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2011 - 2018

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Volume 49, issue 7, 2018

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Finite-time tracking control for strict-feedback nonlinear systems with time-varying output constraints pp. I-X Downloads
The Editors
Fault tolerant sliding mode control for T-S fuzzy stochastic time-delay system via a novel sliding mode observer approach pp. 1353-1367 Downloads
Min Li, Ming Liu, Yingchun Zhang and Yunhai Geng
Connectivity preservation of second-order nonlinear multiagent systems with hybrid event-driven and time-driven control pp. 1368-1382 Downloads
Hongwen Ma, Ding Wang and Derong Liu
Iterative learning control for a class of singular impulsive systems pp. 1383-1390 Downloads
Qian Liu, Senping Tian and Panpan Gu
Adaptive tracking control of nonlinear systems with dynamic uncertainties using neural network pp. 1391-1402 Downloads
Yu-Qun Han
Non-linear velocity observer for vehicles with tyre–road friction estimation pp. 1403-1418 Downloads
Changfang Chen, Yingmin Jia, Yinglong Wang and Minglei Shu
Optimal control for multi-stage and continuous-time linear singular systems pp. 1419-1434 Downloads
Yadong Shu and Yuanguo Zhu
Robust output tracking for heterogeneous double-integrator dynamics with external disturbance pp. 1435-1444 Downloads
Yanhua Qu, Anna Wang and Sheng Lin
Fault detection and isolation using viability theory and interval observers pp. 1445-1462 Downloads
Majid Ghaniee Zarch, Vicenç Puig, Javad Poshtan and Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli
Cooperative output regulation of multi-agent systems with switched leader dynamics pp. 1463-1477 Downloads
Chengzhi Yuan and Fen Wu
Event-triggered control for switched systems in the presence of actuator saturation pp. 1478-1490 Downloads
Zhiqiang Zuo, Yuanyuan Li, Yijing Wang and Hongchao Li
An efficient methodology for robust control of dynamic systems with interval matrix uncertainties pp. 1491-1506 Downloads
Shu-Xiang Guo
Direct parametric attitude tracking control for generic hypersonic vehicle pp. 1507-1517 Downloads
Wangkui Liu and Guangren Duan
Integrated stability control of AFS and DYC for electric vehicle based on non-smooth control pp. 1518-1528 Downloads
Qinghua Meng, Tingting Zhao, Chunjiang Qian, Zong-yao Sun and Panpan Ge
Second-order consensus of multi-agent systems with noises via intermittent control pp. 1529-1539 Downloads
Xiaowu Mu and Xihui Wu
Robust adaptive path-following control of underactuated marine vessel with off-track error constraint pp. 1540-1558 Downloads
Jawhar Ghommam, Sami El Ferik and Maarouf Saad
Impulse response function identification of linear mechanical systems based on Kautz basis expansion with multiple poles pp. 1559-1571 Downloads
Changming Cheng, Zhike Peng, Xingjian Dong, Wenming Zhang and Guang Meng
Actuator and sensor faults estimation for discrete-time descriptor linear parameter-varying systems in finite frequency domain pp. 1572-1585 Downloads
Jin Wei, Yue Wu and Jiuxiang Dong

Volume 49, issue 6, 2018

Distributed optimisation for resource allocation with event-triggered communication over general directed topology pp. 1119-1130 Downloads
Xiasheng Shi, Yuandong Wang, Sumian Song and Gangfeng Yan
A recursive algorithm for estimating multiple models continuous transfer function with non-uniform sampling pp. 1131-1145 Downloads
Anísio Rogério Braga, Walmir Caminhas and Carmela Maria Polito Braga
Control allocation-based adaptive control for greenhouse climate pp. 1146-1163 Downloads
Yuanping Su, Lihong Xu and Erik D. Goodman
Optimal control with constrained total variance for Markov jump linear systems with multiplicative noises pp. 1178-1187 Downloads
Fabio Barbieri and Oswaldo L. V. Costa
Some interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy Schweizer–Sklar power aggregation operators and their application to supplier selection pp. 1188-1211 Downloads
Peide Liu and Peng Wang
Fractional discrete-time consensus models for single- and double-summator dynamics pp. 1212-1225 Downloads
Małgorzata Wyrwas, Dorota Mozyrska and Ewa Girejko
Stabilisation for positive switched T-S fuzzy delayed systems under standard L1 and L∞ performance pp. 1226-1241 Downloads
Shuo Li, Zhengrong Xiang and Jian Guo
Improved results on synchronisation of delayed complex dynamical networks via sampled-data control pp. 1242-1255 Downloads
Deqiang Zeng, Ruimei Zhang, Xinzhi Liu, Shouming Zhong and Kaibo Shi
Distributed primal-dual optimisation method with uncoordinated time-varying step-sizes pp. 1256-1272 Downloads
Ping Liu, Huaqing Li, Xiangguang Dai and Qi Han
Robust observer-based optimal linear quadratic tracker for five-degree-of-freedom sampled-data active magnetic bearing system pp. 1273-1299 Downloads
Jason Sheng Hong Tsai, Te Jen Su, Jui-Chuan Cheng, Yun-You Lin, Van-Nam Giap, Shu Mei Guo and Leang San Shieh
Adaptive synchronisation of memristor-based neural networks with leakage delays and applications in chaotic masking secure communication pp. 1300-1315 Downloads
Jian Liu and Rui Xu
Vertical manoeuvring and rotor speed robust control for mini-helicopter pp. 1316-1331 Downloads
Yuan Pu, Zongying Shi and Yisheng Zhong
Control of Petri nets subject to strict temporal constraints using Max-Plus algebra pp. 1332-1344 Downloads
K. Tebani, S. Amari and R. Kara
Sliding mode tracking control with differential evolution optimisation algorithm using integral-chain differentiator in uncertain nonlinear systems pp. 1345-1352 Downloads
Ruizi Ma and Guoshan Zhang

Volume 49, issue 5, 2018

Optimal control of coupled parabolic–hyperbolic non-autonomous PDEs: infinite-dimensional state-space approach pp. 897-907 Downloads
I. Aksikas, A. Alizadeh Moghadam and J. F. Forbes
A Galerkin discretisation-based identification for parameters in nonlinear mechanical systems pp. 908-919 Downloads
Zuolin Liu and Jian Xu
Decomposition-based recursive least squares identification methods for multivariate pseudo-linear systems using the multi-innovation pp. 920-928 Downloads
Ping Ma, Feng Ding and Quanmin Zhu
In-flight wind identification and soft landing control for autonomous unmanned powered parafoils pp. 929-946 Downloads
Shuzhen Luo, Panlong Tan, Qinglin Sun, Wannan Wu, Haowen Luo and Zengqiang Chen
Constrained consensus of discrete-time multi-agent systems with time delay pp. 947-953 Downloads
Wenying Hou, Zongze Wu, Minyue Fu and Huanshui Zhang
Stability and stabilisation of a class of networked dynamic systems pp. 964-973 Downloads
H. B. Liu and D. Q. Wang
Stability of discrete-time switched systems with admissible edge-dependent switching signals pp. 974-983 Downloads
Linlin Hou, Mingzhou Zhang, Xudong Zhao, Haibin Sun and Guangdeng Zong
Finite-time output feedback control of uncertain switched systems via sliding mode design pp. 984-996 Downloads
Haijuan Zhao, Yugang Niu and Jun Song
H∞ control problem of linear periodic piecewise time-delay systems pp. 997-1011 Downloads
Xiaochen Xie, James Lam and Panshuo Li
State feedback stabilisation for stochastic high-order feedforward nonlinear systems with input time-delay pp. 1012-1020 Downloads
Xiaoyan Qin and Huifang Min
Optimal control of LQR for discrete time-varying systems with input delays pp. 1021-1031 Downloads
Yue-Zhu Yin, Zhong-Lian Yang, Zhi-Xiang Yin and Feng Xu
New stability criteria of singular systems with time-varying delay via free-matrix-based integral inequality pp. 1032-1039 Downloads
Ya-Li Zhi, Yong He, Jianhua Shen and Min Wu
An N-periodic control for coupled systems pp. 1040-1046 Downloads
Carmen Coll and Elena Sánchez
Functional observer-based fuzzy controller design for continuous nonlinear systems pp. 1047-1060 Downloads
Syed Imranul Islam, Cheng-Chew Lim and Peng Shi
Fuzzy observer-based control for maximum power-point tracking of a photovoltaic system pp. 1061-1073 Downloads
M. Allouche, K. Dahech, M. Chaabane and D. Mehdi
Optimal maintenance policy incorporating system level and unit level for mechanical systems pp. 1074-1087 Downloads
Chaoqun Duan, Chao Deng and Bingran Wang
A new effective operator for the hybrid algorithm for solving global optimisation problems pp. 1088-1102 Downloads
Le Anh Duc, Kenli Li, Tien Trong Nguyen, Vu Minh Yen and Tung Khac Truong
Synchronisation in an array of spatial diffusion coupled reaction–diffusion neural networks via pinning control pp. 1103-1118 Downloads
Y. L. Huang and S. X. Wang

Volume 49, issue 4, 2018

A game-theoretic method for cross-layer stochastic resilient control design in CPS pp. 677-691 Downloads
Jiajun Shen and Dongqin Feng
Error-transformation-based consensus algorithms of multi-agent systems: connectivity-preserving approach pp. 692-700 Downloads
Sung Jin Yoo
Integrated multiple-model adaptive fault identification and reconfigurable fault-tolerant control for Lead-Wing close formation systems pp. 701-717 Downloads
Chun Liu, Bin Jiang and Ke Zhang
Finite-time robust passive control for a class of switched reaction-diffusion stochastic complex dynamical networks with coupling delays and impulsive control pp. 718-735 Downloads
M. Syed Ali, J. Yogambigai and O. M. Kwon
Stabilisation of large motions of Euler–Bernoulli beams by boundary controls pp. 736-754 Downloads
K. D. Do
A study on ⟨(Q,S,R)-γ⟩$\langle (\mathcal {Q},\mathcal {S},\mathcal {R})-\gamma \rangle$-dissipative synchronisation of coupled reaction–diffusion neural networks with time-varying delays pp. 755-765 Downloads
M. Syed Ali, Quanxin Zhu, S. Pavithra and N. Gunasekaran
Bidirectional active control of structures with type-2 fuzzy PD and PID pp. 766-782 Downloads
Satyam Paul, Wen Yu and Xiaoou Li
New hesitation-based distance and similarity measures on intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their applications pp. 783-799 Downloads
Yun Kang, Shunxiang Wu, Da Cao and Wei Weng
Toeplitz matrices for LTI systems, an illustration of their application to Wiener filters and estimators pp. 800-817 Downloads
T. J. Moir
Mixed H∞ and passive control for linear switched systems via hybrid control approach pp. 818-832 Downloads
Qunxian Zheng, Youzhu Ling, Lisheng Wei and Hongbin Zhang
Inverse optimal design of input-to-state stabilisation for affine nonlinear systems with input delays pp. 833-847 Downloads
Xiushan Cai, Lingxin Meng, Wei Zhang and Leipo Liu
Orthogonal sparse linear discriminant analysis pp. 848-858 Downloads
Zhonghua Liu, Gang Liu, Jiexin Pu, Xiaohong Wang and Haijun Wang
Backstepping sliding mode control with functional tuning based on an instantaneous power approach applied to an underwater vehicle pp. 859-867 Downloads
Carlos Henrique Farias dos Santos, Mariana Uzeda Cildoz, Marco Henrique Terra and Edson Roberto De Pieri
Orthonormal function parametrisation of model-predictive control for linear time-varying systems pp. 868-883 Downloads
Massoud Hemmasian Ettefagh, Mahyar Naraghi, Jose De Dona and Farzad Towhidkhah
A model predictive control framework for constrained uncertain positive systems pp. 884-896 Downloads
Junfeng Zhang, Xianglei Jia, Ridong Zhang and Yan Zuo
Erratum pp. 897-898 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 49, issue 3, 2018

Sampled-data H∞ filtering for Markovian jump singularly perturbed systems with time-varying delay and missing measurements pp. 464-478 Downloads
Yifang Yan, Chunyu Yang, Xiaoping Ma and Linna Zhou
Stochastic stability analysis of integral non-homogeneous Markov jump systems pp. 479-485 Downloads
Yanyan Yin, Lijie Zhu, Hongbing Zeng, Yanqing Liu and Fei Liu
Adaptive output feedback tracking control for a class of uncertain switched nonlinear systems under arbitrary switching pp. 486-495 Downloads
Elizabeth Noghreian and Hamid Reza Koofigar
Adaptive control with optimal tracking performance pp. 496-510 Downloads
Sheng-Ping Li
Robust approximation-free prescribed performance control for nonlinear systems and its application pp. 511-522 Downloads
Ruisheng Sun, Jing Na and Bin Zhu
Stability analysis of distributed-order nonlinear dynamic systems pp. 523-536 Downloads
Hamed Taghavian and Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei
LMI-based approach to stability analysis for fractional-order neural networks with discrete and distributed delays pp. 537-545 Downloads
Hai Zhang, Renyu Ye, Song Liu, Jinde Cao, Ahmad Alsaedi and Xiaodi Li
Fuzzy adaptive iterative learning coordination control of second-order multi-agent systems with imprecise communication topology structure pp. 546-556 Downloads
Jiaxi Chen and Junmin Li
Stabilisation of discrete-time polynomial fuzzy systems via a polynomial lyapunov approach pp. 557-566 Downloads
Alireza Nasiri, Sing Kiong Nguang, Akshya Swain and Dhafer Almakhles
An approach to decision-making with triangular fuzzy reciprocal preference relations and its application pp. 567-581 Downloads
Fanyong Meng
Intuitionistic fuzzy evidential power aggregation operator and its application in multiple criteria decision-making pp. 582-594 Downloads
Wen Jiang and Boya Wei
PGA/MOEAD: a preference-guided evolutionary algorithm for multi-objective decision-making problems with interval-valued fuzzy preferences pp. 595-616 Downloads
Bin Luo, Lin Lin and ShiSheng Zhong
Uncertain impulsive differential systems of fractional order: almost periodic solutions pp. 631-638 Downloads
Gani Stamov and Ivanka Stamova
Dissipative control for singular time-delay system with actuator saturation via state feedback and output feedback pp. 639-652 Downloads
Lei Fu and Yuechao Ma
Improved disturbance rejection for predictor-based control of MIMO linear systems with input delay pp. 653-661 Downloads
Shang Shi, Wenhui Liu, Junwei Lu and Yuming Chu
Aerial cooperative transporting and assembling control using multiple quadrotor–manipulator systems pp. 662-676 Downloads
Yuhua Qi, Jianan Wang and Jiayuan Shan

Volume 49, issue 2, 2018

Global exponential periodicity and stability of memristor-based complex-valued delayed neural networks pp. 231-245 Downloads
Dan Liu, Song Zhu and Er Ye
Optimal and robust control of a class of nonlinear systems using dynamically re-optimised single network adaptive critic design pp. 246-263 Downloads
Shivendra N. Tiwari and Radhakant Padhi
Finite-horizon differential games for missile–target interception system using adaptive dynamic programming with input constraints pp. 264-283 Downloads
Jingliang Sun and Chunsheng Liu
Stationary average consensus protocol for a class of heterogeneous high-order multi-agent systems with application for aircraft pp. 284-298 Downloads
Mohammad Hadi Rezaei and Mohammad Bagher Menhaj
Finite-time containment control of perturbed multi-agent systems based on sliding-mode control pp. 299-311 Downloads
Di Yu and Xiang Yang Ji
Fast smooth second-order sliding mode control for stochastic systems with enumerable coloured noises pp. 312-323 Downloads
Peng-fei Yang, Yang-wang Fang, You-li Wu, Dan-xu Zhang and Yang Xu
Robust iterative learning control for multi-phase batch processes: an average dwell-time method with 2D convergence indexes pp. 324-343 Downloads
Limin Wang, Yiteng Shen, Jingxian Yu, Ping Li, Ridong Zhang and Furong Gao
Model predictive control design for polytopic uncertain systems by synthesising multi-step prediction scenarios pp. 344-357 Downloads
Jianbo Lu, Yugeng Xi, Dewei Li, Yuli Xu and Zhongxue Gan
Implications of the degree of controllability of controlled plants in the sense of LQR optimal control pp. 358-370 Downloads
Yaping Xia, Minghui Yin and Yun Zou
Novel disturbance-observer-based control for systems with high-order mismatched disturbances pp. 371-382 Downloads
Xing Fang, Fei Liu, Zhiguo Wang and Na Dong
Output regulation control for switched stochastic delay systems with dissipative property under error-dependent switching pp. 383-391 Downloads
L. L. Li, C. L. Jin and X. Ge
The (α, β)-cut control charts for process average based on the generalised intuitionistic fuzzy number pp. 392-406 Downloads
Ali Shabani, Saralees Nadarajah and Mojtaba Alizadeh
An interval-valued 2-tuple linguistic group decision-making model based on the Choquet integral operator pp. 407-424 Downloads
Bingsheng Liu, Meiqing Fu, Shuibo Zhang, Bin Xue, Qi Zhou and Shiruo Zhang
An implicit iterative algorithm with a tuning parameter for Itô Lyapunov matrix equations pp. 425-434 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Ai-Guo Wu and Hui-Jie Sun
Design of distributed PID-type dynamic matrix controller for fractional-order systems pp. 435-448 Downloads
Dawei Wang and Ridong Zhang

Volume 49, issue 1, 2018

Coordination of fractional-order nonlinear multi-agent systems via distributed impulsive control pp. 1-14 Downloads
Tiedong Ma, Teng Li and Bing Cui
Multi-target localisation and circumnavigation by a multi-agent system with bearing measurements in 2D space pp. 15-26 Downloads
JingPing Shao and Yu-Ping Tian
Augmented robust three-stage extended Kalman filter for Mars entry-phase autonomous navigation pp. 27-42 Downloads
Mengli Xiao, Yongbo Zhang, Zhihua Wang and Huimin Fu
Robust filtering for 2D continuous systems with finite frequency specifications pp. 43-57 Downloads
Abderrahim El-Amrani, Bensalem Boukili, Abdellaziz Hmamed, Ahmed El Hajjaji and Ismail Boumhidi
Stabilisation and control of neutral stochastic delay Markovian jump systems pp. 58-67 Downloads
Weimin Chen, Qian Ma, Lanning Wang and Huiling Xu
Passivity and control of switched discrete-time nonlinear systems using linearisation pp. 68-83 Downloads
Hanmei Wang and Jun Zhao
Input and output constraints-based stabilisation of switched nonlinear systems with unstable subsystems and its application pp. 84-97 Downloads
Chao Chen, Qian Liu and Jun Zhao
Decentralised disturbance-observer-based adaptive tracking in the presence of unmatched nonlinear time-delayed interactions and disturbances pp. 98-112 Downloads
Hyoung Oh Kim and Sung Jin Yoo
Adaptive prescribed performance control for switched nonlinear systems with input saturation pp. 113-123 Downloads
Shi Li and Zhengrong Xiang
Adaptive non-predictor control of lower triangular uncertain nonlinear systems with an unknown time-varying delay in the input pp. 124-131 Downloads
Min-Sung Koo and Ho-Lim Choi
Fuzzy adaptive output feedback control for a class of switched non-triangular structure nonlinear systems with time-varying delays pp. 132-146 Downloads
Leitao Huang, Yongming Li and Shaocheng Tong
Rolling bearing fault diagnosis and health assessment using EEMD and the adjustment Mahalanobis–Taguchi system pp. 147-159 Downloads
Junxun Chen, Longsheng Cheng, Hui Yu and Shaolin Hu
Improved Alopex-based evolutionary algorithm by Gaussian copula estimation of distribution algorithm and its application to the Butterworth filter design pp. 160-178 Downloads
Yihang Yang, Xiang Cheng, Junrui Cheng, Da Jiang and Shaojun Li
Sensor fault diagnosis of singular delayed LPV systems with inexact parameters: an uncertain system approach pp. 179-195 Downloads
Amir Hossein Hassanabadi, Masoud Shafiee and Vicenc Puig
Fractional fault-tolerant dynamical controller for a class of commensurate-order fractional systems pp. 196-210 Downloads
F. Meléndez-Vázquez, O. Martínez-Fuentes and R. Martínez-Guerra
A robust fractional-order PID controller design based on active queue management for TCP network pp. 211-216 Downloads
Hamideh Hamidian and Mohammad T. H. Beheshti
Simultaneous tracking and regulation visual servoing of wheeled mobile robots with uncalibrated extrinsic parameters pp. 217-229 Downloads
Qun Lu, Li Yu, Dan Zhang and Xuebo Zhang
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