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2019, volume 182, issue 2

Optimal Control of Sweeping Processes in Robotics and Traffic Flow Models pp. 439-472 Downloads
Giovanni Colombo, Boris Mordukhovich and Dao Nguyen
State-Dependent Implicit Sweeping Process in the Framework of Quasistatic Evolution Quasi-Variational Inequalities pp. 473-493 Downloads
Samir Adly, Tahar Haddad and Ba Khiet Le
Second-Order Necessary Conditions for Optimal Control with Recursive Utilities pp. 494-524 Downloads
Yuchao Dong and Qingxin Meng
A Regularized Variational Inequality Approach for Nonlinear Monotone Ill-Posed Equations pp. 525-539 Downloads
Robert Plato and Bernd Hofmann
Optimal Control of Diffusion Equation with Fractional Time Derivative with Nonlocal and Nonsingular Mittag-Leffler Kernel pp. 540-557 Downloads
Jean-Daniel Djida, Gisèle Mophou and Iván Area
Existence and Optimal Controls for Fractional Stochastic Evolution Equations of Sobolev Type Via Fractional Resolvent Operators pp. 558-572 Downloads
Yong-Kui Chang, Yatian Pei and Rodrigo Ponce
Time Optimal Control of a System Governed by Non-instantaneous Impulsive Differential Equations pp. 573-587 Downloads
JinRong Wang, Michal Fečkan and Amar Debbouche
The Bang–Bang Property of Time-Varying Optimal Time Control for Null Controllable Heat Equation pp. 588-605 Downloads
Dong-Hui Yang, Bao-Zhu Guo, Weihua Gui and Chunhua Yang
Convergence Rates of Forward–Douglas–Rachford Splitting Method pp. 606-639 Downloads
Cesare Molinari, Jingwei Liang and Jalal Fadili
A Partially Inexact Proximal Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers and Its Iteration-Complexity Analysis pp. 640-666 Downloads
Vando A. Adona, Max L. N. Gonçalves and Jefferson G. Melo
A Modified Spectral Conjugate Gradient Method with Global Convergence pp. 667-690 Downloads
Parvaneh Faramarzi and Keyvan Amini
Portfolio Optimization for Assets with Stochastic Yields and Stochastic Volatility pp. 691-729 Downloads
Tao Pang and Katherine Varga
On Location-Allocation Problems for Dimensional Facilities pp. 730-767 Downloads
Lina Mallozzi, Justo Puerto and Moisés Rodríguez-Madrena
Probabilistic Properties of Near-Optimal Trajectories of an Agent Moving Over a Lattice pp. 768-784 Downloads
Alexander Kuznetsov, Elina Shishkina and Sergey Sitnik
Modeling the Dynamics of the Frequent Users of Electronic Commerce in Spain Using Optimization Techniques for Inverse Problems with Uncertainty pp. 785-796 Downloads
Clara Burgos, Juan-Carlos Cortés, Iván-Camilo Lombana, David Martínez-Rodríguez and Rafael-J. Villanueva
Level Set Formulation Based on Edge and Region Information with Application to Accurate Lesion Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Images pp. 797-815 Downloads
Yunyun Yang, Wenjing Jia, Xiu Shu and Boying Wu
Associated Games to Optimize the Core of a Transferable Utility Game pp. 816-836 Downloads
Qianqian Kong, Hao Sun, Genjiu Xu and Dongshuang Hou
A Note on the Paper “Optimality Conditions for Vector Optimization Problems with Difference of Convex Maps” pp. 837-849 Downloads
Allahkaram Shafie and Farid Bozorgnia

2019, volume 182, issue 1

Preface: Special Issue on Recent Advances in Variational Calculus: Principles, Tools and Applications pp. 1-3 Downloads
Annamaria Barbagallo, Lina Mallozzi and Michel Théra
New Farkas-Type Results for Vector-Valued Functions: A Non-abstract Approach pp. 4-29 Downloads
Nguyen Dinh, Miguel A. Goberna, Dang H. Long and Marco A. López-Cerdá
Asymptotic Equivalence of Evolution Equations Governed by Cocoercive Operators and Their Forward Discretizations pp. 30-48 Downloads
Andrés Contreras and Juan Peypouquet
Nonsmooth and Nonconvex Optimization via Approximate Difference-of-Convex Decompositions pp. 49-80 Downloads
Wim Ackooij and Welington Oliveira
Metric and Geometric Relaxations of Self-Contracted Curves pp. 81-109 Downloads
Aris Daniilidis, Robert Deville and Estibalitz Durand-Cartagena
The Proximal Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Two-Block Separable Convex Optimization Problems with Linear Constraints pp. 110-132 Downloads
Sandy Bitterlich, Radu Ioan Boţ, Ernö Robert Csetnek and Gert Wanka
Lipschitz Modulus of the Optimal Value in Linear Programming pp. 133-152 Downloads
María Jesús Gisbert, María Josefa Cánovas, Juan Parra and Fco. Javier Toledo
Second-Order Time and State-Dependent Sweeping Process in Hilbert Space pp. 153-188 Downloads
Fatine Aliouane, Dalila Azzam-Laouir, Charles Castaing and Manuel D. P. Monteiro Marques
On Characterizations of Submanifolds via Smoothness of the Distance Function in Hilbert Spaces pp. 189-210 Downloads
David Salas and Lionel Thibault
Extremality, Stationarity and Generalized Separation of Collections of Sets pp. 211-264 Downloads
Hoa T. Bui and Alexander Y. Kruger
Surjectivity in Fréchet Spaces pp. 265-284 Downloads
Milen Ivanov and Nadia Zlateva
On Generalized Bolza Problem and Its Application to Dynamic Optimization pp. 285-309 Downloads
Alexander D. Ioffe
Scalarization Functionals with Uniform Level Sets in Set Optimization pp. 310-335 Downloads
Truong Quang Bao and Christiane Tammer
Directional Pareto Efficiency: Concepts and Optimality Conditions pp. 336-365 Downloads
Teodor Chelmuş, Marius Durea and Elena-Andreea Florea
A Further Study on Asymptotic Functions via Variational Analysis pp. 366-382 Downloads
Felipe Lara, Rubén López and Benar F. Svaiter
A New Variational Approach to Linearization of Traction Problems in Elasticity pp. 383-403 Downloads
Francesco Maddalena, Danilo Percivale and Franco Tomarelli
Towards Tractable Constraint Qualifications for Parametric Optimisation Problems and Applications to Generalised Nash Games pp. 404-416 Downloads
Didier Aussel and Anton Svensson
Multiple Capture of Given Number of Evaders in Linear Recurrent Differential Games pp. 417-429 Downloads
Nikolay N. Petrov and Nadezhda A. Solov’eva
Variational Analysis Down Under Open Problem Session pp. 430-437 Downloads
Hoa T. Bui, Scott B. Lindstrom and Vera Roshchina

2019, volume 181, issue 3

Computing the Resolvent of the Sum of Maximally Monotone Operators with the Averaged Alternating Modified Reflections Algorithm pp. 709-726 Downloads
Francisco J. Aragón Artacho and Rubén Campoy
Irreducible Infeasible Subsystems of Semidefinite Systems pp. 727-742 Downloads
Kai Kellner, Marc E. Pfetsch and Thorsten Theobald
Two Estimates for the First Robin Eigenvalue of the Finsler Laplacian with Negative Boundary Parameter pp. 743-757 Downloads
Gloria Paoli and Leonardo Trani
Upper Semicontinuous Representability of Maximal Elements for Nontransitive Preferences pp. 758-765 Downloads
Gianni Bosi and Magalì Zuanon
Second-Order Strong Karush/Kuhn–Tucker Conditions for Proper Efficiencies in Multiobjective Optimization pp. 766-786 Downloads
Min Feng and Shengjie Li
Proper or Weak Efficiency via Saddle Point Conditions in Cone-Constrained Nonconvex Vector Optimization Problems pp. 787-816 Downloads
Fabián Flores-Bazán, Giandomenico Mastroeni and Cristián Vera
Characterizations of Multiobjective Robustness via Oriented Distance Function and Image Space Analysis pp. 817-839 Downloads
Qamrul Hasan Ansari, Elisabeth Köbis and Pradeep Kumar Sharma
On Solving Nonsmooth Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems by Outer Approximation and Generalized Benders Decomposition pp. 840-863 Downloads
Zhou Wei, M. Montaz Ali, Liang Xu, Bo Zeng and Jen-Chih Yao
Strong Convergence of Regularized New Proximal Point Algorithms pp. 864-882 Downloads
Behzad Djafari Rouhani and Sirous Moradi
Augmented Lagrangian Method with Alternating Constraints for Nonlinear Optimization Problems pp. 883-904 Downloads
Siti Nor Habibah Binti Hassan, Tomohiro Niimi and Nobuo Yamashita
Dynamic Non-diagonal Regularization in Interior Point Methods for Linear and Convex Quadratic Programming pp. 905-945 Downloads
Spyridon Pougkakiotis and Jacek Gondzio
On a Box-Constrained Linear Symmetric Cone Optimization Problem pp. 946-971 Downloads
Yi Xu and Xihong Yan
Maximization of Homogeneous Polynomials over the Simplex and the Sphere: Structure, Stability, and Generic Behavior pp. 972-996 Downloads
Faizan Ahmed and Georg Still
Combining Global and Local Strategies to Optimize Parameters in Magnetic Spacecraft Control via Attitude Feedback pp. 997-1014 Downloads
Renato Bruni and Fabio Celani
Optimal Route Planning for Sailing Boats: A Hybrid Formulation pp. 1015-1032 Downloads
Roberto Ferretti and Adriano Festa
The Egalitarian Efficient Extension of the Aumann–Drèze Value pp. 1033-1052 Downloads
Xun-Feng Hu, Gen-Jiu Xu and Deng-Feng Li
Optimal Mild Solutions for a Class of Nonlocal Multi-Valued Stochastic Delay Differential Equations pp. 1053-1075 Downloads
Zuomao Yan and Li Han
Experimental Results of Optimal and Robust Control for Uncertain Linear Time-Delay Systems pp. 1076-1089 Downloads
Héctor-Aristeo López-Labra, Omar-Jacobo Santos-Sánchez, Liliam Rodríguez-Guerrero, Jesús-Patricio Ordaz-Oliver and Carlos Cuvas-Castillo

2019, volume 181, issue 2

A Weak Martingale Approach to Linear-Quadratic McKean–Vlasov Stochastic Control Problems pp. 347-382 Downloads
Matteo Basei and Huyên Pham
Equilibrium for a Time-Inconsistent Stochastic Linear–Quadratic Control System with Jumps and Its Application to the Mean-Variance Problem pp. 383-410 Downloads
Zhongyang Sun and Xianping Guo
Optimality Conditions and Duality for Robust Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Constraints pp. 411-436 Downloads
Jiawei Chen, Elisabeth Köbis and Jen-Chih Yao
An Extension of the Kaliszewski Cone to Non-polyhedral Pointed Cones in Infinite-Dimensional Spaces pp. 437-455 Downloads
Lidia Huerga, Baasansuren Jadamba and Miguel Sama
A Simple Canonical Form for Nonlinear Programming Problems and Its Use pp. 456-469 Downloads
Walter F. Mascarenhas
A Characterization of Probabilities with Full Support and the Laplace Method pp. 470-478 Downloads
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci
Combination of Direct Methods and Homotopy in Numerical Optimal Control: Application to the Optimization of Chemotherapy in Cancer pp. 479-503 Downloads
Antoine Olivier and Camille Pouchol
Is Pessimistic Bilevel Programming a Special Case of a Mathematical Program with Complementarity Constraints? pp. 504-520 Downloads
Didier Aussel and Anton Svensson
Mathematical Programs with Second-Order Cone Complementarity Constraints: Strong Stationarity and Approximation Method pp. 521-540 Downloads
Xide Zhu, Jin Zhang, Jinchuan Zhou and Xinmin Yang
Accelerated Randomized Mirror Descent Algorithms for Composite Non-strongly Convex Optimization pp. 541-566 Downloads
Le Thi Khanh Hien, Cuong V. Nguyen, Huan Xu, Canyi Lu and Jiashi Feng
An Envelope for Davis–Yin Splitting and Strict Saddle-Point Avoidance pp. 567-587 Downloads
Yanli Liu and Wotao Yin
Convergence of the Exponentiated Gradient Method with Armijo Line Search pp. 588-607 Downloads
Yen-Huan Li and Volkan Cevher
An Efficient Gradient Method with Approximately Optimal Stepsize Based on Tensor Model for Unconstrained Optimization pp. 608-633 Downloads
Zexian Liu and Hongwei Liu
Turning Motion Control Design of a Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Using Curvature Tracking and Optimal Control Theory pp. 634-652 Downloads
Yusheng Zhou, Zaihua Wang and Kwok-wai Chung
Optimization of Combining Fiber Orientation and Topology for Constant-Stiffness Composite Laminated Plates pp. 653-670 Downloads
Xinxing Tong, Wenjie Ge, Xinqin Gao and Yan Li
Sufficient and Necessary Conditions for an Edge in the Optimal Hamiltonian Cycle Based on Frequency Quadrilaterals pp. 671-683 Downloads
Yong Wang
Cognitive Design of Radar Waveform and the Receive Filter for Multitarget Parameter Estimation pp. 684-705 Downloads
Yu Yao, Junhui Zhao and Lenan Wu
A Note on the Paper “Optimality Conditions for Optimistic Bilevel Programming Problem Using Convexifactors” pp. 706-707 Downloads
Bhawna Kohli

2019, volume 181, issue 1

Topological Derivatives of Shape Functionals. Part III: Second-Order Method and Applications pp. 1-22 Downloads
Antonio André Novotny, Jan Sokołowski and Antoni Żochowski
Traversing the Schrödinger Bridge Strait: Robert Fortet’s Marvelous Proof Redux pp. 23-60 Downloads
Montacer Essid and Michele Pavon
Union Averaged Operators with Applications to Proximal Algorithms for Min-Convex Functions pp. 61-94 Downloads
Minh N. Dao and Matthew K. Tam
On the Numbers of Connected Components in the Solution Sets of Polynomial Vector Variational Inequalities pp. 95-100 Downloads
Vu Trung Hieu
Linear Programming Formulation of Long-Run Average Optimal Control Problem pp. 101-125 Downloads
Vivek S. Borkar and Vladimir Gaitsgory
Differential Stability of Convex Optimization Problems with Possibly Empty Solution Sets pp. 126-143 Downloads
Duong Thi Viet An and Jen-Chih Yao
Characterizations of Solution Sets of Differentiable Quasiconvex Programming Problems pp. 144-162 Downloads
Vsevolod I. Ivanov
On the R0-Tensors and the Solution Map of Tensor Complementarity Problems pp. 163-183 Downloads
Vu Trung Hieu
Power Diagram Detection with Applications to Information Elicitation pp. 184-196 Downloads
Steffen Borgwardt and Rafael M. Frongillo
An Augmented Lagrangian Method for Equality Constrained Optimization with Rapid Infeasibility Detection Capabilities pp. 197-215 Downloads
Paul Armand and Ngoc Nguyen Tran
Modified Newton-Type Iteration Methods for Generalized Absolute Value Equations pp. 216-230 Downloads
An Wang, Yang Cao and Jing-Xian Chen
Global Asymptotic Stability and Stabilization of Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks with Constant Weights and Biases pp. 231-243 Downloads
Shankar A. Deka, Dušan M. Stipanović, Boris Murmann and Claire J. Tomlin
Non-smooth Non-convex Bregman Minimization: Unification and New Algorithms pp. 244-278 Downloads
Peter Ochs, Jalal Fadili and Thomas Brox
Priority-Oriented Route Network Planning for Evacuation in Constrained Space Scenarios pp. 279-297 Downloads
Yi Hong, Deying Li, Qiang Wu and Hua Xu
Structured Two-Point Stepsize Gradient Methods for Nonlinear Least Squares pp. 298-317 Downloads
Hassan Mohammad and Mohammed Yusuf Waziri
Brezis Pseudomonotonicity is Strictly Weaker than Ky–Fan Hemicontinuity pp. 318-323 Downloads
Daniel Steck
An Infeasible Interior-Point Algorithm for Stochastic Second-Order Cone Optimization pp. 324-346 Downloads
Baha Alzalg, Khaled Badarneh and Ayat Ababneh
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