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Volume 89, issue 3, 2019

Diversification and organizational environment: the effect of resource scarcity and complexity on the valuation of multi-segment firms pp. 251-272 Downloads
Maximilian Sturm and Stephan Nüesch
You get what you ‘pay’ for: academic attention, career incentives and changes in publication portfolios of business and economics researchers pp. 273-290 Downloads
Adam Ayaita, Kerstin Pull and Uschi Backes-Gellner
A real option application for emission control measures pp. 291-325 Downloads
Carmen Schiel, Simon Glöser-Chahoud and Frank Schultmann
Topic modeling in marketing: recent advances and research opportunities pp. 327-356 Downloads
Martin Reisenbichler and Thomas Reutterer

Volume 89, issue 2, 2019

The impact of acquisitions on Chinese acquirers’ innovation performance: an empirical investigation of 1545 Chinese acquisitions pp. 125-153 Downloads
Christian Fisch, Jörn Block and Philipp Sandner
The psychological effects of centrality bias: an experimental analysis pp. 155-189 Downloads
Irene Trapp and Rouven Trapp
Cultural Finance as a research field: an evaluative survey pp. 191-220 Downloads
Claudia Nadler and Wolfgang Breuer
What makes industry–university collaboration succeed? A systematic review of the literature pp. 221-250 Downloads
Robert Rybnicek and Roland Königsgruber

Volume 89, issue 1, 2019

Building composite indicators using multicriteria methods: a review pp. 1-24 Downloads
Samira El Gibari, Trinidad Gómez and Francisco Ruiz
Solving multiobjective optimization problems with decision uncertainty: an interactive approach pp. 25-51 Downloads
Yue Zhou-Kangas, Kaisa Miettinen and Karthik Sindhya
Measuring potential sub-unit efficiency to counter the aggregation bias in benchmarking pp. 53-77 Downloads
Heinz Ahn, Peter Bogetoft and Ana Lopes
Content analysis of business communication: introducing a German dictionary pp. 79-123 Downloads
Christina Bannier, Thomas Pauls and Andreas Walter

Volume 88, issue 9, 2018

Can formula apportionment really prevent multinational enterprises from profit shifting? The role of asset valuation, intragroup debt, and leases pp. 1029-1060 Downloads
Dirk Kiesewetter, Tobias Steigenberger and Matthias Stier
Disentangling complexity: how negotiators identify and handle issue-based complexity in business-to-business negotiation pp. 1061-1103 Downloads
Christoph Laubert and Ingmar Geiger
In search of excellence: a case study of the first excellence initiative of Germany pp. 1105-1132 Downloads
Matthias Menter, Erik E. Lehmann and Torben Klarl
Who benefits from the wisdom of the crowd in crowdfunding? Assessing the benefits of user-generated and mass personal electronic word of mouth in computer-mediated financing pp. 1133-1162 Downloads
Jermain Kaminski, Christian Hopp and Christian Lukas

Volume 88, issue 7, 2018

Editorial pp. 827-829 Downloads
Hans-Ulrich Küpper and Jan Trockel
CCR or BCC: what if we are in the wrong model? pp. 831-850 Downloads
Andreas Dellnitz, Andreas Kleine and Wilhelm Rödder
Multi-criteria production theory: foundation of non-financial and sustainability performance evaluation pp. 851-882 Downloads
Harald Dyckhoff
An inspection game of internal audit and the influence of whistle-blowing pp. 883-914 Downloads
Benjamin Florian Siggelkow, Jan Trockel and Oliver Dieterle
Self-enforcing capital tax coordination pp. 915-940 Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
Hedging and accounting-based RPE contracts for powerful CEOs pp. 941-970 Downloads
Viktoria Diser and Christian Hofmann
Multi-item single-source ordering with detailed consideration of transportation capacities pp. 971-1007 Downloads
Martin Grunewald, Thomas Volling, Christoph Müller and Thomas S. Spengler
A multiperiod auto-carrier transportation problem with probabilistic future demands pp. 1009-1028 Downloads
Christian Billing, Florian Jaehn and Thomas Wensing

Volume 88, issue 6, 2018

Editorial pp. 689-693 Downloads
Günter Fandel
Resistance against corporate misconduct: an analysis of ethical ideologies’ direct and moderating effects on different forms of active rebellion pp. 695-730 Downloads
Henrike Andersch, Jörg Lindenmeier, Florian Liberatore and Dieter K. Tscheulin
The impact of sporting success on student enrollment pp. 731-764 Downloads
Daniel Weimar and Markus Schauberger
A state-of-the-art review of corporate cash holding research pp. 765-797 Downloads
Jan Felix Weidemann
Integrated supply chain network planning and financial planning respecting the imperfection of the capital market pp. 799-825 Downloads
Martin Steinrücke and Wolfgang Albrecht

Volume 88, issue 5, 2018

Editorial pp. 559-561 Downloads
Günter Fandel and Kai-Ingo Voigt
Privacy-preserving condition-based forecasting using machine learning pp. 563-592 Downloads
Fabian Taigel, Anselme K. Tueno and Richard Pibernik
Big data on the shop-floor: sensor-based decision-support for manual processes pp. 593-616 Downloads
Nikolai Stein, Jan Meller and Christoph M. Flath
Anticipating acceptance of emerging technologies using twitter: the case of self-driving cars pp. 617-642 Downloads
Christopher Kohl, Marlene Knigge, Galina Baader, Markus Böhm and Helmut Krcmar
A systematic literature review of mining weak signals and trends for corporate foresight pp. 643-687 Downloads
Christian Mühlroth and Michael Grottke

Volume 88, issue 3, 2018

Venture capital and private equity finance as key determinants of economic development pp. 319-324 Downloads
Wolfgang Breuer and Andreas Pinkwart
Venture capital and private equity financing: an overview of recent literature and an agenda for future research pp. 325-362 Downloads
Tereza Tykvova
Private equity group reputation and financing structures in German leveraged buyouts pp. 363-392 Downloads
Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Reiner Braun, Eva Lutz and Florian Tappeiner
Does culture affect the performance of private equity buyouts? pp. 393-469 Downloads
Benjamin Hammer, Heiko Hinrichs and Bernhard Schwetzler
Building an equity story: the impact of effectuation on business angel investments pp. 471-501 Downloads
Sebastian Schmidt, David Bendig and Malte Brettel
On private equity exits of family firms in the German Mittelstand pp. 503-529 Downloads
Florian Kreer, René Mauer, Steffen Strese and Malte Brettel
A world of difference? The impact of corporate venture capitalists’ investment motivation on startup valuation pp. 531-557 Downloads
Patrick Röhm, Andreas Köhn, Andreas Kuckertz and Hermann S. Dehnen

Volume 88, issue 2, 2018

Do family investors differ from other investors? Similarity, experience, and professionalism in the light of family investee firm challenges pp. 139-166 Downloads
Olaf M. Rottke and Felix K. Thiele
Stakeholder Pressures, Environmental Practice Adoption and Economic Performance in the German Third-party Logistics Industry—A Contingency Perspective pp. 167-201 Downloads
Steffen Maas, Tassilo Schuster and Evi Hartmann
Corporate governance, capital market orientation and firm performance: empirical evidence for large publicly traded German corporations pp. 203-252 Downloads
Elmar Gerum, Sascha H. Mölls and Chunqian Shen
Nonmarket strategy research: systematic literature review and future directions pp. 253-317 Downloads
Thomas Wrona and Corinna Sinzig

Volume 88, issue 1, 2018

When labor representatives join supervisory boards: empirical evidence of the relationship between the change to parity codetermination and working capital and operating cash flows pp. 1-39 Downloads
Kerstin Lopatta, Katarina Böttcher and Reemda Jaeschke
The neglected mediating role of self-efficacy in the goal setting process in local public administrations pp. 41-63 Downloads
Bernhard Hirsch, Christian Nitzl and Stefan Reemts
Incentives for students: effects of certificates and deadlines on student performance pp. 65-96 Downloads
Andreas Ostermaier
Voluntary disclosure of sustainability reports by Canadian universities pp. 97-137 Downloads
Remmer Sassen and Leyla Azizi

Volume 87, issue 9, 2017

Editorial pp. 1125-1127 Downloads
Hans-Ulrich Küpper and Philipp Schreck
On the duty to give (and not to take): An experiment on moralistic punishment pp. 1129-1150 Downloads
Rainer Rilke
The influence of peer honesty and anonymity on managerial reporting pp. 1151-1172 Downloads
Anja Schwering
Voluntary agreements between competitors: trick or truth? pp. 1173-1191 Downloads
Johanna Jauernig, Matthias Uhl and Christoph Luetge
The influence of psychopathic traits on the acceptance of white-collar crime: do corporate psychopaths cook the books and misuse the news? pp. 1193-1227 Downloads
Volker Lingnau, Florian Fuchs and Till E. Dehne-Niemann

Volume 87, issue 8, 2017

“Anything worth winning is worth cheating for”? Determinants of cheating behavior among business and theology students pp. 985-1016 Downloads
Brinja Meiseberg, Thomas Ehrmann and Aloys Prinz
Empirical research on corporate social responsibility assurance (CSRA): A literature review pp. 1017-1066 Downloads
Patrick Velte and Martin Stawinoga
An experimental study on bribes, detection probability and principal witness policy pp. 1067-1081 Downloads
Alexandra Christöfl, Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger and Arleta Rasmußen
The influences of behavioral biases, barriers and facilitators on the willingness of forwarders’ decision makers to modal shift from unimodal road freight transport to intermodal road–rail freight transport pp. 1083-1123 Downloads
Ralf Elbert and Lowis Seikowsky

Volume 87, issue 7, 2017

Redundant configuration of automated flow lines based on “Industry 4.0”-technologies pp. 877-898 Downloads
Christoph Müller, Martin Grunewald and Thomas S. Spengler
The impact of different fit dimensions on spillover effects in brand alliances pp. 899-925 Downloads
Oliver Schnittka, Marius Johnen, Franziska Völckner, Henrik Sattler, Isabel Victoria Villeda and Kathrin Urban
Allocation of seminar applicants pp. 927-941 Downloads
Andreas Kleine and Andreas Dellnitz
Are sponsors blamed for edging off? Consumer reactions to sponsorship terminations pp. 943-984 Downloads
Oliver Schnittka, Alexander Himme, Dominik Papies and David Pellenwessel

Volume 87, issue 6, 2017

Editorial pp. 705-708 Downloads
Günter Fandel
A note on corporate valuation using imprecise cost of capital pp. 709-747 Downloads
Wolfgang Breuer, Karsten Kohn and Klaus Mark
Understanding the transgenerational orientation of family businesses: the role of family governance and business family identity pp. 749-777 Downloads
Julia Suess-Reyes
Affective reactions influence investment decisions: evidence from a laboratory experiment with taxation pp. 779-808 Downloads
Martin Fochmann, Johannes Hewig, Dirk Kiesewetter and Katharina Schüßler
New developments in behavioral pricing research pp. 809-875 Downloads
Nicole Koschate-Fischer and Katharina Wüllner

Volume 87, issue 5, 2017

Editorial pp. 533-536 Downloads
Christina Bannier and Wolfgang Breuer
Digital Finance and FinTech: current research and future research directions pp. 537-580 Downloads
Peter Gomber, Jascha-Alexander Koch and Michael Siering
Financial literacy, financial advice, and financial behavior pp. 581-643 Downloads
Oscar A. Stolper and Andreas Walter
Towards more sustainable debt attitudes and behaviors: the importance of basic economic skills pp. 645-668 Downloads
Michael Goedde-Menke, Carsten Erner and Michael Oberste
Do individual investors learn from their mistakes? pp. 669-703 Downloads
Maximilian Koestner, Benjamin Loos, Steffen Meyer and Andreas Hackethal

Volume 87, issue 4, 2017

Assessing the economic effects of server launches in free-to-play MMO games pp. 421-464 Downloads
Sebastian Voigt and Oliver Hinz
Operation of shunting yards: train-to-yard assignment problem pp. 465-486 Downloads
Alena Otto and Erwin Pesch
“Whom do I want to be the next CEO?” Desirable successor attributes in family firms pp. 487-509 Downloads
Rodrigo Basco and Andrea Calabrò
Traits grow important with increasing age: customer age, brand personality and loyalty pp. 511-531 Downloads
Magdalena Bekk, Matthias Spörrle, Miriam Landes and Klaus Moser

Volume 87, issue 3, 2017

Editorial pp. 291-294 Downloads
Harald Hruschka and Thomas Reutterer
Analyzing the dependences of multi-category purchases on interactions of marketing variables pp. 295-313 Downloads
Harald Hruschka
Erratum to: Analyzing the dependences of multi-category purchases on interactions of marketing variables pp. 315-315 Downloads
Harald Hruschka
Visualizing association rules in hierarchical groups pp. 317-335 Downloads
Michael Hahsler and Radoslaw Karpienko
A data mining framework for targeted category promotions pp. 337-358 Downloads
Thomas Reutterer, Kurt Hornik, Nicolas March and Kathrin Gruber
Drivers of private-label purchase behavior across quality tiers and product categories pp. 359-395 Downloads
Philipp Noormann and Sebastian Tillmanns
Does umbrella branding really work? Investigating cross-category brand loyalty pp. 397-420 Downloads
Nadja Silberhorn, Yasemin Boztug and Lutz Hildebrandt

Volume 87, issue 2, 2017

Customer acceptance of tradable service contracts pp. 155-183 Downloads
Ingmar Geiger, Manuel Kluckert and Michael Kleinaltenkamp
Effects of management control mechanisms: towards a more comprehensive analysis pp. 185-219 Downloads
Sebastian Goebel and Barbara E. Weißenberger
Neglected disciplinary effects of investor relations: evidence from corporate cash holdings pp. 221-261 Downloads
Houdou Basse Mama and Alexander Bassen
Information as potential key determinant in switching electricity suppliers pp. 263-290 Downloads
Magdalena Six, Franz Wirl and Jaqueline Wolf

Volume 87, issue 1, 2017

Editorial pp. 1-3 Downloads
Günter Fandel, Jan Trockel and Thomas Volling
Analyzing investment strategies under changing energy and climate policies: an interdisciplinary bottom-up approach regarding German metal industries pp. 5-39 Downloads
Patrick Breun, Magnus Fröhling, Konrad Zimmer and Frank Schultmann
Prerequisites of efficient decentralized waste heat recovery and energy storage in production planning pp. 41-72 Downloads
Konstantin Biel and Christoph H. Glock
Quality splitting in waste incineration due to non-convex production possibilities pp. 73-96 Downloads
Mark Müser and Harald Dyckhoff
Additive manufacturing technology adoption: an empirical analysis of general and supply chain-related determinants pp. 97-124 Downloads
Katrin Oettmeier and Erik Hofmann
Strategic risk in supply chain contract design pp. 125-153 Downloads
Abdolkarim Sadrieh and Guido Voigt
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