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1997 - 2023

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Volume 198, issue 3, 2023

A Practical Approach to SOS Relaxations for Detecting Quantum Entanglement pp. 869-891 Downloads
Abhishek Bhardwaj
Detection of Iterative Adversarial Attacks via Counter Attack pp. 892-929 Downloads
Matthias Rottmann, Kira Maag, Mathis Peyron, Hanno Gottschalk and Nataša Krejić
Navigation System-Based Routing Strategies in Traffic Flows on Networks pp. 930-957 Downloads
Adriano Festa, Paola Goatin and Fabio Vicini
Current Limit Avoidance Algorithms for DEMO Operation pp. 958-987 Downloads
Luigi Emanuel Grazia, Domenico Frattolillo, Gianmaria Tommasi and Massimiliano Mattei
The Game of Two Identical Cars: An Analytical Description of the Barrier pp. 988-1018 Downloads
Maksim Buzikov and Andrey Galyaev
Controlled Compartmental Models with Time-Varying Population: Normalization, Viability and Comparison pp. 1019-1048 Downloads
Florin Avram, Lorenzo Freddi, Dan Goreac, Juan Li and Junsong Li
On an Optimal Control Problem Describing Lactate Transport Inhibition pp. 1049-1076 Downloads
Hawraa Alsayed, Hussein Fakih, Alain Miranville and Ali Wehbe
A Successive Linear Relaxation Method for MINLPs with Multivariate Lipschitz Continuous Nonlinearities pp. 1077-1117 Downloads
Julia Grübel, Richard Krug, Martin Schmidt and Winnifried Wollner
Inverse Maximum Theorems and Their Relations with Equilibrium and Fixed Point Theorems pp. 1118-1129 Downloads
John Cotrina and Raúl Fierro
An Inertial Spectral CG Projection Method Based on the Memoryless BFGS Update pp. 1130-1155 Downloads
Xiaoyu Wu, Hu Shao, Pengjie Liu and Yue Zhuo
Generalized Polarity and Weakest Constraint Qualifications in Multiobjective Optimization pp. 1156-1190 Downloads
Oliver Stein and Maximilian Volk
Optimality Conditions in DC-Constrained Mathematical Programming Problems pp. 1191-1225 Downloads
Rafael Correa, Marco A. López and Pedro Pérez-Aros
Sequential Pareto Subdifferential Sum Rule for Convex Set-Valued Mappings and Applications pp. 1226-1245 Downloads
Mohamed Laghdir and El Mahjoub. Echchaabaoui
Existence and Uniqueness of Maximal Elements for Preference Relations: Variational Approach pp. 1246-1263 Downloads
Orestes Bueno, John Cotrina and Yboon García
Second-Order Enhanced Optimality Conditions and Constraint Qualifications pp. 1264-1284 Downloads
Kuang Bai, Yixia Song and Jin Zhang

Volume 198, issue 2, 2023

Boundary Approximate Controllability under Positivity Constraints of Infinite-Dimensional Control Systems pp. 449-478 Downloads
Yassine El Gantouh
New Outer Proximal Methods for Solving Variational Inequality Problems pp. 479-501 Downloads
Pham Ngoc Anh
A Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method Using Inexact First-Order Information pp. 502-530 Downloads
Tiantian Zhao and Wei Hong Yang
Stopping Rules for Gradient Methods for Non-convex Problems with Additive Noise in Gradient pp. 531-551 Downloads
Fedor Stonyakin, Ilya Kuruzov and Boris Polyak
A Projective Splitting Method for Monotone Inclusions: Iteration-Complexity and Application to Composite Optimization pp. 552-587 Downloads
Majela Pentón Machado and Mauricio Romero Sicre
A Tensor Optimization Algorithm for Computing Lagrangians of Hypergraphs pp. 588-604 Downloads
Jingya Chang, Bin Xiao and Xin Zhang
Fund Managers’ Competition for Investment Flows Based on Relative Performance pp. 605-643 Downloads
Gu Wang and Jiaxuan Ye
On Non-Penalization SEMDOT Using Discrete Variable Sensitivities pp. 644-677 Downloads
Yun-Fei Fu, Kai Long and Bernard Rolfe
Multilevel Uzawa and Arrow–Hurwicz Algorithms for General Saddle Point Problems pp. 678-709 Downloads
Lori Badea
HJB Equations and Stochastic Control on Half-Spaces of Hilbert Spaces pp. 710-744 Downloads
Alessandro Calvia, Gianluca Cappa, Fausto Gozzi and Enrico Priola
Using an Improved Output Feedback MPC Approach for Developing a Haptic Virtual Training System pp. 745-766 Downloads
Soroush Sadeghnejad, Farshad Khadivar, Mojtaba Esfandiari, Golchehr Amirkhani, Hamed Moradi, Farzam Farahmand and Gholamreza Vossoughi
Boundary Controllability of Riemann–Liouville Fractional Semilinear Evolution Systems pp. 767-780 Downloads
Asmae Tajani and Fatima-Zahrae El Alaoui
Constrained Linear-Quadratic Optimization Problems with Parameter-Dependent Entries pp. 781-804 Downloads
Martin Lazar
Quasi-Error Bounds for p-Convex Set-Valued Mappings pp. 805-829 Downloads
Hui Huang and Jiangxing Zhu
Error Bounds for Discrete-Continuous Free Flight Trajectory Optimization pp. 830-856 Downloads
Ralf Borndörfer, Fabian Danecker and Martin Weiser
A Short Note on the Twice Differentiability of the Marginal Function of a Convex Function pp. 857-867 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Crouzeix, Abdelhak Hassouni and Eladio Ocaña

Volume 198, issue 1, 2023

Hierarchical Controllability for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation in One Dimension pp. 1-48 Downloads
Miguel R. Nuñez-Chávez and Juan B. Límaco Ferrel
Polarization and Coherence in Mean Field Games Driven by Private and Social Utility pp. 49-85 Downloads
Paolo Dai Pra, Elena Sartori and Marco Tolotti
Random Multifunctions as Set Minimizers of Infinitely Many Differentiable Random Functions pp. 86-110 Downloads
Juan Guillermo Garrido, Pedro Pérez-Aros and Emilio Vilches
An Accelerated Tensorial Double Proximal Gradient Method for Total Variation Regularization Problem pp. 111-134 Downloads
Oumaima Benchettou, Abdeslem Hafid Bentbib and Abderrahman Bouhamidi
Operator-Valued Formulas for Riemannian Gradient and Hessian and Families of Tractable Metrics in Riemannian Optimization pp. 135-164 Downloads
Du Nguyen
Convergence Rates of the Stochastic Alternating Algorithm for Bi-Objective Optimization pp. 165-186 Downloads
Suyun Liu and Luis Nunes Vicente
Convergence of Inexact Steepest Descent Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimizations on Riemannian Manifolds Without Curvature Constraints pp. 187-214 Downloads
X. M. Wang, J. H. Wang and C. Li
On the Curvature of Homogeneous Functions pp. 215-223 Downloads
Per Hjertstrand
Finite Horizon Sequential Detection with Exponential Penalty for the Delay pp. 224-238 Downloads
Bruno Buonaguidi
Stochastic Composition Optimization of Functions Without Lipschitz Continuous Gradient pp. 239-289 Downloads
Yin Liu and Sam Davanloo Tajbakhsh
Convergence of Inertial Dynamics Driven by Sums of Potential and Nonpotential Operators with Implicit Newton-Like Damping pp. 290-331 Downloads
Samir Adly, Hedy Attouch and Vo Van Nam
Approximating the Value of Zero-Sum Differential Games with Linear Payoffs and Dynamics pp. 332-346 Downloads
Jeroen Kuipers, Gijs Schoenmakers and Kateřina Staňková
Optimization of a Prey–Predator Model with Hysteresis and Convection pp. 347-371 Downloads
Chen Bin, Xiao Yu Liang, Emil Minchev and Sergey A. Timoshin
Common Solutions to the Matrix Equations $$AX=B$$ A X = B and $$XC=D$$ X C = D on a Subspace pp. 372-386 Downloads
Shanshan Hu and Yongxin Yuan
A Forward–Backward Algorithm With Different Inertial Terms for Structured Non-Convex Minimization Problems pp. 387-427 Downloads
Szilárd Csaba László
On a Computationally Ill-Behaved Bilevel Problem with a Continuous and Nonconvex Lower Level pp. 428-447 Downloads
Yasmine Beck, Daniel Bienstock, Martin Schmidt and Johannes Thürauf

Volume 197, issue 3, 2023

Calculus Rules of the Generalized Concave Kurdyka–Łojasiewicz Property pp. 839-854 Downloads
Xianfu Wang and Ziyuan Wang
Finite-Approximate Controllability of Impulsive Fractional Functional Evolution Equations of Order $$1 pp. 855-890 Downloads
Sumit Arora, Manil T. Mohan and Jaydev Dabas
Generalized Set-valued Nonlinear Variational-like Inequalities and Fixed Point Problems: Existence and Approximation Solvability Results pp. 891-938 Downloads
Javad Balooee, Shih-sen Chang and Jen-Chih Yao
Locally Lipschitz Stability of a Parametric Semilinear Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with Mixed Constraints pp. 939-965 Downloads
Quoc Tuan Nguyen
Optimal Geodesic Curvature Constrained Dubins’ Paths on a Sphere pp. 966-992 Downloads
Swaroop Darbha, Athindra Pavan, Rajagopal Kumbakonam, Sivakumar Rathinam, David W. Casbeer and Satyanarayana G. Manyam
Elasticity Tensor Identification in Elastic Body with Thin Inclusions: Non-coercive Case pp. 993-1010 Downloads
Alexander Khludnev and Alexander Rodionov
On the Problem of Pursuing Two Coordinated Evaders in Linear Recurrent Differential Games pp. 1011-1023 Downloads
Nikolay N. Petrov
Stochastic $$H_{2}/H_{\infty }$$ H 2 / H ∞ Control for Mean-Field Stochastic Differential Systems with (x, u, v)-Dependent Noise pp. 1024-1060 Downloads
Meijiao Wang, Qingxin Meng, Yang Shen and Peng Shi
Proximal Stabilized Interior Point Methods and Low-Frequency-Update Preconditioning Techniques pp. 1061-1103 Downloads
Stefano Cipolla and Jacek Gondzio
Structural Properties of Minimum Multi-source Multi-Sink Steiner Networks in the Euclidean Plane pp. 1104-1139 Downloads
Alexander Westcott, Marcus Brazil and Charl Ras
An Adaptive Riemannian Gradient Method Without Function Evaluations pp. 1140-1160 Downloads
Geovani N. Grapiglia and Gabriel F. D. Stella
Improving Quantum Computation by Optimized Qubit Routing pp. 1161-1194 Downloads
Friedrich Wagner, Andreas Bärmann, Frauke Liers and Markus Weissenbäck
Maximum Principle for Stochastic Control of SDEs with Measurable Drifts pp. 1195-1228 Downloads
Olivier Menoukeu-Pamen and Ludovic Tangpi
Multiobjective Conjugate Gradient Methods on Riemannian Manifolds pp. 1229-1248 Downloads
Shahabeddin Najafi and Masoud Hajarian
Time-Inconsistent LQ Games for Large-Population Systems and Applications pp. 1249-1268 Downloads
Haiyang Wang and Ruimin Xu

Volume 197, issue 2, 2023

Conic Relaxations with Stable Exactness Conditions for Parametric Robust Convex Polynomial Problems pp. 387-410 Downloads
Thai Doan Chuong and José Vicente-Pérez
New Set-Valued Directional Derivatives: Calculus and Optimality Conditions pp. 411-437 Downloads
Nguyen Minh Tung and Nguyen Xuan Duy Bao
New Hybrid Perturbed Projected Gradient and Simulated Annealing Algorithms for Global Optimization pp. 438-475 Downloads
Yassin Belkourchia, Mohamed Zeriab Es-Sadek and Lahcen Azrar
A Recourse Policy to Improve Number of Successful Transplants in Uncertain Kidney Exchange Programs pp. 476-507 Downloads
Mehdi Zeynivand, Mehdi Najafi and Mohammad Modarres Yazdi
An Optimal Fluid Optical Flow Registration for Super-resolution with Lamé Parameters Learning pp. 508-538 Downloads
Abdelmajid El Hakoume, Amine Laghrib, Aissam Hadri and Lekbir Afraites
Smoothing Accelerated Proximal Gradient Method with Fast Convergence Rate for Nonsmooth Convex Optimization Beyond Differentiability pp. 539-572 Downloads
Fan Wu and Wei Bian
An Exact Solution Algorithm for Integer Bilevel Programming with Application in Energy Market Optimization pp. 573-607 Downloads
George Kozanidis and Eftychia Kostarelou
A New Global Algorithm for Max-Cut Problem with Chordal Sparsity pp. 608-638 Downloads
Cheng Lu, Zhibin Deng, Shu-Cherng Fang and Wenxun Xing
Memoryless Quasi-Newton Methods Based on the Spectral-Scaling Broyden Family for Riemannian Optimization pp. 639-664 Downloads
Yasushi Narushima, Shummin Nakayama, Masashi Takemura and Hiroshi Yabe
Accelerated Doubly Stochastic Gradient Descent for Tensor CP Decomposition pp. 665-704 Downloads
Qingsong Wang, Chunfeng Cui and Deren Han
On the Fulfillment of the Complementary Approximate Karush–Kuhn–Tucker Conditions and Algorithmic Applications pp. 705-736 Downloads
Renan W. Prado, Sandra A. Santos and Lucas E. A. Simões
Characterizing a Class of Robust Vector Polynomial Optimization via Sum of Squares Conditions pp. 737-764 Downloads
Xiangkai Sun, Wen Tan and Kok Lay Teo
Robust Chance-Constrained Geometric Programming with Application to Demand Risk Mitigation pp. 765-797 Downloads
Belleh Fontem
Numerical Computation of Optimal Control Problems with Atangana–Baleanu Fractional Derivatives pp. 798-816 Downloads
Chongyang Liu, Changjun Yu, Zhaohua Gong, Huey Tyng Cheong and Kok Lay Teo
Stochastic Approximation Procedures for Lévy-Driven SDEs pp. 817-837 Downloads
Jan Seidler and Ondřej Týbl

Volume 197, issue 1, 2023

Dynamic Games with Strategic Complements and Large Number of Players pp. 1-21 Downloads
Stefanny Ramirez and Dario Bauso
Privacy-Preserving Dual Stochastic Push-Sum Algorithm for Distributed Constrained Optimization pp. 22-50 Downloads
Chuanye Gu, Lin Jiang, Jueyou Li and Zhiyou Wu
General Hölder Smooth Convergence Rates Follow from Specialized Rates Assuming Growth Bounds pp. 51-70 Downloads
Benjamin Grimmer
Multi-period Optimization for Long-Term Oilfield Production Planning pp. 71-97 Downloads
Jadier Aristizabal, María Mar Prieto, Lizzet Vargas, Diego Pradilla and Jorge M. Gómez
Decomposing Economic Efficiency into Technical and Allocative Components: An Essential Property pp. 98-129 Downloads
Juan Aparicio, José Zofío and Jesús T. Pastor
FEM for Semilinear Elliptic Optimal Control with Nonlinear and Mixed Constraints pp. 130-173 Downloads
Bui Trong Kien, Arnd Rösch, Nguyen Hai Son and Nguyen Van Tuyen
Improved Convex and Concave Relaxations of Composite Bilinear Forms pp. 174-204 Downloads
Matthew E. Wilhelm and Matthew D. Stuber
Error Bound and Isocost Imply Linear Convergence of DCA-Based Algorithms to D-Stationarity pp. 205-232 Downloads
Min Tao and Jiang-Ning Li
On Modified Halpern and Tikhonov–Mann Iterations pp. 233-251 Downloads
Horaţiu Cheval, Ulrich Kohlenbach and Laurenţiu Leuştean
Uniqueness in Nuclear Norm Minimization: Flatness of the Nuclear Norm Sphere and Simultaneous Polarization pp. 252-276 Downloads
Tim Hoheisel and Elliot Paquette
On the Multistage Shortest Path Problem Under Distributional Uncertainty pp. 277-308 Downloads
Sergey S. Ketkov
Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes Under the Risk-Sensitive First Passage Discounted Cost Criterion pp. 309-333 Downloads
Qingda Wei and Xian Chen
A Fixed Point Iterative Method for Third-order Tensor Linear Complementarity Problems pp. 334-357 Downloads
Xuezhong Wang, Ping Wei and Yimin Wei
A Randomized Singular Value Decomposition for Third-Order Oriented Tensors pp. 358-382 Downloads
Minghui Ding, Yimin Wei and Pengpeng Xie
Correction to: Convexifactors, Generalized Convexity, and Optimality Condition pp. 383-385 Downloads
J. Dutta, S. Chandra, Rimpi and C. S. Lalitha
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