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Volume 20, issue 4, 1938

Some Fundamentals of Agricultural Policy pp. 741-752 Downloads
O. B. Jesness
Agricultural Planning and the Agricultural Economist pp. 753-764 Downloads
O. V. Wells
Theme of Plant and Animal Destruction in Economic History pp. 765-775 Downloads
Carl O. Sauer
Intensity and Land Rent an Overlooked Aspect of Rent Theory pp. 776-791 Downloads
Conrad H. Hammar
Price Discrimination for Agricultural Products pp. 792-806 Downloads
Geoffrey Shepherd
Lessons from Public Control in Milk Marketing pp. 807-822 Downloads
J. M. Tinley
Economic Theory of the Wisconsin Tariff Research Committee: A Reply to Professor W. A. Morton pp. 823-830 Downloads
Henry Schultz
Rejoinder to Professor Schultz's Reply pp. 831-840 Downloads
Walter A. Morton
Economic Relationships of Public Lands and Privately Owned Grazing Lands in the Western States pp. 841-853 Downloads
Mont H. Saunderson
A Special Case Consumption-Ratio Formula for the Determination of a Limit on the Price Incidence of a Duty pp. 854-856 Downloads
C. F. Wells and Arthur M. DuPré
Joint Stock Land Banks in Retrospect pp. 857-865 Downloads
Victor W. Bennett
How Should Farm Management Be Taught? pp. 865-869 Downloads
William G. Murray
Dominion of Canada, Report of the Royal Grain Inquiry Commission, 1938, Ottawa, 1938. Pp. 264. $1.00 pp. 872-878 Downloads
Joseph S. Davis
Farm Economics—Management and Distribution (revised), by Frank App and Allen G. Waller. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. 1938. Pp. 700. $3.00 pp. 878-879 Downloads
I. G. Davis
Consumption in Our Society, by Elizabeth Ellis Hoyt. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. 1938. Pp. vii, 420. $3.00 pp. 879-881 Downloads
Carle C. Zimmerman
Price Effects of Canadian Wheat Marketing, by Holbrook Working. Wheat Studies, Food Research Institute, Stanford University, California, Vol. XIV, No. 2, October 1937. Pp. 37–68. $1.00 pp. 881-883 Downloads
Arthur R. Upgren
Monetary Influences on Postwar Wheat Prices, by V. P. Timoshenko, Wheat Studies, Food Research Institute, Stanford University, California, Vol. XIV, No. 7, 1938. Pp. 263–318. $1.00 pp. 883-885 Downloads
Arthur R. Upgren
Citrus Enterprise—Efficiency Studies in Southern California, by Arthur Shultis. University of California Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 620. 1938. 65 pp pp. 885-886 Downloads
C. V. Noble
Research in Agricultural Index Numbers–Scope and Method, by John D. Black and Bruce D. Mudgett. New York: Social Science Research Council Bulletin No. 10, March 1938. Pp. viii, 152. $.75 pp. 886-889 Downloads
R. F. Hale
Financial Study of the Joint Stock Land Banks. A Chapter in Farm Mortgage Banking, by Carl H. Schwartz, Jr., Washington College Press, Takoma Park, Maryland. 1938. Pp. 210 pp. 889-891 Downloads
William G. Murray
Economic Studies of Poultry Farming in New York—I. Commercial Poultry Farms, by E. S. Misner and A. T. M. Lee, Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin No. 684, 1937. 118 pp pp. 891-893 Downloads
S. H. De Vault
Changes in Technology and Labor Requirements in Crop Production: Corn, by Loring K. Macy, Lloyd E. Arnold, and Eugene G. McKibben. Philadelphia, Works Progress Administration, National Research Project, Report No. A-5, 1938, xviii, 181 pages pp. 893-894 Downloads
R. H. Wilcox
Farm Tenure in Iowa. I. "Tenancy Problems and Their Relation to Agricultural Conservation." Rainer Schickele and Charles A. Norman. Bulletin 354. II. "Facts on the Farm Tenure Situation." Assembled by Rainer Schickele. (Reprint). Bulletin 356. III. "The National Farm Institute Symposium on Land Tenure." Bulletin 357. IV. "Farm Tenure Conditions in Palo Alto County." Prepared by Rainer Schickele. Bulletin 364. V. "Some Legal Aspects of Landlord-Tenant Relationships." Marshall Harris, Albert H. Cotton, and Rainer Schickele. Bulletin 371 pp. 894-896 Downloads
J. A. Baker
League of Nations, World Economic Survey, Seventh Year, 1937–38, New York: Columbia University Press, 1938, 244 pp., $1.50 paper, $2.00 cloth pp. 896-897 Downloads
J. A. Hopkins
Family Incomes and Land Utilization in Knox County, by W. D. Nicholls, J. H. Bondurant, and Z. L. Galloway. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 375, 1937. Pp. 158–219 pp. 897-900 Downloads
E. B. Hill
An Island Community,—Ecological Succession in Hawaii, by Andrew W. Lind. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1938. xxii, 337 pp., $3.00 pp. 900-901 Downloads
I. C. Greaves

Volume 20, issue 3, 1938

Farm Credit and Government pp. 563-572 Downloads
E. C. Young
Social Welfare and Differential Prices pp. 573-586 Downloads
George Stigler
Rejoinder pp. 587-589 Downloads
Frederick V. Waugh
Trade and Trade Agreements between Canada, the United States and Great Britain pp. 590-604 Downloads
W. M. Drummond
Some Technological Changes in the High Plains Cotton Area of Texas pp. 605-615 Downloads
C. A. Bonnen and A. C. Magee
The Soil and the Law: II pp. 616-640 Downloads
Philip M. Glick
Determination of Sales and Lease Values of Private and Public Range Lands pp. 641-651 Downloads
Marion Clawson
Hillville: A Haven of Refuge pp. 652-668 Downloads
Carle C. Zimmerman
I. Methods in Sample Census Research pp. 669-672 Downloads
Charles F. Sarle
II. A Technique for Regionalization of Agricultural Census Schedules pp. 672-677 Downloads
Dallas W. Smythe
III. Census Data on Land Utilization pp. 678-679 Downloads
George S. Wehrwein
IV. The Agricultural Population: Realism vs. Nominalism in the Census of Agriculture pp. 679-687 Downloads
T. Lynn Smith
Courses Offered and Levels of Registration in Agricultural Economics at Land-Grant Institutions pp. 687-694 Downloads
R. J. Saville
A Test for the Independence of Groups of Agricultural Prices Applied to Hog, Cattle, Corn and Oat Prices pp. 694-699 Downloads
Philip Di Salvatore
Farm Marketing Costs and Wage-Hour Legislation pp. 699-702 Downloads
Charles M. Elkinton
Indexes of Purchasing Power pp. 702-703 Downloads
Walter B. Garver
Some Possible Uses for the Cooperative Western Range Survey in Economic Analysis pp. 703-705 Downloads
M. H. Saunderson
Some Factors Related to Tax Delinquency of Farm Real Estate in Kansas pp. 705-709 Downloads
L. F. Miller
George Frederick Warren pp. 710-712 Downloads
E. C. Young
Land Utilization in China, by John Lossing Buck. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1937. $5 the volume, Vol. 1, xxxii, 494 pp.; vol. 2, xii, 146 pp.; vol. 3, xv, 473 pp pp. 715-717 Downloads
Fred J. Rossiter
Die Landwirtschaft Chinas Berichte Uber Landwirtschaft, 133, By Wolfgang Wilmanns. Sonderheft, Berlin: Verlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey. 1938. Pp. 87. RM. $6.50 pp. 717-718 Downloads
Rainer Schickele
Danish Agriculture, Its Economic Development; a Description and Economic Analysis Centering on the Free Trade Epoch, 1870–1930. By Einar Jensen, Copenhagen: J. H. Schultz forlag. 1937. Pp. Pp. 417. $3.75 pp. 718-721 Downloads
Karl Brandt
Part-Time Farming in the Southeast, by R. H. Allen, L. S. Cottrell, Jr., W. W. Troxell, Harriet L. Herring and A. D. Edwards. Research Monograph IX. 1937. Pp. xxxviii, 317 pp. 721 Downloads
Leonard A. Salter
Part-Time Farming in the United States, by W. B. Jenkins and H. E. Robison. Washington: Bureau of the Census. Special Study. 1937 Pp. 205 pp. 721-724 Downloads
Leonard A. Salter
Trends of Yield in Major Wheat Regions Since 1885, by M. K. Bennett. Wheat Studies of the Food Research Institute. Vol. XIV, Nos. 3 and 6. Stanford University, Calif. 1937–38. Pp. 33, 38. $0.75 each pp. 724-726 Downloads
Warren C. Waite
Financing Agriculture, L. J. Norton, Danville, Illinois: Interstate Printing Co., 1938. Pp. 319. $2.75 pp. 726-727 Downloads
Conrad H. Hammar
Research Memorandum on Social Aspects of Consumption in the Depression, by Roland S. Vaile with the assistance of Helen G. Canoyer. New York: Social Science Research Council. 1937. Bulletin 35. Pp. vii, 86 pp. 727-729 Downloads
Don S. Anderson
Our Trade with Britain—Bases for a Reciprocal Tariff Agreement, by Percy Wells Bidwell. New York: Council on Foreign Relations. 1938. Pp. 129. $1.50 pp. 729-731 Downloads
Asher Hobson
State and Federal Grants-in-Aid, by Henry J. Bitterman. New York: Mentzer, Bush & Company, Chicago. 1938. Pp. 550. $4 pp. 731-732 Downloads
M. P. Catherwood
Economics of Agriculture, by A. P. Van Der Post, Gordon V. Gotch, Ltd., Gordon House, 75 Farringdon St., London E. C. 4. Pp. 663. 25 shillings pp. 732-733 Downloads
J. I. Falconer
Collectivism a False Utopia, by William Henry Chamberlin. New York: The Macmillan Company. 1937. Pp. 265, $2.00 pp. 733-735 Downloads
R. C. Ashby

Volume 20, issue 2, 1938

Market Prorates and Social Welfare pp. 403-416 Downloads
Frederick V. Waugh
Types of Farming Research and Farm Management pp. 417-429 Downloads
Walter W. Wilcox
The Soil and the Law: I pp. 430-447 Downloads
Philip M. Glick
Doubts about Statistical Supply Analysis pp. 448-461 Downloads
J. M. Cassels and Wilfred Malenbaum
Economic Aspects of Land Conservation pp. 462-473 Downloads
Siegfried von Ciriacy-Wantrup
Agrarian Reorganization in the South pp. 474-481 Downloads
Calvin B. Hoover
A National Audit of Farm Output Needed pp. 482-484 Downloads
Karl Brandt
Serial or Coherent Correlation in Price Series pp. 484-488 Downloads
Lila F. Knudsen
Relief Data as Criteria of Submarginality pp. 488-494 Downloads
Paul H. Landis
Some Theoretical Aspects of Controlled Marketing pp. 495-503 Downloads
J. M. Thompson
Depopulation of Louisiana's Sugar Bowl pp. 503-509 Downloads
T. Lynn Smith
Farm Land Appraisal in Italy pp. 510-516 Downloads
David Salomone
Agrarkrisen und Stockungsspannen. Zur Frage der langen "Welle" in der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung, by Dr. Siegfried von Ciriacy-Wantrup. Berlin: Verlagsbuchhandlung Paul Parey. 1936. 445 pp. Rm. 23 pp. 519-522 Downloads
Eugen Altschul
World Prices and the Building Industry, by George F. Warren and Frank A. Pearson. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1937. Pp. 240. $3.50 pp. 522-524 Downloads
Norman J. Silberling
The Economics of Cooperative Marketing, by Henry H. Bakken and Marvin A. Schaars. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc. 1937. Pp. viii, 583. $4.00 pp. 524-526 Downloads
H. E. Erdman
Problems in Agricultural Marketing, by Deane W. Malott. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1938. Pp. xiii, 410. $3.00 pp. 526-529 Downloads
Geoffrey Shepherd
The Income Structure of the United States, by Maurice Leven. The Brookings Institution, Washington, D. C. 1938. Pp. x, 177. $1.50 pp. 530-531 Downloads
C. M. Purves
Rural Trends in Depression Years, A Survey of Village-centered Agricultural Communities 1930–1936, by Edmund deS. Brunner and Irving Lorge. New York, Columbia University Press, 1937. 387 pp., $3.25 pp. 531-534 Downloads
O. C. Stine
Rural Life in the Depression, by Dwight Sanderson. New York. Social Science Research Council, 1937. Bulletin 34, pp. 169. $1.00 pp. 534-535 Downloads
George W. Hill
Consumption and Standards of Living, by Carle C. Zimmerman. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company. 1936. Pp. xvi, 602. Price, $3.75 pp. 535-537 Downloads
Olaf F. Larson
Prosperity and Depression, by Gottfried von Habeler. Geneva: League of Nations. 1930. Pp. 600. $2.00 pp. 537-540 Downloads
L. J. Norton
American Economic Development, by A. M. Sakolski and Myron L. Hoch, Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1936, Pp. 448. $2.50 pp. 540-541 Downloads
O. G. Lloyd
Co-operative Insurance, by N. Barou, London: P. S. King & Son, Ltd. 1936. Pp. xiii, 391. 15s 0d pp. 541-544 Downloads
V. N. Valgren
Crop Management and Soil Conservation, by Joseph F. Cox and Lyman E. Jackson, New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1937. Pp. xvii, 610. $2.75 pp. 544-545 Downloads
Walter W. Wilcox
Land Utilization and Rural Economy in Korea, by Hoon K. Lee. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1936. Pp. 289. $3.00 pp. 545-547 Downloads
David Weeks
German Forestry by Franz Heske (with a preface by Henry Graves, Dean of the School of Forestry in Yale University) Yale University Press, New Haven. 1938. Pp. xxv, 342. $3.00 pp. 547-549 Downloads
Roy B. Thomson
The Hill Country of Northern New England: Its Social and Economic History, 1790–1930, by Harold Fisher Wilson, New York, Columbia University Press, 1936. Pp. xii, 455. $4.25 pp. 549-550 Downloads
R. W. Bartlett
Farewell to Poverty, by Maurice Parmelee. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1935. Pp. 479. $3.50 pp. 550 Downloads
A. A. Holtz

Volume 20, issue 1, 1938

New Horizons in Agricultural Economics pp. 1-7 Downloads
M. L. Wilson
The Economics of the Ever-Normal Granary pp. 8-21 Downloads
Joseph S. Davis
The Economics of the Ever-Normal Granary: Discussion by Mordecai Ezekiel pp. 21-23 Downloads
Mordecai Ezekiel
Objectives in National Agricultural Policy pp. 24-36 Downloads
H. R. Tolley
Objectives in Our National Agricultural Policy pp. 37-48 Downloads
B. H. Hibbard
Objectives in Our National Agricultural Policy: Discussion by G. F. Warren pp. 48-52 Downloads
G. F. Warren
Business Combinations and Agriculture pp. 53-57 Downloads
Gardiner C. Means
Prices and the Agricultural Problem pp. 58-68 Downloads
Don S. Anderson
Prices and the Agricultural Problem: Discussion by H. J. Stover pp. 69-70 Downloads
H. J. Stover
Disadvantaged Rural Classes pp. 71-85 Downloads
L. C. Gray
Soil Conservation in European Farm Management pp. 86-101 Downloads
Siegfried von Ciriacy-Wantrup
Farm Management Aspects of Soil Conservation pp. 102-114 Downloads
H. C. M. Case
Farm Management Aspects of Soil Conservation: Discussion by C. W. Crickman pp. 114-115 Downloads
C. W. Crickman
Farm Management Aspects of Soil Conservation: Discussion by W. J. Roth pp. 115-118 Downloads
W. J. Roth
Prospects for Industrial Uses for Farm Products pp. 119-133 Downloads
H. E. Barnard
Economic Aspects of New Industrial Outlets for Agricultural Products pp. 134-139 Downloads
Theodore Schultz
Economic Aspects of New Industrial Outlets for Agricultural Products: Discussion by F. L. Thomsen pp. 139-141 Downloads
F. L. Thomsen
Economic Aspects of New Industrial Outlets for Agricultural Products: Discussion by J. E. Lattimer pp. 141-144 Downloads
J. E. Lattimer
What Should Be Done About Farm Tenancy pp. 145-152 Downloads
Henry C. Taylor
Problems of Croppers on Cotton Farms pp. 153-158 Downloads
C. O. Brannen
Problems of Croppers on Cotton Farms: Discussion by A. G. Black pp. 158-161 Downloads
A. G. Black
Problems of Croppers on Cotton Farms: Discussion by T. Lynn Smith pp. 161-162 Downloads
T. Lynn Smith
Indirect Restrictions to Internal Trade pp. 163-169 Downloads
Frederick V. Waugh
Market Prorates as Restrictions on Internal Trade pp. 170-183 Downloads
H. E. Erdman
Market Prorates as Restrictions on Internal Trade: Discussion by Budd. A. Holt pp. 183-186 Downloads
Budd A. Holt
Market Prorates as Restrictions on Internal Trade: Discussion by M. P. Rasmussen pp. 186-187 Downloads
M. P. Rasmussen
The Future of Milk Control pp. 188-195 Downloads
John M. Cassels
Western Cream for Eastern Markets pp. 196-207 Downloads
Leland Spencer
Western Cream for Eastern Markets: Discussion by C. G. McBride pp. 208-211 Downloads
C. G. McBride
Western Cream for Eastern Markets: Discussion by Harry C. Trelogan pp. 211-213 Downloads
Harry C. Trelogan
An Evaluation of Crop Insurance Possibilities pp. 214-220 Downloads
Roy M. Green
An Evaluation of Crop Insurance Possibilities: Discussion by Harold B. Rowe pp. 220-222 Downloads
Harold B. Rowe
Land Use in the Northeast pp. 223-229 Downloads
Leonard A. Salter and R. H. Allen
1. Land Booms and Second Mortgages pp. 230 Downloads
W. G. Murray
2. Land Booms and the Mortgage Rate of Interest pp. 231-232 Downloads
A. A. Dowell
3. Conditions Characteristic of Land Booms pp. 233-235 Downloads
R. C. Limber
4. Can Land Booms be Avoided? pp. 235-236 Downloads
E. H. Thomson
Goals in Land Use Policy pp. 237-246 Downloads
George S. Wehrwein
Goals in Conservation Policy pp. 247-254 Downloads
W. E. Grimes
Goals in Conservation Policy: Discussion by C. F. Clayton pp. 254-256 Downloads
C. F. Clayton
Flexible Payment Plans for Farm Mortgage Loans pp. 257-281 Downloads
F. F. Hill
Place of Commercial Banks in Agricultural Finance pp. 282-297 Downloads
Norman J. Wall
Place of Commercial Banks in Agricultural Finance: Discussion by E. C. Johnson pp. 297-301 Downloads
E. C. Johnson
Present Federal Reserve Policies pp. 302-309 Downloads
Melchior Palyi
Inflation and the Price of Land pp. 310-320 Downloads
Louis H. Bean
Inflation and the Price of Land: Discussion by Arthur R. Upgren pp. 320-322 Downloads
Arthur R. Upgren
Inflation and the Price of Land: Discussion by Fred L. Garlock pp. 322-324 Downloads
Fred L. Garlock
Trade Agreements and Agriculture pp. 325-337 Downloads
Lynn R. Edminster
The Outlook for Agricultural Exports pp. 338-351 Downloads
L. A. Wheeler
The Outlook for Agricultural Exports: Discussion by Harald S. Patton pp. 351-354 Downloads
Harald S. Patton
The Outlook for Agricultural Exports: Discussion by R. R. Renne pp. 354-357 Downloads
R. R. Renne
The Outlook for Agricultural Exports: Rejoinder by L. R. Edminster pp. 357-360 Downloads
L. R. Edminster
Rural Electrification: Progress and Future Prospects pp. 361-369 Downloads
John M. Carmody
Economic Aspects of Rural Electrification pp. 370-382 Downloads
Harold E. Pinches
Economic Aspects of Rural Electrification: Discussion by R. S. Kifer pp. 382-386 Downloads
R. S. Kifer
Economic Aspects of Rural Electrification: Discussion by W. E. Keepper pp. 386-389 Downloads
W. E. Keepper
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