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2016 - 2018

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Volume 176, issue 3, 2018

A General Nonconvex Multiduality Principle pp. 527-540 Downloads
Francesca Bonenti, Juan Enrique Martínez-Legaz and Rossana Riccardi
Metric Subregularity in Generalized Equations pp. 541-558 Downloads
Matthieu Maréchal
Stochastic Control for Mean-Field Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Jumps pp. 559-584 Downloads
Roxana Dumitrescu, Bernt Øksendal and Agnès Sulem
Direct Search Methods on Reductive Homogeneous Spaces pp. 585-604 Downloads
David W. Dreisigmeyer
The Forward–Backward Algorithm and the Normal Problem pp. 605-624 Downloads
Walaa M. Moursi
On a Conjecture in Second-Order Optimality Conditions pp. 625-633 Downloads
Roger Behling, Gabriel Haeser, Alberto Ramos and Daiana S. Viana
Slopes, Error Bounds and Weak Sharp Pareto Minima of a Vector-Valued Map pp. 634-649 Downloads
Xuan Duc Ha Truong
Generalized Envelope Theorems: Applications to Dynamic Programming pp. 650-687 Downloads
Olivier Morand, Kevin Reffett and Suchismita Tarafdar
On the Proximal Gradient Algorithm with Alternated Inertia pp. 688-710 Downloads
Franck Iutzeler and Jérôme Malick
An Incremental Subgradient Method on Riemannian Manifolds pp. 711-727 Downloads
Peng Zhang and Gejun Bao
A Unified Approach to the Global Exactness of Penalty and Augmented Lagrangian Functions I: Parametric Exactness pp. 728-744 Downloads
M. V. Dolgopolik
A Unified Approach to the Global Exactness of Penalty and Augmented Lagrangian Functions II: Extended Exactness pp. 745-762 Downloads
M. V. Dolgopolik
Constraint Qualifications and Proper Pareto Optimality Conditions for Multiobjective Problems with Equilibrium Constraints pp. 763-782 Downloads
Peng Zhang, Jin Zhang, Gui-Hua Lin and Xinmin Yang
Comments on a Simplified Form of Block-Iterative Operator Splitting, and an Asynchronous Algorithm Resembling the Multi-block Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers pp. 783-785 Downloads
Jonathan Eckstein

Volume 176, issue 2, 2018

Linear Complementarity Problems on Extended Second Order Cones pp. 269-288 Downloads
Sándor Zoltán Németh and Lianghai Xiao
Structural Properties of Tensors and Complementarity Problems pp. 289-305 Downloads
Yisheng Song and Wei Mei
Minimax Theorems for Extended Real-Valued Abstract Convex–Concave Functions pp. 306-318 Downloads
Monika Syga
Maximum Principle for Markov Regime-Switching Forward–Backward Stochastic Control System with Jumps and Relation to Dynamic Programming pp. 319-350 Downloads
Zhongyang Sun, Junyi Guo and Xin Zhang
Extended Farkas’s Lemmas and Strong Dualities for Conic Programming Involving Composite Functions pp. 351-376 Downloads
D. H. Fang and Y. Zhang
Linear Convergence Rates for Variants of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers in Smooth Cases pp. 377-398 Downloads
Pauline Tan
On the Weak Convergence of the Extragradient Method for Solving Pseudo-Monotone Variational Inequalities pp. 399-409 Downloads
Phan Tu Vuong
A New Infeasible Mehrotra-Type Predictor–Corrector Algorithm for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems Over Symmetric Cones pp. 410-427 Downloads
Huali Zhao and Hongwei Liu
Solving Fractional Multicriteria Optimization Problems with Sum of Squares Convex Polynomial Data pp. 428-455 Downloads
Jae Hyoung Lee and Liguo Jiao
Optimal Control for a Mathematical Model of Glioma Treatment with Oncolytic Therapy and TNF- $$\alpha $$ α Inhibitors pp. 456-477 Downloads
Elzbieta Ratajczyk, Urszula Ledzewicz and Heinz Schättler
Population Growth and Nash Equilibria Under Viability Constraints in the Commons pp. 478-491 Downloads
Noël Bonneuil
A Novel Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Clustering Relational Networks pp. 492-508 Downloads
Harun Pirim, Burak Eksioglu and Fred W. Glover
Channel Coordination with Cooperative Advertising Considering Effect of Advertising on Willingness to Pay pp. 509-525 Downloads
Amir Farshbaf-Geranmayeh, Masoud Rabbani and Ata Allah Taleizadeh

Volume 176, issue 1, 2018

Solution Existence in Bifunction-Set Optimization pp. 1-16 Downloads
Pham Huu Sach
Effective Shape Optimization of Laplace Eigenvalue Problems Using Domain Expressions of Eulerian Derivatives pp. 17-34 Downloads
Shengfeng Zhu

Volume 175, issue 3, 2017

Metrically Regular Vector Field and Iterative Processes for Generalized Equations in Hadamard Manifolds pp. 624-651 Downloads
Orizon P. Ferreira, Célia Jean-Alexis and Alain Piétrus
On the Theoretical and Numerical Control of a One-Dimensional Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential Equation pp. 652-682 Downloads
Enrique Fernández-Cara, Dany Nina-Huamán, Miguel R. Nuñez-Chávez and Franciane B. Vieira
Strong Duality and Dual Pricing Properties in Semi-Infinite Linear Programming: A non-Fourier–Motzkin Elimination Approach pp. 702-717 Downloads
Qinghong Zhang
A New Formulation of the Fractional Optimal Control Problems Involving Mittag–Leffler Nonsingular Kernel pp. 718-737 Downloads
Dumitru Baleanu, Amin Jajarmi and Mojtaba Hajipour
Optimal Stopping with a Probabilistic Constraint pp. 795-817 Downloads
Aaron Zeff Palmer and Alexander Vladimirsky

Volume 175, issue 2, 2017

Optimal Control Formulation for Complementarity Dynamical Systems pp. 356-372 Downloads
S. Mohsen Miri and Sohrab Effati

Volume 175, issue 1, 2017

An Iterative Method for Finding the Least Solution to the Tensor Complementarity Problem pp. 119-136 Downloads
Shui-Lian Xie, Dong-Hui Li and Hong-Ru Xu
Multi-objective Geometry Optimization of a Gas Cyclone Using Triple-Fidelity Co-Kriging Surrogate Models pp. 172-193 Downloads
Prashant Singh, Ivo Couckuyt, Khairy Elsayed, Dirk Deschrijver and Tom Dhaene
Comments on Hybrid Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Unconstrained Optimization pp. 286-291 Downloads
Zhifeng Dai

Volume 174, issue 3, 2017

On the Conjecture by Demyanov–Ryabova in Converting Finite Exhausters pp. 712-727 Downloads
Tian Sang
Copositivity Detection of Tensors: Theory and Algorithm pp. 746-761 Downloads
Haibin Chen, Zheng-Hai Huang and Liqun Qi
On Numerical Solution of Singularly Perturbed Optimal Control Problems pp. 762-784 Downloads
Vladimir Gaitsgory and Matthias Gerdts
Reliability-Based Optimization Using Differential Evolution and Inverse Reliability Analysis for Engineering System Design pp. 894-926 Downloads
Fran S. Lobato, Matheus S. Gonçalves, Bárbara Jahn, Aldemir Ap. Cavalini and Valder Steffen

Volume 174, issue 2, 2017

Optimal Control of the Fokker–Planck Equation with Space-Dependent Controls pp. 408-427 Downloads
Arthur Fleig and Roberto Guglielmi
Epsilon-Trig Regularization Method for Bang-Bang Optimal Control Problems pp. 500-517 Downloads
Kshitij Mall and Michael James Grant
Improving Variational Iteration Method with Auxiliary Parameter for Nonlinear Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations pp. 530-549 Downloads
Mehmet Giyas Sakar and Onur Saldır
A Practical Method for Designing Linear Quadratic Regulator for Commensurate Fractional-Order Systems pp. 550-566 Downloads
Sara Hatamzadeh Arabi and Farshad Merrikh-Bayat
A Bridge Between Bilevel Programs and Nash Games pp. 613-635 Downloads
Lorenzo Lampariello and Simone Sagratella

Volume 174, issue 1, 2017

A Pseudospectral Method for Fractional Optimal Control Problems pp. 83-107 Downloads
Nastaran Ejlali and Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
Variational Approach to Homoclinic Solutions for Fractional Hamiltonian Systems pp. 223-237 Downloads
Nemat Nyamoradi, Yong Zhou, Bashir Ahmad and Ahmed Alsaedi

Volume 173, issue 3, 2017

Gerstewitz Functionals on Linear Spaces and Functionals with Uniform Sublevel Sets pp. 812-827 Downloads
Petra Weidner
A Proximal Point Analysis of the Preconditioned Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers pp. 878-907 Downloads
Kristian Bredies and Hongpeng Sun

Volume 173, issue 2, 2017

Common Fixed Point Theorems in Topological Vector Spaces via Intersection Theorems pp. 443-458 Downloads
Ravi P. Agarwal, Mircea Balaj and Donal O’Regan
Convexity and Some Geometric Properties pp. 459-470 Downloads
João Xavier da Cruz Neto, Ítalo Dowell Lira Melo and Paulo Alexandre Araújo Sousa
Existence of Augmented Lagrange Multipliers for Semi-infinite Programming Problems pp. 471-503 Downloads
R. S. Burachik, X. Q. Yang and Y. Y. Zhou
On the Range of the Pseudomonotone Second-Order Cone Linear Complementarity Problem pp. 504-522 Downloads
Wei Hong Yang, Lei-Hong Zhang and Chungen Shen
A Mixed Logarithmic Barrier-Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonlinear Optimization pp. 523-547 Downloads
Paul Armand and Riadh Omheni
Iteration-Complexity of Gradient, Subgradient and Proximal Point Methods on Riemannian Manifolds pp. 548-562 Downloads
Glaydston C. Bento, Orizon P. Ferreira and Jefferson G. Melo

Volume 173, issue 1, 2017

Local Poisson Equations Associated with Discrete-Time Markov Control Processes pp. 1-29 Downloads
Daniel Hernández Hernández and Diego Hernández Bustos
Pontryagin’s Principle for Optimal Control Problem Governed by 3D Navier–Stokes Equations pp. 30-55 Downloads
B. T. Kien, A. Rösch and D. Wachsmuth
Moreau-Yosida Regularization of State-Dependent Sweeping Processes with Nonregular Sets pp. 91-116 Downloads
Abderrahim Jourani and Emilio Vilches
Isotonicity of the Metric Projection by Lorentz Cone and Variational Inequalities pp. 117-130 Downloads
Dezhou Kong, Lishan Liu and Yonghong Wu
On Finite Linear Systems Containing Strict Inequalities pp. 131-154 Downloads
Margarita M. L. Rodríguez and José Vicente-Pérez
A Simplified Form of Block-Iterative Operator Splitting and an Asynchronous Algorithm Resembling the Multi-Block Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers pp. 155-182 Downloads
Jonathan Eckstein
Inner Regularizations and Viscosity Solutions for Pessimistic Bilevel Optimization Problems pp. 183-202 Downloads
M. Beatrice Lignola and Jacqueline Morgan
An Exact Formula for Radius of Robust Feasibility of Uncertain Linear Programs pp. 203-226 Downloads
T. D. Chuong and V. Jeyakumar
Random Block Coordinate Descent Methods for Linearly Constrained Optimization over Networks pp. 227-254 Downloads
Ion Necoara, Yurii Nesterov and François Glineur
Minimizing Differences of Convex Functions with Applications to Facility Location and Clustering pp. 255-278 Downloads
Nguyen Mau Nam, R. Blake Rector and Daniel Giles
Optimization Implementation and Characterization of the Equal Allocation of Nonseparable Costs Value pp. 336-352 Downloads
Panfei Sun, Dongshuang Hou, Hao Sun and Theo Driessen
A Reply to a Note on the Paper “A Simplified Novel Technique for Solving Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems” pp. 353-356 Downloads
Izaz Ullah Khan, Tahir Ahmad and Normah Maan
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