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Volume 35, issue 3, 2018

Editorial pp. 391-393 Downloads
Douglas L. Steinley
Nonlinear Time Series Clustering Based on Kolmogorov-Smirnov 2D Statistic pp. 394-421 Downloads
Beibei Zhang and Rong Chen
Risks of Classification of the Gaussian Markov Random Field Observations pp. 422-436 Downloads
Kęstutis Dučinskas and Lina Dreižienė
Effects of Item Calibration Errors on Computerized Adaptive Testing under Cognitive Diagnosis Models pp. 437-465 Downloads
Hung-Yu Huang
Adaptive Exponential Power Depth with Application to Classification pp. 466-480 Downloads
Yunlu Jiang, Canhong Wen and Xueqin Wang
A Density-Sensitive Hierarchical Clustering Method pp. 481-510 Downloads
Álvaro Martínez-Pérez
A Novel Honey-Bees Mating Optimization Approach with Higher order Neural Network for Classification pp. 511-548 Downloads
Janmenjoy Nayak and Bighnaraj Naik
Modeling Binary Time Series Using Gaussian Processes with Application to Predicting Sleep States pp. 549-579 Downloads
Xu Gao, Babak Shahbaba and Hernando Ombao
On the Negative Bias of the Gini Coefficient due to Grouping pp. 580-586 Downloads
Matthijs J. Warrens

Volume 35, issue 2, 2018

Editorial pp. 195-197 Downloads
Douglas L. Steinley
On the Interpretation of Ensemble Classifiers in Terms of Bayes Classifiers pp. 198-229 Downloads
Tri Le and Bertrand Clarke
A Copula Based ICA Algorithm and Its Application to Time Series Clustering pp. 230-249 Downloads
Jafar Rahmanishamsi, Ali Dolati and Masoudreza R. Aghabozorgi
Functional Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Functional Data Classification pp. 250-272 Downloads
Guochang Wang and Xinyuan Song
How to Build a Complete Q-Matrix for a Cognitively Diagnostic Test pp. 273-299 Downloads
Hans-Friedrich Köhn and Chia-Yi Chiu
A New Chaotic Whale Optimization Algorithm for Features Selection pp. 300-344 Downloads
Gehad Ismail Sayed, Ashraf Darwish and Aboul Ella Hassanien
A Comparative Study of Divisive and Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms pp. 345-366 Downloads
Maurice Roux
Treelike Families of Multiweights pp. 367-390 Downloads
Agnese Baldisserri and Elena Rubei

Volume 35, issue 1, 2018

Editorial pp. 1-4 Downloads
Douglas L. Steinley
Qualitative Judgement of Research Impact: Domain Taxonomy as a Fundamental Framework for Judgement of the Quality of Research pp. 5-28 Downloads
Fionn Murtagh, Michael Orlov and Boris Mirkin
Two-Stage Metropolis-Hastings for Tall Data pp. 29-51 Downloads
Richard D. Payne and Bani K. Mallick
A New Support Vector Machine Plus with Pinball Loss pp. 52-70 Downloads
Wenxin Zhu, Yunyan Song and Yingyuan Xiao
The Hierarchical Spectral Merger Algorithm: A New Time Series Clustering Procedure pp. 71-99 Downloads
Carolina Euán, Hernando Ombao and Joaquín Ortega
Extended Box Clustering for Classification Problems pp. 100-123 Downloads
Vincenzo Spinelli
A Multivariate Logistic Distance Model for the Analysis of Multiple Binary Responses pp. 124-146 Downloads
Hailemichael M. Worku and Mark Rooij
The Lack of Cross-Validation Can Lead to Inflated Results and Spurious Conclusions: A Re-Analysis of the MacArthur Violence Risk Assessment Study pp. 147-171 Downloads
Ehsan Bokhari and Lawrence Hubert
Latent Ignorability and Item Selection for Nursing Home Case-Mix Evaluation pp. 172-193 Downloads
Francesco Bartolucci, Giorgio E. Montanari and Silvia Pandolfi

Volume 34, issue 3, 2017

On the Ultrametric Generated by Random Distribution of Points in Euclidean Spaces of Large Dimensions with Correlated Coordinates pp. 366-383 Downloads
A. P. Zubarev
Investigating the Performance of a Variation of Multiple Correspondence Analysis for Multiple Imputation in Categorical Data Sets pp. 384-398 Downloads
Johané Nienkemper-Swanepoel and Michael J Maltitz
Modeling Threshold Interaction Effects Through the Logistic Classification Trunk pp. 399-426 Downloads
Claudio Conversano and Elise Dusseldorp
Improving SVM Classification on Imbalanced Datasets by Introducing a New Bias pp. 427-443 Downloads
Haydemar Núñez, Luis Gonzalez-Abril and Cecilio Angulo
A Semiparametric and Location-Shift Copula-Based Mixture Model pp. 444-464 Downloads
Gildas Mazo
Exact One-Sided Bayes Factors for 2 by 2 Contingency Tables pp. 465-472 Downloads
Rudy Ligtvoet
Analysis of Web Visit Histories, Part II: Predicting Navigation by Nested STUMP Regression Trees pp. 473-493 Downloads
Roberta Siciliano, Antonio D’Ambrosio, Massimo Aria and Sonia Amodio
Real-Time Detection of In-flight Aircraft Damage pp. 494-513 Downloads
Brenton Blair, Herbert K. H. Lee and Misty Davies
rCOSA: A Software Package for Clustering Objects on Subsets of Attributes pp. 514-547 Downloads
Maarten M. Kampert, Jacqueline J. Meulman and Jerome H. Friedman

Volume 34, issue 2, 2017

Editorial pp. 163-164 Downloads
Douglas L. Steinley
On Strategies to Fix Degenerate k-means Solutions pp. 165-190 Downloads
Daniel Aloise, Nielsen Castelo Damasceno, Nenad Mladenović and Daniel Nobre Pinheiro
Robinsonian Matrices: Recognition Challenges pp. 191-222 Downloads
D. Fortin
The Effect of Model Misspecification on Growth Mixture Model Class Enumeration pp. 223-248 Downloads
Daniel McNeish and Jeffrey R. Harring
Robust Clustering in Regression Analysis via the Contaminated Gaussian Cluster-Weighted Model pp. 249-293 Downloads
Antonio Punzo and Paul. D. McNicholas
Dimension-Reduced Clustering of Functional Data via Subspace Separation pp. 294-326 Downloads
Michio Yamamoto and Heungsun Hwang
Handling Missing Data in Item Response Theory. Assessing the Accuracy of a Multiple Imputation Procedure Based on Latent Class Analysis pp. 327-359 Downloads
Isabella Sulis and Mariano Porcu

Volume 34, issue 1, 2017

Multivariate Response and Parsimony for Gaussian Cluster-Weighted Models pp. 4-34 Downloads
Utkarsh J. Dang, Antonio Punzo, Paul D. McNicholas, Salvatore Ingrassia and Ryan P. Browne
On the Correspondence Between Procrustes Analysis and Bidimensional Regression pp. 35-48 Downloads
Justin L. Kern
Maximal Interaction Two-Mode Clustering pp. 49-75 Downloads
Jan Schepers, Hans-Hermann Bock and Iven Mechelen
Finding Ultrametricity in Data using Topology pp. 76-84 Downloads
Patrick Erik Bradley
Fusing Vantage Point Trees and Linear Discriminants for Fast Feature Classification pp. 85-107 Downloads
Hugo Proença and João C. Neves
Versatile Hyper-Elliptic Clustering Approach for Streaming Data Based on One-Pass-Thrown-Away Learning pp. 108-147 Downloads
Niwan Wattanakitrungroj, Saranya Maneeroj and Chidchanok Lursinsap
Single-Valued Neutrosophic Clustering Algorithms Based on Similarity Measures pp. 148-162 Downloads
Jun Ye

Volume 33, issue 3, 2016

Editorial pp. 327-330 Downloads
Douglas L. Steinley
Model-Based Clustering pp. 331-373 Downloads
Paul D. McNicholas
Piecewise Regression Mixture for Simultaneous Functional Data Clustering and Optimal Segmentation pp. 374-411 Downloads
Faicel Chamroukhi
Finite Mixture Modeling of Gaussian Regression Time Series with Application to Dendrochronology pp. 412-441 Downloads
Semhar Michael and Volodymyr Melnykov
Weighted Euclidean Biplots pp. 442-459 Downloads
Michael Greenacre and Patrick Groenen
Estimation of Generalized DINA Model with Order Restrictions pp. 460-484 Downloads
Chen-Yu Hong, Yu-Wei Chang and Rung-Ching Tsai
Fidelity-Commensurability Tradeoff in Joint Embedding of Disparate Dissimilarities pp. 485-506 Downloads
Sancar Adali and Carey E. Priebe
Kappa Coefficients for Circular Classifications pp. 507-522 Downloads
Matthijs J. Warrens and Bunga C. Pratiwi

Volume 33, issue 2, 2016

Editorial pp. 167-170 Downloads
Douglas L. Steinley
A Proof of the Duality of the DINA Model and the DINO Model pp. 171-184 Downloads
Hans-Friedrich Köhn and Chia-Yi Chiu
On the Incommensurability Phenomenon pp. 185-209 Downloads
Donniell E. Fishkind, Cencheng Shen, Youngser Park and Carey E. Priebe
A Survey on Feature Weighting Based K-Means Algorithms pp. 210-242 Downloads
Renato Cordeiro Amorim
Improved Classification for Compositional Data Using the α-transformation pp. 243-261 Downloads
Michail Tsagris, Simon Preston and Andrew T. A. Wood
Design of Blurring Mean-Shift Algorithms for Data Classification pp. 262-281 Downloads
Carlo Grillenzoni
Weighted Graphs with Distances in Given Ranges pp. 282-297 Downloads
Elena Rubei
Analysis of Web Visit Histories, Part I: Distance-Based Visualization of Sequence Rules pp. 298-324 Downloads
Roberta Siciliano, Antonia D’Ambrosio, Massimo Aria and Sonia Amodio
Erratum to: Analysis of Web Visit Histories, Part I: Distance-Based Visualization of Sequence Rules pp. 325-325 Downloads
Roberta Siciliano, Antonio D’Ambrosio, Massimo Aria and Sonia Amodio

Volume 33, issue 1, 2016

The Classification Society’s Bibliography Over Four Decades: History and Content Analysis pp. 6-29 Downloads
Fionn Murtagh and Michael J. Kurtz
Power and Sample Size Computation for Wald Tests in Latent Class Models pp. 30-51 Downloads
Dereje W. Gudicha, Fetene B. Tekle and Jeroen K. Vermunt
Divisive Latent Class Modeling as a Density Estimation Method for Categorical Data pp. 52-72 Downloads
Daniël W. Palm, L. Andries Ark and Jeroen K. Vermunt
Simultaneous Predictive Gaussian Classifiers pp. 73-102 Downloads
Yaqiong Cui, Jukka Sirén, Timo Koski and Jukka Corander
Contours and Tight Clusters pp. 103-117 Downloads
Samuel A. Alexander
On the Properties of α-Unchaining Single Linkage Hierarchical Clustering pp. 118-140 Downloads
Alvaro Martínez-Pérez
Inequalities Between Similarities for Numerical Data pp. 141-148 Downloads
Matthijs J. Warrens
A New Representation of Interval Symbolic Data and Its Application in Dynamic Clustering pp. 149-165 Downloads
Wenhua Li, Junpeng Guo, Ying Chen and Minglu Wang
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