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2018, volume 179, issue 1

Inertial Forward–Backward Algorithms with Perturbations: Application to Tikhonov Regularization pp. 1-36 Downloads
Hedy Attouch, Alexandre Cabot, Zaki Chbani and Hassan Riahi
Proximal Point Method for Locally Lipschitz Functions in Multiobjective Optimization of Hadamard Manifolds pp. 37-52 Downloads
Glaydston de C. Bento, João Xavier Cruz Neto and Lucas V. Meireles
A Ky Fan Minimax Inequality for Quasiequilibria on Finite-Dimensional Spaces pp. 53-64 Downloads
Marco Castellani, Massimiliano Giuli and Massimo Pappalardo
Existence and Connectedness of Solutions for Generalized Vector Quasi-Equilibrium Problems pp. 65-85 Downloads
Yu Han and Nan-jing Huang
A Unified Characterization of Multiobjective Robustness via Separation pp. 86-102 Downloads
Hong-Zhi Wei, Chun-Rong Chen and Sheng-Jie Li
Convergence Analysis of Difference-of-Convex Algorithm with Subanalytic Data pp. 103-126 Downloads
Hoai An Le Thi, Huynh Van Ngai and Tao Pham Dinh
A Minimax Theorem for Lindelöf Sets pp. 127-136 Downloads
Chuanfeng Sun
Robustness in Deterministic Vector Optimization pp. 137-162 Downloads
Morteza Rahimi and Majid Soleimani-damaneh
On Glowinski’s Open Question on the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers pp. 163-196 Downloads
Min Tao and Xiaoming Yuan
A Modified Projected Gradient Method for Monotone Variational Inequalities pp. 197-211 Downloads
Jun Yang and Hongwei Liu
Proximal Bundle Algorithms for Nonlinearly Constrained Convex Minimax Fractional Programs pp. 212-239 Downloads
Smail Addoune, Karima Boufi and Ahmed Roubi
Robust Time-Optimal Guidance in a Partially Uncertain Time-Varying Flow-Field pp. 240-264 Downloads
Jhanani Selvakumar and Efstathios Bakolas
Network Structures with Hierarchy and Communication pp. 265-282 Downloads
Encarnación Algaba, René Brink and Chris Dietz
Optimal Long-Term Distributed Generation Planning and Reconfiguration of Distribution Systems: An Accelerating Benders’ Decomposition Approach pp. 283-310 Downloads
Salman Khodayifar, Mohammad A. Raayatpanah, Abbas Rabiee, Hamed Rahimian and Panos M. Pardalos
Power Penalty Approach to American Options Pricing Under Regime Switching pp. 311-331 Downloads
Kai Zhang and Xiaoqi Yang
Steering the Distribution of Agents in Mean-Field Games System pp. 332-357 Downloads
Yongxin Chen, Tryphon T. Georgiou and Michele Pavon
Comments on Paper “On the Relation Between Two Approaches to Necessary Optimality Conditions in Problems with State Constraints” pp. 358-362 Downloads
Dmitry Karamzin

2018, volume 178, issue 3

Envelope Functions: Unifications and Further Properties pp. 673-698 Downloads
Pontus Giselsson and Mattias Fält
A Boundedness Result for Minimizers of Some Polyconvex Integrals pp. 699-725 Downloads
Menita Carozza, Hongya Gao, Raffaella Giova and Francesco Leonetti
Modeling Stochastic Dominance as Infinite-Dimensional Constraint Systems via the Strassen Theorem pp. 726-742 Downloads
William B. Haskell and Alejandro Toriello
Optimal Potentials for Problems with Changing Sign Data pp. 743-762 Downloads
Giuseppe Buttazzo, Faustino Maestre and Bozhidar Velichkov
Lipschitz Continuity of Approximate Solution Mappings to Parametric Generalized Vector Equilibrium Problems pp. 763-793 Downloads
Yu Han
Separations and Optimality of Constrained Multiobjective Optimization via Improvement Sets pp. 794-823 Downloads
Jiawei Chen, La Huang and Shengjie Li
On an Elliptical Trust-Region Procedure for Ill-Posed Nonlinear Least-Squares Problems pp. 824-859 Downloads
Stefania Bellavia and Elisa Riccietti
New Hybrid Conjugate Gradient and Broyden–Fletcher–Goldfarb–Shanno Conjugate Gradient Methods pp. 860-884 Downloads
Predrag S. Stanimirović, Branislav Ivanov, Snežana Djordjević and Ivona Brajević
A Line-Search Algorithm Inspired by the Adaptive Cubic Regularization Framework and Complexity Analysis pp. 885-913 Downloads
El Houcine Bergou, Youssef Diouane and Serge Gratton
Combinatorial Algorithms for Some Variants of Inverse Obnoxious Median Location Problem on Tree Networks pp. 914-934 Downloads
Behrooz Alizadeh, Esmaeil Afrashteh and Fahimeh Baroughi
Complexity of Interior Point Methods for a Class of Linear Complementarity Problems Using a Kernel Function with Trigonometric Growth Term pp. 935-949 Downloads
Sajad Fathi-Hafshejani, Alireza Fakharzadeh Jahromi, Mohammad Reza Peyghami and Shengyuan Chen
Optimization of Fishing Strategies in Space and Time as a Non-convex Optimal Control Problem pp. 950-972 Downloads
Malte Braack, Martin Quaas, Benjamin Tews and Boris Vexler
How to Select a Solution in Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems pp. 973-997 Downloads
Axel Dreves
A Characterization of Nash Equilibrium for the Games with Random Payoffs pp. 998-1013 Downloads
Vikas Vikram Singh and Abdel Lisser
The Setting and Optimization of Quick Queue pp. 1014-1026 Downloads
Kai Li, Yuqian Pan, Bayi Cheng and Bohai Liu

2018, volume 178, issue 2

A Priori Error Estimates for State-Constrained Semilinear Parabolic Optimal Control Problems pp. 317-348 Downloads
Francesco Ludovici, Ira Neitzel and Winnifried Wollner
Solutions to Constrained Optimal Control Problems with Linear Systems pp. 349-362 Downloads
Shangrui Zhao and Jiani Zhou
Near-Optimal Control of Stochastic Recursive Systems Via Viscosity Solution pp. 363-382 Downloads
Liangquan Zhang and Qing Zhou
Second-Order Optimality Conditions and Improved Convergence Results for Regularization Methods for Cardinality-Constrained Optimization Problems pp. 383-410 Downloads
Max Bucher and Alexandra Schwartz
On the Strong Convergence of Subgradients of Convex Functions pp. 411-423 Downloads
Dariusz Zagrodny
Characterizations of Copulas Attaining the Bounds of Multivariate Kendall’s Tau pp. 424-438 Downloads
Sebastian Fuchs, Yann McCord and Klaus D. Schmidt
Quasi-Strict Feasibility of Generalized Mixed Variational Inequalities in Reflexive Banach Spaces pp. 439-454 Downloads
Xue-ping Luo
Exact Worst-Case Convergence Rates of the Proximal Gradient Method for Composite Convex Minimization pp. 455-476 Downloads
Adrien B. Taylor, Julien M. Hendrickx and François Glineur
Generalized Derivatives of Lexicographic Linear Programs pp. 477-501 Downloads
Jose Alberto Gomez, Kai Höffner, Kamil A. Khan and Paul I. Barton
An Improved Multi-parametric Programming Algorithm for Flux Balance Analysis of Metabolic Networks pp. 502-537 Downloads
Amir Akbari and Paul I. Barton
An Algorithm for Solving the Shortest Path Improvement Problem on Rooted Trees Under Unit Hamming Distance pp. 538-559 Downloads
Binwu Zhang, Xiucui Guan, Panos M. Pardalos and Chunyuan He
A Revised Pascoletti–Serafini Scalarization Method for Multiobjective Optimization Problems pp. 560-590 Downloads
Fereshteh Akbari, Mehrdad Ghaznavi and Esmaile Khorram
Stability of Local Efficiency in Multiobjective Optimization pp. 591-613 Downloads
Sanaz Sadeghi and S. Morteza Mirdehghan
An Optimal Size of a Rigid Thin Stiffener Reinforcing an Elastic Two-Dimensional Body on the Outer Edge pp. 614-626 Downloads
Nyurgun Lazarev and Galina Semenova
Analysis of an Optimal Control Problem Related to the Anaerobic Digestion Process pp. 627-659 Downloads
Terence Bayen, Olivier Cots and Pedro Gajardo
The Strong Convergence of Subgradients of Convex Functions Along Directions: Perspectives and Open Problems pp. 660-671 Downloads
Dariusz Zagrodny

2018, volume 178, issue 1

Optimal Control of Elliptic Variational–Hemivariational Inequalities pp. 1-25 Downloads
Zijia Peng and Karl Kunisch
Optimal Concavity of the Torsion Function pp. 26-35 Downloads
Antoine Henrot, Carlo Nitsch, Paolo Salani and Cristina Trombetti
Affine Variational Inequalities on Normed Spaces pp. 36-55 Downloads
Nguyen Dong Yen and Xiaoqi Yang
Genericity and Hölder Stability in Semi-Algebraic Variational Inequalities pp. 56-77 Downloads
Jae Hyoung Lee, Gue Myung Lee and Tiến-Sơn Phạm
On a Sufficient Condition for Weak Sharp Efficiency in Multiobjective Optimization pp. 78-93 Downloads
Monica Bianchi, Gábor Kassay and Rita Pini
Vector Optimization Problems with Generalized Functional Constraints in Variable Ordering Structure Setting pp. 94-118 Downloads
Elena-Andreea Florea
On the Weak Semi-continuity of Vector Functions and Minimum Problems pp. 119-130 Downloads
Yuqing Chen and Chuangliang Zhang
Connectedness of Solution Sets of Strong Vector Equilibrium Problems with an Application pp. 131-152 Downloads
Yangdong Xu and Pingping Zhang
On the Complexity of the Projective Splitting and Spingarn’s Methods for the Sum of Two Maximal Monotone Operators pp. 153-190 Downloads
Majela Pentón Machado
A Double-Parameter Scaling Broyden–Fletcher–Goldfarb–Shanno Method Based on Minimizing the Measure Function of Byrd and Nocedal for Unconstrained Optimization pp. 191-218 Downloads
Neculai Andrei
A New Double-Projection Method for Solving Variational Inequalities in Banach Spaces pp. 219-239 Downloads
Gang Cai, Aviv Gibali, Olaniyi S. Iyiola and Yekini Shehu
Adaptive Restart of the Optimized Gradient Method for Convex Optimization pp. 240-263 Downloads
Donghwan Kim and Jeffrey A. Fessler
Hierarchic Control for the Wave Equation pp. 264-288 Downloads
Fágner Dias Araruna, Enrique Fernández-Cara and Luciano Cipriano Silva
Aggregate Wind Power Production via Coalitional Games and Optimal Control pp. 289-303 Downloads
Jeffrey Eiyike and Dario Bauso
Strategic Manipulation Approach for Solving Negotiated Transfer Pricing Problem pp. 304-316 Downloads
Julio B. Clempner
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