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Volume 101, issue 5, 2019

Rural Food Markets and Child Nutrition pp. 1311-1327 Downloads
Derek Headey, Kalle Hirvonen, John Hoddinott and David Stifel
The Right to Food in the United States: The Role of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) pp. 1328-1336 Downloads
Craig Gundersen
The Gender Pay Gap in Academia: Evidence from the Ohio State University pp. 1337-1352 Downloads
Joyce J Chen and Daniel Crown
The Great Bee Migration: Supply Analysis of Honey Bee Colony Shipments into California for Almond Pollination Services pp. 1353-1372 Downloads
Brittney K Goodrich, Jeffrey C Williams and Rachael E Goodhue
Marginal Costs and Likely Supply Elasticities for Pollination and Honey pp. 1373-1385 Downloads
Antoine Champetier and Daniel Sumner
Support for Solitary Bee Conservation among the Public versus Beekeepers pp. 1386-1400 Downloads
Jerrod Penn, Wuyang Hu and Hannah J Penn
The Household and Individual-Level Productive Impacts of Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1401-1431 Downloads
Silvio Daidone, Benjamin Davis, Sudhanshu Handa and Paul Winters
To Risk or Not to Risk? Risk Management and Farm Productivity pp. 1432-1454 Downloads
Mauro Vigani and Jonas Kathage
Understanding the Spatial Distribution of Welfare Impacts of Global Warming on Agriculture and Its Drivers pp. 1455-1472 Downloads
Uris L C Baldos, Thomas Hertel and Frances C Moore
Evidence against Imposing Restrictions on Hurdle Models as a Test for Simultaneous versus Sequential Decision Making pp. 1473-1481 Downloads
William Burke
Price Discovery in Agricultural Futures Markets: Should We Look beyond the Best Bid-Ask Spread? pp. 1482-1498 Downloads
Mehdi Arzandeh and Julieta Frank
Grant, C.W. and Mann, J.M. Applied Economics for Agribusiness pp. 1499-1500 Downloads
Jill Hobbs

Volume 101, issue 4, 2019

The Role of Strategic Uncertainty in Area-wide Pest Management Decisions of Florida Citrus Growers pp. 991-1011 Downloads
Ariel Singerman and Pilar Useche
Comment on “The Role of Strategic Uncertainty in Areawide Pest Management Decisions of Florida Citrus Growers” pp. 1012-1016 Downloads
George Frisvold
“The Role of Strategic Uncertainty in Area-Wide Pest Management Decisions of Florida Citrus Growers” – Authors’ Response to Comment pp. 1017-1020 Downloads
Ariel Singerman and Pilar Useche
Agricultural Productivity and Soil Carbon Dynamics: A Bioeconomic Model pp. 1021-1046 Downloads
Julia Berazneva, Jon M Conrad, David T Güereña, Johannes Lehmann and Dominic Woolf
Unintended Land Use Effects of Afforestation in China’s Grain for Green Program pp. 1047-1067 Downloads
Youpei Yan
The Value of Biodiversity as an Insurance Device pp. 1068-1081 Downloads
Emmanuelle Augeraud-Véron, Giorgio Fabbri and Katheline Schubert
Fixed Costs and Recreation Value pp. 1082-1097 Downloads
Eric English, Joseph A Herriges, Frank Lupi, Kenneth McConnell and Roger von Haefen
Credit and Land Contracting: A Test of the Theory of Sharecropping pp. 1098-1114 Downloads
Narayan Das, Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet
Inventory Credit as a Commitment Device to Save Grain Until the Hunger Season pp. 1115-1139 Downloads
Tristan Le Cotty, E Maître d’Hôtel, Raphael Soubeyran and Julie Subervie
Revisiting the Farm Size-Productivity Relationship Based on a Relatively Wide Range of Farm Sizes: Evidence from Kenya pp. 1140-1163 Downloads
Milu Muyanga and Thomas Jayne
Incentives and the Diffusion of Agricultural Knowledge: Experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda pp. 1164-1180 Downloads
Kelvin Mashisia Shikuku, Janneke Pieters, Erwin Bulte and Peter Läderach
Spillover Effects of Tobacco Farms on the Labor Supply, Education, and Health of Children: Evidence from Malawi pp. 1181-1202 Downloads
Fang Xia and Klaus Deininger
The Role of Weather on Schooling and Work of Young Adults in Madagascar pp. 1203-1227 Downloads
Francesca Marchetta, David E Sahn and Luca Tiberti
Flexible Tests for USDA Report Announcement Effects in Futures Markets pp. 1228-1246 Downloads
Jiahui Ying, Yu Chen and Jeffrey Dorfman
On the Treatment of Heteroscedasticity in Crop Yield Data pp. 1247-1261 Downloads
Alan P Ker and Tor N Tolhurst
Analyzing Components of Productivity Growth Using the Bennet-Lowe Indicator: An Application to Welsh Sheep Farms pp. 1262-1276 Downloads
Frederic Ang
The Effects of Farm Subsidies on Farm Exports in the United States pp. 1277-1304 Downloads
Lan Tong, Cong Pham and Mehmet Ulubasoglu
Beeronomics: How Beer Explains the World, Johan Swinnen and Devin Briski pp. 1305-1308 Downloads
Jarrett Hart
Foundations of Info-Metrics, Amos Golan pp. 1305-1305 Downloads
Ximing Wu
Goldberg, R.A. Food Citizenship: Food System Advocates in an Era of Distrust pp. 1308-1309 Downloads
Michael Boland

Volume 101, issue 3, 2019

Insuring Well-Being? Buyer’s Remorse and Peace of Mind Effects From Insurance pp. 627-650 Downloads
Kibrom Tafere, Christopher Barrett and Erin Lentz
After the Drought: The Impact of Microinsurance on Consumption Smoothing and Asset Protection pp. 651-671 Downloads
Sarah Janzen and Michael R Carter
Does Index Insurance Crowd In or Crowd Out Informal Risk Sharing? Evidence from Rural Ethiopia pp. 672-691 Downloads
Kazushi Takahashi, Christopher Barrett and Munenobu Ikegami
Agricultural Microcredit for Tenant Farmers: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bangladesh pp. 692-709 Downloads
Marup Hossain, Mohammad Malek, Md Amzad Hossain, Md. Reza and Md Shakil Ahmed
Money Matters: The Role of Yields and Profits in Agricultural Technology Adoption pp. 710-731 Downloads
Jeffrey Michler, Emilia Tjernström, Simone Verkaart and Kai Mausch
Nutrient Production and Micronutrient Gaps: Evidence from an Agriculture-Nutrition Randomized Control Trial pp. 732-752 Downloads
Andrew Dillon, Joanne Arsenault and Deanna Olney
Subsidies for Agricultural Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment with Improved Grain Storage Bags in Uganda pp. 753-772 Downloads
Oluwatoba J Omotilewa, Jacob Ricker-Gilbert and John Herbert Ainembabazi
Does Trade Policy Impact Food and Agriculture Global Value Chain Participation of Sub-Saharan African Countries? pp. 773-789 Downloads
Jean Balié, Davide Del Prete, Emiliano Magrini, Pierluigi Montalbano and Silvia Nenci
The Relationship between Farm Size and Productivity in Agriculture: Evidence from Maize Production in Northern China pp. 790-806 Downloads
Yu Sheng, Jiping Ding and Jikun Huang
Estimating Ex Ante Cost Functions for Stochastic Technologies pp. 807-824 Downloads
Robert G Chambers and Teresa Serra
How Reliable is Duality Theory in Empirical Work? pp. 825-848 Downloads
Juan Rosas and Sergio Lence
Theoretical Production Restrictions and Agricultural Technology in the United States pp. 849-869 Downloads
Alejandro Plastina and Sergio Lence
Technology Spillovers and Land Use Change: Empirical Evidence from Global Agriculture pp. 870-893 Downloads
Nelson Villoria
Unconditional Transfers and Tropical Forest Conservation: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Sierra Leone pp. 894-918 Downloads
Beccy Wilebore, Maarten Voors, Erwin Bulte, David Coomes and Andreas Kontoleon
Agricultural Productivity and Forest Conservation: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon pp. 919-940 Downloads
Nicolas Koch, Erasmus K H J zu Ermgassen, Johanna Wehkamp, Francisco J B Oliveira Filho and Gregor Schwerhoff
Optimal Tenurial Contracts Under Both Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection pp. 941-959 Downloads
Christian At and Lionel Thomas
Event Study of the Crude Oil Futures Market: A Mixed Event Response Model pp. 960-985 Downloads
Berna Karali, Shiyu Ye and Octavio Ramirez
National Public Radio: Planet Money and The Salt [podcasts] pp. 986-988 Downloads
Steve A Halbrook
A Land-Use Map Heard All Around Social Media “Here’s How America Uses Its Land.” Dave Merrill and Lauren Leatherby pp. 988-990 Downloads
Karen DeLong and David Hughes

Volume 101, issue 2, 2019

Agricultural Economics as a Poster Child of Applied Economics: Big Data & Big Issues pp. 353-364 Downloads
David Zilberman
Data, Economics and Computational Agricultural Science pp. 365-382 Downloads
John M Antle
Nutrition Transition and the Structure of Global Food Demand pp. 383-403 Downloads
Christophe Gouel and Houssein Guimbard
Nutrition-Based Incentives in Dairy Contract Farming in Northern Senegal pp. 404-435 Downloads
Tanguy Bernard, Melissa Hidrobo, Agnes Le Port and Rahul Rawat
Commodity Prices and Intra-Household Labor Allocation pp. 436-454 Downloads
Ulrik Beck, Saurabh Singhal and Finn Tarp
What Is the Use Value of Irrigation Water from the High Plains Aquifer? pp. 455-466 Downloads
Federico García Suárez, Lilyan Fulginiti and Richard Perrin
Effects of Ethanol Plant Proximity and Crop Prices on Land-Use Change in the United States pp. 467-491 Downloads
Yijia Li, Ruiqing Miao and Madhu Khanna
Who Will Pay for Increasing Biofuel Mandates? Incidence of the Renewable Fuel Standard Given a Binding Blend Wall pp. 492-506 Downloads
Christina Korting, Harry de Gorter and David Just
Spatial Renewable Resource Extraction under Possible Regime Shift pp. 507-527 Downloads
Christopher Costello, Bruno Nkuiya and Nicolas Querou
The Effect of the Conservation Reserve Program on Rural Economies: Deriving a Statistical Verdict from a Null Finding pp. 528-540 Downloads
Jason Brown, Dayton Lambert and Timothy Wojan
Semi-Parametric Generalized Additive Vector Autoregressive Models of Spatial Basis Dynamics pp. 541-562 Downloads
Selin Guney, Barry Goodwin and Andrés Riquelme
Microstructure Noise and Realized Variance in the Live Cattle Futures Market pp. 563-578 Downloads
Anabelle Couleau, Teresa Serra and Philip Garcia
Heterogeneous Consumer Reactions to Health News pp. 579-599 Downloads
Martin Browning, Lars Hansen and Sinne Smed
Food Policy and Household Food Waste pp. 600-614 Downloads
Stephen Hamilton and Timothy J Richards
Incorporating Co-Benefits and Environmental Data into Corporate Decision-Making pp. 615-623 Downloads
France Guertin, Thomas Polzin, Martha Rogers and Betsy Witt

Volume 101, issue 1, 2019

Estimating the Productivity Impacts of Technology Adoption in the Presence of Misclassification pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tesfamicheal Wossen, Tahirou Abdoulaye, Arega Alene, Pierre Nguimkeu, Shiferaw Feleke, Ismail Y Rabbi, Mekbib Haile and Victor Manyong
Comment on “Estimating the Productivity Impacts of Technology Adoption in the Presence of Misclassification” pp. 17-18 Downloads
Karen Macours
“Estimating the Productivity Impacts of Technology Adoption in the Presence of Misclassification”—Author Response to Comment pp. 19-19 Downloads
Tesfamicheal Wossen, Tahirou Abdoulaye, Arega Alene, Pierre Nguimkeu, Shiferaw Feleke, Ismail Y Rabbi, Mekbib Haile and Victor M Manyong
The Economics of Food Vendors Specialized to Serving the Women, Infants, and Children Program pp. 20-38 Downloads
Patrick W McLaughlin, Tina L Saitone and Richard J Sexton
Breakfast at School: a First Look at the Role of Time and Location for Participation and Nutritional Intake pp. 39-57 Downloads
Klaus Moeltner, Karen Spears and Ling Yu
Impacts of Mandatory GE Food Labeling: A Quasi-Natural Experiment pp. 58-73 Downloads
Colin Carter and K Aleks Schaefer
Choosing Certifiers: Evidence from the British Retail Consortium Food Safety Standard pp. 74-88 Downloads
Talia Bar and Yuqing Zheng
Free-riding on Product Quality in Cooperatives: Lessons from an Experiment pp. 89-108 Downloads
Olivier Bonroy, Alexis Garapin, Stephen Hamilton and Diogo M Souza Monteiro
Experimental Evidence on Policy Approaches That Link Agricultural Subsidies to Water Quality Outcomes pp. 109-133 Downloads
Leah H Palm-Forster, Jordan Suter and Kent Messer
Agricultural Water Allocation under Uncertainty: Redistribution of Water Shortage Risk pp. 134-153 Downloads
Man Li, Wenchao Xu and Tingju Zhu
The Role of Peer Effects in Natural Resource Appropriation – The Case of Groundwater pp. 154-171 Downloads
Gabriel Sampson and Edward D Perry
Two Harvests Are Better than One: Double Cropping as a Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation pp. 172-192 Downloads
Kentaro Kawasaki
Estimating the Impact of Drought on Agriculture Using the U.S. Drought Monitor pp. 193-210 Downloads
Yusuke Kuwayama, Alexandra Thompson, Richard Bernknopf, Benjamin Zaitchik and Peter Vail
Effectiveness of a REDD+ Project in Reducing Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon pp. 211-229 Downloads
Gabriela Simonet, Julie Subervie, Driss Ezzine- de-Blas, Marina Cromberg and Amy E Duchelle
Pollination Markets and the Coupled Futures of Almonds and Honey Bees: Simulating Impacts of Shifts in Demands and Costs pp. 230-249 Downloads
Hyunok Lee, Daniel Sumner and Antoine Champetier
Agricultural Market Liberalization and Household Food Security in Rural China pp. 250-269 Downloads
Kathy Baylis, Linlin Fan and Lia Nogueira
Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reforms, Spatial Market Integration, and Welfare: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ethiopia pp. 270-290 Downloads
Habtamu Fuje
R&D Spending, Knowledge Capital, and Agricultural Productivity Growth: A Bayesian Approach pp. 291-310 Downloads
Uris Lantz C Baldos, Frederi G Viens, Thomas Hertel and Keith Fuglie
Scanner Data-Based Panel Price Indexes pp. 311-329 Downloads
Chen Zhen, Eric A Finkelstein, Shawn A Karns, Ephraim S Leibtag and Chenhua Zhang
Using Bayesian Kriging for Spatial Smoothing in Crop Insurance Rating pp. 330-351 Downloads
Eunchun Park, B Brorsen and Ardian Harri
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