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2011 - 2018

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Volume 49, issue 2, 2018

Global exponential periodicity and stability of memristor-based complex-valued delayed neural networks pp. 231-245 Downloads
Dan Liu, Song Zhu and Er Ye
Optimal and robust control of a class of nonlinear systems using dynamically re-optimised single network adaptive critic design pp. 246-263 Downloads
Shivendra N. Tiwari and Radhakant Padhi
Finite-horizon differential games for missile–target interception system using adaptive dynamic programming with input constraints pp. 264-283 Downloads
Jingliang Sun and Chunsheng Liu
Stationary average consensus protocol for a class of heterogeneous high-order multi-agent systems with application for aircraft pp. 284-298 Downloads
Mohammad Hadi Rezaei and Mohammad Bagher Menhaj
Finite-time containment control of perturbed multi-agent systems based on sliding-mode control pp. 299-311 Downloads
Di Yu and Xiang Yang Ji
Fast smooth second-order sliding mode control for stochastic systems with enumerable coloured noises pp. 312-323 Downloads
Peng-fei Yang, Yang-wang Fang, You-li Wu, Dan-xu Zhang and Yang Xu
Robust iterative learning control for multi-phase batch processes: an average dwell-time method with 2D convergence indexes pp. 324-343 Downloads
Limin Wang, Yiteng Shen, Jingxian Yu, Ping Li, Ridong Zhang and Furong Gao
Model predictive control design for polytopic uncertain systems by synthesising multi-step prediction scenarios pp. 344-357 Downloads
Jianbo Lu, Yugeng Xi, Dewei Li, Yuli Xu and Zhongxue Gan
Implications of the degree of controllability of controlled plants in the sense of LQR optimal control pp. 358-370 Downloads
Yaping Xia, Minghui Yin and Yun Zou
Novel disturbance-observer-based control for systems with high-order mismatched disturbances pp. 371-382 Downloads
Xing Fang, Fei Liu, Zhiguo Wang and Na Dong
Output regulation control for switched stochastic delay systems with dissipative property under error-dependent switching pp. 383-391 Downloads
L. L. Li, C. L. Jin and X. Ge
The (α, β)-cut control charts for process average based on the generalised intuitionistic fuzzy number pp. 392-406 Downloads
Ali Shabani, Saralees Nadarajah and Mojtaba Alizadeh
An interval-valued 2-tuple linguistic group decision-making model based on the Choquet integral operator pp. 407-424 Downloads
Bingsheng Liu, Meiqing Fu, Shuibo Zhang, Bin Xue, Qi Zhou and Shiruo Zhang
An implicit iterative algorithm with a tuning parameter for Itô Lyapunov matrix equations pp. 425-434 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Ai-Guo Wu and Hui-Jie Sun
Design of distributed PID-type dynamic matrix controller for fractional-order systems pp. 435-448 Downloads
Dawei Wang and Ridong Zhang

Volume 49, issue 1, 2018

Coordination of fractional-order nonlinear multi-agent systems via distributed impulsive control pp. 1-14 Downloads
Tiedong Ma, Teng Li and Bing Cui
Multi-target localisation and circumnavigation by a multi-agent system with bearing measurements in 2D space pp. 15-26 Downloads
JingPing Shao and Yu-Ping Tian
Augmented robust three-stage extended Kalman filter for Mars entry-phase autonomous navigation pp. 27-42 Downloads
Mengli Xiao, Yongbo Zhang, Zhihua Wang and Huimin Fu
Robust filtering for 2D continuous systems with finite frequency specifications pp. 43-57 Downloads
Abderrahim El-Amrani, Bensalem Boukili, Abdellaziz Hmamed, Ahmed El Hajjaji and Ismail Boumhidi
Stabilisation and control of neutral stochastic delay Markovian jump systems pp. 58-67 Downloads
Weimin Chen, Qian Ma, Lanning Wang and Huiling Xu
Passivity and control of switched discrete-time nonlinear systems using linearisation pp. 68-83 Downloads
Hanmei Wang and Jun Zhao
Input and output constraints-based stabilisation of switched nonlinear systems with unstable subsystems and its application pp. 84-97 Downloads
Chao Chen, Qian Liu and Jun Zhao
Decentralised disturbance-observer-based adaptive tracking in the presence of unmatched nonlinear time-delayed interactions and disturbances pp. 98-112 Downloads
Hyoung Oh Kim and Sung Jin Yoo
Adaptive prescribed performance control for switched nonlinear systems with input saturation pp. 113-123 Downloads
Shi Li and Zhengrong Xiang
Adaptive non-predictor control of lower triangular uncertain nonlinear systems with an unknown time-varying delay in the input pp. 124-131 Downloads
Min-Sung Koo and Ho-Lim Choi
Fuzzy adaptive output feedback control for a class of switched non-triangular structure nonlinear systems with time-varying delays pp. 132-146 Downloads
Leitao Huang, Yongming Li and Shaocheng Tong
Rolling bearing fault diagnosis and health assessment using EEMD and the adjustment Mahalanobis–Taguchi system pp. 147-159 Downloads
Junxun Chen, Longsheng Cheng, Hui Yu and Shaolin Hu
Improved Alopex-based evolutionary algorithm by Gaussian copula estimation of distribution algorithm and its application to the Butterworth filter design pp. 160-178 Downloads
Yihang Yang, Xiang Cheng, Junrui Cheng, Da Jiang and Shaojun Li
Sensor fault diagnosis of singular delayed LPV systems with inexact parameters: an uncertain system approach pp. 179-195 Downloads
Amir Hossein Hassanabadi, Masoud Shafiee and Vicenc Puig
Fractional fault-tolerant dynamical controller for a class of commensurate-order fractional systems pp. 196-210 Downloads
F. Meléndez-Vázquez, O. Martínez-Fuentes and R. Martínez-Guerra
A robust fractional-order PID controller design based on active queue management for TCP network pp. 211-216 Downloads
Hamideh Hamidian and Mohammad T. H. Beheshti
Simultaneous tracking and regulation visual servoing of wheeled mobile robots with uncalibrated extrinsic parameters pp. 217-229 Downloads
Qun Lu, Li Yu, Dan Zhang and Xuebo Zhang

Volume 48, issue 16, 2017

A novel sliding mode guidance law without line-of-sight angular rate information accounting for autopilot lag pp. 3363-3373 Downloads
Shaoming He, Jiang Wang and Wei Wang
Adaptive integral backstepping sliding mode control for opto-electronic tracking system based on modified LuGre friction model pp. 3374-3381 Downloads
Fengfa Yue, Xingfei Li, Cheng Chen and Wenbin Tan
Adaptive fixed-time control for cluster synchronisation of coupled complex networks with uncertain disturbances pp. 3382-3390 Downloads
Shengqin Jiang, Xiaobo Lu, Guoliang Cai and Shuiming Cai
Cluster synchronisation of coupled delay reaction-diffusion systems pp. 3391-3402 Downloads
Kai-Ning Wu, Ya-Ming Zhang and Liming Wang
Uniform global asymptotic stabilisation of bilinear non-homogeneous periodic systems with stable free dynamics pp. 3403-3410 Downloads
V. A. Zaitsev
Observer-based controller for Lipschitz nonlinear systems pp. 3411-3418 Downloads
Mohsen Ekramian
Observer synthesis for a class of Takagi–Sugeno descriptor system with unmeasurable premise variable. Application to fault diagnosis pp. 3419-3430 Downloads
F. R. López-Estrada, C. M. Astorga-Zaragoza, D. Theilliol, J. C. Ponsart, G. Valencia-Palomo and L. Torres
Fault detection for discrete piecewise linear systems with infinite distributed time-delays pp. 3431-3439 Downloads
Jiajia Li, Xinli Wang, Fei Han and Guoliang Wei
Robust adaptive tracking control of uncertain systems with time-varying input delays pp. 3440-3449 Downloads
Li-Juan Liu, Jing Zhou, Changyun Wen and Xudong Zhao
Improved stability and H performance criteria for linear systems with interval time-varying delays via three terms approximation pp. 3450-3458 Downloads
H. El Aiss, A. Hmamed and A. El Hajjaji
Impulsive control of a continuous-culture and flocculation harvest chemostat model pp. 3459-3469 Downloads
Tongqian Zhang, Wanbiao Ma and Xinzhu Meng
Modelling and stability analysis of switching impulsive power systems with multiple equilibria pp. 3470-3490 Downloads
Liying Zhu, Jianbin Qiu and Mohammed Chadli
Error-constrained path-following control for a stratospheric airship with actuator saturation and disturbances pp. 3504-3521 Downloads
Zewei Zheng and Liang Sun
Maximum principle for optimal control of vibrations of a dynamic Gao beam in contact with a rigid foundation pp. 3522-3529 Downloads
Bing Sun
Distributed optimisation problem with communication delay and external disturbance pp. 3530-3541 Downloads
Ngoc-Tu Tran, Jiang-Wen Xiao, Yan-Wu Wang and Wu Yang
Multi-objective ACO algorithms to minimise the makespan and the total rejection cost on BPMs with arbitrary job weights pp. 3542-3557 Downloads
Zhao-hong Jia, Ming-li Pei and Joseph Y.-T. Leung
A novel matrix approach to observability analysis of finite automata pp. 3558-3568 Downloads
Na Gao, Xiao-guang Han, Zeng-qiang Chen and Qing Zhang
Multiple kernel learning using single stage function approximation for binary classification problems pp. 3569-3580 Downloads
Shiju S. S. and Sumitra S.

Volume 48, issue 15, 2017

Distributed adaptive consensus for linear multi-agent systems with quantised information pp. 3129-3137 Downloads
Chao Deng and Guang-Hong Yang
Leader-following consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems with randomly occurring uncertainties and stochastic disturbances under impulsive control input pp. 3138-3146 Downloads
Yunjian Xu, Shiguo Peng and Aiyin Guo
Consensus of linear multi-agent systems with exogenous disturbance generated from heterogeneous exosystems pp. 3147-3159 Downloads
Xuxi Zhang and Xianping Liu
N-D representation and generalised Kalman–Yakubivich–Popov lemma of spatially interconnected systems with interconnected chains pp. 3160-3171 Downloads
Guopeng Wang, Huiling Xu, Xiaokai Zhai and Juan Yao
Event-triggered robust control for uncertain switched linear systems pp. 3172-3185 Downloads
Yiwen Qi, Pengyu Zeng, Wen Bao and Zhigang Feng
Anti-disturbance control for time-varying delay Markovian jump nonlinear systems with multiple disturbances pp. 3186-3200 Downloads
Yankai Li, Haibin Sun, Guangdeng Zong and Linlin Hou
Exponentially incremental (Q, S, R)-dissipativity and incremental stability for switched time-varying nonlinear systems pp. 3201-3214 Downloads
Yuanhong Ren, Weiqun Wang and Yixiang Wang
Gain-scheduled admissibilisation of LPV discrete-time systems with LPV singular descriptor pp. 3215-3224 Downloads
A. Gonzalez, V. Estrada-Manzo and T.M. Guerra
Global robustness for max-plus linear systems pp. 3225-3232 Downloads
Cailu Wang and Yuegang Tao
Distributed finite-time trajectory tracking control for multiple nonholonomic mobile robots with uncertainties and external disturbances pp. 3233-3245 Downloads
Meiying Ou, Haibin Sun, Shengwei Gu and Yangyi Zhang
Sliding mode control-based linear functional observers for discrete-time stochastic systems pp. 3246-3253 Downloads
Satnesh Singh and Sivaramakrishnan Janardhanan
Integral sliding mode-based attitude coordinated tracking for spacecraft formation with communication delays pp. 3254-3266 Downloads
Jian Zhang, Qinglei Hu and Wenbo Xie
Positive sliding mode control for blood glucose regulation pp. 3267-3278 Downloads
Karima Menani, Taghreed Mohammadridha, Nicolas Magdelaine, Mourad Abdelaziz and Claude H. Moog
Finite-time stability of neutral-type neural networks with random time-varying delays pp. 3279-3295 Downloads
M. Syed Ali, S. Saravanan and Quanxin Zhu
Robust output tracking control for uncertain networked control systems described by T-S fuzzy model with distributed delays pp. 3296-3304 Downloads
Yanhui Li and Yulong Li
Record value based on intuitionistic fuzzy random variables pp. 3305-3315 Downloads
Mohammad Ghasem Akbari and Gholamreza Hesamian
Cloud decision model for selecting sustainable energy crop based on linguistic intuitionistic information pp. 3316-3333 Downloads
Hong-Gang Peng and Jian-Qiang Wang
A target recognition method for maritime surveillance radars based on hybrid ensemble selection pp. 3334-3345 Downloads
Xueman Fan, Shengliang Hu and Jingbo He
Simultaneous state and unknown input reconstruction using cascaded high-gain observers pp. 3346-3354 Downloads
S. Hadj Saïd, F. M'Sahli and M. Farza
Iterative (, )-conjugate solutions to the generalised coupled Sylvester matrix equations pp. 3355-3362 Downloads
Sheng-Kun Li

Volume 48, issue 14, 2017

Simultaneous fault detection and control for switched LPV systems with inexact parameters and its application pp. 2909-2920 Downloads
Kongwei Zhu and Jun Zhao
Fault detection for discrete-time LPV systems using interval observers pp. 2921-2935 Downloads
Zhi-Hui Zhang and Guang-Hong Yang
Gain-scheduled static output feedback controller synthesis for discrete-time LPV systems pp. 2936-2947 Downloads
Arash Sadeghzadeh
Observer-based distributed adaptive iterative learning control for linear multi-agent systems pp. 2948-2955 Downloads
Jinsha Li, Sanyang Liu and Junmin Li
Consensus for multi-agent systems with time-varying input delays pp. 2956-2966 Downloads
Chengzhi Yuan and Fen Wu
Further results on finite-time stabilisation for stochastic Markovian jump systems with time-varying delay pp. 2967-2975 Downloads
Wenhai Qi, Yonggui Kao and Xianwen Gao
control for conic non-linear jump systems with partially unknown transition probabilities pp. 2976-2984 Downloads
Yingqi Zhang, Yan Shi, Xiaowu Mu and Caixia Liu
Observer-based sliding mode control of Markov jump systems with random sensor delays and partly unknown transition rates pp. 2985-2996 Downloads
Deyin Yao, Renquan Lu, Yong Xu and Hongru Ren
Robust decentralised stabilisation of uncertain large-scale interconnected nonlinear descriptor systems via proportional plus derivative feedback pp. 2997-3006 Downloads
Jian Li, Qingling Zhang, Junchao Ren and Yanhao Zhang
Input delay compensation of nonlinear stochastic systems with both state and input delays by prediction approach pp. 3007-3017 Downloads
A. Javadi, M. R. Jahed-Motlagh and A. A. Jalali
Adaptive neural tracking control for nonstrict-feedback stochastic nonlinear time-delay systems with full-state constraints pp. 3018-3031 Downloads
Wenjie Si, Xunde Dong and Feifei Yang
Stability analysis of piecewise non-linear systems and its application to chaotic synchronisation with intermittent control pp. 3032-3043 Downloads
Qingzhi Wang, Guanzheng Tan, Yong He and Min Wu
Applying elliptic curve cryptography to a chaotic synchronisation system: neural-network-based approach pp. 3044-3059 Downloads
Feng-Hsiag Hsiao
Adaptive optimisation-offline cyber attack on remote state estimator pp. 3060-3071 Downloads
Xin Huang and Jiuxiang Dong
Fuzzy decision-making framework for treatment selection based on the combined QUALIFLEX–TODIM method pp. 3072-3086 Downloads
Pu Ji, Hong-yu Zhang and Jian-qiang Wang
Dwell time based stabilisability criteria for discrete-time switched systems pp. 3087-3097 Downloads
Zhikun She, Junjie Lu, Quanyi Liang and Shuzhi Sam Ge
Fractional variable order discrete-time systems, their solutions and properties pp. 3098-3105 Downloads
Dominik Sierociuk and Wiktor Malesza
A distributed predictive control approach for periodic flow-based networks: application to drinking water systems pp. 3106-3117 Downloads
Juan M. Grosso, Carlos Ocampo-Martinez and Vicenç Puig
Observer-based output feedback control of networked control systems with non-uniform sampling and time-varying delay pp. 3118-3128 Downloads
Su Meng, Jie Chen and Jian Sun

Volume 48, issue 13, 2017

Cooperative tracking control for linear multi-agent systems with external disturbances under a directed graph pp. 2683-2691 Downloads
Jun-Wei Zhu, Guang-Hong Yang, Wen-An Zhang and Li Yu
Strategy evolution driven by switching probabilities in structured multi-agent systems pp. 2692-2702 Downloads
Jianlei Zhang, Zengqiang Chen and Zhiqi Li
Global finite-time attitude consensus tracking control for a group of rigid spacecraft pp. 2703-2712 Downloads
Penghua Li
Jerk-level synchronous repetitive motion scheme with gradient-type and zeroing-type dynamics algorithms applied to dual-arm redundant robot system control pp. 2713-2727 Downloads
Dechao Chen and Yunong Zhang
H-control and the separation principle for discrete-time jump systems with the Markov chain in a general state space pp. 2728-2741 Downloads
Danilo Zucolli Figueiredo and Oswaldo Luiz do Valle Costa
Synchronisation control for neutral-type multi-slave stochastic hybrid systems pp. 2742-2751 Downloads
Jun Zhou, Feng Pan, Tingting Cai, Yuqing Sun, Wuneng Zhou and Huashan Liu
An open-closed-loop iterative learning control approach for nonlinear switched systems with application to freeway traffic control pp. 2752-2763 Downloads
Shu-Ting Sun, Xiao-Dong Li and Ren-Xin Zhong
Learning control for discrete-time nonlinear systems with sensor saturation and measurement noises pp. 2764-2778 Downloads
Dong Shen and Chao Zhang
An automatic iterative decision-making method for intuitionistic fuzzy linguistic preference relations pp. 2779-2793 Downloads
Lidan Pei, Feifei Jin, Zhiwei Ni, Huayou Chen and Zhifu Tao
Design of sampled-data control for multiple-time delayed generalised neural networks based on delay-partitioning approach pp. 2794-2810 Downloads
M. Syed Ali, N. Gunasekaran and B. Aruna
Fault-tolerant optimised tracking control for unknown discrete-time linear systems using a combined reinforcement learning and residual compensation methodology pp. 2811-2825 Downloads
Ke-Zhen Han, Jian Feng and Xiaohong Cui
Adaptive quantised fault-tolerant tracking control of uncertain nonlinear systems with unknown control direction and the prescribed accuracy pp. 2826-2837 Downloads
Yan-Hui Jing and Guang-Hong Yang
Simultaneous estimation of multiple channel faults for two-dimensional linear systems pp. 2838-2849 Downloads
Liang Cao, Dong Zhao and Youqing Wang
Stabilisation of stochastic coupled systems via feedback control based on discrete-time state observations pp. 2850-2859 Downloads
Yongbao Wu, Wenxue Li and Jiqiang Feng
Robust adaptive vibration control for an uncertain flexible Timoshenko robotic manipulator with input and output constraints pp. 2860-2870 Downloads
Xiuyu He, Wei He and Changyin Sun
Pole assignment of multivariable systems using proportional-derivative state feedback pp. 2871-2886 Downloads
Taha H. S. Abdelaziz
A practical iterative PID tuning method for mechanical systems using parameter chart pp. 2887-2900 Downloads
M. Kang, J. Cheong, H.M. Do, Y. Son and S.-I. Niculescu
A novel continuous fractional sliding mode control pp. 2901-2908 Downloads
A.J. Muñoz-Vázquez, V. Parra-Vega and A. Sánchez-Orta

Volume 48, issue 12, 2017

Cooperative global optimal preview tracking control of linear multi-agent systems: an internal model approach pp. 2451-2462 Downloads
Yanrong Lu, Fucheng Liao, Jiamei Deng and Huiyang Liu
Approximation-based adaptive fuzzy tracking control for a class of switched nonlinear pure-feedback systems pp. 2463-2472 Downloads
Changjiang Xi, Ding Zhai, Jiuxiang Dong and Qingling Zhang
Memory feedback PID control for exponential synchronisation of chaotic Lur'e systems pp. 2473-2484 Downloads
Ruimei Zhang, Deqiang Zeng, Shouming Zhong and Kaibo Shi
Neural network-based position synchronised internal force control scheme for cooperative manipulator system pp. 2485-2498 Downloads
Jin Wang, Fan Xu and GuoDong Lu
Leader-follower finite-time formation control of multiple quadrotors with prescribed performance pp. 2499-2508 Downloads
Changchun Hua, Jiannan Chen and Yafeng Li
Output tracking control for an omnidirectional rehabilitative training walker with incomplete measurements and random parameters pp. 2509-2521 Downloads
Hongbin Chang, Ping Sun and Shuoyu Wang
Adaptive fuzzy controller for a class of nonlinear systems with unknown backlash-like hysteresis pp. 2522-2533 Downloads
Hassan A. Yousef, Mohamed Hamdy and Kyrillos Nashed
An LP approach to full-order and reduced-order state estimations of positive Markov jump systems with delay pp. 2534-2543 Downloads
Le Van Hien
Improved results on observer-based control for discrete-time fuzzy systems pp. 2544-2553 Downloads
B. El Haiek, A. Hmamed, A. El Hajjaji and E.H. Tissir
Global output feedback stabilisation of nonlinear time-delay systems with unknown output function pp. 2554-2564 Downloads
Meng-Meng Jiang, Ping Wang and Xue-Jun Xie
Distributed control for multi-target circumnavigation by a group of agents pp. 2565-2574 Downloads
Lingxia Cui, Shihua Chen and Lei Wang
New and improved: grey multi-granulation rough sets pp. 2575-2589 Downloads
Yun Kang, Shunxiang Wu, Yuwen Li and Wei Weng
Cooperative learning neural network output feedback control of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems under directed topologies pp. 2590-2598 Downloads
W. Wang, D. Wang and Z. H. Peng
Continuous–discrete-time adaptive observers for nonlinear systems with sampled output measurements pp. 2599-2609 Downloads
Guanglei Zhao and Changchun Hua
Finite-frequency fault detection for two-dimensional Fornasini–Marchesini dynamical systems pp. 2610-2621 Downloads
Yingying Ren, Da-Wei Ding and Qing Li
Sensor fault estimation for Lipschitz nonlinear systems in finite-frequency domain pp. 2622-2632 Downloads
Ying Gu and Guang-Hong Yang
Group prioritisation with unknown expert weights in incomplete linguistic context pp. 2633-2643 Downloads
Dong Cheng, Faxin Cheng, Zhili Zhou and Juan Wang
Reliable filtering with extended dissipativity for uncertain systems with discrete and distributed delays pp. 2644-2657 Downloads
Weifeng Xia, Qian Ma, Junwei Lu and Guangming Zhuang
High-resolution time–frequency representation of EEG data using multi-scale wavelets pp. 2658-2668 Downloads
Yang Li, Wei-Gang Cui, Mei-Lin Luo, Ke Li and Lina Wang
Adaptive robust output tracking of uncertain strict-feedback nonlinear time-delay systems via control schemes with simple structure pp. 2669-2681 Downloads
Hansheng Wu

Volume 48, issue 11, 2017

Discrete-time controller for stochastic nonlinear polynomial systems with Poisson noises pp. 2235-2248 Downloads
M. Hernandez–Gonzalez and M. V. Basin
Reliable finite-time control of uncertain singular nonlinear Markovian jump systems with bounded transition probabilities and time-varying delay pp. 2249-2261 Downloads
Yue-Chao Ma, Yang-Fan Liu and Hui Chen
Output feedback stabilisation of stochastic nonlinear time-delay systems with unknown output function pp. 2262-2271 Downloads
Meng-Meng Jiang, Kemei Zhang and Xue-Jun Xie
Observer-based state tracking control of uncertain stochastic systems via repetitive controller pp. 2272-2281 Downloads
R. Sakthivel, L. Susana Ramya and P. Selvaraj
Stochastic mean square exponential synchronisation of time-varying complex dynamical networks via pinning control pp. 2282-2290 Downloads
Xin Wang, Xinzhi Liu, Kun She, Shouming Zhong and Kaibo Shi
fuzzy control of semi-Markov jump nonlinear systems under σ-error mean square stability pp. 2291-2299 Downloads
Ting Yang, Lixian Zhang and Hak-Keung Lam
Adaptive neural prescribed performance control for a class of strict-feedback stochastic nonlinear systems under arbitrary switchings pp. 2300-2310 Downloads
Wenjie Si, Xunde Dong and Feifei Yang
Extended dissipativity of generalised neural networks including time delays pp. 2311-2320 Downloads
R. Saravanakumar, Grienggrai Rajchakit, M. Syed Ali and Young Hoon Joo
Adaptive finite-time stabilisation of a class of high-order nonlinear systems with inverse dynamics pp. 2321-2332 Downloads
Shipei Huang and Zhengrong Xiang
Finite-time control of periodic piecewise linear systems pp. 2333-2344 Downloads
Xiaochen Xie, James Lam and Panshuo Li
LMI-based adaptive reliable static output feedback control against switched actuator failures pp. 2345-2355 Downloads
Liwei An, Ding Zhai, Jiuxiang Dong and Qingling Zhang
Prediction-based sampled-data controller design for attitude stabilisation of a rigid spacecraft with disturbances pp. 2356-2367 Downloads
Baolong Zhu, Zhiping Zhang, Ding Zhou, Jie Ma and Shunli Li
Real-time control systems: feedback, scheduling and robustness pp. 2368-2378 Downloads
Daniel Simon, Alexandre Seuret and Olivier Sename
The vibration transmissibility of a single degree of freedom oscillator with nonlinear fractional order damping pp. 2379-2393 Downloads
Jingfei Jiang, Dengqing Cao, Huatao Chen and Kun Zhao
Recursive identification of Hammerstein systems with dead-zone nonlinearity in the presence of bounded noise pp. 2394-2404 Downloads
Jian Zhang, Feng Yu and KwaiSang Chin
Decomposition-based recursive least-squares parameter estimation algorithm for Wiener-Hammerstein systems with dead-zone nonlinearity pp. 2405-2414 Downloads
Linwei Li and Xuemei Ren
Distributed event-triggered output consensus control for heterogeneous multi-agent system with general linear dynamics pp. 2415-2427 Downloads
Xiangdong Liu, Haikuo Liu, Pingli Lu and Shuli Guo
Synchronisation of linear high-order multi-agent systems via event-triggered control with limited communication pp. 2428-2439 Downloads
Dongming Liu and Jianchang Liu
Sensor selection cost optimisation for tracking structurally cyclic systems: a P-order solution pp. 2440-2450 Downloads
M. Doostmohammadian, H. Zarrabi and H. R. Rabiee

Volume 48, issue 10, 2017

Leader-following consensus of parameter-dependent networks via distributed gain-scheduling control pp. 2013-2022 Downloads
Chengzhi Yuan
Fixed-time consensus for multi-agent systems with discontinuous inherent dynamics over switching topology pp. 2023-2032 Downloads
Boda Ning, Jiong Jin and Jinchuan Zheng
Finite-time scaled consensus through parametric linear iterations pp. 2033-2040 Downloads
Yilun Shang
Event-triggered distributed containment control of heterogeneous linear multi-agent systems by an output regulation approach pp. 2041-2054 Downloads
Wencheng Zou and Zhengrong Xiang
Periodic coordinated rotating motion control of second-Order multi-Agent systems under directed interaction topologies pp. 2055-2063 Downloads
Yintao Wang, Qi Sun and Yingjie Li
Dynamical behaviours and control measures of rumour-spreading model with consideration of network topology pp. 2064-2078 Downloads
Linhe Zhu and Hongyong Zhao
Fault-tolerant sampled-data control of singular networked cascade control systems pp. 2079-2090 Downloads
R. Sakthivel, M. Sathishkumar, Y. Ren and O.M. Kwon
output tracking control of uncertain and disturbed nonlinear systems based on neural network model pp. 2091-2103 Downloads
Chengcheng Li, Yuefeng Li and Guanglin Wang
Data-based controllability analysis for generalised linear discrete-time system pp. 2104-2110 Downloads
Fengjun Wang, Qingling Zhang and Wanquan Liu
Stability analysis of some classes of nonlinear switched systems with time delay pp. 2111-2119 Downloads
Alexander Aleksandrov, Elena Aleksandrova and Alexei Zhabko
On stability of switched nonlinear systems with time-scaling transformation pp. 2120-2127 Downloads
Hao Yang, Wenjing Ren and Bin Jiang
Quantised feedback stabilisation of LTI systems over partly unknown Markov fading channels pp. 2128-2136 Downloads
Wei Chen, Yuanyuan Zou, Nan Xiao, Jun Song and Yugang Niu
Adaptive control of uncertain pure-feedback nonlinear systems pp. 2137-2145 Downloads
Mingzhe Hou, Zongquan Deng and Guangren Duan
Varying trail lengths-based iterative learning control for linear discrete-time systems with vector relative degree pp. 2146-2156 Downloads
Yun-Shan Wei and Xiao-Dong Li
Transient tracking performance improvement for nonlinear nonminimum phase systems: an additive-state-decomposition-based control method pp. 2157-2167 Downloads
Jinrui Ren, Zhiyu Xi, Li-Bing Zhao and Quan Quan
Non-fragile multivariable PID controller design via system augmentation pp. 2168-2181 Downloads
Jinrong Liu, James Lam, Mouquan Shen and Zhan Shu
Multivariable filtered Smith predictor for systems with sinusoidal disturbances pp. 2182-2194 Downloads
Tito L. M. Santos, Bernardo P. M. Silva and Lucas Uzêda
-norm penalised orthogonal forward regression pp. 2195-2201 Downloads
Xia Hong, Sheng Chen, Yi Guo and Junbin Gao
Effective position–posture control strategy based on switching control for planar three-link underactuated mechanical system pp. 2202-2211 Downloads
Pan Zhang, Xuzhi Lai, Yawu Wang and Min Wu
Extended state observer-based motion synchronisation control for hybrid actuation system of large civil aircraft pp. 2212-2222 Downloads
Xingjian Wang, Cun Shi and Shaoping Wang
Singularity-free adaptive fault-tolerant trajectory tracking controller for VTOL UAVs pp. 2223-2234 Downloads
Yao Zou

Volume 48, issue 9, 2017

Distributed optimisation for multi-agent systems with the first-order integrals under Markovian switching topologies pp. 1787-1795 Downloads
Dong Wang, Dong Wang, Wei Wang, Yurong Liu and Fuad E. Alsaadi
Consensus of switched multi-agent systems under quantised measurements pp. 1796-1804 Downloads
Yunru Zhu, Yuanshi Zheng and Yongqiang Guan
New distributed fusion filtering algorithm based on covariances over sensor networks with random packet dropouts pp. 1805-1817 Downloads
R. Caballero-à guila, A. Hermoso-Carazo and J. Linares-Pérez
State estimation for networked control systems using fixed data rates pp. 1818-1828 Downloads
Qing-Quan Liu and Fang Jin
Non-fragile consensus algorithms for a network of diffusion PDEs with boundary local interaction pp. 1829-1835 Downloads
Jun Xiong and Junmin Li
Distributed Zero-Gradient-Sum (ZGS) consensus optimisation over networks with time-varying topologies pp. 1836-1843 Downloads
Jiayun Liu, Weisheng Chen and Hao Dai
Networked iterative learning control design for discrete-time systems with stochastic communication delay in input and output channels pp. 1844-1855 Downloads
Jian Liu and Xiaoe Ruan
Decentralised output feedback control of Markovian jump interconnected systems with unknown interconnections pp. 1856-1870 Downloads
Li-Wei Li and Guang-Hong Yang
Stabilisation for Markovian jump delta operator systems with time-varying delays and actuator saturation pp. 1871-1881 Downloads
Hongjiu Yang, Hui Li, Yuanqing Xia and Huiguang Li
High-order repetitive control for discrete-time linear switched systems pp. 1882-1890 Downloads
Zhen Shao and Zhengrong Xiang
Non-fragile observer-based output feedback control for polytopic uncertain system under distributed model predictive control approach pp. 1891-1901 Downloads
Kaiqun Zhu, Yan Song, Sunjie Zhang and Zhaozhun Zhong
On applications of the ray-shooting method for structured and structured-sparse static-output-feedbacks pp. 1902-1913 Downloads
Y. Peretz
An LMI approach to design extended predictor feedback controllers for dynamical systems with input delay pp. 1914-1921 Downloads
Amir Hossein Abolmasoumi
Passivity analysis and control for discrete-time two-dimensional switched systems in Roesser model pp. 1922-1931 Downloads
Jingbo Gao and Weiqun Wang
A new modelling and identification scheme for time-delay systems with experimental investigation: a relay feedback approach pp. 1932-1940 Downloads
Saurabh Pandey, Somanath Majhi and Prasenjit Ghorai
Stability analysis of sampled-data systems via open-/closed-loop characteristic polynomials contraposition pp. 1941-1953 Downloads
J. Zhou and H. M. Qian
Design of polynomial fuzzy observer–controller for nonlinear systems with state delay: sum of squares approach pp. 1954-1965 Downloads
H. Gassara, A. El Hajjaji and M. Chaabane
Mean square exponential input-to-state stability of stochastic memristive complex-valued neural networks with time varying delay pp. 1966-1977 Downloads
Dan Liu, Song Zhu and Wenting Chang
Observer-critic structure-based adaptive dynamic programming for decentralised tracking control of unknown large-scale nonlinear systems pp. 1978-1989 Downloads
Bo Zhao, Derong Liu, Xiong Yang and Yuanchun Li
Design of an adaptive tracker for -link rigid robotic manipulators based on super-twisting global nonlinear sliding mode control pp. 1990-2002 Downloads
Saleh Mobayen, Fairouz Tchier and Lakhdar Ragoub
Lyapunov vector function method in the motion stabilisation problem for nonholonomic mobile robot pp. 2003-2012 Downloads
Aleksandr Andreev and Olga Peregudova

Volume 48, issue 8, 2017

Optimal fuzzy control of exponential synchronisation via genetic algorithm pp. 1569-1580 Downloads
Feng-Hsiag Hsiao
An improved robust finite-time dissipative control for uncertain fuzzy descriptor systems with disturbance pp. 1581-1596 Downloads
Zhan Su, Jun Ai, Qingling Zhang and Naixue Xiong
Robust stability of MIMO nonlinear uncertain systems using operator-based right coprime factorisation pp. 1597-1606 Downloads
Fazhan Tao and Mingcong Deng
Maximum correntropy unscented filter pp. 1607-1615 Downloads
Xi Liu, Badong Chen, Bin Xu, Zongze Wu and Paul Honeine
Decentralised variable gain robust controller design for a class of large-scale interconnected systems with mismatched uncertainties pp. 1616-1623 Downloads
S. Nagai, H. Oya, T. Kubo and T. Matsuki
On interval tracking performance evaluation and practical varying sampling ILC pp. 1624-1634 Downloads
Yun Xu, Dong Shen and Youqing Wang
Efficient algorithms for online tracking of set points in robust model predictive control pp. 1635-1645 Downloads
M. Razi and M. Haeri
Robust fault reconstruction for a class of infinitely unobservable descriptor systems pp. 1646-1655 Downloads
Joseph Chang Lun Chan, Chee Pin Tan and Hieu Trinh
Active disturbance rejection and Lyapunov redesign approaches for robust boundary control of plate vibration pp. 1656-1670 Downloads
Ali Tavasoli and Vali Enjilela
Analytical design of modified Smith predictor for unstable second-order processes with time delay pp. 1671-1681 Downloads
Moina Ajmeri and Ahmad Ali
MLP-based adaptive neural control of nonlinear time-delay systems with the unknown hysteresis pp. 1682-1691 Downloads
Guoqing Zhang, Zhijian Sun, Weidong Zhang and Lei Qiao
Output feedback stabilisation of high-order nonlinear feedforward time-delay systems pp. 1692-1707 Downloads
Meng-Meng Jiang, Kemei Zhang and Xue-Jun Xie
Robust fast adaptive fault estimation and tolerant control for T-S fuzzy systems with interval time-varying delay pp. 1708-1730 Downloads
Hui Li, Fuqiang You, Fuli Wang and Shouping Guan
Extended dissipative filtering of fuzzy systems with time-varying delay under imperfect premise matching pp. 1731-1743 Downloads
Jingying Li, Xianlin Huang and Zhengchao Li
Dissipative stability analysis and control of two-dimensional Fornasini–Marchesini local state-space model pp. 1744-1751 Downloads
Lanning Wang, Weimin Chen and Lizhen Li
Delay-partitioning approach to stability analysis of state estimation for neutral-type neural networks with both time-varying delays and leakage term via sampled-data control pp. 1752-1765 Downloads
R. Samidurai, S. Rajavel, Jinde Cao, Ahmad Alsaedi, Fuad Alsaadi and Bashir Ahmad
The piecewise optimisation method for approximating uncertain optimal control problems under optimistic value criterion pp. 1766-1774 Downloads
Bo Li, Yuanguo Zhu and Yuefen Chen
Approximation-based disturbance observer approach for adaptive tracking of uncertain pure-feedback nonlinear systems with unmatched disturbances pp. 1775-1786 Downloads
Hyoung Oh Kim and Sung Jin Yoo

Volume 48, issue 7, 2017

Approximation-based adaptive tracking of a class of uncertain nonlinear time-delay systems in nonstrict-feedback form pp. 1347-1355 Downloads
Sung Jin Yoo
Output feedback passification of saturated switched systems pp. 1356-1366 Downloads
Xiao-Qi Zhao, Jun Fu and Jun Zhao
Simultaneous fault estimation and fault-tolerant tracking control for uncertain nonlinear discrete-time systems pp. 1367-1379 Downloads
Meng Zhou, Zhenhua Wang and Yi Shen
Design of sliding-mode observer for a class of uncertain neutral stochastic systems pp. 1380-1394 Downloads
Zhen Liu, Lin Zhao, Quanmin Zhu and Cunchen Gao
New results on stability analysis of singular time-delay systems pp. 1395-1403 Downloads
Guobao Liu
A robust adaptive observer for a class of singular nonlinear uncertain systems pp. 1404-1415 Downloads
Elaheh Arefinia, Heidar Ali Talebi and Ali Doustmohammadi
Finite-time mixed and passive filtering for Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy nonhomogeneous Markovian jump systems pp. 1416-1427 Downloads
M. Sathishkumar, R. Sakthivel, O. M. Kwon and B. Kaviarasan
Model reference tracking control of an aircraft: a robust adaptive approach pp. 1428-1437 Downloads
Ilker Tanyer, Enver Tatlicioglu and Erkan Zergeroglu
A new PI optimal linear quadratic state-estimate tracker for continuous-time non-square non-minimum phase systems pp. 1438-1459 Downloads
Jason Sheng-Hong Tsai, Ying-Ting Liao, Faezeh Ebrahimzadeh, Sheng-Ying Lai, Te-Jen Su, Shu-Mei Guo, Leang-San Shieh and Tzong-Jiy Tsai
Wave-variable framework for networked robotic systems with time delays and packet losses pp. 1472-1484 Downloads
Seng-Ming Puah and Yen-Chen Liu
observer-based decentralised fuzzy control design for nonlinear interconnected systems: an application to vehicle dynamics pp. 1485-1495 Downloads
Chedia Latrach, Mourad Kchaou and Hervé Guéguen
Non-fragile feedback control with gain performance of uncertain neutral-type stochastic Markovian jump systems pp. 1496-1506 Downloads
Baoping Jiang, Yonggui Kao and Cunchen Gao
BIBO stability of fractional-order controlled nonlinear systems pp. 1507-1514 Downloads
Song Liang, Ranchao Wu and Liping Chen
model reduction for negative imaginary systems pp. 1515-1521 Downloads
Lanlin Yu and Junlin Xiong
Novel observer/controller identification method-based minimal realisations in block observable/controllable canonical forms and compensation improvement pp. 1522-1536 Downloads
Chen-Yin Wu, Jason Sheng-Hong Tsai, Shu-Mei Guo, Te-Jen Su, Leang-San Shieh and Jun-Juh Yan
Stabilisation of a class of positive switched nonlinear systems under asynchronous switching pp. 1537-1547 Downloads
Shuo Li and Zhengrong Xiang
On Finite frequency performance for discrete linear time delay systems pp. 1548-1555 Downloads
Zhongyang Fei, Chaoxu Guan, Zhicheng Li and Yinliang Xu
Asymptotic behaviours and stability of zero dynamics in nonlinear discrete-time systems using Taylor approach and multirate input pp. 1556-1568 Downloads
Cheng Zeng, Shuwen Xiang and Shan Liang

Volume 48, issue 6, 2017

Global decentralised stabilisation for a class of uncertain large-scale high-order upper-triangular nonlinear systems pp. 1123-1135 Downloads
Qixun Lan, Chuanlin Zhang and Shihua Li
Stability and positive observer design for positive 2D discrete-time system with multiple delays pp. 1136-1145 Downloads
Jian Shen and Weiqun Wang
On identification of Hammerstein and Wiener model with application to virtualised software system pp. 1146-1161 Downloads
Dharma Aryani, Liuping Wang and Tharindu Patikirikorala
Correlation-based fault-tolerant controller design for MIMO systems under the Youla parameterisation pp. 1162-1172 Downloads
Zhe Li and Guang-Hong Yang
Robust output containment control of multi-agent systems with unknown heterogeneous nonlinear uncertainties in directed networks pp. 1173-1181 Downloads
Changyin Sun, Qing Wang and Yao Yu
Constrained anti-disturbance control for a quadrotor based on differential flatness pp. 1182-1193 Downloads
Hao Lu, Cunjia Liu, Lei Guo and Wen-Hua Chen
Global stability and Neimark-Sacker bifurcation of a host-parasitoid model pp. 1194-1202 Downloads
Qamar Din
A randomised approach for NARX model identification based on a multivariate Bernoulli distribution pp. 1203-1216 Downloads
F. Bianchi, A. Falsone, M. Prandini and L. Piroddi
Observer-based event-triggered containment control of multi-agent systems with time delay pp. 1217-1225 Downloads
Wenhui Liu, Chunjie Yang, Youxian Sun and Jiaxiang Qin
Adaptive fuzzy output-feedback control for a class of nonlinear pure-feedback systems with time delays pp. 1242-1253 Downloads
Honghong Wang, Bing Chen, Chong Lin and Yumei Sun
Finite-time output feedback stabilisation for a class of feedforward nonlinear systems with input saturation pp. 1254-1265 Downloads
Fangzheng Gao and Yuqiang Wu
Optimal disturbance rejection controller design for integrating processes with dead time based on algebraic theory pp. 1266-1280 Downloads
Wei Zhang, Yagang Wang and Weidong Zhang
Sliding mode stabilisation of networked systems with consecutive data packet dropouts using only accessible information pp. 1291-1300 Downloads
Ahmadreza Argha, Li Li and Steven W. Su
Finding the numerical compensation in multiple criteria decision-making problems under fuzzy environment pp. 1301-1310 Downloads
Mahima Gupta and B. K. Mohanty
A dynamically weight adjustment in the consensus reaching process for group decision-making with hesitant fuzzy preference relations pp. 1311-1321 Downloads
Yejun Xu, Dou Rui and Huimin Wang
Adaptive square-root transformed unscented FastSLAM with KLD-resampling pp. 1322-1330 Downloads
Weijun Xu, Rongxin Jiang, Li Xie, Xiang Tian and Yaowu Chen
Observer-based fuzzy adaptive fault control for a class of MIMO nonlinear systems pp. 1331-1346 Downloads
Zhiyao Ma, Yongming Li and Shaocheng Tong

Volume 48, issue 5, 2017

Interacting multiple model and sensor selection algorithms for manoeuvring target tracking in wireless sensor networks with multiplicative noise pp. 899-908 Downloads
Atiyeh Keshavarz-Mohammadiyan and Hamid Khaloozadeh
Approximately adaptive neural cooperative control for nonlinear multiagent systems with performance guarantee pp. 909-920 Downloads
Jing Wang, Tianyu Yang, Gennady Staskevich and Brian Abbe
Global state feedback stabilisation for a class of high-order nonlinear systems with quantised input and state pp. 921-929 Downloads
Guangqi Li, Yan Lin and Xu Zhang
Inversion-based feedforward control design for linear transport systems with spatially acting input pp. 930-940 Downloads
S. Alt, K. Schmidt, E. Arnold, M. Zeitz and O. Sawodny
Adaptive control of a class of quantised nonlinearly parameterised systems with unknown control directions pp. 941-951 Downloads
Wenhui Liu, Cheng-Chew Lim and Shengyuan Xu
Distributed fusion estimation for multi-sensor asynchronous sampling systems with correlated noises pp. 952-960 Downloads
Honglei Lin and Shuli Sun
Cooperative output synchronisation of networked feedforward nonlinear systems via linear sampled-data control pp. 961-970 Downloads
Junyong Zhai and Qiang Wan
Vibration control of a flexible aerial refuelling hose with input saturation pp. 971-983 Downloads
Zhijie Liu, Jinkun Liu and Wei He
Finite-time stability of a class of nonlinear fractional-order system with the discrete time delay pp. 984-993 Downloads
Feifei Wang, Diyi Chen, Xinguang Zhang and Yonghong Wu
Competitive energy consumption under transmission constraints in a multi-supplier power grid system pp. 994-1001 Downloads
Ivan Popov, Alexander Krylatov, Victor Zakharov and Dmitry Ivanov
Decentralised output feedback for a class of nonlinear systems via quantised sampled-data control pp. 1002-1008 Downloads
Xiaowei Yu, Yan Lin and Xu Zhang
Constrained state estimation for stochastic jump systems: moving horizon approach pp. 1009-1021 Downloads
Qing Sun, Cheng-Chew Lim and Fei Liu
Robust H dynamic output feedback control for spacecraft rendezvous with poles and input constraint pp. 1022-1034 Downloads
Kai Zhang and Guang-Ren Duan
Stability of model-based event-triggered control systems: a separation property pp. 1035-1047 Downloads
Fei Hao and Hao Yu
filter design for nonlinear systems with quantised measurements in finite frequency domain pp. 1048-1059 Downloads
D. El Hellani, A. El Hajjaji and R. Ceschi
Functional observer design for retarded system with interval time-varying delays pp. 1060-1070 Downloads
Reza Mohajerpoor, Lakshmanan Shanmugam, Hamid Abdi, Saeid Nahavandi and Mehdrad Saif
Model-Free control performance improvement using virtual reference feedback tuning and reinforcement Q-learning pp. 1071-1083 Downloads
Mircea-Bogdan Radac, Radu-Emil Precup and Raul-Cristian Roman
Optimal control of vibrations of a dynamic Gao beam in contact with a reactive foundation pp. 1084-1091 Downloads
Bing Sun
Intuitionistic uncertain linguistic partitioned Bonferroni means and their application to multiple attribute decision-making pp. 1092-1105 Downloads
Zhengmin Liu and Peide Liu
Consensus of feedforward nonlinear systems with a time-varying communication delay pp. 1106-1114 Downloads
Sungryul Lee
Adaptive tracking control for non-affine nonlinear systems with non-affine function possibly being discontinuous pp. 1115-1122 Downloads
Mao-long Lv, Xiu-xia Sun, Shu-guang Liu and Dong Wang

Volume 48, issue 4, 2017

Less-conservative robust adaptive control of neutral systems with mixed time-delays pp. 675-685 Downloads
A. H. Tahoun
Dynamical behaviour analysis of delayed complex-valued neural networks with impulsive effect pp. 686-694 Downloads
Xiaohui Xu, Jiye Zhang and Jizhong Shi
Direct adaptive fuzzy backstepping control for uncertain discrete-time nonlinear systems using noisy measurements pp. 695-704 Downloads
Toshio Yoshimura
Admissible consensus for networked singular multi-agent systems with communication delays pp. 705-714 Downloads
Xin-Rong Yang and Guo-Ping Liu
Pointwise frequency responses framework for stability analysis in periodically time-varying systems pp. 715-728 Downloads
J. Zhou and H. M. Qian
Iterative algorithms for computing the feedback Nash equilibrium point for positive systems pp. 729-737 Downloads
I. Ivanov, Lars Imsland and B. Bogdanova
Structured output-feedback controller synthesis with design specifications pp. 738-749 Downloads
Yuqing Hao and Zhisheng Duan
Robust stability and stabilisation of Boolean networks with disturbance inputs pp. 750-756 Downloads
Haitao Li and Yuzhen Wang
Semi-global sampled-data output feedback disturbance rejection control for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems pp. 757-768 Downloads
Chuanlin Zhang and Jun Yang
Predictor-based stabilisation for discrete nonlinear systems with state-dependent input delays pp. 769-777 Downloads
Xiushan Cai, Linling Liao, Yang Liu and Cong Lin
Finite-region stability and boundedness for discrete 2D Fornasini–Marchesini second models pp. 778-787 Downloads
Guangchen Zhang and Weiqun Wang
Local observability and controllability of nonlinear discrete-time fractional order systems based on their linearisation pp. 788-794 Downloads
Dorota Mozyrska, Ewa Pawłuszewicz and Małgorzata Wyrwas
Robust output regulation by observer-based feedforward control pp. 795-804 Downloads
Joachim Deutscher
Fault estimation for a class of nonlinear Markov jump systems with general uncertain transition rates pp. 805-817 Downloads
Li-Wei Li and Guang-Hong Yang
Robust sliding mode control for uncertain discrete singular systems with time-varying delays pp. 818-827 Downloads
Yueqiao Han, Yonggui Kao, Cunchen Gao and Baoping Jiang
Integral sliding mode control for robust stabilisation of uncertain stochastic time-delay systems driven by fractional Brownian motion pp. 828-837 Downloads
Khosro Khandani, Vahid Johari Majd and Mahdieh Tahmasebi
Decentralised output-feedback control for a class of large-scale stochastic high-order upper-triangular nonlinear systems pp. 838-848 Downloads
Liang Liu and Yifan Zhang
Modelling and control for a class of axially moving nonuniform system pp. 849-861 Downloads
Zhi-Jia Zhao, Yu Liu, Fang Guo and Yun Fu
Robust control of uncertain stochastic Markovian jump systems with mixed time-varying delays pp. 862-872 Downloads
R. Saravanakumar, M. Syed Ali and H. R. Karimi
Dual approach to stability and stabilisation of uncertain switched positive systems pp. 873-884 Downloads
Junfeng Zhang, Xudong Zhao, Ridong Zhang and Shaosheng Zhou
Adaptive synchronisation of unknown nonlinear networked systems with prescribed performance pp. 885-898 Downloads
Hashim. A. Hashim, Sami El-Ferik and Frank L. Lewis

Volume 48, issue 3, 2017

An enhanced linear Kalman filter (EnLKF) algorithm for parameter estimation of nonlinear rational models pp. 451-461 Downloads
Quanmin Zhu, Dingli Yu and Dongya Zhao
Exponential mean-square stability of the θ-method for neutral stochastic delay differential equations with jumps pp. 462-470 Downloads
Haoyi Mo, Xueyan Zhao and Feiqi Deng
Fault recoverability analysis of switched nonlinear systems pp. 471-484 Downloads
Wenjing Ren, Hao Yang, Bin Jiang and Marcel Staroswiecki
Leader-following control of perturbed second-order integrator systems with binary relative information pp. 485-493 Downloads
J. J. Fu, J. Z. Wang and Z. K. Li
Reachable sets bounding for switched systems with time-varying delay and bounded disturbances pp. 494-504 Downloads
M. V. Thuan, H. Trinh and D. C. Huong
Quaternion-based attitude synchronisation for multiple rigid bodies in the presence of actuator saturation pp. 505-514 Downloads
Yinqiu Wang, Changbin Yu, Fengmin Yu and Li Gao
Controller synthesis for positive Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems under â„“ performance pp. 515-524 Downloads
Xiaoming Chen, James Lam and Min Meng
A novel optimal tracking control scheme for a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems using generalised policy iteration adaptive dynamic programming algorithm pp. 525-534 Downloads
Qiao Lin, Qinglai Wei and Derong Liu
Tracking control of a marine surface vessel with full-state constraints pp. 535-546 Downloads
Zhao Yin, Wei He and Chenguang Yang
PID control for global finite-time regulation of robotic manipulators pp. 547-558 Downloads
Yuxin Su and Chunhong Zheng
Distributed adaptive neural network control for a class of heterogeneous nonlinear multi-agent systems subject to actuation failures pp. 559-570 Downloads
Bing Cui, Chunhui Zhao, Tiedong Ma and Chi Feng
Leader-following consensus of nonlinear fractional-order multi-agent systems via event-triggered control pp. 571-577 Downloads
Fei Wang and Yongqing Yang
Robust fault-tolerant prescribed performance tracking for uncertain switched pure-feedback nonlinear systems under arbitrary switching pp. 578-586 Downloads
Seung Woo Lee and Sung Jin Yoo
Distributed adaptive output feedback tracking control for a class of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems pp. 587-603 Downloads
Gang Wang, Chaoli Wang, Yan Yan, Lin Li and Xuan Cai
Towards probabilistic synchronisation of local controllers pp. 604-615 Downloads
Randa Herzallah and Miroslav Kárný
Quasi-finite-time control for high-order nonlinear systems with mismatched disturbances via mapping filtered forwarding technique pp. 616-628 Downloads
X. Zhang, X. L. Huang and H. Q. Lu
The consensus region design and analysis of fractional-order multi-agent systems pp. 629-636 Downloads
Xi Ma, Fuchun Sun, Hongbo Li and Bin He
Diversified models for portfolio selection based on uncertain semivariance pp. 637-648 Downloads
Lin Chen, Jin Peng, Bo Zhang and Isnaini Rosyida
On the theory of flexible neural networks – Part I: a survey paper pp. 649-658 Downloads
Yazdan Bavafa-Toosi
Structural robustness of combat networks of weapon system-of-systems based on the operation loop pp. 659-674 Downloads
Jichao Li, Yuejin Tan, Kewei Yang, Xiaoke Zhang and Bingfeng Ge

Volume 48, issue 2, 2017

Linguistic multi-criteria decision-making with representing semantics by programming pp. 225-235 Downloads
Wu-E Yang, Chao-Qun Ma and Zhi-Qiu Han
Finite-time control for networked switched linear systems with an event-driven communication approach pp. 236-246 Downloads
Shun Wang, Ming Zeng, Ju H. Park, Lixian Zhang, Tasawar Hayat and Ahmed Alsaedi
Observer-based dissipative control for Markovian jump systems via delta operators pp. 247-256 Downloads
R. Sakthivel, M. Rathika, Srimanta Santra and M. Muslim
Stability analysis of time-delay systems via free-matrix-based double integral inequality pp. 257-263 Downloads
Changchun Hua, Shuangshuang Wu, Xian Yang and Xinping Guan
A new approach for minimum phase output definition pp. 264-271 Downloads
Fatemeh Jahangiri, Heidar Ali Talebi, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj and Christian Ebenbauer
Robust adaptive tracking control of an underactuated ship with guaranteed transient performance pp. 272-279 Downloads
Tingting Gao, Jiangshuai Huang, Yong Zhou and Yong-Duan Song
Consensus of multi-agent systems via intermittent event-triggered control pp. 280-287 Downloads
Aihua Hu and Jinde Cao
Resilient sliding mode control for discrete-time descriptor fuzzy systems with multiple time delays pp. 288-301 Downloads
Mourad Kchaou and Ahmed El-Hajjaji
Reliable control for nonlinear discrete-time systems with multiple intermittent faults in sensors or actuators pp. 302-315 Downloads
Liang Cao, Yuan Tao, Youqing Wang, Juan Li and Biao Huang
Fault accommodation for linear systems with time-varying delay pp. 316-323 Downloads
Jun-Wei Zhu and Guang-Hong Yang
Adaptive finite-time control for a class of switched nonlinear systems using multiple Lyapunov functions pp. 324-336 Downloads
Mingjie Cai, Zhengrong Xiang and Jian Guo
Finite-time consensus control for second-order multi-agent systems without velocity measurements pp. 337-346 Downloads
Changchun Hua, Xinglong Sun, Xiu You and Xinping Guan
Fault-tolerant control for uncertain linear systems via adaptive and LMI approaches pp. 347-356 Downloads
Yan Liu, Guang-Hong Yang and Xiao-Jian Li
Sojourn-probability-dependent control for networked switched systems under asynchronous switching pp. 357-366 Downloads
Engang Tian, Yinghui Hu and Yanbin Luo
Inverse optimal self-tuning PID control design for an autonomous underwater vehicle pp. 367-375 Downloads
Raja Rout and Bidyadhar Subudhi
A generalised optimal linear quadratic tracker with universal applications – part 1: continuous-time systems pp. 376-396 Downloads
Faezeh Ebrahimzadeh, Jason Sheng-Hong Tsai, Ying Ting Liao, Min-Ching Chung, Shu-Mei Guo, Leang-San Shieh and Li Wang
A generalised optimal linear quadratic tracker with universal applications. Part 2: discrete-time systems pp. 397-416 Downloads
Faezeh Ebrahimzadeh, Jason Sheng-Hong Tsai, Min-Ching Chung, Ying Ting Liao, Shu-Mei Guo, Leang-San Shieh and Li Wang
Impulsive synchronisation of singular hybrid coupled networks with time-varying nonlinear perturbation pp. 417-424 Downloads
Wenjun Xiong, Dan Zhang and Jinde Cao
A multi-valued neutrosophic qualitative flexible approach based on likelihood for multi-criteria decision-making problems pp. 425-435 Downloads
Juan-juan Peng, Jian-qiang Wang and Wu-E Yang
Robust fuzzy stabilisation of interval plants pp. 436-450 Downloads
F. Amini and H. Khaloozadeh

Volume 48, issue 1, 2017

Division by zero, pseudo-division by zero, Zhang dynamics method and Zhang-gradient method about control singularity conquering pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yunong Zhang, Yinyan Zhang, Dechao Chen, Zhengli Xiao and Xiaogang Yan
Rotary enclosing control of second-order multi-agent systems for a group of targets pp. 13-21 Downloads
Y. J. Shi, R. Li and K. L. Teo
Simultaneous state and output disturbance estimations for a class of switched linear systems with unknown inputs pp. 22-33 Downloads
Junqi Yang, Yantao Chen, Fanglai Zhu and Fuzhong Wang
Finite-time stabilisation for discrete-time T–S fuzzy model system with channel fading and two types of parametric uncertainty pp. 34-42 Downloads
Chen Zheng, Jinde Cao, Manfeng Hu and Xiaozheng Fan
Fault detection for interval type-2 fuzzy stochastic systems with D stability constraint pp. 43-52 Downloads
Yingnan Pan and Guang-Hong Yang
Partial differential equation boundary control of a flexible manipulator with input saturation pp. 53-62 Downloads
Zhijie Liu, Jinkun Liu and Wei He
Implementation of fractional-order transfer functions in the viewpoint of the required fractional-order capacitors pp. 63-73 Downloads
Mahsan Tavakoli-Kakhki
Reliability assessment of a multistate freight network for perishable merchandise with multiple suppliers and buyers pp. 74-83 Downloads
Yi-Kuei Lin, Cheng-Ta Yeh and Cheng-Fu Huang
An adaptive neural network approach to the tracking control of micro aerial vehicles in constrained space pp. 84-94 Downloads
Chao Zhang, Huosheng Hu and Jing Wang
Robust PI and PID design for first- and second-order processes with zeros, time-delay and structured uncertainties pp. 95-106 Downloads
M. Parada, D. Sbarbaro, R. A. Borges and P. L. D. Peres
Fault-tolerant continuous flow systems modelling pp. 107-117 Downloads
B. Tolbi, H. Tebbikh and H. Alla
Limit cycle-based exact estimation of FOPDT process parameters under input/output disturbances: a state-space approach pp. 118-128 Downloads
Saurabh Pandey and Somanath Majhi
Optimal preview control for a linear continuous-time stochastic control system in finite-time horizon pp. 129-137 Downloads
Jiang Wu, Fucheng Liao and Masayoshi Tomizuka
robust synchronisation of nonlinear multi-agent systems with sampled-data information pp. 138-149 Downloads
Lei Liu and Jinjun Shan
Power law-based local search in spider monkey optimisation for lower order system modelling pp. 150-160 Downloads
Ajay Sharma, Harish Sharma, Annapurna Bhargava and Nirmala Sharma
Distributed tracking of a non-minimally rigid formation for multi-agent systems pp. 161-170 Downloads
Lu Bai, Fei Chen and Weiyao Lan
Decentralised output-feedback control design for switched fuzzy large-scale systems pp. 171-181 Downloads
Tiechao Wang and Shaocheng Tong
Adaptive distributed unknown input observers for interconnected linear descriptor systems pp. 182-189 Downloads
Mahdi Heydari and Michael A. Demetriou
Model-independent position domain sliding mode control for contour tracking of robotic manipulator pp. 190-199 Downloads
W. H. Yue, V. Pano, P. R. Ouyang and Y. Q. Hu
Consensus of linear multi-agent systems with communication delays by using the information of second-order neighbours under intermittent communication topology pp. 200-208 Downloads
Xia Xiao and Xiaowu Mu
A robot control architecture supported on contraction theory pp. 209-224 Downloads
Jorge Silva, João Sequeira and Cristina Santos
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