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Volume 25, issue 4, 2013

The Review of Political Economy at 25: Past, Present and Future pp. 533-543 Downloads
Steven Pressman
Does Mill's case for infant industry protection capture Hamilton's and List's arguments for promoting industrial development? pp. 546-571 Downloads
P. Sai-Wing Ho
Was Ireland's Celtic Tiger Period Profit-led or Wage-led? pp. 572-585 Downloads
Stephen Kinsella
A Modern Money Perspective on Financial Crowding-out pp. 586-606 Downloads
Timothy Sharpe
Finance, Monetary Policy and the Institutional Foundations of the Phillips Curve pp. 607-623 Downloads
Georgios Argitis and Yannis Dafermos
Profitability Capital Accumulation and Crisis in the Greek Economy 1958--2009: a Marxist Analysis pp. 624-649 Downloads
Thanasis Maniatis and Costas Passas
Introduction to the Symposium pp. 650-652 Downloads
Olivier Allain, Jochen Hartwig and Mark Hayes
Effective Demand: Securing the Foundations pp. 653-660 Downloads
Olivier Allain
Effective Demand: Securing the Foundations pp. 661-671 Downloads
Mark Hayes
Effective Demand: Securing the Foundations pp. 672-678 Downloads
Jochen Hartwig
Aristotle, Adam Smith and Karl Marx: On Some Fundamental Issues in 21st Century Political Economy pp. 679-682 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Rethinking the Keynesian Revolution: Keynes, Hayek, and the Wicksell Connection pp. 682-685 Downloads
Gene Callahan

Volume 25, issue 3, 2013

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the 1950s' Debate on Choice of Techniques pp. 373-398 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
Electronic Resources and Heterodox Economics pp. 399-425 Downloads
Fabio D'Orlando
Financing Pay-as-you-go Public Pension Systems: Some Notes in the Light of the Classical-type Theory of Income Distribution pp. 426-443 Downloads
Sergio Nisticò
Well-being and the Wealth of Nations: How are They to Be Defined? pp. 444-460 Downloads
Florence Jany-Catrice and Dominique M�da
Circuit with Multi-period Credit pp. 461-475 Downloads
Edouard Cottin-Euziol and Louis-Philippe Rochon
Total Factor Productivity or Technical Progress Function? Post-Keynesian Insights for the Empirical Analysis of Productivity Differentials in Mature Economies pp. 476-495 Downloads
Renato Panicci�, Paolo Piacentini and Stefano Prezioso
Instability and Crisis in Financial Complex Systems pp. 496-511 Downloads
Lino Sau
The Institution, the Economy and the Market: Karl Polanyi's Institutional Thought for Economists pp. 512-531 Downloads
Jerome Maucourant and Sebastien Plociniczak

Volume 25, issue 2, 2013

Keynesian, Classical and New Keynesian Approaches to Fiscal Policy: Comparison and Critique pp. 179-204 Downloads
Thomas Palley
The State of Short-term Expectation pp. 205-224 Downloads
Mark Hayes
Competition, Welfare and Macroeconomics: A Classical/Sraffian Perspective pp. 225-253 Downloads
Graham White
Why and How Do Capitalists Divide Labour? From Marglin and Back again through Babbage and Marx pp. 254-272 Downloads
Bruno Tinel
Precarious Work in Global Exports: The Case of Indonesia pp. 273-293 Downloads
Shaianne T. Osterreich
The Causes and Consequences of the Misdiagnosis of the Financial Crisis in the United States pp. 294-308 Downloads
Wesley C. Marshall
On Keynes's Criticism of the Loanable Funds Theory pp. 309-326 Downloads
Giancarlo Bertocco
Endogenous Money in the Age of Financial Liberalization pp. 327-347 Downloads
Gökçer Özgür and Korkut Alp Ertürk
Endogenous Money: A Note on Some Post-Keynesian Controversies pp. 348-359 Downloads
Bill Lucarelli
Casualties of Credit: The English Financial Revolution, 1620--1720 pp. 360-363 Downloads
John Berdell
Argentina's Economic Growth and Recovery: The Economy in a Time of Default pp. 363-366 Downloads
Jacob Lederman
A Modern Guide to Keynesian Macroeconomics and Economic Policies pp. 366-371 Downloads
Claudio Sardoni

Volume 25, issue 1, 2013

The Present Crisis. A Trump for a Renewed Political Economy pp. 1-38 Downloads
Robert Boyer
A Nobel Prize for Empirical Macroeconomics: Assessing the Contributions of Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims pp. 39-56 Downloads
Marcel Boumans and Esther-Mirjam Sent
Open Economy Monetary Policy Reconsidered pp. 57-67 Downloads
John Weeks
The IMF, Crises and Low-Income Countries: Evidence of Change? pp. 69-90 Downloads
Elisa Van Waeyenberge, Hannah Bargawi and Terry McKinley
Marx on Absolute and Relative Wages and the Modern Theory of Distribution pp. 91-116 Downloads
Enrico Levrero
On Walras's Concept of Equilibrium pp. 117-138 Downloads
Ariel Dvoskin and Andrés Lazzarini
When Economics Faces the Economy: John Bates Clark and the 1914 Antitrust Legislation pp. 139-163 Downloads
Luca Fiorito
The Economist's Oath: On the Need for and Content of Professional Economic Ethics pp. 165-169 Downloads
Robert F. Garnett
Money, Uncertainty and Time pp. 169-172 Downloads
Mark Hayes
Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies pp. 172-175 Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
The Elgar Companion to Hyman Minsky pp. 175-177 Downloads
Jan Toporowski

Volume 24, issue 4, 2012

Demand-led Growth Theory: A Historical Approach pp. 543-573 Downloads
Matthew Smith
Gender in American Tobacco Cards 1880--1920: The Role of Coercive Competition pp. 575-605 Downloads
Jonathan P. Goldstein
Household Debt, Dynamic Stability, and Change in Demand Creation Patterns pp. 607-622 Downloads
Hiroshi Nishi
Financial System, Innovation and Regional Development: The Relationship between Liquidity Preference and Innovation in Brazil pp. 623-642 Downloads
João Romero and Frederico Jayme Jr
Capital, the State, and the Monetary Mode of Power: A Review of Nitzan and Bichler's Capital as Power pp. 643-661 Downloads
John H. Bradford
The Coming of Age of Information Technologies and the Path of Transformational Growth pp. 663-665 Downloads
Matthew Smith
Toward a Truly Free Market: a Distributive Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More pp. 665-667 Downloads
Gene Callahan
Heterodox Macroeconomics. Keynes, Marx and Globalization pp. 667-669 Downloads
Guglielmo Forges Davanzati
After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy pp. 669-673 Downloads
Oren M. Levin-Waldman
Global Finance and Social Europe pp. 674-676 Downloads
Engelbert Stockhammer

Volume 24, issue 3, 2012

Development Theory and the Cold War: The Influence of Politics on Latin American Structuralism pp. 375-398 Downloads
Natália M. Bracarense
Cooperative Firms as a New Mode of Production pp. 399-416 Downloads
Bruno Jossa
The Measurement of Prices of Production: An Alternative Approach pp. 417-435 Downloads
Peter Flaschel, Reiner Franke and Roberto Veneziani
A Comment on ‘The Measurement of Prices of Production’ by Peter Flaschel, Reiner Franke & Roberto Veneziani pp. 437-444 Downloads
Bertram Schefold
Reply to Bertram Schefold pp. 445-447 Downloads
Peter Flaschel, Reiner Franke and Roberto Veneziani
Symposium on the Future of Post-Keynesian Economics and Heterodox Economics contra their Critics (Part 2) pp. 449-449 Downloads
Marc Lavoie and Frederic Lee
Brands of Economics and the Trojan Horse of Pluralism pp. 451-467 Downloads
Peter Earl and Ti-Ching Peng
A Guide to Paradigmatic Self-Marginalization: Lessons for Post-Keynesian Economists pp. 469-487 Downloads
Leonhard Dobusch and Jakob Kapeller
The Institutional Barriers to Heterodox Pluralism pp. 489-501 Downloads
Barbara E. Hopkins
Engagement with the Mainstream in the Future of Post Keynesian Economics pp. 503-518 Downloads
Louis-Philippe Rochon and Peter Docherty
Theories of Value from Adam Smith to Piero Sraffa pp. 519-527 Downloads
Fred Moseley
Theories of Value from Adam Smith to Piero Sraffa pp. 527-535 Downloads
Enrico Levrero
The Provocative Joan Robinson: The Making of a Cambridge Economist pp. 536-540 Downloads
Alex Millmow
The Confiscation of American Prosperity: from Right Wing Extremism and Economic Ideology to the Next Great Depression pp. 540-542 Downloads
Collin G. Matton

Volume 24, issue 2, 2012

Terms of Trade, Competitive Advantage, and Trade Patterns pp. 183-202 Downloads
Ramaa Vasudevan
A Post-Keynesian Model of the Palestinian Economy: The Economics of an Investment-Constrained Economy pp. 203-226 Downloads
Alberto Botta and Gianni Vaggi
The Road to Financialization in Central and Eastern Europe: The Early Policies and Politics of Stabilizing Transition pp. 227-249 Downloads
Daniela Veronica Gabor
The Effect of Foreign Affiliate Employment on Wages, Employment, and the Wage Share in Austria pp. 251-271 Downloads
Ozlem Onaran
The Austrian Dehomogenization Debate, or the Possibility of a Hayekian Planner pp. 273-287 Downloads
Alejandro Agafonow
Return of the State? The G20, the Financial Crisis and Power in the World Economy pp. 289-302 Downloads
Donald Nordberg
Introduction pp. 303-304 Downloads
Marc Lavoie and Frederic Lee
Post Keynesians and Others pp. 305-319 Downloads
J. E. King
Perspectives for Post-Keynesian Economics pp. 321-335 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
Heterodox Economics and its Critics pp. 337-351 Downloads
Frederic Lee
Post Keynesianism, Heterodoxy and Mainstream Economics pp. 353-368 Downloads
David Dequech
Perfecting Parliament: Constitutional Reform, Liberalism, and the Rise of Western Democracy pp. 369-371 Downloads
Gene Callahan
Taking Economics Seriously pp. 371-374 Downloads
Robert Prasch

Volume 24, issue 1, 2012

Is it Time to Bury Dead-Weight Loss? pp. 1-13 Downloads
David George
Early Evolution of the Assumption of Non-satiation pp. 15-32 Downloads
Lorenzo Garbo
Towards a Theory of the Consumption--Growth Relationship pp. 33-50 Downloads
Davide Gualerzi
Keynes, Sraffa and the Emergence of the General Theory pp. 51-67 Downloads
Roy Grieve
Portfolio Allocation, Liquidity-Preference and the q Ratio: A Reassessment of the Contributions of Tobin and Kahn pp. 69-86 Downloads
Thodoris Koutsobinas
Structural Integration, Exports and Growth in Mexico: An Input--Output Approach pp. 87-101 Downloads
Fidel Aroche Reyes and Marco Antonio Marquez
Labor Market Institutions and the Role of Elites in Flexicurity Societies pp. 103-129 Downloads
Peter Flaschel, Alfred Greiner and Sigrid Luchtenberg
The Classical Theory of Normal Prices and the Analysis of Economic Changes: A Comment pp. 131-143 Downloads
Fabio Ravagnani
Reply to Ravagnani pp. 145-150 Downloads
Fabio D'Orlando
Rejoinder pp. 151-155 Downloads
Fabio Ravagnani
Keynes on Monetary Policy, Finance and Uncertainty. Liquidity Preference Theory and the Global Financial Crisis pp. 157-161 Downloads
Geoff(rey) Harcourt
A History of Heterodox Economics: Challenging the Mainstream in the Twentieth Century pp. 161-164 Downloads
Spencer J. Pack
Kalecki's Principle of Increasing Risk and Keynesian Economics pp. 164-166 Downloads
Robert Prasch
Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Among Us pp. 167-171 Downloads
Johann K. Jaeckel
Thorstein Veblen and the Revival of Free Market Capitalism pp. 171-173 Downloads
Feridun Yılmaz
Post Keynesian and Ecological Economics: Confronting Environmental Issues pp. 174-177 Downloads
Scott L.B. McConnell
Economics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science that Makes Life Dismal pp. 178-181 Downloads
Brian D'Agostino
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