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Volume 84, issue 2, 2022

Poisson Counts, Square Root Transformation and Small Area Estimation pp. 449-471 Downloads
Malay Ghosh, Tamal Ghosh and Masayo Y. Hirose
COVID-19: Optimal Design of Serosurveys for Disease Burden Estimation pp. 472-494 Downloads
Siva Athreya, Giridhara R. Babu, Aniruddha Iyer, Mohammed Minhaas B. S., Nihesh Rathod, Sharad Shriram, Rajesh Sundaresan, Nidhin Koshy Vaidhiyan and Sarath Yasodharan
Implications of Faithfulness in Graphical Models pp. 495-515 Downloads
Dhafer Malouche
Bayesian Model Selection for Longitudinal Count Data pp. 516-547 Downloads
Oludare Ariyo, Emmanuel Lesaffre, Geert Verbeke and Adrian Quintero
Lorenz and Polarization Orderings of the Double-Pareto Lognormal Distribution and Other Size Distributions pp. 548-574 Downloads
Masato Okamoto
Stationary GE-Process and its Application in Analyzing Gold Price Data pp. 575-595 Downloads
Debasis Kundu
Estimating a Mixing Distribution on the Sphere Using Predictive Recursion pp. 596-626 Downloads
Vaidehi Dixit and Ryan Martin
Swamy Paravastu, Peter von zur Muehlen, Jatinder Singh Mehta and I-Lok Chang
Weighted Lindley Shared Regression Model for Bivariate Left Censored Data pp. 655-682 Downloads
Shikhar Tyagi, Arvind Pandey and Christophe Chesneau
Dynamic Copulas for Monotonic Dependence Change in Time Series pp. 683-693 Downloads
Antoine Bergeron, Pierre Dutilleul, Carole Beaulieu and Taoufik Bouezmarni
Robust Moderately Clipped LASSO for Simultaneous Outlier Detection and Variable Selection pp. 694-707 Downloads
Yang Peng, Bin Luo and Xiaoli Gao
Directional Measure for Analyzing the Degree of Deviance from Generalized Marginal Mean Equality Model in Square Contingency Tables pp. 708-721 Downloads
Shuji Ando
Chance Mechanisms Involving Sibuya Distribution and its Relatives pp. 722-764 Downloads
Thierry E. Huillet
On Improving the Posterior Predictive Distribution of the Difference Between two Independent Poisson Distribution pp. 765-777 Downloads
Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani
An Alternative to the Oversimplifying Benford’s Law in Experimental Fields pp. 778-808 Downloads
Stéphane Blondeau Da Silva
A Bayesian Regression Model for the Non-standardized t Distribution with Location, Scale and Degrees of Freedom Parameters pp. 809-830 Downloads
Margarita Marín and Edilberto Cepeda-Cuervo
ANCOVA: An Approach Based on a Robust Heteroscedastic Measure of Effect Size pp. 831-845 Downloads
Rand R. Wilcox
Bivariate Semi-parametric Singular Family of Distributions and its Applications pp. 846-872 Downloads
Debasis Kundu
Mortality Comparisons ‘At a Glance’: A Mortality Concentration Curve and Decomposition Analysis for India pp. 873-894 Downloads
John Creedy and S. Subramanian
Different Coefficients for Studying Dependence pp. 895-914 Downloads
Oona Rainio

Volume 84, issue 1, 2022

Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling: Application Towards Production Results in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas pp. 1-43 Downloads
Se Yoon Lee and Bani K. Mallick
The Power Series Exponential Power Series Distributions with Applications to Failure Data Sets pp. 44-78 Downloads
Rasool Roozegar, Saralees Nadarajah and Eisa Mahmoudi
An Investigation into Adult Human Height Distributions Using Kernel Density Estimation pp. 79-105 Downloads
D. Y. Jayasinghe and C. L. Jayasinghe
Testing the Validity of a Link Function Assumption in Repeated Type-II Censored General Step-Stress Experiments pp. 106-129 Downloads
Stefan Bedbur and Thomas Seiche
Economic Statistical Design for Three-level Control Charts with Variable Sample Size pp. 130-145 Downloads
Reza Pourtaheri
The General Tail Dependence Function in the Marshall-Olkin and Other Parametric Copula Models with an Application to Financial Time Series pp. 146-187 Downloads
Yuri Salazar Flores and Adán Díaz-Hernández
Convergence Details About k-DPP Monte-Carlo Sampling for Large Graphs pp. 188-203 Downloads
Diala Wehbe and Nicolas Wicker
Estimation and Influence Diagnostics for the Multivariate Linear Regression Models with Skew Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions pp. 204-242 Downloads
Graciliano M. S. Louredo, Camila B. Zeller and Clécio S. Ferreira
An Unbiased Regression Type Estimator In Randomized Response Sampling pp. 243-258 Downloads
Roberto Arias, Stephen A. Sedory and Sarjinder Singh
Fixed versus Mixed Effects Based Marginal Models for Clustered Correlated Binary Data: an Overview on Advances and Challenges pp. 259-302 Downloads
Brajendra C. Sutradhar
A New Goodness-of-Fit Test for the Logistic Distribution pp. 303-319 Downloads
Hadi Alizadeh Noughabi
A Curtailed Procedure for Selecting Among Treatments With Two Bernoulli Endpoints pp. 320-339 Downloads
Elena M. Buzaianu, Pinyuen Chen and Lifang Hsu
The Sibling Distribution for Multivariate Life Time Data pp. 340-363 Downloads
Ingvild M. Helgøy and Hans J. Skaug
Reliability Estimation in a Multicomponent Stress-Strength Model Based on Inverse Weibull Distribution pp. 364-401 Downloads
Raj Kamal Maurya, Yogesh Mani Tripathi and Tanmay Kayal
Sequential Estimation of an Inverse Gaussian Mean with Known Coefficient of Variation pp. 402-420 Downloads
Ajit Chaturvedi, Sudeep R. Bapat and Neeraj Joshi
Novel Log Type Class Of Estimators Under Ranked Set Sampling pp. 421-447 Downloads
Shashi Bhushan and Anoop Kumar
Correction to: Novel Log Type Class of Estimators Under Ranked Set Sampling pp. 448-448 Downloads
Shashi Bhushan and Anoop Kumar

Volume 83, issue 2, 2021

Structural Factorization of Latent Adjacency Matrix, with an application to Auto Industry Networks pp. 185-206 Downloads
Sayan Chakraborty, Arnab Bhattacharjee and Taps Maiti
Estimating Endogenous Ordered Response Panel Data Models with an Application to Income Gradient in Child Health pp. 207-243 Downloads
Kajal Lahiri and Liu Yang
Moments in Pearson's Four-Step Uniform Random Walk Problem and Other Applications of Very Well-Poised Generalized Hypergeometric Series pp. 244-281 Downloads
J. Roderick McCrorie
A partial likelihood-based two-dimensional multistate markov model with application to myocardial infarction and stroke recurrence pp. 282-303 Downloads
Chu-Chih Chen, , Chuan-Pin Lee, Yuan-Horng Yan, Tsun-Jen Cheng and Pranab K. Sen
Marginal Continuation odds Ratio Model and Decomposition of Marginal Homogeneity Model for Multi-way Contingency Tables pp. 304-324 Downloads
Satoru Shinoda, Kouji Tahata, Kouji Yamamoto and Sadao Tomizawa
On Some Circular Distributions Induced by Inverse Stereographic Projection pp. 319-341 Downloads
Yogendra P. Chaubey and Shamal C. Karmaker
Logistic Quantile Regression for Bounded Outcomes Using a Family of Heavy-Tailed Distributions pp. 325-349 Downloads
Christian E. Galarza, Panpan Zhang and Víctor H. Lachos
Analyzing Unevenly Spaced Longitudinal Count Data pp. 342-373 Downloads
Alwell J. Oyet and Brajendra C. Sutradhar
Inferences from Asymmetric Multivariate Exponential Power Distribution pp. 350-370 Downloads
A. T. Soyinka and A. A. Olosunde
Ratio-Type Exponential Estimator for the Population Mean at the Current Occasion in the Presence of Non-Response in Successive Sampling pp. 371-394 Downloads
Surya K. Pal and Housila P. Singh
A Shared Spatial Model for Multivariate Extreme-Valued Binary Data with Non-Random Missingness pp. 374-396 Downloads
Xiaoyue Zhao, Lin Zhang and Dipankar Bandyopadhyay
Bayesian Spatial Modeling for Housing Data in South Africa pp. 395-414 Downloads
Bingling Wang, Sudipto Banerjee and Rangan Gupta
Detection of EXPAR nonlinearity in the Presence of a Nuisance Unidentified Under the Null Hypothesis pp. 397-429 Downloads
Nabil Azouagh and Said El Melhaoui
Three-level zero-inflated Conway–Maxwell–Poisson regression model for analyzing dispersed clustered count data with extra zeros pp. 415-439 Downloads
Somayeh Ghorbani Gholiabad, Abbas Moghimbeigi and Javad Faradmal
Estimating the Welfare Gains from Public Schools in Rural India pp. 430-443 Downloads
Debopam Bhattacharya, Anders Kjelsrud and Rohini Somanathan
Recursive Modified Pattern Search on High-Dimensional Simplex: A Blackbox Optimization Technique pp. 440-483 Downloads
Priyam Das
A Robust Sharpe Ratio pp. 444-465 Downloads
Mahesh K.c and Arnab Kumar Laha
A Weighted Likelihood Approach to Problems in Survival Data pp. 466-492 Downloads
Adhidev Biswas, Suman Majumder, Pratim Guha Niyogi and Ayanendranath Basu
Poisson Generated Family of Distributions: A Review pp. 484-540 Downloads
Sandeep Kumar Maurya and Saralees Nadarajah
Mahalanobis Metric Based Clustering for Fixed Effects Model pp. 493-506 Downloads
Chihwa Kao, Min Seong Kim and Zhonghui Zhang
Kernel Density Estimation Based on the Distinct Units in Sampling with Replacement pp. 507-547 Downloads
Sayed A. Mostafa and Ibrahim A. Ahmad
A Comparison of Bayesian Accelerated Failure Time Models with Spatially Varying Coefficients pp. 541-557 Downloads
Guanyu Hu, Yishu Xue and Fred Huffer
An Extension of J-Shaped Distribution with Application to Tissue Damage Proportions in Blood pp. 548-574 Downloads
Komal Shekhawat and Vikas Kumar Sharma
High Precision Numerical Computation of Principal Points for Univariate Distributions pp. 558-584 Downloads
Santanu Chakraborty, Mrinal Kanti Roychowdhury and Josef Sifuentes
A Study of Bivariate Generalized Pareto Distribution and its Dependence Structure Among Model Parameters pp. 575-604 Downloads
Indranil Ghosh and Osborne Banks
Sparse Portfolio Selection via Bayesian Multiple Testing pp. 585-617 Downloads
Sourish Das and Rituparna Sen

Volume 83, issue 1, 2021

Preface for the Jayanta K. Ghosh Memorial Volume of Sankhya, Series B pp. 1-2 Downloads
Bertrand S. Clarke and Gauri S. Datta
On the Development of a Local FDR-Based Approach to Testing Two-Way Classified Hypotheses pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sanat K. Sarkar and Shinjini Nandi
Bayesian Analysis of Mixed-effect Regression Models Driven by Ordinary Differential Equations pp. 3-29 Downloads
Qianwen Tan and Subhashis Ghosal
A Basic Treatment of the Distance Covariance pp. 12-25 Downloads
Dominic Edelmann, Tobias Terzer and Donald Richards
On the Exceedances of Exchangeable Random Variables pp. 26-35 Downloads
Satish Iyengar
A Partition Dirichlet Process Model for Functional Data Analysis pp. 30-65 Downloads
Christoph Hellmayr and Alan E. Gelfand
Comparison of Some Exact Tests for a Common Location Parameter of Several Truncated Exponential Distributions with Different Scale Parameters pp. 36-64 Downloads
Yehenew G. Kifle and Bimal K. Sinha
Shape Detection Using Semi-Parametric Shape-Restricted Mixed Effects Regression Spline with Applications pp. 65-85 Downloads
Qing Yin, Xiaoshuang Xun, Shyamal D. Peddada and Jennifer J. Adibi
Bayesian Test of Normality Versus a Dirichlet Process Mixture Alternative pp. 66-96 Downloads
Surya T. Tokdar and Ryan Martin
Imputation for Skewed Data: Multivariate Lomax Case pp. 86-113 Downloads
Zhixin Lun and Ravindra Khattree
A Survey of Nonparametric Mixing Density Estimation via the Predictive Recursion Algorithm pp. 97-121 Downloads
Ryan Martin
On Some Smooth Estimators of the Quantile Function for a Stationary Associated Process pp. 114-139 Downloads
Yogendra P. Chaubey, Isha Dewan and Jun Li
Bivariate Kernel Deconvolution with Panel Data pp. 122-151 Downloads
Guillermo Basulto-Elias, Alicia L. Carriquiry, Kris Brabanter and Daniel J. Nordman
A Two-sample Nonparametric Test for Circular Data– its Exact Distribution and Performance pp. 140-166 Downloads
S. Rao Jammalamadaka, Stéphane Guerrier and Vasudevan Mangalam
Statistical Modeling of Longitudinal Data with Non-Ignorable Non-Monotone Missingness with Semiparametric Bayesian and Machine Learning Components pp. 152-169 Downloads
Yu Cao and Nitai D. Mukhopadhyay
Clustering Patterns Connecting COVID-19 Dynamics and Human Mobility Using Optimal Transport pp. 167-184 Downloads
Frank Nielsen, Gautier Marti, Sumanta Ray and Saumyadipta Pyne
Model Selection With Mixed Variables on the Lasso Path pp. 170-184 Downloads
X. Jessie Jeng, Huimin Peng and Wenbin Lu
The Horseshoe-Like Regularization for Feature Subset Selection pp. 185-214 Downloads
Anindya Bhadra, Jyotishka Datta, Nicholas G. Polson and Brandon T. Willard
A Hierarchical Bayes Unit-Level Small Area Estimation Model for Normal Mixture Populations pp. 215-241 Downloads
Shuchi Goyal, Gauri Sankar Datta and Abhyuday Mandal
On Making Valid Inferences by Integrating Data from Surveys and Other Sources pp. 242-272 Downloads
J. N. K. Rao
Multivariate Normal Inference based on Singly Imputed Synthetic Data under Plug-in Sampling pp. 273-287 Downloads
Martin Klein, Ricardo Moura and Bimal Sinha
Distance-learning For Approximate Bayesian Computation To Model a Volcanic Eruption pp. 288-317 Downloads
Lorenzo Pacchiardi, Pierre Künzli, Marcel Schöngens, Bastien Chopard and Ritabrata Dutta
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