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Volume 108, issue 1, 2024

A dynamic causal modeling of the second outbreak of COVID-19 in Italy pp. 1-30 Downloads
Massimo Bilancia, Domenico Vitale, Fabio Manca, Paola Perchinunno and Luigi Santacroce
Left-truncated health insurance claims data: theoretical review and empirical application pp. 31-68 Downloads
Rafael Weißbach, Achim Dörre, Dominik Wied, Gabriele Doblhammer and Anne Fink
Lasso-based variable selection methods in text regression: the case of short texts pp. 69-99 Downloads
Marzia Freo and Alessandra Luati
Clustering of extreme values: estimation and application pp. 101-125 Downloads
Marta Ferreira
Robust estimation of fixed effect parameters and variances of linear mixed models: the minimum density power divergence approach pp. 127-157 Downloads
Giovanni Saraceno, Abhik Ghosh, Ayanendranath Basu and Claudio Agostinelli
A spatial semiparametric M-quantile regression for hedonic price modelling pp. 159-183 Downloads
Francesco Schirripa Spagnolo, Riccardo Borgoni, Antonella Carcagnì, Alessandra Michelangeli and Nicola Salvati
Correlation-type goodness-of-fit tests based on independence characterizations pp. 185-207 Downloads
Katarina Halaj, Bojana Milošević, Marko Obradović and M. Dolores Jiménez-Gamero
A family of consistent normally distributed tests for Poissonity pp. 209-223 Downloads
Antonio Di Noia, Marzia Marcheselli, Caterina Pisani and Luca Pratelli

Volume 107, issue 4, 2023

A new price index for multi-period and multilateral comparisons pp. 621-640 Downloads
Mario Faliva, Consuelo Rubina Nava and Maria Zoia
Testing for the presence of treatment effect under selection on observables pp. 641-669 Downloads
Pier Luigi Conti and Livia Giovanni
Multiple imputation of ordinal missing not at random data pp. 671-692 Downloads
Angelina Hammon
Control charts for measurement error models pp. 693-712 Downloads
Vasyl Golosnoy, Benno Hildebrandt, Steffen Köhler, Wolfgang Schmid and Miriam Isabel Seifert
Estimating the Impact of Medical Care Usage on Work Absenteeism by a Trivariate Probit Model with Two Binary Endogenous Explanatory Variables pp. 713-731 Downloads
Panagiota Filippou, Giampiero Marra, Rosalba Radice and David Zimmer
Hedonic pricing modelling with unstructured predictors: an application to Italian Fashion Industry pp. 733-753 Downloads
Federico Crescenzi
Bayesian ridge regression for survival data based on a vine copula-based prior pp. 755-784 Downloads
Hirofumi Michimae and Takeshi Emura
Addressing non-normality in multivariate analysis using the t-distribution pp. 785-813 Downloads
Felipe Osorio, Manuel Galea, Claudio Henríquez and Reinaldo Arellano-Valle
Correction to: Local spatial log-Gaussian Cox processes for seismic data pp. 815-819 Downloads
Nicoletta D’Angelo, Marianna Siino, Antonino D’Alessandro and Giada Adelfio

Volume 107, issue 3, 2023

Editorial pp. 393-396 Downloads
Harry Haupt, Thomas Kneib and Yarema Okhrin
Distributional properties of continuous time processes: from CIR to bates pp. 397-419 Downloads
Ostap Okhrin, Michael Rockinger and Manuel Schmid
Sieve bootstrapping the memory parameter in long-range dependent stationary functional time series pp. 421-441 Downloads
Han Lin Shang
Tests of stochastic dominance with repeated measurements data pp. 443-467 Downloads
Angel G. Angelov and Magnus Ekström
Group sparse recovery via group square-root elastic net and the iterative multivariate thresholding-based algorithm pp. 469-507 Downloads
Wanling Xie and Hu Yang
On dealing with the unknown population minimum in parametric inference pp. 509-535 Downloads
Matheus Henrique Junqueira Saldanha and Adriano Kamimura Suzuki
Hierarchical disjoint principal component analysis pp. 537-574 Downloads
Carlo Cavicchia, Maurizio Vichi and Giorgia Zaccaria
Hierarchical clustering and matrix completion for the reconstruction of world input–output tables pp. 575-620 Downloads
Rodolfo Metulini, Giorgio Gnecco, Francesco Biancalani and Massimo Riccaboni

Volume 107, issue 1, 2023

Editorial special issue: Statistics in sports pp. 1-7 Downloads
Andreas Groll and Dominik Liebl
A copula-based multivariate hidden Markov model for modelling momentum in football pp. 9-27 Downloads
Marius Ötting, Roland Langrock and Antonello Maruotti
Action rate models for predicting actions in soccer pp. 29-49 Downloads
Uwe Dick and Ulf Brefeld
Contextual movement models based on normalizing flows pp. 51-72 Downloads
Samuel G. Fadel, Sebastian Mair, Ricardo da Silva Torres and Ulf Brefeld
Decompositions by sources and by subpopulations of the Pietra index: two applications to professional football teams in Italy pp. 73-100 Downloads
Francesco Porro and Mariangela Zenga
Prediction of sports injuries in football: a recurrent time-to-event approach using regularized Cox models pp. 101-126 Downloads
Lore Zumeta-Olaskoaga, Maximilian Weigert, Jon Larruskain, Eder Bikandi, Igor Setuain, Josean Lekue, Helmut Küchenhoff and Dae-Jin Lee
Introducing LASSO-type penalisation to generalised joint regression modelling for count data pp. 127-151 Downloads
Hendrik van der Wurp and Andreas Groll
The role of passing network indicators in modeling football outcomes: an application using Bayesian hierarchical models pp. 153-175 Downloads
Riccardo Ievoli, Aldo Gardini and Lucio Palazzo
Hierarchical Bayes modelling of penalty conversion rates of Bundesliga players pp. 177-204 Downloads
Christoph Hanck and Martin C. Arnold
Estimating the change in soccer’s home advantage during the Covid-19 pandemic using bivariate Poisson regression pp. 205-232 Downloads
Luke S. Benz and Michael J. Lopez
Estimation of final standings in football competitions with a premature ending: the case of COVID-19 pp. 233-250 Downloads
P. Gorgi, Siem Jan Koopman and R. Lit
The Probabilistic Final Standing Calculator: a fair stochastic tool to handle abruptly stopped football seasons pp. 251-269 Downloads
Hans Eetvelde, Lars Magnus Hvattum and Christophe Ley
Integration of model-based recursive partitioning with bias reduction estimation: a case study assessing the impact of Oliver’s four factors on the probability of winning a basketball game pp. 271-293 Downloads
Manlio Migliorati, Marica Manisera and Paola Zuccolotto
Having a ball: evaluating scoring streaks and game excitement using in-match trend estimation pp. 295-311 Downloads
Claus Thorn Ekstrøm and Andreas Kryger Jensen
Continuous-time state-space modelling of the hot hand in basketball pp. 313-326 Downloads
Sina Mews and Marius Ötting
Quarterback evaluation in the national football league using tracking data pp. 327-342 Downloads
Matthew Reyers and Tim B. Swartz
Component-based structural equation modeling for the assessment of psycho-social aspects and performance of athletes pp. 343-367 Downloads
Rosa Fabbricatore, Maria Iannario, Rosaria Romano and Domenico Vistocco
Simultaneous inference for functional data in sports biomechanics pp. 369-392 Downloads
Todd Colin Pataky, Konrad Abramowicz, Dominik Liebl, Alessia Pini, Sara Sjöstedt Luna and Lina Schelin

Volume 106, issue 4, 2022

Scoring predictions at extreme quantiles pp. 527-544 Downloads
Axel Gandy, Kaushik Jana and Almut E. D. Veraart
A quantile regression perspective on external preference mapping pp. 545-571 Downloads
Cristina Davino, Tormod Næs, Rosaria Romano and Domenico Vistocco
Some measures of kurtosis and their inference on large datasets pp. 573-607 Downloads
Claudio Giovanni Borroni and Lucio De Capitani
On the Gaussian representation of the Riesz probability distribution on symmetric matrices pp. 609-632 Downloads
Abdelhamid Hassairi, Fatma Ktari and Raoudha Zine
Local spatial log-Gaussian Cox processes for seismic data pp. 633-671 Downloads
Nicoletta D’Angelo, Marianna Siino, Antonino D’Alessandro and Giada Adelfio
Assessment of agricultural sustainability in European Union countries: a group-based multivariate trajectory approach pp. 673-703 Downloads
Alessandro Magrini
Imputation-based empirical likelihood inferences for partially nonlinear quantile regression models with missing responses pp. 705-722 Downloads
Xiaoshuang Zhou, Peixin Zhao and Yujie Gai

Volume 106, issue 3, 2022

On the role of data, statistics and decisions in a pandemic pp. 349-382 Downloads
Beate Jahn, Sarah Friedrich, Joachim Behnke, Joachim Engel, Ursula Garczarek, Ralf Münnich, Markus Pauly, Adalbert Wilhelm, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Markus Zwick, Uwe Siebert and Tim Friede
Comment “On the role of data, statistics and decisions in a pandemic” by Jahn et al pp. 383-386 Downloads
Michael Höhle
Discussion on On the role of data, statistics and decisions in a pandemic pp. 387-390 Downloads
Ursula Berger, Göran Kauermann and Helmut Küchenhoff
Comment on: On the role of data, statistics and decisions in a pandemic statistics for climate protection and health—dare (more) progress! pp. 391-397 Downloads
Walter J. Radermacher
Describing a landscape we are yet discovering pp. 399-402 Downloads
Sebastian Contreras, Jonas Dehning and Viola Priesemann
Authors’ response: on the role of data, statistics and decisions in a pandemic pp. 403-405 Downloads
Beate Jahn, Sarah Friedrich, Joachim Behnke, Joachim Engel, Ursula Garczarek, Ralf Münnich, Markus Pauly, Adalbert Wilhelm, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Markus Zwick, Uwe Siebert and Tim Friede
Regional now- and forecasting for data reported with delay: toward surveillance of COVID-19 infections pp. 407-426 Downloads
Giacomo De Nicola, Marc Schneble, Göran Kauermann and Ursula Berger
Ranked sparsity: a cogent regularization framework for selecting and estimating feature interactions and polynomials pp. 427-454 Downloads
Ryan A. Peterson and Joseph E. Cavanaugh
Improving the causal treatment effect estimation with propensity scores by the bootstrap pp. 455-471 Downloads
Maeregu W. Arisido, Fulvia Mecatti and Paola Rebora
Flexible models for non-equidispersed count data: comparative performance of parametric models to deal with underdispersion pp. 473-497 Downloads
Douglas Toledo, Cristiane Akemi Umetsu, Antonio Fernando Monteiro Camargo and Idemauro Antonio Rodrigues Lara
A spatial randomness test based on the box-counting dimension pp. 499-524 Downloads
Yolanda Caballero, Ramón Giraldo and Jorge Mateu
Correction to: Assessment of agricultural sustainability in European Union countries: a group-based multivariate trajectory approach pp. 525-526 Downloads
Alessandro Magrini

Volume 106, issue 2, 2022

An integrated local depth measure pp. 175-197 Downloads
Lucas Fernandez-Piana and Marcela Svarc
Density estimation via Bayesian inference engines pp. 199-216 Downloads
M. P. Wand and J. C. F. Yu
A Bayesian nonparametric multi-sample test in any dimension pp. 217-242 Downloads
Luai Al-Labadi, Forough Fazeli Asl and Zahra Saberi
A new class of integer-valued GARCH models for time series of bounded counts with extra-binomial variation pp. 243-270 Downloads
Huaping Chen, Qi Li and Fukang Zhu
Diagnostic checking of multiple imputation models pp. 271-286 Downloads
Yang Zhao
Small area estimation of socioeconomic indicators for sampled and unsampled domains pp. 287-314 Downloads
Jan Pablo Burgard, Domingo Morales and Anna-Lena Wölwer
Model-based clustering via new parsimonious mixtures of heavy-tailed distributions pp. 315-347 Downloads
Salvatore D. Tomarchio, Luca Bagnato and Antonio Punzo

Volume 106, issue 1, 2022

Local influence analysis for GMM estimation pp. 1-23 Downloads
Jun Lu, Wen Gan and Lei Shi
Robust fitting of mixtures of GLMs by weighted likelihood pp. 25-48 Downloads
Luca Greco
A harmonically weighted filter for cyclical long memory processes pp. 49-78 Downloads
Federico Maddanu
Variable selection and collinearity processing for multivariate data via row-elastic-net regularization pp. 79-96 Downloads
Bingzhen Chen, Wenjuan Zhai and Lingchen Kong
A smooth dynamic network model for patent collaboration data pp. 97-116 Downloads
Verena Bauer, Dietmar Harhoff and Göran Kauermann
Measuring spatial price differentials at the basic heading level: a comparison of stochastic index number methods pp. 117-143 Downloads
Sebastian Weinand
Modeling random and non-random decision uncertainty in ratings data: a fuzzy beta model pp. 145-173 Downloads
Antonio Calcagnì and Luigi Lombardi
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