесса на платформе субъектно-ориентированной методологии pp. 18-30 Downloads
Громов А. И., Билинкис Ю. А., Фляйшман А., Новикова Т. В., Худобин Е. И. and Торшин Д. В.
A four-person chess-like game without Nash equilibria in pure stationary strategies pp. 31-40 Downloads
Gurvich Vladimir
Имитационная модель склада промышленного предприятия по производству бетона pp. 41-50 Downloads
Бабина О. И.
Оценка эффективности мероприятий информационной безопасности в условиях неопределенности pp. 51-57 Downloads
Ефимов Е. Н. and Лапицкая Г. М.
Подход к оценке качества моделей прогнозирования на основе строго бинарных деревьев и модифицированного алгоритма клонального отбора pp. 58-68 Downloads
Демидова Л. А.
Моделирование поведения толпы на основе интеллектуальной динамики взаимодействующих агентов pp. 69-77 Downloads
Бекларян А. Л. and Акопов А. С.
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