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Volume 22, issue 4, 2010

Foreword to the Symposium pp. 477-480 Downloads
Geoff(rey) Harcourt
Macrodynamics for a Better Society: The Economics of John Cornwall pp. 481-498 Downloads
Mark Setterfield and Anthony Thirlwall
What Monetary Policy after the Crisis? pp. 499-515 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer
The Return of Keynesian Economics: A Contribution in the Spirit of John Cornwall's Work pp. 517-533 Downloads
Giuseppe Fontana
Discounting Nordhaus pp. 535-549 Downloads
Thomas Michl
Financial Uncertainty and Business Investment pp. 551-568 Downloads
Engelbert Stockhammer and Lucas Grafl
International Reserves, Effective Demand and Growth pp. 569-587 Downloads
Moritz Cruz and Peter Kriesler
Does Class Matter? Social Cleavages in South Korea's Electoral Politics in the Era of Neoliberalism pp. 589-616 Downloads
Wonik Kim
The Political Economy of Work pp. 617-619 Downloads
Bruno Tinel
Regional Monetary Policy pp. 620-622 Downloads
Paul Dalziel

Volume 22, issue 3, 2010

Macroeconomic Policy Mix, Employment and Inflation in a Post-Keynesian Alternative to the New Consensus Model pp. 317-354 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Engelbert Stockhammer
Positive Externalities and R&D: Two Conflicting Traditions in Economic Theory pp. 355-372 Downloads
Sinclair Davidson and Heath Spong
Gender, Distribution, and Balance of Payments Constrained Growth in Developing Countries pp. 373-404 Downloads
Stephanie Seguino
On the Impossibility of Reducing the Surplus Approach to a Neoclassical 'Special Case': A Criticism of Hahn in a Solowian Context pp. 405-418 Downloads
Emiliano Brancaccio
The Infeasibility of Free Trade in Classical Theory: Ricardo's Comparative Advantage Parable has no Solution pp. 419-437 Downloads
Ron Baiman
Pareto's 'Chronicles' in Relation to his Sociology pp. 439-458 Downloads
Michael McLure
Wealth and Life: Essays on the Intellectual History of Political Economy in Britain, 1848-1914 pp. 459-462 Downloads
Terry Peach
General Equilibrium, Capital and Macroeconomics: A Key to Recent Controversies in Equilibrium Theory pp. 462-467 Downloads
Emiliano Brancaccio
The Origin and Development of Financial Markets and Institutions: From the Seventeenth Century to the Present pp. 468-470 Downloads
Cameron Weber
Reason and Rationality pp. 470-473 Downloads
Gene Callahan
Welfare, Right, and the State: A Framework for Thinking pp. 473-475 Downloads
Tae-Hee Jo

Volume 22, issue 2, 2010

Assessing Microcredit in Bangladesh: A Critique of the Concept of Empowerment pp. 181-204 Downloads
Nahid Aslanbeigui, Guy Oakes and Nancy Uddin
Financialisation and Rising Shareholder Power in Kaleckian/Post-Kaleckian Models of Distribution and Growth pp. 205-233 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Till Van Treeck
A Battle of Forensic Experts is not a Race to the Bottom pp. 235-262 Downloads
Roger Koppl and E. James Cowan
Labour Supply, Employment and Unemployment in Macroeconomics: A Critical Appraisal of Orthodoxy and a Heterodox Alternative pp. 263-279 Downloads
Malcolm Sawyer and David Spencer
Inflation in Argentina during the Second Peronist Period (1973-76): A Post-Keynesian Interpretation pp. 281-299 Downloads
Jonathan Marie
The Structure of Post-Keynesian Economics. The Core Contributions of the Pioneers pp. 301-304 Downloads
Angelo Reati
Toward Globalization with a Human Face pp. 304-306 Downloads
Collin Matton
Keynes and his Battles pp. 306-309 Downloads
Dany Lang
Poverty, Work and Freedom: Political Economy and the Moral Order pp. 309-311 Downloads
Robert Scott
Ideology and the International Economy. The Decline and Fall of Bretton Woods pp. 311-313 Downloads
Maria Alejandra Madi and Jose Ricardo Goncalves

Volume 22, issue 1, 2010

One Small Step for Man: Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel Laureate in Economics pp. 1-17 Downloads
Bruce Elmslie
Pricing Behaviour and the Cost-Push Channel of Monetary Policy pp. 19-40 Downloads
Gilberto Lima and Mark Setterfield
The Relative Permanent Income Theory of Consumption: A Synthetic Keynes-Duesenberry-Friedman Model pp. 41-56 Downloads
Thomas Palley
Starvation and Social Class: Amartya Sen on Markets and Famines pp. 57-73 Downloads
Mark Peacock
Auguste Ott on Commercial Crises and Distributive Justice: An Early Input-Output Scheme pp. 75-96 Downloads
Daniele Besomi and Giorgio Colacchio
Transformational Growth in the 1990s: Government, Finance and High-tech pp. 97-117 Downloads
Davide Gualerzi and Edward Nell
Cycles and Growth: A Source of Demand-Driven Endogenous Growth pp. 119-125 Downloads
Pierangelo Garegnani and Attilio Trezzini
Pecuniary External Economies, Economies of Scale and Increasing Returns: A Note of Dissent pp. 127-140 Downloads
Roy Grieve
Reply to Roy H. Grieve on Increasing Returns pp. 141-150 Downloads
Ramesh Chandra and Roger Sandilands
The Fault Line between Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians: A Review Essay pp. 151-160 Downloads
Mark Hayes
A Measure of Fairness: The Economics of Living Wages and Minimum Wages in the United States pp. 161-164 Downloads
John King
Reinventing Functional Finance: Transformational Growth and Full Employment pp. 165-168 Downloads
Christopher Niggle
Rethinking Pension Reform/What You Need to Know about the Economics of Growing Old (But Were Afraid to Ask): A Provocative Reference Guide to the Economics of Aging pp. 168-170 Downloads
Robert Whaples
In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State pp. 170-174 Downloads
Karl Widerquist
The Cambridge Companion to Hayek pp. 174-176 Downloads
Guinevere Liberty Nell
The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences pp. 177-180 Downloads
Matt Vidal

Volume 21, issue 4, 2009

Retirement Policies and the Life Cycle: Current Trends and Future Prospects pp. 515-536 Downloads
William Jackson
The Tragedy of the Commons: Institutions and Fisheries Management at the Local and EU Levels pp. 537-547 Downloads
Rouba Al-Fattal
Method, Structure and Argument in Edith Penrose's Theory of Growth pp. 549-566 Downloads
Carol Connell
The Impact of Unions on Labor's Share of Income: A Time-Series Analysis pp. 567-588 Downloads
Rudy Fichtenbaum
RICARDO: Standard Commodity:: MARX: ? pp. 589-619 Downloads
Bruce Roberts

Volume 21, issue 3, 2009

Introductory Note pp. 339-339 Downloads
John King and Gary Mongiovi
Adjusting Theory to Reality: The Role of Aggregate Demand in Kaldor's Late Contributions on Economic Growth pp. 341-368 Downloads
Antonella Palumbo
Cadrisme within a Post-Keynesian Model of Growth and Distribution pp. 369-391 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
A Centre-Periphery Framework on Kaldorian Lines pp. 393-401 Downloads
Prabirjit Sarkar
Global Imbalances and the Key Currency Regime: The Case for a Commodity Reserve Currency pp. 403-421 Downloads
Leanne Ussher
A 'New Bretton Woods': Kaldor and the Antipodean Quest for Global Full Employment pp. 423-445 Downloads
Sean Turnell and Leanne Ussher
Kaldor on Debreu: The Critique of General Equilibrium Reconsidered pp. 447-461 Downloads
Thomas Boylan and Paschal O'Gorman
Nicholas Kaldor and Critical Realism pp. 463-480 Downloads
Therese Jefferson and John King
Cambridge Economics, Heterodoxy and Ontology: An Interview with Tony Lawson pp. 481-496 Downloads
Stephen Dunn
Economists in Cambridge. A Study through their Correspondence, 1907-1946 pp. 497-500 Downloads
Esteban Perez-Caldentey
Recent Developments in Institutional Economics pp. 500-502 Downloads
Ferudun Yilmaz
Altruistically Inclined? The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity pp. 502-505 Downloads
Alain Marciano
Marx's Theory of Money. Modern Appraisals pp. 505-507 Downloads
Stavros Mavroudeas
The Political Economy of the Living Wage: A Study of Four Cities pp. 508-509 Downloads
John King
Changing the Guard: Private Prisons and the Control of Crime pp. 510-511 Downloads
Robert Whaples
How the Other Half Works: Immigration and the Social Organization of Labor pp. 511-514 Downloads
Orly Lobel

Volume 21, issue 2, 2009

John Derek Pheby, October 24, 1949-October 21, 2008 pp. 191-193 Downloads
Gary Mongiovi, Steven Pressman and John Smithin
Global Capitalism and Imperialism Theory: Methodological and Substantive Insights from Rosa Luxemburg pp. 195-211 Downloads
Roberto Veneziani
Neoliberalism, EU and the Evaluation of Policies pp. 213-225 Downloads
Kurt Rothschild
The World Bank's Early Reflections on Development: A Development Institution or a Bank? pp. 227-244 Downloads
Michele Alacevich
Distribution and Growth in France and Germany: Single Equation Estimations and Model Simulations Based on the Bhaduri/Marglin Model pp. 245-272 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Lena Vogel
The Effects of Employment Insecurity on Demand, Productivity and Employment Levels pp. 273-289 Downloads
Andrea Pacella
Entanglement throughout Economic Science: The End of a Separate Welfare Economics pp. 291-297 Downloads
Hilary Putnam and Vivian Walsh
In Defense of Deontology and Kant: A Reply to van Staveren pp. 299-307 Downloads
Mark White
A Response to Mark D. White pp. 309-312 Downloads
Irene van Staveren
The Constitution of Capital: Essays on Volume I of Marx's Capital pp. 313-315 Downloads
Scott Carter
Gambling in America: Costs and Benefits pp. 315-317 Downloads
Robert Whaples
Coal: A Human History pp. 317-320 Downloads
Robert Whaples
A Poverty of Reason: Sustainable Development and Economic Growth pp. 320-322 Downloads
Robin Neill
Institutional Change and Globalization pp. 322-324 Downloads
Stefan Kesting
IMF Essays from a Time of Crisis pp. 324-326 Downloads
Mathew Bradbury
Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy pp. 326-329 Downloads
Oren Levin-Waldman
Ethical Codes and Income Distribution: A Study of John Bates Clark and Thorstein Veblen pp. 329-331 Downloads
Oren Levin-Waldman
The First Crash pp. 332-333 Downloads
Brad Andrew
The Economist's Tale: A Consultant Encounters Hunger and the World Bank pp. 334-335 Downloads
Brad Andrew
Political Economy from Below. Economic Thought in Communitarian Anarchism, 1840-1914 pp. 336-337 Downloads
Michel Bauwens

Volume 21, issue 1, 2009

Effective Demand and Short-term Adjustments in the General Theory pp. 1-22 Downloads
Olivier Allain
Capital Accumulation, Technical Progress and Labour Supply Growth: Keynes's Approach to Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis Revisited pp. 23-49 Downloads
Alfonso Palacio-Vera
Marx and Schumpeter: A Comparison of their Theories of Development pp. 51-83 Downloads
Eric Rahim
Sraffa's Interpretation of Marx's Treatment of Fixed Capital pp. 85-100 Downloads
Fred Moseley
The 2000-2001 Financial Crisis in Turkey: A Crisis for Whom? pp. 101-122 Downloads
Mathieu Dufour and Ozgur Orhangazi
Political Economy and Organizational Leadership: A Hope-based Theory pp. 123-143 Downloads
Joe Wallis, Brian Dollery and Lin Crase
A Conversation with Kurt Rothschild pp. 145-155 Downloads
Kurt Rothschild and John King
Enigma in the Origins of Paul Sweezy's Political Economy pp. 157-161 Downloads
Ben Fine
Book Reviews pp. 163-189 Downloads
Paul Lewis, Elisabeth Allgoewer, Paul Zarembka, Jurriaan Bendien, John Lodewijks, John King, William Tabb, William Tabb, Tae-Hee Jo and Martin Gregor
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