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Volume 31, issue 4, 2020

Liar’s Loans, Mortgage Fraud, and the Great Recession pp. 479-508 Downloads
Thomas Herndon
Some Misunderstood Aspects of the Final Chapter of Keynes’s General Theory pp. 509-527 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
Augusto Graziani and the Marx-Schumpeter-Keynes ‘Cycle of Money Capital’: A Personal Look at the Early Italian Circuitism from an Insider pp. 528-558 Downloads
Riccardo Bellofiore
Money Creation in the Eurozone: An Empirical Assessment of the Endogenous and the Exogenous Money Theories pp. 559-581 Downloads
Matteo Deleidi and Giuseppe Fontana
Alternative Monetary Targets, Instruments and Future Monetary Policy Frameworks pp. 582-601 Downloads
Cristiano Boaventura Duarte
Marx, Sraffa, and Surplus: Observations Prompted by Garegnani (2018) pp. 602-620 Downloads
Gilbert L. Skillman
A Century of Wealth in America pp. 621-625 Downloads
Edwin Dickens
Do Central Banks Serve the People? pp. 625-628 Downloads
Ad van Riet

Volume 31, issue 3, 2019

Putting Austerity to Bed: Technical Progress, Aggregate Demand and the Supermultiplier pp. 315-335 Downloads
Matteo Deleidi and Mariana Mazzucato
Climate Change, Innovation, and Economic Growth: The Contributions of William Nordhaus and Paul Romer pp. 336-355 Downloads
Anders Fremstad, Luke Petach and Daniele Tavani
Too-Big-To-Fail: Why Megabanks Have Not Become Smaller Since the Global Financial Crisis? pp. 356-381 Downloads
Stefanos Ioannou, Dariusz Wójcik and Gary Dymski
Great Recession and Macroeconomic Theory: A Useless Crisis? pp. 382-406 Downloads
Giancarlo Bertocco and Andrea Kalajzić
The (Over)Cost of Capital: Financialization and Nonfinancial Corporations in France (1961–2011) pp. 407-429 Downloads
Laurent Cordonnier, Thomas Dallery, Vincent Duwicquet, Jordan Melmies and Franck Van de velde
Von Thünen’s Political Economy of Justice pp. 430-444 Downloads
Joseph Persky
Nicholas Kaldor on Adam Smith and Allyn Young pp. 445-463 Downloads
Ramesh Chandra
Rethinking the Theory of Money, Credit, and Macroeconomics: A Review Essay pp. 464-471 Downloads
Nina Eichacker
Rethinking the Theory of Money, Credit, and Macroeconomics pp. 472-474 Downloads
Phil Armstrong
Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight over Women’s Work / Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism against the Family pp. 474-478 Downloads
Kirstin Munro

Volume 31, issue 2, 2019

A System with Zero Reserves and with Clearing Outside of the Central Bank: The Canadian Case pp. 145-158 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
Foreign Exchange Pressure in Barbados: Monetary Approach or Monetary Dependence? pp. 159-177 Downloads
Darrin Downes and Tarron Khemraj
The Long-Run Non-Neutrality of Monetary Policy: A General Statement in a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model pp. 178-193 Downloads
Eric Kam, John Smithin and Aqeela Tabassum
Unemployment and Growth: Putting Unemployment into Post Keynesian Growth Theory pp. 194-215 Downloads
Thomas Palley
From Methodological Individualism to Complexity: The Case of Ludwig Lachmann pp. 216-232 Downloads
Sandye Gloria
Investment and Saving in a Dynamic Context: The Contributions of Athanasios (Tom) Asimakopulos pp. 233-246 Downloads
Claudio Sardoni
Re-Examining the Development of Hirschman’s Linkage Analysis with Detection of Smithian Flavor pp. 247-270 Downloads
P. Sai-wing Ho
Crisis and Revolution in Economic Theory and Policy: A Debate pp. 271-287 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Emiliano Brancaccio
The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy pp. 288-290 Downloads
Paul May
Financial Deepening and Post-Crisis Development in Emerging Markets: Current Perils and Future Dawns pp. 290-295 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
The Great Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalization pp. 295-297 Downloads
Paul May
Feminism, Capitalism, and Critique: Essays in Honor of Nancy Fraser pp. 297-299 Downloads
Shaianne T. Osterreich
Banks and Finance in Modern Macroeconomics: A Historical Perspective pp. 299-304 Downloads
Edwin Dickens
Pope Francis and the Caring Society pp. 304-311 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
Correction pp. 313-313 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 31, issue 1, 2019

The Facts and the Values of the Lucas Critique pp. 1-25 Downloads
Katherine A. Moos
What Is Supply-and-Demand? The Marshallian Cross Versus Classical Economics pp. 26-41 Downloads
Tony Aspromourgos
Work Hours and CO2 Emissions: Evidence from U.S. Households pp. 42-59 Downloads
Anders Fremstad, Mark Paul and Anthony Underwood
Foucault on the Marginal Revolution in Economics: Language and the Cartesian Legacy pp. 60-74 Downloads
Iara Vigo de Lima
Some Issues in the Sraffian View of Competition: Starting from Clifton pp. 75-94 Downloads
Graham White
Marx and Sraffa: A Comment on Gehrke and Kurz pp. 95-99 Downloads
Giancarlo de Vivo
On the ‘Origins’ of Sraffa’s Production Equations: A Reply to de Vivo pp. 100-114 Downloads
Christian Gehrke, Heinz Kurz and Neri Salvadori
On Sinha’s View of Sraffa’s Revolution in Economic Theory: A Review Essay pp. 115-123 Downloads
Enrico Levrero
The Age of Monopoly Capital: The Selected Correspondence of Paul A. Baran and Paul M. Sweezy, 1949–1964 pp. 124-127 Downloads
Ric Holt
James M. Buchanan and Liberal Political Economy: A Rational Reconstruction pp. 127-130 Downloads
Randall Holcombe
The Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics pp. 131-134 Downloads
Ioana Negru
Competition, Economic Planning, and the Knowledge Problem pp. 134-137 Downloads
Eugene Callahan
Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society pp. 137-141 Downloads
Philippe van Basshuysen
The Foundations of Real-World Economics: What Every Student Needs to Know pp. 142-144 Downloads
Larry Allen

Volume 30, issue 3, 2018

Say’s Law, Marxian Crisis Theory and the Interconnectedness of the Capitalist Economy pp. 269-283 Downloads
Joseph Persky
Marx's Legacy, Theory and Contemporary Capitalism pp. 284-316 Downloads
Robert Boyer
MARX@200 pp. 317-338 Downloads
M. C. Howard and J. E. King
Marx 200: The Abiding Relevance of the Labour Theory of Value pp. 339-354 Downloads
Ben Fine and Alfredo Saad-Filho
Awkward Classes and India's Development pp. 355-376 Downloads
Barbara Harriss-White
Species Being in the Twenty-First Century pp. 377-395 Downloads
Jamie Morgan
Marxism, Crypto-Marxism and the Political Economy of Capitalism pp. 396-415 Downloads
Terrence McDonough and Cian McMahon
Marx, Finance and Political Economy pp. 416-427 Downloads
Jan Toporowski
Sraffa’s Constructive and Interpretive Work, and Marx pp. 428-442 Downloads
Christian Gehrke and Heinz Kurz
Sectoral Structure and Change: Insights from Marx pp. 443-460 Downloads
Fiona Tregenna
Shadow Money in the 19th Century: Is Marx Relevant for Understanding Contemporary Shadow Money? pp. 461-483 Downloads
Ramaa Vasudevan
Money as a Generic Particular: Marx and Simmel on the Structure of Monetary Denominations pp. 484-501 Downloads
Simon Derpmann
A Note of Thanks pp. 502-503 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 30, issue 2, 2018

Richard H. Thaler: A Nobel Prize for Behavioural Economics pp. 107-125 Downloads
Peter Earl
The Profit–Investment Nexus in an Era of Financialisation, Globalisation and Monopolisation: A Profit-Centred Perspective pp. 126-153 Downloads
Cédric Durand and Maxime Gueuder
Intermediation, Money Creation, and Keynesian Macrodynamics in Multi-agent Systems pp. 154-171 Downloads
William Gibson and Mark Setterfield
A Case Study of Pluralism in Economics: The Heterodox Glass Ceiling in Italy pp. 172-189 Downloads
Marcella Corsi, Carlo D'Ippoliti and Giulia Zacchia
Institutions and ‘Science’: The Contest about Pluralism in Economics in France pp. 190-209 Downloads
Bernard Chavance and Agnès Labrousse
Orthodox Core–Heterodox Periphery? Contrasting Citation Networks of Economics Departments in Vienna pp. 210-240 Downloads
Florentin Glötzl and Ernest Aigner
Whither Political Economy? Evaluating the CORE Project as a Response to Calls for Change in Economics Teaching pp. 241-259 Downloads
Andrew Mearman, Danielle Guizzo and Sebastian Berger
Keynes: Useful Economics for the World Economy pp. 260-263 Downloads
Gregory P. Nowell
Just One More Hand: Life in the Casino Economy pp. 263-265 Downloads
Collin G. Matton
Critical Methods in Political and Cultural Economy pp. 266-267 Downloads
Antonio Calcara
Erratum pp. 268-268 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 30, issue 1, 2018

Financialization, Shareholder Orientation and the Cash Holdings of US Corporations pp. 1-27 Downloads
Leila Davis
Economic Growth with Institutional Saving and Investment pp. 28-40 Downloads
Donald A. R. George
A Kaleckian Perspective on Financialisation and Distribution in Three Main Eurozone Countries before and after the Crisis: France, Germany and Spain pp. 41-71 Downloads
Eckhard Hein, Petra Dünhaupt, Ayoze Alfageme and Marta Kulesza
The Conceptual Flaw in the Microeconomic Foundations of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models pp. 72-83 Downloads
Colin Rogers
The Stagnation Tendencies of Neoliberalism: A Review Essay pp. 84-93 Downloads
Davide Gualerzi
Elinor Ostrom: an intellectual biography pp. 94-97 Downloads
Pablo Paniagua Prieto
Financialization: The Economics of Finance Capital Domination pp. 97-101 Downloads
Edwin Dickens
Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek pp. 101-105 Downloads
Johann K. Jaeckel
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