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Volume 102, issue 5, 2020

Curse of the Mummy‐ji: The Influence of Mothers‐in‐Law on Women in India† pp. 1328-1351 Downloads
S Anukriti, Catalina Herrera‐Almanza, Praveen K. Pathak and Mahesh Karra
Rural Food Retailing and Independent Grocery Retailer Exits pp. 1352-1367 Downloads
Metin Çakır, Xiangwen Kong, Clare Cho and Alexander Stevens
Intertemporal Arbitrage of Water and Long‐Term Agricultural Investments: Drought, Groundwater Banking, and Perennial Cropping Decisions in California pp. 1368-1382 Downloads
Jesus Arellano‐Gonzalez and Frances C. Moore
The Millennium Droughts and Australian Agricultural Productivity Performance: A Nonparametric Analysis pp. 1383-1403 Downloads
Robert G. Chambers, Simone Pieralli and Yu Sheng
A Tale of Two Borders: Use‐Value Assessment, Land Development, and Irrigation Investment pp. 1404-1424 Downloads
Daniel P. Bigelow and Todd Kuethe
Targeting of Water Rights Retirement Programs: Evidence from Kansas pp. 1425-1447 Downloads
Andrew B. Rosenberg
A Montero Auction Mechanism to Regulate Antimicrobial Consumption in Agriculture pp. 1448-1467 Downloads
Dagim Belay, Tenaw G. Abate and Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen
Underground Knowledge: Estimating the Impacts of Soil Information Transfers Through Experimental Auctions† pp. 1468-1493 Downloads
David Murphy, Dries Roobroeck, David R. Lee and Janice Thies
Cognitive Ability and Bidding Behavior in Second Price Auctions: An Experimental Study pp. 1494-1510 Downloads
Ji Yong Lee, Rodolfo Nayga, Cary Deck and Andreas Drichoutis
Effects of Index Insurance on Demand and Supply of Credit: Evidence from Ethiopia pp. 1511-1531 Downloads
Temesgen Belissa, Robert Lensink and Anne Winkel
Access to Formal Banks and New Technology Adoption: Evidence from India pp. 1532-1556 Downloads
Satadru Mukherjee
Land Fragmentation and Food Insecurity in Ethiopia pp. 1557-1577 Downloads
Erwin Knippenberg, Dean Jolliffe and John Hoddinott
Has Technology Increased Agricultural Yield Risk? Evidence from the Crop Insurance Biotech Endorsement pp. 1578-1597 Downloads
Barry Goodwin and Nicholas E. Piggott
Market Structure and the Local Effects of Ethanol Expansion on Land Allocation: A Spatially Explicit Analysis pp. 1598-1622 Downloads
Yanbing Wang, Michael S. Delgado, Juan Sesmero and Benjamin Gramig
Lapham's Quarterly: Trade, Lewis H. Lapham, 2019, Lapham's Quarterly pp. 1623-1625 Downloads
Bowen Chen
The Future of Meat, episode 367, February 13, 2019, Freakonomics Podcast pp. 1626-1627 Downloads
Dominic Lemken

Volume 102, issue 4, 2020

The Effects of Untying International Food Assistance: The Case of Canada pp. 1056-1078 Downloads
Ryan Cardwell and Pascal Ghazalian
Comment on “The Effects of Untying International Food Assistance: The Case of Canada” pp. 1079-1080 Downloads
Christopher Barrett
“The Effects of Untying International Food Assistance: The Case of Canada” — Authors' Response to Comment pp. 1081-1082 Downloads
Ryan Cardwell and Pascal Ghazalian
Irrigation Investment on an American Indian Reservation pp. 1083-1104 Downloads
Muyang Ge, Eric Edwards and Sherzod Akhundjanov
Substitutability of Freshwater and Non‐Freshwater Sources in Irrigation: an Econometric Analysis pp. 1105-1134 Downloads
Israel Finkelshtain, Iddo Kan and Mickey Rapaport‐Rom
The Causal Impact of Medals on Wine Producers' Prices and the Gains from Participating in Contests pp. 1135-1153 Downloads
Emmanuel Paroissien and Michael Visser
The Impact of Commercial Rainfall Index Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia pp. 1154-1176 Downloads
Shukri Ahmed, Craig McIntosh and Alexandros Sarris
Delayed Premium Payment, Insurance Adoption, and Household Investment in Rural China pp. 1177-1197 Downloads
Yanyan Liu, Kevin Chen and Ruth V. Hill
The Sources of Measured US Agricultural Productivity Growth: Weather, Technological Change, and Adaptation pp. 1198-1226 Downloads
Robert G. Chambers and Simone Pieralli
A Bayesian State‐Space Approach for Invasive Species Management: The Case of Spotted Wing Drosophila pp. 1227-1244 Downloads
Xiaoli Fan, Miguel I. Gómez, Shady Atallah and Jon M. Conrad
Relative Versus Absolute Commodity Measurements in Benefit Transfer: Consequences for Validity and Reliability pp. 1245-1270 Downloads
Robert Johnston and Ewa Zawojska
The Power of Stories: Narratives and Information Framing Effects in Science Communication pp. 1271-1296 Downloads
Yang Yang and Jill Hobbs
Corn Cash Price Forecasting pp. 1297-1320 Downloads
Xiaojie Xu
Food and Nutrition Economics: Fundamentals for Health Sciences, George C. Davis and Elena L. Serrano, 2016, Oxford University Press pp. 1321-1322 Downloads
Joanne Guthrie and Biing-Hwan Lin
Review of Routledge Handbook of Agricultural Economics, Bruce L. Gardner and Gordon C. Rousser pp. 1323-1324 Downloads
Joel Cuffey

Volume 102, issue 3, 2020

The Price of Biodiesel RINs and Economic Fundamentals pp. 734-752 Downloads
Scott H. Irwin, Kristen McCormack and James H. Stock
Comment on “The Price of Biodiesel rins and Economic Fundamentals”: US Biofuel Policy Failures Reveal Limitations of Market‐Based Policy Instruments pp. 753-756 Downloads
Bruce Babcock
“The Price of Biodiesel RINs and Economic Fundamentals”: US Biofuel Policy Failures Reveal Limitations of Market‐Based Policy Instruments: Rejoinder – Authors' Response to Comment pp. 757-758 Downloads
Scott H. Irwin, Kristen McCormack and James H. Stock
Estimating the Impact of Financial Investments on Agricultural Futures Prices using Changes in Volatility pp. 759-785 Downloads
Michael Hachula and Malte Rieth
Reverse Endowment Effect for a New Product pp. 786-805 Downloads
A. Banerji and Jeevant Rampal
Producer Attitudes Toward Output Price Risk: Experimental Evidence from the Lab and from the Field pp. 806-825 Downloads
Marc Bellemare, Yu Na Lee and David Just
Input Use Decisions with Greater Information on Crop Conditions: Implications for Insurance Moral Hazard and the Environment pp. 826-845 Downloads
Jisang Yu and Nathan Hendricks
The Value of Public Information in Storable Commodity Markets: Application to the Soybean Market pp. 846-865 Downloads
Christophe Gouel
Impacts of Retail and Export Demand on United States Cattle Producers pp. 866-883 Downloads
Melissa G. S. McKendree, Glynn Tonsor, Ted Schroeder and Nathan Hendricks
The Gains from Agricultural Groundwater Trade and the Potential for Market Power: Theory and Application pp. 884-910 Downloads
Ellen M. Bruno and Richard J. Sexton
Market Structure and Resilience: Evidence from Potash Mine Disasters pp. 911-933 Downloads
Hinnerk Gnutzmann, Oskar Kowalewski and Piotr Śpiewanowski
The Role of Nonfarm Influences in Ricardian Estimates of Climate Change Impacts on US Agriculture pp. 934-959 Downloads
Ariel Ortiz‐Bobea
Dairy Farm Management when Nutrient Runoff and Climate Emissions Count pp. 960-981 Downloads
Sanna Lötjönen, Esa Temmes and Markku Ollikainen
Estimating the Impact of Welfare Programs on Agricultural Output: Evidence from India pp. 982-998 Downloads
Girish Bahal
Does relative deprivation induce migration? Evidence from Sub‐Saharan Africa pp. 999-1019 Downloads
Kashi Kafle, Rui Benfica and Paul Winters
Exchange Rate Effects on Agricultural Exports: Transaction‐Level Evidence from Pakistan pp. 1020-1044 Downloads
Salamat Ali
Farm to Market Podcast: Episode 2 “It's Not Your Grandaddy's Steak,” Dr. Derrell Peel and Charlie Amos pp. 1045-1046 Downloads
Benjamin Campbell
Food Loss and Food Waste: Causes and Solutions by Michael Blakeney pp. 1047-1049 Downloads
Brenna Ellison
Media Review: “What Happens When a State Grows Way Too Much Weed?” by VICE News (Reporter: Roberto Ferdman) pp. 1050-1052 Downloads
Benjamin Schwab

Volume 102, issue 2, 2020

Relevant and/or Elegant Economics pp. 392-399 Downloads
Keith Coble
Historical and Institutional Perspectives on American Agricultural Development pp. 400-418 Downloads
Alan Olmstead
Income Targeting and Farm Labor Supply pp. 419-438 Downloads
Timothy J. Richards
Value of Incorporating ENSO Forecast in Crop Insurance Programs pp. 439-457 Downloads
Fujin Yi, Mengfei Zhou and Yu Yvette Zhang
Consumer and Strategic Firm Response to Nutrition Shelf Labels pp. 458-479 Downloads
Sofia B. Villas‐Boas, Kristin Kiesel, Joshua Berning, Hayley Chouinard and Jill McCluskey
Parents' Demand for Sugar Sweetened Beverages for Their Pre‐School Children: Evidence from a Stated‐Preference Experiment pp. 480-504 Downloads
Ou Yang, Peter Sivey, Andrea M. de Silva and Anthony Scott
Willingness to Pay versus Willingness to Vote: Consumer and Voter Avoidance of Genetically Modified Foods pp. 505-524 Downloads
Gina Waterfield, Scott Kaplan and David Zilberman
Estimating Food Waste as Household Production Inefficiency pp. 525-547 Downloads
Yang Yu and Edward Jaenicke
Supply Fundamentals and Grain Futures Price Movements pp. 548-568 Downloads
Berna Karali, Scott H. Irwin and Olga Isengildina‐Massa
Are Corn Futures Prices Getting “Jumpy”? pp. 569-588 Downloads
Anabelle Couleau, Teresa Serra and Philip Garcia
The Impact of Energy Sector on Overshooting of Agricultural Prices pp. 589-606 Downloads
Mahdi Asgari, Sayed Saghaian and Michael Reed
Beyond Biomass: Valuing Genetic Diversity in Natural Resource Management pp. 607-624 Downloads
Michael R. Springborn, Amanda Faig, Allison Dedrick and Marissa L. Baskett
When the Levee Breaks: Can Multi‐Pollutant Markets Break the Dam on Point–Nonpoint Market Participation? pp. 625-640 Downloads
Carson Reeling, Richard D. Horan and Cloé Garnache
New Growth Accounting pp. 641-661 Downloads
Binlei Gong
Toward Optimal Meat Consumption pp. 662-680 Downloads
Bhagyashree Katare, H. Holly Wang, Jonathan Lawing, Na Hao, Timothy Park and Michael Wetzstein
Do Sustainability Standards Benefit Smallholder Farmers Also When Accounting For Cooperative Effects? Evidence from Côte d'Ivoire pp. 681-695 Downloads
Jorge Sellare, Eva‐Marie Meemken, Christophe Kouamé and Matin Qaim
Incorporating Uncertainty into USDA Commodity Price Forecasts pp. 696-712 Downloads
Michael Adjemian, Valentina Bruno and Michel Robe
Effect of Compliance Cost on the Supply of Bank Credit to Agriculture: A Differential Approach pp. 713-726 Downloads
Charles B. Moss and Dong Hee Suh

Volume 102, issue 1, 2020

Poverty and Growth in India over Six Decades pp. 4-27 Downloads
Gaurav Datt, Martin Ravallion and Rinku Murgai
Comment on “Poverty and Growth in India Over the Past Six Decades” pp. 28-29 Downloads
Prabhu Pingali
“Poverty and Growth in India over the Past Six Decades” – Authors' Response to Comment pp. 30-31 Downloads
Gaurav Datt, Martin Ravallion and Rinku Murgai
Moving Up or Just Surviving? Nonfarm Self‐Employment in India pp. 32-53 Downloads
Joshua D Merfeld
Property Rights, Land Disputes and Water Scarcity: Empirical Evidence from Ethiopia pp. 54-71 Downloads
Salvatore Di Falco, Jérémy Laurent‐Lucchetti, Marcella Veronesi and Gunnar Köhlin
One‐Off Subsidies and Long‐Run Adoption—Experimental Evidence on Improved Cooking Stoves in Senegal pp. 72-90 Downloads
Gunther Bensch and Jörg Peters
In the Form of Bread? A Randomized Comparison of Cash and Food Transfers in Yemen pp. 91-113 Downloads
Benjamin Schwab
Armed Conflicts and Food Insecurity: Evidence from Boko Haram's Attacks pp. 114-131 Downloads
Justin George, Adesoji Adelaja and Dave Weatherspoon
Am I Getting a Good Deal? Reference‐DependentDecision Making When the Reference Price Is Uncertain pp. 132-153 Downloads
Vincenzina Caputo, Jayson Lusk and Rodolfo Nayga
Got Milk? Using Nudges to Reduce Consumption of Added Sugar pp. 154-168 Downloads
Chien‐Yu Lai, John List and Anya Samek
An Analysis of Beverage Size Restrictions pp. 169-185 Downloads
Brian A Bourquard and Steven Y Wu
Producer Response to Public Disclosure of Food‐Safety Information pp. 186-201 Downloads
Michael Ollinger and John Bovay
Eyes in the Sky, Boots on the Ground: Assessing Satellite‐ and Ground‐Based Approaches to Crop Yield Measurement and Analysis pp. 202-219 Downloads
David B Lobell, George Azzari, Marshall Burke, Sydney Gourlay, Zhenong Jin, Talip Kilic and Siobhan Murray
Probability Distributions of Crop Yields: A Bayesian Spatial Quantile Regression Approach pp. 220-239 Downloads
Austin Ramsey
The Development of a Weather‐based Crop Disaster Program pp. 240-258 Downloads
Eric J Belasco, Joseph Cooper and Vincent H Smith
Productivity Spillovers From Pollution Reduction: Reducing Coal Use Increases Crop Yields pp. 259-280 Downloads
Konstantinos Metaxoglou and Aaron Smith
Additionality from Payments for Environmental Services with Technology Diffusion pp. 281-299 Downloads
Nicholas J Pates and Nathan Hendricks
Protecting Species through Legislation: The Case of Sea Turtles pp. 300-328 Downloads
Michael Brei, Agustín Pérez‐Barahona and Eric Strobl
The Robinson–Patman Act and Vertical Relationships pp. 329-352 Downloads
Koichi Yonezawa, Miguel I Gómez and Timothy J Richards
The Dynamics and Volatility of Prices in a Vertical Sector pp. 353-369 Downloads
Jean-Paul Chavas and Fanghui Pan
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