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Volume 64, issue 3, 2016

Stochastic derivative-free optimization using a trust region framework pp. 619-645 Downloads
Jeffrey Larson and Stephen C. Billups
Computing the distance between the linear matrix pencil and the completely positive cone pp. 647-670 Downloads
Jinyan Fan and Anwa Zhou
A fast dual proximal-gradient method for separable convex optimization with linear coupled constraints pp. 671-697 Downloads
Jueyou Li, Guo Chen, Zhaoyang Dong and Zhiyou Wu
The split Bregman algorithm applied to PDE-constrained optimization problems with total variation regularization pp. 699-724 Downloads
Ole Løseth Elvetun and Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen
Alternating direction method of multipliers for penalized zero-variance discriminant analysis pp. 725-754 Downloads
Brendan P. W. Ames and Mingyi Hong
Nonlinear residual minimization by iteratively reweighted least squares pp. 755-792 Downloads
Juliane Sigl
State-defect constraint pairing graph coarsening method for Karush–Kuhn–Tucker matrices arising in orthogonal collocation methods for optimal control pp. 793-819 Downloads
Begüm Şenses Cannataro, Anil V. Rao and Timothy A. Davis
Selective bi-coordinate variations for resource allocation type problems pp. 821-842 Downloads
Igor Konnov
Column generation approaches for the software clustering problem pp. 843-864 Downloads
Hugo Harry Kramer, Eduardo Uchoa, Marcia Fampa, Viviane Köhler and François Vanderbeck
Feature subset selection for logistic regression via mixed integer optimization pp. 865-880 Downloads
Toshiki Sato, Yuichi Takano, Ryuhei Miyashiro and Akiko Yoshise
Local convex hulls for a special class of integer multicommodity flow problems pp. 881-919 Downloads
Zhiyuan Lin and Raymond S. K. Kwan

Volume 64, issue 2, 2016

An inertia-free filter line-search algorithm for large-scale nonlinear programming pp. 327-354 Downloads
Nai-Yuan Chiang and Victor M. Zavala
Bounding duality gap for separable problems with linear constraints pp. 355-378 Downloads
Madeleine Udell and Stephen Boyd
Clustering-based preconditioning for stochastic programs pp. 379-406 Downloads
Yankai Cao, Carl D. Laird and Victor M. Zavala
Variance reduction in Monte Carlo sampling-based optimality gap estimators for two-stage stochastic linear programming pp. 407-431 Downloads
Rebecca Stockbridge and Güzin Bayraksan
Constrained incremental bundle method with partial inexact oracle for nonsmooth convex semi-infinite programming problems pp. 433-465 Downloads
Li-Ping Pang, Jian Lv and Jin-He Wang
Sufficient weighted complementarity problems pp. 467-488 Downloads
Florian A. Potra
On how to solve large-scale log-determinant optimization problems pp. 489-511 Downloads
Chengjing Wang
Theoretical and computational results about optimality-based domain reductions pp. 513-533 Downloads
Alberto Caprara, Marco Locatelli and Michele Monaci
A generalization of $$\omega $$ ω -subdivision ensuring convergence of the simplicial algorithm pp. 535-555 Downloads
Takahito Kuno and Tomohiro Ishihama
Distortion compensation as a shape optimisation problem for a sharp interface model pp. 557-588 Downloads
Kevin Sturm, Michael Hintermüller and Dietmar Hömberg
Optimal averaged Hausdorff archives for bi-objective problems: theoretical and numerical results pp. 589-618 Downloads
Günter Rudolph, Oliver Schütze, Christian Grimme, Christian Domínguez-Medina and Heike Trautmann

Volume 64, issue 1, 2016

On an adaptive regularization for ill-posed nonlinear systems and its trust-region implementation pp. 1-30 Downloads
S. Bellavia, B. Morini and E. Riccietti
An adaptive accelerated first-order method for convex optimization pp. 31-73 Downloads
Renato D. C. Monteiro, Camilo Ortiz and Benar F. Svaiter
A bundle method using two polyhedral approximations of the $$\varepsilon $$ ε -enlargement of a maximal monotone operator pp. 75-100 Downloads
Ludovic Nagesseur
A Dai–Yuan-type Riemannian conjugate gradient method with the weak Wolfe conditions pp. 101-118 Downloads
Hiroyuki Sato
Two-stage convex relaxation approach to least squares loss constrained low-rank plus sparsity optimization problems pp. 119-148 Downloads
Le Han, Shujun Bi and Shaohua Pan
Higher-degree eigenvalue complementarity problems for tensors pp. 149-176 Downloads
Chen Ling, Hongjin He and Liqun Qi
Exact MIP-based approaches for finding maximum quasi-cliques and dense subgraphs pp. 177-214 Downloads
Alexander Veremyev, Oleg A. Prokopyev, Sergiy Butenko and Eduardo L. Pasiliao
Exact solution approaches for bilevel assignment problems pp. 215-242 Downloads
Behdad Beheshti, Oleg A. Prokopyev and Eduardo L. Pasiliao
A new local dimming algorithm based on the simplex method pp. 243-263 Downloads
Martin Riplinger, Michael Krause, Alfred K. Louis and Chihao Xu
Optimization of nonlocal time-delayed feedback controllers pp. 265-294 Downloads
Peter Nestler, Eckehard Schöll and Fredi Tröltzsch
Discretization of semilinear bang-singular-bang control problems pp. 295-326 Downloads
Ursula Felgenhauer

Volume 63, issue 3, 2016

On an inexact trust-region SQP-filter method for constrained nonlinear optimization pp. 613-638 Downloads
Andrea Walther and Lorenz Biegler
On an inexact trust-region SQP-filter method for constrained nonlinear optimization pp. 613-638 Downloads
Andrea Walther and Lorenz Biegler
Active-set prediction for interior point methods using controlled perturbations pp. 639-684 Downloads
Coralia Cartis and Yiming Yan
Active-set prediction for interior point methods using controlled perturbations pp. 639-684 Downloads
Coralia Cartis and Yiming Yan
On the solution of convex bilevel optimization problems pp. 685-703 Downloads
S. Dempe and S. Franke
Approximated perspective relaxations: a project and lift approach pp. 705-735 Downloads
Antonio Frangioni, Fabio Furini and Claudio Gentile
Towards an objective feasibility pump for convex MINLPs pp. 737-753 Downloads
Shaurya Sharma, Brage Knudsen and Bjarne Grimstad
Branch-and-cut-and-price algorithms for the Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem pp. 755-792 Downloads
Luis Bicalho, Alexandre Cunha and Abilio Lucena
Finite element error estimates for an optimal control problem governed by the Burgers equation pp. 793-824 Downloads
Pedro Merino
Dirichlet control of elliptic state constrained problems pp. 825-853 Downloads
Mariano Mateos and Ira Neitzel
Numerical enclosures of the optimal cost of the Kantorovitch’s mass transportation problem pp. 855-873 Downloads
Nicolas Delanoue, Mehdi Lhommeau and Philippe Lucidarme
Numerical enclosures of the optimal cost of the Kantorovitch’s mass transportation problem pp. 855-873 Downloads
Nicolas Delanoue, Mehdi Lhommeau and Philippe Lucidarme
On multiobjective selection for multimodal optimization pp. 875-902 Downloads
Simon Wessing and Mike Preuss
Analysis of multi-objective Kriging-based methods for constrained global optimization pp. 903-926 Downloads
Cédric Durantin, Julien Marzat and Mathieu Balesdent

Volume 63, issue 2, 2016

The directed search method for multi-objective memetic algorithms pp. 305-332 Downloads
Oliver Schütze, Adanay Martín, Adriana Lara, Sergio Alvarado, Eduardo Salinas and Carlos Coello
Eigenvalue, quadratic programming, and semidefinite programming relaxations for a cut minimization problem pp. 333-364 Downloads
Ting Pong, Hao Sun, Ningchuan Wang and Henry Wolkowicz
Bounded perturbation resilience of projected scaled gradient methods pp. 365-392 Downloads
Wenma Jin, Yair Censor and Ming Jiang
An efficient method for solving a matrix least squares problem over a matrix inequality constraint pp. 393-423 Downloads
Jiao-fen Li, Wen Li and Ru Huang
Convergence conditions for Newton-type methods applied to complementarity systems with nonisolated solutions pp. 425-459 Downloads
Andreas Fischer, Markus Herrich, Alexey Izmailov and Mikhail Solodov
Copositivity tests based on the linear complementarity problem pp. 461-493 Downloads
Carmo Brás, Gabriele Eichfelder and Joaquim Júdice
Constructions of complementarity functions and merit functions for circular cone complementarity problem pp. 495-522 Downloads
Xin-He Miao, Shengjuan Guo, Nuo Qi and Jein-Shan Chen
On the steepest descent algorithm for quadratic functions pp. 523-542 Downloads
Clóvis Gonzaga and Ruana Schneider
Reliable updates of the transformation in the iterative closest point algorithm pp. 543-557 Downloads
Per Bergström
On the shortest path problem with negative cost cycles pp. 559-583 Downloads
Luigi Di Puglia Pugliese and Francesca Guerriero
A fast implementation for the 2D/3D box placement problem pp. 585-612 Downloads
Wenbin Zhu, Zhixing Luo, Andrew Lim and Wee-Chong Oon

Volume 63, issue 1, 2016

A proximal bundle method for nonsmooth nonconvex functions with inexact information pp. 1-28 Downloads
W. Hare, C. Sagastizábal and M. Solodov
An acceleration scheme for Dykstra’s algorithm pp. 29-44 Downloads
Williams López and Marcos Raydan
Using multiobjective optimization to map the entropy region pp. 45-67 Downloads
László Csirmaz
A leapfrog semi-smooth Newton-multigrid method for semilinear parabolic optimal control problems pp. 69-95 Downloads
Jun Liu and Mingqing Xiao
Lagrangian heuristics for the Quadratic Knapsack Problem pp. 97-120 Downloads
Jesus Cunha, Luidi Simonetti and Abilio Lucena
Exact line and plane search for tensor optimization pp. 121-142 Downloads
Laurent Sorber, Ignat Domanov, Marc Barel and Lieven Lathauwer
On the cone eigenvalue complementarity problem for higher-order tensors pp. 143-168 Downloads
Chen Ling, Hongjin He and Liqun Qi
An iterative algorithm for third-order tensor multi-rank minimization pp. 169-202 Downloads
Lei Yang, Zheng-Hai Huang, Shenglong Hu and Jiye Han
Global optimization of trusses with constraints on number of different cross-sections: a mixed-integer second-order cone programming approach pp. 203-236 Downloads
Yoshihiro Kanno
Optimization of current carrying multicables pp. 237-271 Downloads
Helmut Harbrecht and Florian Loos
A partially parallel splitting method for multiple-block separable convex programming with applications to robust PCA pp. 273-303 Downloads
Liusheng Hou, Hongjin He and Junfeng Yang
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