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Volume 71, issue 1, 2018

Introduction to the special issue for SIMAI 2016 pp. 1-3 Downloads
Valeria Ruggiero and Gerardo Toraldo
A block coordinate variable metric linesearch based proximal gradient method pp. 5-52 Downloads
S. Bonettini, M. Prato and S. Rebegoldi
A multi-objective DIRECT algorithm for ship hull optimization pp. 53-72 Downloads
E. F. Campana, M. Diez, G. Liuzzi, S. Lucidi, R. Pellegrini, V. Piccialli, F. Rinaldi and A. Serani
Planar methods and grossone for the Conjugate Gradient breakdown in nonlinear programming pp. 73-93 Downloads
Renato De Leone, Giovanni Fasano and Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
Modified Fejér sequences and applications pp. 95-113 Downloads
Junhong Lin, Lorenzo Rosasco, Silvia Villa and Ding-Xuan Zhou
Parallel decomposition methods for linearly constrained problems subject to simple bound with application to the SVMs training pp. 115-145 Downloads
Andrea Manno, Laura Palagi and Simone Sagratella
Quasi-Newton methods for constrained nonlinear systems: complexity analysis and applications pp. 147-170 Downloads
Leopoldo Marini, Benedetta Morini and Margherita Porcelli
Reconstruction of 3D X-ray CT images from reduced sampling by a scaled gradient projection algorithm pp. 171-191 Downloads
E. Loli Piccolomini, V. L. Coli, E. Morotti and L. Zanni
Algorithms for positive semidefinite factorization pp. 193-219 Downloads
Arnaud Vandaele, François Glineur and Nicolas Gillis
A unified global convergence analysis of multiplicative update rules for nonnegative matrix factorization pp. 221-250 Downloads
Norikazu Takahashi, Jiro Katayama, Masato Seki and Jun’ichi Takeuchi
An effective adaptive trust region algorithm for nonsmooth minimization pp. 251-271 Downloads
Zhou Sheng and Gonglin Yuan
A non-overlapping DDM combined with the characteristic method for optimal control problems governed by convection–diffusion equations pp. 273-306 Downloads
Tongjun Sun and Keying Ma

Volume 70, issue 3, 2018

Combinatorial optimal control of semilinear elliptic PDEs pp. 641-675 Downloads
Christoph Buchheim, Renke Kuhlmann and Christian Meyer
Optimal control of a class of reaction–diffusion systems pp. 677-707 Downloads
Eduardo Casas, Christopher Ryll and Fredi Tröltzsch
Proximal algorithms and temporal difference methods for solving fixed point problems pp. 709-736 Downloads
Dimitri P. Bertsekas
A generalized projection-based scheme for solving convex constrained optimization problems pp. 737-762 Downloads
Aviv Gibali, Karl-Heinz Küfer, Daniel Reem and Philipp Süss
Complexity of the relaxed Peaceman–Rachford splitting method for the sum of two maximal strongly monotone operators pp. 763-790 Downloads
Renato D. C. Monteiro and Chee-Khian Sim
A class of ADMM-based algorithms for three-block separable convex programming pp. 791-826 Downloads
Bingsheng He and Xiaoming Yuan
The generalized proximal point algorithm with step size 2 is not necessarily convergent pp. 827-839 Downloads
Min Tao and Xiaoming Yuan
A convergent relaxation of the Douglas–Rachford algorithm pp. 841-863 Downloads
Nguyen Hieu Thao
On efficient matheuristic algorithms for multi-period stochastic facility location-assignment problems pp. 865-888 Downloads
Laureano F. Escudero, María Araceli Garín, Celeste Pizarro and Aitziber Unzueta
A multi-criteria approach to approximate solution of multiple-choice knapsack problem pp. 889-910 Downloads
Ewa M. Bednarczuk, Janusz Miroforidis and Przemysław Pyzel

Volume 70, issue 2, 2018

Parallel cyclic reduction strategies for linear systems that arise in dynamic optimization problems pp. 321-350 Downloads
Bethany L. Nicholson, Wei Wan, Shivakumar Kameswaran and Lorenz T. Biegler
A flexible coordinate descent method pp. 351-394 Downloads
Kimon Fountoulakis and Rachael Tappenden
A nonconvex formulation for low rank subspace clustering: algorithms and convergence analysis pp. 395-418 Downloads
Hao Jiang, Daniel P. Robinson, René Vidal and Chong You
Completely positive tensor recovery with minimal nuclear value pp. 419-441 Downloads
Anwa Zhou and Jinyan Fan
A primal-dual homotopy algorithm for $$\ell _{1}$$ ℓ 1 -minimization with $$\ell _{\infty }$$ ℓ ∞ -constraints pp. 443-478 Downloads
Christoph Brauer, Dirk A. Lorenz and Andreas M. Tillmann
Chance-constrained economic dispatch with renewable energy and storage pp. 479-502 Downloads
Jianqiang Cheng, Richard Li-Yang Chen, Habib N. Najm, Ali Pinar, Cosmin Safta and Jean-Paul Watson
Convergence of a Scholtes-type regularization method for cardinality-constrained optimization problems with an application in sparse robust portfolio optimization pp. 503-530 Downloads
Martin Branda, Max Bucher, Michal Červinka and Alexandra Schwartz
Adaptive optimal control of Signorini’s problem pp. 531-569 Downloads
Andreas Rademacher and Korinna Rosin
Efficiently solving total least squares with Tikhonov identical regularization pp. 571-592 Downloads
Meijia Yang, Yong Xia, Jiulin Wang and Jiming Peng
A linear-time algorithm to compute the conjugate of convex piecewise linear-quadratic bivariate functions pp. 593-613 Downloads
Tasnuva Haque and Yves Lucet
A second-order optimality condition with first- and second-order complementarity associated with global convergence of algorithms pp. 615-639 Downloads
Gabriel Haeser

Volume 70, issue 1, 2018

Real eigenvalues of nonsymmetric tensors pp. 1-32 Downloads
Jiawang Nie and Xinzhen Zhang
A copositive approach for two-stage adjustable robust optimization with uncertain right-hand sides pp. 33-59 Downloads
Guanglin Xu and Samuel Burer
Time-optimal velocity planning by a bound-tightening technique pp. 61-90 Downloads
Federico Cabassi, Luca Consolini and Marco Locatelli
Accelerated primal–dual proximal block coordinate updating methods for constrained convex optimization pp. 91-128 Downloads
Yangyang Xu and Shuzhong Zhang
Generalized symmetric ADMM for separable convex optimization pp. 129-170 Downloads
Jianchao Bai, Jicheng Li, Fengmin Xu and Hongchao Zhang
Two smooth support vector machines for $$\varepsilon $$ ε -insensitive regression pp. 171-199 Downloads
Weizhe Gu, Wei-Po Chen, Chun-Hsu Ko, Yuh-Jye Lee and Jein-Shan Chen
Iterative reweighted methods for $$\ell _1-\ell _p$$ ℓ 1 - ℓ p minimization pp. 201-219 Downloads
Xianchao Xiu, Lingchen Kong, Yan Li and Houduo Qi
On the convergence of the gradient projection method for convex optimal control problems with bang–bang solutions pp. 221-238 Downloads
J. Preininger and P. T. Vuong
Improved approximation rates for a parabolic control problem with an objective promoting directional sparsity pp. 239-266 Downloads
Eduardo Casas, Mariano Mateos and Arnd Rösch
MIP-based instantaneous control of mixed-integer PDE-constrained gas transport problems pp. 267-294 Downloads
Martin Gugat, Günter Leugering, Alexander Martin, Martin Schmidt, Mathias Sirvent and David Wintergerst
Tikhonov regularization of control-constrained optimal control problems pp. 295-320 Downloads
Nikolaus Daniels

Volume 69, issue 3, 2018

A two-stage stochastic programming approach for influence maximization in social networks pp. 563-595 Downloads
Hao-Hsiang Wu and Simge Küçükyavuz
Proximal quasi-Newton methods for regularized convex optimization with linear and accelerated sublinear convergence rates pp. 597-627 Downloads
Hiva Ghanbari and Katya Scheinberg
A nonmonotone trust-region method for generalized Nash equilibrium and related problems with strong convergence properties pp. 629-652 Downloads
Leonardo Galli, Christian Kanzow and Marco Sciandrone
A two-level graph partitioning problem arising in mobile wireless communications pp. 653-676 Downloads
Jamie Fairbrother, Adam N. Letchford and Keith Briggs
Semidefinite programming approach for the quadratic assignment problem with a sparse graph pp. 677-712 Downloads
José F. S. Bravo Ferreira, Yuehaw Khoo and Amit Singer
Decomposition methods for the two-stage stochastic Steiner tree problem pp. 713-752 Downloads
Markus Leitner, Ivana Ljubić, Martin Luipersbeck and Markus Sinnl
A comparison of different routing schemes for the robust network loading problem: polyhedral results and computation pp. 753-800 Downloads
Sara Mattia and Michael Poss
Augmented Lagrangian and exact penalty methods for quasi-variational inequalities pp. 801-824 Downloads
Christian Kanzow and Daniel Steck
Euler discretization for a class of nonlinear optimal control problems with control appearing linearly pp. 825-856 Downloads
Walter Alt, Ursula Felgenhauer and Martin Seydenschwanz
An augmented Lagrange method for elliptic state constrained optimal control problems pp. 857-880 Downloads
Veronika Karl and Daniel Wachsmuth

Volume 69, issue 2, 2018

An implicit filtering algorithm for derivative-free multiobjective optimization with box constraints pp. 267-296 Downloads
G. Cocchi, G. Liuzzi, A. Papini and M. Sciandrone
A proximal difference-of-convex algorithm with extrapolation pp. 297-324 Downloads
Bo Wen, Xiaojun Chen and Ting Kei Pong
A globally convergent LP-Newton method for piecewise smooth constrained equations: escaping nonstationary accumulation points pp. 325-349 Downloads
A. Fischer, M. Herrich, A. F. Izmailov, W. Scheck and M. V. Solodov
MINQ8: general definite and bound constrained indefinite quadratic programming pp. 351-381 Downloads
Waltraud Huyer and Arnold Neumaier
A novel approach for ellipsoidal outer-approximation of the intersection region of ellipses in the plane pp. 383-402 Downloads
Siamak Yousefi, Xiao-Wen Chang, Henk Wymeersch, Benoit Champagne and Godfried Toussaint
Higher-order numerical scheme for linear quadratic problems with bang–bang controls pp. 403-422 Downloads
T. Scarinci and V. M. Veliov
A Fokker–Planck approach to control collective motion pp. 423-459 Downloads
Souvik Roy, Mario Annunziato, Alfio Borzì and Christian Klingenberg
An efficient duality-based approach for PDE-constrained sparse optimization pp. 461-500 Downloads
Xiaoliang Song, Bo Chen and Bo Yu
A study of the Bienstock–Zuckerberg algorithm: applications in mining and resource constrained project scheduling pp. 501-534 Downloads
Gonzalo Muñoz, Daniel Espinoza, Marcos Goycoolea, Eduardo Moreno, Maurice Queyranne and Orlando Rivera Letelier
An efficient computational method for large scale surgery scheduling problems with chance constraints pp. 535-561 Downloads
Mahdi Noorizadegan and Abbas Seifi

Volume 69, issue 1, 2018

Alternating criteria search: a parallel large neighborhood search algorithm for mixed integer programs pp. 1-24 Downloads
Lluís-Miquel Munguía, Shabbir Ahmed, David A. Bader, George L. Nemhauser and Yufen Shao
The geo-graph in practice: creating United States Congressional Districts from census blocks pp. 25-49 Downloads
D. M. King, S. H. Jacobson and E. C. Sewell
Augmented Lagrangians with constrained subproblems and convergence to second-order stationary points pp. 51-75 Downloads
E. G. Birgin, G. Haeser and A. Ramos
An accelerated nonmonotone trust region method with adaptive trust region for unconstrained optimization pp. 77-97 Downloads
Jianjun Liu, Xiangmin Xu and Xuehui Cui
A new projection method for finding the closest point in the intersection of convex sets pp. 99-132 Downloads
Francisco J. Aragón Artacho and Rubén Campoy
Copositive tensor detection and its applications in physics and hypergraphs pp. 133-158 Downloads
Haibin Chen, Zheng-Hai Huang and Liqun Qi
The min-cut and vertex separator problem pp. 159-187 Downloads
Fanz Rendl and Renata Sotirov
A multilevel bilinear programming algorithm for the vertex separator problem pp. 189-223 Downloads
William W. Hager, James T. Hungerford and Ilya Safro
On exact linesearch quasi-Newton methods for minimizing a quadratic function pp. 225-241 Downloads
Anders Forsgren and Tove Odland
Bounds for the solutions of absolute value equations pp. 243-266 Downloads
Milan Hladík
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